Out of Space Potter

The Deadly Trio

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Chapter 15 – The Deadly Trio

The hunt was on. The next few days were hard on Harry as he knew that there were three potentially dangerous people out and about that wanted to hurt, or enslave their entire community if not outright kill them all. Harry and company decided that it was time to teach anyone and everyone who thought they could harm someone of their growing family a lesson on what it meant to be humble and cooperative. Harry wasn't too worried for himself as he knew he was stronger in magic than his enemies, but he also knew that all it took was one lucky shot and he would be killed.

The four ships were sent out again to attack the Reavers with full crews to ensure safety and acquisition of more ships and salvage. Harry and Severus stayed behind as they wanted to work on getting the defenses of the city and the outlying farms up to par with the safety wards that they were working on. It wasn't long before a group of warders went out and about to help finalize Harry's idea. With quiet efficiency they warded the outlying farms against anyone with the Dark Mark.

As Severus and Bellatrix were released from the Dark Lord, the defenses wouldn't do any harm to them if they decided to go to the warded buildings. However, the new wards were designed to incapacitate each person to the point of near death if they were Lucius Malfoy or either of the two Lestrange brothers. Harry wanted them captured and quickly. There were too many innocent lives that could be harmed should the trio decide to attack. The longer they were out and about, the more danger they could represent when finally found.

Harry and Severus never went anywhere alone. Harry also made it a point to instruct everyone that they were to travel in pairs of two or more from one location to the next for safety purposes. They knew that when the fight between the trio and he occurred that it would be brutal and they wanted everyone to have a fighting chance. They made sure that Infinity and the other spaceships were set up with the defensive wards to protect them from being snuck up on by the three most wanted men on Miranda. The safety of the people was Harry's number one priority and he wasn't about to let them down.

"Harry do you have a minute?" called Minerva one day while they were out and about doing something for the school. "You do know that people like me and Remus can try and see if we can get the smells of the brothers and Lucius don't you? I don't quite understand why they would want to come here when they were the top of the Dark Lord's list of minions. They had everything that they wanted on our home planet. I don't understand why they would want to come here and cause problems for us. I wonder if something has gone wrong on Earth that we need to know about."

"Lucius will want revenge on me for Draco being killed and Narcissa coming here," answered Harry after thinking hard about her question. "He lost his entire family due to what I wanted. The Dark Lord was using him as target practice for his mistakes in the past. Therefore, he would want to leave that area as quickly as possible so that I can be the target of his anger. I don't understand why it took Tom so long to get back to me. I can't understand why he didn't send me word immediately when they disappeared. My only thought is that he believed them to be somewhere on Earth and hiding from him."

"He still should have contacted you somehow and let you know that they were missing," she stated in return. "While what happens with his minions is his problem, we could have been giving a thorough search here all this time. He could have let you know. We have had stragglers before with the Grangers. Lucius and the Lestrange brothers are more skilled than Miss Granger as they have been working with the most feared Dark Lord in history for years and are older than she was."

"I have faith that we'll catch them," said Harry in an assuring manner to placate her growing anger and tension. "My powers are growing more and more with each passing day. Our strength has come up surprisingly since we moved here. Even some of our other witches and wizards have stated that they are stronger in their magic since we arrived and have started setting up a life. My guess is that this planet has a strong concentration of magic within it. We could use that to our advantage. After all it is dozens against three."

"What are you and Severus working on right now?" she asked, satisfied with that answer. "I know that you have sent the warders out to finish warding every building that we have. What are you working on now? I might be able to help. Transfiguration isn't my only strong point. I did well in all of my classes at school, I'll have you know. I may have some knowledge and be able to assist you all the same. Another pair of fresh eyes on the project wouldn't go amiss."

"We are working on a chain ward," explained Harry grinning at her playfulness. "The idea is that once we have the wards in place, I can power them up from the command center just as easy as we can see where everyone is and doing with the mirrors. We are working on linking them so that at any given time, I can activate them with a powerful blast of magic. The magic will race through the links and create protections for each home that is in our colony. This will give us an easier time defending our people."

"That's very clever Harry," exclaimed Minerva with a smile. "You really are proving that you care about the people. I have seen you more than once on the mirrors working in the fields with some of the farmers to help with their crops. I have seen you patiently learning healing from Poppy. You never seem to slow down. You have done so much for so many that it's no wonder the people are starting to talk about you being the king. I know that you don't want that, but you ARE the leader here whether you want to be or not."

Harry and Minerva walked off discussing things that could be done for their ever growing community. Hours later, ten ships were docked and Harry met with them to see what happened and how many of his fighters he lost. He crossed his fingers that the number would be low. He didn't want to lose any people, but he wasn't stupid enough to think that they would be able to get away without loss on their part when they were fighting against ruthless savages.

"We have made a huge haul this time," assured River with a tired smile. It didn't reach her eyes and Harry knew that something was wrong. "We managed to capture six ships and we destroyed about three dozen more. Thanks to the elves, we have each cargo bay full of stuff that needs to be sorted and stored for sale or transport. Today was a very successful day. We even captured a dozen Reavers to test upon with potions and other things. Griphook stated that they would personally see to the imprisonment of the beasts so that you don't have to worry about it."

"How many people did we lose on this raid?" asked Harry knowing full well that she wasn't telling him everything. "I need to know which families to compensate and the names to place on the headstones or memorial. We know that we will lose people, but I want to make sure that our people lose less numbers than they do. So who did we lose?"

"We lost seven people this time," she said sadly. "Our biggest heartbreak was that we did lose Septima in the fight. She wasn't being careful and it cost her, her life. I was trying to get to her, but she was shot in the back before I could reach her. No one could heal her or save her as it went through her heart. We also lost a goblin to the Reavers as well. We don't even know where his body is or if he is dead at all. We searched the ship for his body, but we couldn't find it. We think that he was taken and flown somewhere else. One of the shuttles on that ship was missing."

"I think I know where our three fugitives are," hissed Harry in aggravation. "I think that our Deadly Trio has taken up residence with the Reavers. We know that even though they are savages, they will work with someone if food is provided. Those three are powerful in magic and can control the beasts if they put their minds to it. Now we have people that mysteriously disappear and I think I know where they went. I could be wrong, but I think our missing residents are now slaves on one of those ships. We will have to finish with what we are doing here and try and figure out a way of getting to them once and for all."

"We should also work on getting some of this stuff to the outlying planets and see about selling it," insisted River. "We know that you are paying everyone for their work, but to sell some of this stuff to the other planets will get you some of your money back if not everything you pay to the workers. We will also need to see about getting more people to move to this area. I know that we are growing, but more people mean more protection. We are already working hard, but more people will increase everything."

"I know," he said with a tired smile. "Talk to the other captains and see if they want to make a run to the other planets and get more people. I can have the workers start loading the docking bays with the stuff we have managed to salvage. That way, all you have to do I deliver it. I know that Mal and Inara have some contact with the people on the other planets about trading the stuff or outright buying it. If he agrees, then go ahead and do it. We can also have you stop on the way back and fight some more Reavers. Make sure that Severus and a few of our other stronger magical people go with you. That will keep you safe should you find one or more of the trio we are looking for."

With that, River left and headed out. She knew that Harry wanted to do other things. He was always working on something. It wasn't long before the other captains decided that they would go ahead and help the four ships that Harry and Mal owned get to the other planets by harassing the Reavers so they could pass. They had plenty enough other ships to clean up the debris and attack the Reavers at the same time.

While they were doing that, Harry and Minerva finished the chain ward. With a grin, Harry touched the Elder wand to the network and powered up the rune system. He gave it as much power as Poppy was allowing. When he was done, he was sent to his home to rest for the rest of the day. Amelia assured him that they would keep everything running smooth while he got some much needed rest.

Harry decided that it was time to try and contact Voldemort. He tried for days and didn't get a response from him. It was on the third day that the mirror activated and Augustas Rookwood answered Harry. Both men were surprised at who was on the other end of the mirror, but both hid their shock rather quickly.

"The Dark Lord has fallen," he reported. "The magical world is rather in chaos at the moment, but we are certain that we can have some sort of order before long. I know that you and the Dark Lord were close, but there isn't anything that we can do for you anymore. Your vows to him have been released with his death. I wish you luck Lord Potter. This will be the last time that you will be able to contact us here. The light warriors just got lucky. Everything is falling into place for them. We believe that it was one of our own that turned traitor and ended his life."

"Thank you for letting me know," responded Harry with a sigh. "I wish you all the best of luck. Voldemort wasn't that bad of a person once you got to understand what he really wanted. I really hope that all of you find the happiness that you have been searching for. Maybe it's time that you all started working together rather than having one person lead. Too much can go wrong when only one person is in charge. We will find the Lestrange brothers on our end as well as Malfoy. They will be punished. If they had stayed, maybe things would have worked out for all of you."

With that, Harry and Augustas said their final farewell. Harry pointed his finger at the device and destroyed it with a mere thought. It was time to make sure that everyone on his end knew that the Dark Lord was gone and that things were going to be different on their home world. He just hoped that he didn't lose too many people that wanted to go home.

"This meeting is now in order," called Harry to the auditorium. "The reason we have all of you here is simple. I finally was able to get word from our home planet. It seems that the Dark Lord has been defeated and was killed. My hope is that many of you are happy here and won't want to return to that planet. I won't stop any of you that wish to return to your former lives. You are all free to do what you wish. I will not hold it against any of you should you want to go home. I will be staying right here. I have worked too hard on this place to just give it up. With that being said, to those of you that wish to leave and head back to planet earth, please turn your name in to Amelia so that we can arrange your transport."

With a teary smile, Harry left the meeting and headed back to Infinity. He knew that his new home was being built. The goblins had finally managed to convince him that it was time that he moved to a home rather than stay on the ship. The manor that was being built for him was connected to the walls of the city, but it was on the outside. It was receiving every ward system that was created since they arrived on Miranda so that Harry and his family would have the safety that everyone else had. The elves and other people building his home also made sure that he had a small farm of his own to be able to tend. They knew that Harry liked working outside with the plants.

The women that were carrying Harry and Simon's children were starting to get big. They were entering their third trimester of pregnancy when Poppy rushed in with a huge smile on her face. She was the one that was working with both women as she knew the children would be magical. Therefore, she just couldn't bear to hold onto the information any longer.

"Harry," she called. Said person and Simon entered the room to see her practically bouncing. "I can't hold my tongue anymore. You guys will have to come up with four names for your children. You are each having a boy and a girl. All four will be magical. The reason for my excitement is that the children will be coming a bit early. You also have to come up with godparents for them."

"That part is easy," stated Harry with a smile on his face. "Bellatrix and Luna will be godmothers to my children and Severus and Neville with be godfathers. Simon has already stated that River would be godmother and Arthur would be godfather. I think it would be a nice gesture if Mal and you were asked to be godparents of the other child."

"I think that's a great idea," agreed Simon quickly and with relief. "What about names? We weren't planning on having so many children all at once. I like the name Sebastian Robert for a son and Diana Marie for our little girl. What names are you going to pick?"

"I think that Alexander James has a nice ring to it for our other son," stated a thoughtful Harry. "For our little girl, I think her name should be Gwendolyn Rose. That sounds like a dainty name for a little girl. Are you sure they will all be born about the same time?"

"Give or take a couple of days and yes they will be," stated Poppy. "Each pregnancy is different. Some are early and some are late. You will have wailing babies in about two months. Magical children are always born at about eight months. This is plenty enough time for Griphook and his clan to finish Potter Manor. You just have to make a second nursery. Dobby, Winky, Kreacher, and Dingo will be over the moon when they find out that they can help build the nursery for the other children. I know that you haven't told them yet as Winky just had her baby."

"We can tell them tomorrow," assured Harry. "For now, I think its best that we go and tell the three other godmothers and four godfathers the good news. We have put off asking long enough. Oh Poppy, you didn't tell us if you accept or not. Will you be godmother to Diana?"

"Of course I will," she said swatting him behind the head for being cheeky. "I can't wait to start buying baby blankets and stuff for her. I have no doubt she will be as beautiful as her four parents are. That was a great idea to ask the women to stay with you after the children were born to help raise them. Both girls are talking together and making plans for the decoration of the nurseries. I have never seen two women so excited before."

With a laugh, Simon and Harry headed out to ask the other people to be godparents. All seven were excited about being asked. Each person immediately went to the market to start buying stuff for the children much to the amusement of Harry and Simon. Even stern Severus was seen buying plush toys and other odd and end things. Narcissa was laughing out loud at the excitement of Bellatrix until she was asked to be godmother of her baby. Harry laughed at her until Jayne turned around and asked him to be godfather. This effectively sobered up his laughter.

"It seems we have more and more children being created," stated an amused Kaylee. "River is pregnant. I'm about four months along. Luna is pregnant. Ginny is pregnant. We will have a whole slew of magical children born within the next six months. I think that Molly's knitting needles will explode with happiness at the amounts of grandchildren she is getting. Even if we aren't related to her, she is claiming them as her grandchildren."

"Let's not forget that Hannah and Susan are pregnant as well," reminded Simon. "Amelia, Minerva, Pomona, and many others are also claiming our children as their niece, nephew, or grandchild. It's a race to see who will claim the most. Minerva and Molly are neck and neck in that department. I think it's funny. At least we are going to be populating the planet with magical children. This will give the professors of the school something to do in the years to come. They were getting depressed with having no magical children to share their knowledge with."

"I think that moving here was the best thing to ever happen to us," remarked Harry. "We have grown so much within ourselves and as a community. We do things that most other people would take for granted. We work as a cohesive unit and we rarely have any major issues. That's not to say we don't argue and disagree from time to time, but we all act like this is a huge family. Sirius has done wonders for us by buying me that ship."

"We had a plaque set up for him in the town square," said Narcissa. "It basically states that thanks to his generosity, we have people that are alive and happy instead of slaves. I wanted to let you know that Amelia wanted to come and talk with us, but she got busy. No one wants to return back to our old world. Everyone stated that they like the way things are here and they want to stay. I was thinking that we could go back long enough to see if anyone wants to come here and live with us, but we don't have to. We have plenty enough resources that we can live comfortably for years and not have any issues."

"It might be a good idea for us to go back though," said Harry. "With all of the magical children that are fixing to come into the world, we will need more wands. I can't make a wand if I don't have dragons and other creatures to make them from. Those wands that I am making work alright, but we don't have dragons and things like that here to choose cores from, nor do I want to bring them to this planet. That would be a nightmare waiting to happen."

"At least we have loads of unicorns and quite a few phoenixes to get cores from," answered Severus. "Some of the other magical animals have willingly given you core material. I even know that you got some materials from the centaurs. We could always go back to get more of the passive magical animals from our home world. We have a lake that can house the merpeople. There is no reason why we can't build tanks large enough to hold them in while we get them back to this planet."

"I won't be going on this trip," said Harry shocking everyone. "We will need someone that knows that planet well and is willing to work with us to get everything that we need. I can make sure that you have chests with about ten million galleons in it to get what we need. Thanks to Voldemort, we have many magical creatures and plants. He helped us out greatly in that department. You could take Infinity so that you can house more people. I can make sure that things are taken care of here. There doesn't need to be a large crew going back to Earth. A basic crew and a few elves and goblins will go a long way in running the ship. The goblins can see to it that I get all of the Slytherin artifacts and money as I am the last one alive."

"I'll get a skeleton crew ready to head out," promised Andromeda. "I'll make sure there are at least three mechanics, pilots, and healers so that you can feel better knowing that all bases are covered. I'll get our workers to start on the tanks for the merpeople and pens for other magical creatures. Hagrid will be delighted to work with more thestrals and hippogriffs and stuff. Getting more post owls would help as well. We need all the wands that Ollivander has left on earth so that we can have a wider selection to choose from for the children being born. We can even hit a few other wand makers to get more wands. Ollivander lives here now and he left part of his stock behind. I'm sure that he won't mind if you get anything that wasn't taken by minions of the Dark Lord."

"While that team heads to earth, we can see about capturing our enemies," stated Harry pointing to the sky. "I want those three caught so that they can be brought in for questioning and punishment. I want to know WHY they are stealing our people and what they are doing with them. I also want to know what it is exactly, they want. If they are looking to take my spot as ruler so that they can be the new Dark Lord, then they have another thing coming. I don't do well with people wanting to be a dictator. We don't have time for that kind of nonsense in our new society."

With that being said, the groups got to work. They knew that there were no pressing issues other than capturing the Deadly Trio, but they wanted to make sure that those heading to Earth would be comfortable and have everything that they needed. Within days, Infinity left to head back to Earth. Mal and Inara stayed behind as they were the leaders responsible for making sure that all the debris that was cleaned and repaired was ready for sale. Harry knew that his coffers would triple and he looked forward to giving some of his workers a reward for their hard work.

Soon enough, the ships were leaving. Harry sat in his spot as Captain of the Dragon while others were working on getting ready to board the Reaver ships. Harry noticed that there were a few Alliance ships that were in the area that were practically destroyed. With a shrug, Harry got ready with Dobby and Kreacher to head to the largest of the three ships in the area. He knew that Bellatrix and Jayne were getting ready to head to another while Kingsley and a few other warriors were ready to board the third.

Getting into the area, Harry helped the two elves get his crew over to the Reaver ship. They immediately went on the defensive as they knew that they had to eliminate any enemy they spotted.

"We have to make sure that we can beat any wizard on this ship," murmured Harry. "Something tells me that, at least one, of the trio we're after is here and is Captain of this ship. I want him eliminated. I won't tolerate people enslaving my people. I also will not tolerate them stealing my hard work. We have come too far to have someone just walk in and take it all away from us."

"Move out and make sure that you have someone covering your ass at all times," yelled Griphook. "We want as many of our enemies dead before we leave this ship. I will personally pay each person three galleons per each set of ears you collect from the Reavers. If you get lucky and capture one of the Deadly Trio I will give you one thousand galleons. Move out and be safe."

"I'll help cover all of that," said Harry with a sigh. However, Griphook was having no part of it. He told Harry flat out to let him have some fun. With a grin, the foursome went on the hunt. Reavers fell left and right at their anger and desire to punish them for what they were doing. Due to the size of the ship, it took longer to clean it than normal. This was obviously one of the head ships of the Reaver territory. From time to time, they could see small explosions outside as the elves got busy destroying the smaller ships.

Harry led his party to the command center of the ship. He knew that his other warriors were doing their part. The party consisted of a good fifty people on this particular ship. The other two teams also consisted of the same amount of people. More and more the party split off by cutting their groups in half when they came to a junction in the ship.

They finally came to the command center. Harry knew without a doubt that someone was behind the door as it had multiple wards on it. He snickered as he showed the wards to Griphook and his elven family.

"They think that this will stop someone of my caliber?" he asked with an amused voice. "This will barely stop a first year. However, I think that it's time that I show whoever is on the other side just what kind of power I REALLY possess. What do you think Griphook? Should we just blast or send the magic through the door?"

"I think that even though this is easy that you still need to be cautious," snapped Kreacher before the goblin could answer. "You may be the most powerful wizard around, but you can still get hurt. Just take the wards down and let us throw up a shield while you deal with the trash on the other side. This ISN'T a party and you aren't the guest of honor. Simon would bring you back from the dead and kill you himself if you don't take this seriously. These three Death Eaters are the most powerful of the bunch."

"You are absolutely right Kreacher," remarked Harry with a grin. "However, I am taking this seriously. I am more than serious. These three are a pain in my ass and I want that pain to go away. Do you have the portkey ready to place them in a holding cell? We want to bring them back and question them just in case that they have our citizens hidden somewhere. Severus has been brewing some of the strongest truth serums manageable."

"All you have to do is place this on their person and they will be disarmed, and sent to a cell that even with a wand, they can't get out of," said Griphook handing him a portkey. "I had my family and underlings make these special to hold anyone with the possible exception of you. It will hold anyone and everyone that you want held. Let's get this done. I want to go home."

Harry raised his hand and blasted the door open. The shrapnel flew all over the place and it even decapitated one Reaver waiting on the other side. Kreacher and Dobby both threw up shields in case of a magical attack. Harry and Griphook calmly walked in and began the destruction of the flight crew.

Slowly the captain's chair turned and Lucius Malfoy was sitting there in all of his former glory. Harry took one look at the man and sneered in contempt. The man, while looking a bit healthier, was still bearing the marks of his punishments from Tom. Lucius had not gained back all of his weight and healthy pallor yet. Malfoy sneered in return trying to show that he wasn't scared of Harry.

"I can see your fear," stated Harry as the Reavers started to drop one by one as parts of Harry's team made it to them to assist. "I can sense that you want to flee. That will never happen. Your false bravado is quite amusing though. Getting down to business, I want my citizens back and you will tell me where they are. Once we are done with you, you will beg for me to release you to the sweet realm of death. You will not get away that easy. I will see to it that what the Dark Lord did to you will pale in comparison. I don't like people that try and extort things from me, and that includes people."

"I am NOT afraid of you Potter," hissed Lucius standing and pulling out his wand. "You destroyed me by taking my family and leaving me to the mercy of the Dark Lord. I will get my revenge on you if it's the last thing that I do. You are a mere annoyance to me. You may be skilled at killing Reavers, but what are you going to do against one of MY caliber? I can make you suffer before I end your life. I will have your place in society. You will be a stepping stone in my rise to power as I will do what the Dark Lord never could. I will have your head preserved and placed in a spot where everyone can see what I did to their precious savior."

In reply to that boast, Harry just yawned in the man's face. He was sure that Lucius was a powerful wizard, but Harry had enough training and such that he was more than a match for the older man. As if by silent agreement, the two men got into dueling formation. Griphook and the two elves made sure that no Reaver or either of the Lestrange brothers was able to interfere in the fight. With that, the two wizards began their fight.

It wasn't long before flashes of color flew from the two wands. The display of power was impressive. Everyone knew that Harry was holding back due to making sure that no one else got hit with anything that Lucius was throwing around. While Harry didn't use any Unforgivable Curses, he knew that it was just a matter of time before his opponent did. Harry wanted to make sure that his party wouldn't be harmed in an attempt to cause him to become distracted.

"Why are you not fighting back harder Potter?" Lucius asked in contempt. "Is it that you can't? You seem to only be worried about defense. Where is that offensive power you were just bragging about? It would seem that you like to run your mouth and not do anything to back up your words. You are just as much of a loser as your parents before you. When I am done with you, I may just have your lover boy as my personal slave to torture like my son was before the Dark Lord ended his life."

By the time Lucius was done with his little tirade, all of Harry's allies were backing away. They knew that Lucius said the wrong thing and that Harry was going to make him pay for each and every word that came from his lips. Even the goblins and elves backed away from the slowly rising magical levels that were emanating from Harry.

Harry flicked his wrist causing his wand to retract into the holster on his arm. He was taking his time as even without a wand he was a powerful force. He was letting Lucius know this once and for all. The older wizard started to pale at the skill in which Harry was still able to deflect his curses even without really trying and without a wand.

"I am nineteen years old and I have faced Voldemort and beat him like a dog in the streets," hissed Harry in untamed fury. "I was able to knock Dumbledore on his ass more than once and not even blink an eye while doing so. I own all three of the Deathly Hallows and I don't find it necessary to use all of them. I have trained extensively with masters in just about every magical subject there is. I have even made it so that Severus Snape approves of my potions to the point that he and I are working together on new ones."

Lucius went to cut him off with a snide comment, but Harry raised his hand and made a closing gesture with it. Lucius' eyes started to bulge as he realized that Harry had placed a spell around his throat and was cutting off his breathing. Harry watched for a moment before releasing the man and letting him fall to the floor gasping for air.

"I have repeatedly told people like you that you can say whatever you want about me in this world," he hissed at Lucius once the man was recovered enough to listen. "In the last two minutes, you have insulted the memory of my deceased parents and threatened my life partner with slavery. This is something that I will NEVER allow. My parents were good people that worked hard for the betterment of our world. My partner is a doctor that works hard to save people's lives. Your son was an abomination to the planet so much so that his own mother was disgusted with him enough to let him get sent to the Dark Lord. You are nothing but an arrogant pompous ass that needs to have your dingle berries handed to you on a clay plate."

"I have had enough of you Potter," hissed Lucius standing and pointing his wand at the younger man. "If you won't do things the easy way, then we will just have to do it MY way. AVADA KEDAVRA!"

With that, the deadly green light flew from the wand and headed straight for Harry. Harry watched with interest as the beam of light flew at him. He raised his hand and caught the spell in his fist. Looking on with interest, he closed his fingers and extinguished the spell and shook his hand out of the residue left behind.

"Now THAT was interesting," remarked Harry as Lucius stood there with shock and fear plastered all over his face. "I wasn't expecting that to happen. I guess when you are the master of Death and the heir of Merlin Ambrosias, you can do many things with the magic that normal people couldn't. I think that it's time for you to have some punishment for your impertinence. I will gladly whip you like a school boy for doing wrong in a catholic school."

With that, Harry raised his hands and made a unique gesture with them. When he was done, Lucius was disarmed of every type of magical item on his person. With a second twitch, the older blond was trussed up like a Christmas Day turkey. With a smirk, he leaned over and placed and apple in his mouth to complete the ensemble. After he laughed for a bit, he placed the portkey on Lucius' forehead with a permanent sticking charm.

"I am going to LOVE presiding over your trial," he stated. "You had better pray that they vote to give you the death penalty. If they give you a life in prison sentence, you will wish for death hourly as I will make sure that it is the most disgusting thing that I can create for you to do to earn your meals each day."

With that, Harry activated the portkey and sent Lucius away. He turned to his companions and took a deep breath.

"Let's check on our other teams and lets go home," he said before walking out. "I want this ship taken back to the city and dismantled down to the last wire. I want every other Reaver ship destroyed down to the last one. This war ends NOW!"

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Well let's see what you think of all that. I will get started immediately on the next chapter. I think this one came out very well. Thanks for the support and thanks for reading.

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