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Chapter 13 – Defense

After the deaths of Hermione and Ronald, things in the colony settled down for a bit. River, Mal, and a few others headed out to the planets to buy not only ships, but to transport people that wanted to come to the growing planet of Miranda as well as get needed supplies that they weren't able to get themselves yet. When they returned, there were three more ships the size of Serenity that was docked in the docking bays of Infinity. Harry gave a sigh and allowed the people who wanted to, to build a station for the ships.

"Zoe, you and Wash will pilot and captain the Phoenix," called out Harry about a month later during their meeting. "That way, you two can still be together while getting work done. River, I want you to captain the Dragon. You are skilled with a ship and with some of these new people joining us, there are ample doctors for each of the ships. Mal, you are going to need a new pilot for Serenity as I want Wash and Zoe to stay together. I'll also need a pilot and captain for the Gryphon. This way, we have many things that we can do while we are looking for those that are willing to join us and help rebuild this planet. Just because we are in this city doesn't mean that we are alone on this planet. We will eventually have to have other cities and places on this planet started."

"I can always get a small crew together and make a sweep of the planet to see if there are other small sections where we can start housing people," offered Mal. "There is no reason why we have to house everyone here. We can always send a representative from this area to that spot to let them be the governor of the area. This planet is yours and we can always let this place be the capital city. We would eventually begin to get crowded and start to get on each other's nerves and such. This way, we can spread out a bit. Let the businesses go one way and the farming lands go the opposite with us living in the middle."

"Our first priority should be to train people to man the ships and such," suggested Zoe. "With us having four of them, we will need people to help repair, pilot, and anything else that we will need. Each ship needs at least one doctor or healer and a mechanic. If you add that we will need those that can man the guns while we fly to keep us safe from the Reavers and such, we will have lots to do and people to train."

"I agree with Zoe," answered Harry with a shrug. "Mal, you team up with Zoe and start training the people to work on the ships. With this latest batch of people you brought here, we have more than enough of them to begin training. Some of the professors from my old school are feeling kind of useless as they don't have muggle skills to work with. They can be used to help man the guns and such. I suggest that you get some of them and teach them the ways of a ship so that we can have more pilots and such. There is no reason why we can't have a fleet of ships to defend our planet with."

"We have people coming in to the hospital for medical needs," reported Simon. "Poppy and I helped deliver three babies last week. This just shows that our community is growing and we will have more people to help once they are old enough. Also, let's keep in mind that we have weddings coming up soon that will cause people to start reproducing. Fred and River are scheduled to get married next month. George and Luna are scheduled to get married within a month following that. From there, I have no doubt that more children will be born into our society that have magic."

"That's not counting the fact that Simon and Harry were married last week in a small ceremony," added a grinning Poppy. She and the women were rather annoyed that they kept the ceremony and such small. "I wanted to let you both know that your surrogate mothers are now pregnant. You will have the joy of being a parent in about nine months. They came in to see me a few days ago and I saw to the insemination procedure personally. Both will be due about the same time. That way, the bloodline of both Harry and Simon will continue. Give me a month and I'll be able to tell if they have magic or not."

"Jayne and I would like to get married as well," said Bella to the astonishment of the rest of the group. "We talked about it off and on for the last few weeks and we would like to get married as well. We know that there will be time, but we wanted to try and set a date as well. We can have Molly cater our wedding like she is doing for her sons. This will give her something to do. She may be loud, but she is skilled at that sort of thing. Maybe by her having her own business, she'll be too busy doing that to bother people. She can be the boss she wants to be at the same time as having the workers that she is SUPPOSED to boss around."

"It's something to think about," murmured Amelia in agreement. "She has been behaving during her probation work in the ministry. Maybe by giving her a catering business, she can learn how to support herself and behave. While I don't like that she was disappointed that the attack on Harry failed, she didn't have any part in it. Her thoughts are being monitored and she has relaxed since the death of her son. Percy is towing the line and I like having him in my office. He is hard working and is skilled at what he does. Ginny is working hard and Kingsley is giving her more responsibilities now that she is proving that she can do the work and follow the orders. In the short time that she has been here, he has promoted her in rank. She is becoming a miniature Bellatrix when dealing with Reavers and law breakers."

"The more we let Molly work in her catering business, the more she will settle down and we can start giving her time off her probation for good behavior," stated Severus. "She IS a good cook. Even I can't deny that and you all know how picky I am when it comes to certain things. I say let's make the offer to her and be done with it. She will either sink or swim. I have no doubt that with the work we send her way, she will be too busy to cause much mischief. We can continue to monitor her."

"Ok," stated Harry standing. "This is what we are going to do. Amelia and Severus, you will deal with Molly. Let her know that if she continues to behave herself that she will be rewarded. I will fund her start up and give her a building to host her catering abilities. Mal, you and Zoe will start training crews for the three new ships. There is no rush, but the sooner the better. Find people who are going to be loyal. Minerva, I want you to find more people to work in the school so that those professors that are skilled with a wand but don't have subjects to teach can take up other jobs. There is no reason for us to have astrology as a course as the stars are different for us. There aren't that many magical children with us. I think we have about twenty at this time and most of them are older. We are working more with reading, writing, and math. Get two curriculums set up. Make one for magicals and one for the rest. Let them ALL stay at the same school, but make sure that tolerance is encouraged between them."

Everyone was quickly writing down Harry's edicts. He was skilled at what he was doing now and many were proud of him for it. His diplomacy skills were constantly improving as was his ability to lead and make sound decisions for the betterment of the community. When they finished writing down what he wanted so far, they waited for him to finish.

"Amelia, I want good, honest people to act as mayors of the new cities when we start them," directed Harry. "We are going to want people that will work with us rather than try and overthrow us in the future. We don't need a dictatorship forming under our noses. Train people with a solid mind and good heart that will rule the newer cities as we do with this one. We may end up moving Infinity from where it's perched to a new location so that all mayors and such can come to meetings to discuss problems. Thanks to Wash and River, I can pilot a ship just as easy as they can."

"Have those that have certain skills able to go between the cities when we start building them so that they can all benefit from the skills," suggested Amelia. "Let the tolerance that Harry mentioned for the school, be encouraged to all who live and work around the area. The forest is growing more by the day thanks to the centaurs and to people like Harry, Neville, and Pomona. We want more magical and mundane things growing. We have knowledge on how to make wands here. Harry studied the books and can make a wand."

"They aren't as good as Ollivander's, but the one that I did make works well for that person," admitted Harry with a shrug. "None of the other wands that we had bought worked for her. I ended up making one and it chose her right off. She's doing well from what Minerva tells me. We have one last bit of news to discuss, and we can set off and get things started. The Reavers are starting to become a nuisance again. I got a report last night that one of the farms was destroyed by them and the people are missing. We can't keep letting this happen. It's getting annoying to have to go out and repair the damage they do and replace the goods taken."

"With four ships that can fly around the area, we can always take the fight to them," stated Severus with a hard look in his eyes. "We can make sure that we create more defensive things that will cause the ships to be destroyed. We can make sure to take out some of their larger ships. We can have the four smaller ships that we have always on patrol. Adding a witch or wizard to the crew will give us a way of being able to have immediate contact should we notice something that isn't right. Having more than one will give us warriors on the ships to help deal with the pests when they are found."

"We can use the shuttles that each of the ships have to scan the areas," suggested Inara. "I spent most of my time with Serenity using a shuttle to do business. I can fly a shuttle just as easy as the next person. It isn't that hard to do and if the person has a way of communicating, they can always send word to someone in the city that is keeping an ear out for trouble. That will give more people jobs and such. It's a win, win situation. I know that between Harry and Severus, they made more of those mirrors so that people like me and Mal can use them even without magic. We can set up a communication center using the mirrors and train people to work with them and send help where it's needed."

Everything was approved and those that were in on the plan got to work. It wasn't long before River and company went to the surrounding planets and bought a few more shuttles. Getting fuel was easy as the elves were able to cast the magic needed to expand the cargo holds to hold more of it. Life on Miranda was getting better with each passing day. People were working hard to ensure that everyone was safe, sound, and healthy. Even Molly was finally working in her element of creating parties for people.

Severus and Harry worked side by side sometimes in the research department. They were able to come up with better plans and ideas for improving spells and potions. The two worked easily with one another and many a time, they bounced ideas off each other to see if they could come up with the finished product. Together the two men created the communication center for those who had mirrors. Each mirror was tagged with a plate to tell who had the mirror. When someone needed help, all they had to do was turn on their mirror and summon help.

Harry was working on a small project of his own. He didn't tell anyone about it as he wanted it to be a surprise. He was thrilled with the success that he had in creating the items. It wasn't long before the members of the council had reconvened and were talking about needs for the colony. Harry decided that for this particular meeting, everyone that was Head of their homes would be welcome to sit in the meeting in the auditorium.

"Here is the deal," called Harry when the crowd settled down. "We are having trouble catching the Reavers when they attack the members of the outer homes. By the time that we get to a place, they usually have either gotten the people who are out of their homes, or have destroyed part of the crops. We have a way that we can help you defend yourself and your families better."

"As you know, we are always creating something new in the research facility," stated Severus. "We have come up with new warding systems to help protect your immediate homes from fire and things like that. We even went so far as to make sure that each home has a series of tunnels that lead from your home to a safe location that isn't seen by the Reavers. Not everyone can cast a Fidelius Charm and even if we were to do that, it would be hard on everyone as only certain people would be able to visit you and such."

"So I have been working on a secret project that should be able to help each and every person that doesn't have magic," declared Harry proudly pulling out colored metal sword grips and placing them on the table in a neat row. "On my home world there is a series of movies called Star Wars. The Jedi had swords that had blades that were made of light and could do amazing things. I took to working with Griphook to build something just like it. However, my creation does more than just have a light that can deflect bullets and cut through a person. Some of the swords can be used to cast magic. More specifically, certain swords will be able to act like you have cast a certain spell. I have a small demonstration here that I would like to show you all. Severus, would you be a willing participant for me? Poppy and Simon are on standby to help fix you up. I promise that nothing serious will happen to you."

Severus looked at Harry for a moment in curiosity before standing. Harry picked up one and turned it on. A light formed creating a blade. The blade was as red as the handle. Harry approached Severus and merely touched him and watched as Severus fell to the ground stunned.

"This sword has spells saved in it that will stun a person with the equivalent of a Stupefy spell," stated Harry as Poppy bent to revive Severus and Simon helped him stand. "I can cast the same spell with my hand or wand and it flies at a target. However, all you have to do is touch someone with this and it will do the same thing. Each sword holds twenty uses in it. If a family doesn't have a witch or wizard in the household, you can buy one of these swords to help you defend yourself. We have other spells in different ones. The green swords have the ability to kill a person. Therefore, you will have to register with the council before you are even allowed to have one of these. The other colors do different things."

"This is amazing," said Amelia looking at the different handles wondering what color did what. "This would certainly help out all families that don't have magic in their house to defend their property. While the actual structures are somewhat defendable, if someone is working out in the field, they can defend themselves from abduction. Monitoring who buys these weapons will be strictly enforced. Those that start to abuse the weapons are prone to be jailed as they can be dangerous if used improperly."

"We will begin making these in mass within the next few weeks," assured Harry when everyone started to applaud the idea behind the new defense ability. "I am still working on one that will have multiple spells in them. Once I have it, we can sell those to those that want a multipurpose weapon rather than one specific to a certain spell. With regards to what Amelia said, we want to help you all, but at the same time, we don't want people abusing the privilege. I want each person to live their lives, but at the same time, I don't want to start having vigilantes, or people out to harm others for no reason, to crop up. Punishments for those types of people will be harsh."

"You will buy them and you will need to apply for a license to carry one," said Severus nodding his head in congratulations to Harry. "You will be monitored during all of this. Bulletins will be posted stating that anyone who sees anyone abusing them is to be turned in. We have ways of validating a claim. All people on the walls of the city that don't have magic are to carry one of these. We will need to have harmless ones made so that people can train with them."

"I already took that into consideration," stated Harry pointing to the white handled weapons. "These are just air and can be used to help train people in swordsmanship and the deflections of spells and bullets. Once you master using the sword, you can apply for a license to carry one. Depending on where you live, you will only be allowed to have certain ones. People in the actual city won't need the green ones as you are already being protected by people able to use magic. These are mainly for our police force members that don't have magic and for those that are in the surrounding areas on the farms. The prices will vary depending on what spells are stored into the blades. Amelia, would you please have the captured Reaver brought in?"

Amelia nodded her head and signaled to her Aurors to have the Reaver brought in. It hissed in anger as it struggled to bite and inflict damage upon its captors. Harry picked up the green hilt and turned on the spell to make the emerald lighted blade appear. He walked up to the Reaver and smacked it on the head. The Reaver was dead before it hit the ground.

"You can see that this is the deadliest spell in our arsenal," said Harry. "There is only one person in our history who has ever survived this, and that person is me. There is no counter or cure for it. Once the spell hits you, you are dead. We will have a list prepared at the location of MY choice for the sale of these weapons. I have been working with Griphook and we have been working hard to create quite a few of these. I want you to know that I feel SICK every time that I place an Avada Kedavra in one of these green blades. I abhor taking a life. However I'm not so stupid as to think that we aren't at war with the Reavers. I am begging you to please learn about these before you decide that you want one. Once you start killing the innocent, there is no going back."

"On a similar but different note, we are talking about taking the war to the Reavers," stated Bellatrix. "We have four ships the size of Serenity. We also have about a dozen shuttles. We can easily send crews to start eliminating the Reavers on THEIR turf. The bombs that were created are easily made and we can have a crew consisting of goblin, elf, magical, and non- magicals, work together to go into space and start destroying some of their ships. It's time that we stop losing our people to them. We want our planet to flourish. We can't do that if they keep killing off our citizens. We shall meet again in two weeks and find out who wants to participate in this fight. There is no honor lost in deciding to stay here to defend what you have."

With that, the meeting ended and the people headed to their homes to talk to spouses about what they could do to help the community. Harry sat in his chair and watched as people examined the weapons with care and curiosity.

"I would like to know what each color does," remarked Severus after looking at some of the others. "Tell us what each one does Harry."

"The red ones are stunners," answered Harry indicating the weapon Severus had in his hand. "The green ones are Avada Kedavra. The blue ones are Vanishing Charms. The white ones are just solidified air if you want to call it that. The black ones are Bombarda spells. The yellow ones are Impedimenta jinxes. The purple ones are Petrificus Totalus spells. The pink ones are Severing Charms. Last but not least, the brown ones are Reducto Charms. I have also been working to make guns that shoot the spells. The bullets are the actual spells. I got the idea when Narcissa made the bombs with the spells in them. This will do the same thing. Right now, I only have the mock gun made and a few of each bullet made."

"We can create a pamphlet that lets people know what they do," stated Narcissa. "We can also add a spell to the actual sword or gun that tells someone in political power that they have been used. It would be similar to the trace on the wands for underage witches and wizards. That will see us going to assist that person. That way, if someone is abusing the apparatus, they lose it and can be fined or jailed depending on what the infraction is."

"That's a brilliant idea Cissy," stated Harry giving her a huge kiss on the cheek. "You are a genius and we will implement that idea when we start selling these weapons to the public. For now, I am taking Gryphon out to space to cause a little trouble. Who wants to go with me? The more we can do now, the better. There are hundreds upon hundreds of the bombs ready for use in the storage vault and more are made each day. We can cause a little mayhem for the Reavers. If we can catch a couple of them alive we can use them as test subjects to see if we can come up with a cure for whatever ailment the humans caused to begin with."

"We can also start bringing some of the scrap material from the destroyed ships here so that we can use the materials for something else," suggested Mal. "That will give us more steel, iron, and other metals to work with. Some of the ships can be repaired to act as actual houses and such. There is so much of it in the way out there in space that I doubt we would run out any time soon. We can benefit from it as we are some of the few that can get into Reaver territory and out safely."

"Let's have some fun then," stated River. "We can get up there and use your magic to help us get salvage to the ships. We can get the goblins and what not to use what we bring in to create a building of some sort to store pieces and such. It would be great to be able to use the stuff to benefit our planet. It would also give us an advantage over the Reavers if they don't have all the scraps to hide amongst. The Alliance would probably reward us if we can diminish their numbers. Harry seems to have a good standing with them and they leave us alone on this planet. We can use that to our advantage as well."

"Let's get started then," said Harry rubbing his hands together. "Get your teams and let's get up there and make the space clean between us and the other planets. We can only grow if we don't have to worry about attacks all time. With the Alliance leaving us alone, we can make sure that this planet is as profitable as possible so that others will want to benefit by improving their lives. The battle that you all told us about helped cull the Reaver and Alliance down some as the two practically wiped each other out. We can do this and I would like to start with the ideas that we have had."

With that, the groups all headed out to their ships. Severus opted to ride with Harry and Simon. Harry was going to pilot the Gryphon while Severus and the elves were going to cause havoc for the Reavers. River and Fred teamed up to fly the Dragon. Poppy sent a younger healer with them to help in case of medical need. Zoe and Wash went and got the Phoenix ready while Mal and Inara went to Serenity. Once each ship had elven, goblin, and human teams set, they lifted off and went into space.

The four ships worked well together. Dobby and Kreacher were in their element as they were going from Reaver ship to ship to place the bombs. Winky and Dingo were busy using their magic to cause the debris to shrink as much as possible, and start filling the cargo hold of Gryphon. The other ships were doing the same thing. Harry and the other pilots were all in constant contact with one another via the mirrors so that they could coordinate their attacks and cause an efficient amount of damage to the enemy.

Once all four ships were full of cargo, they pulled back and headed back to Miranda. They made great headway in culling the Reaver population down some. When it was all said and done, more than fifty Reaver ships were ablaze in space and were destroyed. Harry and company weren't so foolish enough to think that they made significant headway in stopping them, but they did succeed in sending a message that they were a growing planet and that the enemy would be destroyed.

Back on the planet, the debris was being taken apart and put into different areas depending on what is was. All electrical equipment was sent to one spot while the different metals were sent to their own spots. Things like old clothes and such that were found were summarily destroyed if they were useless. Fuel and other needed items were gathered and sent to their proper holding places. It took more than two weeks to sort out everything that was collected. By the time they were done, the second wave of debris was brought in. It was a pattern of events that gave more people jobs and such.

"Our next trip up there will see us bringing back larger pieces of ships," declared Harry. "There is a perfect area near the mountain range in the north that would be ideal if we can cause the pieces of ship to blend with the surrounding area for homes for people. We can ward them with the basic wards until people start moving into that part of the planet. River and Mal can always go and start getting more people to move here. We can charge a certain amount of money for passage and a startup kit. That way, people can make a life for themselves as best they can. Griphook told me that he will make sure that there is a traversable tunnel from the new city to this one so that people can go back and forth underground and not out in the open. We don't want the Reavers taking people when they are in transport from one city or the other. We will do this with each and every city we create as we go along."

"Thus giving us the stone we need for homes and such while making it possible for people to stay in contact with each other," summarized Simon. "This will be beneficial to all of the different towns and cities that we start creating if they can get to each other while the Reaver threat is still out there. We can even have those that own their own ship come up with us to help cull them down and collect their own debris to break down. That way, they have something to trade should we have something they need or want. Those that are going to farm can always sell us back their extra stuff if they want enabling them to have money to buy our other products. This will be a winning situation for all parties involved."

It wasn't long before the parties involved got to work. Being as wealthy as he was, Harry had no trouble paying people for their services. In time, people were starting to build up their own wealth. The whole system was working fine. Harry didn't have any trouble making money as the sale of new products he was helping build was selling faster than he could make them. Even the goblins were starting to find more and more precious metals underground. After their cut, Harry was given his share and people were happy all the way around.

The group took the fight to the Reavers and was winning the war. Even the Alliance was smart enough to leave Harry and his people alone as they were culling the population of dangerous and lethal enemies that were a problem for them. They even set up a trade route with Miranda to start acquiring some of the gathered and refurbished debris that was being cleared up by Harry and company. In two months, things started to go really well for Harry and his group. However, even when you are as powerful as Harry, things tend to go wrong. It was on the day that he noticed that Simon was missing that things went downhill for Harry and his rage knew no boundaries. He knew without a doubt that his mate was kidnapped and in danger.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Yes I will end here with one of my famous cliffhangers. Let it be known that by this time everyone who is supposed to be married to someone has been married off. I will hint at the couples more in the next chapter. Thanks for reading.

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