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Chapter 5 – Explanations and Stories

Once the crew made it to Infinity, Harry and company escorted the others around so that they could get their quarters set up. He asked each of them to meet him in the Mess Hall on level Eleven West once they got familiar with their surroundings.

"The elves will take you to where you can set up your rooms and such," he explained to them. "The ship has two wings as it were for now. There is an east and west side on each level. Amelia, I'll have the elves place you in the same section as Susan. Draco, you will be with Severus in his section. I think it would be better for you that way. Narcissa and Bella, I'll have the elves set you up on level Ten East. Being sisters, you can help one another should it be needed. Andromeda, you and your family will be on level seventeen East. The Abbot family will live on Six West as that is where they chose to be. Madam Longbottom, I think you would do well to be with Neville on Fourteen West."

"Everyone can go and get to know their area and meet us back in the Mess Hall in one hour," said Mal standing next to Harry. "This will let you all get used to the ship a little more. We can go over some of the other things that you might want to know once we all meet back here. I know this is strange to you all, but I promise that you will get used to all of this soon enough. In the week that Harry and company have been here, he has started to feel more at home here and with each passing day, he relaxes more."

The others nodded as certain members of Harry's party went to the newer members to show them where they were going to be staying. Simon and Harry personally escorted Narcissa and Bellatrix to their rooms. The quartet was softly chatting with one another while they did so.

"I know that this is all strange to you all," said Harry. "I promise to explain why I did what I did and why I wanted you all here. Please understand that everything that I do, I make sure I have a good reason for doing so. Even though we will be living on this ship, everyone will be as comfortable as I can make them. If I could save more people I would, but at the same time, I don't want to alienate people from their home world. Your quarters will be set up to your tastes. I have the elves on alert. In the cargo holds, I have loads of things that I stripped from each and every house that I owned. Trust me when I say there were lots of them. There are many wonderful things in there that you have permission to use to decorate your living areas however you wish. As you can tell we have already begun decorating the halls and such of the ship with all of my paintings. We even have Walburga here somewhere. The Black family tree is on level Four East."

Later, the groups all made their way back to the Mess Hall. Harry had created a list of where everything was and had it posted in each set of rooms for everyone. It was a quick flick of his wand to get that job done. Once everyone was seated, Harry looked around before he began.

"I think it's time that we offer some explanations about how we are going to do things and why we have already done some of the things that we have," he stated simply. "I will begin by explaining why I wanted the Black sisters with me. As some of you know, I have impeccable bloodlines running through my veins. I inherited the seer gift from Helga Hufflepuff. While my gift of sight isn't as strong as Luna's, I can still see the outcomes of things to a certain degree."

"That freak is a seer?" asked Draco in shock. "No wonder people avoid her. She behaves like she is insane due to all of the voices in her head. Let's not forget that she talks about her imaginary creatures all the time. She never does anything but babble about stupid things. I don't like her and I don't want to like her. She really is a loon. You are to make sure that she stays away from me at all times. As your better, I demand that you make it so."

Harry glared over at the blond as Severus reached over and slapped him in the mouth. Draco was floored by the action and went to make a disparaging remark about it. The one person that Harry never thought would defend him or Luna was the one that had enough and let loose with a threat. Bellatrix decided enough was enough.

"I have heard nothing but ugliness coming from your mouth since you stepped foot on this ship," she hissed pulling out her wand. "If you open your mouth once more, I will make you sorry that you were ever born. You have already been told that you are not in control here. From what I have seen of her, she is a nice person that doesn't deserve someone like you making fun of her. Now you will start showing the respect that I know your mother taught you, or I will have you over my knee and give you a sound beating. We are sworn to work with Lord Potter and I will not tell you again about going against his wishes."

"YOU do NOT make demands on this ship," stated Mal next equally furious while Inara carded her fingers through Luna's hair in a soothing manner. "This ship and everything on it belongs to Lord Potter. I'm in charge of how things run with regards to flying and getting us from place to place, he is in ultimate charge of everything else including the people living on HIS ship. From what I can see, you should be lucky enough to even be here. From what I'm to understand, you are nothing but an arrogant asshole and you will shut up when you are in my presence. I have no problem shutting you up. You WILL leave Luna alone. She is a sweet girl and SHE deserves respect as do the rest of us. Make one more demand of anyone, and it will be the last thing that you do. YOU ARE NOTHING HERE! Do I make myself clear to you princess?"

Draco was so shocked by this that he snapped his mouth closed. The insult from Mal ruffled his feathers, but he wasn't stupid enough to challenge many that were more powerful than he was. It might have had something to do with the fact that his mother and other aunt were also looking furious with him. Then again, it might have something to do with the wands that were pointing at him as well. Even River and Jayne were looking like they wanted to hurt him.

"As I was saying before I got rudely interrupted," said an aggravated Harry pushing down Bella's wand gently with his hand. "I saw that if I could get the Black women with me then we would make a VERY great fighting team. There is much that we can learn from them. I have no problems learning what Bella knows and then some. She may have done horrible deeds in her past, but no one can state that she isn't an expert dueler. There are some things that the crew of Serenity needs to tell us. However, I will state what I saw first and how it pertains to OUR group. I knew that some of the crew didn't have a significant other to join them. I watched the nine people that you all see beside me and was wondering if I could pair the single ones up with someone that could match them in temperament as well as skill. When I saw the way that Jayne acted and reacted, I could think of no one from the light faction that would match him."

People like Severus could see where Harry was going with this. Draco was still pouting and glaring at people. Mostly he was ignored, though a few were sending threating glares right back that promised retribution. When River raised a fist in his direction and Severus raised his own hand to hit him, he quickly looked down and started to behave. What surprised everyone was the intense way that Harry was staring at Bellatrix. She looked at him with confusion on her face.

"YOU OWE ME AND OTHERS," he hissed at her shocking everyone at his tone. "You took Sirius away from me and left me to the machinations of Dumbledore without a guardian to help defend me. I could have easily asked for your death. I didn't because if there is one person that could match Jayne in strength and ferocity, it would be you. You don't have to fall in love with him, but the two of you will make a perfect defensive and offensive fighting force. Due to me wanting to be protected from certain people, I asked for your life rather than your death. Even you would know that he would have granted it to me had I asked for it."

She nodded. Now that she knew Harry had a Horcrux that belonged to the Dark Lord, she knew the he could have asked for anything and her former master would have given it to him willingly. That Harry left earth and didn't oppose her former master didn't go unnoticed by people either. Harry was powerful enough to destroy him, but he chose to leave instead.

"Why did you want Andromeda, Narcissa, and their families?" asked Augusta. "For that matter, why did you ask for the Bones, Abbot, and Longbottom families as well? There are just as many good light families that would have loved for you to save them and bring them here. While I'm grateful that you did this for us, why didn't you take more? This ship can house many people on it."

"I may have made a vow to not interfere with Voldemort's plans, but there are others who will want to stop him from taking over the British Isles," answered Harry honestly. "If I took all of the fighters away, that would be the same as me telling him that he could have them. To be honest, I wanted the Tonks family as they are good people. I knew that Andromeda, Narcissa, and Bellatrix could work out their differences and bring the family back together. You have three sisters with completely different personalities and viewpoints. My goal was to unite the Black family together again as a whole unit. As far as Draco and his mouth problem, I'm sure that before long he will learn that family is what is important. He and I ARE related even if he doesn't want to admit it. My grandmother was a Black. Therefore, I'm just as much a Black as he is."

"I will work on him about his mouth," hissed Narcissa angrily. "He WILL learn to mind his manners or he will have trouble sitting for a VERY long time. As for why you took us here, I, for one, am grateful. You have kept both me and my son out of the war. Even if Draco were part of the Dark Lord's forces, he still stood a chance of being killed by Dumbledore and his misfits. Even the Dark Lord isn't always merciful with his minions. Many a time, I saw Lucius walking with trouble due to the curses used on him. I have no doubt that he will be lucky to live for his role in the destruction of the Dark Lord's personal property."

"As much as I hate to say this," stated Harry with a sigh. "If Draco doesn't learn to curb his tongue and speak respectfully to people, I will be forced to kick him out of the family and have Mal and company set him on a planet without a wand. I am NOT going to tolerate someone trying to undermine my station in life. I will NOT tolerate someone belittling people just because he is selfish. I know that Severus will work with him as best he can, but I will not hesitate to lock him permanently in his quarters. Narcissa, I need you and Andy to start training me in how to be an effective Head of House. I hardly know anything about my station and could use the help."

When he was done, he sat back and observed Draco for a few moments. The blonde sat there with a furious expression on his face, but he seemed to be learning quickly that no one was going to tolerate his mouth. Severus sat there with a glare on his face daring him to open his mouth. When Draco finally settled down, Harry turned to Mal and waited while the group of Serenity decided what they were going to tell Harry and his group.

"First I would like to point out that this ship is a large one," he explained. "It isn't as large as I first thought it was, but it's larger than most in OUR solar systems. It seems like there is more to this ship on the outside than there really is. I know Harry said that he and Severus didn't find any hidden wings or rooms, but we haven't been here that long. We may still find them yet. It looks from the outside like there are two more wings. Maybe you need a passcode to find and access the hidden opening or something. We will all be comfortable on this ship none the less. There are twenty five floors and we can each chose a level if we wanted to. The rooms are huge and therefore the wings are wide. This ship will do wonders if we come across other people that we need to rescue. Even then, we can use some of the wings as passenger quarters. While we don't need money now, there is no reason why we can't earn some by transporting passengers from one place to another."

"We were part of a war in our solar system when we were slightly younger," said Zoe when Mal was done. "The alliance believes that they have the right to tell anyone and everyone how they are to run their lives a lot like your Dark Lord and that Dumbledore person. The rebels stand up to them much like Harry does. While the war is over and the Alliance won, there are lots of planets and moons in our system that doesn't fall under their jurisdiction. They don't like that and are constantly after them to join the Alliance. We have been working with some of the leaders to keep them free."

"Simon and River only joined us about two years ago," explained Mal pointing to each of them in turn. "They were running from the Alliance due to something they did to River. They used her to create a perfect weapon. This sounds an awful lot like what Dumbledore did to Harry. The similarities between us and you are many. Simon found out about a year ago that they had been cutting into her brain. It made her unstable for a while until he was able to help calm her mind and heal some of the damage. They are still fugitives of the Alliance. To us, they are part of our crew and we have no desire to change that any time soon. River was able to help us on more than one occasion. We will fight to the last breath to save her and she does the same for us. She has been adopted as our little sister by us and to us family is everything."

"We discovered that the Alliance is the reason that the Reavers exist," Inara said next. "The planet Miranda was used to do testing and other things and one of the tests went VERY wrong. The toxins and gases from the tests changed people with certain genetics in their bodies into something very dangerous. Reavers are beings that used to be normal humans. Due to the tests and such that failed, they turned into cannibals. They eat other people to stay alive or they change them into creatures much like themselves. I believe that the lycanthropy illness is quite similar in that aspect. We discovered that River can do some amazing things. We almost lost Wash on that run. River stepped in and wiped out all of the attackers. From there, we fled to your solar system to avoid trouble as the Alliance and the Reavers went to war."

"While that was going on, there was a bounty hunter after her and Simon," said Shepherd picking up the tale. "We were concerned that they could and would kill them both. It was their orders to do whatever it took to get them back. Even dead, they would have done more experiments on River. Simon would have been killed outright due to taking her from them in the first place. Mal and the others wouldn't allow that to happen. Of course, it is against my religious beliefs to allow it either and I did things that I'm not proud of, but I did them to save an innocent young woman and would do them again if I have to. I have no doubt that there will still be bounty hunters after them for a long time."

"We aren't going to lie," said Mal with a sigh. "We are known around some of the planets and moons as thieves and smugglers. Our goal was to survive. That is the goal of many that come from the free planets. We did what we could and had to. We have enemies out there and sometimes, they find us on occasion. We are trying to clean up our lives, but sometimes a reputation can ruin you before you even get your foot in the door. We are hoping that for now, we can stay in YOUR solar system while the hunt dies down. We may have to fight from time to time to save the ship, but we will be by your side through it all and will show you the same protection that we show each other."

"I can tell you right here and now that we will assist you in cleaning up your image," stated Harry through gritted teeth. "NO ONE will be able to get to Simon or River so long as I am alive. You have MY word on that. When we get to one of the moons and such that you know, I want to outfit this ship with a weapons system and maybe a few more wings. Adding a north and south wing should we not have them already probably would go a long way in case we DO have to go back to earth to rescue more people. Money is no object as we can transfigure what we have into something that looks like the normal currency of the said planet. We can even transfigure rocks to look like coins if we have to."

"Harry and Simon are to be a couple," said River. "I can see it that they will be together."

"I thought we talked about your outbursts," said a red in the face Simon. "If Harry and I are to be a couple, I would like for us to take our time and do it correctly. Just because we both are into the same sex doesn't mean we are compatible with one another. Therefore, I'm going to ask you once more to stop pushing and let nature take its course. There is no reason to embarrass me or Harry in this manner."

River was undeterred by Simon's plea. She looked at Narcissa and Andromeda and winked. Both women hid their smiles behind their hands and tried to not let Harry or Simon see them. Even Bellatrix was looking on in amusement and had no qualms about letting everyone see that she was amused. Of course, while just about everyone had no trouble with this Draco had to open his mouth once more and make his presence known to everyone.

"So the famous Harry Potter is nothing more than a faggot," stated Draco with glee. "Oh this is rich. I wonder what some of the people on our planet would say if they knew the disgusting habits of the Gryffindor Golden Boy. He would be a pariah to those same people. I would love nothing better than to send word back to earth and let them know. I would love to drag your name through the mud."

Jayne reached over and punched Draco in the mouth. The blond boy collapsed to the floor unconscious. Simon and Severus both sighed before they removed him from the room. Neither was gentle with his removal either. Each grabbed a foot and dragged him to the infirmary so that Simon could see what kind of damage was done to his face.

"He will NOT say things like that in front of me ever again," stated Jayne as Harry left to follow them. "I don't know Harry that well, but I do know Simon. There isn't a nicer guy around than him. It shouldn't matter what your sexual preference is. Just because one person doesn't like it doesn't mean he can disrespect people. I will not tolerate it. From what I have seen of Harry so far, he is one of the nicest people you could ever want to meet."

"I can't believe he said that to begin with," hissed Narcissa in anger. "In OUR world, same sex pairings often occur. They are just as treasured as a male and female pairing. We are very tolerable about couples of the same sex. When he comes around, I will be having a heated discussion with him about his bad attitude. He has lived too long with Lucius and can't seem to be able to control his mouth. In our world, Harry is the highest ranking member of our society. He has more prestige than any ten witches or wizards combined. He is also the Lord of Draco's family. I will not have him disrespecting people. How the magic isn't taking effect and punishing him, I don't know. It must have something to do with Harry being able to ignore most of his taunts. However, I think something does need to be done about him."

"I too will be having words with him," hissed Bellatrix in fury. "I warned him about his mouth and he went against MY wishes. Until recently, I have had my problems with Lord Potter. We are under MAGICAL ORDERS to work with and defend Lord Potter. I have no doubt that once we get to know him better that he will prove to be an able leader. The Potter name goes back long before ours and I'm disgusted at what my nephew keeps on doing. We may have to go back to the Dark Lord and let him teach Draco a lesson. Either that, or Harry needs to lose his patience and beat some respect into the little bastard."

"That rotten ferret needs to keep his mouth shut about Simon and Harry or I will beat him like a beggar in the streets," hissed River in anger. "How dare he say things like that? It isn't like he doesn't act flamboyant and prissy. He better hope that Severus and his mother teach him a lesson. I have no problems doing it for him. This is supposed to be a team effort and that little bastard will get my foot in his teeth if he doesn't quit."

"I can tell you that she will carry out that threat," said Kaylee quietly. "She will keep him in the infirmary more often than not if you can't figure out a way to make him just shut up. I don't know him at all and already I can tell you that I don't like him. He is a snob and he needs to be knocked down off his pedestal. River is just the person to do it to. I have watched her take on fifteen people that are twice as big as Jayne and she won without breaking a sweat. She will end up killing him if he doesn't quit. She if fiercely protective of Simon and it has grown to cover Harry as well."

"We will do what we can to make the little shit behave," assured Narcissa patting River gently on the arm before standing to go check on her son. "If we can't, then you have my permission to do so River. Either way, he will learn. Mal, we might have to take him back to earth for a visit to the Dark Lord. He is at risk of losing his life already by defying the Lord of his house. By verbally attacking Lord Potter, he is at minimal asking for his magic to be removed due to the Vows he took. Worst case scenario, he will die due to the magic taking revenge on him. I just don't know what to do about him anymore."

"I tell you what," said Jayne. "Let Bellatrix and I work with him for about a week. If we can't break him, we can have Harry and Mal take him back to Earth and let the Dark Lord deal with him. We can see about trying to curb his tongue. We DO need to learn to work together so that our new and improved family can make a name for ourselves and we can prosper."

"I think that Severus or Harry will need to order the removal of his wand from him for a while," said Narcissa as Kaylee led her and Bella out of the Mess Hall and towards the Infirmary. "From there I think some physical labor ought to help with his mouth problem. We can have one of the house elves make him scrub the kitchen and Mess Hall each night by hand. That way, he knows that we are watching."

"Dobby will do it," said the elf popping in to walk with her. "Dobby is the head elf here and he is bonded to Master Harry. Young Malfoy will be watched by Winky. She says that she will hit him with her spatula every time he acts up while he is being punished. She and Kreacher are also bonded to Master Harry. They are not pleased with what young Malfoy is saying about Master Harry or his Simon."

"Speaking of Harry and Simon," whispered Kaylee while Narcissa took the hand of Dobby. "We are trying to arrange for them to have a proper date. So far, both are too embarrassed around each other to do anything but smile and blush. It's obvious to all of us that they like each other. Even with River prompting them to move forward by blurting things out, they are hesitant. Both are good people and we want them to be happy."

"Then I guess it's time that we women get involved and push them in the right direction," said Bella to the astonishment of those that knew her. "I may be a warrior, but I did love my husband and the Dark Lord. We just have to set the right mood for them and get them together without them knowing about it. From there, we can ensure that they have what they need to be a couple without them feeling embarrassed about it."

"I saw on the list that there is an area where there is nature growing on one of the decks," mentioned Narcissa as they neared their destination. "We can always set them up on a date there with a picnic or something. That way, they can be together and not have to worry about outside influences. I have no doubt that Dobby would help as he did similar things for me and Lucius from time to time."

"Of course Dobby would," said elf proclaimed. "Master Harry deserves to be happy. His Simon will make him very happy. Dobby will talk with the other elves and we will help you get something set up. Mistress River will have to tell us Master Simon's favorite foods and stuff. From there, we will be happy to help Mistress Bella and Mistress Cissy in their quest."

By this time, they reached the Infirmary. Draco was lying on the bed and Simon was x-raying his jaw. He was showing Harry and Severus what had happened to Draco's jaw.

"While nothing is broken, Jayne's punch did crack his jawbone," said Simon showing them the thin crack. "If you have some way of fixing it, he won't be in so much pain. If we do it my way, he will be sore and unable to use his jaw for close to a week."

"Then let's do it your way," said Narcissa from the doorway. "This will be part of his punishment for going against the Head of his family. We also want his wand taken from him for now. He will get it back once he learns how to behave himself. Furthermore, when you wake him, tell him he is grounded to his rooms for the next two weeks. He is only allowed in the library, his rooms, or at meals. He will also be responsible for cleaning the kitchen and Mess Hall by hand every day for the next two weeks. This is the punishment that I want him to have from ME. I'm sure that others will want their pound of flesh as well."

"Severus, make it so when he wakes," requested Harry. "He will listen to you better than anyone else. As he already has a punishment, I won't ask for anything more. However, I know you like to make people work in the labs for a punishment. Make sure you get in some time for me as well. I know that Bella and Jayne want to work with him, so I'll leave them to it. Maybe some corporal punishment is called for."

"What's that?" asked Bellatrix. "If you tell me what it is, we can incorporate that into our punishment for him. I have no problems doing that for you. We are bound by magic to help you and he is lucky that the magic hasn't taken effect on him yet."

"Basically, it's like he is in a muggle boot camp," explained Harry. "Every time he says a certain word or phrase that is offensive, he has to do exercise. Some of them can include push-ups, sit ups, chin ups, running laps, and so forth. Make sure he does enough of the repetitive stuff that he knows that he is being punished. For a while at least, he will be too sore to trouble anyone further."

"That's a great idea," said Bella. "Thanks for that. We will definitely use it. We were just discussing that maybe you need to lose it with him and show him that YOU are the boss. I know that it normally isn't in your nature, but you might have to in order to make him understand that he can't behave this way."

Harry nodded as he watched the two men bring Draco out of his slumber. With a sigh and a glare at the young blond, Harry walked out of the Infirmary and headed to his rooms for the night. He smiled as he saw Simon headed to his own rooms a few minutes later.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I'm going to stop here. I will be bringing in more characters in future chapters for a bit and then I'll move to some of the other planets from the FireFly series. I wanted to let you know that Wash died in the movie, but I decided to save him. Also, I have plans for Bella and her character will be given more details later. It's the trust in Harry that has the others accepting that she is there.

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