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Taming the Dragon

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Chapter 6 – Taming the Dragon

The following days saw Draco grumbling about the Mess Hall and kitchen while a furious Winky was standing behind him with a spatula. Every time that he has his chores to do, she was placed in charge of him to keep him in line. It was on the third day of his duties that Draco finally snapped. It was unfortunate for him that Bellatrix and Harry were standing there when he did. They were coming to the Mess Hall for a snack when they heard the commotion. Dobby was also aware of what was going on and was standing by the button to let everyone on ship hear what was going on.

"I have had about enough of you elf," hissed Draco pointing a warning finger at her. "You are to punish yourself right now. I am tired of you constantly yelling at me and hitting me. You will do what I tell you to do or I will kill you. Either way, your torment of me will end today. There will be no one to save you while I choke you to death. You have gone too far. I'm a pureblood wizard and your superior and you will do the work I'm being made to do AFTER you give yourself a severe punishment for the damage you have inflicted upon me. By my power and status, I call forth the magic."

Draco waited for the magic to start taking effect. He tried it again a second time when it didn't work for whatever reason. He started to get totally frustrated and tried to gather his wandless magic about him to cause pain to the little elf that was making sure he was mud on the floor to everyone. During his frustration, he started to edge forward in a threatening manner towards Winky.

Bella went to interfere, but Harry held her back and placed a finger to his lips to ask for silence as they watched the scene play out before them. Winky wasn't cowered by Draco's words or actions in the least little bit. She hit him again with her spatula across the face so hard that Draco slammed into the cabinet letting him know that his demands of the magic meant nothing to her. He got up to go after her, but she hit him a second time sending him right back to his prone spot on the floor.


Draco swung at the elf and hit her square in the face with the item in his hand. It caught her off guard as she wasn't expecting him to move again. Simon and River had just entered the Mess Hall from the other door when he struck and raced to the scene. Both had different expressions on their faces as they raced to the side of the little elf they came to love in the short time they knew her. Bella and Harry were right there with them racing from their end. Winky was bleeding from the hit while Simon was leaning over her trying to stanch the flow. He reached into his bag he always carried with him on his arm and pulled out bandages to try and stop the bleeding long enough to see what was wrong. River decided that Draco needed another lesson in humility and she pulled him out of the kitchen by his hair. He screamed in pain the entire time she was dragging him to a larger room.

Once she had him out of the smaller room, she went into full attack mode. By the time she was done with him ten minutes later, Draco was unconscious and had the impressions of fists and feet all over his body as the bruises were starting to form where she punched and kicked him. He was also missing a few tufts of hair as well as multiple teeth from his mouth. She was about to hit him some more when others came into the room to help deal with the situation. They didn't want River to murder him. Many wanted to do damage themselves, but their first goal was to help Winky and try to calm River down.

The others of the ship could hear the commotion over the loud speaker as Dobby pressed the button causing the alarm to sound. They could hear River screaming at Draco about his actions. They could also hear her fists and feet impacting with his flesh. The witches and wizards all stopped what they were doing and quickly apparated to the Mess Hall. They were in time to stop the other elves from assisting River in harming Draco further. Luna raced to River's side and with soothing words convinced the other girl that the others would handle Draco and deal a harsher punishment to him for what he did. The Serenity crew raced to the Mess Hall to help Harry control the situation as fast as they could. Not having magic, it took them a bit longer, but eventually, they arrived.

Harry and Simon raced out of the kitchen with an unconscious Winky. She was losing blood and they wanted to get her fixed. Apparently, when Draco attacked her, he had a sharp weapon in his hands that caused more damage than they originally thought. Severus raced after them to assist with the elf. They flew past the group which was already dealing with calming the elves and venting their anger out on Draco.

Narcissa revived Draco and with a flick of her wand, she had him pinned to the wall of the room. From there, she lifted her hand and slapped him squarely across the face. Meanwhile, Bellatrix, Andromeda, and Augusta were all there screaming at him for his atrocity. Draco was half out of it due to the damage that he suffered at the hands of River. It was then that he had a horrified expression pass across his face. He knew right off what was going on and his horror was known by all that was standing there watching. Even those that didn't have magic could see that something serious was taking effect.

"I believe I know what that is causing," explained Amelia to the muggles as the magicals backed off at his look. "If I'm not mistaken, young Mr. Malfoy is losing his magic due to the attack on the elf of Lord Potter. He won't be able to preach about being a pureblood wizard anymore. Now that he has no magic, he will be weaker than anyone on the ship as he has never done anything strenuous a day in his life. His parents are wealthy. Draco has had servants his whole life to do everything for him, so he doesn't have the physical stamina to be of much use to anyone. I would imagine that this is just the start of all of the punishments that he will get. I have no doubt that some of you will want your pound of flesh on the asshole. I ask that you allow Harry to deal with him. He is the one that the travesty is against. Harry will make him regret even being alive. Winky, Dobby, and Kreacher are part of Harry's family. This little shit has made a HUGE mistake."

"I have warned you about your mouth," hissed Bellatrix glaring right into Draco's face. "I have warned you that you were magically bound to serve the Head of our family. Harry has been EXTREMELY kind to us despite our past, and this is how you repay him. Jayne and I have been working with you for over a week now and you still haven't learned your lesson. You continue to belittle others because you feel that because you were born into an early life of wealth that you are better than everyone else. I'm here to tell you that you aren't anything. You are nothing more than a boil on the butt of society. You better pray that Winky lives. If she doesn't, I may just kill you myself and be done with you once and for all. I don't appreciate you harming an elf of MY Head of House."

"Speaking of Head of House," stated a severely pissed off Harry entering the room. "I, Harry James Potter Gryffindor Slytherin Hufflepuff Black, hereby dismiss Draco Lucius Malfoy from the Black family. I also hereby ban him from my ship. As we are still in orbit around our home planet, you will be brought back to earth and returned to the Dark Lord. We are tired of you thinking you are better than everyone else. Jayne, please escort him to the brig. I don't want him to even have the comforts of his bedroom. Make sure that anything of comfort is denied him. His food is to be of the utmost minimal. He is not allowed out of that cell until we bring him back to the Dark Lord for his travesty. Have his belongings packed and ready. Make sure that he doesn't have anything that belongs to me in his rooms. I won't be so thrilled if something important of mine should come up missing. Bella, I want his memory of my sexual orientation stripped from his mind. He will no longer cause trouble for our family."

"As further punishment, you will not be healed," stated Severus entering and gesturing furiously to his godson. "Simon and I will make sure you are not internally bleeding or anything, but other than that, you will heal the normal way. We are only making sure that your injuries aren't life threatening. I will be with Harry when he speaks to the Dark Lord. You will be punished. You can bet on that. You have finally gone too far and even I don't want anything to do with you anymore. I hope that you are pleased with yourself."

"You are just lucky we don't open a vent and throw you into space," hissed Mal. "We happen to like and respect Harry and his family. We are now part of that family. To us, you don't hurt family. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty in making yourself a pariah. Welcome to hell princess shit for brains. I'm your guide for tonight. I can promise you that you WON'T enjoy your stay. Tonight's menu is a cold floor and gruel. I hope that you can at least drink your food for the evening."

"Harry, Winky is fine," said Simon from next to Severus where they entered a few moments later. "Her wound wasn't as serious as we thought it was. It was just in a spot that bleeds heavily. Severus was able to fix in rather quickly and we told her to take the rest of the day off. I had to tell her that you would want her too before she agreed, but in the end, she stated she would. She asked me to tell you that she will be in her room if you need her and to call her if anything else happens. When I left, some of the other house elves were with her and helping her get comfortable."

Harry sighed in relief as Narcissa let Draco collapse into a heap on the floor. Jayne picked up the blond like a sack of potatoes and threw him over a shoulder. From there, he marched out of the Mess Hall and headed off to the Brig. Bellatrix was with him the entire way laying into Draco about his stupidity and what the Dark Lord would do to him when they returned. When he got there, he opened the door and threw Draco into the room. Bellatrix made sure that nothing was in the room that would offer comfort to the idiot. She removed everything but the toilet in the room. She even removed the bed from the room stating that he had to sleep on the floor like the bad dog he was.

"I guess it's time to head back to Earth," said Harry with a sigh. "I was really wanting to head to another planet soon so that we can see some of the galaxy. I have been thinking about what some of you have said and I agree that we need to rescue some more of the people from the war effort. Jayne and I finally found out how to access the North and South wings. We figured they were there as you can see them from outside. I cast the magic needed to be able to use them. Therefore, we have fifty more sections that we can use. Draco's vault will go back into my own vault. We have some work to do and I hope that some of you are willing to help us make some people mysteriously disappear."

"How would we do that?" asked an interested Bellatrix coming back into the room. "Who are we going to go after? As we are part of your family, we would do whatever you wished to help you in this endeavor. At first, I did it because of the magical vow. The more I get to know you, the more I like how you think and act. I know that you would allow me to live like I wish. Thanks to Simon and Severus, some of the confusion is gone from my mind and I can think clearer."

"We want people like Minerva McGonagall and Filius Flitwick with us," said Harry. "We will also want Pomona, Poppy, and maybe Hagrid. I was thinking that we could also rescue the Creevey family and the Thomas family as they are muggleborn and muggles. I also want to rescue Seamus and his mum. From there, I was thinking about the Bell family as they are half-bloods. I want to rescue people like the Greengrass family as they are neutral and always have been. I think to be safe we can rescue the Davis family as well. If I'm not mistaken, Tracy is a half-blood. From there, we can just keep an eye on certain situations and see who wants to leave and who doesn't. We can just feel out people. Fawkes will be a great asset to us in this endeavor. We can park Serenity in a secure spot, and have the named individual meet us in Gringotts if they want to leave the war."

"Are we going to rescue my daddy?" asked Luna quietly and hopefully. "I would like for him to finally come to safety. He will eventually go overboard with his ads in the paper and get himself killed. I would like for him to stay safe for as long as possible. I don't want to be too much trouble, but I would like it if you could."

"We will rescue anyone that you see fit Luna girl," said Mal using Harry's nickname for her while tugging on her blond locks. "You are like the daughter I never had and I would like to save your daddy for you. If he wants to come, then he is more than welcome. You know Harry would never tell you no for anything unless he had a good reason as to why he can't. I think in this case, we just will pretend he isn't standing there and help him anyway."

Harry smiled at Luna and nodded. A few others were laughing softly at Mal teasing Harry. Even Bellatrix was smiling at the young girl that had captured the hearts of so many already. River was grinning at Luna while the two teens headed off to chat about everything. That was their style. Ask for what you want and when you get it, make a hasty retreat before one can change their mind. That they rarely asked for anything was not lost on anyone either. Everyone loved the two girls and made sure they had everything that they needed whether they asked for it or not.

It wasn't long before Harry and company arrived back at Gringotts. Draco was shackled and sent to wait with some of the goblin guards until Harry decided just how he was going to handle the situation. Remus was sitting with him and Severus and the trio got started on their plan. They wrote a letter to the other Heads of House asking if they wanted to come. In their note, they asked Minerva to ask Poppy if she wanted to join Harry and get to safety as well. Harry really wanted Remus to join him, but knew that the older man would have trouble with his lycanthropy. Remus told Harry not to worry about him.

Fawkes was sent off with the letter to ask the professors if he could come to Hogwarts to explain what was going on in his head. He got a letter back stating that he was more than welcome to come to the castle any time that he wished. Harry was brought out of his thoughts as Bella entered the bank and with a snarl, she handed Harry a parcel. He knew she wasn't mad at him, but he knew she was beyond livid. When he looked at what she handed him, he knew why she was mad and joined her in her emotion.

"The little bastard actually stole the crystal from Harry's rooms," she hissed angrily to the waiting members of their group. "He managed to get one of his personal house elves to get around your wards and steal it from you. When I questioned the elf, he stated that Draco was going to try and get a message to Earth so that he could break the truce between you and the Dark Lord. I took care of the elf in question for you as it was Draco's personal elf. Jayne, Dobby, and I took care of his body as well. We can't send Draco back to the Dark Lord. It isn't in your best of interest to do so."

"But I think you should do just that," said Voldemort walking up to the group. "I admire your loyalty to your charge Bella, but this is information that I would like to have known. So young Draco has decided to try and cause a war between us. Is he still alive? I can tell you that Lucius is for now, but how much longer depends on how well he makes up for his blunder. So far, he is towing the line. We shall see how far he falls when I have his son and teach him a lesson."

"Draco is alive, but he has no magic anymore," admitted Harry with a weary sigh. "We tried everything we could to get him to stop. He has been trying to pull rank on everyone on the ship including me and he finally went too far an attacked one of MY elves. River beat him to a pulp. From there, the magic took effect and collapsed his core. He is still alive if black and blue. I had to erase one of his memories as he was going to try and run my name through the mud here on Earth by telling everyone he knew derogative remarks about me and of course my location and sexual orientation. While I don't care if people know that I prefer the same sex, I do want my location to be as secret as possible. The fewer that know the better I will feel."

"Where ARE you hiding at Harry?" asked Voldemort with curiosity. "I don't mean to pry, but you seem to be really out of the radar if I can't locate you. I should know as I have been trying. As for young Malfoy, I would like for you to turn him over to me so that I can properly punish him for his travesty of trying to incite a war between us when he was specifically magically bound to not do so. As for my crystal, even though his elf stole it from you, I can see that it is unharmed, so therefore, the agreement we have still stands. I do recommend that you ward it using parseltongue in the future so that only YOU can get to it. Even a house elf can't get around a spell done in parseltongue. Also, ask Bella to assist you with a few wards. She is quite skilled, as is Severus. They could teach you some advanced ones in English, and you could just cast them in parseltongue."

"I'll be totally honest with you," said Harry with a sigh and a nod at his older relative. "I live in outer space. Sirius bought me a spaceship. We don't technically live ON the planet anymore. It's how we do magic without anyone knowing in front of non-magical people. The crystal will be placed in a more secure spot on the ship and I'll get one of MY elves to safe guard it against theft again. I'll also take your advice and safeguard it with parseltongue."

Harry led Voldemort to the room where Draco was sitting. When the younger Malfoy saw the Dark Lord, he shot Harry a glare. From there, he did his best to bow to his Lord before he tried to offer an explanation as best he could from a busted mouth as to what was going on and to work against Harry. He wanted to blast Harry with smut and wrong doings to one that was superior, but his mouth wasn't functioning enough to give it the full effect he wanted. He really wanted to tell the Dark Lord where Potter was hiding so that the Dark Lord could get rid of him once and for all. Voldemort knew what he was thinking and wasn't happy about it.

"I don't want to hear it Draconis," hissed Voldemort in anger. "Why did you do it? You were told to obey. I cast the spells on you myself so that you WOULD obey. You should have done what you were told to do. Now I find out that you are actively trying to undermine the truce I have with a blood relative of MINE. This will never do. You will not live past tomorrow. You will stay alive long enough for me to use you to teach your father one more lesson. From there, you will join my army of the undead. I have no use for traitors. As an inferi, you will have no choice but to follow my commands. You will work better dead than you have ever done alive."

Draco looked horrified at that proclamation. He was so terrified that he actually soiled his pants. Voldemort and Harry both sneered at him in contempt before continuing their previous conversation. Both turned their backs on him and walked away leaving the guard to sneer at the young ponce while they finished their conversation. Bella was standing there gloating at the downfall of the blond prick. She had warned him time and again, but he felt he knew better. Now he would get his just desserts.

""I would like to take a few more of your opposing forces out of the war and give you an easier time of things," said Harry as he hissed a protection spell around the crystal in parseltongue to ensure its safety until they got to the ship. Voldemort nodded in appreciation as he heard the spell used. "If you allow it, I can make sure that you have an easier time of things without so many people fighting you. I do this also for my own protections as I will be visiting other worlds and no one knows if I will need someone like Professor Flitwick or Professor McGonagall."

"Why would you give me the land you have been fighting to save since you were a year old?" asked a surprised Voldemort. "After the first attempt to kill you, you have been thwarting my plans ever since. Why would you just hand me the keys after all of this time? Has something gone wrong that I need to know about?"

"Nothing is wrong," answered Harry carefully producing a list. "I just had a lot of time to think over things. Yes you killed my parents due to not hearing the full prophecy. However I can't continue to morn people that I don't know. I never knew them. From there I was placed in an abusive home. The so called leader of the light placed me in a situation that saw me hurt daily in multiple ways. HE started the war between you and my family. From there, the populace feels like I should always be the one to save them from you. One day they hail me a hero and the next they hail me as the next Dark Lord. It gets rather tiresome to be loved one minute and hated the next. It's time for people to grow a backbone and learn how to stand up for themselves and deal with their own problems."

"Interesting theory," murmured Voldemort scanning the list. "It just so happens that I fully agree with you. For the record, I DON'T hate muggleborns. That part of my history is a fabrication that I have been working to correct over the last few weeks to a month. Like you, I feel that all people with magic should be allowed to express their talents. Look at your former friend Miss Granger. She doesn't have a magical person in her family and yet she was the top of the school. Crabbe and Goyle are of old lines and yet they can't seem have an intelligent thought or brain cell between them."

"There are certain people on that list which means the world to me and I want them to be with me," said Harry with emotion entering his voice for the first time. "I don't want to lose any more that I was close to. I won't fight you. Family doesn't do that to family. You and I are family. I just want to live in peace. I have no desire to take away any of your hard work. I don't want to be a martyr or a hero. I just want to be me. As I stated the last time we spoke, I just want to come and go from time to time to buy much needed potion's supplies as well as other magical objects. River and Simon have been scouring our herbology books and we have found quite a few plants that we can get from some of the planets from their solar system."

"You have my permission to do what you need to do," stated Voldemort to everyone's surprise. "You have to live just like the rest of us. You are known for keeping your word. You are allowed to get everything that you need from this planet and make a life for yourself. I will help you in any way that I can. I will need you to do me one small favor. I need you to carry two of my crystals. I have figured out that I can communicate using the crystals. Therefore, I will try and hide two of them around as I can. I at least want you to take a second one in case I lose any more due to someone getting lucky. Dumbledore wasn't the only one that knew what I did. I just haven't found them yet. Nagini is my last one that I will switch from her to a crystal. From there, you will have two and I will have two."

"That's fine with me," shrugged Harry. "For the moment, I just need to contact the people on my list and have them come with me. From there, I may send word to you once every six months or so about needed supplies. We will be doing other odd jobs on the other planets and such. I'll eventually want to come and get some of the magical creatures for my new home world. For now, I have Andromeda and Narcissa working with Severus on locating the natural origins of certain creatures. From there, I will just come and get a mating pair or two of each from time to time. My muggle businesses are making money for me so I will have to come back from time to time anyway to ease some of the buildup. Also we have the book store mailing anything new that hits their shelves here to the bank and when we are on the planet, we will pick up the cargo."

"This is good," said Tom handing him a second crystal. "Well, I must get going. Take all the time that you need to get your group together. I will be working on another method of contacting you so that I can call you should I need something. Good luck Harry Potter Slytherin. Your life is finally your own."

With that, the Dark Lord gathered Draco and left. Harry turned to his group and handed them sheets of paper. Each person looked at their list and nodded. It wasn't long before portkey and apparition could be heard to get to different places.

"We need these people to meet us here as soon as they can get here," instructed Harry to those not going. "We will be here for about a week so that these people have time to get everything that they need. I'll need Kaylee to make sure that Madam Malkin has lots of the clothes ready to be made. It's time for us to finish so that we can all go and learn about the galaxies. I would love to start finding new worlds for us to visit and help. This one doesn't hold much left for me."

With that, the people all set out. Harry and Simon went personally to Hogwarts. Upon reaching the gates, they opened and Minerva and Filius greeted the pair. Both professors had huge smiles upon their faces upon seeing one of their favorite pupils.

"Professors," greeted Harry happily. "This is Simon. He is the ship's doctor. We need to talk to you and it's in your best interest to hear us out. I have sent summons to other people so that we can get things rolling. I have some of my crew working on certain families and such. I need to speak to you both along with Professor Sprout and Madam Pomfrey. What we have to tell you all will rock your very foundation."

Meanwhile others were going around the land and talking to different people. Fred and George teamed up with Inara to go speak to their father, oldest two brothers, and the Shacklebolt family. Amelia and Susan went speak with the Creevey Family. Luna and River went to the Rook to talk with Xeno. Andromeda and Dora went speak to the Bell family. Severus and Mal went to speak to the Finnegan and Wood families. Bella and Jayne went to speak to the Greengrass and Davis families.

Harry had showed the list to the Dark Lord and it was known who he was going after. Voldemort read the list and nodded his head. If a few more people other than that went also, he wouldn't care. So long as Harry didn't stand in his way, the younger Slytherin heir could take whomever he wanted.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I think that I can be happy with this chapter now. I know some of you will hate that Draco is gone and Hermione will NOT be part of the group. I want to do something just a little different with this story. While I like Hermione and Draco, all of my stories can't be the same good people. Thanks for understanding.

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