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Taking Care of Business

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Chapter 4 – Taking Care of Business

The group started to fall into a routing on the ship. Harry was always on pins and needles as he knew that soon enough, he would be in front of the person that was trying to kill him all these years. He would also be in front of the man that had murdered his parents. Harry was constantly going over in his mind of how he would make his requests known to the Dark Lord and how he would go about making sure that he would be safe from there on out.

Finally the day arrived when Harry would have to be present to get to his meeting. He was sure that Dumbledore was doing something off handed and would try and cause trouble. He wasn't wrong in that aspect. Once Harry made his appearance in Diagon Alley, Dumbledore was standing there with a smug look on his face.

"Harry Potter, you are to come with me as we settle a few issues," he stated trying to cause a scene and garner support. "You are hereby under arrest for attacking the Head of the Wizengamot as well as the Supreme Mugwump of the ICW. If you come quietly now, there will be less damage done to you. One way or another, you will be taken into custody. It would be prudent for you to place your wand and my wand on the ground and come quietly."

"He's lying," stated River quietly so that the entire group could hear. "I don't know what those two titles mean, but he isn't either one of them anymore. He was fired from both positions and he is actually a wanted man now. The Minister said he didn't have those titles anymore. If we could get into the bank, we will be safe. That Madam Bones woman is waiting for you there and she doesn't realize that something is going on yet. You have to stall long enough to get into the bank."

"Do you really believe that you have the right to tell me anything?" asked Harry after nodding to River. "I'm here on official business with the goblins of Gringotts. They will not take kindly to you stalling my time of arrival. They are most adamant that I be there at a certain time. Should I not appear, they may well send a squadron of goblin warriors to look for me. If I were you, I would just move and let me pass. I have more important things to worry about than you at this moment."

"Gringotts has no authority here," stated Dumbledore. "You are in breach of contract with the Weasley Family and you have to atone for your misconduct. That you stole my wand from me means that you will more than likely serve time in Azkaban for the theft. Your attack on my person will get you the Dementor's Kiss. Now either you come quietly, or I will be forced to make you."

"YOU HAD BETTER BACK THE HELL OFF OF ME!" thundered Harry in fury, finally losing his temper. "YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY HERE TO MAKE ANY DEMANDS OF ME OR ANYONE ELSE. YOU ARE A THIEF. YOU ARE A KIDNAPPER. YOU ARE ALSO A MURDERER. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO MAKE DEMANDS OF ANYONE HERE. You WILL let me enter the bank and you WILL move to the side. As for the wand you claim I stole from you, it was NEVER yours to begin with. It should have been in MY family vaults this entire time. You should NEVER have been in possession of my property to begin with. Ragnok and the Minister stated that you were to return it to me. It isn't my fault that I was forced to take MY possessions out of your care. NOW MOVE!"

"Very well," said Dumbledore. "As you are resisting arrest, I will have the Aurors take you by force then. Kingsley and Dawlish will be taking you into custody. Should you chose to fight we will make sure that you are taken down. Either way makes no difference to me. You should just do what you are told. The lies that you are propagating are nothing more than fantasies. Severus was right about you all along. You are nothing but a bigheaded boy that is as arrogant as your father before you. I should have allowed him to do what he wanted to you all these years. Maybe then, you would be more compliant to those that have more wisdom and authority than you."

"DO NOT quote my words Albus," hissed Severus as he and the group all made to protect Harry. "As stated, you are nothing more than a criminal. I happen to know that if Dawlish or Kingsley comes anywhere near Harry to try to take him into custody, that they will be arrested and sent to Azkaban. Now my suggestion would be to look behind you. There is a furious Head of the DMLE standing there and she is not pleased that two of her Aurors are in your company. You forget that we were all there when Cornelius told you that you were NOT the Supreme Mugwump or Chief Warlock any longer. Therefore, you are just here wasting time and taking out a personal vendetta against Lord Potter - Black."

"Let's also not forget that I KNOW who members of the Order of the Phoenix are," stated Harry through gritted teeth. "It just so happens that the Aurors that are in your organization could very well lose their jobs in the Ministry should their names get out that they are working for a known criminal such as you. It would be in your best interest to just apparate away and leave me the hell alone. I don't have time for the likes of someone like you. I, unlike you, am a law abiding citizen. I, unlike you, am free to come and go as I please. I, unlike you, can make sure that you are sent to the lowest pits of hell in the place we call Club Azkaban. Last but not least, I unlike you know how to dress so that people don't want to gouge out their eyes at the idiocy of the colors and styles. Now MOVE!"

"Now you are threatening a high ranking member of Wizarding Society," said Albus with a gleeful look on his face. "Cornelius doesn't have the power to strip me of my titles. Therefore, I AM still Chief Warlock and Supreme Mugwump. This is your last warning Potter. Surrender your wand and step forward to be taken into custody. You are going to be arrested today. My patience is running out with you."

"You are lying," said River pointing at Albus. "You have no authority here. I can see it in your mind that if Harry does that, you will try and place him under something called a Compulsion and an Obedience Charm so that he has to do what you tell him to. You can't take anything from him and I can see that you are fixing to take out your wand and fire a curse at him."

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," said Jayne with a gun in his arms, walking up and standing next to River. "We have OUR weapons trained on you. "Zoe, Mal, Inara, and I are all very good with OUR weapons. If you make one false move, you are a dead man. I don't belong to this planet and therefore I don't HAVE to obey your laws."

"We are Lord Potter's protectors and we will use force if you even think about trying something," said Mal pointing his pistol at Albus. "Why don't you do what you were told and leave? I have no problem shooting you. In fact, I think I might enjoy it. You are in our way and I will not hesitate to move you. For your own good, I suggest that you do what YOU were told."

"You have my permission to defend your charge and yourselves," stated Amelia from behind Albus. "The writ from Her Majesty stated that Harry was to be protected at all costs. Aurors, you are to stand down immediately. Failure to do so will see you lose your jobs and you will then be fined heavily for treason. Possible to probable jail time would occur as well. It's in your best interest to move. The law is on the side of Lord Potter."

The Aurors took one look at the fury on the faces of some of the people before they moved to stand out of the way. Amelia Bones had the backing of the Ministry and she was their boss. They all knew that what she said was true. That Lord Potter's group had weapons that were lethal looking pointing at Dumbledore didn't go missed by any of them. As one, the Aurors moved so that they could better protect the civilians. None of them wanted to get involved in the fight between Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore.

Dumbledore wasn't ready to give up on his prize. He lifted is wand to cast a spell. Before he got the chance to speak the first words of it, he felt a sharp pain in his leg and he heard the bang from the gun. He looked down to see that most of his leg was now mincemeat. He fell to the ground in a crumpled heap.

"The next time, I will place one between your eyes," said River as she pointed Mal's gun at him. "We ALL warned you to leave him alone. You are already dying and you are still insistent that you are the best of the best. You aren't. The sooner you get that knowledge to resound in your mind, the better off you will be. We won't allow you to harm Harry. He is destined to be with my brother and my brother's happiness means everything to me."

"I really wish you would stop taking my gun from me," said Mal as he took back his weapon and kicked Albus' wand away from his reach. "I am more than capable of shooting someone. You didn't have to do it for me. I was about to fire when you decided to step in. I can defend him as well you know. I would also like to remind you that you have your own gun to use. It isn't my fault you prefer to beat someone up with your hands and feet. I know you like my gun better, but come on."

With that, Harry's group entered the bank while laughing. Once the doors were shut behind them, Amelia turned to her Aurors trying not to laugh at the predicament that Albus was in or the exchange between the members of Infinity. That the group all ignored the man and entered the bank talking amongst their group while Albus lay bleeding on the ground was testament that they didn't care one whit about the man one way or the other. Harry's safety meant everything to them. Without magic, they had taken down one of the most powerful wizards in history.

"I already suspect that some of you are in his Order," she said. "My recommendation would be to do your actual job. I want him healed from his gunshot wound and I want him in prison. He is already dying. Ragnok told me that the curse on his arm will kill him in about a year. Make sure you put magic suppressers on him. I want him under guard at all times. Consider this threat your ONLY warning about being part of a vigilante group. The Ministry is more than capable of taking down Lord Voldemort. We don't need anyone going outside the law and taking it into their own hands. Even Dumbledore is NOT above the law."

With that, she turned and followed Harry's group into the bank. When she got there, she could see Ragnok and Griphook talking with Harry in hushed whispers. She quickly joined their group and listened to what was being said in her capacity as Head of the DMLE.

"I know you have to visit the Dark Lord soon," said Ragnok. "We wanted you to know that we found another Horcrux in Hogwarts. We did the same thing with it that we did with the others. It's in a gem in this box. My advice is to give him one and tell him that you will keep the other three safe for now. That way, if something goes wrong, you have someone that can help you. Tell him that you are to be out of his presence by a certain time or someone you have watching over the others will start destroying them one at a time each hour until you arrive."

"We have to leave here soon," said Severus noticing the time. "He doesn't like to be kept waiting. Who are you going to take with you when you see him? He said to bring a small group. The fewer the better would be best. We need to take the strongest of the bunch for better safety."

"I want to bring River, you, and Jayne," said Harry. "I think that the four of us can get in safely and get out just as safe. Mal, I need you to protect this box at all times until I return. It holds the other three gems in it. These are our other bargaining tools. Should anything happen to this box, we will all be in trouble. Don't worry about the gems trying to do any harm to you. Ragnok and Griphook placed spells to prevent the crystals from possessing anyone. Goblins are experts when it comes to magic. I would trust the goblins with my life."

Mal nodded as he put the box in the bag that was on his arm. Simon looked doubtful about River going with Harry, but Severus and he assured the man that she would be fine. Even Jayne assured him that she would be under his watchful eye the entire time. Simon sighed and allowed it. Harry grinned and winked at the man before Severus pulled out his portkey for the four of them to grab. Once they were told how it worked, the four of them disappeared from the bank and landed in Malfoy Manor.

"HE is waiting in the lounge," whispered Narcissa. "Hello Lord Potter. It's good to see you again. I hope that the plans that my cousin arranged are to your satisfaction. You deserve to have a happy life filled with lots of love. Time will tell if I ask to join you or not. It just depends on what my former husband and son do. Sometimes even a mother gets tired of the lies and stupidity."

"Thank you Lady Black," said Harry politely. His jacket had the Crests of all of his houses he was head of on the sleeves. The Potter crest was over his heart. "The sooner we get our meeting done, the sooner I can head back to my new home. He arranged something that is out of this world. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. You may end up getting to join me where I am. If things fall like I think they will, you may need it. As head of YOUR family, I could offer sanctuary for both yourself and Draco."

River and Jayne started laughing at his play on words. Even Severus astonished Narcissa by cracking a smile. Narcissa heard Harry's words and gave a nod of her elegant head. She knew that he didn't make offers without a reason. She was also intelligent enough to figure out that Harry had something up his sleeve. She led them to the lounge where the Dark Lord was sitting with Bellatrix and Lucius.

Bellatrix had a sneer on her face. She was about to make a comment, but at a look from Voldemort and a glare from Harry, she quieted down. Lucius was regarding Harry with a calculating look on his face. He could see that Harry was up to something that would rock the foundation of the Wizarding World. He could also see that it would be feasible to work with the new Head of the Black family. In his mind, there was ways that he could use this to his advantage. Little did he know that Harry had plans all of his own.

"Shall we get down to business then?" asked Harry as he sat in the proffered chair. "I have information that you want as well as a gift. There are things that I want in return for both. I have three other gifts for you being guarded by someone not here. They have been instructed to destroy each one of the gifts every hour on the hour past a certain time should I not make an appearance with my group."

"Let's get down to business then," said Voldemort eyeing the Slytherin crest on Harry's sleeve. "It would seem that you were told that you have the right to wear the crest of my ancestor. I would like to know how it is that you are doing so. As far as I know, I'm the last of the line."

"The goblins did a heritage test," said Harry waving away his words. "I'm also a descendant of Slytherin. The old fool said that I can talk to snake because you gave me some of your powers. The goblins have stated that this is a lie. You can't give someone that gift. You can only inherit it. Therefore as I can speak to serpents, I am a descendant. You may be older, but my line comes from Salazar's OLDEST son. Your line comes from his youngest daughter. Therefore, my status as heir is more than yours. HOWEVER, I did something for you. I left you the Slytherin fortune in an account set up for you in the bank. I only took the artifacts. ALL of them."

Voldemort started at that. If he understood right, then that meant that Harry had the Locket. No one could get to that Locket. It was too well protected. He sat there gazing at Harry for a moment before he withdrew from his thoughts. With a sigh, he gestured for Harry to continue.

Harry pulled out his wand and withdrew a memory. Severus handed him a vial to place it in and then seal it. Once that was done, Harry handed the vial to Voldemort who looked enquiringly at it.

"In your hands is the Prophecy that Lucius and Bellatrix failed to retrieve," said Harry getting a dig on the failure in. "From what the goblins have told me, it's a fake. The only part that is accurate is that I have certain powers that you don't. Before you ask what they are, I will just explain it to you. I don't have some of the items with me for security reasons, but that doesn't mean that I don't have their powers. In my possession, I have the Resurrection Stone, the Elder Wand, and the Cloak of Invisibility. I'm sure you know by now what I'm referring to."

"You have all THREE Deathly Hallows?" asked a stunned Voldemort. "The Stone was in a ring that I took from my great uncle and grandfather. How did you get it?"

"Ah yes," said Harry. "The Cloak I got from my father. The wand and stone I got from Dumbledore. He destroyed your item. However, as my claim to the family line is stronger than yours, I kept the stone even after the ring was destroyed. Now before you get upset over this bit of information, your defenses on the ring did their job. The old fool actually put the ring on. However in his mistake, he forgot that he had already given me my father's cloak."

"If he had held onto the cloak, he would have been the master," said Voldemort through gritted teeth. "However he didn't have all three. He would have been able to get around my defenses on the ring if he had all three. He really is a stupid old man."

"He is dying," said Harry simply pulling a box out of his pocket. "All of this information comes with a price. There are certain things that I want from you in exchange for what I have given to you so freely. However, it's what's in this box and the other three that are elsewhere that you will really want. Therefore, I would think long and hard about whether you want to go against my wishes."

"What is it that you want?" asked Voldemort. "Give me your terms and let me see your, so called, important gift and I will make up my mind from there. As it stands, your wellbeing and that of your party is guaranteed due to what you have already told me. I will decide from there if what you have to offer is worth your asking price."

"My terms are simple," said Harry sliding the box to Voldemort. "I want the three Black sisters and their offspring. Bellatrix is already dismissed from the House of Black due to the wishes of the former Lord of the House. I will annul the marriage of Bellatrix from her husband and withdraw her dowry. I will have my group collect the Tonks family and you will rarely ever see us again. I will want a vow of magic from them that they will not attempt to harm me in anyway. I will also want a vow from you that you will have the rest of your minions leave me and mine alone when I need to come here to shop for needed supplies."

"As intriguing as this parlay is, what is it that I get out of this deal should I agree?" asked Voldemort. "I could care less about the Tonks family. They are of no use to me. However, the other three members ARE of use to me. Why would I want to give them up? I think that a bit more explanation is necessary. Your price is steep at this time."

"What's in that box is something that you will want safe from here on out," stated Harry. "Once I get what I want, then I will send two more of them to you and swear on MY magic to keep the third one safe for YOU. The old fool is dying. There is no one that can stand up to you, EXCEPT ME. As long as I keep my end of the bargain, you can't die. As for the loss of Narcissa, Draco, and Bellatrix, it's simple. LUCIUS sent your diary to Hogwarts where it was destroyed. He is to blame for the loss of something that was VERY valuable to you. What's in that box is the duplicate that came from the Diadem of Ravenclaw. As you are aware, I know everything about them and what they are. You are also very aware of how well the goblins can perform certain magics. They transferred your piece to property that can actually belong to you."

"You sent my possession to Hogwarts when I TOLD YOU to keep is safe?" hissed Voldemort in fury at Lucius who was pale and shaking. "You and I will be having a VERY long conversation about this. Tell me Lord Potter, what are the others from?"

"The locket, the cup, and my scar have all been dealt with," said Harry. "I have three of them hidden at the moment and it's no use in trying to get it out of my mind. The link between us is gone and you can't read my thoughts. Agree to my terms, and you can send someone to pick up two of the last three from where I will tell you they will be placed. The diary was destroyed by me in my second year. You can't fault me for that as I didn't know what it was. The one in the ring was destroyed by Dumbledore. Again, you can't fault me as I had nothing to do with that. Just give me what little I asked for and you stand to gain so much more."

"Do it," said Voldemort looking into the box and seeing his soul shard in the sapphire gem. "I give you the remaining Black family members. All three will give you their vow of magic to assist you wherever you go. They will also make an Unbreakable Vow to never attempt to harm you. I will be their bonder. That will make it official for us. From there, I will also make a vow on my magic that I will not allow you to be harmed so long as you are defending my last piece and you are not causing trouble. You will be allowed to shop where you need to and will be allowed free reign to come to Britain when you wish to visit or such without fear of harm or attack."

"Well," said Harry standing and pulling out the Elder wand. "I, Harry James Potter-Black hereby annul the marriage of Bellatrix Black from Rudolphus Lestrange. All monies and items that were given as part of her dowry will be returned to her henceforth. All property that was given will be compensated for from the Lestrange vaults in gold and the properties will remain in the Lestrange family. I hereby reinstate Bellatrix into the Black Family and restore to her the Black family magics. So it is my will and it shall be done."

From there, Voldemort commanded Bellatrix to grasp Harry's hand. Grudgingly, she did. Once their hands were clasped, Voldemort did the Unbreakable Vow that she would never seek to end Harry's life. Once the vow was done, Harry instructed her to stand with Jayne. With a frown, she did as told. It wasn't long before Narcissa and Draco were brought forth into the fold. Voldemort bonded them to Harry like he did with Bellatrix. When that was all said and done, he gave his vow.

"I, Thomas Morvolo Riddle, hereby swear upon my magic that Harry Potter-Black will have safe entry with his group to these lands without fear of attack or harm," intoned Voldemort. "Should Harry Potter-Black break his word, then the magic will rescind this pact and he will forfeit his safety. He is to keep my item safe at all costs or lose the privilege bestowed to him by me."

"I, Harry James Potter-Black-Gryffindor-Slytherin-Hufflepuff-Evens -Peverell, hereby swear on my magic to keep the soul shard of Thomas Morvolo Riddle safe at all times," Harry intoned. "Should I fail in that quest, I risk losing all privileges bestowed upon me by said person. The item in question will be safe within my residence at all times and under the strongest wards I can cast upon it."

When the vows were given, Harry looked over at Voldemort once more. With a sigh, he sat down and rubbed his head in fatigue. Voldemort wasn't much better with the amount of old magics that he cast as well.

"I have one favor to ask of you if you will," he stated to the older man. "Due to me leaving the area, I won't be able to care for Hogwarts or her inhabitants. I would like for it to stay a premier school. I just need it to not turn into another Durmstrang. I would like for the curriculum to be cleaned up a bit, but I don't want it to turn into a school for the Dark Arts. I care about the school as much as you do. Also I would like for you to release Severus from your services. I need him more than you do."

"I will release Severus into your service," remarked Voldemort after a few moments of thought. "Regarding the school, I think you are right in that it needs to be cleaned up a bit. I can't promise that I won't make changes, but I can promise that anyone with magic will be allowed to attend the school without fear of persecution due to blood status. I'll even make it mandatory that all magical children MUST attend the school. That way, what happened to you and I will not happen to other children. Now, I have other things I wish to do today and you have more people to take with you. I shall have the personal elves of Narcissa and Draco tend to their belongings and meet you back at the bank. Where shall I pick up my property?"

"Ask to speak to Griphook at Gringotts." Harry answered quickly. "He will keep them safe for you until you get there to collect them. Thank you for speaking with me today. I may take a few more people with me, but I don't think you will have to worry about who they are. They will be those that are opposed to you anyway. Where we are going, they will not be a threat to anyone. As it stands, I agree with you. I do have to get home. We still have a few things to buy and then we will be leaving. It will probably be a six months to a year or so before we return. Thank you for your cooperation."

With that, Harry and his party left Malfoy Manor and appeared back at the bank. He told the goblins and Amelia what was going on, and they quickly went into action. The magic had already alerted the goblins to the financial situation, and they were already taking care of business.

"Amelia, I think that you should come with me where we are going," Harry told her. "Once you speak to Dora, Andy, and Ted, I think you should come too. The sooner we get off this planet, the safer everyone will be. My other people should be arriving soon. Make sure you bring your house elves with you. We will need them. Dobby can take them to get their uniforms made. We want them to be comfortable."

"That sounds like a good plan," remarked Amelia agreeing instantly. "Give me about five hours to take care of all business. From there, we can get out of here. I'll follow you. I'll speak to Augusta and get her to come with us. That will give Neville his grandmother. I don't want innocent people getting hurt, but at the same time, people need to stand up for themselves and not worry about others doing it for them."

With that being said, everyone went about their business. It wasn't long before Narcissa, Draco, and Bellatrix appeared in the lobby with their personal elves. The goblins went about their usual efficiency and made sure that everything that belonged to the three was ready to go. Augusta appeared a few moments later with her elves and her belongings. Each person sat there and waited. Small talk was made between the people, but for the most part, they just sat there contemplating what was going to happen next. It wasn't long before Amelia appeared with her house elves. Not long after that, the Tonks family arrived with their belongings.

"What's going to happen is that each member of this newly formed family will be given their own suite of rooms," said Harry. "I already took the liberty of having Madam Malkin make some comfortable clothing for everyone. It's being put on Serenity as we speak. Each person will have their own vault upon Infinity. All I ask is that your house elves assist my elves with the work. Remus sent over two more from my castle and they are now waiting for us on Serenity. We will only be coming back to this area about once a year. The more we stay away from this area, the better our lives will be. Needed objects can be gotten at any place we may visit."

With that, Mal and Jayne led the group of people through the street and they then led them onto Serenity. Harry was waiting for the yells to start and he wasn't disappointed. With a sigh, he grinned at River and Mal. Both grinned back as they waited with Harry for the trouble to start.

"Are you telling me that I will live on this filthy thing?" asked Draco in disgust. "I refuse to live in a place like this. I want a Manor that was as good as the one my father owns. You had better live up to your end of the bargain Potter or there will be hell to pay with the Dark Lord."

"For your information MALFOY, this isn't where we will be living," Harry hissed while Mal and River looked upset. "This is a transport ship. As for what will happen from here on out, I would suggest you clip that sharp tongue of yours or I will do it for you. I'm the head of your family now and you will live where I tell you. You are only here due to the respect that I have for your mother. If you want, I can always dismiss you from the Black family. If that should happen; you will have no family, no money, and nowhere to live. I doubt very seriously that your father will live past this night. You are now a Black and you will live up to that name or else. You are not going to be the pampered Prince here. You will work just like everyone else. If it's good enough for me to cook and wash dishes, then it is damn well good enough for you. So, I suggest that you come down off of your high horse and ride with the rest of us, BEFORE, you hit your head on something hanging up high."

"I will add to what Harry just said," hissed Severus in annoyance. "You will show respect to everyone on this ship or I will beat some sense into that thick head of yours. I have tolerated it all during your time at Hogwarts, but out here, Harry is boss. Now kindly shut your mouth and go sit in the Mess Hall until we get to Infinity."

"Oh lighten up Draco," said Harry at the shock on the blonde's face. "Infinity is about three times the size of Malfoy Manor. There is a suite of rooms that we will give you. I'll probably place you next to Severus as you like to brew potions as well. Life will be better for you. It will have more adventures and you won't have to worry about things like annoying students and classes. You will learn as you want and when you want. The library has more books in it than you can possibly imagine. Also, the beauty and serenity from space will blow your mind."

"We are going to be living in outer space?" asked Bellatrix in awe, breaking her silence for the first time. "My cousin bought you a spaceship? I like the thought of being able to live in some kind of solitude. Are we going to visit other planets?"

"We will and much more," assured Mal as he called for Wash to take off. "I promise that you will get to see some of the most beautiful spots in the galaxy. Unfortunately, there will be those spots that aren't too much to look at. Some of your skills will come into play. Harry told me that you are very deadly with your wand. That will help us when we have to battle Reavers and such. Even the alliance won't want to mess with us."

"This sounds like it will be fun," she returned before she joined her nephew in the Mess Hall. Harry grinned at her exuberance. He didn't know she had it in her to enjoy herself unless she was torturing someone. It was apparent that she liked the idea of being her own person for once. Harry still wasn't too sure about Draco though. Time would tell if the blond would work with or against the rest of the group.

Harry spoke well into the evening with Augusta and Neville about why he wanted Bellatrix on the ship and about the Unbreakable Vows that she was bound by. Once they understood that Bella was to be a guard and bound by magic to not harm them, they relaxed and promised to give the woman a chance. In return, Harry promised to have her checked out by Severus and Simon to see if there were any influences in her system.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – This is a good place to stop. I will explain why I did what I did in the next chapter. I hope you like it.

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