Blood is Thicker

Life's Little Annoyances

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Chapter 10 – Life's Little Annoyances

Harry and company returned to the castle when the holidays were over with. Harry was delighted that, for the first time in a long time, he was able to spend the holiday with a loving family. That the family wasn't blood related meant little to Harry. He was just happy that everyone was able to be together.

Harry and Hermione returned to Hogwarts to the remaining presents from people like the Weasleys and the few odd and end people whose gifts didn't make it to Longbottom Manor. Harry was delighted when some of the people who had received gifts from them thanked him profusely for his generosity. Hermione and Harry were very happy about current events.

Neither of them was forgetful of the fact that Dumbledore was still out and about. Neither was foolish enough to think that the old wizard would give up so easily on his target. They knew that Dumbledore was determined to see both Harry and Voldemort wiped off the face of the earth so that his magic was the strongest on the planet.

What intrigued both of them the most was the fact that the one who was supposedly the most evil was the one that had the most sense to realize that going up against Harry and Hermione was a foolish endeavor. It was the supposed Leader of the Light that was causing the most problems and making the most noise.

"I think that we need to let Professor Umbridge talk to her allies within the Ministry so that we can figure out what we are going to do about this situation," Harry said to the group as they met that night. "Voldemort has done many evil things in the name of pureblood society. However, Dumbledore has done so much more damage then the Dark Lord ever has. There is no rhyme or reason behind him doing what he is doing. At least with the Dark Lord, there is a purpose behind what he has done. The fact that he isn't doing them anymore is something that needs to be taken into consideration."

"Why would we want to take that into consideration?" Dolores asked in confusion. "He has committed murder in the name of Pureblood Supremacy. He has committed any number of acts of violence."

"How much of that was orchestrated by Dumbledore and his actions?" asked Harry. "For all we know, Voldemort is the way he is because of Dumbledore. We don't know that half of what Dumbledore claims Tom has done is even legitimate. It could be that Dumbledore has his scapegoat to ensure that he can rule us all with an iron thumb."

"You know," said Minerva thoughtfully. "Harry does have a point. We don't know how much that the Dark Lord supposedly did was actually done by Dumbledore. I think that it would be best that we work on getting some sort of truce set up with the Dark Lord so that we can see if we can obtain some sort of peace and less fear in the world."

"He said and I quote," explained Harry. "I don't necessarily wish to take over as much as to extend the magic and use it. He doesn't want to rule the world. He is just interested in pushing the limits of magic and see what he can do with them. To be honest, I don't see anything wrong with that. It is a part of us all, to want to learn and do new and better things. That is called life. We are here in the castle to learn magic and how to use it. It will get old and mundane if people like the Dark Lord don't push it boundaries and learn new ways of doing things that could be beneficial to us."

"That is all well and good," stated Pomona. "However, let's not forget that he has killed your parents and orchestrated the deaths of countless others."

"We don't know that for certain," argued Harry politely but firmly. "We know he has committed some murders. He would have to have for there to be seven Horcruxes. I am not disputing that claim. What I am claiming is that he may not have done most of the masterminding that we think he has. It could have been an elaborate set up. He does need to atone for the sins he has committed in the murders of those people, but he doesn't need to be blamed for every single piece of magic that has been done in the side of the dark."

"I think what Harry is saying is that we need to let things happen as they are supposed to happen," said Hermione much to Harry's gratification. "Voldemort does need to be stopped and punished, but he is not our biggest concern at the moment. The fact that he is smart enough to know that we are goddess touched and refuses to challenge us out right, if ever, tells us that he may very well just go into some sort of hiding and leave the rest of the wizarding population alone."

"While we don't have proof that he will leave everyone alone, we can count on the fact that the war no longer has to fall on my shoulders," said Harry. "It should never have been placed on my shoulders to begin with. All of his Horcruxes minus one have been destroyed. The Ministry has the knowledge. What they do with it is up to them. All I want to do is graduate school with high marks."

"Like the two of you have to worry about all of that," said Severus sarcastically. "The two of you have the highest GPA that this school has seen since probably when Dumbledore was a student here his self. The two of you are breaking all sorts of records with the knowledge that you possess and the skill that you wield so easily."

"Let's not forget that the two of you have the most power ever between you," said Minerva. "Your power scales rival that of Merlin and Morgana. I would hate to see what you will have when you come into your full magical inheritances."

"We will have to cross that bridge when we turn sixteen," said Harry shrugging slightly. "All I want to do is graduate school and help out by taking over the running of this school. Voldemort and I have decided that we do need to work together long enough to bring down Dumbledore. We can make further plans from there."

"If you think that this is for the best, then we will do it," said Dolores. "We just don't want to get anyone's hopes up that Dumbledore will be captured or that the Dark Lord will suddenly become a cauldron stirring hag and bless children."

"Now that was an image that I could have done without," said Harry bursting into laughter along with some of the others. "I can picture it and I should sue you for planting that disgusting image in my brain."

Dolores and the rest of the staff all broke out in laughter at this. It was fun to know that students and staff were all getting along and working together towards the improvement of the scholastic abilities in the school not to mention the movement that would carry the wizarding world into the future.

"We still need to get down to the Chamber of Secrets and harvest the basilisk," stated Harry. "We know that there are many potions ingredients to be had there."

"We can do that tomorrow," said Severus. "It has sat there this long, another day or so will not hurt anything. We can get some of the goblins in here to assist with this project of you like. Between them and us, we can make a tidy profit off of it as well as get some very valuable potions ingredients."

"I want some robes and armor made of the skin for me and Hermione," said Harry thoughtfully. "I also want the fang that I killed the Diary Horcrux with as a souvenir. Once the venom is drained out of it, I think it would make a great souvenir."

"I will personally see to it that you receive it," said Severus. "As for the armor, the basilisk is yours, so you can more than have what you like of it. I have no doubt that the goblins would be happy to make the robes and armor for you. While we are down there, I want to search it so that we can make sure that there are no entrances or other things down there that will assist others in getting into and out of the castle."

"We will need to seal all of the secret entrances in and out of the castle," said Harry. "I know where they all are. Some of them are already destroyed, but we don't want to take any chances."

"Good thinking," said Minerva. "I happen to know that there is a way of getting into this castle from the Hog's Head Inn. We will have to make sure that it is stopped before we have problems from Dumbledore."

"I will deal with that as soon as we are done here," said Dolores. "Madam Bones will want to know this information. We can always make it so that Aberforth loses his pub or we can pay him to keep his brother out."

"I don't think Albus knows that Aberforth has a way of getting into the castle," stated Minerva. "Abe has been helping me in the castle for years. He knows that when I need something that I can get into and out of Hogwarts easier through his secret passage. As we all know, the two Dumbledore brothers do not get along at all. So let's just talk to Abe and see what he says before we make a decision on that. However, we do need to seal up the rest of the passageways. Fred and George will have no choice but to show us and help us."

"Did we ever find out what became of the Dursleys?" asked Harry. "With so much going on, it slipped my mind to ask about them. Whatever became of them?"

"They were arrested," said Dolores. "Amelia Bones and Kingsley Shacklebolt went to their house to talk with them. As you know, their testimonies were used at the trial for Dumbledore's dismissal. It was discovered that they willingly agreed to the plan to abuse you. So Amelia had them arrested. They are now the first muggles to serve time in Azkaban Prison."

"Wow that is something," said Harry in amusement. "I am glad that they are finally getting what they deserved. Is Dudley in jail also?"

"No," said Dolores. "He had his memory wiped of magic and has been placed into foster care. Some other news that might interest you is that Marge Dursley tried to sue you for what has been done to her brother. When Vernon and Petunia were arrested, they went to her first for the care of her nephew. When she asked why they were arrested and was told, she procured a solicitor and went through the procedure to have you sued."

"I haven't heard about any of this," said Harry with a frown. "What was the outcome? No one told me anything about this. Griphook would have sent me a letter had I lost some money or something."

"Well," said Dolores with a grin. "The foolish woman made the mistake of hiring a solicitor that is already familiar with your case. This particular solicitor works in both the magical and muggle world. When Minerva and Severus found out what was going on, they had a counter suit placed. You won. Marge Dursley has lost everything that she owned. She wanted your company and she was pretty much given a slap in the face for her troubles."

Well," said Harry with a grin. "She deserves that. Her and that mean dog of hers. I would love to introduce that dog to Moony one night during the full moon. That is one of the meanest animals that I have ever had the misfortune of meeting."

"Well this is where you will be happy," said Severus. "When they were escorting Ms Dursley from her property, the dog bit one of the policemen. Suffice to say, the dog was sent to doggy heaven. He will never bite anyone again. Currently Ms Dursley is working to pay off her fines on that one."

The group were talking late into the evening. While they were doing that, there was another conversation going on elsewhere in the land.

"We are here today to figure out what we are going to do about Harry Potter and his dark ways," said Dumbledore to the remaining Order members. "He has managed to convince the populace that I am nothing but a thief and murderer. I will not have it. I want that boy caught and brought up on charges for his ways."

"I doubt that anyone will even think about it," remarked Moody. "I have seen the transcripts and memories and such. None of them are tampered with. Therefore, I have no reason to believe that he is doing anything but telling the truth about what you have done to him. I can not speak for everyone sitting here, but I am not going to lift one finger to go after Lord Potter. He has broken no laws and rules that I can see. Rumor has it that he is Goddess touched and that is another reason to leave the young man well enough alone."

"Ah," said Dumbledore looking around with glee. "That is something that I can nip in the bud right here and now. There has NEVER been anyone that has been Goddess touched in the British Isles. If Harry were a resident of Egypt or something, I would say different. The Egyptian Goddesses will not assist one not of their own faith. So THAT is a lie."

"I never said that he was touched by an Egyptian Goddess," said Moody angrily. "For your information, the Goblins of Gringotts have staked their familial claim on that young man and his wife. Therefore, if they say he is Goddess touched, then I am NOT going to disagree with them. For the record my OLD FRIEND, deities outside of our own beliefs can and have taken an interest in wizards all around the world. Just because you don't like to believe it doesn't mean that there is no proof of it. It just so happens that I am goddess touched also. Eris has blessed me with the ability to lead and survive during the fights that I have gotten into with regards to bringing in known criminals. "

With that, Moody showed them the mark of the goddess on his collar bone.

"I have seen the mark on his collar bone," said Hestia Jones. "He was walking in Diagon Alley right before Christmas and he slipped on some ice. Thankfully he was alright. While he was standing, his robes shifted and the Silver Ankh is on his collar bone. Those of us that are familiar with these things know that the mark of a god or goddess is always in silver and always on the collar bone. Therefore, I have no doubt that he IS Goddess touched. I am NOT going to go against someone like that."

"Even if that were true," snapped Dumbledore. "That only means that we can not break up his bond with Granger. There are no laws of magic that state that we can still take the boy down for being a dark wizard. Therefore, we will concentrate on bringing down both Voldemort and Harry Potter."

"Do you want to know what I think?" asked Moody before the others could voice their concerns. "I think that you are after Lord Potter because he is more powerful than you are. I also think that you are after him due to the fact that you got caught breaking so many laws that pertain to him. I have read each and every transcript and detail about the cases that are against you. The evidence against you is so compelling that were it not for the fact that I have known you my entire life, I would be pointing my wand in your face and trying to bring you in myself. As it is, this is the last Order meeting that I am willing to attend. We are gathered to bring down Voldemort. I did not sign up to fight with a teenager that can slap me down with the twitch of his finger."

"You will do as you are told Alastor or you will be thrown out of the Order," said Dumbledore to the astonishment of the others assembled. "I am not about ready to have more traitors to the cause. It is bad enough that after everything that I have done for the Weasleys, they have left the Order and are working with Potter. Add in the fact that Severus is the liaison between Potter and the Dark Lord and you have another reason for me being upset."

"You are upset with everything right about now," said Moody angrily while standing. "You have lost your rank, prestige, titles, and all awards given to you. You will NEVER speak to me the way you just did again. I am not going to tell you again that I DON'T believe you. You are a thief, murderer, kidnapper, and many other things. You DO NOT follow the light anymore. Haven't you realized that your phoenix has been absent since you were stripped of everything? I want you to get out of my house Albus. You are no longer welcome here."

"You will do what I tell you or else," said Dumbledore standing and pulling his old wand on Moody. "I am not going to lose the prize that awaits me for some has been like you. I don't care if I have to wipe your memory and make you do what I want. One way or another, you will help me kill Potter and Voldemort."

The other Order members took out their wands and aimed them at Dumbledore. No one was willing to follow the mad man any longer. He had finally snapped and was threatening the life of a good man and Auror. Moody waved his own wand, and the wards of the property snapped up to his command and evicted Dumbledore from the residence.

"Our job is not to worry about Harry Potter," said Moody to the remaining members. "We are a group of people that are working to bring down the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters. We will now add Albus Dumbledore to that list. Someone will need to send a memory of this meeting to Amelia Bones and Harry Potter. This time, we know for certain that Dumbledore has finally lost what little bit of sense that he had left."

The others of the meeting all agree with that sentiment. They knew that Dumbledore was the new Dark Lord and that eventually they would have to bring him in. It was best to be on the side of the Light if you were fighting the darkness. No one that was left of the Order had any doubts that Dumbledore was no longer on the side of the light.

Meanwhile all of the Death Eaters could feel the burn of their Dark Marks. Severus was teaching a class when he felt the burn. After dismissing the class, he got ready, and changed before he left the castle and apparated to the location. Harry and Hermione along with Minerva felt him leave the school grounds.

While that was happening, an owl flew through the window of Harry and Hermione's sitting room and dropped off a package to him. Harry thanked the handsome owl and took the package. After running a few spells to make sure that it was not triggered to take him away from the school, he opened it to see the memory vial.

"We need to go to the Head office and use my pensieve," said Harry. "Professor McGonagall has given us permission to use that office whenever we wish."

"I think she is in there as well," said Hermione standing. "She can view this with us and give her opinion."

Harry and Hermione nodded their heads in agreement and left their quarters and made their way to the Headmaster's office. When they got there, they told Minerva what was going on. From there, the trio proceeded to watch the memory in the pensieve. When they were done, Harry was furious.

"How dare he?" fumed Harry.

Meanwhile, Voldemort sat in his chair and waited for the rest of his minions to arrive. Severus was the last to arrive, and the Dark Lord raised an eyebrow at him.

"What is he doing here?" hissed Bellatrix. "He is a traitor to our cause. He is working with Potter. I knew that we couldn't trust him."

The Dark Lord looked at her and placed her under the Cruciatus Curse for almost two minutes. When he finally let up, she trembled as she looked at her Master.

"The last time that I checked, I was the Master around here," snapped Voldemort. "If you ever interrupt me like that again, I will make you sorry that you were ever born. I am quite aware of what is going on with Severus. It is NONE of your business."

"Yes Master," said Bellatrix kissing the hem of his robes. "You have my apologies. I will not do this again."

"See to it that you don't," snarled Voldemort. "We are here tonight to discuss what will happen from now on. Each of you will be given a certain task. If you fail me in that task, the consequences will not be pleasant. If I don't kill you, the Aurors will no doubt do something that will make you regret being a wizard. From this day forward, I do not rescue you from Azkaban if you are caught."

"What is it that you wish of us?" asked Lucius cautiously. "We are yours to command."

"Severus," said the Dark Lord looking at the man. "I have need of some potions from you. I am not going to ask what is going on with Lord Potter as I have no desire to have you betray his confidence."

"Do you have a list of the potions that are needed?" asked Severus humbly. "I will be more than happy to make them for you. I can even get some of my more able students to assist me with them so that they can learn how to make some of them."

"By all means," said Voldemort handing him a scroll. "The sooner that you get me these potions the better it will be. We have a few things that are being done that will require these particular potions. We also need you to replenish our pain reliever, pepper up potions, healing potions, and a few others that you would normally make for the infirmary. It is all on that list."

Severus looked down the list at some of the potions that were there and nodded. He knew that all of these potions would be good for the students to learn.

"Lord and Lady Potter have been spending some time with me in the lab lately," said Severus. "Between the three of us, we can have all of these potions for you within five days."

"That is fine," said Voldemort nodding his head. "I do have one question for you. Lord Potter told me he would release half of the Slytherin vaults to me. Do you know if he has done so or not yet?"

"He has My Lord," said Severus nodding. "He did it two days after your meeting. The money was set up in an account under the name Lord Voldemort. You should be receiving your key any day now. I am rather surprised that the Goblins haven't sent it already."

"I think that it is due to the fact that I do not receive mail the normal way," said Voldemort. "I need you to get the key for me. Before you leave, I will write a note for you to give to the goblins. They will give it to you and you can send it here to Malfoy Manor for me."

"As you wish," said Severus standing back in his place in line. "I will get it to you tomorrow."

"Lucius," said Voldemort turning to look at the blonde. "You have a special job to do. We will call it a favor for Lord and Lady Potter. What we want to avoid is the wrath of his Lordship. He asked me for a simple favor and I see no reason not to give it to him. I am calling it payment for him kindly giving me half of the Slytherin inheritance."

"Of course my Lord," said Lucius. "I will obey and complete the task to the best of my ability. What is it that you want me to do?"

Voldemort flicked his wand and hit Pettigrew with a stunner. The man hit the floor in a squeal. Voldemort then bound the man quickly and effectively.

"This vermin owes a life debt to Lord Potter," he told his minions. "To pay the debt, Lord Potter wants him in jail for the rest of his life. Your job Lucius is to see to it that this vermin is arrested and taken care of by the Ministry of Magic. Make sure that you talk with both Lady Longbottom and Amelia Bones. They are the acting Ministers for Magic at this time."

"Of course my Lord," said Lucius pulling out his wand and levitating the rat Animagus out of the room. "With your permission, I will attend to this immediately."

Voldemort waved his hand at the man and dismissed him. When Lucius was gone, he looked at his remaining Death Eaters.

"Our goal has changed," he informed them. "We are to leave the students of Hogwarts alone. We will desist in attacking Harry Potter or those that are in his care. Our main objective is to defeat and bring down Dumbledore. I want his head. He is a burden to the magical world and I want him caught at all costs."

"What are we going to do about the fact that Lord Potter has taken my marriage and money from me?" asked Bellatrix. "He dissolved my marriage to Rudolphus and has dismissed me from the Black family tree. It is only due to you that I am able to stay here."

"That is not my concern," said Voldemort waving her back. "You WILL leave him alone. He is the new Head of House for the Black family and he was within his rights to dismiss your marriage and you. I do have a job for you that I think you will enjoy."

"I am willing to do what you ask of me," she said. "What is the job and when would you like me to begin?"

"You and your former husband will abduct Ronald and Ginevra Weasley," said Voldemort. "They have been a thorn in my side. As the rest of the Weasley family is under the protection of House Potter, I can't do them anything, but these two along with one other is not. I want them found and brought here to me."

Bellatrix nodded her head and stepped back. Voldemort then waved to the Death Eaters that were still employed by the Ministry of Magic.

"I want Percival Weasley also caught and brought to me," he told them. "He is the last of the Weasley bunch that has been outspoken against us. I want him dealt with quickly."

Each of the Death Eaters nodded their heads and stepped back in line.

"We have been given a reprieve from the Ministry of Magic," said Voldemort to the assembled group. "Lord Potter is Goddess blessed as is his wife. I have had my differences with him in the past, but recent events have given me much to think about."

He spent the next hour telling them of everything that he learned about Harry Potter. When he was done, the outrage from some of the Death Eaters was very evident. No one treated a wizarding child like that. When he was done with that, he beckoned Severus forward once more and picked up the basket that was sitting next to his chair.

"I need you to deliver this to Lord Potter," he said. "Tell him that this is a belated Yule gift and that I wish him all of the luck in the world."

Severus nodded his head as he looked into the basket and saw the baby snake lying in the homemade nest. Severus smiled at the gesture and left the room. Severus knew that Harry would enjoy the animal as much as anyone else that enjoyed snakes.

Voldemort dismissed the rest of his minions and sat back in his chair. Nagini was delighted to pick the strongest of her litter to give to Harry. He was her strongest son and was delighted that he was going to a home where he would be appreciated. Voldemort sat back in his chair and lost himself in his thoughts.

Meanwhile, Lucius appeared in the Ministry of Magic. He quickly made his way to the office of the Minister. He knocked on the door and waited for a response. He was met by Augusta Longbottom. When she saw it was him, she raised her eyebrow in curiosity.

"My Lord and Lord Potter met," he explained quickly. "During that meeting, Lord Potter gave a gift to the Dark Lord. In return, he asked for a favor."

"What favor would that be?" asked Augusta admitting the man into the office she shared with Amelia. "How can I be of service if the gift was meant for Lord Potter? Why not take it to the castle and deliver it to him there?"

Lucius took out his wand and gave it a fluid swish taking off the Concealment Charm. Augusta gasped when she saw who it was that Lucius brought. She immediately sent for Amelia and some Aurors.

"You have done well Lucius," said Augusta studying the stunned and bound man. "This pest is being searched for everywhere. I am impressed that the Dark Lord would turn over one of his minions just because Harry asked him too. Do you know the reason why? I mean it can't be just because Harry released some of the Slytherin vaults to him."

"Apparently," said Lucius as Amelia and Rufus hurried into the room followed by Kingsley and Tonks. "This vermin has a life debt to Lord Potter. I am not sure if Lord Potter has told you, but there is a truce of sorts between them. What Lord Potter asked for was not that difficult to give. All he wanted was the betrayer of his parents as well as the one that owed him a life debt. To keep the truce going, the Dark Lord granted his request. The Dark Lord has no use for those that can't be one hundred percent loyal to him. As it is, Severus Snape is no longer one that is in the inner circle. He will be asked to make potions for the Dark Lord, but that is about the extent of duties that he will be asked to perform."

"You know an awful lot about what is going on with Severus Snape," said Amelia. "I am sure that the Dark Lord did not give you leave to tell us of his involvement with him."

"Not in so many words," said Lucius smoothly. "However, it still remains that it is the truth. The Dark Lord doesn't release people from his service without good cause or reason. The reason for this is because the Dark Lord doesn't want to upset the truce that he has with Lord Potter. Therefore, as Severus is working diligently with Lord Potter, the Dark Lord is more or less releasing him from service provided that he still makes potions for him from time to time."

"We all know that Severus is paid handsomely for his potions," said Augusta. "I have no doubt that the Dark Lord is paying him as well."

"Severus is one of the few that draws a pay packet from the Dark Lord for his services," explained Lucius. "We know that the ingredients for the potions are not cheap and therefore Severus needs payment to procure the ingredients for them."

"This is definantly true," admitted Augusta. "The more difficult the potion, the more costly the ingredients are going to be. I am not going to begrudge Severus Snape the ability to earn money on the side. The fact that he is doing this for the Dark Lord is of no consequences to us. Are any of the potions that he is making illegal in any way?"

"Not that I am aware," said Lucius. "They are mostly potions for healing, pain relief, and things of that nature. There are some potions such as Veritaserum and such, but those are not on the banned list. While Severus is an ally of Lord Potter, the Dark Lord is willing to let him be a go between. This will insure that Severus is safe and not breaking the law as it were."

"We appreciate you telling us this," said Amelia smiling. "We know that you are only able to tell us so much. We have a favor to ask of you. Would you be willing to give your Master this vial? It is a memory from Alastor Moody. I think that your Master will be interested in seeing what is in this vial. I swear upon my magic that there is nothing harmful with this vial."

"I will bring it to him for his viewing pleasures," assured Lucius. "Thank you for at least bringing him into the confidence. I know his reputation is not the most sought after, but his ideals are worth the interest."

"We know," said Augusta. "Madam Umbridge and Lord Potter have already sent us the information regarding this. We are with Lord Potter in the truce between the Dark Lord and Wizarding Britain provided we don't have any trouble with him."

"I can tell you one more thing without breaking confidences," said Lucius thoughtfully. "The Dark Lord will eliminate some of the problems that are going on for Lord Potter as a last favor to him. If I were you, I would just turn the other cheek and look away. He has sent Bellatrix to take care of business and you know how ruthless she is."

"I am not even going to ask," said Amelia. "I guess we will know in time who it is that was targeted. May Merlin have mercy on them if they have done something that calls for their untimely devise?"

With that, Lucius took his leave and returned to his home. He went immediately to the Dark Lord.

"Well?" asked Voldemort. "What was said and how was it taken?"

"I told them that you are completing a debt to Lord Potter by sending Bella out for certain people," said Lucius. "I didn't tell them who, but they said they will turn the other cheek. I was asked to give you this vial. Amelia Bones swore upon her magic that it would not harm you in any way. It is a memory from Alastor Moody."

"Bring me your pensieve," said Voldemort. "I will view this. I wish for you to accompany me so that we can figure out what to do about this situation. I have no doubt that if Lord Potter sent this or knows about it, then it concerns me in some fashion."

Lucius left the room quickly and returned with his pensieve. From there the two entered the memory and looked at it. When it was done, Voldemort sat there for a few moments in contemplation.

"I think we need out best trackers on this case," he said to Lucius. "What we need it to bring Dumbledore to justice once and for all so that people like Lord Potter and I can live our lives without looking over our shoulders wondering if the old fool will be there to attack us as soon as our backs are turned."

"I think I have the perfect person for the job," said Lucius giving his Master a knowing look. "I will contact him for you and send him on his way."

Voldemort looked at Lucius for a moment before he figured out who he was talking about. He nodded his head in glee at the thought and waved Lucius away to take care of it.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will stop right here. I have a little left to do with this story. The chapters of this story are so long that I am running out of space for future chapters. Thanks in advance for the support and encouragement.

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