Out of Space Potter

Heading Home

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Chapter 9 – Heading Home

Harry and company headed back to Infinity. Wash and River got the ship going so that they could get back through the Reaver territory and get back to the galaxy that Harry was familiar with. It would take a few months to get to Earth. This would put Harry and company in orbit around the planet for a couple of months before Harry's magical inheritance would hit. They turned down all offers of people staying behind so that they didn't come back to a slaughter before things could get started. Harry wanted to be able to protect all of his new members as a huge family.

"By the time we get back to Earth, the Dark Lord can help with my magical inheritance," explained Harry to the group that evening. "I talked with him the other night, and he stated he would like to be there to witness the event. He is just as curious as we are in regards to what will happen. He wants to see for himself what it looks like when a mage comes into their magical majority. While we are there, we need to make sure that each person going down to the planet has some sort of identification that tells Tom's teams that we are allowed to be there."

"Who is he allowing to be with you for the duration of your inheritance?" asked Minerva with curiosity and concern. "We need to know who is going to be with you and who will be working on other projects. We want as much done as possible for this trip so that we can go back to Miranda and set up permanent residence. I liked the planet for some reason, and with some work it will make a great home."

"Bella, Severus, Simon, and River will be going with me," answered Harry. "Voldemort stated that we were to go directly to Malfoy Manor and let the wards of that home help with my inheritance. He will be bringing in some healers of his own to help with the situation should things get out of hand. From there, I will sign some of my businesses over to him for his help. He told me that he left all my businesses alone and has even talked with Remus to improve some of them. As a safety precaution, Dobby, Winky, and Kreacher will also be going with me."

"What else do you want done while we are on the planet?" asked Amelia. "The more we know, the better we can deal with things. We need to know who is going to be doing what and so forth. This will save time and energy for us to know who is in charge of doing what."

"I had Hagrid and Remus start collecting two mating pairs of different magical animals," replied Harry. "Some of them are big, but some will be easy to deal with. The more that we get to Miranda, the less we will have to come back here. Knowing Hagrid, I will end up with a dozen of each animal, but it's probably for the best. We will still need to come here from time to time and get new breeds in the mix. It won't be long before we will be self-sufficient and not need to come back here as much. I want us to worry about living life instead of doing all sorts of other things. I think making Miranda our permanent home would be for the best. The Alliance will leave us alone and we can deal with the Reavers as we need to."

"We also have Remus collecting saplings and such of all the different plants that we can use on the planet," said Pomona. "This way, we can start growing things again and have the planet become more hospitable for the inhabitants that need a forest and such. He is being assisted by minions of the Dark Lord on that project. Dingo stated he would help us by getting the elves assisting in any projects that we have going on. That little elf has made my life so much easier. He is so loyal to you that it's sometimes painful to watch. He does enjoy working with the plants though. I may just let him be the head gardener for me so that I don't have to worry too much about my plants."

"While we are there, I want to invest in about one hundred spare wands," mentioned Harry thoughtfully. "This way, we will be able to have spares in case someone loses a wand, or we have new people who show signs of the gift. We can always buy one hundred every time that we come to earth. The more we have, the more we will be able to expand our domain with the wizards of our new home planet."

"That's good thinking Harry," stated Severus with a thoughtful look on his face as well. "I'll make sure that the team hitting Diagon Alley knows that they are to get as much as possible so that we can show that we are good paying customers. We also want the Dark Lord to know that we are keeping our end of the bargain and that we will pay for our supplies and not cause trouble. I think that Amelia, Minerva, Luna, and Narcissa should go to Diagon Alley. I think that Andromeda, Dora, Ted, and Augusta should head to Hogwarts with Zoe and Serenity to get the animals loaded in the docking bay and go back and forth putting them on Infinity."

"I like that idea," Harry stated nodding his head. "This will make things easier for us all the way around. I can always go and sit with Tom while you are doing that and he and I can discuss what we are working on. He mentioned that one of his crystals was destroyed and the soul shard lost. I'll have the other two with me and he can take them if he wants them. I doubt that he will want me to leave all of them. If one was found and destroyed, there is no telling if the others will be found as well."

Days went by. Then the weeks started to fly as well. Soon, Infinity was orbiting the Earth over Great Britain. Harry and company took Serenity down to the surface and parked behind Gringotts. From there, the teams wore the Potter and Slytherin Crests upon their clothes and got to work. Harry entered the bank with Jayne and Mal and immediately started loading the crates onto Serenity's transporter dolly that belonged to the people in his care. Each crate was tagged with the person or family name on it so that they knew what was for whom. This made things easier for the people. Those that didn't want to come to the planet that often to avoid the Dark Lord and his minions just sold what wasn't necessary and had Harry and company pick up their money.

"Lord Potter, I have a request of you and your team," stated Griphook coming up to him. "If you would be so kind as to take the time to speak with me, I would appreciate it. I think that you may be interested in hearing what I have to offer. My office is right around the corner if you want to talk."

"You know full well that I'm always willing to talk with and listen to what you have to say my friend," stated Harry with a grin and following him to his office. "You are like family to me and I want you to feel comfortable telling me anything that you need to. What's on your mind?"

"I have two hundred and fifty goblins that would like to go with you when you leave this time," stated Griphook to the shock of Harry. "Chief Ragnok feels that your group will need us when it comes time to set up your place of residence. We would like to go with you. This will give you that many more warriors in your group. As you know, our females are able to fight just as well as our males. We have healers, mystics, and other types of goblins in our ranks. We know that we will need to bunch together once we get on Infinity, but we would like to go."

"I have no problems with that," answered Harry shrugging his shoulders. "The more the merrier. Goblins would be awesome to fight the Reavers. It would show your group how much prowess they can manage. We are going to inhabit the planet Miranda and will need the warriors. I have no doubt that we humans could learn from you goblins. You are masters at the forge and magic after all. Let's not forget that you are fierce combatants and treat your enemies to gruesome deaths."

With that, Harry and Griphook sat together and hashed out the plan. When it as was all said and done, the goblins were working to get as much of their supplies as possible onto Serenity for transport to Infinity. Harry strolled down Diagon Alley and looked at a few things that he wanted to buy. He went into the Quidditch Store and bought about three dozen brooms for usage on Miranda. He also hit the candy store and stocked up on sweets for everyone. The proprietress laughed as he practically wiped out her entire stock. At Ollivander's, Harry went ahead and bought two hundred wands instead of one due to wanting as many spares in case of trouble. The old wand maker smiled in delight at the business and gave his blessing to Harry. There were other things that the ladies all went and bought.

Severus, Bella, River, Simon, and Harry all landed with ease at Malfoy Manor. When they got to the edge of the wards, they were greeted by a disheveled Lucius personally. The man looked severely underweight and tired. Harry and River nodded to one another that something wasn't quite right with the man, but decided to let it go for the moment. Severus taught Harry how to lower his shields enough for River to know what he was thinking. This was how the two worked so well together in simulated fights.

"Lord Slytherin, it is a pleasure to have you in my home," he said quickly and quietly. "The Dark Lord is waiting for you in the parlor. I'm to take you to him immediately. Your presence is most welcome within our humble abode. Please follow me."

"Your generosity is most kind, Lord Malfoy," intoned Harry following the man. "Your hospitality and your kindness will be rewarded. I'm sure you remember Bella and Severus. The other two are Simon and River Tam. He is my mate and she is his sister."

"Please come in and be welcomed," stated Lucius waving them inside. "I shall have a house elf bring refreshments shortly. I have a small job to do before I can join you. Severus can lead you to the parlor. I do hope that your stay here will be comfortable."

"He is up to something that doesn't bode well for me," said Harry as Lucius shuffled off. "His pleasantry is lacking conviction. As I have a magical contract with the Dark Lord, I can only say that he is acting on his own reconnaissance. I have no doubt that whatever he is up to will not be pleasant should he succeed."

"Your safety and that of your party is being secured as we speak Lord Potter," said Voldemort opening the door and greeting his guests. "Lucius only thinks he has a plan. I already know what he is attempting and I can assure you that if he even tries it, he will be dead before I can finish saying the spell. He is trying to get revenge on you for the death of his son. As you and I know, Draco was responsible for his own death, but Lucius still believes that you are to blame. His thought is that if you hadn't taken his son in the first place, Draco wouldn't have died."

"No one told Draco to be an asshole," hissed River in anger. "If that blonde idiot tries to harm Harry, I will kill him with my bare hands. NO ONE is allowed to harm Harry when I'm around. When I'm not around, there are others that will stand in for me. Harry is loved by all of us and I won't have someone trying to get revenge for something that wasn't his fault. I don't like him any more than I did his son. There is too much arrogance in the way they walk and talk. Even as down trodden as he is, he shows arrogance. I will teach him that just because I don't have magic doesn't mean I can't kick his ass."

"I like her," said Tom after laughing at her exuberance. "She has spunk and makes for a great defender even without magic. If he does try something, you will have first chance to teach him a lesson Miss Tam. Lucius has been mostly towing the line, but sometimes he forgets his place and I have to remind him. He has gotten better recently, but I believe that due to your presence, he may back slide a bit. This is no fault of yours though. You are MY guest and he will do what I tell him."

The group all sat down and an elf brought them refreshments. Simon went to take a sip of tea, but Harry held his hand and stopped him. With a glance at Tom, he pulled out his wand and fired a hex at the doorway and watched as Lucius fell into the room. With a second flick, the man was dragged forward.

"There is poison in that tea," stated Harry to the raised eyebrow of Tom. "He felt that if he could, he would use the poor elf to do his dirty work. It looks like River gets her chance after all. He was trying to kill all of us including you Lord Voldemort."

River stood and within moments, her fists, feet, and other body parts were doing damage to Lucius. Bellatrix and Severus were busy making sure that no one interfered with her anger. Harry and Simon were her world and anyone who threatened them was doomed to be hurt. Tom sat back and watched her with interest. He smirked as, even though Lucius had a wand, she totally made mincemeat out of him. When she was done, Tom lifted his wand and cast a spell on Lucius. McNair and Rudolphus took him away at a wave from their Lord.

"My apologies Harry," stated Tom soothingly. "I should have realized that he would act as fast as he could. I was wondering if Miss Tam would be willing to teach some of my fighters how to do some of what she did while you are here? That was pretty impressive in the manner in which she hurt him even though he had a wand."

Harry looked over at River and she nodded and shrugged at the same time. Simon was busy healing a cut on her hand. Bella was smirking as the other wizards in the room gave her leeway and didn't go near her. Severus waved his wand and banished the tray of refreshments. Harry snapped his fingers and Dobby appeared with new food and a smile. With a wave to Tom, the little elf vanished with a pop.

"Dobby is the head elf," explained Harry at Tom's arched eyebrow. "I have been working with the elves to improve their diction and speech. All of the elves are being sent to class so that they know how to speak well. We treat them like family, and they treat us the same. I'm rather impressed as Dobby was on Infinity. It seems that elves can pop further than a wizard can apparate. You have MY word that this tray is safe to have a repast from."

With that, Harry and Simon took a cup of tea. Bella poured one for Tom and then herself as Severus then poured one for him and River. They made small talk while they ate and drank. It wasn't long before Harry's three elves were sitting with the group all discussing life on Infinity and the places they visited. Tom was VERY impressed with the elves. Due to what Lucius had done to the poor elf at Malfoy Manor, Tom gave the elf to Harry. Harry asked the elf to meet Minerva McGonagall and go to Infinity to be checked by the other elves for injuries and such.

"I have my teams buying everything that we need from Diagon Alley and some of the surrounding areas," informed Harry to Tom. "I have another team getting the animals and plants together that Hagrid got ready for me from Hogwarts. From there, Serenity will meet with them to bring the animals to Infinity. Once my inheritance is done, we should have everything loaded. We will come back here about once every two years."

"Excellent," said Tom nodding. "Did you bring my crystals? I have need of both of them. I was only going to ask you for one, but I might as well take both. Rest assured, so long as your teams have the Potter and Slytherin badges on their clothes, they will be safe. Harm to any of your workers will invoke my wrath. My minions are not as stupid as Lucius is. They know that you and yours are NOT to be harmed."

"I have a team working with Hagrid at Hogwarts to get the animals together," assured McNair. "We also have another team watching Diagon Alley. We know that Narcissa and a couple of others are there buying supplies. We just got the information that they are just about done and already loading the supplies onto the ship. It is being reported that the Apothecary is just about wiped out. Other shops around the alley are also depleted due to your generosity in buying everything in one go."

"I have about ten billion galleons on Infinity already," stated Harry as he gave a gracious nod to McNair. "In the year that I have been gone, I have collected loads more. Others on the ship are using their money to buy things that they want as well. I have here the paperwork signing off on all of my business except five. The other five I'm giving to Remus. I would love to take him with me, but I don't know how his condition will be affected by the space travel and such. As for my businesses, I am giving the rest of them to you, Tom. There is no need for me to have them anymore. I have more money that I can spend in this lifetime. Even with all the people I'm taking care of, I still have more money than many of my grandchildren could spend. This is not counting all of the gems and such that I have also."

"Remus Lupin is well respected amongst my minions," stated Tom accepting the paperwork. "He is fair and intelligent. He has consented to teach every other year for me at Hogwarts. While he is teaching, I place some of my more trusted members keeping an eye on the businesses. However, thanks to your generosity, I won't need to do quite as much. You have MY word that Remus will live out his life unharmed by anyone in my ranks."

"In this trip, I will be bringing Hagrid with me," stated Harry. "He was my first ever friend and he and his more unusual pets will be joining me. The planet we decided on will need defenders such as a giant, Cerberus, and half giant. The Reavers are just as lethal as werewolves. We only chose this planet due to the fact that the Alliance has no control over it."

"Due to your generosity, certain things will be given to you rather than you buying it," stated Tom with a thoughtful look on his face. "You have done us a service by paying top dollar for supplies. Therefore, I will cut back on you being charged for some things. Others will not be as freely given, but normal things will be given free of charge. You are giving me businesses that make millions of galleons a year after all. I have some of my minions replacing some of the money that you have already spent. I also added a bit more of some of the things that you bought."

The two talked well into the night. Harry found that he enjoyed talking with the older man as even though his pattern of life was different, it was also refreshing. Tom explained to Harry many techniques that he could use that would ensure that his new family stayed alive for a long time to come.

Slowly the days counted down to Harry's birthday. He went to sleep that night with slight fear and trepidation. The elves were already teaming up with the elves in the Manor to build up the wards on the house. Tom looked on in curiosity at that. It would be interesting to see what would happen. Tom knew that Harry would be an immensely powerful individual.

"Harry will be stronger than anyone in history in his inheritance," explained Dobby while Harry started to toss and turn in his bed. "We house elves can sense these things in those that are in our care. His magical core will be about four times stronger than yours My Lord. He will bypass the Mage status and move right into Arch Mage."

"Can you tell what some of his gifts will be?" asked as surprised Tom. "My status as just over mage is big enough. That Harry will be four times stronger than me in power is something that will mark the history books. I don't even think Merlin was an Arch Mage. If he was, he was barely in the category."

"Harry will have elemental abilities," stated Winky looking at Harry and snapping her fingers to stop a power burst. "You might want to get your healers in here. He is fixing to be in a lot of pain. His body will have a little trouble adjusting to the growth. His relatives were not that kind to him and his body will grow a bit to adjust to the growth of the magic."

Not doubting the little elf in the slightest, Tom quickly called in his healers. Severus and Bella were already there and were working with Kreacher to stop things from levitating. Simon was running his own diagnostics on Harry to the annoyance of the Healers.

"This is my mate," he hissed in anger surprising Severus. "I do things different than you as I don't have magic. If you don't like it, that is just too damn bad. I don't have time to worry about your fucking feelings. Now move over so I can finish my scan. I won't be so polite about it next time."

"Do as he says," ordered Tom. "Doctor Tam will have his way or else. Lord Potter is my relative and WE want his mate to have the ability to keep tabs on his health."

The Healers were a little confused by the gadgets being used, but when they saw him click a button and project a 3D image of Harry's internal organs, they all gasped in surprise. They were able to see what was happening to Harry on the inside without having to constantly cast their spells. Harry and Severus had managed to figure out how to protect Simon's gadgets from magical overload.

"That part there has his magical core," said Healer Smythe. "It's the reason why everything in that area keeps shifting. He will need pain potions spelled into him Severus. His body is going to start expanding and it won't be a pleasant experience for him. He is already unconscious and he still feels what is happening. This is going to hurt him. Just don't overdose him and he will be fine."

"Is there some way that we can go into his mind with him and explain what is going on?" asked Bella as Severus spelled to bottles of pain relief into his system. "That way he won't fight so hard. Some of this looks like he is doing it to himself to ease the pain. It's only making things worse. I don't wish to overstep my bounds, but that's what it looks like to me."

"That's a good idea, but I doubt it would work," explained Severus quickly. "With NORMAL magical inheritances of a powerful witch or wizard we could, but if we were to go into Harry's mind with him, he would more than likely kill one of us without being able to stop himself from doing so. Remember what Winky and Dobby said. His power levels will be four times more than the Dark Lord's. Without meaning to, Harry would cause whichever one of us went in to become a vegetable."

"Talk to him," said Kreacher coming up to Simon and pulling on his pants leg. Simon looked down at the small elf with a mild look of confusion on his face. "Harry can still HEAR you. Just talk to him. He will be able to try and calm down as much as possible through all of this. It might be a good idea for you to be in bed WITH him as well and just hold him. Even though you don't have magic, you do hold his heart."

"Excellent suggestion Kreacher," said Severus giving the old elf a rare smile. "I'll make sure that you get a new blanket for your bed for this. Simon, get into bed quickly with Harry. Your job as doctor has just come to an end. It's time for you to be in your role as mate and let us worry about him. The Dark Lord and the rest of us can fix all of the damage that his magic is causing. You need to start projecting your love for him rather than your medical knowledge."

A knock sounded on the door and Tom looked over to see Hermione standing there. He beckoned her in and she whispered into his ear for a moment. Severus and Bella glared at the girl for a few moments as she talked with Tom. Finally he nodded and gave his permission for her to explain.

"Lord Voldemort asked me to research everything that I could find regarding both magical inheritances and soul bonds," she quickly explained. "According to what I found, if Harry's mate were to actually start sexual activities with Harry during this, it would cement the bond. I found in my search that it doesn't matter if the person has magic or not. If that man is Harry's mate, then it IS possible for him to be a soul bonded partner for him. I'm sure by now, they have kissed, but during his magical inheritance, that would make things quickly fall into place and stop the two from ever having to worry about outside influences trying to split them up with magic."

"Thus making Harry's magic calm slightly while his body is responding to other interests during his inheritance," surmised Severus while Hermione nodded in agreement. "Ok, all females and those that are not required to be her are to leave at once. While I'm sure that we can do this, I don't want Harry's sexual activities for all to see. He will need some kind of privacy and this isn't pornography for all. I think that Tom and I will be the ones to pass on the information to the Healers and they can tell us what to do from there. Now is the time for you to start anything that you can think of Simon. It is exactly two minutes till midnight and his inheritance will spike at that time as that is the time of his birth. Miss Granger, you will need to tell me everything you found. We can make sure that I have all information."

Everyone got into their positions. The two male elves stood with Severus and Tom while Hermione and the rest did what was asked of them. All magical problems were dealt with quickly. Without knowing what to do first, Simon settled on River's advice and just kissed Harry slowly and passionately. The effect was instantaneous. The glow around Harry quickly encompassed Simon. At first it was a soft silver color. Then the color changed to white and then exploded into a fiery gold. Tom and Severus were shocked to see that. Normal soul bonds were just silver or white. Harry once more proved that he was something special and showed that love was just something that two people gave freely to one another without expecting anything in return.

The downside was that windows exploded. Bella, Hermione, and a few others were busy fixing the damage. The entire time they were doing that, Hermione was filling them in on what she had discovered. She told them that the silver indicated a normal bonding. The white indicated that the two were in fact soul bonded. The gold was proof that Simon would get certain gifts from Harry that would help the couple out.

"What type of gifts?" Bella asked looking at the younger witch in shock. "I didn't think it was possible for one without magic to acquire some. What will Simon get from Harry? He doesn't have magic at all. He will need to be trained so that he doesn't accidentally hurt someone. What can you tell us about this?"

"I don't know," admitted Hermione. "I would imagine that he will get a longer life span for one. Witches and wizards live longer than those without magic. They may get am empathic feeling for one another. That isn't something that non magical people normally have. However, I'm only guessing. We won't really know until Harry wakes up. Harry coming into an Arch Mage inheritance with elemental abilities on top of it isn't something documented. Therefore, we don't know what types of gifts he can pass on to Simon."

"Is there any documentation of elemental powers at all?" asked Severus as Simon continued to finish cementing the bond. The power surges were getting fewer and less powerful as Harry's magic started to settle. Soft moans could be heard as the men began to finish what they were doing. "The more information we have about Harry's abilities, the better it will be for all of us. We want to help him and at the same time, we want to be able to help Simon as well once he starts showing signs of a magical core. Simon is the best thing that has ever happened to Harry and I want both young men to be well cared for and safe for all involved."

"Each of the Four Founders was an elemental," answered Hermione quickly. "This is how they got their house colors. I don't need to tell you who got what as it is pretty self-explanatory. With Harry being the heir of three of them, he will inherit the Earth, Fire, and Water elemental abilities. As he is a Peverell who is descended from Merlin, he will probably find that he has the other two as well."

"What do you mean other two?" asked Bella in curiosity. This wasn't something that she was familiar with. "I thought there were only four elements. What is the fifth one? I never heard about a fifth one before. Then again, I never had any reason to research the elements beyond the basics."

"The fifth element is not known to many," answered Tom instead of Hermione. "You are correct that those with common knowledge know the main four. The fifth element is known as Spirit. This will mean that Harry will have the ability to be a telepath, empath, Occlumens, Legilimens, and any other mind or emotion based power. He will be more powerful than all of us put together in this Manor if he did acquire the fifth element."

"I already know I do," whispered Harry from the side. "I would like a copy of Hermione's research please. I can already hear some of you in my head. Severus and Tom are exceptions as they are Occlumens, but I can hear the rest of you. I think I need to get Filius and Griphook to make me a medallion that will help me shield my mind from your thoughts. For the record Hermione, it is your own fault that you were not taken with me. You should have been a better friend. I can hear your thoughts, and you are blaming me for things. If you want to blame someone for your current status, I suggest you look in the mirror."

"You are dismissed Granger," stated Tom pointing at the door. "Those notes are to be in my hand soon. Send them with an elf and for your sake, they had better be correct. I will not tolerate you lying to my heir again. Your life and that of your mother and father depends upon it."

"How are you feeling Harry?" asked Severus as he helped the younger man get comfortable. Simon was busy making sure that all personal body parts were hidden from view as the Healers wanted to come in. "If you are hurting somewhere, we need to know so that you can be given a potion for it. There is no reason for you to be in pain if we can avoid it."

"I'm not in any pain," he assured his friend. "I will admit that it was an odd feeling, but I'm not hurting anywhere. I feel the link between me and Simon and I like it. I can tell how he feels and he can feel what I feel. That is good in a way as I will know if he is in trouble. I can also hear some of his thoughts. Some of them, he seems to be able to shut off, but I can hear him when he lets me. You and Tom are two that I can't hear at all. I can hear River like I'm listening to her through a door or wall. Can one of you send for Filius?"

"I'll do it," assured Tom. "I happen to know he is currently at Hogwarts helping Hagrid. I'll have him floo here shortly. I suggest that you stay here for now until we help you get your telepathy and empathy under some kind of control. Would you like for me to send for Griphook as well?"

Harry nodded his head and then rubbed his temples. Severus tried to cast a charm around Harry to dampen the thoughts coming from the others. He eventually had to send the healers out of the room so that Harry could function. A mild headache potion later and Harry was back to his normal self. It wasn't long before Filius and Griphook appeared. When they were told what was going on, both of them nodded in understanding before Griphook pulled out a silver chain with a dragon medallion hanging on it and waved his hands in a unique gesture. When he was done, Filius waved his wand over it chanting a few times. Surprisingly, when he was done, Tom pulled out his own wand and waved it a few times while casting spells in parseltongue.

"Between the three of us, we have diluted the telepathy to sound similar to how it does for Miss Tam," stated Tom bowing his head to his nephew. "If I understood what Filius did, he made it so that you can listen in when you wish to instead of automatically hearing the voices."

"All I did was, insure that the filter was in place," said Griphook. "What I have done was dampen the empathy gift so that it doesn't overwhelm you to the point of incapacitation. We want you to be able to work well with this gift as it will be useful. I have made one similar for River. She will not be affected by the voices of the dead as you described to me. While we don't want you to collapse, we still want you to be able to use the gift."

"We are going to have a small problem," stated Harry suddenly looking at Simon. "Apparently he gained some of my elemental abilities. I can feel the stone and plants starting to work with him. We have to get his control in order or this building will collapse. As Tom and Griphook are better at it than I am, you might want to start now."

Simon was a bit green around the gills, but he was standing with his hands flexing at his side. Severus and Harry used their gifts to actually enter into his mind and help him gain some sort of control of his emotions. Griphook and Tom immediately began to stop the magic pouring from the new untrained wizard. Dobby and Kreacher were already shielding Simon in an effort to keep his gift in some sort of control.

Harry worked with Simon for close to thirty minutes teaching the man where his center was. Tom and Severus were busy giving instructions to Harry's mind while he was connected to Simon. Between the three of them, they were able to get Simon to relax and get his core to stabilize.

"I'm so sorry Simon," said Harry when everything was stable. "I should have kept a better eye out on you. Granger did state that you might get gifts from me. I can tell that you will be able to use mild air and water and will be stronger with earth. Languages are going to be easier for you. We will work with you more on Infinity while we travel to Miranda. For now, we have other work that needs to be done."

"Malcolm just sent a message via an elf that all of the animals have been boarded onto Infinity," remarked Bella. "They are just waiting for us. We should get moving before long. We have enough food to last all of us for about five years. That should be plenty enough time for us to get to Miranda and get everything set up. Hagrid and his brother are also on Infinity with his pets. He will work with the animals as we travel. He even got some of the centaurs to join us. Therefore, we will have all sorts of people working with us and magical creatures. There are more phoenixes and things that we can use to create wands. Ollivander sent us copies of his books so that we can learn how to make wands. Hagrid took it one step further and we now have cattle, chickens, deer, pigs, sheep, and other farm or herd animals. That will help with our food supplies."

Harry finished signing all of the papers that he needed to make sure that Tom was repaid for his kindness. Tom in turn made sure that Harry had everything that he needed. A few days later, the groups split up and everyone was heading back to Infinity. The family had grown once more and the people were glad for it. It was now time to get to where they needed to go and to make a home for themselves. Harry guessed that from time to time, they could still come back and check up on things. He also knew they could buy stuff from earth every five years or so. There was no telling what kind of precious metals and gems were sitting on Miranda. Time would tell how things would work out.

Tom had decided to keep all of his crystals with him. Harry was both relieved and saddened by the thought. He wanted to help protect the Dark Lord, but at the same time, he was no longer magically bound to protect him. If one crystal could be destroyed, then so could the last three. It would just be in Tom's best interest to absorb one or two and hide the third in a safe spot and be done with it.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will end this here. I didn't want Harry to be magically bound to Tom anymore. I wanted to make sure that he could get a clean start and new life. I know many are saddened that Hermione isn't a part of this group and story, but I can't always have her as a good guy. In fact, I think this is my first story where she isn't a good guy.

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