Blood is Thicker

The Plan

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Chapter 16 – The Plan

Harry and Hermione spun into view of the Ministry of Magic. Together they made their way to the courtrooms as were the rest of the instructions given. When they entered the room, they were met with a loud applause. Apparently, Minerva had shared their test results.

"Remind me to flog Minerva for telling everyone about our test results," remarked Harry waving heartily at everyone. "She really needs to tone down her gossiping. She is worse than an old woman."

"For starters," said Hermione laughing. "She IS an old woman. Secondly, the test results were recorded here in the Ministry. Thirdly, you can't blame her for being proud of us. We are like the children she never had. She loves us and treats us with happiness and pride. No one can be faulted for something like that."

"Yes wife," smirked Harry. "I get it. Shall we head to our seats? It looks like they want to get this over with as soon as possible. I can't say that I blame them. That bumbling fool of a former minister is nothing but trouble. I want him out of the way soon so that we can get on with life. I was very happy on the day that he got removed from office. He has to be the worst Minister that has ever graced the title."

"According to the records, there are lots for him to answer for," stated Hermione as the two headed to their seats. "He has done more illegal activities in office than any predecessor before him have ever done combined."

"Ouch," said Harry sitting in his seat. "That doesn't really instill a whole lot of confidence in the judicial rulings if the politicians are bigger crooks and Dung is. It doesn't say a whole lot of good things for the government either. I'm just glad that soon there will be a new minister that will follow the law to the letter and not bring about our destruction due to the stupidity of those that insist on breaking the law."

"Truer words were never spoken, Lord Potter," said Amelia coming up. "The fact that Cornelius is here today is relevant on why he is so adamant about threatening you. We have much we are going to bring to the surface today. Some of it will not be pleasant. It is just a matter of time before we have him under lock and key in the mines of Gringotts for some of his misdeeds and miscarriages of justice."

"Well then," said Hermione brightly. "How about we put away one more crook? Once we are done with this idiot, we can bring in the last known crook. This one is nothing but an annoyance. We need to ensure that people like him never get the chance to get away with their criminal activities. We need to start setting a better example to the public about what happens to those that break the law."

"It just so happens that I agree with you Mrs. Potter," remarked Amelia. "The time for people getting away with treason, espionage, criminal activity, murder, and many other forms of law breaking is at an end. A new era must be brought forth to ensure that many of us know that once this is all said and done that we have something to look forward to. We want it known that Britain is the safest of all places to be. Once we get rid of Cornelius, we can concentrate on bringing Dumbledore to justice. From there, it should be rather easy to keep the lesser criminals to heel."

"Make no mistake," stated Harry. "We need the populace to know that it is time that ALL criminals are brought to justice. We can't have anyone thinking that just because we don't see them that we won't eventually catch them. We also need them to know that just because their crimes are smaller than people like Cornelius and Albus, we need them to know that a crime is still a crime no matter how small they think it is."

"Well said," stated Augusta. "We shall ensure that Hermione gets all of her training done. She is already making great progress in some of the laws she is establishing. Once she is fully in control, she can make sure that there are many more laws created that will establish a way of life that will be beneficial to our community. We want all criminals to know that it is NOT ok to break the law. All parties that are taking part in the dark activities will see some form of punishment."

"That reminds me," mused Harry. "Once we are done with this trial, I would like to ask the Wizengamot for a favor by staying behind for a bit so that I can run a few ideas of my own past them if that is ok."

"I don't see why anyone would object," assured Amelia. "I will clear it with them as soon as we are convened. Everyone should finally arrive within the next few moments. There are always one or two stragglers in the mix. Ah, I think we are all assembled. Shall we begin?"

Harry smiled at her and took his seat. He knew that this trial would be the stepping stone for the new and improved Ministry. With his wife at the helm, the Wizarding World would step forward to a new and improved way of life. With his small input here and there, there would be nothing that couldn't be accomplished with the correct way of working it. He sat in his seat and waited patiently for the trial to begin. Hermione sat next to him as it would be a conflict of interest for either of them to preside over the hearing as it was Harry's life that was being threatened.

"We are here today to comer to a conclusion of the action of former Minister Cornelius Fudge," said Amelia. "It has been proven that he is in league with Albus Dumbledore and we are now in a position where we can eliminate one more of the old fool's allies."

"Before we get to that Lord Potter has asked that we all stay when this is done for a few moments so that he can run some ideas he has by us for approval," stated Augusta. "As we know that his ideas are probably for the benefit of our world, I suggest that we give him the courtesy of at least giving him a few moments of our time."

"I think I speak for everyone when I say that it is not a problem to stay and talk with him for a few moments to see what he has to say for the betterment of our community and such," called out Narcissa. "I'm sure that after we are done that we can ensure that our world will be a better place for all magical beings."

Many of the assembled witches and wizards all nodded in agreement with her statement. It was common knowledge to everyone that Harry Potter and his wife were the beacons of hope for their world and they were willing to do anything and everything to assist the young man and his wife in the endeavor.

"Getting back to the trial at hand, let us begin," called Amelia. "As with the previous cases, Lord Draco Malfoy will be sitting for House Malfoy. Lord Neville Longbottom will be sitting for House Longbottom. Their maturity in the last trial was very enlightening to us as they listened without prejudice and made statements that were well thought out and sound. Therefore, to continue to train them for when they take their spots permanently, we have asked them to sit in their respected seats again. Lord Potter will sit in his normal seats as will Lady Potter. All other seats belonging to Lord Potter will be sat by the proxy appointed."

"We are here today to ensure that this man, Cornelius Fudge is arrested for crimes against the wizarding community as a whole," stated Augusta. "He has been heard making threats against the wizarding world's most prominent figures. We also have proof that he is working with Dumbledore."

She passed around the files that stated the evidence against Cornelius. When she was done, she handed a memory vial to Amelia who played the scene in the pensieve for the entire assembly to watch. When the memory was finished, there were many glares being sent towards the former Minister. Harry raised his hand to speak and was acknowledged.

"It would seem that even though we were lenient with him before that we must take a stronger action to ensure that this man stops trying to harm us all," he stated. "I have no doubt that once he is finished with me and my lady wife that he will start targeting others with power and influence around the community. We need to stop him before he gets too much further into the machinations of Dumbledore the Stupid. A lesson needs to be taught here. Leniency on the criminals needs to be stopped. Things like this are starting to get out of hand. The more I try to give people a chance to see the error of their ways when it comes to trying to hurt me, the more they try and make bigger mistakes on top of the ones already in progress."

"It is time that people realize that just because we are Potters, Malfoys, Longbottoms, Bones, etc. that we are not to be made targets just because we have more than others," added Hermione. "It needs to stop. We may be rich and powerful, but we are still people with emotions just like the rest of the world. We are not infallible. We can be hurt physically and emotionally just like everyone else. We ARE only human. We have already suffered so much already. Harry has suffered more than one person should have to. It's time for this all to end."

"It just so happens that many of us if not all agree with you," said Madam Marchbanks. "There is no reason for people to target you just because you are Harry Potter or his wife. It's time that people realize that there will be repercussions for attacking those that have not done anything to warrant such criminal activities. We need to set an example for the future. All that is happening now is that our next generation is learning that it is ok to bully people just because you have a name or money."

"Lord and Lady Potter have more money and prestige than anyone else and they don't bully others," stated Tiberius. "They are fair, generous, helpful, insightful, and most of all, they are loving individuals with kind hearts and intelligent minds. We are all here today due to the greed and stupidity of a few. It makes the rest of us look bad. This really has to stop."

"Lady Potter was correct," piped up Dolores. "What's to say that, when they are done trying with Lord Potter, that the rest of us are not next to be targeted? This can't continue. I move to have Cornelius Fudge arrested. I move to have his vaults and assets seized and turned over to the Ministry to help fund a campaign against others like him. I move that Lord and Lady Potter be compensated for their pain and suffering."

"All those that are in favor of a guilty verdict, please light your wands," called out Augusta. They watched as every wand lit in favor.

"All those in favor of having the rest of what Madam Umbridge claim, please light your wands," she called next. Once more she watched as all the wands lit.

"After viewing the bank statements of Cornelius Fudge, I am hereby proclaiming the following," stated Augusta with a sneer on her face. "Lord and Lady Potter will each get one million galleons for pain and suffering. Each estate owned by the Fudge family will be sold to the highest bidder and the proceeds will be used to stop future criminals from behaving in the same manner. Said proceeds will be used to fund the Auror Department with better armor and training as well as more members. The records will show that Cornelius Fudge was the worst Minister for Magic in history as well as the most criminal. He will spend ten years in Azkaban Prison for his crimes. Upon release, he will spend a further fifteen in the Goblin Mines of Gringotts to pay back every last galleon he received to bribe the wizarding community. Guards, take the prisoner away."

With that, they sat and watched as Cornelius was dragged from the room screaming in rage. When he was gone, Augusta turned to Harry and acknowledged that it was time for him to talk.

"I asked you all to stay a little longer for a reason," he began. "It has come to my attention that we have places that specialize in dark objects as well as selling them to the public. Why not use some of that money to close down some of those shops and establishments? We can seize their assets to further fund the campaign. The dark items in question can be used to learn how to block, destroy, or otherwise create light weapons to counter. We can set up a new department within the Department of Mysteries that specializes solely on creating the light version of the dark items."

"You know," mused Amelia. "That's actually a great idea. We can always use the information to help further our intelligence in trying to eradicate the dark all together. We know that there will always be dark witches and wizards out and about, but we can make the world a bit safer by learning how to counter it with minimal bloodshed. This will ensure that our world improves in a proficient and quieter manner."

"This is definitely something that can be worked on," claimed Tiberius Ogden. "It has loads of merit and it is something that is easily worked with. By improving our Auror Department, we can use them to target places like Knockturn Alley. Once we pick off places like Borgin and Burkes, we can ensure that there are fewer dark items being sold to the public."

"I say let's put it to a vote and then begin the process," said Hermione. "It's not like we can't accomplish this if we make sure that it is done in a way that is legal. We can shut down places that sell dark and dangerous artifacts."

"All in favor please light your wands," called Augusta. Once again all of the wands lit in agreement.

"Then I suggest that we get started," she said with a smile. "We can get things going in no time."

"Excellent," said Harry happily. "The next bit of information I want to discuss is what we can do about Dumbledore. I had an idea recently that was said to have merit. However, due to the plan and the amount of magic it would require, we have altered it to a more reasonable location."

"This is intriguing," said Augusta. "What is going through that mind of yours? It sounds like you have a devilishly delightful means of capturing the old fool once and for all."

"My original idea was to set a spell on the soil of Britain to capture Dumbledore the moment he steps foot on her," stated Harry. "I gave the idea that the spell should consist of something that would not only tell us where he is when he lands, but will knock him out and incapacitate him at the same time making it easier for us to capture him. However, my wife confided that the amount of magic needed would take away from every wizard in the country not to mention most of the main continent to maintain it."

"We all agree that the plan has merit," assured Hermione. "However, we managed to make it more realistic by suggesting that we use the grounds of Hogwarts instead of the whole country. In this way, we can capture him without wiping out everyone's magical core in the area. We want to capture him without killing ourselves in the process. Using this spell on Hogwarts grounds is WAY easier than the whole country."

"So what do you need us for?" asked Augusta in confusion. "I agree that this has extreme merit for success. What is it that you need for the Wizengamot?'

"Well," stated Harry slightly embarrassed. "We don't have such a spell that is known to us. Also we need the assistance of the Ministry, Gringotts, and others to help us actually set up the spell. From there, we need the assistance in luring the old coot to Hogwarts. We came up with the idea, but we need help to pull it off. Powerful Hermione and I may be, but we are not that powerful."

"You know," remarked Rufus speaking up from his spot on the floor in the Auror section. "I think that we might be able to come up with something in the Department of Mysteries to assist with that. We have contacts in that Department that would be able to come up with the web style spell you are looking for. If we can get Lord Slytherin to assist with the power boost, between the three of you, you can actually give energy to the spell with little to no discomfort to yourselves. It wouldn't be that much different than powering the wards at Hogwarts."

"With permission from the Headmaster, Chief Witch, and Minister, we can get right on this and get something set up," called out Cooper from the Department of Mysteries. "It shouldn't take us to long to come up with the correct calculations and design of the web spell. We can have it done within a week to a month. From there, we can incorporate the assistance of the elves, goblins, and any other magical creature willing to assist us in stopping Dumbledore. They have as much to lose as we do if we don't get him into custody soon. He is a danger to us all if he should be able to take over. From there, it will be rather simple for Lord or Lady Potter to keep it powered up. With assistance from Lord Slytherin, we can keep the spell powered with just a bit of energy at any given time."

Augusta looked over at Amelia and both smiled. From there, they looked over to Hermione and nodded their heads for her to make the decision.

"Let's get started then," Hermione stated. "If it's ok with you Cooper, I would like to be a part of the creation as I am very knowledgeable with Arithmancy and Runes as is my husband."

"The input and assistance of both Potters and Lord Slytherin would be deeply appreciated," assured Cooper. "We know that all three of you have high marks and knowledge with both of those subjects. Congratulations on your scores. Those are pretty impressive for two of your age to take courses that are higher in level than your classmates of the same year."

"Thank you," said Hermione blushing. "We are going to finish our studies and get our NEWTS and Masters by the end of our seventh year while being part time in our future jobs."

"We promise to continue to work hard for you all," stated Harry. "We want a better world for our children and their children. With the assistance of all of you, we can insure that each of your descendants as well as ours even has a world to grow up happily in."

"We have some good news to impart to you both," said Narcissa. "We have managed to open an orphanage for wizarding children that have no families. The way it will work is that they will be there until they can be adopted into a family. We are going to make sure that all first generation witches and wizards are well cared for and watched over to ensure that what happened to Lord Potter doesn't happen to future generations."

"We have named it the Lily Potter Orphanarium," said Amelia. "We want the orphan children to be loved and cared for."

"Who is going to run it and look out after the children?" asked Harry. "It would have to be someone who doesn't look at blood status and gender. We want the children to know what love is and how to cope with what they will go through."

"I am going to run it," called Molly from the visitors stand. "Arthur and I will run it together. Now that all of our children are grown up, we feel that we still have more than enough love to show children who need the love and guidance that this worn torn world has to offer. After all, you and Hermione are the last two that I have to worry about, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that the two of you are way older than your years in the way you act and carry yourselves."

"I can't think of anyone better," stated Hermione happily. "Mother Molly is the best one for the job. She will definitely spoil each child and teach them what they need to know to get by in this world."

"Dan and Emma are going to work with us," said Arthur. "We all feel that it is beneficial to all of the children to have a working knowledge of both worlds. This way, they can assist us in the future as liaisons between the muggle world and wizarding world. We want first generations to learn magic, but we also want purebloods to know about the mundane world as well. We can benefit so much better with some of the technology that the mundane world has to offer."

"We really need to see about getting electricity in the magical world," said Hermione thoughtfully. "Some of the comforts that non magicals have is way better than what we witches and wizards have."

"We are already working on things like that in the Department of Mysteries," said Cooper. "I am a half blood. Therefore, I'm more than familiar with things like electricity and such. We have a few ideas that we are working on as we speak. It will just take us longer than we expected due to the interruptions we have been having with people such as Dumbledore and Fudge. They had cut our funding for such things in the past. However, since they are no longer in the picture, Madam Longbottom and Madam Bones have given us some of the funding back."

"We can use some of the money we are obtaining from followers of the dark to assist in the campaign," stated Harry with a smile. "We can easily do things better in Hogwarts should we be able to have electricity and things like that. We should also get rid of quill and ink and start using notebooks and pens. It is a lot easier to write with and those of the professors that have to read some of our work knows that it is because we use something that is extremely difficult to work with. I'll have a list of things I would like to change presented to the Board of Governors by the end of the month so that we can incorporate the better ideas for the upcoming school year."

Heads were nodding all around at Harry's proclamation. Those people that was familiar with things like ink pens and pencils were delighted by the concept. People like Severus were delighted to hear that Harry wanted to do something about the atrocious handwriting that was presented to documents and things when he had to read and grade them. Things would definitely be improving at Hogwarts with Harry at the helm.

"I will be personally speaking to Ragnok and Griphook of the goblins and see about getting their assistance with this project," promised Amelia. "This way, they are dealing with someone that is used to them, their ways, and familiar with you and Hermione."

"Thank you Madam Bones," called Harry smiling brightly. "That will be one less job off our backs. We promised Professor McGonagall that we would go and have some fun today as well as pick up our books and stuff that we will need for the upcoming school year. I think while we are out and about, I will take my lovely wife of a fancy restaurant and have a nice dinner to celebrate our grades and such."

"That's a lovely idea," said Severus. "Just make sure that you send word to someone if you run into any trouble. We haven't seen Dumbledore in this area of the country for a while, but that doesn't mean he isn't lurking about. Make sure that you watch your backs at all times. At the first sign of you not being able to handle the trouble, I want you to summon Dobby and Winky immediately. We don't want any harm to come to the two of you. Powerful you may be, but we will worry anyway."

"Thanks Severus," said Harry smiling. "We will be careful. We will also not stray any further than Diagon Alley. This way, there will be people watching out over us. I'm sure by now that you guys have the entire alley watching for us and over us when we are on the street."

"Of course we do,' stated Augusta with a smile. "Even though you are soul bonded and powerful, you are still our children after all. No matter how old you get and how powerful you become, you will ALWAYS be our children."

"It's nice being a part of a family isn't it?" asked Hermione of her blushing husband. "This is what you should have had your entire life. Now you have it in abundance."

"For that remark, I think I will let you have more than a few books from the bookstore," smirked Harry causing Hermione to draw her wand and chase him from the room.

The adults all laughed at the scene and went about to their assigned jobs. Each knew that if they wanted to implement the spell that would capture Dumbledore, then they would need to get to work and get things done.

Harry and Hermione raced through the Ministry and out the doors into the sunlight. Many of the older witches and wizards smiled at the energy and fun that the two teens were having. Together, the duo went to the apothecary where they stocked up on all of the ingredients they would need for potions. From there, they hit the bookstore where they both bought many books. It wasn't long before they were sitting in a restaurant and were enjoying a delicious dinner.

"We know that we have time before school starts to get our homework done," said Harry. "I figure that we can have anything left over done in a matter of hours. Now that Dolores is going back to the Ministry, we still need a DADA professor. I wonder who we can get this year to come and teach the subject."

"Why not ask Voldemort to come and teach?" suggested Hermione. "He may have been the Dark Lord, but he is skilled in that particular portion of magic. Give him what he finally wanted. Let him come to teach. He will make a great instructor."

"I think that is an excellent suggestion," said Tom entering the room. "I would be more than happy to give up a year to enhance the minds of the students of the school. It will give them a full insight on what the dark arts are all about while at the same time, I can instruct them as to how to combat them. It would be a very beneficial year to all."

"We can even have some of the Auror trainees come and sit with you in the classes and learn from you as well," remarked Harry thoughtfully inviting Tom to join them. "This way, they have a better idea of what they will have to deal with should another person try and take over the country. You are by far the best candidate for the job. I'll talk it over with Minerva and see what she says, but I doubt she will be against it. She actually enjoys talking with you now. I think she fancies you a bit."

"HARRY!" stated Hermione looking in shock at her husband. "You shouldn't tease Marvolo that way."

"Oh lighten up," said Harry with laughter. "He seems to think it funny too. See? He is even laughing with us. I think he likes her just as much."

"She is definitely a unique woman," admitted Tom. "She is a year or so different in age to me as well. She is powerful, intelligent, and supportive when the cause suits her."

"I'll see what I can do for you then," said Harry patting Tom on the arm. "Maybe I can set the two of you up. Now that you are taking the potions to help give you better facial features, I can see the two of you as a couple."

"Don't make me hex you Potter," said Tom playfully. "I would hate to have you hurt because your own wife and her guardian helped me teach you a lesson."

"Hmm," said Harry thoughtfully. "You may be on to something there. Have you ever seen Hermione angry? If not, I suggest you talk to Draco Malfoy. In our third year, she actually punched him in the face. When she finally pulled out her wand, it was within seconds that everyone vanished as if they apparated away."

"Ah," said Tom. "Remind me to never get on her bad side. I would like to keep my features in some kind of human semblance if you don't mind."

"I'm still sitting here," huffed Hermione good naturedly.

"Of course you are pumpkin," soothed Harry grinning. "We love you all the more for it."

Laughing amongst themselves, the group all knew that plans were in the mix. Harry and Hermione told him about the plan to lure Dumbledore to Hogwarts and capture him while on the grounds with a web spell that would need his assistance.

All knew that if those three put their minds and magic together, that they would be able to accomplish anything.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I am going to end this chapter right here. I want the next and final chapter to be a good one with the capture of Dumbledore and the punishment he will receive. Thanks for the support.

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