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Harry's Revenge

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Chapter 14 – Harry's Revenge

Once it was known that Simon was taken by the Reavers, Harry went into a rage. It took everything that Severus and Remus had to get Harry to take a deep breath and calm down. With their combined efforts, they barely succeeded as Harry was beyond furious. Even some of his most loyal of friends and co-workers ran in fright at his anger. No one blamed him for his anger as they were angry as well, but Harry's rage was not a sight many wanted to see as it was extremely frightening. Simon was his life and with children on the way, they were trying to convince him that it was necessary to sit with the council and make a plan of action.

"I'll tell you what I want," hissed Harry to Severus as the man massaged his shoulders to try and relieve the tension there. "I want every last Reaver DEAD! They took from me the one thing that means the most to me at this point in my life. I want them slaughtered down to the last one of their kind. I don't care if we have to team up with the Alliance to get it done, but I want it done as quickly as possible. Hell will have no fury if Simon is harmed in any way, shape, or form. I can promise you this. I want him back so that our children will know how wonderful of a person he is."

"This is what we are going to do then," assured Bellatrix getting his immediate attention. "We are going to go into space to THEIR territory. I want to start trying out some of our new weapons that we have with us and make sure that WE get to do something other than have the elves pop over with bombs to blow them up. It's time for us to start boarding their ships and take the fight really to them. Once we have them dead on a ship, someone can pilot said ship back to this planet for us to have more spacecraft to work with. We have DOZENS of pilots, mechanics, healers, and other people waiting for something to do. I say let's go up there and kick some ass. I want Simon back here just as much as you do. You know how skilled I am with my wand. I can massacre a whole ship of Reavers by myself if I have to and Severus can do the same if you let him. I'm sure that some of these other people would be more than willing. Let's not forget that Filius is a dueling champion and can take the fight to them. You are no slouch in the wand department either as you can give me and Severus a run for our money at the same time."

"My wife and I will be by your side for the whole thing," stated Severus as Kaylee nodded in agreement beside him. "We will do our best to make sure that we kill every one of them. Everyone here loves Simon due to who he is and how he treats everyone. Even Molly has taken a liking to him and mothers him constantly. Ginny has been learning rudimentary healing from him and considers him another older brother. I agree that WE need to fight with the Reavers to make them understand that we are better than they are and we don't take kindly to them taking our family members. We know that they are intelligent, but it's time that we show them just how intelligent we are. It's time to show them that no one messes with our family."

"You know how we feel about you and Simon," stated Fred pointing to himself, George, Luna, and River. "We love you guys and dad thinks of you as two more sons. Even mum has calmed down and treats you guys like a part of her family. Bill and Charlie are eager to help out. You KNOW you can count on the Weasley family to help. I would love nothing better than to kill Reavers right there with you Harry. We can do this. We want to help you as we know you would do the same for us. We are ALL skilled with a wand and when you team some of us up together, we will beat them like the bad dogs they are."

"Get the teams together then," said Harry suddenly standing. "Make sure that they know that we are going to war. Get anyone and everyone that wants to help ready to go. Even those without magic can shoot the guns that we made and kill a Reaver. Let's make sure that we teach the filthy animals a lesson that they will NEVER forget. Let the shuttles fly around our areas with elves and blow up any ships that come here in our absence. Make sure that all outlying farms and clusters move to the city temporarily so that they can be defended better. Make sure that our defenders know that they are to protect the city with everything that they have. Griphook, I need your people to divide in half. I want half with me up in space. I want the other half to half again. Those that need to stay to protect the bank need to do so while the others need to help defend the city."

"I was hoping that you would ask us to help," stated Griphook with a viscous grin. "Some of my clan members know how to pilot a ship just as much as our human counterparts. We also have healers and mechanics as well. Between us and the elves, we have a large fighting force. Don't forget that we ARE a warrior race. We CAN do this and I agree that it's time to get our Simon back. Let's head out soon. We love to fight and we love to protect those that are family. You and Simon are family just as much as any with goblin blood. We WILL assist you in fighting the enemy."

"We'll leave within the next two hours," answered Harry. "I want us in space as soon as possible. Make sure that the elves are ready and that the weapons are set and ready to go. I will be targeting the largest Reaver ship that I can find. I will decapitate each and every Reaver until I find Simon. River and Fred, you guys will be with me. I want Dingo and Dobby with me. Winky and Kreacher will work with Severus on his ship. Let's get moving. I want my husband back. Poppy, I am counting on you to keep my unborn children safe until I return. The ladies are on deck twenty four east and they like it there. If you have to move them to the school to keep them safe, then make it so. Make sure that if they need something that you take the funds from my vaults. You have my permission to do so."

Poppy nodded her head in understanding as the people got ready to leave. The goblins nodded also as it was common knowledge that Harry allowed most of his "family" to use his funds when they needed it for something major. This was just how Harry was. As they were leaving, Molly approached Harry. He was slightly taken aback at her quick approach, but he let her speak her mind. After all, she had calmed down and treated him like one of her children.

"I want to come and help," she said fiercely giving him a bit of shock. "I know that you and I have had problems in the past, but I care about you and Simon just as much as everyone else. I can wield a wand just as efficiently as you and anyone else. I want to help bring him home and I know that I can help with mild healing and such. Just place me on a crew somewhere and watch as I take the fight to our enemies. You and Simon have done much for me and my family and I would like to return that favor."

"You can be on the ship with me and River," Harry answered after a moment of thought. "You will work well with us and I thank you for your concern and interest. Meet me on the Dragon in an hour. Make sure that you get everything that you think we might need. You will be responsible for gathering our potions and stuff. For what it's worth, I never hated you. I didn't appreciate what you did to me, but I never hated you. Congratulations on Ginny's engagement to Neville. The two of them are perfect for one another. I look forward to their wedding next month."

With that, the people bustled about to get their items that they needed before they left. True to his desire, everyone was ready to go within two hours. Once he gave the signal, the ships lifted off and headed into space to take the fight to the next level with the Reavers. Four spaceships flew side by side with a horde of angry witches, wizards, elves, muggles, and goblins on each one. Each ship was loaded with every type of person and weapon that could be gotten in such a short time.

Once the ships reached the outer limits of the Reaver territory, the ships split off and began their own part in the destruction of the enemies. Harry and his group looked around until Fred pointed out a relatively large ship in the area. Placing the Dragon in a hidden area, Harry and his friends had the elves pop them onto the ship. Twenty people were all armed with all sorts of weapons. Harry had the Sword of Gryffindor in one hand and the Elder Wand in the other. Once on the ship, the groups split up into groups of six. Each group consisted of two humans, two elves, and two goblins. Fred kissed River goodbye and he and his mother would team up with Griphook and Stonehammer and two elves. Dobby, Dingo, River, Harry, Broadshield, and Goldnose left to head one direction while the rest of the groups all got together and headed off in their own directions.

Harry and company hit a small pocket of Reavers almost instantly. The Sword of Gryffindor flashed over and over as blood fell from the many wounds on the enemy. Those Reavers that weren't killed with the Sword were summarily beaten with spells, fists, or any other weapon that the group had. Harry concentrated on the guns and sent them to the cargo hold of the Dragon. From there, he and Dingo banished the dead or dying Reavers into space.

"We need to find out if Simon is here," whispered Harry. "I can feel his presence, but I can't quite identify if it's this ship or the one next to it that he is on. I do know that he IS still alive and unharmed at least for now. With any luck, we will be able to get this ship cleared of all enemies and we can send it back to Miranda for usage or sale. I want anything that is NOT of our planet dead or dying. If we can manage to capture a few for testing purposes, I'll agree to them staying alive. If not, kill them and let's get rid of them."

"He is on THIS ship," acknowledged River with an unusual look on her face. "I can hear him. He will be fine where he is until we get to him. He was brought here, but they underestimated him. His magic that you gave him saved him when he was able to make himself invisible. He is hiding right now. We can do what we want while he is still safe. We can always use this ship as defense for when we are heading back home."

With a nod, Harry had his goblin team mates spread the word to the others on the ship that Simon was here but was hiding. He sent word to Molly and Bellatrix to see if their teams could locate him and tend to any possible injuries that he might have. Both came back with an affirmative reply stating that they would care for him when and if they found him first.

With that being done, Harry's team continued on with their slaughter of the Reavers. Every time that they encountered the deranged beings, they killed them with effortless efficiency. Once the Reavers were dead, they were banished and a cleansing charm was done to clean the area for normal human occupation. Harry's information recorder informed him that some of the smaller ships of the Reavers were being blown up like they normally do when they come into space. From there, the debris was being gathered into a smaller section so that they could keep up with where their own spaceships were.

A few more reports stated that some other smaller Reaver ships were boarded, cleared, and were in flight to join the growing armada of ships that were taking the fight to the animals. The last call was that four more ships were cleared and the parties were moving to other ships to clear them out as well. Harry sent out the call that once the groups got too small that the ships were to patrol the area and not board any more ships but were to go and blow up others to make them unusable by the enemy.

"I think we are at the command center of this ship," stated Harry as he and River paused outside of a door. "If I understand this writing, the leader of this ship should be here and we can eliminate him and his crew in one easy pass. This will put the ship under our control while we clean it up. We can also have some of the smaller ships dock in the bays while we start gathering some of the debris to bring home with us. The sooner we get these ships back to Miranda, the sooner we can come up again with another group and start wiping out more of the enemy."

"This war has gone on for far too long," mentioned River. "The more we wipe them out and give them a reason to fear us, the more they will go to other places and leave us alone. Our main goal is to teach them a lesson about interfering with Miranda and her inhabitants. We won't have enough manpower to wipe out every single Reaver, but we can cull their numbers down to practically nothing. Once we have them to a more manageable number, we can make sure that they leave us alone. Our committees are constantly coming up with new and inventive ways of stopping a Reaver. Even you are working hard to insure that we have multiple ways of stopping them."

"It just seems that Simon was in the wrong place at the wrong time by himself," added Goldnose. "He should have known better than to fly off by himself. He is not a warrior and he doesn't have as much training in the magical arts as we do. He should have taken an elven guard with him at the very least. This would have prevented you from becoming so concerned, and him getting taken. The worst that would have happened if he had done that is we would have lost a shuttle craft. As much as we respect Simon, he placed himself in danger and I hope that once you make sure he is alright that you will take him to task for his serious mistake in judgment."

"He will be lucky that River and I don't kill him ourselves," assured Harry. "You're right in that he shouldn't have gone off alone. However, we don't know why he did it to start with and we need to find out why he did so. He usually has more regard for things like that. It makes me wonder if someone didn't do something to him that shouldn't have been done. If that's the case, then the person that messed with his mind will deal with me, and I can promise that it will be the harshest punishment that I can think of."

"We can have him looked over by our healers to make sure his mind wasn't tampered with," assured Goldnose. "Even Severus can tell you if he was, but we can probably pinpoint the magical signature if in fact he was Imperiused. We can just look later. Right now, let's get this ship cleaned and take it home. River and Fred can go back to their ship and you can fly this one home. Some of the smaller ships are already being docked and the crews are working to clean up any stragglers. We will have to make sure that there are no hidden rooms or hidden people on this ship. We don't want any unnecessary surprises when we get it back to port."

With that, Harry blasted the door down and entered the room. The Reavers that were on deck immediately went into attack formation. Guns and many other things were pulled and bullets were flying. However, Harry and his company had weapons of their own. After casting a Protego Maximus, Harry and his group returned fire on those Reavers stupid enough to attempt to continue to fight. Harry and River were like a whirlwind of fury. Both had a sword in one hand and hatred in their eyes. Even the elves were busy snapping their fingers and sending the Reavers flying. Dingo even went so far as to start banishing them into space even if they were alive. Dobby was busy creating cages and was popping the Reavers into it. Once he had about five captured Reavers, he started to do like Dingo and banish them into space.

Goldnose quickly caught on to what the elves were doing and passed the word to the other teams to just start banishing the enemy into space. Even Reavers can't live without air. Hours later, the fights on the ships started to die down. Harry and company had cleaned up most of the ship they were on. Harry sounded the call that all captured ships were to report to the one he was one. They still had to find Simon.

Harry cast a point me spell and followed it to where Simon was hiding. They found him in an air duct and he wasn't looking to good. His eyes were glazed and they were unfocused. He had a small cut on his arm from trying to fit into the hiding spot, but otherwise, he was unharmed. Harry gave the man a healing potion and watched as he started to cough.

"He does look like he was under the influence of an Imperio," stated Broadshield running a basic diagnostic on him. "He also seems to have suffered from a low powered Crucio. We can have him up and going in no time. This doesn't have a good magical signature on it. I can't be positive, but it has the feeling of a Lestrange to it. We can get some of the healers to give a better detail. When we get back home, you might want to contact the Dark Lord and ask him if some of his minions are missing or if he sent them on purpose. We need to know that this was not intentional on his part. We will also need to know how they managed to stay hidden all this time."

"I wonder if some of the Reaver attacks weren't actually done by Reavers," mused Harry at this bit of information. "It's highly possible that one or both of the Lestrange brothers were behind some of the disappearances of our colonists. That would explain why we couldn't find the bodies and there was minimal damage done to the homes and such. We need to get back to Miranda as quickly as possible. I want to know what's going on from the lips of Tom. The more information we get, the better it will be. If Tom DID send them to cause problems, I will be heading back to Earth to kill him once and for all. If he didn't, then we need to have a full man hunt for the parties involved."

With that, Harry gave the order for the ships to leave and head back to Miranda. From time to time, a Reaver ship would explode as the fighters would send an elf to destroy them. Harry listened while he learned of a few deaths of the non-magical people that attended some of the ships. No one with magic was harmed though George did suffer a bullet to the shoulder. He was patched up quickly by the healer of his team. When it was all said and done, they had captured one dozen Reaver ships and destroyed about two dozen more on top of that. They knew that time would tell how well the managed to cull down the population. The problem was that they had no idea as to how many Reavers there were in the area surrounding the planet.

"We are going to want to sell a few of these ships," mentioned Harry calculating how much money their teams would get from the sale of them. "From there, we can keep half to add to our fleet and get more debris from the area so that we can make a profit from the destruction of the ships in space. Our first bit of business is to get Simon back on his feet and find out just what happened to him and who was behind it. I get the feeling that something isn't quite right and Tom doesn't know about this. Call it intuition, but I get the feeling that he is missing more than just the two brothers."

"We'll get it all worked out when we get home," assured River. "We can only do so much until we make it back home and get all of our people to work on this. We already sent word out that Amelia and her Aurors are to start the immediate lookout for intruders. We want to know if anyone is there that shouldn't be. Severus had her get the goblins still on the planet to start warding the buildings to inform people if someone with the Dark Mark is on the premises. Severus and Bellatrix will be exempt as we both know they have it though the mark is rather null and void as their lives were turned over to you. Narcissa doesn't have the mark, so she will be safe."

Hours later, the ships all landed and those that were skilled in dealing with the debris got to work. The Aurors were sent to retrieve the Reaver captives and brought to the holding pens that were designed for them. Harry went to the hospital and let Poppy and the goblins tend to him. When he knew that Simon would be alright, he apparated to his quarters and pulled out the gem that was the link between him and the Dark Lord.

"Tom" called Harry and waited until said person answered. "We have a problem here on Miranda and I need you to help me with something."

"I'm glad that you called," answered Voldemort. "I was hoping that you would eventually do so as I needed to inform you that three of my minions are missing and I had presumed that they were dead. Alas, with you calling me asking for help, I can assume that your problems are revolving around the fact that said minions are causing problems on your planet."

"The Weasleys and Grangers are here," answered Harry with a wave of his hand to the image of the Dark Lord. "Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley were put to death recently for an attempt on my life. We noticed about twelve hours ago that my mate was missing. He was captured by the Reavers. If you remember from our last conversation, the Reavers are cannibals that live in space. When we finally found Simon, we noticed that he has been subjected to both the Imperius Curse and the Cruciatus Curse. I was wondering if the Lestrange brothers were still with you or if they disappeared. If the Grangers can stow away and not be found until we got here, I have no doubt that, members of your inner circle could do it even better."

"Your guess would be correct," assured Voldemort. "Both Lestrange brothers are missing as is Lucius Malfoy. If I were you, I would make sure that you ward against the Dark Mark. Severus and Bellatrix won't be affected as I canceled the spells on the mark. All that remains is what the muggles would call a pretty awesome tattoo."

"Would you be willing to swear on your magic that you didn't send them to try and kill me?" asked Harry in a low voice. "I know that you and I hashed out all pains from the past, but I need to know that you didn't do this. Please forgive me if this offends you, but I need to know that they are acting on their own and not on your orders."

"I, Thomas Marvolo Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort, swear on my magic that I have not sent anyone to try and kill or harm Harry Potter in any form," said Tom raising his wand. "This will include but is not limited to emotionally, physically, and financially. Thus I say it, thus the magic takes effect."

Harry watched as Tom made the vow and then lit his wand with a Lumos spell. Harry once more apologized for his misgivings, but was waved away by the Dark Lord.

"I would have done the very same thing if the roles were reversed," assured Tom. "When you find those three, please do me the favor of making sure that they suffer before they die. I want them punished for the crimes against both you and me."

Harry and Tom talked for about another hour before they ended the call and promised to keep in touch more frequently. Harry raced to the Ministry offices to inform the Aurors and Amelia what it was that was discussed.

"We need to send out a notice that Rabastan, Rudolphus, and Lucius are in our domain," hissed Harry. "They are responsible for the kidnapping of Simon. They are probably also responsible for some of our people going missing from their homes and such. Get our warders to ward each and every home with wards to block the dark mark. Voldemort told me that Bella and Severus have nothing to worry about as their marks were canceled. It takes a Parselmouth to cancel the spells. He gave me the counter curse for it. Bellatrix, I want your ex-husband, his brother, and your former brother in law in chains."

"What are we going to do with them once we catch them?" she asked with glee in her voice. "I know that the Dark Lord probably made you promise that their death were to as long and painful as possible. Are we going to play with them for a bit before we met out justice on them for what they did to Simon?"

"We don't do that," insisted Harry. "We don't want to sink to their level of stupidity. I can promise you that the penalty for what they have done is going to be something that even you would have enjoyed when you were in your freaky days. As they like to pretend that the Reavers are responsible for the deaths of our outlying people, let's feed them to the Reavers when they are caught. I can bind their magic, and they can see what it's like to defend against those mangy monsters. They want to act like animals then they can be dealt with like animals. It makes no difference to me one way or the other. However, if they should put up a fight, then kill them on the spot. I'm not taking any more chances."

"Once we have them caught, then we will go back into space and deal with the Reavers some more," stated River. "While they may not have been attacking our outlying farms, they did kidnap my brother. Thankfully, Simon had enough protection on him to get his magic to defend him. It's time that the Reaves learn that we aren't a civilization that is to be messed with. We will continue to take their ships from them and we will continue to make sure that we sell the parts we get from their debris."

"I have already paid the workers out of my vaults for the work they do," assured Harry. "This way, I can continue to sell the stuff and pay the workers as they do the job. Some of the workers will be able to get a ship or something as payment should they desire it and others will just continue to work for the money. Everyone is doing well with that. It's time to stop our enemies once and for all. We need to grow more and we can't do that with people like the Lestrange brother and the Reavers breathing down our necks all the time. Peace and life will endure if I have anything to say on the subject."

His sentiment was echoed around the hall. Many were in the same mindset as he was. They knew that times were going to change with the growth of the planet. Trading routes were being set up with the surrounding planets and with the Alliance for the goods they were collecting from space. They knew that the first order of business was to ensure that, the Deadly Trio was caught and that the Reavers were dealt with time and time again.

With that being said, Harry and company got to work.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – This is as good a place as any to stop. There will be one or maybe two more chapters to this story. It just isn't flowing like I wanted it to anymore. Therefore, I will stop it while I can. Thanks for the support. Next chapter is the fight with the Deadly Trio and more Reaver fights. Thanks for reading and following along thus far.

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