Blood is Thicker

Failures and Losses

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Chapter 13 – Failures and Losses

The fight with Dumbledore took many by surprise. It got to the point that Harry was constantly working with the wards on the school to ensure that another attack on the staff or students wouldn't happen again in the foreseeable future.

Hagrid recovered quickly under Poppy's care and when he was well again, he worked with Fluffy to ensure that Albus didn't get near the school again. Remus had spoken with Bane and passed on Harry's message. Aragog also agreed to send some of his children to assist in the defense of the school. Only one werewolf was allowed to freely roam the Forbidden Forest and that was Remus.

Everyone knew that it wouldn't be long before Dumbledore tried again to make a move on the castle. It was the one place in the British Isles that was the easiest to defend. They knew that if Dumbledore ever got back into the castle, that it would take a miracle to remove him. The ancient and sentient magic of the place would feed Dumbledore for decades if not longer.

Life at the castle fell back into routine quickly enough. It was not long before it was time for those of fifth and seventh year to sit for their exams. Harry and Hermione were more nervous than most as they were sitting some of their NEWTS at the same time as their seventh year counterparts.

The examiners arrived and soon all students had their noses pushed to the grindstone. The Professors of Hogwarts was sitting in the staff room one afternoon talking while the students began to take their tests. Small bets were taking place between the members of the faculty.

"I bet that Harry will pass all of his exams with an O in ALL of his tests," exclaimed Minerva writing her bet down in a log book they were keeping. "Hermione will have a little trouble with DADA, but for the most part she will pass all of her exams with an O as well. I am betting that Harry does better than she does in the final count."

"Now that is where I am going to challenge you," said Severus getting up to write his own bet. "Harry will pass everything but Potions with an O while doing better in DADA than anyone else on record. However, Hermione will beat him in overall score. There is no way that she will lose to him. He may be intelligent, but she will pass him with no trouble."

"I don't know about that," said Pomona adding her own markings in the book. "I think that Harry will have the higher scores. Hermione is intelligent, but she lacks the ability to ask us for our opinion or assistance. Harry has been working with us one on one in his spare time picking up all of the hints of our professions. My bet is on Harry."

"Something tells me that they will tie," said Filius. "They will pass both of their exams with an O. However, I think Harry has the advantage over Hermione in DADA and he will score higher in that subject than she will. She is slightly better than he is in Transfiguration."

"I am going to place my bet on Harry," said Dolores. "He has surpassed anything that I can teach him. He has even been asking Lord Slytherin for advice on theories and such with his work. I think he will be ahead of his wife in his scores. He has been working very hard on his essays and his tests are always scoring the best that can be scored."

"I have to say that I am not going to bet at all," said Remus wisely. "Those two will probably tie for everything. Let's not forget that Harry is going for a Masters in Charms and DADA. He will be sitting for a NEWT in everything except four classes that he is going for an OWL in. She is sitting her NEWTS in all but six classes and that is impressive to say the least as they are fifth year students. I don't think that even Albus sat NEWTS in his fifth year."

"This is a first time we have had any student sitting their NEWTS at a fifth year grade," said Minerva. "This will definantly be something to mark for the history books. We have two students doing it in the same year. One alone is an impressive feat, but two of them will never be repeated again."

"I am sure that both will do amazing all the way around," said Septima. "They are very dedicated to their studies as well as the school in general. I am delighted that both are doing so well. They have passed everyone in my class in grades. Mr. Potter only started this year in my subject and he is already creating his own spells and such. I am VERY impressed with his thinking capacity."

"Time will tell with regards to these theories and thoughts," proclaimed Charity. "We know that both of them are powerful, intelligent, and very well able to do anything they set their minds to. This is especially true when it comes to defending the other. I would not want to be on the receiving end of either of their wands when they are angry. I would rather face the Dark Lord when he is angry than one of them."

The others in the room all agreed with that particular statement. Both Harry AND Hermione were very skilled with a wand and knew what to do to back someone off and slap them down. Many knew that when the punches were being thrown that Harry was the one to have in your corner with Hermione hot on his heels.

While the students were taking their exams, others in the land were doing what they do best. Some were on missions for one faction or the other while others were causing mayhem.

Dumbledore was in other lands looking for assistance with his endeavor. Bill Weasley and his party were in hot pursuit of the old wizard reporting every move he made and in some cases totally demolishing and undermining the work that he was doing.

The ICW members were also helping to put a stop to the old wizard. In some cases, Dumbledore was barely able to get out of their country before hit wizards were after him for his shenanigans in their countries. There was a world wide hunt for the old man. He was not a regular dinner guest in most people's home.

France, Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, and the British Isles were all working hand in hand to find and apprehend the old wizard. They all had their groups similar to Bill's out there putting a stop to anything that the old wizard was trying to do. Unfortunately, it was not enough. There were still those that felt the old wizard was still the leader of the light and that he was innocent of all wrong doings that were being blamed on him.

It was on one such occasion in Japan, where the united countries ran into some trouble. Some of the Japanese people were VERY supportive of Dumbledore and were more than willing to assist the older wizard with his endeavors. Those that were opposed to his way were summarily banned from entering the country with the threat of death placed on their heads should they do so.

This of course didn't stop Bill Weasley. He was the best in the world and he knew it. He was able to stay secretly trailing the old wizard keeping tabs on his every move. He stopped trying to undo what Albus was doing. He just tracked, observed, and reported. He valued his life to much to get involved directly with the older wizard. Albus may be a fugitive of the law, but he was still a powerful wizard that could easily kill him.

That Dumbledore went to Greece looking for new magical creatures was not lost on the eldest Weasley son either. His reports were going back and forth day after day. He followed Dumbledore all around watching the old man's move meticulously. It was not hard to follow him if you gave half thought to it. The old fool didn't hide his tracks all that well. He led Bill around easily enough. Bill sometimes thought that it was too easy until Dumbledore would run into an ally of the British Ministry and the fights would break out.

While this was going on, Bellatrix was on the move as well. She knew she had a job to do and she was determined to make sure that she didn't fail her master again. She had already displeased him with her words and actions at one point and she was determined to not do so again. She sat there and replayed the scene in her mind while she waited for her prey to come out into the open.

"Master, I can't believe that you are falling for the boy's trap," she said. "He is going to get you captured by the Aurors and they will find a way to destroy you."

"Do you believe me to be some kind of fool Bella?" he asked angered. "I am not going to be destroyed by anyone. Lord Potter and I have an agreement. I will be perfectly fine to work where and when I desire. Do you think me such a novice that I can't tell when someone is lying to me or trying to harm me in some way? I who fears nothing in this world would not want to fight with the young man. He is more powerful than anyone that I know."

"No Master," she answered quickly. "I am just concerned for your safety with the rest of the Wizarding World. Just because that brat, Potter, says he won't do anything to you doesn't mean that he isn't getting the Ministry to do something to harm you. Now that he is in charge of the Black Family fortune, he is pulling strings all over the place to make him into some sort of beacon. We just can't allow that."

"CRUCIO!" hissed Voldemort in parseltongue. He held it for almost two minutes before he decided that she had enough. As he lifted his wand, she fell to the floor twitching with the pain. Even though she was rarely punished, when she was, it was due to something really beyond the mistakes of a mere novice. Lucius sat there with a smirk on his face as she rolled on the floor in pain. Voldemort leaned over her and grabbed her by the face.

"I am on going to tell you this once more Bella," he snarled. "It is in your best interest to heed my words this time. What's going on between me and Lord Potter is NONE of your business. If you feel that you are too good to follow my instructions, then tell me so right now and I can make you wish for death. The relationship that I have with Lord Harry Potter is one that will benefit us both. He is powerful in magic, status, and wealth. You have nothing anymore and that is your own fault. You will do what I tell you to do and nothing more. Any thoughts that you have of harming a single hair on his head will call down my displeasure as well as his."

He let her go and watched as the spasms were still flitting through her body from the exposure to his curse. He sat there with a look on his face that was one of warning to all of his minions as they watched dispassionately as she was lectured. Many of them were smirking on the inside in glee at her physical and verbal punishment.

"Let me make it clear to ALL of you," he said sitting back in his chair while he twirled his wand in his fingers. "Harry Potter is OFF LIMITS to each of you. Should you attack him in any way, then you will not only have to deal with what I do to you, but I shall leave you to your punishment of what the Ministry of Magic will do to you as well. That is if you live through it when you attempt anything on him in any way."

The Death Eaters all bowed in acceptance of those words. They knew that their Master would not tell them this without good reason. This is what made him such an effective leader. He knew his opponents well. He didn't target those that would be harmful to him or them. He knew when he would win and when he wouldn't.

"As many of you know, Dumbledore is powerful in magic," explained Voldemort gently stroking Nagini's head. "I will never claim otherwise. He will never be a match for me, but he IS powerful. However, Harry Potter could take us both on at once and win without even breaking a sweat. The only reason that Dumbledore has not been captured by Lord Potter yet is due to having one hundred and fifty years of experience over on Lord Potter."

"My Lord," asked Rabastan smoothly. "May I inquire as to how the meeting with Lord Potter went?"

"You may," answered the Dark Lord. "The Head of my family is powerful and very much able to do what he wants and when he wants. He has more power than Salazar Slytherin had in his prime. The boy, or should I say young man, is Goddess touched. The symbol of the ankh is on his collar bone. It was not hard to miss."

"I thought that meant that he would only have his relationship with his mudblood protected," stated a confused McNair. "What does that have to do with us not attacking him and destroying him once and for all?'

"Should I ever hear those words come out of your mouth again I will cause you such pain that when you pass on you will wish you were still living so that you could find a way to ease the pain," threatened Voldemort. "For the record, when one is Goddess touched, you imbecile, he or she is protected in all aspects. Lord Potter is so powerful that she has taken an interest in him for his whole persona."

"The Lady Isis is well known as being the Goddess of Magic," stated Lucius. "She would take an interest in someone like Harry Potter. I could sense the magic in him so powerful that it made my skin crawl just to be in his presence. His wife is just as powerful as he is. I, for one, would not want to be on the receiving end of his wand. I would rather be punished by our Lord and Master before I am punished by Potter."

With that Bellatrix snapped out of her memory. That was a very educational day. She knew that without a doubt that Harry Potter was the one person on the planet that should be feared if he ever got angry with you for something. If her Master was not interested in fighting with the young man due to his power and status, then she was not foolish enough to do so herself. She knew she had a job to do and she was going to do it.

This brought her to her present situation. She knew that the blood traitor family lived in this area. However, she also knew that many members of the family were under the protection of House Potter. Bella had no family anymore, so she knew that if she were to attack the wrong member of the family, she would not only have her Master after her blood, but also Potter.

So here she was staking the house of a hated enemy. She despised the Weasley family. She really wanted to take out the whole family, but she knew that she couldn't. She was after two of the members only. She remembered back to what her Master had said regarding the two of them.

"The two are stupid enough to think that they deserve to be treated like a king and queen," he told her. "The male has been Harry's sidekick since they entered Hogwarts. He has been living on the fame of his friend. However, he has been working with his harlot of a sister on ways of bringing down Harry Potter. They have been using the boy for years trying to get his money so that they could improve their station in life. From what I am to understand, they were planning on using potions and so forth on him."

"What would that have accomplished?" she asked confused. "Aren't the Potters protected from things like love potions and such?"

"They are," he replied with scorn thinking about the Weasleys. "The two children are too stupid to understand the ramifications of what that means. They verbally attacked the Potters. The boy even went so far as to tell Lady Potter that she would be his whore when it was all said and done. This was on the same day that Lord Potter removed Dumbledore from the castle with a flick of his hand. The harlot demanded the wedding ring from Lady Potter's hand stating that she had no right to it."

"So the Weasley's are both poor and stupid," Bella sneered in contempt. "What do you want me to do with them? Am I to bring them here or am I to just do away with them?"

"Just do away with them," he replied. "It isn't like we have need of more slaves. We have enough of them wandering around here doing what we want. Two more without a way of thinking would be a burden."

She nodded to him and left to do her mission. Thus she was out where she was and looking with interest around the area to see if she could spot the two targets she was sent for. She had open permission to do what she wanted with the two. She would have her fun while she let loose with her anger and hatred at the blood traitors.

It wasn't long before she spotted one of her victims. He was standing in front of the house talking with his harpy of a mother. They were discussing what needed to be done.

"If you would just let me take down Potter, then we can afford to hire elves to do all of this for us," Ron stated. "Just one potion and the fool will not know what hit him. We can do this if you give us half the chance."

"Are you really that interested in dying?" asked Molly scornfully. "Harry has more power in is little finger than all of us combined. He will not tolerate you trying to harm Hermione again. You only got away with it this last time as a favor to our family. If I ever hear you state something like this again, I will turn you in myself. Our family doesn't need any more trouble. You will go into the orchard and bring me back as many apples as you can. I have some baking to do and you are going to assist me as you no longer are able to go to school."

Bella sneered as she heard the young fool grumbling all the way to the orchard. She waited a moment while Molly sighed and went back into the house. When the mother was gone, she headed out to intercept the red headed idiot.

Ron was angrily picking apples and throwing them into the basket. He was too furious to care if he bruised the fruit or not. Therefore, he was too engrossed in feeling put out to notice that he had company in the orchard.

"Don't you think you should do what mummy tells you?" asked Bella in a mock voice. "We wouldn't want her to turn you in would we?"

"Bellatrix Lestrange," whispered a horrified Ron. "Please don't kill me. I can help you bring down Harry Potter. I just need time to let my plan work. Please! I will do anything. Don't hurt me."

"I am here on orders," she said pulling out her wand. "I heard what your idea was and I am here to tell you that you are a brainless fool. You have the two most powerful wizards in the world that agree that you should leave Lord Potter and his wife alone and yet you are here contemplating how to go against the laws that were laid upon you for your past interferences. The Dark Lord was correct. You really are an idiot without a brain."

"So it's true then," said Ron. "Potter is working with the Dark Lord and he really is a dark wizard. I knew he was dark. I just knew it."

"Again you are speaking before you think," said Bellatrix hitting him with a silencing spell. "Harry Potter is the most purely light wizard in history. He is even out shining his predecessor Merlin in power, fame, and status. Harry Potter is working with the Dark Lord, but not in the way you think. There is only one really dark wizard out there, and it is your beloved Dumbledore. My Master is powerful and therefore feared. He is not evil like many claims. He just isn't afraid to use the power that he finds."

Ron stood there completely frozen as she hit him with as many small hexes as she could while she spoke to him. She was just beginning her fun with him. She knew she had all the time in the world to do serious damage to the boy. Therefore, she continued to taunt him while she spoke.

"How does it feel to know that your once best friend doesn't care about you anymore?" she asked in a taunting manner. "He would have gladly made it so that you live like a prince, but you had to be greedy and try and take it all. You entire family minus you, the whore, and the pompous ass are protected and taken care of by him. You are only here due to your mother and father loving you as much as they do. You are nothing, a mere bee sting to a dragon."

"What are you doing to my brother you bitch?" asked a female voice behind Bella. "Let him go right now or I will have the Aurors here in a flash to arrest you. Potter or the Dark Lord will not be able to save you from the law."

"Ah yes," said Bella turning to meet the youngest of the Weasley bunch. "The whore has come calling. How many men have you slept with in your delusion of being the Potter heiress? How many more are you willing to sleep with to become the princess that you think you should be? Your idiot brother still holds illusions of grandeur where Lord Potter is concerned. Do you still wish you were his whore? Because that is all you would ever be to someone as powerful as Harry Potter. You are nothing but an annoyance to him."

The two witches faced off in a battle. It was easily one sided. Bellatrix had fought with some of the best around the world and won. To fight a fourteen year old witch was nothing but a mental exercise for her. The fight was over before she could even get started. She had both Weasley children floating a foot off the ground.

"Now which of you wants to see the other die first?" she asked in a mocking voice. "Let's make no mistake here. You are both going to die. I have been instructed to take you out of the picture in any way that I see fit. It is just my choice of who to kill first. Will it be the boy without a brain or the girl that can't keep her legs closed? Who stands to hurt the most to watch their precious sibling die?"

She flicked her wand at both teens and caused multiple lacerations to appear on their bodies. She made sure that both teens were bleeding profusely through the cuts she made. From there, she opened her hand and waved her wand. In the palm of her hand, two funny looking bugs appeared.

"These little creatures are my friends," she cooed as the bugs started to get agitated by the smell of the blood. "They are a creation of mine. They feed off of the entrails of a live person. When they enter our body, they begin to eat you from the inside out. When they have killed you and your heart stops, they die. You two shall be my test dummies. My goal is to see how much magic I have to use to keep them alive to be able to use them again. I haven't figured out yet how to keep my creations alive once the victim dies."

She walked nonchalantly over to the two teens and inserted a bug into each of the lacerations across the abdomens that she had previously created. Ron and Ginny started squirming as best as they could as the bugs started to eat their insides.

"Yes," encouraged Bellatrix. "Fight and squirm. The more you move, the faster they tear through your internal organs. The more you resist, the bigger they grow and the faster they kill you. Please don't rush on my account. I have all of the time in the world. I expect that within the next ten to fifteen minutes, you will both be dead. From there, I will be able to tell my Master, that a threat to him and his plans for the world are done."

She walked back and forth between the two teens relishing in their agony. The entire time she was waiting, she tormented them with ideas that were happening in the world.

"Dumbledore will fall," she said. "Between the Ministries of the country, Harry Potter, and my Master, he will fall. There is a world wide manhunt out for him. He will die in the most painful way that can be created. Peace will reign in the world. My Lord has created a way to ensure that he doesn't die anytime soon. Once Harry Potter is no more in this world, then he will have free reign to take over and do what he wants."

"I highly doubt that your Master has instructed you to tell such blatant lies as those," said Harry from behind her causing her to jump and spin. "He will not take over the world nor will he want you telling people about his secrets."

"He will not know what I told them," said Bellatrix. "They will be dead in a matter of seconds and you are too noble to go and tattle on me. He will not know what I said or who I said it too. Just because he doesn't want you harmed doesn't mean that you can't be. This has nothing to do with you. Leave me to do my work in peace or I will tell him that you are interfering. This will definantly break the pact and he will destroy you."

"Will I?" asked a cold voice from behind her causing her to jump in fright and turn around. "I sent you here to stop a problem. I didn't send you here to cause a disruption to the working that the Wizarding World has. You have gone too far Bella and it is time that you pay the price for it."

"Is it possible to save the Weasleys?" Harry asked Voldemort. "I don't like them, but I don't with them dead. I know that Ronald was planning another plot to harm me and my wife. I was informed by Molly that he was still working on it."

"They will not live," said Voldemort. "There is no cure for what she has done to them. They will be dead within moments. The only good thing is that once Bella dies, the spell she used will no longer be in circulation. Even I am unsure as to what she has done. All I know is that these two are being eaten from the inside out."

With those words, Ron's eyes rolled up into his head and his flesh caved in, in places. He breathing stopped and his life left him. A funny looking bug crawled out of his mouth. Harry was repulsed by it. With a flick of his hand, he killed the creature.

"NOOO," screamed Bellatrix. "I finally succeeded. They would have lived this time. I could have used them to take over for my Lord and Master."

"The only thing you are going to be doing is taking a trip," stated Harry in a cold voice as Ginny died. The bug came out of Ginny's mouth and Harry blasted it with a ray of magic.

"Bellatrix No-Name," intoned Amelia as Harry incapacitated her. "You are hereby sentenced to death. Your sentence shall be carried out in the Department of Mysteries as we send you head first through the Veil of Death in the Death Chamber. Aurors, take her away. Make sure you subdue her the entire time. We don't want her escaping again. Lord Potter, I shall leave you to discuss with the Dark Lord as to what happened here."

With that, Amelia and the Aurors took Bellatrix away. Harry turned to Voldemort with a speculative look in his eyes. He lifted his hand and created two graves for the Weasley siblings. Voldemort sighed and conjured caskets for the two and levitated the bodies into it. From there, Harry buried the two teens and created their headstones.

The rest of the Weasley family was standing there watching all of this. When Harry and Voldemort were done, the two moved away so that the family could grieve in peace. Harry wrapped an arm around Hermione's shoulders. He looked Voldemort square in the eyes for a few moments before he spoke again.

"I know that you were looking out for me when you sent Bella to take care of a threat to the Slytherin line," he said quietly. "In the future, I am going to ask that you not send hit people out on those that think they can harm me. Our only common enemy that we need to worry about is Dumbledore. These two people here would never have been able to harm me. While I appreciate the sentiment, I will ask that you allow me to handle my own problems."

"As you wish Lord Potter," acknowledged Voldemort. "In my desire to assist you, it seems that I went too far. It shall not happen again. You have my word as a Slytherin on that."

"Harry is not going to be able to forgive himself for this," said Hermione quietly taking the Dark Lord by the arm and walking a little away from Harry who had joined the Weasleys. "He was furious with Ron and Ginny, but he never wanted them dead. Ron and Ginny didn't have the brains or the finances to be able to harm Harry or anyone else. Eventually they would have broken the law and been sent to Azkaban for life. Harry will always feel that this was his fault. He will try and make amends with the family for the rest of his life over this."

"I will do what I can to ease that as much as possible," answered Voldemort. "I keep forgetting that Harry is the type to blame him self for the actions of others. The one good thing that came about out of all of this was that we were able to take one more uncontrollable person out of the picture. She would have eventually joined Dumbledore in his quest to take over the world. I was too late in informing you all of what was going on. It was my intention of getting her captured while teaching the two children a valuable lesson about picking on people more powerful than they were. It seems my plan backfired a bit. You have my sincerest apologies for the grief that I have caused your husband, Lady Potter."

"You couldn't have known that we wouldn't arrive in time," said Hermione. "When the call came through that the Weasleys were under attack, we were setting the wards again. It isn't a task we can just stop. Did she know that we know what Nagini is other than your familiar?"

"She didn't," he answered quickly. "She doesn't even know how I did it. She only knows that I did. She was more dangerous than even I realized. To have her arrested, and dealt with, has probably saved both you and me much grief in the future."

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I am going to stop this chapter right here. I know that some of you are anxious for me to post more, but I have so much going on right now that I need more time to post. Thanks for understanding.

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