Blood is Thicker

Meeting At Gringotts

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Chapter 2 – Meeting At Gringotts

The next morning came quickly. Harry and Hermione made their way to the Great Hall where they quickly ate breakfast. When they were done with their meal, they made their way to Severus' quarters. Both had their dress robes folded neatly in their bags. When they got near the potion's lab, they quickly changed into them from their school robes. Draco came around the corner and stood there with a glare on his face.

"Well if it isn't Potty and the Mudblood," he sneered. "Why are the two of you here? Shouldn't you be brown nosing some professor somewhere? You don't belong down here."

"One hundred points from Slytherin," said Severus coming up behind Draco. "For your information Mr. Malfoy, they are here by my request. The next time I hear you use that particular name for either of them I will put you in detention for a month. Now, my suggestion, would be for you to head back to your common room, and for once in your life, mind your own business and keep your mouth closed. What Mr. Potter and Miss Granger are doing down here is none of your concern."

"When my father hears about this he will not be pleased with you," said Draco as he started to walk away.

"One hundred more points from Slytherin and one week's worth of detention I think," said Severus. "If I were you Draco, I would just shut up. If you ever, threaten me again with your father, it will be the last thing that you do here in this castle. I am not a student here and your threats about what your father can or can't do, doesn't scare me. Now leave before I am forced to give you more time in detention. Let us be clear about one more thing. Your father and mother will DEFINANTLY hear about this little transaction as will your fellow house mates. I would imagine that life for you will get a little bit harder for awhile."

A furious Draco stormed away from Severus and the two Gryffindors. When he was gone, Harry smiled at Severus and was delighted when he received one in return.

"Professor McGonagall will meet us in my office shortly," said Severus. "For the moment, I want to talk with the two of you about what type of things you might hear."

Severus gestured to this office and Harry and Hermione took their seats while he gathered his thoughts.

"We are going to get the manager of the Potter accounts to look into the will of your parents," began Severus. "Minerva and I are both wondering why they have not been read. We are also wondering why you have been under the mind set, that you only have one vault. I may not have had any love for your father, but I know he came from a very old and prominent family and they were VERY rich. The Potter name goes back to the founders and beyond. You should have been receiving statement for your vaults once a month from the bank and we are going to find out why that hasn't happened."

"Is that why Ron always gets jealous when he hears about my vault?" asked Harry. "I have always said I would share with the Weasleys, but I keep getting told that it was not necessary and to not worry about it. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley are always telling me not to worry about them, yet Ron is always moaning about how I have all this money and his family is poor. He is stupid to think I would rather have the money than a family that cares for me. It isn't my fault that I have money and he doesn't. I would much rather, have a family, than the riches I obtained from losing my parents."

"That is not necessarily true Harry," said Hermione softly interrupting him. "You may not have your parents, but you DO have a family that loves you."

"If you are talking about the Dursleys," began Harry.

"No I'm NOT," said Hermione catching his attention again and cutting him off before he could blow up. "I am talking about me, Neville, Luna, Professor Snape, Remus, Sirius, and Professor McGonagall. To us you are like a part of the family. We all care about you in our own way. Even Professor Snape watches out over you and helps you where and when he can."

"Miss Granger speaks the truth," said Severus as Minerva entered the room. "Each of us present holds you in our own special way. I may not like what your father did to me growing up, but that is between me and your father. You are a very special and unique person. Now that I am able to see you, and not a miniature version of James, I can be there for you as your mother asked me to a long time ago."

"We shall have to discuss this later," said Minerva quickly. "Albus is suspicious that something is going on. Right now Dolores and Filius have his attention and I think it is best that we get out of here while we have the chance. Please floo directly to the Leaky Cauldron after Professor Snape. I shall join you there in a moment."

With that, Severus grabbed some floo powder and flooed out. Hermione went next followed closely by Harry. Minerva brought up the rear just as Albus entered the dungeons in search of them. The group entered the pub quietly and efficiently.

"Bless my soul," said Tom cheerfully. "Hello Harry Potter. How are you today?"

"I am fine Tom," said Harry smiling slightly. "I am just passing through today. I have some business to attend in the alley."

Severus guided Harry to the back of the pub while Minerva did the same with Hermione. The quartet made their way through the opening and then carefully made their way to Gringotts. When they got to the bank, Amelia greeted them at the door.

"Severus and Minerva," she exclaimed. "It is good to see you as well as Harry and Miss Granger."

"Hello Madam Bones," said Harry politely. "Thank you for your help with the underage magic issue. I still can't believe that I was tried by the whole Wizengamot. That was rather a bit much don't you think?"

"Well Cornelius has the thinking capacity of a dormouse," said Amelia genially. "Well, shall we get this business done? The sooner we are with the goblins, the safer you will be. Dolores asked me to specifically be here due to my position within the Ministry."

"I have no problem with you being here," said Harry kindly leading the way into the bank. "I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to actually do this for me. Not many are in my corner these days since the end of last year."

"I can only imagine," said Amelia darkly. "Those idiots will not listen to reason if it reached up and bit them on the arse. I for one believe you one hundred percent. It would be foolish of me to believe otherwise."

"Thank you Madam Bones," said Harry with a smile on his face. "Your faith in me is endearing and much appreciated."

The group made it to the teller when Severus spoke up.

"I believe it is important for us to speak with the account manager for the Potter estate as well as maybe Director Ragnok," he told the teller.

The goblin looked over at Harry who nodded is head in agreement before the teller asked them to sit for a moment. Within a few minutes, they were being escorted to a private meeting room within the bank. When they entered the office, they were greeted by Ragnok and Griphook.

"Griphook," said Harry happily. "I didn't know you were the account manager of my vaults. How are you?"

"You remember my name?" asked a surprised Griphook. "I am impressed Mr. Potter."

"Sure," said Harry sociably. "You were the goblin that took me to my vault in my first year. I really enjoy riding in the carts. They are fun."

Griphook looked over to Ragnok who smiled. After a quick chuckle from both goblins, Ragnok spoke up.

"It is rare that one would remember the name of a goblin," said Ragnok. "I am Ragnok Stonebreaker and I am the manager of Gringotts of Britain. Griphook has been your account manager since the time of your great grandfather. You are a unique person Harry Potter. To what do we owe the pleasure of you being here today?"

"I think I had better explain," said Severus smoothly. "My name is Severus Snape. I am the Potions Master at Hogwarts. My colleague Minerva McGonagall is the Transfiguration Mistress of the school as well as Deputy Head Mistress. I am sure that you are familiar with the Head of the DMLE, Amelia Bones."

Ragnok nodded to each person in turn. His eyes rested on Hermione for a moment, but he didn't comment. He turned his eyes back to Severus and waited for the man to continue to speak.

"We have reason to believe that Mr. Potter and Miss Granger are soul bonded," he said waving to the two teens. "What we don't understand is the information that goes with it."

"What do you mean?" asked Ragnok. "It is easy to see that the two are in fact soul bonded. What I am confused about is what you mean, the information that goes with it."

"We have my memory of last night when the soul bond took place," said Severus pulling the vial out of his pocket and handing it to the goblin. "When we looked at it, we noticed that the soul bond was both gold and silver in color. Mr. Potter pointed out, that in addition to the silver and gold colors, the four house colors of the founders were also present during this soul bond. What we would like to know is what this means."

"This is interesting," said Ragnok as Griphook grinned in happiness at the news. "You are correct in your assumption that a soul bond is normally gold in color. There is only one explanation for why the silver color was present in the bonding of these two individuals."

"Any information that you can give us would be most helpful," said Minerva speaking for the first time. "We want to make sure that nothing bad is happening to these two youngsters."

"I will break it down into two parts," said Ragnok. "The first is relatively easy to explain. The second will need some work to be done before we can verify the reason for the house colors of the founders to be present."

"I am all ears," said Harry holding Hermione's hand and sitting comfortably in his chair. "I am very curious about a number of things that pertain to not only my soul bond with Hermione, but my accounts and other things as well."

"Let's deal with one issue at a time," said Griphook kindly sitting next to Ragnok.

"The only time that the color silver is present during a soul bond is when the Goddess of Magic has taken a special interest in the said couple," said Ragnok placing the memory in a pensieve that Griphook placed on the desk and tapping it. "If this is the case, then your soul bond will stand through anything and it will be the greatest gift that one can ever hope to achieve."

"What is the name of the Goddess?" asked Harry as Ragnok and Griphook viewed the memory. "Why would she be interested in me? I am just Harry Potter."

"The name of the Goddess is the Lady Isis," said Ragnok. "While we in the British Isles normally have our own Gods and Goddesses, sometimes a God or Goddess outside of our own beliefs takes an interest in someone. In this case, I can see the mark of the Goddess upon you both. Tell me, does either of you know the history of Isis?"

"She is the sister and wife of Osiris," said Harry surprising Hermione with his knowledge. "She is said to be the mother goddess. She is the goddess of magic, fertility, and motherhood. Her brother Seth killed Osiris and it is said that Isis went through the seven levels of what we would call hell, to retrieve his body parts. It is said that her love for her husband is what brought him back to life. However, that is just muggle mythology. I am sure that there is more to the story than that."

"Essentially you are correct Lord Potter," said Ragnok. "The Lady Isis is all that you said and more. She nearly lost her own life in search for her husband's body parts. It is said that she breathed her own breath into him to bring him back to life. She is the most powerful Goddess in history according to legend. However, many of different faiths will tell you otherwise. She tricked the God named Ra into teaching her the magic that she wields so easily and passes to her most faithful. She can be vengeful to those that try to upset the balance of a good healthy relationship. She is associated with the rose as well as the cow. Other things are also her symbols, but that is something that you may wish to look up yourselves. I can see the Ankh tattoo on your collar bones. That is one of the most important symbols of the Goddess. She has blessed this union and I feel sorry for anyone who tries to get in the way of it."

Harry and Hermione both looked quickly and confirmed that they both in fact were branded with an Ankh.

"Not only is that the symbol for the Goddess," said Ragnok. "It also has another meaning."

"The symbol of power," said Harry excitedly. "That would explain what happened in the dorm room last night. That is where all that power came from."

"You are both correct and not so accurate," said Ragnok soothingly. "The Ankh is the symbol for power, but I highly doubt that your power that you speak of last night came from the Goddess directly. I am sure that something within you has finally awakened and fell into place. Tell me, did something happen to upset you to cause your burst of power?"

"Ron started badgering my friends," said Harry. "I got so angry thinking about all the times that he has said ugly and harmful things about Hermione and the rest of my friends that I just snapped. Had Professor McGonagall not come in, I think I would have seriously hurt him."

"I think it would be best if we go and let our goblin mystics, take a closer look at Mr. Potter," said Ragnok. "That is, if it is ok with his Professors."

"That is fine with me," said Minerva while Severus just nodded his head. "We want to make sure that Harry is perfectly alright."

Griphook nodded his head and lead the group to another room deeper in the bank. He instructed Harry and Hermione to sit in the chairs near the center of the room while he got all of the necessary items required.

"I will need a blood drop from each of you on the parchment that I am about to show you," said Griphook. "We want to run a genealogy test on you both to see what those founder colors represented."

Harry and Hermione presented the goblin with their hands and watched as he drew a special dagger from is belt and cut each their fingers. From there, he caused one drop to fall on one sheet from Harry and another drop from Hermione to fall on the other sheet. When he was done, a third goblin healed their cuts and told them to relax for a moment. Griphook mumbled in gobbledygook and watched as the family trees of both Harry and Hermione formed on the pages. When it was done, he placed both documents in a folder and turned to the Mystic in the room.

"Please run a full diagnostic on both Mr. Potter and Miss Granger," instructed Griphook. "We want a full analogy of any problems that either have."

The Mystic nodded her head and began chanting. White lights shot from her hands and encompassed both Harry and Hermione. A scroll of parchment that was on the table unrolled and a quill started to write information down. After about ten minutes, the Mystic lowered her hands and stepped up to the parchment to read the results. From there, she turned to the group and gave the analysis of her findings.

"I will start with Lord Potter," she said. "He has recently broken through a magic block that was placed upon him. The block caused his magical potential to be decreased by just over half of his full potential."

"What does that mean?" Harry asked nervously.

"I will give you a few examples," said Ragnok after looking at the scroll. "Professor McGonagall is a very powerful witch. Her magic potential is roughly at about four hundred. Professor Snape is more powerful yet being at close to five hundred. The average witch or wizard your age is roughly at two hundred and fifty or right at three hundred. Now, you are a special case as is Miss Granger. I have only known two wizards who have as much power as you do. One of them being Albus Dumbledore and the other being Tom Riddle. Dumbledore has a magical level of seven hundred while Tom Riddle is barely below that average."

"That would make sense," said Hermione. "They are the two most powerful wizards alive today."

"Not anymore," said the Mystic. "Miss Granger your magical potential is now close to eight hundred while Mr. Potter's is right at one thousand."

"That is not possible," said Amelia suddenly. "That would mean that Mr. Potter and Miss Granger have just as much power as the founders of Hogwarts had at their prime."

"Actually," said Ragnok. "They have more power than the founders. These two teens are in the same category as Merlin and Morgan Le Fey. If these two put their minds to it, they will be able to accomplish anything that they desire."

"For now it would be best if these two teens saw our healers and let us clean up any harm that has been done to them," said the Mystic. "By my calculations, they should be alright and up and about in about an hour."

"Harry," said Minerva. "I think this is a good idea. Severus and I know that you have had a very bad childhood and have been hurt more than one person can possibly have been. The goblins have the best healers. I say let them heal you and take care of everything that has been inflicted upon you in your life."

"It will be an honor to do this for you Lord Potter," said Ragnok softly. "I know you have many questions, but it is best that you get healed before anything happens. Miss Granger, you have no physical problems that are showing up. We are concerned with block on your magic that has opened, but not yet broken all the way. Mr. Potter was able to shatter his with his anger last night. You have not had that situation arise. You will be seen first and in a matter of moments, you will be fine and able to sit with Mr. Potter as all of his past injuries are tended to."

Harry looked to Severus who nodded his head in encouragement. He then turned to Hermione who gave him a quick kiss.

"It is ok to be scared Harry," said Hermione. "I will be with you through the whole thing. I will not leave your side. I know your past haunts you, but hopefully this will all be put behind you and you can move on to a brighter future."

Harry looked at the assembled people before him and took a shuddering breath. From there, he placed a firm smile on his face and nodded his head in acquiesce. Hermione grabbed his hand and gave it one more squeeze before a goblin healer directed her to a chair. Harry watched as they chanted over her for a few moments and broke through the enchantments that were binding her magic. True to their words, Hermione was done and feeling better than she had ever felt before. When they were done with her, they turned to Harry.

"It would be best if you were to lie down," said the healer gently. "She was easy as it was just a magical binding we had to break. From the report, we have fifteen years of hurts to fix with you. We are going to have to put you to sleep to fix all of your injuries. The hardest part will be removing the darkness that is centered in your scar."

"I beg your pardon," said Amelia. "What do you mean the darkness in his scar?"

"The magic that surrounds the scar is very dark," said the goblin. "It appears as if there is a piece of soul shard in the scar that is using Lord Potter's magic to keep itself alive."

"The Dark Lord," exclaimed Severus. "That is why no one ever found a body. He made a Horcrux. Harry is acting as a host for a Horcrux."

"That is very advanced and very dark magic," said Ragnok. "To use a living person is dangerous."

"He made more than one," said Harry suddenly. "He has made more than one. This one is the second one. His diary from my second year was a Horcrux. He may have made more than two."

"We will look into it," said Amelia. "If he made more than two, we will find them."

"Dumbledore knows," said Harry finally understanding the situation fully. "He knows about all of this. He is the one that bound my magic. I just know it was him. He did this as a way to use me to fulfill the prophecy. I want to know what the prophecy says in its entirety. That meddlesome old coot has upset me for the last time."

"We can get to that," said Amelia. "For now, let's just get you fixed. We can decide what to do from there. We have time. We will ensure that all gets put into the open and no one will cross me or I will have their heads for it."

Harry took a deep breath and relaxed as best as he could. He nodded to the Healer as Hermione stood by his side and held his hand. Harry lay back on the bed as a second healer entered the room. Harry was given a potion to drink which knocked him out immediately. The two healers started chanting in the language of the goblins. It was not long before even in is sleep, Harry started screaming in pain. Hermione held his head as the goblins did their work. Minerva and Amelia were in tears with his pleas for help. Even stoic Severus was having a hard time listening to Harry cry out in pain. Finally the grueling hour was over with. Harry woke up and felt odd.

"You need to take it easy Lord Potter," said the healer handing Hermione a potion for him to drink. "You have had a grueling experience and you need to let your body adapt. Professor Snape will be given a list of potions that you are to take for the next month. It will finish up clearing out all of the malnutrition and minute problems that were a result of this."

Harry took a steadying breath. The others were watching him with concern in their eyes. Even the battle hardened goblins were watching him with concern.

"Thank you all," said Harry sitting up with the help of Hermione. "Thank you all for everything that you are doing for me. I really appreciate it."

The adults all smiled at his thoughtfulness. Hermione beamed a smile at her bonded in happiness.

"Shall we move to an office to discuss the rest of your questions and to get the results of your heritage tests?" asked Ragnok as the healers assisted Harry in standing. "From there, we can go over Mr. Potter's inheritances and the wills of his parents."

The group all nodded in agreement and they made their way back to Ragnok's office.

"My vision is all blurry," reported Harry as he walked into more than one item. "I think something went wrong in the cleaning."

"Try taking your glasses off Lord Potter," suggested Griphook smiling. "I highly doubt that you need your glasses any longer. If you continue to wear them you will do yourself damage, either by giving yourself a massive headache, or by breaking something that you walk into or both."

Sheepishly Harry removed his glasses and had the satisfaction of being able to see clearly everything that was in front of him. He laughed as he looked for a trash can and deposited the old broken pair of glasses into the container. With a satisfied smirk, he sat near Hermione and waited for the goblins to begin their tale.

"Miss Granger," said Griphook looking at her curiously. "I think there has been a classified mistake somewhere in your records or history."

"What do you mean?" asked Hermione. "What is wrong with my records?"

"Your real name isn't Granger," said the goblin to the astonishment of the room. "Your real name is Hermione Lynn Longbottom. You are the older sister of Neville Longbottom. How you managed to end up at the Grangers and getting that name is a mystery to me. You are exactly ten months older than Lord Longbottom."

"That means that someone has lied to me my whole life," said an anguished Hermione. "Dan and Emma are not my real parents and I am not a muggleborn witch. I have been used and abused for no reason. Who would do something like that to me?"

"We will begin our search on it and keep you informed of the situation," assured Ragnok. "This is highly illegal and whomever did this will be in serious trouble with the law regarding this situation. I have no doubts that Lady Longbottom will want to know what is going on. I think that it would be in her best interest to be checked for Obliviations."

"It is one of the biggest things that both Gringotts and the Ministry agree upon," said Amelia taking notes. "Children are special to both races. If someone is harming a child, that is a crime that is worse than someone using the Killing Curse on someone else. Between the Ministry and Gringotts, we will get to the bottom of this. You have my word as the Head of the DMLE on this."

"Does that mean that Hermione has vaults here in Gringotts?" asked Harry. "As a pureblood witch she should have a trust fund set up somewhere shouldn't she?"

"You are correct in that aspect Lord Potter," said Griphook handing Hermione a gold key. "She has one set up here and it was sealed for whatever reason. We have no need to seal it any longer as the owner of the vault is here in front of us."

"Why would it get sealed at all?" asked Hermione in a confused voice. "I am thankful that it is there at all, but why would it be sealed?"

"We here at Gringotts take pride in our work," said Ragnok with a grin. "If the person is not able to come to the vaults, we seal it. Somewhere, we have the record as to what occurred to make us seal the vault in question. When we have all of the information, we will send it to you immediately."

"That means that Hermione's real parents are in St. Mungo's," said Harry sadly. "That means that Frank and Alice Longbottom are her parents and they are in the hospital."

"What happened to them?" asked Hermione cautiously. "Why are they there?"

"They were tortured to insanity by Bellatrix, Rudolphus, and Rabastan Lestrange and Barty Crouch Jr." said Harry. "One of the three is dead while the other three are on the loose."

"We will get to the bottom of this," assured Amelia once more. "We will figure out what happened and all those that are responsible will be arrested and pay the price for their misconduct."

Hermione nodded as she wiped furiously at her tears. Harry held her as she struggled to contain her emotions. The soft glow that emitted from them during their bond was seen again. Those that were watching felt the love that was passing between the two of them. When it was over with, Griphook cleared his throat to get everyone's attention.

"Shall we get on with Lord Potter?" he asked. "There is a lot of information that I have to cover here and it is within your best interest to get this over with as soon as you can."

Harry nodded to the goblins as everyone sat with baited breath to hear the results of Harry's tests.

"It would seem that Lord Potter is the Head of some very influential houses," said Griphook looking over the papers. "Not only is he the Head of the Potter and Evans vaults, but due to the incarceration of Sirius Black, he has controlling interests in the Black family vaults as well."

"Sirius was innocent though," said Harry. "Shouldn't control have been given back to him?"

"As he is a fugitive of the law currently, he can't have control of the vaults," said Amelia as Ragnok nodded. "He may withdraw funds from the account as he is the last Heir of the Black name, but he can't have control of his vaults until he is tried and proven innocent. Thus you are Lord Potter-Evans-Black."

"We have documentation from Sirius Black that he would like for Harry Potter to remain Head of the Black Family," said Griphook reading a sheet of parchment. "Due to this, the magic will transfer over to Harry Potter immediately. The Signet Ring of the Black family Head of House is here and Lord Potter has to put it on to accept the role. He also has to put on the Potter and Evan family Head of House Rings to claim his status as Head of both Houses."

Harry sighed as he grabbed the three rings and placed the Black family ring on his right hand middle finger. The ring glowed silver for a few moments and then resized to fit his finger. He picked up the Evans family ring and placed it on the pointer finger of the same hand. The same occurrence happened and the ring sized to fit his finger. Lastly, Harry placed the Potter family ring on his right ring finger and watched as the ring started to glow gold before it resized to fit his finger.

"These three rings will tell the Magical World that you are the head of three Ancient and Noble Houses," said Griphook. "This means that your mother was NOT a muggleborn. She was the first from a long line of squibs. You are a pureblood wizard."

"This is some very interesting news," said Harry. "I am glad that we were able to get this taken care of. Is there anything else that I need to know?"

"Oh yes," said Griphook looking at his papers. "You are also the Heir of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw on your father's side. You are also related to Helga Hufflepuff on your mother's side and you are Head of Slytherin by conquest. As the Dark Lord is the only known Heir of Slytherin, you won his title and rank by beating him when you were a baby. You also beat him again when you were eleven, twelve, and again last year in the graveyard. This is an incredible feat for one so young."

Minerva, Severus, and Amelia didn't know what to say about any of this. They knew that Harry was special, but they didn't know that he was THAT special. Griphook was not finished with his surprises yet.

"Last but not least, you are now in a position to be a legal adult in the Wizarding World," said Griphook. "All marriage contracts that were set up for you are now null and void. They would not have been legal anyway as Albus Dumbledore was the one to set up the contracts for you and he is not now nor has he ever been your magical guardian."

"So who is my magical guardian?" asked Harry as he accepted the rings of the founders and placed them on his fingers.

"Well it is supposed to be Sirius Black," said Griphook handing him a copy of his mother and father's wills. "However, since he is a fugitive of the law still, Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall are the legal guardians."

"Well it is time that someone puts a stop to Dumbledore," said Harry. "Who did he have me contracted to marry?"

"Ginevra Weasley," said Ragnok. "He managed to convince the Weasley parents that it was in the best interest for their family to do this."

"Are the Weasleys just using me for my fame and fortune?" asked a horrified Harry.

"Not in the least," assured Griphook. "Their intentions for you and their daughter are with the lightest and best of thought."

"The same can't be said about their children," muttered Minerva to the room. "I was told by the portraits of Hogwarts that the youngest two are talking about doing bad things to Harry. I would think that now Hermione is going to be on that list when it gets out that they are a couple. We are going to have to glamour most of your rings. You don't always have to wear all of them, but it is necessary for you to wear the first three marking your status in the magical world."

"Is there a ring that Hermione can wear that gives her status as my soul bonded?" asked Harry. "I don't want her to be in danger just because others are after me, but it is necessary to let others know that she is under the protection of House Potter."

"Very logical reasoning Harry," said Severus. "There should be a ring in the Potter vaults that is intended for your betrothed or even wife. There should also be a ring in there that marks her status as Lady Potter."

"I have them here," said Ragnok placing two ring boxes in front of Hermione. "One is the wedding rings and one is the Lady Signet Ring. By placing them on your fingers, you will automatically be placed under the protection of House Potter."

Hermione looked at Harry. He nodded his head in encouragement and she opened the Signet Ring box and placed the Ring on her finger. She opened the other box and everyone gasped at the ring that was sitting there. The diamond was sitting in the middle of a platinum band. Flanking the diamond were tiny rubies.

"This ring must have cost a fortune," stuttered Hermione in shock. "I can't wear something this expensive. What if someone tries to steal it from me?"

"That is the beauty of these rings," said Ragnok waving his hands over both Harry and Hermione's rings. "Once they are put on, the only way they come off is by you taking them off. The wedding ring was a gift from the goblins to a relative of Harry's. A favor was owed to the Potter family for services to the Goblin nation. This is the first time in a long time we have examined this ring. By wearing this ring, it means that you and Lord Potter are now family of the goblin nation. This ring has been sitting in the vaults for a long time, but we have long memories and would recognize it anywhere."

"Do the two of you realize the honor that is?" whispered Amelia in shock. "There can be no higher honor than to be classified as family of the goblins."

"Lord Harry was already becoming a family member anyway," said Ragnok. "His ability to befriend us and even speak to us like we were better than he was made us very interested in him. He is very unique in the wizarding world. Add in the fact that he is the wealthiest man on the planet at this moment, and you have something special."

"Will Hermione have access to my vaults?" asked Harry eagerly. "I would love for her to be able to get into the Potter vaults now that she is my soul bonded."

"Of course," said Griphook waving his hand over Harry's key and making a copy. "We will also give you the equivalent of a muggle credit card. It can be used in both the muggle and wizarding worlds."

Griphook produced said cards and after dropping a drop of blood on them, Harry and Hermione smiled in contentment.

"Is there anything else that these two need to know?" asked Severus. "We do have to eventually get back to the castle. Dumbledore is probably going spare right now not knowing where the four of us are."

"That is all," said Griphook handing Harry a folder. "In this folder is a copy of the wills of your parents as well as a list of all of your holdings and account information. We were able to make sure that the one that has been getting your statements no longer has access to them. There were some discrepancies, but we were able to rectify the situation and fix the problem. Also we were able to stop the Mail Ward on Mr. Potter. So he should be able to get his account statements from now on without any troubles. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send an owl to the bank. We are first and foremost, here for you. Those that have hurt you in the past will no longer be able to do so through your accounts here in Gringotts. You have our word on that."

"Thank you," said Harry bowing to both goblins. "I am honored by what you are doing for me and I hope that our relationship continues to shine."

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