Night of the Vampire


On ONe fateful Night, the undead and its allies take over the world. Harry, Dumbledore, and Voldemort must learn how to work together to save what's left of the human population

Horror / Thriller
Stormy Lee
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The Beginning

DISCLAIMER – Harry Potter and its affiliates are the sole property of JK Rowling. All I own is the plot. This story idea was generated from watching the movie Priest. I am just going to make my own interpretation of it.

NOTE – This story is dedicated to DZ2! Thanks for the inspiration to keep going with my stories.

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DISCLAIMER – As of yet, there will be NO slash or pairings for romance. This story is all adventure.

Chapter 1 – The Beginning

The night was a night that would be remembered for years all around the globe. It was the night that all of the dark creatures of the world teamed together to teach the human population a lesson on thinking that they were superior to them. Pockets of humans still lived in cities in the different countries protected by their high walls and defenses that the remaining wizards and witches created for them. The vampires led the attack on the Wizarding World as well as the mundane world. By eliminating as much of the opposition as they could, they ended up taking a firm handle of things. From that night on, the creatures of the dark held the power in their hands. What took centuries and millenniums to create was devastated and nearly destroyed in mere days.

It wasn't long before the dementors, werewolves, lethifolds, giants, and many other dark creatures stepped forward and took up the mantle of warriors for the immortal race. The dominance over the other creatures was purely so that they could take over the world with little to no opposition. It worked better than any human could imagine.

It forced the wizards and witches to band together to fight back. No one was safe from the onslaught. It didn't matter to the vampires and their allies if the said person was light, dark, or grey in the matter of things. All they knew was that they now had the upper hand in the world and they were determined to keep it. For too long, many wizards and their supporters were the dominant beings on the planet. World leaders fell in one mighty swoop around the globe. Minions of the vampire and werewolf hordes were being created daily. This was due to when a human was caught out of the bounds of their cities. If a witch or wizard was caught, it was even better.

The vampires and werewolves created cities for themselves or took over cities that were already there. While the human population was culled, the forces of darkness grew stronger. It was not long before the remainder of the wizarding population banned together in batches to stand up against the threat.

Those said wizards and witches were also hiding in their spots around the planet. Each were putting their differences aside as they knew that one more mess up could possibly end the world letting the darkness take place permanently. They battled fiercely to keep reserves for the creatures of the light to survive as well as themselves. They worked hard to make sure that the unicorns, nifflers, phoenixes, and many other light creatures survived.

Our story starts in Britain two weeks after that fateful night. In the area of land that is commonly known as Hogsmeade, the three factions of wizards that were in charge of the area were all in their sections of the city that was quickly being made and established. Hogwarts was a central meeting ground for all three factions as it was the strongest bastion for magical power that still existed in the worn out land. Due to the time that it would take to create their own sections of the land, they were currently in residence in the castle itself. However that time was coming to a close as neither of the three factions trusted the other two more than they had to.

One leader was in charge of the red faction. This person was the youngest of the three leaders. However, this didn't affect those that were already in his care. He was one of the three strongest wizards that were walking the planet at the moment and the other two knew that it was never healthy to push him too far. He was skilled in magic and had the power to back it up. His lack of age compared to the other two meant little, as he had fierceness and the power to back his words and actions.

This young man was named Harry James Potter. He was brought almost to death by Albus Dumbledore and Tom Riddle. The two older wizards were in the middle of a furious war themselves when the creatures of the night decided to step in and take the control away from the two power hungry wizards. It was during his sixth year at Hogwarts when he finally had enough and made a stand for himself.

He quickly took control of his destiny and incorporated a new way of doing things. He was the one that was mainly in support of the centaurs, goblins, house elves, unicorns, and the rest. The other two were not all that worried about those that were only part human or humanoid.

Albus Dumbledore was another leader in the faction that was in charge of leading what was left of the forces of light to victory in survival. He was known as the grey wizard these days and he walked around in his section of the protected space and made sure that all those that were under his care was watched out over. While he didn't trust their third partner, he knew that he had to work with the other two leaders if they were to survive this at all.

Voldemort was the third leader in this area. He was pissed to know that his horcruxes were destroyed by the creatures of the night. Vampire venom was able to destroy his anchors to the land of the living. He despised his counter parts in the protection of the realm, but he was not stupid enough to think that he could take on the dark creatures and live to tell the tale. He was cunning enough to know that when it came right down to it, that the other two leaders were needed for the survival of magic in humans.

Each of the three leaders began to create their own little city within the space supplied by the forest. Each man would take a certain amount of the citizens of their area that were more loyal to their cause and help create the boundaries both within and outside of the area. Each community was connected by tunnels to one another that centralized at Hogwarts. The outside of the miniature cities were being built quickly so that the wards could be established to keep most of the denizens of the dark outside of their safety perimeter.

It was common to have spies in each of the three portions of the protections. None of the three leaders made a big fuss over it. It was a way of getting information that could be used to better protect their little havens inside of the bigger haven. While the three distrusted each other, they were all intelligent enough to know that they needed each other.

Our story starts here. It is a few weeks after the night of the attack and Harry and Dumbledore are in Hogwarts getting things started for their human allies and those that needed help.

"Harry," called Albus. "May I speak with you for a moment please?"

"Lord Dumbledore," stated Harry in an aggravated voice. "How many times will I have to tell you that I don't appreciate you taking such liberties with me? I am now a leader here. You no longer have any authority over me. The only reason why we are even in the same building is because we don't have a choice at the moment. Therefore I would appreciate it if you were to refer to me as Lord Potter or Lord Gryffindor as is my standing and right."

"I just wanted to talk with you about what we are going to do with the situation at hand," protested Albus. "I keep forgetting that you are part owner of this place and no longer need my blessing to do anything. The loss of so many of our friends and loved ones makes my heart hurt."

"I will tell you one thing before I return to my section of the castle," said Harry. "I have already spoken with the Goblins of Gringotts. They have begun working on the outer wall that will keep us somewhat safer from the dark creatures. They are taking a great risk in being out in the open like this. It is especially so, considering how much area they have to work with. Others are building something similar to Hogsmeade on the other side of the castle so that we can have one more section, while others yet are actually moving the buildings of Hogsmeade closer to the castle."

"Lord Riddle is getting most insistent that he be allowed out of the dungeons with his minions," remarked Dumbledore. "He feels that he should be given equal reign here in the castle."

"He is more than welcome to move to Hogsmeade," snapped Harry. "I don't have time to listen to what he wants and doesn't want. When MY allies are done, we will have three little villages that are equal to each other in every way. That way, you and your allies can go to one, he and his allies can go to another and I and my allies can go to the third."

"Why are we wasting the castle?" asked Dumbledore. "Wouldn't it be better if one of us were to stay in the safety of the castle? It can be utilized more efficiently that way."

"Do you really think that we are so stupid old man?" asked Voldemort coming up and entering the conversation. "We are not so stupid as to give one more power over the other. We all decided that we would each have our own little village and none of us would reside in the castle. It is easier to defend and will give one of us the advantage over the other two. Each of us present is related to one of the four founders in one way or another. Therefore, we are all equal in this. You are just interested in the castle as it's safer for you and yours. We don't want you to have that over us."

"Mr. Potter is not related to any of the founders," snapped Albus angrily. "You and I are the only two that has founders blood in us."

"You really are that stupid," smirked Harry. "I have Gryffindor's blood flowing through my veins. You have Ravenclaw's blood flowing through yours. Lord Riddle has Slytherin blood in his. So shut up and stop trying to manipulate the advantage so that you have a stronger claim. We are all equals in this. We need to work together so that we can all live through all of this. The only thing keeping us alive at the moment is the fact that the three of us ARE so powerful and we are able to keep the dark army at bay."

"He's right," said Tom. "Combined, we have kept the hordes from advancing on Hogsmeade. Daily, we are finding more wizards, witches, and muggles to bring here to help us survive. The sooner the outer perimeter is done, the sooner the three of us will leave this castle as a school, hospital, and meeting place as well as a retreat should we ever get breeched."

"I don't know about the two of you, but I plan on having a small school in my section," stated Harry with a smirk. "We have chosen our colors, and we will stick with what we decided. I have red, Dumbledore has blue, and Tom has green. When it is all said and done, we are a team whether we like it or not. Now if you don't mind, we have other work to do and we need to get it done quickly. It's time to start dividing the inhabitants of this area. Some of us are not children any longer and we can always use the time to start training our troops."

"Very well," said Dumbledore waving his hand and allowing the other two to precede him into the courtyard. "Let's get some of this done so that we can start working out strategies to ensure that we all stay alive and what have you."

Harry looked at Riddle and the two of them snorted. The trio made their way out into the courtyard to address the people standing in front of them.

"As you know," said Dumbledore to the assembled people. "The three of us here are each in charge of a certain faction. There are those of you that do not wish to be in one faction or another, but unfortunately, we have to divide you all up so that we can space you all out and keep up with order in these trying days. As we grow, we can expand our territory. For now, we have to get things set up."

"Each of us has chosen a banner," said Harry. "Mine is a gold dragon on a red background. Lord Dumbledore has chosen a bronze phoenix on a blue background. Lord Riddle has chosen a silver serpent on an emerald background. These are the three logos that are going to be flying on the walls once they are done."

"Each of us has our own way of wanting to do things," stated Riddle. "Therefore, we are here before you right now to tell you how we are going to do things in our community within the city. Lord Dumbledore will go first as he is the oldest."

"My faction will work on teaching you what you will need to know in order to survive before and after we win the war with the creatures of the night," he said. "We will work on making sure that everyone is knowledgeable in the workings of vampires, werewolves, and the rest. Knowledge is power."

"My faction," said Tom speaking next. "My faction will be responsible for creating new defenses as well as new magic that can be used. The three of us have put our differences aside for the most part and decided that we do need to teach you all to continue to live your lives. We will be in charge of the defense of the walls and so forth to ensure your safety."

"The last faction is simple enough," said Harry. "My job is to ensure all of your safety. I already have a pact with the goblins, house elves, and anyone who wishes to live their lives as they choose it. I will not lord over you with an iron fist. Laws will be made to provide safety, but for the most part, I will ensure that your lives within the confines of the protective wall are safe and as easy as we can make them. Just because we are at war with creatures of the night doesn't mean that we can't have light and life."

"Each of us is going to concentrate on defense strategies so that all of you will survive this," stated Dumbledore. "We just need to know who is going to work with which leader and who will be a problem for us in the long run."

"Even though we don't trust each other, we have all three decided that it is necessary to come together to ensure that we win and that we drive back the forces of darkness," stated Riddle. "As many of you know, I am the only descendant of Salazar Slytherin. What many of you don't know is that, Lord Potter is the only known descendant of Godric Gryffindor alive. Lord Dumbledore is the last known descendant of Rowena Ravenclaw."

"This is why we have taken the mantle of leader upon our shoulders," said Harry looking out over the crowd. "Yes we have problems with each other, but we also know that your safety is more important than our petty squabbles. By working and growing, we can take back what we lost. Diagon Alley is currently being raided by house elves on the sly to get supplies that we desperately need."

"Hogsmeade will be duplicated for each faction to live in their designated spot," said Dumbledore. "For this to work, we need you to draw lots. Each will be in one of the three colors of red, blue, or green. When you have picked your lot, you will be instructed as to where you are to go."

"As the Forbidden Forest is for the creatures of the light, we have declared that section off limits to those that do not have express permission to be within the confines," stated Voldemort. "These will be limited to potion makers, COMC representatives, and certain other specially tasked individuals."

"All others caught, will be punished by being sent to the mines with the goblins for manual labor," said Harry. "The creatures of the forest deserve their privacy respected and their safety ensured as much as you do."

A hand rose in the air and all three leaders acknowledged it with grace.

"What are we going to do for food and such?" asked Andromeda Tonks. "How are we going to feed all of these groups of people that are growing by the day? We won't be able to stay holed up this long before we start to starve."

"That part is easy," answered Harry with a grin. "Each of the three factions will have a team of personnel that is trained to make foraging parties outside of the safety walls. Also we all have a team of house elves that work within our little communities. We will be stealing it back from the dark creatures."

"Specially trained people will be at a higher risk, but we will ensure that each of you will live in some type of relative comfort," explained Dumbledore. "We know that it will be hard, but if each of you is willing to assist with the preparation, we can have a nice community within the different factions."

"We will be trading between each other as well," remarked Voldemort. "Trade will be opened for each faction to barter their goods for either gold, other goods, or things that are not needed by them and needed by others."

"What if we are not happy with the faction that we chose?" asked a young girl in her teens. "What if we want a specific person to be our leader?"

"That is something we discussed," said Harry. "The only way we would move you to a different faction is if all three leaders decide that it is a REALLY necessary thing. However, it is not feasible for us to do it that way. Each faction of the old war is needed in each community. Each leader is responsible for keeping you alive without fear of being attacked, killed, or any harm being inflicted by citizens of this community."

"If such a thing were to occur, the guilty party would be stripped of all of their memories and dumped outside of the protective walls," assured Dumbledore. "We feel that this is needed so that members of our communities don't start acting out and using violence on other members."

"Then why do we need three different communities?" asked Hermione. "Wouldn't it be better if we all just stayed closer together and worked as one huge team?"

"That would be ideal," remarked Voldemort. "However, even though we all must fight together to stay alive, old habits die hard. None of the three of us is willing to give up their spot as leader to the others. Therefore, to keep some kind of sanity going, we have decided to use Hogwarts as a central meeting ground and have the three villages connected to her in some fashion."

"As we speak, the goblins, elves, and certain members of the communities are already bringing the buildings of the original Hogsmeade closer to the castle to defend it better," said Harry. "We felt that it was better than trying to protect such a large place all at once. Hogwarts will still be used as a school of sorts and a central emergency hideout should our walls be breached."

"The three of us have been using our combined magic to keep the area safe while the goblins and house elves use their magic to build what we need," said Dumbledore. "Wood is being brought in from all over the country to start on homes for you all in all three factions. While Diagon Alley has fallen for the most part, your vaults are still safe for the moment. We will have them all moved here once we get new ones built. Stone from the new vaults will be used to build the perimeter walls and so forth."

"Each leader will have special teams within its community," continued Voldemort. "These teams will consist of six teams of three. Their duties are to patrol the walls, patrol the villages, venture outside of the walls, or many other jobs."

"Just because you don't make it to one of the teams doesn't mean that you are any less important than anyone else," assured Harry. "Those of you that have special skills will work to help our communities. Farms will eventually be done. We will need makers of potions, teachers, etc. Each of you will have a job no matter who you are. We will find something for you to do to assist us in living."

With that being said, Dumbledore waved his wand and a huge cauldron appeared in the middle of the courtyard.

"Inside of the cauldron where you can't see, is tokens with the different represented colors," said Dumbledore. "All you have to do is step up to the cauldron and take a token. From there, you will report to your new community leader."

"Never fear that we are tyrants," said Harry with a sarcastic smirk at the other two. "I don't know about my co rulers, but I have no intention of leading my community alone. I will have a council set up so that no one thinks that I am being unjust in my declarations and such. Said council will be chosen based on their abilities to lead."

"So with that being said, please step up in an orderly fashion and get your token," said Dumbledore. "When you have your token, please find your community leader and report to him. We shall be spaced out so that we can accommodate you all better. I shall be near the green houses. Lord Potter shall be near the lake, and Lord Riddle will be near the Whomping Willow."

Each of the three leaders watched for a moment as people stepped up and walked over to the cauldron. Once they had their token, they were starting to head to their location to meet with their leader. Harry smiled as he headed to the lake to wait for his group to appear. It wasn't long before he had his group sitting there comfortably waiting on him.

"I have been writing a list of each of you that has joined me in my community," he told them. "This is what I have decided to do. Each of you will wear a red band on your right arm. This will signify that you belong to my group. Professor McGonagall, would you be so kind as to conjure up the arm bands for everyone?"

"Of course Lord Potter," she said pulling out her wand and waving it in a complex manner.

"There is no need for anyone in this group to call me Lord," said Harry. "I am just Harry. I may be the leader here, but we can't survive without each other. The only reason I AM a leader is due to the fact that I have Gryffindor blood in my veins. I know that many of you are far older and wiser than I am. So when I call your name, I will have Dobby give you a band to wear on our left arm. The color will signify what group you will belong to. From there I will explain what your duties are."

Everyone eagerly listened to him. They knew that his mind was a wondrous thing when he was planning things. This was another of those times where he proved that he was creative as well as intelligent.

"The red team will consist of Hagrid, Olympe, and Luna," said Harry nodding to Dobby. "Your job is the most dangerous. You are responsible for sneaking out of our protective area and gathering things that we need. Hagrid make sure you get a wand that is somewhat compatible for you. They can be found in the castle. It was already established that whoever doesn't have a wand can get one from the stores we have in the castle. Mr. Ollivander is one of the few that will not be in any of the three groups so that he can help provide wands for everyone."

Hagrid nodded as he and his mates accepted their bands and placed them on their arms. From there, they stood in a group and waited to hear what was next.

"The yellow team will consist of George, Neville, and Draco," said Harry looking at his list. "Your job is to be INSIDE gatherers. This means that you will be taking forages into the forest to get things that we need. The color will let others know that you are allowed to be in the forest."

"Was all of this set up beforehand?" asked Hermione eagerly. "It seems very well thought out."

"We did leave some things to chance, but for the most part, we established certain things beforehand," acknowledged Harry. "For instance, the bands you are wearing can't be changed to another color. They are enchanted to prevent anyone from trying to put another color on to do something that would be considered against the rules."

Everyone nodded at that statement. This was indeed thought out well.

"The green team will consist of Rabastan, Susan, and Filius," continued Harry looking at his list. "These three are responsible for defense on the inside of the community as well as they are responsible for overseeing our booths at the bizarre when we get that established."

The three nodded their heads and accepted their bands and placed them on their arms.

"The blue team will consist of Millicent, Moody, and Daphne," continued Harry. "Your jobs are to protect the walls surrounding the entire protected city. You will work hand in hand with the other team's defenders as well. Millie, you and Daphne make sure that you work with Moody closely for a while to learn what you need to know. You are each one of the three youngest in the group we have doing this."

"Yes sir," said Millie as she accepted her blue band. "Thanks for the trust you are placing in me. I promise to do a great job."

"I promise as well," assured Daphne as she accepted her band. "Thanks for believing in us."

Harry smiled at the girls. Things had changed in the way people though now that everyone was working together to stay alive. Harry sadly thought about the fact that Millie's entire family was wiped out. Some families were saved in their entirety while others were decimated. The Creevey family was one that was wiped out to the very last member.

"The orange team will consist of Hermione, Minerva, and Pomona," said Harry snapping out of his thoughts and looking at his list. "Their jobs are to be the outside offense. This means that if the red team is in trouble, you are covering their asses. This also means that if we need you to step outside to take down a couple of vampires or what not, that you will do so. Pomona will also be used to gather plants and stuff that are both edible as well as for potions and such."

The three witches nodded their acceptance as they grabbed their bands and placed them on their arms.

"The purple team will consist of Arthur, Andromeda, and Viktor," said Harry. "Your jobs are relatively easy to explain. You are the new Aurors for our community. You will be in charge of keeping the peace, and watching the perimeters of our personal community. Think of yourselves as the new sheriffs in town."

Everyone laughed at this. To hear Harry making jokes so that they could keep up the pretense of being somewhat happy was endearing to those that were in the clearing.

"Now," said Harry when everyone was getting settled. "There are two more sets of bands here. The white set will include Amelia and Kingsley. You are the council members here. You will help me run our little community. Blaise and Fred will wear black bands to represent their status as spy and researcher. Your main job is to gather as much Intel as you can. The term spy is being used loosely as the band marks you as an information gatherer. You four will be allowed inside of each of the other communities acting in your official capacity."

"Who are the other white and black teams?" asked Amelia. "Do we know who it is yet?"

"Not yet, but I'm sure it won't be long before our black team will get that information for us," said Harry with a grin. "As you all know what you have to do, I suggest that you start making your plans with your teams. This way we can have a game plan as to how we are going to function. When you have your ideas written up, please turn them in to myself, Amelia, or Kingsley. Choose a team leader for your group. This person is responsible for making sure your team survives its jobs and are doing them to maximum proficiency."

"What are our long term goals?" asked Hermione. "What are we eventually going to want to do as the Gold Dragon Community?"

"We are going to start taking back our world," said Harry with a smirk on his face. "The Vampires and Werewolves only think they are in control. Don't forget that even though I don't fully trust Dumbledore or Voldemort, we are the three most powerful wizards alive on the planet at the moment. The three of us can and will work out a way to expand our realm a little at a time so that we can each move to future sites so that we can be a little bit away from each other so that we don't actually start fighting amongst ourselves."

"Is there still that much distrust between the factions of the war?" asked Andromeda. "Should we expect trouble more frequently?"

"No," said Harry thoughtfully. "I wouldn't say that there will be more trouble. In time, we will all grow to work together better. I think that they still see me as a child that doesn't know any better rather than the independent intelligent individual that I am. Dumbledore especially likes to act like I'm some sort of errant child that needs to be told what to do. Oddly enough, it pisses Riddle off when he does it. The stronger alliance is between green and red at the moment. However, I am hopeful that as some of you have family members in other sections that the three factions will work better together."

"It would seem that you got lucky with the names of those of us that came out of the cauldron for you," observed Minerva. "Or should I say that luck was with you for those of us that picked a red token."

"Ah," said Harry with a smirk. "Luck didn't have anything to do with it. What the other two fail to realize is that in some ways I am more powerful than they are. I sort of cheated to get some of you in my faction so that I have an easier time of things. Others of you, I left in the aspect that it would be best for you if you were all separated."

"I didn't see you cast any spell," remarked Rabastan. "How did you manage to fool the cauldron that the old fool created?"

"I have mastered both wandless and nonverbal casting," said Harry with a grin. "Those of you that are with me now were specifically chosen by me. That's why I insisted that we do this while one of you at a time approached the cauldron. I'm sure the other two did the same, but it worked out better for me. I know that we have the best team of leaders here. I know that some of us have been enemies in the past, but those of you here now are here because I had a hand in you being here."

"Were you responsible for some of the others going to the other factions?" asked Hermione with interest. "That would seem very unfair of you if you did."

"I didn't," assured Harry. "If that were the case, your parents would be in this faction rather than with Dumbledore. However, I figured that if I couldn't have all three of you that I would get the one that is able to be the best for our group. If you look around you, you will notice that we are all represented. All four houses of Hogwarts are represented in you. If you notice, I don't care about house insignia from when you went to school. We all do things for a reason. I did what I felt was best. Each of you should know here and now that I will NOT withhold information from you. The other two leaders will not be as accommodating as I am. They will only tell what they feel they should and nothing more."

"Thus ensuring that we succeed where they fail," said Draco with a smirk. "That's mighty Slytherin of you there Boss."

"Well," smirked Harry. "The Sorting Hat did say that any and all of the houses would suit me just fine. Slytherin was at the top of the list, but it eventually chose Gryffindor due to the fact that the blood runs in my veins. What Riddle doesn't know is that even though he has the blood of Slytherin running through his veins, I have just as much Slytherin magic as he does due to me defeating him so many times in battle."

"That's right," said Amelia with a smile. "By Right of Conquest, you could claim the Slytherin line. You have beaten him fair and square five times now."

"That is a battle that I'm not ready to face," said Harry smiling. "It's not something that I'm looking to correct for the moment. Thus is the reason I am as powerful as I am. I have two of the three founder's magic flowing in my veins."

"That's not all of it is it?" remarked Luna looking at Harry with clear eyes. "You know more about something than you are telling us at the moment."

"You are right," said Harry. "I can't give you all of that information right now. We are out in the open and can be overheard. Let's meet in the central building that is ready for us in the red zone. I promise to tell my tale then when we are safely in the confines of our section. It's the one building in each community where we have some privacy from the other two factions. Those that are not wearing multicolored bands do not have access to the meeting hall. Only those with a red band will be able to enter the building at all."

"Let's assemble in about an hour," suggested Minerva. "That will give us time to get all of the tents and such set up for those that don't have dorms to stay in and such. We can get all of the others set up so that we can meet and get started. If you finish with your section and tasks first, get started on your ideas so that we can build our community stronger faster."

Everyone agreed and split off to help with the set up and organization of the red team.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will stop this chapter here. I hope that the basic set up of the story is starting strong and is interesting. Please let me know what you think. Thanks in advance for the support.

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Trusoutherner1: This story will draw you in after the first chapter

Natalie Griffiths: I love the way Colton loved her but she was stupid about her parent n wat they mean too her. The grammer was not the best but it was ok. Her best friend was2 much I could not stand him at times

stephaniemuzulu: I really like the pacing of the book and the author does an excellent job of keeping me in suspense. The ending really shocked me! Great book overall.

niharikamahanta: Waiting for the book to be completed. Also waiting for stories of Ibrahim Jahangir and Amir

Ren: I also like alpha personalities when protecting their womens! ❤️

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