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Chapter 14 – Interceptions

Harry knew that the press would have field day with the story of the capture of one of the most unstable people of the wizarding world. He gave a short interview with the press hoping beyond hope that somewhere, they would give the Weasleys and him a break from the spotlight and let them morn in peace. He was sadly mistaken as when he opened the Daily Prophet the next morning and saw what was written.


It has come to this reporter's attention that the Weasleys are once more suffering in the Wizarding World. As usual, it has something to do with the Boy Who Lived. Harry Potter was seen talking with the press about the attack on the Weasley family. It seems that even in the death of others, the Boy Who Has Problems can't help but try to get a little bit of fame. He was seen talking with the most feared Dark Lord in history after the attack that ended the lives of both Ginevra and Ronald Weasley.

It is no secret that Lord Harry James Potter was once the best friend of Ronald Weasley as well as the heart throb of Ginevra. After a simple kiss, Lord Potter has dropped the Weasley family and set out with muggleborn Hermione Granger. He seems to have forgotten what the Weasley family has done for him in his new romance with his now wife.

This reporter plans on getting to the bottom of why the most insane witch in the Wizarding World suddenly happened across two teens that just so happened to upset the new Lord of Hogwarts. Will we find out some sinister plot to wipe out all opposition? Trust me when I say that I will find out all of this information and more.

Rita Skeeter



Hermione, Severus, Minerva, and Dolores raced to Harry's side. Hermione was doing her best to calm Harry down while Severus and Dolores read the paper quickly. The more they read, the more they understood why Harry was so furious. His anger was so great that the students didn't want to be near him. Of course, none of the assembled professors could blame them. Harry was a scary figure when he was angry. Right now, he was beyond angry and all the way into pissed off.

"Harry," said Hermione quickly. "You need to calm down. We have to finish taking our tests today and then from there, we can go see Griphook about what we can do about this. Now that we know that Rita is still writing about you, we can put a stop to it once and for all. That the Daily Prophet is allowing this kind of smut to continue to blemish your name means that it is time for a new Editor in Chief. We can fix this without resorting to violence. We just have to calmly and rationally think this through and deal with it one step at a time. She was not at the site when you gave your comments to the paper. Someone fed her some cock and bull story."

"How do you know she wasn't there?" asked Harry. "She is a beetle Animagus. She could have been hiding on anyone. For all we know, she was sitting on Bellatrix's shoulder while she killed the Weasley's youngest."

"Do you have so little faith in my spell casting abilities?" asked Hermione sharply. "I cast the Animagus Revealer spell before you gave your interview. The only two Animagus there was you and me. She wasn't there. She has no idea what you said. That means that someone fed her the story. That the paper we own, printed it means that someone is working on the inside, and allowing this to happen. It is time that we clean up that rag. Trust me when I say that we will figure this out."

"Didn't we have her arrested already for being an unregistered Animagus?" asked Dolores with wonder in her voice. "I can't seem to remember if we did or not."

"For whatever reason, I can't either," admitted Harry scratching his head in thought. "I thought we did, but I could be mistaken. If we didn't, we damn sure will now. She has spoken ill of people for the last time. I am so sick of her ruining people's lives. She will be spending a long time in Azkaban for this atrocity."

"Just do as your wife suggests and wait until you are done with your tests," said Severus. "We will all work on it as a team while you do that. As we have little to do today, we can have Amelia and Augusta looking for Rita while you do that and we can take a trip to Gringotts and the Daily Prophet when all of your tests are done for today. So I'm asking you to please center your mind on your exams. We will deal with everything one step at a time. I swear on my magic that we will set this right."

Harry took a deep breath and sat down. He was still in a foul mood, but he acknowledged the sound advice of those he trusted the most. He nodded in acquiesce. He knew it would do no good to blow up over something that could be dealt with better with a clear head and some calm reassuring patience. He also knew that it would do no good to blow something up if he didn't get his magic under control. He couldn't afford to ruin something in his anger. He was smart enough to know that his power was fueled to his emotions.

When they knew he was under control, they went back to their places to eat their breakfast. Hermione sat with Harry as their friends joined them. Each member of the Potter team worked hard to get Harry to eat and focus on something other than what was printed in the paper.

All too soon, they were sitting for their final exams. As Harry was entering the Great Hall for his tests, he asked Severus to have the Dark Lord meet them at Gringotts when they were done for the day. Severus nodded his head in agreement and Harry entered the room. Hours later, they were done for the day. Harry and Hermione were ecstatic that they were done with some of their tests that were higher than many of the other students. That this was the last day of said tests made it all the more special for them.

"Now that it is all said and done, all we have to do is wait and be patient, while they grade them," said Hermione brightly. "We'll be getting our results in about four weeks if I'm mot mistaken. We should know which Potter is the smartest soon enough. For the moment, we have other concerns to deal with and both of us have training to take care of from this day forth until the beginning of next year."

Harry nodded his head as he headed for the entrance of the castle. Minerva, Dolores, and Severus met them there.

"Dolores will be going with you," said Severus quickly. "We can't take to many teachers away from the castle. As soon as you deal with all of that nonsense from this morning, please come back as soon as possible before we worry ourselves into a coma."

"We will be back as soon as we can," said Harry softly. "I'm still furious about what was written, but I can think with a clearer head now and won't be flying off the handle when I get there. I'm sure that Ragnok and Griphook will assist me in taking care of all of this unpleasantness. Starting tomorrow, I will begin my training for the role of Headmaster while Hermione begins her training as Minister for Magic. I'm sure that we will be busy for the next few months learning all that we can about these two extremely honorable spots."

Minerva and Severus both took a sigh of relief at hearing that from Harry. They were worried about him. However, if he claimed that he was able to deal with it, they were not going to get in his way. With Hermione by his side, they were even less worried about him. She was able to calm him like no other person could. With a bow of their heads, Harry, Hermione, and Dolores took their leave. When they got to the gates, Harry spoke a brief word, and the gates began to glow a golden color for a few moments.

"It pays to be the owner of and the future Headmaster of the castle," said Harry indifferently at their questioning looks. "I have cast a ward on the grounds that will give Dumbledore the shock of his life should he even put a toe on the grounds of the castle. He won't be getting anywhere near the castle while I'm away."

The other two nodded and grabbed his hands as they all apparated to the doors of Gringotts. When they arrived, they were greeted by Voldemort. He gave a welcoming smile to the trio before they all entered the bank. They were met immediately by Griphook and Ragnok. What surprised them the most was that, Amelia and Augusta, were sitting in the conference room, as were Arthur and Molly Weasley.

"I took the liberty of contacting some other people to work with us," said Voldemort with a nod. "I'm sure that like the rest, you have read this morning's edition of the paper."

"Let's just say that we are lucky Hogwarts still has a ceiling," said Dolores with a small chuckle. "I think people all the way to Hogsmeade heard him when he finished reading the article. I can tell you that most of the students took off running at his anger. It was quite impressive to say the least."

"Did we or did we not arrest her for being an unregistered Animagus?" asked Harry of the two temporary Ministers. "For the life of me, I can't remember if we did or not. It's like that bit of information has been erased from my memory. If I didn't know it was not possible, I would swear I was Obliviated."

Everyone sat there lost in thought for a moment. No one had an answer for him. No one could remember and there certainly wasn't a record of her arrest anywhere.

"I can think of one or two scenarios," said Amelia at last. "Either we didn't have her arrested, or we did and she was let out and her records were destroyed. Either way, she will be arrested now. As we now know how she has been getting around without being seen as well as how she has been getting her scoops to ruin people's lives, we will have her in Azkaban before long. I have already taken the liberty of placing the warrant out for her arrest. I have some of the best trackers scanning the country for her as we speak."

"I rarely ask for harsh punishments for people," stated Harry softly but with an edge to his voice. "However, I want the fullest punishment that one can give to her. She has ruined and attempted to ruin my reputation for years. I want the bitch buried under Azkaban. I want that damn quill of hers shoved so far up her ass that she will think she is getting a colonoscopy and being tickled from the inside. I want her totally destroyed so that she can't ever hurt anyone ever again."

"I am impressed with you," said Griphook grinning madly while the others all laughed at his description. "That is the most colorful description that we have ever heard of someone asking for the punishment of someone else. I guess even people like Harry Potter has a breaking point sometime. If I might make a suggestion, I have an idea of what can be done with her once she is caught."

"What devilish plan is going through that brilliant mind of yours?" asked Harry with an equally menacing grin. "Judging from the look on your face, even Bellatrix Lestrange would enjoy what torture you have in mind."

"I would say so," said Griphook with relish. "Unlike Azkaban, we have certain spells here at Gringotts that doesn't allow Animagus changing into their animal form and escaping. We are always in need of people to shovel the dragon shit from the tunnels. This way we keep the bitch from ruining anyone else while extracting a bit of revenge on her. At the same time, we get free labor from people who have broken the law and hurt others. We here at Gringotts have our own thoughts of revenge on that horrible woman."

"We approve," said Augusta and Amelia at the same time. Both looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"It seems like Rita Skeeter has pissed off more people than I realized," mused Harry while gloating at the idea. "If it is ok with the three Ministers, then it is definantly ok with me. I want her so buried in dragon shit that she will think she is being fed the stuff."

"She is going down," said Hermione running a finger across her neck. "I am so sick of her and her lies. I can't believe she would do that to someone. I want to know who fed her that story. Who was present when Harry gave his interview to the press? There has to be someone that was there that wasn't supposed to be. That person needs to share her punishment."

"Oh we can tell you," said Arthur with a furious look on his face. "It was Percy. He still hasn't forgiven you for causing him to not be able to live up to his dreams. He was working with Rita this whole time trying to ruin your reputation. We are just as angry with him as you are. To think that one of our children could do that to you after everything that you have done for our family is appalling to say the least."

"We have already disowned him from the family," said Molly in an equally furious tone. "I can't believe after all that Harry has done for our family, that he would pull such a stunt. It is an outrage of the most epic of proportion. We want him punished just as much as you do. I am ashamed of my own flesh and blood."

"Something tells me that he was working with Ronald and Ginevra to keep their dream alive when it came to trying to take away Harry's life," said Voldemort gravely. "It sounds to me like he was in the workings of the plan the entire time that the youngest two were planning on getting Lady Potter and the Potter family fortune. I say that if the beetle goes down, then the horse's ass joins her."

"Do it," said Harry suddenly. "I'm so sick of people trying to take what belongs to me. Mother Molly, I am so sorry about what happened, but there was nothing I could do to save Ron and Ginny. Hermione and I were busy working on the wards of the castle. When we heard that Bellatrix was there and so forth, we rushed to your house. We were just too late to save them. Despite everything they were trying to do to us, we would have saved them and spared their lives."

"Do NOT apologize for something that wasn't your fault," said Molly stubbornly. "I can see what you are thinking Harry Potter and nothing will change. This was NOT your fault. Even Marvolo says that he didn't know she wouldn't get caught before she finished her deed. It was just an error in timing, is all. There was nothing that could be done and you will NOT blame yourself for all of this. My children are to blame for being something that we didn't raise them to be. We should be the ones asking you for forgiveness, but we already know that you would not accept it. No one here is to blame. We don't even blame Marvolo for his part in all of this. It happened. We are saddened by the loss of two of our children by death and one by disownment, but there is nothing more that we can do about it."

"Thank you for that," said Harry. "I think that we need to get to the Daily Prophet now and get to work in cleaning up that mess. Who is going to join me there? I'm sure you all want to see what I say and do next."

Everyone that was present exclaimed that they were going. No one wanted to miss what would happen next. They all wanted to be there as witnesses when Harry Potter finally let loose and taught some people their places in the world.

The group all left the bank and headed to the building that housed the paper. Harry walked in as the head of the group. The receptionist looked up and upon seeing the look on his face started babbling.

"Lord Potter," she babbled. "What are you doing here? The Chief is busy at the moment and doesn't have time for visitors. If you interrupt him, I will lose my job. I can't afford to not have a job. Please let me just take a message and you can come back later. I really need my job."

"SHUT UP!" stated Harry forcefully finally getting tired of hearing her. "You will lead us to wherever he is hiding and then you will come back to this desk and sit quietly. If you value your job, you will not let us be disturbed once you have shown us where he is. I am your boss. So long as you do what I tell you, then you won't have to worry about losing your precious job. But for the love of Merlin JUST SHUT UP!"

She gave a curtsey to the group and quickly ushered them down the hall and up the stairs. The group was escorted to the board room where a meeting was being held. Harry dismissed the girl and sent her on her way. He waved his hand and blew the door clean off its hinges. He stormed into the room with the rest of the group following along in his wake.

"What is the meaning of this?" asked a furious Robert Ranger. "Can't you people see that I am in the middle of a meeting with the Board of Directors? How dare you interrupt? Someone had better start explaining right now before I call the Aurors and have you all arrested for trespassing."

Harry waved his hand and caused the man to float into the air and press against the wall. Hermione placed a calming hand on his arm to ensure that he didn't hurt the man any more than necessary. However, she was delighted to see that all the people present minus their party were scared to death at the fury that was Harry Potter.

"My name is Lord Harry James Potter-Black," he said through gritted teeth. "I am the OWNER of this establishment and I demand to know why you let Rita Skeeter smear my name across the front of the paper like I am some kind of street trash. I demand to know why I am being left out of the important decisions having to deal with this company. I also want to know what gives you the right to hold a board meeting and not inform me of it."

No one in the room spoke. Harry took a look around and decided to introduce the rest of his group.

"The young woman on my arm is my wife and co owner, Hermione Longbottom Potter," he said. "With us are the acting Ministers for Magic, Madam Amelia Bones and Regent Augusta Longbottom. Accompanying them is the DADA Professor, Lady Dolores Umbridge. My account managers and financial advisors, Chief Ragnok and Master Goblin Griphook are with us as well. Last but not least, I would like to introduce Lord Marvolo Slytherin. He is better known as Lord Voldemort."

Not a word was said as many in the room was now cowering in fear at the sight of a furious Harry Potter being backed up by the most powerful wizards, witches, and magical beings in Britain and quite possibly the world. That the Dark Lord was standing there defending the owner of the paper made one member of the board pass out in fear.

"I was under the impression that when I bought out the shareholders of their portions of the Prophet that we would not be getting this type of publicity anymore," said Harry releasing the current Chief Editor. "Apparently I was wrong. Not only has Rita Skeeter been able to post another smear campaign against me, but the Weasleys were dragged into it as well. Don't you think it callous that they were put through all of this when two of their children were murdered by a psychopath? What kind of people are you?"

"Why were we not notified that there was a Board Meeting going on?" asked Hermione realizing that no one was going to answer Harry. "As we are the owners, we should have been notified of this. We were not even aware that there was a Board of Directors anymore. Legally, it should have been disbanded when there was a sole owner. Apparently I am wrong or something. I thought to have a Board Meeting, that we would have the right to assign said board members. Again, I guess I was wrong."

"I know you are all scared, but someone really should be giving some answers soon," remarked Amelia. "It is getting rather tiresome to not be spoken to when a question is being asked. These two teens have a right to know what is going on with their company. The law is currently in their favor and their anger is righteous."

"They are trying to figure out how to take back the paper from your control," said Voldemort waving his hand at two figures. "They are working here today to see about getting the sale of the paper to you as being counterfeit and illegal. You are quite correct in your assumptions Lady Potter. They should not be meeting at all as they no longer have business here. They were going to keep your money and keep on doing what they could to discredit you in the process thus ruining you and your reputation."

"There were no problems with the purchase of the paper," assured Ragnok. "Lord Potter was already a major shareholder before he bought out the rest of the shares. We made sure that all the remaining share holders got twenty percent more than what their shares were worth. This was an outright buy out. These people are breaking the law."

"Shouldn't they be losing their magic or even some money or something for all of this?" asked Harry. "I would have thought that, as they are attempting to sabotage the person with the highest bloodline, that some sort of punishment would have taken affect. I am a bit confused as to WHY they would want to do something so illegal and dangerous. There should be some form of punishment in all of this. They were going to steal from me in more ways than one. This is getting to the point where someone, somewhere, will lose more than their freedom."

"As of this very moment," stated Griphook with another feral grin. "It is up to you to decide what kind of punishment that these seven people are to receive. To clarify, I think we should ask the current Ministers for their opinion."

"You are quite correct Master Goblin," said Amelia using his honorific. "These seven people are now at the mercy of Lord Potter – Black and his wife. Whatever punishment that they feel is warranted will be seen to immediately by the Ministry of Magic in cooperation with Gringotts Bank. It is NOT Lord Potter that is trespassing, but at least six of the seven people in this meeting that is the trespassers."

"First and foremost," said Harry with a harsh look at the members of the old board. "The Board of Directors that is currently in residence is to be disbanded. Each member is to be fired on the spot and fined heavily for their treachery. I want each person to know that I'm the outright owner of this paper and any new employees will be approved by the new CEO Griphook Stonehammer. If wizards are so back stabbing to other wizards, then I'm left with no alternative but to place my trust with my company in the hands of the goblins. All I ask is that Molly Weasley is offered a job here. Now that she is alone all the time at the Burrow, I feel that she would enjoy some extra spending money."

Griphook nodded his head in agreement with Harry. He was grinning at the thought of what Harry was going to say or do next to these people.

"I want all seven of these people interrogated to find out any information as to the whereabouts of Rita Skeeter," continued Harry when he turned back to the members of the former board. "From there, I want them all tossed out of my building. Today I'm peeved. I think that each should be sent to the Goblin Mines for a year to think about what it means to try and embezzle the most powerful wizard in Britain as well as the richest one."

"Those are just our punishments," said Hermione quickly. "Further punishments will be decided by the Ministry as well as Gringotts. I recommend that you people get ready. When you are going to get hit, you will be down for the count. What my husband has given you is just the tip of the iceberg in my opinion. When the rest of us are done with you, you will be begging for mercy and praying to every god you know."

"May I assist with that?" asked Voldemort with an evil smirk on his face. "I promise not to hurt them. Much!"

"By all means," said Hermione with a hard look in her eyes. "We are so sick of people thinking that just because we are young, that we are stupid and unable to fend for ourselves. As long as no one is killed, you may do whatever you wish with them. It should teach them a lesson about picking on someone that is more powerful than they are. Just leave something for the Ministry and Gringotts to deal with when you are done please."

"You heard her," stated Amelia. "We are just here to be witnesses. What happens to these people is not our concern so long as they are not killed. Punish them as you wish so long as it doesn't break the law. Now if you all would excuse me and Lady Longbottom, we have two criminals to bring to justice. Rita and Percy will regret their actions for the rest of their lives. This lot ought to be lucky they are not sharing the same fate. I am sure that the goblins could use some more shit movers."

"From the sound of it, they are going to be getting much worse," observed Augusta. "I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of any of these people anytime soon. It sounds to me like their troubles are just beginning."

Harry snickered into his hand as the former Chief used the bathroom on himself. The man was on the verge of passing out. The other people in the room had varying looks of horror on their faces as the Dark Lord pulled out his wand and gave an evil smile. Harry took one last look around and then focused on Griphook.

"I'm sure that you can make this company one hundred times better than it already is," he said. "Make sure that you give yourself a tidy sum for your extra work. I apologize for not asking in advance if you wanted to take the job or not. I just figured that if anyone could clean this place up, that you were the goblin for the job. You take such great care of my other companies that I assumed you would do the same for this one. Please forgive me."

"Goblins are known throughout the Wizarding World as beings who know how to make money," assured Griphook. "I am honored that one such as you trusts me so much as to let me be the CEO of such a profitable company. Trust me when I say that it will be better within the next month at the longest. I already have your muggle company making three times more than it was in the past. This one will do the same or better. There is nothing to forgive as every time you make money so do I. I will have everything set up and the correct people working here before long."

"I trust you my friend," said Harry gently. "Now if you all would excuse me, I have to get back to my school. I know two professors especially are worried that I have brought down half of Diagon Alley in anger by now. It would be a relief to them to know that everything is alright and I haven't strangled anyone. Good day to you all."

Snickering at Harry's remarks, Hermione and Dolores took his hands and he apparated them back to Hogwarts. They hurried up to the castle so that Minerva and Severus could see that Harry and Hermione were safe and to inform them of what happened.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I am glad to announce that my muse is back with this story and I can work on getting it to come to a completed fic. Thanks for the support and encouragement that you all are giving me. I wrote this chapter the way I did because for the life of me I can't remember if I had Skeeter arrested or not and I am too lazy to go back and check. I think it made the story more interesting this way.

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