Blood is Thicker

Ending the Threat

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Chapter 18 – Ending the Threat

The days were long. The episode with Smith was the turning point for those pranksters or trouble makers in the school. Every student who graced the halls of Hogwarts knew that the staff was all in one mindset that the time for degrading another being due to race, creed, or even sexual orientation was no longer allowed. In the end, Mr. and Mrs. Smith withdrew Zacharias from the school to home school him. He had caused so much grief that his own housemates were looking for blood.

Opening day for the viewing of the fabled Deathly Hallows and Founder's Relics was upon the staff. Harry was sitting in his one class of the day for Potions when he felt a twinge on the wards that alerted him that others were attempting to pass the wards to get onto the grounds. Harry waited patiently as those that were allowed did so. Severus noticed his distraction and stood with him.

"You seem distracted Headmaster," he mused. "Is something bothering you that we need to know about? This potion needs your undivided attention or it will be dangerous to you and others."

"I'm sorry Professor," stated Harry politely to show the class how it was done. "There are people attempting to get onto the grounds early for the showing of the two displays. So far, I have allowed Mr. Ollivander to pass. Professor McGonagall must be busy that I am the one having to allow people to pass. I do apologize, but I'm having a hard time doing both. Is there any way possible that I can be excused from today's class and make it up one evening this week?"

"That might be for the best," acknowledged Severus. "I know how hard it must be for you to be sensing people wanting in and not being able to do what you need. I will let you know when we can meet for you to make up this work. Why don't you go and deal with the people trying to enter the grounds. Is the one we are waiting for there amongst the crowd? Can you tell if he is there?"

"I'm picking up subtle hints that he IS in the crowd, but his magic is cloaked somehow and I'm not sure if it is actually him or not," admitted Harry. "It could be that I am in two places at once and can't get a full lock on him."

"Just go," said Severus. "Draco and I will clean up your stuff for you. Catching the old fool is severely important for the safety of our world. I'll keep you posted for the makeup class."

With a wave of his wand, Severus banished Harry's potion. Said person smiled at his professor and left the room in a hurry to deal with the influx of people that were trying to get onto the grounds. It wasn't long before he knew for a fact that Dumbledore was amongst the people attempting to gain access to the grounds. The only thing keeping him back for the moment was the fact that Harry stopped all access until he was allowed to be there to witness the ending results.

As Harry raced to the doors of the castle, he noticed that Griphook and Kingsley were there with knowing looks on their faces. They could tell by Harry's expression that the time was now to activate the sting and catch the old fool once and for all.

"Harry," called Griphook. "What are you going to use as bait should he decide to not enter the grounds. He might not if he realizes that something is wrong and it's too easy for him to get to the castle. We need a backup plan just in case something goes wrong with the first one."

"If he doesn't come willingly to the castle due to ease and what not, I am going to go out alone and try and temp him into stepping onto the grounds," explained Harry. "If I'm alone, he won't think twice about coming after me. He will think that he actually has a chance to capture me in some form. If I go out with others, he may decide to try again another day."

"Just be careful," stated Kingsley forcefully. "I don't want to have to tell your lady wife that you did something both reckless and foolish. She will have all of our heads should something happen to you."

"She already knows and is on her way," said Harry tapping his forehead. "She has been listening to this whole idea and she approves it provided I let her get into position first. She wants to be able to have a clear shot of the old bastard if something should go wrong. She wants this to end today as much as we do. Things can't move forward until we catch him for what he has done to the wizarding world in general."

Harry waited with the group for a few moments as he watched in his mind's eye as Hermione and Minerva raced along the halls to get into position. He also watched as others of the sting operation moved into position to provide the much needed back up. Dumbledore was not being taken lightly. Each knew that he was a dangerous man that had a snapped mind. He would hurt anyone who got in his way of the final prize.

"Harry," called Hermione via the link. "Aunt Minerva and I are in place. I think that once we get him onto the grounds, that you should have the school lockdown so that none of the students get hit with an accidental spell or whatnot. We want him captured as easily as possible with minimal damage to property or people."

"Relax love," responded Harry. "I'm already working on it. I will be going outside with Mr. Ollivander only and only onto the steps so that we can talk to the people beforehand. I want you to keep a close eye on anyone that is not really paying that much attention. That person will either be Dumbledore or someone out for some sort of revenge on his part. We want them taken down swiftly and quietly."

Hermione closed the link between them. She knew that both she and Harry would need to concentrate as much as they could on the positions of everyone so that they could hit when it was needed. Dumbledore may be a threat, but they weren't stupid enough to think that he might not have brought backup. They were getting ready for anything.

Albion and Harry appeared on the steps and watched as the gates to the castle grounds opened. They were watching as people lined up and moved in a single line. There were a couple of pranksters in the crowd, but the Aurors took care of them quickly. Harry knew that Hermione had Aurors acting like interested citizens in the crowd. Upon watching the line come in, Harry's attention was drawn to one man in particular. This man was acting like he owned the place and was holding back from coming onto the grounds.

"Bingo," whispered Harry to his companion. "It's time to ensure that he steps onto the grounds fully. We want him totally knocked out for the count. We can get bracelets and a collar on him within seconds. Cover me as I lure him out even more."

Griphook and Kingsley nodded as Harry broke off from the group and headed for the visitors. He greeted each with a warm smile and handshake. However, the entire time he did that, he was watching Dumbledore fidget outside the gates. Harry knew that he was covered as his wife was extremely skilled with a wand as was Minerva.

Harry took a deep breath and stepped towards the gates and paused. He watched the old man with a smirk on his face. He knew that the old man was fighting an internal battle. Harry simply crossed his arms and waited. He knew that Dumbledore wouldn't fire a spell as the wards would prevent it. He also knew that Dumbledore had to cross the boundary for the trap to spring. Harry waited patiently as Kingsley and Ollivander lead the visitors into the castle. He wasn't too concerned as he knew that Griphook had him covered.

Harry eyed the old man with disdain and waited. Albus eyed him back and glared at him with hatred.

"You are a fool if you think that you can stop me from getting to the ultimate prize," snarled the old wizard. "I have worked for too many years to have some upstart like you stop me now. When I succeed, I will be immortal. Tom only thought he had it right, but I know how to defeat death and the only thing standing in my way is you."

"I'm sure that you aren't the first person to think so," smirked Harry. "Other wizards and witches more powerful than you have tried and they have all failed. You will be just another casualty to the concept. The only way you can truly become immortal is to have children and let them grow up to take your place. Defeating death is NEVER the answer. We all have to die sometime."

Harry was a little nervous. He knew his next move would be crucial to the plan. While he and Albus had a small verbal sparring, he needed the old man to actually step foot onto the grounds of Hogwarts. With an internal sigh, Harry turned his back on the old wizard and began to walk away.

"I will defend the prize," called Harry over his shoulder. "The Deathly Hallows are all on display and they will remain there until I deem it necessary to either destroy them to stop the madness in the future, or I shall bury them where no one will ever find them again. That is my legacy. I am the one to finally destroy the power of the Hallows. NO ONE will ever be able to defeat death by cheating ever again. It upsets the balance of things."

"You are a fool Potter," snarled Albus coming through the gates and attempting to hex Harry in the back.

As soon as his foot touched the hallowed ground of Hogwarts, the electrical charge slammed the old man to the ground unconscious. Hermione came out from her Disillusionment Charm and raced to her husband who was breathing heavy from the small amount of panic he felt while turning his back on the most dangerous man on the planet. The two held each other as the goblins quickly raced to the fallen wizard with the magical suppression bracelets and collar along with key figures from the Ministry of Magic.

"Is it over now?" asked Hermione hesitantly. "Will we finally get the peace and quiet that we deserve? I don't know what will happen if I can't just be your wife and get things done that we want."

"It WILL be over soon enough," assured Amelia coming to stand next to Hermione and Harry with Augusta on the other side. "For the sake of keeping up appearances, we HAVE to hold the trial. There is no doubt that he will be found guilty, but we need to uphold the law. From there, we will push him through the veil so that he never hurts another living soul again. You have MY promise on that."

"From there, it will just be a matter of finishing your schooling and training and you both will be able to take your spots in society with your heads held high and your smiles on your faces," said Augusta. "I do expect grandchildren from you both. After talking and spending time with the Grangers, they are expecting them as well."

"GRANDMOTHER," stated Hermione looking scandalized and extremely red in the face. "We are still rather young for that. We will eventually give you the great grandchildren that you want, but you will have to wait a couple of years for that."

By now, Harry was so red in the face that it looked like you could cook a side of beef on it with success. Augusta, Amelia, Kingsley, and a few others that were with them, were laughing openly at the embarrassment on the faces of the two most powerful beings for magic on the planet.

"I'm sure you will let me know when the trial is," stated Harry in a strangled voice as he raced towards the castle to get away from the witches. "I think I'll just go and hide for now in my office. I'll see you in a little while Mione."

This just made the assembly laugh that much harder. The great and powerful Harry Potter was able to stand up to the most powerful wizards in the world and come out unscathed, but was running from a simple conversation like having children. It was amusing even to the goblins that were watching the scene with laughter on their lips and happiness in their eyes.

Time moved swiftly for those in the castle. It wasn't long before Harry got word via Hermione that the trial was set for two weeks later. Harry was working in his courses and was rapidly making progress in them as well as his duties around the castle as both teacher and Headmaster. From time to time, the professors let him take over a class to teach so that they could see how he would do. Even Severus was pleased when Harry was able to take over one of his potions classes and not only teach it, but he prevented any accidents from occurring in the lab. Each of the students was able to turn in a properly brewed potion.

"All it takes is a little patience," snickered Harry. "I'm sure that one day you will figure it out."

Harry raced around the corner laughing as the second Stinging Hex flew at him with Severus bellowing behind him. The students and fellow professors were all laughing at the happiness that was radiating from both men while they teased one another.

Finally the day came that was scheduled for the trial. Harry walked in with his entourage and waited for Amelia and Augusta to acknowledge him.

"We are here for the trial of Albus Dumbledore," called Amelia. "Before we begin, Lord Potter has something that he would like to say regarding the seating arrangements of his seats for the day."

"Thank you for that," said Harry politely. "There is a slight difference in the seating arrangements for today. Professor McGonagall and Professor Sprout are acting Heads today at Hogwarts due to the guardianships and so forth. However, due to the circumstances, I have with me some of the professors of the school and they wanted to be here. Therefore, it has altered who will sit where for today's trial only."

"Proceed with the details for the records," called Augusta with a smile. "For today due to the severity of the convictions, Madam Bones and I are both going to act as Chief Witch of the Wizengamot."

"Lord Voldemort will sit for Slytherin today as his bloodline is that of Slytherin," announced Harry looking to the scribe. "Lord Snape will sit for House Snape only today. I will be sitting in the seat for Potter. Lady Potter will sit in her spot as Lady Evans today. Lady Narcissa Black will sit for House Black while Lord Draco Malfoy sits for House Malfoy. I will ask that Charms Master Filius Flitwick be allowed to sit for House Ravenclaw for today only."

"That is acceptable," said Augusta while Amelia nodded in agreement. "What of Houses Gryffindor and Hufflepuff? Who will sit in those seats for you? Or will you sit more than one today?"

"Due to whose trial it is, I will only sit for House Potter," stated Harry with a smile. "I was hoping that Lady Longbottom would consent to sit for House Gryffindor. I think that even though you are the Chief Witch for the day, with Neville sitting for House Longbottom, House Gryffindor will need a voice."

"I can do that," assured Augusta. "Thank you for the faith that you have given me today. House Hufflepuff will need a voice. From there, we can bring in the prisoner and get started."

"I was hoping that Madam Bones would allow me to let Lady Susan Bones sit for House Hufflepuff today," enquired Harry looking at Amelia. "The reason I ask is due to the fact that more of our students are in their sixth year. They will need the practice for when they graduate school and take their places among those that are already in a position to assist."

"I will allow it on one condition," stated Amelia pointing her finger sternly at Harry. "That condition is that you protect my niece should anything happen in this courtroom today. I am making her safety your responsibility. Should something happen to you, then Lady Longbottom will NOT be getting her great grandchildren from you."

Harry squirmed before Amelia turning a brilliant shade of red. The members of the panel were watching this with amusement while others laughed outright at the look on his face.

"I'm only joking Harry," called Amelia when she was sure she wouldn't laugh. "I know you will take care of her. She may sit for House Hufflepuff today. I do enjoy seeing how red you get when we talk about you having children. I would love robes in the colors that you turn."

Harry did the only thing that he could get his brain to accomplish. He looked her square in the eye and stuck out his tongue at her. This only caused the panel of wizards and witches to erupt in gales of laughter. Harry stuck his nose up in the air and with as much dignity as he could muster he walked to his seat and sat down. The rest of his party all took their seats while holding back laughter. Even Tom was fighting to hold back laughter. It was so easy to pick on Harry.

"I just wish I knew when it became pick on Harry day," groused the owner of the name. "All these women are talking about children and grandchildren. I haven't even made it that far yet and they are acting like I'm some kind of stud for breeding purposes."

"Oh lighten up love," said Hermione kissing him on the cheek. "If they didn't love you, they wouldn't pick on you. Besides, once we turn seventeen, we can start working on children. Though, I would prefer to not have one until I turn eighteen if you could manage it."

"I'll do my best," stammered Harry while the panel broke out in fresh waves of laughter. "I do have to say that if you people don't stop talking about this whole having children thing soon, I may just start hexing people and get it over with. Tom if you or Severus makes just one comment, I will make sure that you aren't even able to think with that part of your bodies any more. The only reason I'm not hexing Augusta is that she is too old to have those feelings anymore."

One stinging hex later, and the panel was ready for the prisoner to be brought in. It was time to get serious. Play could always resume when the threat of the wizarding world was taken care of. Albus was brought in and bound to the chair.

"We have made sure that the prisoner had no potions in his system that could circumvent the Veritaserum," stated Amelia to the panel. "We wanted to make sure that he could not get around telling the truth today. Once we begin the questioning, we need to make sure we get all of the answers we need. Let's begin."

Amelia nodded her head to the wizard with the bottle and watched as the prescribed amount of potion was placed in Albus' mouth. The older wizard tried to bite the man only to get slapped in the face for his trouble. Once the glazed expression was on his face, the questions began.

"State your full name for the record," declared Amelia. "Make no pretenses that you will not use names that are no longer yours to use."

"My name is Albus No Name," he said. "Potter took my former surname from me and I'm prohibited from using it. I was once Dumbledore."

"Did you murder Sirius Black?" asked Amelia directly and to the point. "If your answer is yes, we want a reason as to why you did this."

"Yes I did," answered Albus. "I needed to get all of Harry Potter's guardians out of the way so that I could get to him easier."

"Why did you want to get to Harry Potter?" asked Amelia. "What is so special about him that you needed to get to him?"

"He was the only one to survive the Killing Curse," said Albus. "I needed his blood and magic so that I could accomplish the same thing. Once I had it, I could kill him and be invincible myself."

"Did you have anything to do with the deaths of James and Lily Potter?" asked Harry suddenly.

"Yes," said Albus. "I set everything up and cast the Fidelius Charm myself. I immediately sent word to the new secret keeper that he needed to get ahold of Tom. Once that was accomplished, then the Potters would die and I would be the most powerful wizard on the planet."

"Why did you seal the Potter wills and Vaults?" asked Hermione. "What would you gain if you did that?"

"I wanted the money," said Albus simply. "There was much of it and I needed it to keep up the lavish lifestyle that I was accustomed to. By sealing the wills I was able to keep his birthrights from him. I didn't want him to know that he was heir to the four founders of Hogwarts. I needed to keep him ignorant so that he could kill Tom for me."

"Why would you want me killed?" asked Tom. "I had done nothing to you and had you left me alone, I wouldn't have done half the things that I did in my life."

"You were another one with power that I wanted," said Albus. "By controlling you, I would control the power. I didn't like the fact that the heirs of the four most powerful witches and wizards of the age were coming into existence. I wanted to be remembered as the most powerful and intelligent of them all since the time of Merlin."

"But you aren't," stated Hermione scandalized. "Even I have more intelligence than you do and I'm only just fixing to turn seventeen. I have more power and intelligence than you do in my little finger. You are nothing but a greedy old man that has been using the power of others for years. It's time that you were stopped."

"I will be the master of Death," said Albus glaring at her. "There is nothing that any of you can do to end this. I will be alive and around long after you are all dead. I will see to it that Harry Potter dies. He is a host for a Horcrux and is evil. I am the leader of the light."

"You're a bit behind the times aren't you?" asked Harry snidely. "That Horcrux is long gone. Both Tom and I have made peace with that. You have nothing to lay claims to. I have all three of the Hallows. I AM THE MASTER OF DEATH and NOT you. You are just an old man with delusions of grandeur. You made my life a living hell just because I was better than you. You have lied, stole, killed, and many other despicable things in your life. You are nothing and will be remembered as nothing more than a criminal. That is the legacy that you are leaving behind."

"As the witness has admitted to multiple crimes including murder, there is only one thing that is left to do," stated Amelia.

"STOP," said Harry suddenly. "Tom and I made an agreement. WE want to be the one to carry out his sentence and his punishment. It was OUR lives that he ruined the most after all."

"By all means," said Augusta. "You and Lord Slytherin now have the floor."

Harry and Tom stood up as one and pulled out their wands. They both pointed them at Dumbledore and started to hiss in Parseltongue.

"By the might of the founders," they intoned together. "We banish you from the world of magic. By the right of conquest, we strip you of all magic. By the light of power, we sentence you to death. May he NOT have mercy on your soul?"

Hermione was translating for the rest of the group. People were in awe as Tom and Harry started to glow in the colors of gold and silver as the magic left their wands and hit the old wizard sitting in the chair. Albus screamed as his magic was torn from his body ruthlessly. He was in agony as they stripped him of his name, prestige, titles, livelihood, memories, and achievements. When they were done, Harry hit him with one more comment.

"Arianna would have been disappointed in you," he said. "My parents, Sirius, and all of the others that you coerced, murdered, or hurt are waiting for you on the other side. You are hereby sentenced to eternity of being tortured by those that you have hurt. When it is our time to pass on, WE will add to what you are already going through. May you rot in HELL for the rest of existence?"

With that, Harry waved the Death Stick and the Veil of Death appeared in the courtroom. Amelia and the rest was floor by the amount of sheer power that was radiating off of Harry. He had placed the Resurrection Stone on his finger and the Cloak of Invisibility on. He looked every inch of the Master of Death. With a flick of his wand, Tom removed the binding chains from around the old fool. Together, Harry and Tom flicked their wands and sent Albus through the Veil of Death.

"Never again will he hurt another living soul," said Harry angrily. "I am also going to assure that no one ever does anything that will hurt another soul using these items. The Deathly Hallows will never again be used to harm another living soul."

With that, Harry took off the ring and placed it on the floor. He took the Elder Wand and blasted the ring to dust before banishing it. When he was done with that, he took the wand in both hands and snapped it clean in half.

"I'm keeping the cloak as it is a family heirloom," he said. "It was the only one of the three Hallows that never harmed anyone living or dead. Therefore, I will have it to pass on to my own children as a legacy of what once was. The ring will never be used again to harm the dead and the wand will never be used again to harm the living."

Everyone stood and immediately began clapping their hands at the words that had just been spoken. Harry Potter was truly the icon of the wizarding world in which people were drawn to, to lead them forward into a brighter future.


Things returned to normal following the trial. Harry and Hermione breezed through the rest of their school year with ease. They also breezed through their seventh year with just as much ease as they did with the previous one. Both sat their NEWTS and passed each with flying colors.

They held their ceremony in a small little quaint church. It was only their closest family and friends there as they held the wedding that was meant to be all along. Within a year following that, their first child was born. They named their son James Franklin Potter to honor both of their fathers. Two years later, they had a little girl that they names Alison Lillian Potter to honor their mothers.

Alice and Frank Longbottom died in their sleep one evening about five years after the birth of their grandchildren. Augusta went on a trip around the world to ease the pain and suffering that she held for so many years. Neville took on the role of Head of House and was prospering splendidly with it. He and Luna married and were expecting children of their own.

Draco and Narcissa worked hard to make sure that the name Malfoy was one to be respected for the good deeds that were done rather than the tarnished image that was presented by Abraxus and Lucius. It took a few years, but they were successful in the endeavor. Draco eventually married Susan Bones and they had three children of their own.

Years later, the older staff members started to pass on the mantle of professor to the younger generations. Minerva and Tom eventually got married and moved away. Severus remained the ultimate bat of the dungeons for another fifty years before he retired to the quiet life of Snape Manor.

The deaths of Harry's close friends and family started with the passing of Hagrid. IT wants long before Augusta, Minerva, Tom, Filius, and a few others joined him in graves littering the grounds of Hogwarts.

Around their hundredth birthdays, Harry and Hermione retired and moved to one of the Manors of the Potter family. Their children picked up the reigns and with the help of the Malfoys, Longbottoms, Weasleys, and many others, they were able to make sure that the ideals and plans started were seen to fruition. No longer was blood status important in the wizarding world. It didn't matter if you were white, black, or green. It didn't matter if you were giant, half giant, goblin, or elf. Harry and Hermione had welcomed them all in their hearts and lives and made sure that equality was the key for making sure that the wizarding world survived to live another day.

It was just one night when Harry and Hermione were around one hundred and fifty years old that both were tired. They went to sleep that night and held each other in their arms. This was how they were found shortly after. Both had a smile on their faces as they moved on to the next stage of their great adventure. Both left legacies that were respected and protected. Each knew that no matter what, when living with others and working with others, that Blood was Thicker than water.


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