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Chapter 8 – Miranda

As time went on, the members of Infinity got accustomed to their roles on the ship. The fighting was pretty much nonexistent as the people were pretty much in the same boat. That isn't to say that arguments didn't happen from time to time. Harry or Mal would have to step in and help the two that were arguing come to some sort of an agreement as to what happened and why. From there, they would send the combatants to their quarters to think about what they did and how it upset the rest of the crew. More often than not, the combatants would apologize formally to Harry and the crew for their petty disagreement.

The relationship between Harry and Simon took off and was going splendidly. The two men had much in common in their personalities as well as their interests. Harry was more outspoken than Simon, but that was mostly due to being the owner and the one that people went to when there was a non-medical emergency. Simon was more thoughtful in his way of dealing with people. He didn't just rush in and start taking command. He liked to evaluate the situation and come to a firm, yet objective conclusion to the problem at hand.

The females of the group were immensely happy that Harry was so easy on himself. He had fought for years with his emotions and now he was totally in control of his actions and reactions. He didn't fight with anyone if he could get away with it and if it became necessary, he used intellect and wisdom to give his argument. He and Severus worked well to help Harry come to terms with his abysmal childhood. Sometimes, after their lessons, Harry would ask Inara for some time to sooth his muscles and stiffness. Thus was the way things worked on the ship. Everyone knew their duty and each one did it to the best of their ability.

Bellatrix trained some of the younger students twice a week in defense and dueling skill. No one doubted that she was skilled with the job. She was able to teach people how to keep going and to bombard people with multiple lower leveled spells rather than drain themselves with powerful ones. Even Harry went to Bellatrix or Filius on learning how to duel better. He wanted to be able to defend his family to the best of his ability. From time to time, other teachers, Aurors, or former Ministry personnel would teach the younger members lessons on magic and how to work with certain spells and other things.

"Harry!" called Minerva one afternoon while she and Narcissa were working with him on a small project in moving his and Simon's quarters to the twenty fifth floor of the south wing. "I would like to ask you a personal question while there aren't so many out and about to listen in on our conversation. I hesitate, but my curiosity is getting the better of me and I can't hold out any longer. I just need to know now. Curiosity is killing this cat."

"What's on your mind Minerva?" he asked with curiosity and a bit of apprehension. "I will answer your questions to the best of my ability unless it proves to be something that is too personal or otherwise I don't wish to talk about. If that is the case, I would ask that you honor my wish to not tell you. Please note that I will now use a Dumbledore cliché. I will not ever lie to you. However, if I feel that you don't need to know yet, I will ask that you indulge me my secrets."

"Why are Miss Granger and her parents not here with us?" asked Minerva nodding her head in understanding at Harry's words. "I can understand the youngest of the Weasley brood. What they did to you was abysmal to even keep in mind. I can't understand why you didn't include Miss Granger though. I thought that the two of you were best of friends. I know that the two of you have done things together since first year. Would you explain that to me please?"

"We were best friends at one point," he answered with a small sigh. "She lost that friendship when she started verbally abusing my other friends. I also didn't appreciate the way that she made it sound like I would NEVER be able to pass any of my classes without her. She also felt that she knew better than everyone else about wizarding customs despite those people living in the wizarding world their whole life. I was tempted to cram a SPEW badge down her throat at one point. Last but not least, I heard a conversation between her and the garbage disposal."

"You have my curiosity peaked now," stated Narcissa. "If it isn't too personal, what did you hear? From what Draco used to tell me, the three of you were inseparable. It must have been bad for you to abandon her to her fate on Earth. I was also told that you weren't really that bad in class and that she would always try and be the first to answer all of the questions and not let anyone else have a chance."

"That is part of it," said Harry as Simon entered their suite. The two of them enlarged a suite and were now sharing the entire floor together. "She was a bossy know it all. She NEVER let anyone else answer questions asked by the professors. Severus was the only one that didn't give her the chance. Now, I'm not saying anything negative about Minerva or Filius or anything. However, she was more prone to be allowed to answer than with Severus as he didn't like her."

"That is true," said Minerva with a thoughtful look on her face. "We did allow her to answer most of the questions. Now that you mention it, most of the other students just stopped raising their hands as she would all but knock someone over trying to be the first to be recognized. We should have taken that into account, but it really didn't strike a thought in our consciousness at the time. That doesn't tell us what you heard said between her and Ronald."

"Well," answered Harry after giving Simon a quick kiss. "She and the idiot were talking about the trouble that always seemed to follow me in Hogwarts. I'm sure that you noticed that in fourth and fifth year, my grades picked up. I was REALLY interested in learning. Well, they were talking about how it would benefit them if I was distracted a bit more. Hermione wanted to be my friend because it would help her advance her goals of being a Ministry employee. She wouldn't listen to us when we explained about house elves. She was dead set on freeing every house elf in Hogwarts. Now from there, Ron stated that he wasn't getting enough fame by going with me on the adventures. More often than not, I didn't want them with me at all. As we know, Dumbledore set up most of those adventures that led me year after year into a trap of some kind so that Tom and I faced each other and fought."

"I'll never understand why that old fool did that," stated Bellatrix from her corner making everyone remember that she was in fact in the room with Andy. "Many a time, the Dark Lord would wonder why you were in a particular spot when you shouldn't have been anywhere near the area he was working in. We all now know that Dumbledore was setting the two of you up to fight in hopes that one of you would kill the other."

"It's my suspicion that Dumbledore knew that my scar was a host for a soul shard for Tom," Harry mentioned lost in some thought. "I agree with Bella when she says that I was always in the same spot due to where Dumbledore led me to be. It wouldn't surprise me if Dumbledore had something to do with Tom killing my parents. Maybe my mum and dad had angered Dumbledore or weren't following his every rule. Maybe they refused to give him some money. We do know that he was determined to get his wrinkled hands on my money. Thankfully, Sirius put a stop to that."

"Harry stated that Dumbledore was dying in the alley that day," mentioned Simon. "What was it that you fully meant? I'm still a bit confused about all of that. Other than being old, I didn't notice anything wrong with him."

"The cloak, wand, and ring are all pieces of the Deathly Hallows," explained Harry pointing to the objects that were on display. "If someone unites all three Hallows, they become the Master of Death. Bella could cast the Avada Kedavra at me right now, and it would just fizzle out once it hit me. I CAN be killed, but from what I'm to understand, it will be quite difficult to do so. Mal of Jayne could shoot me and I would die, but certain spells that are meant for Death will not harm me as I own all three Hallows and they CAN'T be taken from me again. As the ring is a Hallow, it harmed Dumbledore. Tom put a deadly curse on the ring as it WAS a host for a piece of his soul. What Dumbledore forgot or didn't care to remember was that he didn't have the third Hallow and wasn't Master of Death. The curse that Tom placed was designed to kill a person outright. As Dumbledore is or was, so powerful, he was able to slow the curse but not stop it. He is dead already. In the time since we left Earth, Tom has totally taken over."

"Harry," called Mal's voice over the com. "We are entering Reaver territory and we need all defenders in their spots to help. The more we can keep them from attacking the ship the better it will be for us. We will be powering down soon so that we can coast through their line. We should be able to reach Miranda by tomorrow at the latest provided nothing goes wrong."

Harry and company gave acknowledgement of Mal's statement before they headed out. During the talk, Harry finished his explanation to Minerva and the Black sisters. What he told them next would rock Minerva's world and cause the older woman to become very angry.

"Hermione was sabotaging my work at school," stated Harry to their surprise. "She was giving me a lesson that was what my thesis of my reports was about. I went back and looked over my work and of course, I replayed some of my memories, and found that she was giving me false information. One evening, Severus was working with me on a memory when he noticed that she was doing it. As you know, you can see all sorts of things in a memory that you missed at first glance. She was telling me one thing and Ron something totally different. That is why my grades didn't allow me to do so well in the written aspect of the lessons. She was making sure that I wouldn't get good grades by purposely giving me wrong information."

"She is just lucky that we never caught on to that," hissed Minerva angrily as the quintet made it to the command center of the ship. "She would have been expelled for that. It's against charter rules to allow another student to purposely harm another student academically with malicious intent. As the student in question is an heir of multiple founders, she would have even been stripped of her memories and her magic. Being a muggleborn would have been the final straw to end her magical career."

"Well, we don't have to worry about it now," assured Harry as he took his spot in the owner's chair and turning on his monitors. "She isn't a problem for me any longer. I think that after the last conversation that I had with Tom, he has her working in one of his homes as a tutor of students not of age to go to Hogwarts yet. However, due to what she did to me, her lessons are monitored magically to ensure she doesn't do it again. He doesn't contact me often and vice versa, but we do make sure we are alright. He has magical Britain totally under his control. He has some of his most trusted as Minister and Headmaster. The students are still given an education, but all magical children have to live in a magical household now. They are no longer allowed to live in the muggle world."

"They should have done that with you," murmured Andy as she went to her spot and turning her attention to the monitors in front of her. "Had they done that, you would have had a better upbringing. What is our status here Mal? Have they noticed us yet?"

"Yes and no," he answered. "They know the ship is here, but so far, they haven't figured out yet what to make of it. Some of the wards that you all placed on this ship cause it to be harder for them to get any sound or sight from us. They have ways of knowing that life is on the ship, but not as clear as they would if we were on Serenity. Basically your magic is confusing them for now. However, knowing how the Reavers work, it won't be long before they attempt to board and find out what's going on. While they can't exactly make something of the ship, their sensors and electronic devices can."

"Minerva, head out with Bella, and warn the others to start prepping their wings for combat," instructed Harry. "If they do somehow manage to get on the ship, we want all living quarters defended. Have the youngest of the group all stay near the medical ward as they can help Simon and Poppy in healing anyone that gets hurt. Bella, you get our warriors ready for a fight. I have an uneasy feeling about some of this and I want to make sure that we come out of any fight as relatively unscathed as possible."

The women nodded and headed out. Wash, Mal, and Zoe were watching the Reaver ships closely. Some of them were scanning Infinity, but from time to time, Harry would cast a spell and cause their readings to fizzle out. Thanks to the ingenuity of Severus and Kaylee, the command center was able to see everything all around the ship. They had taken the cameras, that Mal and Jayne suggested, and had each one magically set up all over the ship in case of trouble. Each one was sent to a small screen in the Control room where someone with magic could get things done from that area as quickly as possible.

In times such as these, the inside cameras were turned on. Andy and Ted's jobs were to watch these in case they were boarded and report to others where the intruders were. Though many of the levels were empty of human life, they still didn't want someone to hide in an empty suite and surprise them later. Wards and Charms were set up to alert them if anyone was in an empty hall so they could watch them and deal with them from there. Luna, Hannah, Susan, and River entered the Command Center and took their spots. They had nominated themselves to help man the cameras under times of danger. Each young woman was a delight to work with as each took their work seriously.

"At the rate we're going, we should be out of Reaver territory and well on our way to Miranda within the next hour or two at most," assured Wash. "We have to go slow as we don't want to incite a war with the Reavers. They fight dirty and once they get their grips on someone or something, they don't like to let go."

"We are being boarded," said Harry pointing to a spot on the ship. "We really need to stop all entrances that aren't in the docking or cargo bays. Somehow they got on my ship from Level 25 East. There are at least ten Reavers in my home. I won't tolerate my ship being invaded. Andy, get Bella and Jayne to meet me there. We have some ass to kick. River, I would appreciate your help. Luna, stay here and work with Ted and Mal. I'll be back soon. Keep a close eye on my movements in case something goes wrong. I will be back as soon as I can."

With that, Harry left to head to where he needed to go followed by River. He grabbed her in the hall and apparated the both of them to the entrance to the hall. Within moments, Filius, Bella, Jayne, Severus, and Dora joined them. As one the group turned to Harry and Bella for instructions.

"Two up and two down," stated Bella taking charge. "This way, we have those of us that can't cast spells not causing trouble for others that are casting. Jayne, I want you and River to act as rear guard. Keep our backs cleared as we head in and take care of the trash. Severus, I want you to seal any entrances on this level to the outside of this ship. Someone contact Minerva and Amelia and tell them to start doing the same thing on the other levels. Augusta and Narcissa can keep an eye on the children and those that don't have magic or weapon training."

No one questioned her. This was where she was her strongest. While Harry had more magical power than she did, she had years of experience with dueling and being the top in Tom's army. She was gifted in what she did and no one questioned her. Add in Filius as a former Dueling Champion, and you had a tough team to beat. One room at a time, they entered and quickly dispatched the enemy. Harry would banish their bodies out into space from there. Severus quickly contacted the others and told them what they were doing and what was needed on the other levels.

Harry entered a room with River by his side and immediately, they were set on by the Reavers in the room. Together, the teens went into fighting mode and quickly took care of their opponents. Harry called for Dobby and Winky and had the male elf tell the other elves to use their magic to find hidden entrances to the ship from the outside and seal them permanently. From there, he had Winky clean the mess that was made from the fight.

"We only want people to have access through the docking bays and cargo holds," explained Harry to Dobby who nodded in understanding. "We don't want any more of these surprises. From there, get a couple of elves to meet me back on the Command Center. I have an idea as to how to get passed these Reavers."

With that, Harry and River headed out. It wasn't long before the others finished the grisly task and rejoined him. The elves made quick work of any entrances that were not approved by Harry. The rest of the residents of Infinity were already hard at work making sure that everyone was able to defend their wing if necessary.

Harry was sitting there watching the outside of his ship with interest. He decided that he needed to do something to get his ship out of the fight zone and into cleaner air. He was steadily watching the debris that was floating in space near the Reaver ships.

"I've got it!" he exclaimed suddenly. "Severus, I need you to shoot at some of the debris that is as far away from us as possible. If we can get them to check out what is destroying their scraps, they may let us alone long enough to get through their territory and onto Miranda. If we get lucky, they will even lose some of their ships if we get that kind of shot in."

"With the way we have things set up, that will be easy to do," acknowledged Severus. "I can make it so that it just spontaneously combusts or something. Thanks to you letting us have access to the Potter and Black libraries, we can make something happen. Give Filius and me about ten minutes and then sit back and watch the show."

With that, he headed out. About ten minutes later, Harry jumped as the first of the scrap floating around exploded. It wasn't long before the Reavers that were scanning their ship left to examine the cause of the commotion. A few moments later, another piece of debris caught fire and exploded. Every few moments another piece would explode going further and further from Infinity. Not long after that, Severus and Filius came in to make their report.

"That's as far out as we can go," stated a somewhat tired Severus. "We did the best we could. It looks like our work has paid off. They are not as interested in us as they were. They have even stopped in their attempts to board our ship. Filius has another Reaver ship busy chasing a mirage. It won't last too much longer, but it has given us some breathing room for now. If Minerva wants to start transfiguring some of that junk into ships that looks similar to this one, it might help us as well."

"I can do that," stated Minerva pulling out her wand and getting to work. "I can only do about four before I get too tired to do anything. Harry, you are skilled in Transfiguration and you have the Elder Wand. If you help me out, we can do more than just a handful and be out of here. We don't want to tire out too many of us in case of trouble once we get to the planet."

Nodding, Harry pulled out his wand and the two got to work. The way they set up the area was that, if they placed their hand and wand in a certain tube, it acted as a funnel for the outside. Once the spells was cast, it allowed for an easier time for casting outside of the ship through the guns of Infinity. Since magic wasn't the same as bullets, they could get away with certain colored spells not being noticed as easy. The thought was that if the enemy couldn't see the magic being cast, then they couldn't react to it. Sirius knew what he was doing when he and James decided to buy this ship for Harry. Harry's cleverness just enhanced an idea to make it better. Add in people like Filius, Severus, and Bellatrix, and you have a team that was a force to be reckoned with even in space.

It wasn't long before there were ten ships floating in space. Harry and Minerva made sure that the spells would only last for a couple of hours before reverting back into their normal state. Each knew that once the Reavers got aboard and got comfortable, that they were in for a surprise once the ships reverted back into scrap metal and was no longer able to give them their much needed oxygen.

Wash and Mal quickly took advantage of having the Reavers busy and guided the ship to the safety zone and towards the planet which was in sight. A couple of hours later, and Wash was landing Infinity in a spot where they would be safe. Harry quickly called a meeting of everyone.

"This is what we are going to do," he explained. "Filius, Severus, Simon, River, Jayne, Kingsley, and the Weasleys are going to come with me to look around and set up wards to protect the perimeter of the ship and some of the buildings that are located outside. Mal and Wash will keep an eye on us. When we give the signal, a second team of Mal's choice will go in and clean out the buildings with the help of the elves of any trash, dead bodies, and other things. Make sure you have at least one Healer of some sort with you at all times. From what Mal and the rest said, the air is breathable, but we don't know if there are any Reavers on the surface hiding in the buildings and what not. Be careful. Bella will lead the fighting team."

"Narcissa, Minerva, Katie, Luna, Amelia, and Andromeda will come with me as the cleanup team," stated Bella. "From there, a third team will help patrol our set up sections. We need to know if we can set up permanent housing here for some of our rescues and such. From there, we need to know if we can safely grow food. Neville and Pomona will have to get a small team to test the soils and such. I think Augusta should lead that team. For those of you that are not able to fight and are under the age of fifteen, you are to stay on the ship at all times. I will not have troubles with those that don't know how to fight using magic or those that are too young getting hurt or in the way."

Harry nodded to everyone and gave the call to move out. He and his party made their way to the loading docks and waited while Kaylee and Mal opened the doors and let them out. From there, they stepped onto the planet. Immediately, guns and wands were drawn as they headed out for the first of the buildings. Dobby, Winky, Dingo, Brenda, and Kreacher popped in next to Harry quickly to assist in case he needed it. It wasn't long before more elves came in to start cleaning. Apparently Bella sent them as extra back up as well as getting started in removing the bodies and other things that were around.

"Remember your exercises with Severus," Harry reminded River. "You can shut out the voices by doing your exercises. We will try and help as much as possible, but there are other things that we have to do in order to make sure this area is safe for human habitation. I promise that things will get better."

She nodded before she centered herself and closed her mind to the voices. Harry and Severus were standing there while Simon ran scans on some of the bodies. His readings weren't any different from the last time the Serenity group was on the planet. The group made their way efficiently through the building. They were determined to make sure nothing living could harm them. Once they had the building secured, they went outside to give the signal to Mal for the next team to come on ground. From there, they made their way to the next building.

Between the two groups, they systematically made their way through three city blocks. Each time they were done, Bill, Harry, and Filius would ward the blocks to keep out the Reavers. It wasn't a foolproof ward, but it would confuse them for now so that they could make things better for those that wanted to live on the planet.

Pomona and Neville waited for Bella's signal before they stepped foot onto the planet and began their tests to ascertain if the soil would hold plant life safely to be eaten and whatnot. Harry wondered if Mal and some of the others would make a trip to some of the other planets and see about making a few runs to get more people onto this planet. He knew from lessons with Mal that other nearby planets housed many criminal and smugglers. However, even those planets had those people that would be good to move out of danger and into a place where they could live in peace. The problem would be the Reavers.

While the Reavers were not a good batch of humanoids, they did keep the Blue Sun planets and moons safe from the Alliance. Harry would have to work on getting some sort of defense plan set up for the planet soon so that the residents could defend themselves from the Reavers and Alliance with some sort of ease. As it was, Harry knew that it wouldn't be long before the Reavers found out they were on the planet and send a squad to deal with them. Harry and company would be ready for when they did.

"We might be able to send word to Highgate, Burnham, and Haven and see about getting residents for this planet," mentioned Simon standing next to Harry. "We can help those that wish to get a new start somewhere safe. Some of these buildings that we are cleaning up will make great housing units for those that wish to move here. It would also place some fresh money into our coffers by charging a small fee for transport. It's something to think about."

"From what I read of the list of planets and such, the Blue Sun territory might be the best for us to stay out of the limelight," agreed Harry. "We can always buy a few more ships like Serenity and help out with populating this planet again. We can send some of our ships to planets to buy start up kits such as grains and animals and such. From there, we can charge just a little over what we paid for them to those that need them. We have plenty of our own stuff and we get more when we need it. Thanks to our preservation charms, we never lose any foods. The elves make sure we have good food to eat all the time and with their ability to use magic, the uneaten portions never go bad."

"We will figure that out as we go along," assured Severus. "I would like to see that plan come to fruition, but we also must be a little realistic. We can't spread OUR forces to thin as we will need to make sure that those that live here can be protected. I can study up with Bill Weasley and see about creating specific wards to stop the Reavers, but I would need some of their blood to ascertain if it's even possible. If their illness is nothing more than a lifestyle, then we may not be able to do it."

"Then I guess we need to catch a Reaver and do some tests on their blood," stated Harry with a shrug. "That shouldn't be that hard to do. We could have had all the blood we wanted a few hours ago. Time will tell what we decide to do. To be perfectly honest, I would have loved to see and live near the planet Bellerophon. I like the idea of the islands and such that we can all claim and live on. The only problem with that is that the Alliance has control of that planet. I don't want to leave Earth and Tom just to deal with the Alliance. That would put Simon and River into danger again. I won't have my boyfriend and his sister in danger."

"Relax Harry," stated Arthur. "We will come up with something. I happen to like both Simon and River, and like you, I don't want to see anything bad happen to either one of them. The two of you make a great couple and I don't want to see anything break that apart. You are like a son to me and your happiness is all that matters to me. Simon and River will be safe if I have anything to say about it. Also, don't forget that we can do magic and they can't. There are ways we can keep Simon and River safe."

"Sorry Arthur," mumbled Harry. "This planet just makes my nerves itch for some reason. I don't like seeing all the bodies all over the place. Soon enough, we are going to have to head back to Earth and get some more supplies from our own home planet. We are also going to need to get the stuff from our vaults and such as well. Shall we get to work again? We have much more to do today. I would like to have as much of this area cleaned and ready for some kind of human occupancy as soon as we can."

With that, the crews got back to work. Each person that was on the planet made use of their skills to ensure that when the time came people could live comfortably on the planet. Pomona and Neville got to work with Susan and Oliver to make sure that the soil was compatible and not contaminated to grow fruits and vegetables. They had some of the other crew members bring them tree saplings that they planted and used a little bit of magic on to help them grow.

Days later, the major city of the planet was cleaned and ready for human life. They had a few encounters with the Reavers, but nothing that wasn't handled efficiently and quickly. They were able to test the blood and found that they could in fact ward against the Reavers specifically. Bill, Filius, and a couple of others went to work to place wards on each building to prevent Reavers from entering. They couldn't stop them from shooting things at the buildings, but they could stop them from entering and causing problems that way.

With a sigh, Harry stood and watched as some of the last things they wanted to do were taken care of. He had put off heading back to Earth. He knew that the time was now for them to head out and replenish some of their needed ingredients that only their planet could provide. With another sigh, he went back to Infinity and settled into his chair on the flight deck.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I am having a bit of writers block with this story at this moment. I'll keep going and see what I can do with it from here. Maybe later I'll have a bit of inspiration and be able to come up with something more.

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