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From Serenity to Infinity

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Sorry but...WTF!?Another story with a silly plot line that makes no sense what so ever.The twins show up at Privet drive. Severus just 'happens' to be in the area and 'heard' them talking?What effing kind of spaceship are we talking about here?Any so called spaceship from the HP Time Period is and was a complete piece of crap.How are you going to do a xover with Firefly when that took place hundreds of years in the future. Were you dropping acid when you decided to write this?


Chapter 2 – From Serenity to Infinity

Once those that were escorted out were seen too, the rest of the group sat together. Some of them had very disgusted looks on their faces. Harry was ready to flay the first person to cross him alive and then heal them to do it again. Griphook then made a comment that calmed Harry down somewhat.

"We have managed to get back every single coin that was taken from your accounts," assured the goblins. "Everything that was stolen from you has been returned with interest compounded upon it. We know some of your family lineage and we are already in the works to see to it that everything that belongs to you is safely returned to you. This is why Dumbledore was so upset that we are going through Hogwarts. You are related to three of the founders by blood."

"I'm guessing Gryffindor as it's rumored that the Potter family is directly related," said Harry. "If I had to guess, Slytherin and Ravenclaw would be the other two. Something tells me that Dumbledore lied to me about my ability to speak parseltongue."

"Lied to you he did," assured Ragnok. "The ability can NOT be transferred or given. It can only be inherited. You have Slytherin blood in your veins. However you are not related to Rowena Ravenclaw. You are actually one of the few male Hufflepuffs alive today. It's common knowledge that for whatever reason, descendants of Hufflepuff only produce females. However you and one other young man are male descendants. I believe you know a Mr. Zacharias Smith. He is related even if it's more distant than your own claim."

"What are we going to do about Grimmauld Place?" asked Harry as he accepted and acknowledged the information given to him about his lineage. "Dumbledore and his stupid Order can get into my house. If Sirius left me everything, then that means I got the house and Kreacher. I don't want Dumbledore going through my possessions."

"That's already taken care of," said Griphook with a nasty grin. "Everything in the house has been taken out and placed in a safe location for you and the house itself is being sold. Just about everything you own has been sold with the exception of Potter Castle. This way, you can have an easier time of things. All of your business transactions are still going to happen. We didn't sell any of your money making ventures. We just got rid of all of the extra stuff that you will have no use for."

"We took it one step further and searched for and found all items that were made by the three founders you are related too," said Ragnok. "We found the Slytherin's locket, Helga's Cup, and I have here, the Sword of Gryffindor. All of the minor stuff is being sent to the safe location that we have for you. The wills of your parents don't need to be read as they are pretty cut and dry. Mr. Longbottom and Miss Lovegood each receive one hundred thousand galleons. Mr. Lupin and Mr. Snape each get the same amount. Everything else is yours."

"We were going to do a lineage test on you, but decided that it wasn't necessary at this time," said Griphook. "You already have more power and prestige than you can possibly use. We can always do the heritage test at a later date should you require or be interested in it. We don't want to overburden you with things that you don't need to be bothered by."

"What am I going to do about Dumbledore and Voldemort?" asked Harry. "Between the two of them, they are determined to kill me. I can't spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder to see if one or the other is going to try and cut my head off or hit me with an Unforgivable Curse. I just want to get away from both of them and be done with it. I want to go somewhere that is safe for me."

"I'm so glad you asked that question," said Ragnok nodding to a goblin. "We have a group of people that we want you to meet. From there, you will want to get a team of people in equal number or more to work with these nine people. Of course family members and other people are welcome to join you as what Sirius and your father set up will blow your mind. I have no doubt that you will love the ingenuity that went into this plan. You will also love the sarcasm that goes with it when people try to harm you again and find that they can no longer have access to you."

The goblin came back and with him were the nine people that were mentioned. Harry studied each of the people with interest. Their clothes were a little odd, but well-made and comfortable looking. The goblin whispered something into Ragnok's ear and the king of the goblins nodded in understanding.

"It seems that Dumbledore isn't willing to give up on his prize that easily," said Ragnok. "We will have the situation taken care of before you leave here today. I would like to introduce to you the following people. Captain Malcolm Reynolds owns and is captain of the spaceship Serenity. He will escort you to your new home. His pilot is Hoban Washburn also known as Wash. The woman standing next to him is First Mate Zoe Washburn. She is the wife of the pilot. The exotic looking woman is what is called a Companion and her name is Inara Serra. The colored gentleman is named Derrial Book. People call him Shepherd or Shep as he is a priest of sorts. The young woman standing next to him is the mechanic Kaywinnet Frye. She prefers to be called Kaylee. The fierce looking gentleman is named Jayne Cobb. He is a hired gun or protector depending on how you want to look at it. The other gentleman is the ship's doctor, Simon Tam. The last young woman is named River Tam. She is Simon's younger sister. Despite being young, they are both highly intelligent."

"He is the one," said River suddenly pointing to Harry in excitement. "You won't be alone for long Simon. He is the one. He is perfect for you. I can tell just by reading him."

"Please don't embarrass me further River," said a very red in the face Simon. "We can discuss this at a later date and in private. I would rather you not proclaim my business to people that we don't know. It is embarrassing and in poor taste."

"Each member of Lord Potter's party will be introduced by Lord Potter as he wants them to be escorted to his spaceship," said Griphook ignoring the siblings though internally smiling. "While Serenity will be the transport, Lord Potter will need someone to pilot and run the larger and more family oriented, Infinity. Now, I'm not in any way disrespecting Serenity, but this ship will house more people comfortably, and I'm sure that Lord Potter would be delighted to have your professional assistance with his ship."

"Are you telling me that my dad and Sirius bought me a spaceship?" asked a shocked Harry. "Are you saying that my safety will be to live in space? Severus, am I hallucinating? Are my ears going bad on me? We might have to get me some potions or something as I can't believe what I'm hearing."

"I think we might all need those potions," murmured Severus. "I too, heard them say spaceship. For those of you who don't understand muggle things, a spaceship isn't on the planet. It travels in the stars to different planets. I know I'm sounding rather insulting, but my shock value is high at the moment. Though, knowing James and Sirius as I do, this really shouldn't come to that big of a shock. Those two NEVER did anything half baked. This is a worthy prank of the leading Marauders."

"Not only can we take you to the planets of this solar system, but we can take you to other planets that you don't even know about," said Malcolm smiling and winking at everyone. "I would be honored to assist you in your space travels, Lord Potter. The way that things are set up, we will die of old age before we can spend half the money that the deceased has already paid us. It also gives us something to do that doesn't require us to have to hide, run, or fight."

"Have you delivered all of Lord Potter's belongings to Infinity?" asked Griphook as he handed Harry the Sword of Gryffindor. Mal squatted down and helped him buckle it on comfortably. "We still have to give a health check to his entire group. If you need more time, we can give you another few days at most. The sooner that Lord Potter is off this planet for a while, the safer he will be."

"We have one more trip to make," assured Zoe. "It isn't that large of a run. Thanks to your people, it is safe where it's sitting and we can wait until we have the passengers on board to make the run. We have lots of time if the people need to get better supplies and such."

"I like what the doctor is wearing," said Harry listening, but not really paying attention to the conversation currently going on. "Can we get me some clothes that look like that? It's very stylish looking. A few outfits like what the Captain is wearing wouldn't go amiss either. They look very comfortable. I would love a wardrobe that fits me for a change. I am sick to death of wearing robes all the time and second hand clothes from my cousin that is three times larger than I am."

"We can arrange all of that," said Severus waving his wand over Harry to get his measurements. "If the doctor would be so kind as to follow me along with the captain, we can have Madam Malkin make you an entire wardrobe of clothes. I'll see to it that you get under garments as well as shoes, belts, a coat, jackets, and sweaters. While we do that you get your medical exam, and you choose who you want to bring to your ship."

"I think that Luna and Neville should join me with their families if they want," said Harry thinking while the three men left the room to head to the seamstress. "Since they are so close to me, they will be targeted by both Dumbledore and Voldemort. I don't want to see either of them hurt due to their affiliation with me. It's natural that the twins and Severus are on my list. I would offer to bring Remus, but if we are in space, he would spend more time as a wolf than a human due to seeing the moon better and things like that."

"It's better that I stay here," said Remus thoughtfully agreeing with Harry. "I can oversee your businesses for you while you are out of sight. With your permission, I can live in Potter Castle and make sure that everything that you need is taken care of. When we have enough money for a transport or something, I can contact you, and Serenity can come and get your stuff to safety. I can be like your overseer for your businesses."

"Deal," said Harry nodding to Griphook who started drawing up the contracts for them to sign. "We can make you an honorary Potter. That way the people who work for me will respect your authority as they would mine. Getting back to other things, I think that Susan and maybe her friend Hannah would be safer on board my ship Madam Bones. I don't want to take your family from you, but due to who YOU are your niece will be targeted. This is all about logistics. If I learned one thing from that annoying beaver is that you have to be logical from time to time."

"I think you're right," agreed Amelia fighting to not laugh at Harry's name for Hermione. "I'll go and retrieve Susan and talk with the Abbots for you. If the ship is large enough, maybe the entire Abbot family can go with you. They are not purebloods and would be targeted just for that reason alone. We want them to stay as safe as possible."

Harry nodded at her suggestion and she rose and left the room. Neville and Augusta were busy chatting quietly in the corner. Luna was doing the same with her father in another corner. Harry sat there and waited, busy racking his brain to come up with another person. He studied the members of Serenity and saw River grinning at him. He couldn't help himself and grinned right back at her.

"My brother and you have things in common," she whispered to him while making sure no one else was listening. "He prefers the company of the same gender as well. I don't mean to pry, but I can't help but to look after him. He has been doing it for me for a few years now and I would love to see him happy. I can read minds, and from what little I saw in yours, you would be perfect."

"How about we just let things run a natural course?" asked Harry equally as quiet. "If things fall into place for us a bit, we can maybe give it a push in the right direction. We just met after all and we don't really know anything about each other. Let's just see how things play out and we can see if your brother and I will be compatible or not. Taking time to actually get to know each other will go a long way to being friends first before we take the next step. I do have to say that he is handsome though. However to start, we should talk to one another and maybe go on a date or something first."

"Harry!" called Augusta while the goblins grinned at each other as they listened to the different conversations going on around the room. "I would be honored if you would take Neville and his parents with you when you go to your ship. With the help of certain people, I can have everything set up in a matter of days. I would like to see my family safe from harm. I will remain behind so that I can help you deal with the stupidity that is going on here on the planet. I'll team up with Madam Bones and Professor McGonagall and see about getting things set right."

Harry grinned as Neville was escorted to the goblin healers in the next room. They waited as the goblins helped clear Neville of the few things that was wrong with him. Augusta was furious to find that Neville had a block on his core. The healers assured her that they removed it and that Neville should go a get a wand of his own. Luna also was told she could go as well. Xeno stated he didn't have much to send with Luna, but Harry assured him that she would be well taken care of. She was next to be escorted to the healers for a checkup. They reported that Luna was a very healthy child. Fred and George followed the goblins to the healers to get their checkup as well. Severus, Simon, and Mal came back loaded with bags of clothes for Harry.

"Severus, you are to get your medical checkup while we are here," said Harry pointing to the waiting healers. "We are waiting to hear back from Madam Bones. Madam Longbottom will have the healers at St. Mungo's bring Frank and Alice here. I hope that between Severus and Mr. Tam that they can treat them as well as, if not better than, they are currently being seen."

"I'll do my best," said Simon. "Also, I would like it if you called me Simon. There is no need to be formal. We are all on the same team now. The lady at the clothing store said to tell you that she is waiting for the rest of your party to head to her so she can get measurements for new clothes for all members that are going to Infinity. Of course, she doesn't know where we are going, but Severus mentioned that the other teens might want to invest in some clothes as well. Now that she has the pattern for the young men, she said she can make them in a flick of her wand. I'm not sure what that meant though."

"We use magic to do things," said Harry fighting to not blush at the man and failing spectacularly. "To focus our magic, we use a tool called a wand. It helps us to center our magic. We can do just about anything with it. The term 'a flick of the wand' means that all she has to do is take her wand and give it a certain flick and things happen. I'm sure you saw the thread and needle sew the clothes together quickly. It isn't that hard to comprehend. It will just take you some time to get used to us using magic around you. Madam Longbottom, if you want to take Neville and get him some clothes and stuff that he needs, along with his wand, it would save time. Don't worry about books and stuff as I'll get Severus to do that. He is more knowledgeable in that area that I am. He still has to send the beaver the books Sirius left her."

"Lord Potter," said Griphook grinning at Hermione's nickname. "It's your turn to meet the healers. Madam Bones just arrived with the Abbots and her niece and they will be seen shortly. You need to come to see the healers now. We know that there are many things that we have to deal with concerning you. You will take longer than the others due to some of the things we suspect is wrong with you. While you are doing that, the others can go and get their clothes. The twins can get wands that work better for them and so forth. There is no rush for you to leave. You have all the time you need. Your safety is top priority of the goblin nation as a whole."

"Severus, make a list of plants and books and such that we might need," instructed Harry. "Have the twins help you. Hit the apothecary as well and stock up on everything that you might need. Have the bill sent to my vault. I think I read that they left money in there to collect interest and to have for me to buy things we will need. Also, for Salazar's sake, get yourself some clothes that are in colors OTHER THAN black. Get comfortable with everything. Life, even for a wizard, is too short to be so serious all the time. OH, also send the Abbot family and Susan to get some clothes and such. Zoe can probably go with you to get a general idea of a pattern."

With that, Harry followed the goblin healers to the room where they would fix everything that was wrong with him. He knew Severus would team up with Remus and take care of everything. Upon entering the room, the goblins got started. They worked on him long and hard. There were many blocks on his magic that hampered his abilities in some areas and downright stopped them completely in others. Harry would be one of the few that were gifted in wandless magic. He would also be able to be an animagus as well. They worked longest on his scar. They already knew about the horcruxes as they found two already. It was a hard fight, but they did the same thing with the soul shard in his scar that they did with the ones in the cup and locket. They placed each soul shard in a gem. They were even able to fix his eyesight. It was apparent that some of the blocks caused him to not be able to see clearly. Overall, it took more than two hours to fix everything that was wrong with Harry.

"We have taken the soul shard out of your scar," said Griphook handing Harry a box with three large gems in it. "In each of these gemstones, there is a piece of soul of the Dark Lord. You can use them as a bargaining tool with him if you choose. I suggest that you talk with him and let him know what you have in mind. It wouldn't go awry for you to tell him what the FAKE prophecy says. He needs to know that the only thing that is accurate about the prophecy is that you have powers he doesn't know about. Other than that, you are ranked higher in the magical archive than he is both in power and politics. As you are the legitimate heir of Salazar Slytherin, you can also use that as a leverage tool against him."

Harry placed the box gently in his pocket. He knew he had something worth working with now. When he entered the room, he saw the Abbots, Susan, Severus, and many others all sitting there chatting with shopping bags next to their feet. It was apparent that during the time that Harry got his healing that the others all teamed up and went to work on buying supplies that they needed.

"I have it set up with the bookstore that every time they get a new book in stock that they are to send a copy and a bill to Gringotts," explained Remus. "This way, we can keep your library on the ship updated. Once a month or so, you can send Serenity to this location to pick up all supplies that you might need. Wash and Kaylee have the Longbottoms on Serenity and Simon is already looking at their medical charts. Is there anything else you need to get taken care of before you leave and get set up on Infinity?"

"Actually there is," admitted Harry turning towards Severus. "I need to see the Dark Lord. I have something that he wants and information that he needs. I have been thinking long and hard since the crew of Serenity arrived. For each person that they have, I have been trying to think of someone on our side that can match them in personality. The man named Mr. Cobb was the hardest to work on as he is rough and gruff. I think I have the perfect match for him. The only way I can get to this person is to talk with the Dark Lord. If you can arrange a meeting, we can head up to Infinity until I need to come back."

Severus nodded his head and left the room. The others were busy putting their purchases in the trunk that the goblins gave them. Amelia and Augusta were busy flicking their wands to write the names of the owners on the packages while they stacked them neatly in the trunk. Severus came back a few moments later and sat down.

"He said to tell you that he will meet with you in one week's time," he reported. "I am to take you directly to Malfoy Manor. You are to bring as little guard as possible. For the moment, there is going to be a parlay. I didn't tell him everything, but I did tell him that there was something that he really needed to hear from your lips. I also told him that you had a gift for him. He was intrigued and allowed you to visit with safety at least this once."

"Excellent," said Harry. "We can come back then. In the meantime, let's get to Infinity and start setting up. I'm sure that Mr. Reynolds can take us back and forth for a while as we need to. The sooner we can escape from Dumbledore, the sooner I can have a life that belongs to me and not everyone else. I know that some of you would like the same thing. I just want us to be happy and safe. I'm sure you all feel the same way when I say that I'm tired of this stupid war. We need to be free."

"Speaking of Dumbledore," interrupted Severus. "He is still in the lobby and he doesn't look happy. He has apparently been waiting this entire time for you to come out. You may have to give him the proverbial slap down to get him to leave so that we can get to safety. One special tidbit of information; he is carrying the Elder wand which is a family heirloom of yours and I know where another one is that is currently owned by the Dark Lord. We can give that information to the goblins and let them deal with that in the next few days."

"I would like to say something," interjected Mal while Severus gave the information to Ragnok who immediately sent out a group of goblins to get the item in question. "We don't need to be addressed as Mr. or Miss. Just our names or nicknames will do. We don't stand on formality and you shouldn't either. We are all on the same team, and as a team, we do things together. I would be honored to transport you where you have to go and I look forward to exploring your ship. It's huge from what we saw and I can safely say that the Alliance ships are maybe a touch bigger, but not by much. They can safely house up to a thousand people comfortably in it before you have to start doubling up on rooms."

"You ship has about eight hundred rooms on it not counting the engine room," confirmed Griphook. "Of course, we turned some of them into things such as a potion's lab, a swimming pool, a library, and a few other odd and end rooms that you will want. All in all, with the few that you have on ship, you should be quite happy even if you decide to take on more members."

"This sounds exciting and fun," admitted Harry as the group left the room and headed to the lobby. "I can't wait to explore my ship. Of course, we will need to choose special quarters and such and get set up. I'm going to want an office attached to my rooms. With all the extra space, I think we can arrange for me to have a bedroom, private bath, sitting room, and office."

"It's already done," said Griphook. "Like I said, we arranged some of the extra bedrooms into other things. Your godfather was very busy while you were in school. We made sure that everything you needed was set up, bought, and arranged. The only thing that was lacking was furniture and your personal belongings. Now we have all of that thanks to us stripping all of your properties down."

As they walked into the lobby, Dumbledore approached the group. Harry looked at the man with a curious expression on his face. Now that some of the blocks from his magic were gone, he could see that certain things were off with the man. Something was not quite right about Dumbledore.

"You have been cursed," said Harry looking at Dumbledore. "Your hand is all but ruined. You can't hide it from me. I can sense two items on your person that rightfully belongs to me. It's like they are calling out to me. Is that normal?"

"As a matter of fact it is," admitted Remus. "If the items are family oriented by blood and they are powerful magical artifacts, then they will tend to call out to the heir as it were. If what you are saying is true, the items in question could actually kill Dumbledore if he doesn't surrender them to you. If they are yours, then you should have them. Now that all the blocks have been taken off of your core, the items will search for you as they belong with you. The blocks stopped them from doing so before."

"You shall have them," said Ragnok as he appeared with Madam Bones to stand in front of Dumbledore. "Albus Dumbledore, you are in possession of a ring and a wand that rightfully belongs to Lord Potter-Black. It is in your best interest to return those items to him immediately. If you don't, you will suffer the consequences. I can already see that they are fighting you. The longer you hold onto them, the sooner your magical core will collapse."

"I'm not asking for anything more than what is mine," said Harry softly. "You have hurt me for years. It's time that you just give it up. Once I leave this building, you can never touch me again. If you want to fight me, then you will lose. It's your call. You have been stealing from me, lying to me, and doing other illegal activities for your greater good. If you really are the leader of the light, then do what you should and return my property. If not, I will let the magic do what it must."

"If you want the items so bad, then come and get them," Dumbledore sneered back at him. "I am your guardian and what I tell you to do, you had better do. As it stands, you will come here to me and let me escort you back to the Dursleys. They are your legal non-magical guardians and you will live with them until I see fit to remove you from their home."

"You aren't his legal guardian and neither are the Dursleys," said Cornelius overhearing the last comment made by the old wizard. "As of three hours ago, Harry Potter is considered an adult in the Wizarding World as well as the Muggle World. By writ of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, you are to hereby desist in contacting Lord Potter-Black. You have exactly ten seconds to give Lord Potter his belongings or you will be arrested. I have ten Aurors standing behind you waiting for the word to bring you down and in."

"As you are also in Gringotts, you will suffer our wrath as well," said Ragnok waving to the phalanx of goblin warriors surrounding Harry and his party. "It's best to do what you are told and then leave. If I have to, I will arrest you myself and you will find yourself working in the goblin mines for the next twenty years. Now hand over the items. This is your last warning."

Harry lifted his hands and waved them at Dumbledore. A wand and an ugly ring flew from the old wizard and landed gracefully in Harry's outstretched hands. Griphook quickly took the ring and used his magic to cancel some of the dark spells that were on it. Once the ring was clear of all curses and other harmful aspects, he returned the ring to Harry. He also handed Harry the Head of House rings for the families of Potter, Black, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor.

"Oh these are nice," said Harry showing them to Luna. "I love the colors and the styles. I can just wear one or the other depending on the color of my outfit. Do you like the new clothes that you got? Zoe said you were humming loudly in happiness while your outfits were being created."

The group was escorted out of the bank by the goblins and a smirking Amelia Bones and Augusta Longbottom. Albus was so shocked at what just transpired that he was mind blocked to think about anything. That Harry had totally dismissed him and walked away talking about something as mundane as clothing when he just took two of the Deathly Hallows from him was astounding. For about ten minutes after Harry left, Dumbledore was still standing there in shock trying to get his brain to kick-start so that he could function and make a plan.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Time to end this chapter. I wanted to do something mild here while at the same time getting the plot built. We get to soon see Harry and company exploring Infinity, Serenity, and his meeting with the Dark Lord. I hope that this story will be successful. Thanks for reading. DO forgive me going back and forth with the speech of the elves. Sometimes, they will speak like cannon and sometimes I will have them speaking with perfect diction. I also didn't forget Kreacher. He is already on the ship. Griphook sent him there.

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