Blood is Thicker

Summer Training

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Chapter 15 – Summer Training

The story of Harry taking down the people trying to steal from him spread throughout the Wizarding World rapidly. The former board members were summarily charged with other crimes and sentenced to a long stay in the mines of Gringotts. There were a few that were walking funny for awhile, as they were the toys of Voldemort for a bit, but he lived up to his word and didn't break the law while he was teaching them a lesson.

Harry and Hermione were busy working on their lessons. He was working on learning how to run the school, and she was busy learning how to run the government. Both took to their lessons with gusto, as both wanted to prove that they were more than up for the challenge. They also wanted to prove that they were not living on Harry's fame due to something that Lily did when she died. They wanted to prove that they were more than capable of doing things on their own name and gumption.

Time passed quickly for the husband and wife team. Each night they would tumble to bed in exhaustion from cramming as much information into their heads as humanly possible. Both were on the breaking point sometimes of utter collapse. Neither was willing to give up on their goals. Both were stubborn in the sense that they were willing to wear themselves out to succeed in their endeavors.

One day they were both sitting in their respective offices, when the adults decided to step in and make a stand. It was on this particular day that both Potters were sitting in the Headmaster's office. A knock on the door interrupted their studying and the professors all walked in.

"Harry and Hermione," said Minerva coming in and sitting down. "We need to talk. It's time that you listen to some advice for a change that will enable you to have an easier time with everything."

"Sure Professor," said Harry putting down the document he was reading. "What's on your mind? If there is something that we can do to assist you, then all you have to do is ask. You know we are more than willing to assist you all with anything that you need."

"We want you and Hermione to take a break from all of your training and studying and do something with yourselves," she replied. "We are worried that the two of you are pushing yourselves to hard. We know that you both want to excel in what you are doing, but we also want you to remember that you are not quite sixteen. You need to have some fun in your lives before your youth is gone. We are worried that you will be old before your time is due."

"There's so much for us to do though," protested Hermione looking scandalized. "We have to be prepared for when we take on our jobs full time. As it is, Harry will only be taking electives in his final year while I work on a couple of extra studies. We have to be ready and the only way for us to do that is to study and work hard."

"Sometimes when one works as hard as you two are, you will end up making mistakes," remarked Armando Dippet from his portrait. "It would be in your best interest to listen to what Minerva is telling you. She is absolutely correct. You do need to start pacing yourself. Just because you are going to be the future Minister and Headmaster doesn't mean that you can't go and have some fun for a bit here and there. All work and no play will make you old before your time. You want to hang onto your youth for as long as you can. For, once you lose it, you will never be able to reclaim it. I know this from experience. I was a poor wizard, but I took to my duties as Headmaster with everything that I had."

"Then what do you suggest we do?" asked Harry with a thoughtful look on his face. "My job will be a lot easier than hers, and she enjoys what she's doing. What do you suggest we do about this? We have so much that we need to learn and not a whole lot of time to do it in."

"You have all the time in the world to learn what you need to," said Phineas snidely. "To be Headmaster or Minister will take time. You will NOT be able to learn it all over night. By cramming it all into your heads will eventually make you start to forget other things. You need to start pacing yourselves. There are other projects that you could do to give your minds a break from this. Being Headmaster or Minister will not be something that you can just learn by reading books and reports. It is a way of life. It is something that you learn by experience."

"We are just trying to make things easier for ourselves for when we do step into these roles," said Hermione not giving up her fight. "We want to be prepared as best as we can for what is to come."

"You will be," said Minerva with a sigh. "Do you really think that Amelia and Augusta will not be there to guide you and assist you when you fully take over as Minister? Harry, do you really believe that Severus, me, or the portraits hanging above your head will let you wallow and not be able to function? OUR job is to see to it that you succeed. We will never let you wallow in all of this alone. You will have all the time you need to learn what you have to do. It's time for the two of you to leave this office and go do something that is more fitting to your age."

"Maybe they're right," said Harry. "We have been working very hard for the last few weeks, and it IS time that we do something other than study all the time. This stuff will still be here when we get back."

"I guess so," said Hermione reluctantly. "What do you think we should go and do?"

"Well for starters, you can read the results of your OWLS," said Minerva handing each an envelope. "Your grades are in and I must say that I am proud of both of you for the hard work you put into your studies."

Harry opened his envelope and read his results.

Dear Mr. Potter,

After carefully grading your work, we have come up with the following grades. Please note that the letter behind each grade will denote what level of test you achieved said grade for. O = OWL, N = NEWT, and U = University.

Defense Against the Dark Arts – O+ (U)

Transfiguration – O+ (N)

Charms – O (U)

Care of Magical Creatures – O (O)

Arithmancy O (N)

Runes – O (O)

Herbology – O (N)

Potions – O (O)

Muggle Studies – O (N)

Wizarding Etiquette – O (N)

Astrology – O (N)Healing – O (O)History of Magic – O+ (N)

Congratulations on passing each and every test you took with an Outstanding. You have the highest test scores we have ever seen in every subject you have taken the test in. Your Mastery certificates will arrive by owl post in a few days.

Raymond Bagnold


Harry sat there with a grin on his face. He passed each course with the highest grade he could.

"How did you do Harry?" asked Minerva. "I have a suspicion, but nothing more than that."

"I got an outstanding in everything," said Harry happily. "I am going to go for a NEWT in the four OWLS that I took and work on being Headmaster in the free time that I have in between lessons. Even though there is no real test for Healing, I'm glad that I got an Outstanding on the exams that I was given."

"That is a great plan," said Minerva happily. "This way, you can take it easy for the rest of the summer and enjoy yourself. There is more to life than always studying. We can find something for you to do. How did you do Hermione?"

"Let's find out," replied the girl opening her letter and beginning to read it out loud.

Dear Mrs. Potter,

After carefully grading your work, we have come up with the following grades. Please note that the letter being each grade will denote what level of test you achieved said grade for. O = OWL, N = NEWT, and U = University.

Defense Against the Dark Arts – O (O)

Transfiguration – O (N)

Charms – O+ (N)

Care of Magical Creatures – O (O)

Arithmancy O (O)

Runes – E+ (O)

Herbology – O (N)

Potions – O (N)

Muggle Studies – O (N)

Wizarding Etiquette – O (N)

Astrology – O (O)Healing – O (O)History of Magic – E+ (O)

Congratulations on passing each and every test you took with magnificent scores.

Raymond Bagnold


"Congratulations to both of you," exclaimed Minerva happily. "Those are some great test scores. Add in that you sat some NEWTS in your fifth year and they are even better than we could have hoped for. What are you going to take for your NEWTS?"

"I am going to take it a bit easier than I first anticipated," said Hermione with a grin. "I am going to go for a NEWT in DADA, COMC, Arithmancy, Runes, and Herbology. I was going to go for a NEWT in HOM, but five classes on top of law and learning how to run a country ought to keep me busy."

"Excellent idea," said Minerva happily. "I will have your list of books to buy by the end of the week. For the moment, I am banning either of you from doing any more work other than the little bit of homework you have for the courses you are going to take for your next year. Healing is an ongoing thing, so I recommend that the two of you not worry as much about it as the actual subjects being taught here in the castle."

"That makes sense when you think about it," said Harry. "We both know enough to be able to help someone in an emergency, but with our career choices already decided we don't really need to further the study. So I guess the three subjects that I will go for a NEWT in are COMC, Runes, and Potions. That way I can fill in for any teacher should the need arise when I graduate and become Headmaster full time."

"Excellent idea," said Minerva. "That means that the most you will have is three to five hours each day of regular class. Most days you won't have that much as you are only taking three classes. You will have all the time you want to study your school work and for being part time Headmaster. That job requires more of hands on study than actual study if you understand my meaning."

"Ok," said Harry with a grin. "Don't nag. We get the picture. We are studying too much. We will move on and do something else for awhile. Go on Mother Hens. We will be down for lunch in a bit. We have a couple of things that we need to finish and we can go shopping for our school supplies for next year."

Minerva huffed, but she did it with a smile. At least her point got through to the teens. She was worried that they were growing up to fast and forgetting to be the teens that they were.

Later than evening, she was talking with the rest of the professors. After informing all of them of the scores, those that won, gathered their winnings and pocketed them.

"It seems that our plan worked," said Abe. "With our guidance, they can relax and be more like the teens they need to be. They grew up too fast and accepted their roles too soon. At least now, they know that they can still work on being teens and learn something while at the same time work on being the future leaders they know they will have to be."

"It took someone that wasn't a professor to see what was going on right before our eyes to let us know the danger that was heading in their direction," said Severus. "Thank you for informing us that those two would eventually burn out and resent the world for putting so much pressure on their shoulders at such a young age. We are glad that you are so observant. We would not have realized it otherwise."

"I don't want to see two good people leave the light," said Abe. "They were working too hard and something had to be done about it. I'm just thankful that you all listened to my concerns. They are working way too hard for two people that are only sixteen."

"Have we heard any word from Amelia and Augusta on what is going on with Percy and Albus?" asked Minerva. "The sooner those two are caught and brought to justice, the sooner that Harry and Hermione can stop worrying about it."

"We have no new news about Albus, but Percy is in the mines of Gringotts," said Severus. "Griphook sent me word the other day that the former Weasley is still a pompous ass, but one that is busy shoveling shit to make up for his crimes. He will never learn his lesson about treating others with the respect they deserve. Rita is not doing so well with the manual labor, but the goblins don't care about her chipped nails or undone hair. So long as she picks up her shovel, they are happy."

"To finally know that the bitch is getting her just deserts makes me very happy," stated an amused Pomona. "She got what she deserved and then some. Maybe in twenty years when they let her out, she might have learned her lesson. I'm not holding my breath on that one though. She does seem to have a thick skull when it comes to understanding that other people's lives are personal."

The others all snorted with derision at that comment. They knew that Skeeter would never learn her lesson. Soon bets were being placed as to how long after she was released that she would be right back where she was now.

"So that mainly just leaves Albus and any misfits that he manages to get to his side," observed Dolores. "The sooner the old coot is out of the way, the sooner that the Potters can enjoy their lives and livelihoods. I would love nothing better than for them to have their ceremony and become the happily married couple that they deserve to be. Once the old fool is out of the picture, the danger to them will significantly be reduced."

"I agree with you on that aspect," said Minerva. "We need to find the old fool and have him in magical suppression bracelets soon. Once he is out of our way, then we can ALL breathe a little easier."

"Not to worry," said Severus. "There are many factions that are looking to capture him and bring him to justice. Even the goblins are now involved in the capture of Albus Dumbledore. They want a piece of him as much as the humans do."

"Rumor has it that the house elves and centaurs are also on the lookout for him," stated Filius. "They are not happy that Albus has been harming "Mr. Harry Potter Sir". It has been stated that they will do what they have to, to bind his magic while the authorities take him into custody for his punishments against humanity."

"When Harry gets his allies going, he doesn't do anything half way does he?" asked Aurora with a laugh. "I bet he has the entire wizarding populace looking for him to bring him to justice. It would not surprise me to hear that the hippogriffs, unicorns, and nifflers are also looking for the old fool. I know that the owls are watching out for any sign of him. Fawkes is also on the lookout. He wants Albus punished just as much as anyone else."

"We will catch him," promised Minerva. "He will be caught. There is no more hoping. It is now a fact that everyone that is anyone, wants to bring the old fool down and bring him to justice. He has committed so many crimes, that he will be sentenced to death if someone even gets looked at wrong. It would not surprise me if many vigilantes are out to bring him in dead or alive."

"Let's hope that no one gets into trouble for killing the old fool," said Harry entering the room with Hermione on his arm. "We don't want anyone to share the same fate as Dumbledore for being foolish enough to commit a crime knowingly. It's bad enough that they are risking their lives challenging him in the first place. Even without the Elder Wand, he is still a powerful wizard. If we can just figure out how to get his magic to dampen, then someone will have a fighting chance of bringing him down."

"The sooner the better in my opinion," agreed Hermione. "Once I'm Minister for Magic, I will throw the book at the worthless bit of trash. He will be severely punished for his misdeeds against wizarding Britain. Now that we have the world looking for him, it won't be that much longer before he is brought into custody."

No one disagreed with her. They were all thinking along the same lines with that statement. The sooner the old fool was dealt with, the sooner the wizarding world in general could breathe a sigh of relief. Even the Dark Lord was sending his minions out after the old fool.

"Maybe we could use magic to capture him in some fashion," mused Harry after thinking for a few moments. "If there was some way that we can set some kind of capturing device to automatically knock him out once he steps on British soil, it would help us in making sure that he can't hurt anyone else again."

"There might be a way to do it, but it would be better if we tried it on a smaller area rather than keeping a whole country protected," answered Hermione. "We could do it to the grounds of Hogwarts without that much power being needed. To do it to all of the British soil would need just about every wizard and witch in the world to power it."

"Then we need to lay a trap for him here at the castle," proclaimed Harry with vengeance. "We need to work on a way to get him to come to the castle so that we can knock out his magic once and for all. Once that happens, he can live the rest of his life as a muggle and he will NEVER be able to harm another witch or wizard again. I don't want him to even accidentally do to someone else what he did to me. If I knew it wouldn't sound bad, I would state that he needs to be put down or sent through the veil so that he doesn't harm anyone else. Just the thought of him getting free and hurting someone else makes my stomach hurt."

"Then we should look into it," stated Severus. "We can have the elves, goblins, Ministry, and other magical beings work with us to set the ultimate trap for the old man. We can get the Dark Lord to assist us with that as well. After all, he may have been a Dark Lord, but his power is unrivaled by most and he knows all sorts of spells and enchantments that many of us can only dream about. I know he wants the old fool brought down as badly as you do. So maybe the two most powerful wizards in the world can team up and lay down the trap."

"I like the sound of that," said Harry. "Of course we will need the help of my wife. She knows more about the library and the books it contains than anyone. I doubt that even Madam Pince knows the library as well as she does."

"HARK!" shouted Hermione. "You have some nerve talking about me Harry Potter. Your grades on the exams were better than mine and some of the tests were higher in level and mastery than mine. How many OWLS do you have left to take NEWTS for? I believe it was three out of all of the subjects that Hogwarts teaches. So don't go poking fun at my intelligence when you are just as guilty."

"She has you there," laughed Minerva. "You can't very well pick on her when you are just as guilty as she is. However, the idea has serious merit to it and we can get everyone involved. For now, I believe that the two of you have some fun to get involved in and some shopping to do."

The group all laughed at the expression on Harry's face. It was great to see him able to take the playful jibes sent his way. Now that the fragment of the Dark Lord's soul wasn't leaching out his energy, he was much more enjoyable to be around and more prone to joking and playing with others. They were all sitting around talking when the fireplace lit up and Amelia called out.

"Harry!" she called. "You and Hermione need to come to the Ministry of Magic right away. They have just arrested Cornelius for being in league with Dumbledore. He has been making remarks about how he is going to kill you and get even with you for costing him his job."

"Didn't we already have him arrested?" asked Harry. "Like Skeeter, I know he was in trouble with everyone, but for the life of me, I can't remember if he was or not. Step aside Madam Bones. We were heading in that direction anyway to do some shopping. We can easily stop into the Ministry first and deal with this situation."

One by one, Harry and Hermione stepped into the fire and flooed to the Ministry. Things were getting even weirder with people who no one could remember if they were arrested or not. Things would definantly be better once Hermione was firmly ensconced as Minister for Magic. With a memory like hers, she would remember from now on who was arrested and who wasn't.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Once more, I can't remember if Cornelius was arrested or not, so I am putting it off as he wasn't and got out. I figured it worked with Skeeter, so it could work again. Thanks in advance for the support. This chapter is shorter than most, but the end of the story is very close. So I am going to make sure that I can devote the last chapters to the capture and the epilog.

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