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Chapter 7 - All Aboard

Harry and Simon followed the two Hogwart's professors to the Great Hall. Simon was in awe of everything, but he knew that he wasn't on a sight-seeing tour. He knew they had business to attend and that time was of the essence even if they were told to take all the time they needed. Minerva quickly summoned the people Harry has asked to speak with before settling in a chair to listen to his plan. Harry paced back and forth before they arrived. When they were all there, he started his story.

"The Dark Lord is letting me take anyone I want OUT of this area," began Harry. "Now that Dumbledore has proven to be the one to start this whole war, I want to rescue people that mean everything to me and some that need the protection due to who they are. I have worked with some families and have them out of here already. The four of you are special to me due to who you are. Therefore, I would love nothing better than to take the four of you to safety and away from what is about to happen."

"What's going on Harry?" asked Filius with curiosity and concern. "You seem calm despite being agitated. I know that's an oxymoron and seemingly impossible, but I can't describe it any better than that. Why don't you tell us what's going on. Part of my goblin heritage sees something else, but my non-goblin side doesn't know what to make of it. My magic is picking up hints of the Dark Lord with and around the two of you."

"You did send the note asking if we wanted to come," reminded Minerva. "We have been talking about it, but we would like more information from you before we make a firm decision one way or the other. So please, calm yourself and just tell us. Nothing you have to say will make us think any less of you. All of us here loves you in our own way and will give you the benefit of our wisdom to help you."

"First, the dark taint is due to the fact that I'm guarding something for Lord Voldemort," said Harry patting his bag. "Please don't ask. He and I are relatives and he is giving me all the leeway I need and want. He and I are not fighting with one another anymore. HOWEVER, he will win the war. There is no one that will be able to stand up to him once we leave. He is going to allow me to go and be a person for a change instead of the leader of sheep. The four of you are like parents to me. I love each of you in your own way. Professor McGonagall is like the strict grandmother that keeps me focused. Professor Flitwick is like the jolly grandfather that is just happy to be near me. Professor Sprout is like a mother hen and loves to make sure everyone is ok. Madam Pomfrey is just Madam Pomfrey. Don't pay attention and you get three days in bed."

"Where would we go?" asked Pomona in interest trying to not laugh at the expression on the Healer's face. "If he takes over here, surely he will take over all over the place once his stronghold is set up. It may take a few decades, but he could have the whole world under his control if we don't stop him. With Albus not being who he claimed to be, you were our last hope. Now it sounds like you and he are NOT going to fight."

"What if I told you that we don't have to live ON this world any longer?" asked Harry with a grin. "Sirius did something amazing for me. Simon doesn't actually come from Earth. He is from a planet named Osiris. It isn't in this solar system. Sirius bought me a spaceship and with the help of the goblins, they made it so that I can house up to seven hundred and fifty people on it comfortably. It's huge. We have places for a garden, pool, observation deck to look at the stars, and other areas for relaxation. We have greenhouses and other sections ready for work. Neville is having fun working with the few plants we have been able to acquire so far. We have a huge library and many other things we don't even know about yet. This is where I have been for the last few weeks. Since Dumbledore tried to ruin my life, I pretty much said to hell with it and left."

"So we would get to live in outer space?" asked Poppy with interest. "It would be so peaceful to not have to worry about war and who is harming who. I take it that you are the one in total control?"

"Let's put it this way," said Harry. "If I TRULY wanted to stay and continue being the martyr and hero, I could due to who my ancestors are. I have more prestige than all of the professors of this school combined. I'm the heir of three founders and the Peverell family. I'm also the wealthiest wizard on planet earth. I own this castle and have stock in HUNDREDS of companies in Britain, Europe, and Asia. I have companies in both the magical and non-magical worlds. It doesn't matter to me anymore. I have had enough of the lies, drama, and bullshit. I have permission to take anyone I want with me so long as I don't get in his way. I have permission to come back any time I want to shop without fear of harm so long as whoever is with me bears the Slytherin and Potter crests to prove who we are."

"This is amazing Harry," assured Filius thinking about everything he said so far. "I would like to go with you. I see no reason to stay if we are being offered an easier life with people we actually can live in harmony with. There comes a time in one's life when you have to say enough is enough. Therefore, I'm in, as the muggle teens say these days. I want to go and be with you."

"I would like to go as well," said Pomona immediately. "I can take whatever I want from the greenhouses and bring them with us as you stated you have gardens and such. I would enjoy working with Mr. Longbottom. He is a prodigy in Herbology."

"Let's get one thing clear first," stated Harry stalling the other two. "If you come with me, we all live together in harmony. We call each other by our given name. We don't pull rank and we treat each other like family. That's not to say that in the future we would from time to time pull rank to show a presented front to people we are going to work with on other planets, but at home, we don't find it necessary to pull rank. Even though I own the ship, I don't lord it over anyone. Each person is free to make their own decisions as to how they want to live. So long as you are not hurting anyone, you are welcome to do as you please."

"I'm in as well," stated Minerva firmly. "I can have the elves of this castle start making copies and packing up the library to send to the library on the ship. I doubt that this school will miss many of the books. Knowing the Dark Lord, he will want to replace many of the books anyway. As you are the owner, just say the word and it will be done. There are over one hundred elves here that would come with you. They belong to you after all. We'll even take the hidden collection that Albus hid with us."

"I'll go," said Poppy once everyone looked at her waiting so see if she wanted to go or not. "I can work with Simon and help keep people healed and healthy. Who else is on the ship?"

"Ah," said Harry looking uncomfortable. "Before I get to that, Minerva, have the elves get started working on making copies of those books that CAN be copied. Those that can't just have them pack them. As owner of this place, I call forth the magic to make it so. As to who is on the ship already, I have the Bones family, Abbot Family, Longbottom family, Black family, Tonks family, and Luna. I also have the nine member crew of Serenity on board. When I say Black family, I mean all of them. Bellatrix has been be magically bound to her birth family. I'm the head of the Black family. Narcissa and Draco are there, or I should say Narcissa is there. Draco will be dead by morning."

"What do you mean?" asked Poppy. "What happened to Mr. Malfoy? Is there anything that we can do to save him? I can be ready to assist in a matter of moments."

"He will be killed tomorrow by the Dark Lord for attempting to overthrow the truce made between Harry and Voldemort," explained Simon softly. "He WAS on the ship after the Black family was sent with Harry to Infinity. Voldemort cast the spells transferring the allegiance from him to Harry for Draco and Bellatrix. Draco tried to pull rank on everyone. More than once he tried to pull magical rank on people. He finally went too far and harmed Winky. After my sister River beat him to unconsciousness, his magical core collapsed due to attempting to harm the magical agreement made between Harry and Voldemort. Did I get all of that right Harry?"

"Yes you did," said Harry blushing. "He was also trying to steal these items that the Dark Lord placed in my care. From there, he wanted to discredit my name by telling everyone that I prefer the same gender in a mate. Suffice to say that I think his death is more to the fact that he stole something that belonged to the Dark Lord than anything else. Had he not done that, I think that Voldemort would have let him just be a slave for trying to incite a war again."

"He always was an arrogant little prick," said Minerva furiously. "How is it with Bellatrix on the ship? Is she working with you? She was gifted when she was a student here. How is she now that she isn't working with the Dark Lord anymore? Azkaban couldn't have been good for her sanity."

"Quite charming I would say," answered Simon while Harry nodded in agreement to the surprise of the teachers. "She has taken to making Draco sorry every chance she could for going against the wishes of Harry and the crew. I have been working with her and Severus and she is coming out of her maniacal ways. Apparently she was being fed potions that were harming her by her former husband. Of course, Severus said her stint in prison didn't help her mental faculties that much either. With the newer potions regimen that she is on, she is doing wonderful and she is actually a breathtaking woman. She is taking what you would call muggle medicine to help with some of her unusual tendencies. In the three weeks she has been on board the ship, she has calmed down and smiles often."

"She has taken a liking to our gunman Jayne," said Harry with a grin. He was fighting hard to not laugh outright. "Now that her marriage to Rudolphus is annulled, she is always working with him to come up with some sort of defense plan should the ship or anyone in our family gets attacked. She has taken a special liking to Luna and River. She is even conspiring with River to get me and Simon to start dating. We think it's cute. We haven't told them yet that we already went on our first date. We want to let them think we don't know they are setting up something. After all, Simon and I share the same floor. My five personal elves are always willing to make sure that my happiness and needs come before anyone else's. This just extended to include Simon."

The four members of Hogwarts laughed with Harry and Simon. When they were done with their talk, Harry and Simon told them that they could start sending their belongings and other supplies to Gringotts where Serenity was waiting to load it and bring it back to Infinity. The four of them promised to get started immediately and left to get to work.

While that was going on, Severus and Mal were busy explaining this to Seamus and his mother. Both agreed to go and both were happy that they were allowed to join Harry Potter in safety. Seamus was excited to learn that his best friend Dean and his family were being made the same offer. Unfortunately, Seamus' father declined to go. From the Finnegan house, they headed to the residence of the Wood family. Mal was enjoying the apparition and was getting more and more used to it. Severus explained that he was working with Fred and George to create a way for those without magic to be able to move around the ship easier. Once at Oliver's house, they told the family what was happening. Just like with Seamus, the family immediately stated they wanted to go. Severus and Mal told both families that they were to head to Gringotts and to bring their elves with them.

Bella and Jayne arrived at the Greengrass residence and talked with Adrian Greengrass and his family. The family was surprised that the Dark Lord would so willingly let them leave. Bellatrix assured them that it was the truth and they were more than able to ask the Dark Lord themselves if they wanted. Adrian said he would ask and if it was true, he would have his family begin working to pack and get ready to leave. Bella grinned at him before she headed out. The situation was almost identical at the Davis household. When it was all said and done, both families sent word via a house elf to those waiting at the bank that they were coming.

Luna and River used their portkey and arrived at the Rook. They told Xeno what was going on and Xeno promised his daughter that we would pack his prized possessions and meet her at the bank. Before he got too far, Luna snapped her fingers and two elves appeared to help. It wasn't long before the girls, elves, and Xeno bid one more, fond farewell to the Rook, and left.

Amelia and Susan had just as much luck as everyone else. It wasn't long before they had their elves helping to pack up the Creevey family. Amelia told the family that they wouldn't need much. Mostly they were to bring what they couldn't bear to part with as all other things would be replaced. Once they were done, they appeared at the bank where, like everyone else, they were instructed to go to Madam Malkin's and get some new clothes to wear.

Hannah and Narcissa teamed up together to get the Thomas family ready. For good measure, they hit Lee Jordan's house as he and his family lived not too far from the Thomas residence. Both families took their time to think about it, but in the end, the safety of their children was more important than anything else. Within moments, house elves wearing the crest of Hogwarts arrived at both locations to help the families pack. Narcissa raised her eyebrow, but came to the conclusion that Harry had success at Hogwarts. That the elves knew that she needed help made sense that Harry had them listening out for the calls.

Upon leaving Hogwarts, Harry headed to the Ministry of Magic. From there he sought out Kingsley. He quickly explained what was going on and what he was offering. The man sat for a few moments wondering and pondering. Harry and Simon patiently waited for the man to come to a conclusion. He agreed to get his family ready and head to Gringotts. The man turned in his resignation and headed out. If Harry Potter said they would be safer somewhere else, he wasn't about to deny the opportunity to defend his family and possessions.

Andy and Dora had the same success with their mission as everyone else. It wasn't long before the Bell family was packing and getting ready to leave. Fred and George went to speak with Arthur, Bill, and Charlie. All three Weasley men decided that it was better for their family to be with Harry. Leaving with little on their person, they headed to Gringotts.

By now, the goblins were in full working mode. Harry and company were busy escorting members into the alley to buy what they needed. If the family didn't have a lot of money for supplies, he bought what they needed. Money was no issue to someone as wealthy as Harry. Once they bought what they needed, they waited for the goblins to set up their vaults and such for them. All documents were signed so that houses and properties could be sold and the money safely stored in the bank until they came back to retrieve it.

Once the groups were ready, Zoe and Kaylee would take them to Serenity. From time to time, Wash would bring them up to Infinity where the Longbottoms and Abbots would show them to their rooms. Serenity was busy for hours and days going back and forth. Pomona and Minerva were sending crate after crate of books and plants to the bank via the house elves to bring to the ship for future need. Everything that was in Severus' potions lab was taken. Everything they could bring from the castle that was needed was taken. The Dark Lord could have the castle. It didn't matter anymore.

One week later, the Dark Lord walked into Gringotts to see Harry and Simon taking care of the last few bundles of stuff for Zoe and Jayne to load onto Serenity. Everything was running smoothly for them as between the Serenity crew and Harry's group, they had a system. Everyone that wasn't necessary to be in the bank was sent to Infinity. Harry, Mal, Jayne, Zoe, and Bellatrix were the last to leave. Each of the house elves shrunk the last little bit and headed out to where Amelia was calling them from Serenity.

"Harry Potter," said Voldemort coming up to him. "I was successful in creating what I needed to be able to contact you. I have one device, and I am giving you the other. This way, should I need your assistance for whatever reason, I can contact you. Have you finished what you are working on?"

"I have for now," answered Harry accepting the device and placing it gently into his backpack. "I'm actually glad that you are here. I wanted to tell you that Hogwarts is now yours. I made copies of all books that could be copied and have left the originals in the castle. I took those that couldn't be copied. I figured that you would be changing the curriculum anyway and would get different books. I didn't take Hagrid yet due to his size. I would love for him to come with me, but he is better off working in the Forbidden Forest for now. There is no room for his giant brother or three headed dog on my ship just yet. I have given him a job to do while waiting for my return."

"Hogwarts is yours, so that is no bother to me," replied Tom waving away his concerns. "Are you leaving anyone else that I should know about that means anything to you? I do need to know these things so that I don't unintentionally harm them. I also wish for you to take the original copies of the books of Salazar Slytherin with you. I have made copies and translated them into parseltongue for my private usage. However the originals are valuable and you are the Head of the family and should have them anyway."

With that, he waved his wand and a crate of books appeared. Bellatrix levitated the crate and left the bank with them to store them on Serenity marking the crate so that everyone knew this was special and was for Harry only. Harry sighed in happiness at his accomplishments. He remembered the question asked and gave an answer.

"Due to lycanthropy, Remus can't come with us," stated Harry. "It would be detrimental to his health for him to come with us as we will be circling many moons and such. He lives in Potter castle with three elves and he goes around to ALL of my businesses and makes sure they are running smoothly. Once every six months, someone will come back in Serenity and bring our vaults down to a bare minimal. Some of our people have already closed their vaults and some are just waiting until all businesses and homes get sold before doing so. Remus will be wearing the Potter and Slytherin crests on his robes so that people will know that he is working for me. I figured you wouldn't mind, and it will tell your minions that he is under our protection."

"That was what I was going to suggest," assured Tom nodding at Harry's insight. "Never fear for Remus Lupin. He will NOT be harmed. Does this mean you are leaving now? Is your business done here for now?"

"Oh yes," said Harry. "I was just about to leave when you came in. We have everyone and everything already set to go. We are the last of it that you see. I'm not sure WHEN we are coming back, but if you need anything just contact me and we will get here as quickly as we can. Our first stop is Miranda. We are going to see if the planet is even habitable after its destruction. I want to thank you for allowing me to have what I have. As an incentive, I didn't bring the Dursleys with me. They are unscrupulous people and if you want some good muggle toys, they would be perfect. Not only are they greedy, but they believe that they are our superiors. They currently live at Number Four Privet Drive in Surrey. I told them to move and even gave them some money. However a report from Severus states that they are still there."

With that, Harry saluted Voldemort and then he and his group left the bank. Griphook explained that they bought tons of stuff from Diagon Alley and that the shops were prospering due to it. The goblins didn't care one way or another who ruled so long as they were left alone. Voldemort didn't really care about the goblins either. They were good at keeping care of ones treasure and that was good enough for him.

A week later, Harry called an assembly of the residents of Infinity to the Meeting Hall. He waited patiently while they arrived and sat down. Once they were arranged, he stood in front of the podium to talk with the people that he was working so closely with.

"I wanted to tell you all that we are already well equipped to leave our solar system," he told them. "We have everything that we can possibly need to last us for at least a year. We will NOT be back until this time next year for us to replenish supplies and to bring some of the items and money from our vaults. If any of you wish to leave, now would be the time to do it. Once we leave, you will also have the option of staying in other locations that you enjoy or feel pulled to. According to the crew of Serenity, there will be some beautiful planets and moons that we will like. I will NOT hold anyone here that doesn't wish to stay. Just know that we will only be coming back here once a year from now on. If we can find other planets and moons that have our ingredients and such, we may just return long enough to sell any businesses and leave permanently."

"What are we going to do for a living?" asked Minerva. "Some of us no longer have an income. While you are paying for everything, we don't feel right constantly taking your money. While many of us have money of our own, it isn't fair that you pay for everything. What are we going to do?"

"As I stated, that depends totally upon you," acknowledged Harry. "Each and every one of you has the option to make decisions for your life. It isn't that difficult to find work in the new solar system we are going to. We are going to be the only ones that have magic so we will have a small advantage. Some of these planets and moons will have some sort of life to offer you. My job was to get you to safety. Your job is to live your life. Some of the families aren't going to want to stay forever on this ship. Who knows, we may all come to a general consensus on a planet and all stay there. It just depends on who is doing what and why."

"We know that some of you will be very skilled at certain things that others aren't going to be able to do," said Mal picking up for Harry. "These planets offer every luxury that your own planet has and then some. Now that's not to say that some of them aren't pretty destitute, but nothing is ever perfect. Some of you are skilled in different branches of magic. We may be able to spread out amongst a couple of planets total and work together to help the Border Worlds stay safe from the Alliance. There are about fifty planets that we will be traversing. Some are Allied Planets and some are Border Worlds. Each one will hide us effectively should we desire to stay. There is one planet that is totally uninhibited at this time. We are going to work to make sure that we can actually let people live there before we attempt to do anything else with it. The last time that we were on it, nothing living was there. With a few defenses on certain areas, we can start taking control of the planet one section at a time until we have the entire thing safe for those that are not part of the Alliance and those that are not Reavers."

"Reavers are mutated humans that are cannibals," explained Zoe at some of their confused looks. "They literally eat humans to survive if they catch them. Their craving for living tissue and flesh is equivalent to the lycanthrope virus on your planet. However, unlike werewolves, these are still people that can think and not those with animal instincts that you are used to with your werewolves. They are savages, but they can be shot in the head and killed just as easy as the next person."

"We still have time," stated Harry speaking again. "We still have about two months before we hit some of these planets. We are going to stop somewhere and get this ship outfitted with a weapon system. Jayne can teach many of you how to man the guns. Bellatrix is a brilliant duelist and she can teach you how to fight with magic. Between the two, they have been showing some of us how to combine the two quite effectively. While people like me can pick up a book and learn, I would like for the younger Hogwarts students to continue their classes. I have continued with my studies and if I have questions, I go to Severus and the older family members to teach me what I want to know."

"He hasn't blown up a potion since we started," said Severus giving Harry and impish grin which the younger man returned with a laugh. "Harry is so far advanced that he is studying at a seventh year level. He spends most of his free time either in the library reading, researching, or writing out lessons he wants to learn. From there, he does muggle style workouts in the gym. He spends some of his time in the swimming area doing laps. Add to that, when he wants, he goes to the flight deck and lets Wash, Zoe, or Mal teach him how to fly."

"He learned most of it from me though," said River causing Zoe and Mal to laugh at her while Wash started to complain over the loud speaker. "We still need to get Harry and Simon on their date."

"We have already taken care of that," said Harry with a grin. "We have a date scheduled for tomorrow night. Before we continue to get off track, just know that my magical inheritance will be large coming up in July. I just turned sixteen and due to everything going on, we had a small gathering. Some of you might want to get to the library and help me research what we can on magical inheritances. I have some information, but we know that everyone is different. My library is so large that I'm just having trouble. I should have brought Madam Pince here to run it for me."

"We'll concentrate more on that when it gets closer to the time," assured Amelia. Filius nodded his head at her words. "For now, we still have about eleven months until we have to worry about it. It's only the first part of September now. Let's just get to where we have to go and see about starting our lives."

With that, Harry dismissed the meeting and let everyone go where they wanted. The elves were in constant motion. They knew there were more elves than there were humans on the ship. There were just about one hundred fifty elves running around the ship making sure that everything was clean. There were only sixty seven human occupants on the ship. There was more than enough space for everyone to have room to do what they needed to do.

Harry and Simon decided to make it official that they were dating. They really didn't have a choice as, between the women of Serenity and the Black family women they were constantly being set up to be in the same area as one another. Simon was about six years older than Harry, but that didn't bother either man in the slightest. Now that Harry was a legal adult on his home world, he worried less about the law. However, both men decided to wait until Harry turned eighteen before they decided to take that last step. That didn't stop the two from constantly being seen together though.

The ship made its way across the galaxy. Soon they were entering the planets of the worlds that Serenity was familiar with. It had taken close to two months to get there. Their first stop was to a technology planet named Bellerophon. With the assistance of Severus, and a few swishes of the wand, they were able to register the ship so that it could pass anywhere it wanted in the galaxies without being hassled by the Alliance. They waited for close to a month as the planet built a weapons system onto the ship for Harry and his companions. It cost a small fortune, but it hardly made a scratch in what Harry owned monetary wise. Add in that he traded some of his jewels and he saved some actual gold on it.

Once they were outfitted with fresh food, medicine, and other things, they headed for Miranda. Mal and his crew were apprehensive about this planet due to where it was located, but Harry and his crew more than made up for it. This would be the first time that the wizards and witches dealt with the Reavers. Mal and his group were looking forward to seeing how Harry and his group would come together as a fighting force to defend their home.

AUTHOR'S NOTE- Going to stop here for this chapter. I wanted to make sure I could get this chapter to a spot where they could explore Miranda. I will take you through a few planets for a few chapters and then head back to earth. Harry still wants magical animals and such so that he can start again somewhere.

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