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Life Goes On: The Epilog

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Chapter 16 – Life Goes On, the Epilog

Harry and his companions placed the bombs all over the ship that they had taken over. When they were done, they went back to the Dragon and waited while the elves used their brand of magic to set off the detonators causing them to blow up. From there, he went on the com and got the reports from the others that were on the two sister ships of the one that Lucius was using.

"I have Rabastan in custody," reported Severus. "He is badly injured, but he is in our custody. If he is lucky, he will make it back to the planet and to his trial. I will try and keep him alive just long enough for you to find out what you want and then we can decide if we just want him to pass on or send him to another planet or even feed him to the remaining Reavers."

"Do your best," stated Harry in a cold voice. "I have Lucius and he isn't going anywhere, but I want Rabastan to share in his fate. For him to do that, I want him as healthy as can be. What I want to know now is if anyone found Rudolphus? Bellatrix should have him if anyone, but I haven't heard from her yet as I called you first. She was married to the asshole after all, and he would have a grudge against her for leaving his side. I know that it was my choice as head of the Black family, but he might take revenge on her."

"I hardly think he is, or was rather, a match for me," sounded the amused voice of Bellatrix causing Harry to laugh. "He's dead. He tried to fight and found out why I was the best dueler that the Dark Lord had and why I am your head of security on the planet. He tried to hit me with the Killing Curse and I took a page from your book and sent it back at him. It hit him square in the face. He was dead before he even hit the floor. Thanks for creating and teaching me that spell reversal trick. I currently have the elves on this ship going around and blowing up every ship that we have in sight. I want as many of the Reaver ships in this section out of here as possible. The time for them to linger has long since passed. I want them gone even if I have to kill each and every one of them myself."

"Just be careful if you decide to do that," admonished Harry lightly. "You know how much it would hurt me if I lost any of you. I want you all safely back home as soon as possible. Have the Phoenix and Serenity assist as much as possible. We also want to continue bringing in the scraps from the already dead ships."

"Look Harry," Molly interrupted, pointing out of the window. She made a ferocious fighter when someone was threatening her family. She took out many Reavers from the ship they were on single-handedly. "It looks like the Reaver ships are starting to flee the area. They are gathering together and are moving away from us. Even the Alliance is starting to wipe out some of them as they run. I hope that we don't stop one warrior race from attacking and harassing us for another to take its place. It was hard enough dealing with the monsters here without dealing with a force that is more organized and better armed."

"We have a certain parley with them," assured Harry patting her gently on the arm. "They will leave this area alone knowing that we can take them on if we have too. In fact, they are some of our biggest buyers of materials that we are collecting from the ring of debris from the blown up ships as we clean it up and make it into sheets of something that can be used before we sell it. Many of their ships were destroyed in the last battle and they want some of their stuff back. They are paying us top dollar for the retrieval of some of their parts. They know that we have an easier time gathering it than they do and they don't mind us gathering it and cleaning it up for them to buy back."

"That doesn't mean that we won't be cautious and watchful," stated Mal over the com. "We don't want another revolution on our hands. Just because the Alliance isn't messing with us now doesn't mean that they won't consider it in the future. It's always best to err on the side of caution. The more we work with them, the more they will leave us alone. However if one leader gets his shorts in a twist, we will be in war again. Then again with some of the smooth ways that Harry and Amelia has with people, they have convinced the High Council for the Alliance that the Blue Sun System is a territory that is best left to those that don't want to live under the influence. So far it seems to work as we are getting people here all the time to add to our growing community."

"Not with some of the magic that I have placed on the homes and such," assured Harry with a grin bringing him back to his first remark. "If push comes to shove, we can hide every single citizen of Miranda from their eyes if that's what it comes too. I will not have our home threatened by people who think they are better than everyone else. The Blue Sun system is NOT Alliance territory and they would do well to remember that. However, I firmly believe that they already know that we are in control of this area and that we won't back down. I firmly believe that they know we are an opponent that isn't to be messed with. If we can take on the Reavers with minimal loss, we can take them on and have just as easy of a time. Just because they are better organized doesn't mean that they can't be defeated."

The groups made it back to the planet and the prisoners that were alive were placed in holding cells. Harry sneered at Lucius as he personally cast the magical depression runes on the cage using the Elder Wand. He was deliberately going slow as he wanted the older wizard to know exactly what he was doing. Once he was done placing the runes, he lit them up and watched as Lucius fell to the floor screaming as his magic started to leave his body and his core started to shrink. Harry stood there watching him with an unsympathetic look on his face.

"When I'm done with you, you will have less magic than a normal house cat," hissed Harry viciously. "Had you stayed on Earth, you would probably have been able to use your connections to take over when the Dark Lord fell. Your stupidity has gotten one of your allies killed and the other gravely injured. You are now a prisoner of this planet, and when the magic is done leaving your body, you will be sent to the mines to work as a slave for the rest of your rotten life. You will be tagged as MY personal prisoner and you will be treated far worse than the other prisoners if you even so much as put a toe out of line. Your trial will be in a few days. If I were you, I would make sure you get all of your lies and facts straight. Our panel will want to hear what you have to say even if they may not believe it."

With that, Harry walked away and let the goblins deal with the prisoner. The Weasley family, that was on board, all sneered at the blonde before they left as well. The major hard core person that would antagonize and demean their family continuously was now in custody for crimes against humanity, and would not come out a free man. The Malfoy money meant nothing on this planet and Lucius would not be able to buy his way out of trouble this time. Here is where Harry ruled and he made sure that all of his citizens were well cared for and able to do for things to make their lives financially and emotionally comfortable. He was fair with the law breakers and was equally harsh on those that were found to be dangerous criminals. His punishments were set up to fit the crime and each person was equal when it came to the results of their trials.

"Harry," stated Luna walking onto the flight deck. While she wasn't part of the flight, she was able to watch what was going on and could call out warnings from the mirror system each ship had. "We found something interesting on the ship that Lucius was hiding out on. He had all of his gold stored on the ship as well as all of his other treasures. By Right of Conquest, it's now yours. I have Griphook bringing it to your vaults and calculating the value for you. The Lestrange money will go to Severus and Bella as they apprehended the brothers. Our payments will be placed into our vaults later today. Griphook assured me that everyone will have what is theirs and everything will be taken care of for you as soon as we get home. He has a special team of goblins that handles the payments that you give out."

"That goblin has made my life so much easier," remarked Harry as he hugged the very pregnant woman. "He makes sure that everything that I need done is taken care of where my money is concerned. I rarely have to go to the bank anymore to do anything as he makes sure that it's already done. Everyone's pay packets are automatically sent to their vaults and all I have to do is sign the sheets when he sends them to me. He even makes sure that my vaults are cleaned and organized once a month so that when I do visit them, I know where everything is."

"Even with all of this going on, you are still the richest man on the planet," stated Griphook soothingly. "Your vaults won't deplete any time soon. You have enough gold and other funds to give your many times great grandchildren a full and active life. After paying what you owe everyone, you still get back almost double what you send out. No one complains about the amount that they are paid and everyone is reasonably well off. You have so much stock in so many businesses that are blooming on the planet that you are making money without even trying."

"I gave you ten percent stock in my restaurant," admitted Molly, blushing slightly. "You have done so much for my family that I felt it was the right thing to do. The twins still insist that you get a portion of their profits as well. Ginny is doing well thanks to your guidance. Percy has taken a new stance in life and is doing well. Arthur is happier than I have ever seen him. Bill and Charlie are enjoying their lives more than anyone else."

Harry sat there and grinned. He knew that many people had given him stock in their companies. He owned part of the broom store. He owned part of the hospital. He even owned many farms that were selling food and seeds to the citizens. He knew that his money was making him money. Griphook and the other goblins had found many veins of gold and silver all over the area and were making sure that his interest was being placed into his vaults. When the gold wasn't enough or ready for distribution, they were giving him the same amount in precious gems and other things. He tried to get them to stop, but they weren't having any part of it. When it was all said and done, Harry was paid in not only money, but love and affection by everyone that was part of his ever-growing family.

The Dragon landed softly and the crew went about their normal lives. Harry watched without passion as Lucius was dragged through the street towards the prison. Some of the citizens were busy throwing rotten food at him as he passed. Like Harry, they weren't happy with the way he was kidnapping their friends, neighbors, or family. They wanted to see the man suffer. However, even though Harry was allowing them to throw food, they knew that he wouldn't allow them to harm the man physically. While Harry was angry, protocol must and would be followed. The man would have his trial and Harry would get to the bottom of why the trio headed to this area and what they wanted to accomplish.

Harry had a panel set up that was similar, but different than the Wizengamot on Earth. Instead of one judge, there were seven. Harry thought carefully before he made his selection as to who would sit on the panel. He wanted people that would be fair and just, and not abuse the system. Therefore, he sat in the middle chair while Severus sat to his right and Amelia sat to his left. They were the main trio of judges while Griphook, Ronan, Zoe, and Dingo sat in their allotted spots when a trial was in order. He made sure that it wasn't only magical people and humans on the panel to give the non-magical population, as well as, the elves, goblins, and centaurs some relief that the witches and wizards weren't trying to be dictators.

The growing colony was happy with the way that things were going. No one complained, and those that did, did so quietly so as not to pull attention to their thoughts. When it came time for trials, Harry and the judges were fair and precise in what they did. Each judge got paid for their time accordingly. If one judge couldn't sit on the panel, there were back up judges that were ready to take their spot. The system was set up so that many people could be part of what was going on. The laws were written and each person that lived on the planet was given a booklet as to what it was and what the penalty was for breaking it. This too, worked out to be great for all of the citizens as they understood what would happen should one break the law.

As new citizens were brought forth, they were given a copy of said law book. Harry took things one step further and had a few houses built and a few farms started for those arriving. He still charged them for their start up seeds, animals, and such, but they at least had a place to live when they arrived. It was set up that they could always pay him back later when and if they started their own business by giving him a percentage of their stocks. He usually didn't accept anything more than ten percent. Thus his money was given back to him for the cost of the supplies.

The day of the trial for Lucius and Rabastan was finally upon them. Harry and his fellow judges were sitting in their allotted places while waiting for the guard to come in with the prisoners. Ginny and Kingsley came in with their wands pointed at Rabastan while Arthur and Bellatrix escorted Lucius into the chambers. From there, they were bound to the chairs and were spelled so that they couldn't leave the area. A circle of magic prevented them from moving more than three feet in diameter.

"We are here today for the trial of Lucius Malfoy and Rabastan Lestrange," called out Harry. "Judges are to listen with an open mind. Reporters are reminded that no pictures with flashes can be taken. Viewers are to remain quiet at all times. Failure to follow the rules will see you kicked from the courtroom and fined for your troubles. Mr. Weasley, are you ready to take notes?"

"Of course Lord Potter-Black," replied Percy with his wand pointed at his pens to take the notes. "I am ready when you are. Once this trial is done, I will make sure that all seven judges get a copy of today's proceedings and then file one here for the Records Department. As soon as you start speaking, I will monitor the pens and we will have everything done. Everything will be written as it is said word for word."

"Excellent," stated Harry and watched as the pen started writing. "We are here today to find out a few different things regarding the two prisoners. First, we want to know how they were able to hide for so long without anyone knowing they had boarded our ship. We want to find out how long they have been here. We want to know why they left Earth and came to our solar system. We want to know how they hid it from the Dark Lord that they had left. Second, we want to know where they were hiding on our planet. We want to know why they took our citizens. We want to know what happened to said citizens. We also want to know how they ended up on the Reaver ships."

"We would also like to know how they managed to come back and forth between the Reaver space and the planet's surface without being seen or caught," intoned Severus speaking next. "They have managed to get around some of the wards that were goblin set and that is something that is very hard to do. Now, add in that Lord Potter and I also created and powered wards to help and they still got around them, and you have some men that have some serious explaining to do. If there is a spy or someone that has been under the Imperius this whole time, we want to know. Therefore, I suggest as is my right as third judge that both prisoners be questioned under the influence of Veritaserum. I also suggest that each prisoner be given a flushing potion to ensure that their bodies aren't hosting a potion to prevent the truth from coming out due to blocking the effects of the potion. I happen to know that both prisoners are quite capable of brewing adequate potions."

"As fifth judge, I second that opinion," stated Zoe from her spot on the panel. "There comes a time when we need to know everything. This is one of those times. I want this to end. Too many of our citizens have disappeared and we want to know if they are even still alive. We want to know how they died and where their bodies are. If said bodies can be recovered, we want to place them in the cemetery for their families to be able to visit and place flowers and such. As we just needed a second, we need Lord Potter to give the order for the court appointed potion giver to administer the Flushing Potion and the Truth Serum and then we can begin our questioning."

The other four judges were all nodding in agreement. Each one wanted to get to the truth of the matter. They wanted to know how and why these three men were able to get here, become so powerful, and how they managed to evade Harry AND Severus for more than a year. With a small sigh, Harry beckoned the court employee to do his job. The man stepped forward and with the help of Kingsley and Rufus, they made both men drink the Flushing Potion. When Severus acknowledged that they were ready, both men were given the Veritaserum. Within moments, both men were ready to be questioned.

"How did you get onto Infinity and make it to this planet?" asked Harry quickly. "We need to know how you hid from not only me, but the elves and such for the months that it took to get from Earth to this area. From there, our people can prevent things like this from happening again."

"We used the Imperius on Dobby and made him keep the room that we were using clean and kept us fed," stated Lucius. "Even you aren't going to be aware of what elf magic does. It was rather easy to subdue the elf and make him do what we wanted. He still had a small tie to my family magic and it made it easier to cause him to do our bidding."

Growls could be heard as Harry issued the command to get Dobby to Simon and Poppy so that they could treat him. Winky was raising her hand to blast him with magic when Ginny kindly stopped her with assurances that both men would get punished for the travesty of abusing a house elf. The elf lowered her hands and nodded to Ginny. It was common knowledge that all of the elves were treated like family and were given the same rights as the humans.

"How did you hide so well on this planet?" asked Ronan. "You have been hiding for over a year here and we want to know where you were hiding so that we can make sure that others like you can't do the same thing. By preventing magical people like you from hiding, we can stop opposing forces from doing the same."

"There is a settlement about two hundred miles from here that we have been using," answered Rabastan. "We have most of the citizens of that small colony under our control and they have been helping us. You don't monitor people apparating and we have been able to use that method of getting around this city to steal what we need from you for our own growing colony on the other side of the lake. It was rather easy to follow Potter's partner in and out of the city as he has access to everywhere. Being the Chief Medical Officer and the leader's whore has its perks. We used the Imperius on him a few times to get us into places that normal people can't get into."

Once more the court was in an uproar as Poppy dashed from the room to go and check on Simon. Severus was hot on her heels as he wanted to make sure that the young man was checked for any and all spell damage and potions. This time, it was Harry that wanted to incinerate the two men that were sitting there, but Amelia and Zoe wouldn't let him. Harry's fury was so large that everyone could feel his magical signature saturating the walls whether they were a magical person or not. Dingo and Ronan were working with Harry to get him to calm down. Griphook was busy making sure that the prisoners weren't tampered with in any way.

About an hour later, Severus returned with Poppy. Both reported that Simon was clear of all spell usage on his person. They had to flush his system to make sure that he wouldn't suffer from any backlash from the multiple uses of the Imperius. Harry vowed to create some sort of amulet to keep his life mate safe from that form of spell. Simon was his life and he wanted to make sure that everything that was wrong with him was corrected as soon as possible.

"It seems we are going to have to cut today's session of the trial a little bit short," stated Harry as Poppy whispered something into his ear. "It seems that my children are coming into the world a bit earlier than we expected. I have to go so that I can be with Amanda as she gives birth to the next generation of Potters. I think that we can convene tomorrow at noon. Griphook, please make sure that the prisoners are kept secured until that time."

"Just go Harry," stated a laughing Griphook. "We will attend to everything here. These mongrels aren't going anywhere. I will see to it personally that both are locked down for the night and that there is a squadron of guards surrounding them until their trials are over. Good luck with the birthing. You had better bring the children to let us see and bless them or I will beat you like a bad puppy."

With that, Harry raced to the hospital where Amanda was already sweating. Poppy appeared a moment later and began to assist Simon in helping the young woman. It wasn't long before Nicole came into the ward. The look on her face told everyone what was going on at once.

"Looks like all of our children are going to be born together," stated an amused Harry as the two healers got together to place her in a bed next to Amanda. "It seems that the love that Simon and I have for one another is going to be the same with our children. Said children are going to all want to be here together with their parents. I guess that the elves are lucky that they finished the nurseries when they did."

Nodding in agreement, Simon and Poppy teamed together to help the women with their deliveries. Harry paced back and forth between the two women's beds to offer support and encouragement as he knew both were in some considerable discomfort. Molly and Narcissa were both with the two physicians to help as both had children of their own and were used to what the mothers were going through. It wasn't long before the first cry of a baby sounded.

Harry stopped pacing and raced to the location of the voice. Molly was busy helping Narcissa clean the baby. When they were done, Harry was handed his son. Alexander James Potter was going to inherit all of Harry's looks. Narcissa even went so far as to tell him that Alex would have the trademark green eyes. With a smile, Harry handed the baby to River and waited while the other three children were born.

Next to be handed to the waiting father was Simon's daughter, Diana Marie. She was just as beautiful as Simon and Nicole. She had Simon's facial features with Nicole's red hair. Harry grinned at Simon as he continued to work with Amanda to bring Harry's daughter into the world. Harry turned and handed the baby to Luna.

A few minutes later, Amanda shrieked as Gwendolyn came screaming into the world. Poppy took over as something tore in Amanda and she was starting to bleed heavily. Being magical, Poppy would be able to stop the bleeding much easier than Simon.

"Poppy," called Luna handing Diana to Bellatrix and waddling over to a bed. "My water just broke. It seems like my child wants to come into the world also. I knew I was close, but I didn't think I was that close. You are going to be busy for the next few weeks as all of us that are pregnant are going to start going into labor."

"Come out of your foresight and lay on the bed," instructed Harry guiding the young woman. "Simon and Poppy have their hands full, so Narcissa and I will help you with your youngling. We can all do this together. River, you might want to send a message to George and let him know that his child is coming into the world."

It wasn't long before more wailing children could be heard. Luna gave birth to a boy that they named David Anthony. Sebastian Robert Potter was born about the same time. When it was all said and done, the babies were laid together in their cribs while the dads were all watching them with expressions of love on their faces. The women were treated and helped before it was time to feed the youngsters. A team of elves showed up with formula for the babies to drink from. Each parent was there to help with the feeding and burping of the babies.

The following day saw the court resume its positions. Harry sat in the center chair as was his place and waited while the two prisoners were brought in. Once they were secured, he looked coldly at the two men and continued his interrogations.

"The thing I want to know is what you thought you would gain by coming to a colony that has some of the best magic users from the planet Earth," stated Harry with conviction. "We already know you are guilty, so there is no reason to continue to question you about what you did. The answers we got yesterday are more than incriminating to keep you in prison for the rest of your life. What did you hope to gain?"

"Even if you had succeeded in killing Harry, there were still too many other Masters of the different forms of magic on this planet," remarked Severus. "Each and every branch of magic has a Master or Mistress in it. You should have just stayed on earth and helped the Dark Lord. At least he would have let the brothers do what they were assigned to do as they weren't in trouble with him as far as we knew."

"I wanted to come here to be with Bella," stated Rabastan before Lucius could speak. This caused the blonde to glare at the man. "I didn't want to be far from her. Even though she was married to my brother, I loved her and wanted to be near her. I let Lucius talk me into coming here to help take over. I should have just been upfront with my desires and I probably would have been better off. Instead I listened to Malfoy and now I am going to be in prison for the rest of my life."

"I would never have returned your feelings," stated Bella looking over at the man. "I would have acknowledged them, but I would never have returned them. You will be in prison for a very long time due to what you have done with Malfoy."

"I think that we can arrange something somewhere," mused Harry looking at the other judges. "As long as he doesn't cause problems, we can have him doing a lesser form of punishment. He can work with the goblins doing jobs around the vaults. HOWEVER, the first time that he causes trouble, he will share the fate of Malfoy. This is the ONLY leniency that I am giving you. Follow the orders given and you will live your life. Break the rules, and you will be punished like you have never been before. What the Dark Lord would have done will be light in comparison to what I allow to happen to you."

"Thank you Lord Potter," answered Rabastan kneeling. "I will do what you say."

"No he won't" said Luna suddenly. "He is lying through his teeth. Someone helped him and he is playing with you all. He has a blocking potion in his system. Griphook, you have to deal with the guard from last night as they helped him. He is lying and will kill Harry the first chance he gets. Now that the children have been born, he wants to target the whole family. With his inside help, he will kill the children first."

Harry turned to the man with fury in his eyes. No one wanted to stop Harry as he walked over to Rabastan and looked him in the eyes. The man tried to throw up shields to protect his thoughts, but Harry ruthlessly tore through them searching for the answers that he wanted. When he found it, he pressed harder with his magic and shredded the man's mind. Pulling out, Rabastan was no more than a spitting imbecile. The man didn't have the intelligence to make a coherent thought. He was very much alive, but he was about as intelligent as a four year old.

"Place him in the pens and let him live out his life as a child," hissed Harry. "If he happens to die in an accident, then so be it. Make sure that all guards are checked so that they can't take him away. I also want the head of the goblin that decided that they were going to help this trash kill my family. Griphook, you had better make sure that it's the most painful and gruesome thing that you can come up with."

"Oh you don't have to worry about that Lord Potter," stated the goblin with hatred on his face. "The offender will lose everything that he has and quite probably his life in the process after we make him suffer for a VERY long time. I will personally scan each and every goblin until I find out who is working with him and who is abetting the plot to kill you and your family."

"Just the one," stated Luna with the foresight in her eyes. "Bloodnose is the one that is doing this. He wants to take over the Potter accounts and be head of the goblin nation here on Miranda. Lestrange and Malfoy were going to give him the post after Harry and Griphook were dead."

Harry stood up and raised his hand. The sword of Godric Gryffindor appeared and Harry stood in front of Malfoy. The blade was rippling with magical energy. Harry stood there in all of his glory as the cloak, ring, and wand appeared on his person.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you where you stand," hissed Harry. "No one will begrudge me the right to remove your head from your very shoulders. In fact many would give me money to see the event. I want to know what you wanted to happen and how you were going to make my life end."

"I was hoping that you would do something stupid that would allow me to get some poison into your system," admitted Lucius. "We were going to kill you first and I was going to use the Right of Conquest act to get what I wanted from you. From there, I was going to live like a king and be the ruler of this stupid little colony you have going here. I hate you Harry Potter and you will die by my hand somehow. I will always be plotting to kill you for the loss of my wife and the death of my son."

"Is that so Lucius," hissed a cold voice from the doorway. Everyone stared in shock and awe as the Dark Lord stood there in all of his glory. "You have managed to destroy all of my links to life. From there, you were able to put me in a coma and made is appear I was dead on the planet. Did you forget so easily that I have the blood of Salazar Slytherin in my veins? Did you forget so easy that I have power and prestige at my command? DID YOU FORGET THAT YOUR MEASLY MAGIC IS NO MATCH FOR MY OWN?"

"Voldemort, how did you get here?" asked Harry in confusion. "Rookwood told me you were dead. I destroyed the mirror gem as it was no longer needed for contact between you and me. Now you are standing here and my head is trying to wrap my mind around what I am witnessing."

"These imbeciles have had me preserved this entire time," hissed the Dark Lord in anger. "They wanted to show your populace what they did to the two most powerful people in magic since the time of Merlin and Morgana. They felt that if they were able to show that they killed us, that they would have an easier time with ruling over everyone here."

I suggest that we let the Dark Lord decide what to do with these two idiots," remarked Amelia. "They wronged him first and then they tried to harm Lord Potter. However, as Lord Voldemort is the older of the Slytherin line, I pass the motion to allow him to pass judgment on the idiots. Two less terrorists in our midst won't make much of a difference."

Tom bowed his head in acknowledgement of the statement and was pleased to see one given in return. Harry looked to the other panel members and waited. Severus reached over and lit his globe for acceptance. From there, Griphook did the same. Zoe didn't hesitate to light hers with the agreement. Dingo followed shortly after. Ronan thought about it for a moment before he nodded and lit his also. From there, Harry waved his hand to cause his to light up in agreement.

"The council has spoken," intoned Ronan. "All seven agree that the two prisoners are to be turned over to the Dark Lord for punishment. From there, we want to witness the punishment and possible execution so that our world can continue to grow and prosper. I would like to know what the Dark Lord wants after this is done."

"I would like to become a citizen," stated Tom to the surprise of everyone. "I can see that magic is not a secret here and the protection of said secret is not something that needs to be worried about. I would like to study the magic and see what I can do with it. Lord Potter has the ability to share with me the secrets of the founders and many other tomes of magic that we can use to protect those that we want protected. I have ruled for a very long time and I just want to study and expand the magic; nothing more and nothing less."

"I have a headache," stated Harry rubbing his temples in weariness. "Let's get this over with so that I can go home and be with my children. Tom, you will have to come to the house so that you can see the kids. All four of them are beautiful. I'm sure that you will have lots to teach the new generation of Slytherins. Now, can you please deal with the trash so that our lives can go back to our kind of normal?"

"Feed them to the Reavers that you have captured," stated Tom immediately. "The name Lord Voldemort will no longer be used when speaking about me. I would like for you all to use my given name of Tom Riddle. Just show me where I can live and study and I will be a happy man. I can't make any more soul anchors as my soul is too damaged, but I can teach people what they need to know about DADA and so forth."

With a smile, Harry gave the order for the punishment of the prisoners. Everyone watched as the two were thrown into the pen that held the Reavers. Within moments, the two men were killed and were being fed upon. With disgust, Harry turned away and dismissed the court. Griphook left at once to deal with the traitorous goblin while Harry escorted Tom to his home and a suite of rooms for his personal use.

"You can just live with me and Simon," stated Harry with a shrug. "It isn't like I don't have the room. Griphook made me a Manor that is as large as Malfoy Manor and Potter castle were. This way, you can be around your nieces and nephews. Two of them have founders blood in them from more than one. Life will go on for all of us."


This was true. Life moved on. The remaining Reavers moved to another part of the galaxy to get away from Harry and his warriors. Miranda began to flourish as people wanted to come to the planet and begin a life of their own. Babies were born almost daily. Some had magic, and some didn't.

The residents of Miranda made the laws strong enough to make sure that no one tried to take over the population using the dictatorship. Amelia and Harry worked side by side to create everything that they needed to be able to be a fair and compromising government. Tom would give ideas from time to time and more often than not, they would be immediately used.

The school was filling with children. Harry and Simon's four children started school at five years of age and were prodigies in both magical study and non-magical alike. From time to time, a spacecraft would head to Earth to buy certain supplies as the city didn't want things like dragons flying around.

With all good things, sad things happen as well. When a criminal was caught, they were punished. Twenty years later, they lost Minerva. She died in her sleep at the ripe age of ninety eight. Augusta and Tom died not long after.

Time flew for Harry as well. He and Simon spent most of their time in their later years working in their garden and watching as their children grew and became parents of their own. They would spoil all of their grandchildren rotten much to the irritation of the parents. Many people had asked Harry or Simon to be godparent of their children. Simon died when he was about one hundred and twenty five years old. The magic and bond he had with Harry let him live a long life. Harry knew he was going to live a lot longer than Simon. This didn't bother him as his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren came and went with frequency and lots of love for him.

At around two hundred years old, Harry was being escorted by his name sake. The boy was about sixteen. They came across the old Infinity Spacecraft that hadn't been used in nearly two centuries. Harry entered with younger Harry and the two walked around. Harry told the younger about how he got the ship and what went one with it and such.

"Why don't you let me have a bit of time here alone," stated older Harry. "I need some time to regale memories of my own. Come back for me in about an hour would you?"

"Of course grandfather," stated the younger. "If you need anything, call for Din. He will come and bring you home."

Harry smiled as the younger went away. He sat in the captain's chair and got lost in thoughts. He went to sleep with a smile on his face seeing many of his friends and of course his beloved Simon. A couple of hours later, a few people were around to bring him home. They knew that he wanted to die where it all began. They buried him next to Simon and his funeral had the largest turnout of them all. Everyone loved Harry James Potter as he saved so many from life of pain.

Young Harry looked back and saw his great-great grandfather standing with Simon, Severus, River, Luna, Tom, Mal, Zoe, and many others. They waved to him as he was able to see them thanks to being related to the Lovegood blood. From there, they faded to move on to the next great adventure.


AUTHOR'S NOTE – I hope that you liked the ending. I worked on it for days to get it this way.

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