Blood is Thicker

Balls and Attacks

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Chapter 12 – Balls and Attacks

That evening, the girls were all working together in group to get ready. Luna was in the Gryffindor tower while they were all getting set up for the ball. Lavender, Hermione, and Parvati all were working together to make Luna look like a Princess.

"Oh no," said Luna sadly. "The jewelry that Harry gave me for Christmas was in the stuff that the girls vanished. The only thing I can think of is maybe if one of them kept it for themselves. That's the best case scenario."

"I'll be right back," stated Hermione as she left the dorm room. "The others should be here in a moment and we can all finish getting ready together.

She left the Tower and made her way to Ravenclaw Tower. She gave the password and entered. After looking around, she went up to the girls dorms and waved her wand in a fluid motion.

"Accio Luna's Jewelry," she intoned and had the satisfaction of seeing the jewelry fly from the sixth year girls dorm.

She stashed the jewelry in her pocket and headed out to look for Filius. When she found him, she let him know what she had discovered.

"I was told by Luna that the very expensive jewelry she got from Harry for Christmas was also part of the stuff that was missing," she explained to the head of house. "I went to their dorm and summoned her jewelry. It was in the sixth year girl's dorm room. Her diamond jewelry along with the cork necklace was there. I'm going to return Luna's jewelry to her. You might want to check to make sure that nothing else of Luna's is in that particular dorm or anywhere for that matter in Ravenclaw Tower. I can only imagine how furious Harry will be if he finds out that they stole something from her that he gave."

"I have to agree with you on that aspect," assured Filius. "Not to worry, I will see to it that I find out who had it and they will be punished if not expelled. I will also make sure that none of Miss Lovegood's belongings are still in the actual dorm. What I do find will be returned to her room immediately. Thank you for calling this to my attention."

"You are more than welcome," stated Hermione. "Please excuse me. I have to finish getting ready for the ball. I shall see you later this evening."

With that, Hermione headed back to the Gryffindor Tower. She walked into the room that the girls were all in, and she walked over to Luna. She pulled a bag out of her pocket and preceded to hand it to the younger girl.

Luna opened the bag and to her delight, she had all of her jewelry back. She was fighting to not cry. She didn't want to ruin the makeup that the other girls had done to make her beautiful for the evening.

"Don't cry Luna," said Millie patting her gently on the arm. "You should know by now that we will do what we have to, to protect you from bullies in this school. You are like the little sister that many of us wanted. I'm happy that you got your necklace back. I know that it meant a lot to you as you and your mother made it together. However, you have to wear your other jewelry tonight. It will go great with your gown."

Luna nodded her head and got her emotions back under control. If Hermione and Millie said everything was going to be alright, she was not going to question it. She tenderly placed her cork necklace back into the bag. She now had two as she left the one that Harry and the others made for her in her room.

Hermione brought out her jewelry box and the girls had field day looking at the different sets of jewelry.

"You may all borrow what you need provided that you promise that I get them back by no later than lunch tomorrow," said Hermione. "The only set that is off limits is the ruby set as that's the set I'm using tonight."

The girls excitedly grabbed the sets that would accentuate the gowns they were wearing. Susan borrowed the diamond set as she was wearing a silver gown. Millie borrowed the emerald set as she was wearing an olive colored gown. Lavender borrowed the amethyst set as she was wearing a lilac colored gown. Parvati borrowed the topaz set as she was wearing a tan gown. Daphne borrowed the Onyx set to go with her grey gown. Hannah borrowed the amber set to go with her pale peach gown. Katie borrowed Hermione's sapphire set to go with her periwinkle gown.

When they were done, they all met at the foot of the stairs to meet with their prospective date. Luna in her pale blue gown was wearing her diamond jewelry. Neville walked up to her and held out his arm to escort her to the dance. Draco held out his arm to Daphne and the two set off. The rest of the girls all met up with their dates and they headed out. The girls were all surprised that the boys were wearing trim on their robes in the corresponding colors of their gowns. Each young gentleman placed a red and white rose corsage on their lady's wrist. Harry had help of Dobby and Winky for that bit of surprise.

Harry was waiting for a few moments longer. He heard a sound on the stairs and his eyes got huge as Hermione walked down the stairs in her pink gown. Her ruby jewelry dripped from her neck and ears in a fashion that was divine. Harry in his tuxedo was in awe of her beauty. When she got to the bottom of the stairs, he bowed low to her and held out his arm for her.

"You are breathtaking," he whispered to her. "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. Shall we head to the ball my lovely wife?"

"Thank you kind sir," she giggled as she placed her hand in the crook of his arm. "I'm happy that you like what you see. The girls all borrowed my jewelry. It was like someone had rained precious gems in the dorm room."

"I have no doubt that each and every young lady is absolutely thankful that you are as good natured as I am," he said as the two headed for the Great Hall. "Professor McGonagall has Colin Creevey set up to take pictures of all the couples. I must say that Luna is looking very beautiful tonight as well. She seems to be a little happier this evening."

"Oh she will be even happier tomorrow morning," stated Hermione with a grin. "She mentioned that the jewelry you gave her for Christmas was also missing with her old stuff. She told me that it was possible that the bullies kept it. I went to Ravenclaw Tower and took it back for her. Her cork necklace was there as well. Professor Flitwick will be having some words with the sixth year girls this evening. I have a feeling that some expulsions are going to be happening tomorrow."

"I rarely see him angry," said Harry as they got in line for their picture. "However, we now know why he was a dueling champion when he was younger. Even I don't want to cross wands with him when he is mad. It is downright scary. He has taken to protecting Luna like she was his own child. I can't say that I blame him. She is very easy to love. Just like you."

"You do have a way with smooth words Mr. Potter," said Hermione blushing. "I'm happy that you think so. It's nice being Mrs. Harry Potter and not having to worry anymore about who knows and who doesn't."

"Well if anyone has anything negative to say about it, they can take it up with me," he replied. "I highly doubt that anyone will be that stupid. Then again, you never know with some of these people. I would wager a guess that Cho had something to do with Luna's jewelry. She better hope that Professor Flitwick deals with her. If I do it, she won't make it very far. No one picks on Luna and gets away with it."

"You speak for all of us," said Draco who was standing in front of them. "They better hope that I don't get my hands on any of them. They will not like what we Slytherins will do to them. Of course, they still have to worry about the two of you. For the House of the intelligent, those girls are downright stupid."

The rest of the group all laughed at this. Draco had a way of stating the obvious. Everyone that was anyone loved Luna and all were willing to step up to the plate and hex someone being cruel to her. Odd things happened to those people as it was usually more than one person sending the hex. Poppy would just shake her head, give out detention, and send the miscreant on their way after she healed them.

Once they were done with their pictures, Harry and Hermione led the school in a dance. As the two waltzed around the dance floor, the others were sitting there talking.

"They make a gorgeous couple," stated Minerva to Dolores. "Both are very well made for one another. They compliment each other in intelligence, wit, charm, grace, and beauty. Hermione looks wonderful in what she is wearing. Were I years younger, I would make a pass at Mr. Potter myself. He looks absolutely handsome this evening."

"Minerva," chided Dolores. "I think I stand a better chance. I am younger than you after all."

"Women," muttered Severus as the two women broke out in laughter. "All of you should be shot for your words. Though, I do agree that both Potters look wonderful this evening. I'm glad that the happiness is finally showing on his face and what not. Now that he is his ideal weight, he looks healthier than I have ever seen him."

"He couldn't have done it without your help," remarked Minerva. "Thank Merlin you are such a great Potions maker. They have done wonders for Harry's poor body. Has anyone seen Filius this evening?"

"He is up in Ravenclaw Tower," answered Pomona. "I ran into him on the way down. He is furious with the girls that hurt Luna earlier. Apparently they stole her jewelry and kept it. Hermione found it when she went looking for it. I would imagine that by tomorrow, we will be a few less in the manner of students. Theft on this scale deserves more than punishment by detention and point loss."

"Once we get the full story, we will deal with it," promised Minerva. "At least Luna has her jewelry back. That is the main thing as I know that Harry paid a steep price for it."

"I think I will ask Mrs. Potter for a dance," said Severus as he headed to the dance floor for the young girl.

"Well if he is going to do that, then I will ask Harry for a dance," said Minerva with a laugh that was outside of her normal behavior.

All evening, the dancers swapped partners and danced. Harry ended up dancing with Minerva, Luna, Pomona, Dolores, Hermione, and a few of the young men in good fun. Hermione was waltzed around by some of the professors as well as some of their male friends. Draco was delighted to take her for a spin as was Neville.

The ball ended on a fun note. The different people were heading for their dorms when Filius stopped Harry and Hermione. Minerva, Severus, and Dolores were near them when he spoke.

"It is confirmed that Miss Chang is the one that perpetrated Miss Lovegood's jewelry," he reported. "I think that for tomorrow, we need to set an example before the school about such behaviors. I am furious with my Eagles that they were immature as to steal the property of one that has done nothing wrong to them."

"Did she say why she stole it?" asked Harry. "I'm sure there was a reason as to why she did it."

"She claims that it was to teach Luna a lesson," said Filius. "She claims that they did what they did to teach Luna to keep her head out of the clouds. I have found some of Luna's other property in their belongings as well. Therefore, I'm asking that as of tomorrow morning at breakfast that Miss Chang and Miss Edgecombe be expelled from Hogwarts. I will not tolerate theft amongst the students."

"Why would you want to do it in front of the students?" asked Harry. "Would you be doing it just to embarrass them and to teach them a lesson about their actions?"

"Right in one," said Filius with a smirk. "I have already contacted Amelia Bones and both of their parents. Everyone will meet us here tomorrow morning right at the conclusion of breakfast."

Harry gave a sigh and a nod of his head. He knew that this was something that needed to happen. He also knew that for things like this to never happen again that a lesson needed to be taught to those that felt it was acceptable to badger and degrade another student just because they were different.

"I'll have a speech ready by tomorrow morning," said Harry with another sigh. "I'm sure I can come up with something that will inform the students that what has occurred can't be a common occurrence. The actions of these two individuals would do well to teach other bullies and thieves that they will be caught and punished to the fullest extent of the law."

"As you wish," said Filius. "Just don't stay up to late working on your speech. You need your rest just like everyone else does. Let's not forget that you are already such a busy person that you barely have time to see to your personal needs. I'm counting on your wife to make sure that you don't stay up to all hours of the night tonight."

"You can bet that I won't let him stay up any later than necessary working on this," she promised. "I don't like seeing Harry any more fatigued than you do."

With that, all of the assembled parties went about their way to their respective rooms to call it a night.

Bill was trailing the old fool all around the globe. He knew that at any time, he would find something that would tie the old man down so that the Dark Lord and the Ministry of Magic would be able to step in and grab him. He also knew that at any given time, the old man would catch on that he was being tailed and turn the tables on him.

Carefully, Bill followed Dumbledore around Greece while the old fool recruited Minotaurs to work with. He followed him to Japan where he was amused to see the Japanese wizards attempt to arrest the old man. Following Japan, Bill followed Dumbledore to America where the old man barely made it out of the country with his life.

Upon returning to the British Isles, Bill lost track of Dumbledore for a little while. However, he stayed on the track and played the waiting game. Reports were flying left and right between Harry, Voldemort, and Bill. When Bill picked up the scent again, he knew that Dumbledore was trying to make a move on Hogwarts. It was here that Voldemort caught up with the old man.

"What are you doing here you old fool?" asked Voldemort. "You should know by now that anyone who is anyone will be trying to bring you in. Your death will be the only thing that makes me feel better about his whole situation. You don't deserve to live after what you have done to so many people. Harry and I are just two of many that you have harmed in some way shape or form. You will be brought to justice and I will be the one that will do it."

"You have no power over me Tom," snapped Dumbledore. "You will be killed for your dark ways and I will get all of the credit for it. From there, I will challenge Harry Potter and make sure that the second Dark Lord is brought down for his charges. The wizarding world will have no choice but to acknowledge that I was correct the entire time when they hear that Harry Potter has been killing innocent people and using dark magic. They will all know that I have been telling the truth."

"What do you mean killing innocent people?" asked a confused Voldemort. "Harry hasn't killed anyone. The incident with Quirrell wasn't his fault. We didn't know that touching his bare skin would harm him. The ministry doesn't feel that Harry was at fault for that. Diggory was an accident. The boy was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was killed by Peter Pettigrew. Harry hasn't killed anyone."

"He killed Sirius Black," said Dumbledore with a smirk. "No one who is anyone will know that Harry didn't do it. After all, no one saw what really happened. I have it all planned out. The boy will end up in Azkaban for life for murder."

"Not if I kill you first," snapped Voldemort. "I promised that I wouldn't break the law, but NO ONE will hurt an heir of Salazar Slytherin while I'm still alive and you know that you can't kill me. You have lost the power of the elder wand. Harry has two of the three, Hallows. You broke the power of the third, as my horcrux, but with Harry's help, I have it back. Therefore, we have all of them and you will not get them back. What are you going to do now Dumbledore? Pin it on Harry that Gellert was murdered by him as well?"

"When I am done, harry will lose all of his supporters," snapped Dumbledore. "That will include the half giant oaf that betrayed me and decided to support the foolish boy. He will learn his lesson as well."

Before Tom could utter a single syllable, Dumbledore lifted his wand and blew up Hagrid's house. The half giant was screaming in pain as the woods pieces were imbedded in his skin. Tom turned and sent a patronus to the school to inform Harry that the old fool was there and causing problems. He didn't need to worry. Harry, Hermione, Minerva, Severus, and Remus were already there with drawn wands. Amelia and the Ministry were there within seconds.

Harry was enjoying twirling his wife around the dance floor when he was hit with a warning from the wards of the castle. Hermione froze in his arms as she too felt the warning. Dumbledore was on the grounds. Tom was also on the grounds, but he had permission. Dumbledore didn't.

Harry lifted his wand in the air and sent up silver sparks. This was the universal signal that there was danger and all members of the defensive groups were to take immediate action. Hermione was already passing on information to those professors that didn't know what was going on.

"Attention students," called Harry. "We have some trouble on the grounds. All students are to remain in the Great Hall. No one is allowed to leave under any circumstances. Professor Flitwick will deal with the students that are not here due to detention or other worries. All other professors that are not assigned to certain areas of the castle are to remain with the students and protect them at all costs. All sixth and seventh year prefects are to assist Professor Flitwick."

"Poppy, we need you to come with us," said Hermione. "Hagrid is hurt and can use your assistance."

Together with Severus and Minerva, the trio rushed out of the castle and onto the grounds. Hermione and Minerva's wands were busy sending word to Amelia in the Ministry with regards to the attack. Harry was aiming for one person and that old fool was within his sights.


"Don't threaten me Harry Potter," snapped Dumbledore. "The last Dark Lord that tried that is rotting in Nurmengard for his troubles. You will be joining him in prison for your ways, only it won't be in that cozy prison. Azkaban will welcome you with open arms."

Amelia and her Aurors arrived just as Harry lit into Albus with a fury that made many blanch. Hermione was busy helping Poppy with Hagrid while Tom, Minerva, and Severus were all busy making sure that nothing dark and sinister hit Harry. They needn't have worried as Harry was making Dumbledore dance a pretty jig on the spot.

The two battled back and forth for almost thirty minutes before Dumbledore decided that he had enough. He knew that with Harry's righteous fury that he would not win this night. He needed time to come up with a new game plan. He knew that for the moment, he was beaten.

"We will meet again Potter," hissed Albus. "When we do, I will make sure that you won't be so high and mighty. You will fall as all Dark Lords do."

With those few words, he fled the area until he could get to a place to apparate out of the area. Harry screamed in fury as his foe once more escaped his grasp.

"I am going to enjoy watching that old fool fall," he fumed. "We will get him for this and everything else that he has been involved in. I promise that he will fall."

"We will help you," assured Amelia. "We want his ass caught as much as you do. Is there anything else that we can do to assist you?"

"Not with this," said Harry. "However, I am furious right now and it is time that we teach some students what it means to pick on others that are under the protection of House Potter. You as a witness will work out VERY nicely for the lesson I have in mind."

"Oh, oh," whispered Hermione. "This doesn't look good for Cho and Marietta. They will regret doing what they did to Luna. Harry looks extremely pissed right now. Even I am not going to get in the way of this."

While Poppy and Severus worked on Hagrid, the rest of the group headed for the castle. When Harry got there, he called for attention.

"I need Cho Chang and Marietta Edgecombe to come to the Great Hall immediately with all other students," called Harry with a magically enhanced voice. "This is NOT a request. It is a demand."

The school waited with baited breath as Harry paced back and forth in front of the stage. When he was sure that all of the students were present and accounted for, he looked at the two girls and beckoned them closer.

"It has come to my attention that you were responsible for stealing Luna's jewelry," he stated coldly. "I will have you both know that I paid a small fortune for that jewelry, and even though it is not that much for someone like me, the thought, effort, and love that is represented means more to Luna than the amount of galleons it cost me to have it commissioned. The two of you were VERY much aware of the fact that the cork necklace was the last thing that she and her mother made together before death separated them. You got other girls to help you attack her with hexes and other embarrassing things. THEREFORE, this is MY verdict on punishment for the two of you."

Everyone was watching the scene with baited breath. It was rare that Harry used his authority, but this was one time that he was letting loose with everything that was making him so angry. Hermione stood by his side and held his hand as Luna grabbed the other. Neville, Draco, Millie, and a few others all joined their little growing group to show support of one of their own.

"For embarrassing her the way you did by making her have to sneak to Gryffindor Tower naked in a pillowcase, I am herby expelling you from Hogwarts," he said in a deadly calm voice. "For stealing her belongings and banishing what you didn't want causing her to lose everything but the wand I borrowed, I am hereby going to see to it that the two of you spend one year in Hogwarts acting as servants. This will pay for all of the property that you stole, destroyed, or tried to keep."

"You can't do that," whispered Marietta in a hushed voice. "My mother works for the Ministry. She will put a stop to this."

"I don't think so," snapped Amelia appalled. "How dare you do this to someone who is not only younger than you, but a sweet and gentle soul? How dare you even think that your parents will get you out of this? You two will hand over your wands immediately. Once your year is done at Hogwarts, you will serve another year in the Ministry. The two of you ought to be lucky that we are not having you sent to a juvenile home for miscreants and troubled youth. Your mother will either accept this verdict, or she can join you."

"I highly doubt that either of your parents raised you to behave this way," said Hermione. "The thought that, after everything that Luna did to help you, that you would do this to her, makes me sick. How cruel can two girls be? You can bet that we will make sure that everything that you do will be monitored and seen too. You are just lucky that Luna was able to calm Harry enough to not cause a blood feud."

At the mention of a blood feud status, both girls paled. Pansy tried to sneak out, but was caught by Harry.

"Miss Parkinson," he called. "You may not have stolen Luna's things, but you are just as guilty as they are. You will join them in their punishment as will every girl that took part in the attack. Just consider yourselves lucky that I don't expel you as well. I will NOT tolerate this in my school. Now those of you that are not being expelled, I would like for you to return to your rooms. Your other punishments will stand as will the new one."

"Cho and Marietta, you will hand your wands to Madam Bones immediately or you will suffer MY wrath," said Hermione in a voice that brooked no argument from either girl. "Count yourselves lucky that I don't get involved in this. As you both are very much aware, I can make your lives miserable."

With that, Harry and is party walked away to enjoy the last bit of the party. Amelia and her group finished the details and took the girls away for the night until the paperwork could be filed.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I lost my other chapter that I had done. This one doesn't feel good, but it is the best that I can do with what happened. My computer literally ate the old chapter. I had to figure out what I had written previously and try and fit it between 11 and 13. Thanks in advance for understanding.

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