Blood is Thicker


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Chapter 3 - Confrontations

When they were done, Harry, Hermione, Minerva, and Severus all made their way back to the Leaky Cauldron. From there, they used the floo to return to Hogwarts. Severus and Minerva made sure that Harry and Hermione knew that what happened at Gringotts was to stay a secret.

"You are more than welcome to let others know of your relationship," said Severus. "It is NOT a good idea to let them know that you are already bonded. I recommend that when you go home this summer, that when it is time to get new robes and such, that you put the Potter and Evans crests only on your robes. The more of your heritage that you can keep secret, the better it will be. It might not hurt anything to add the Black family's crest also Harry as it is yours to do with as you wish."

"What am I going to tell Sirius when he asks why I am wearing his crest on my robes?" asked Harry with concern as the quartet made their way to the Great Hall. "I don't want to insult my godfather if I don't have to."

"You leave that to me," assured Minerva. "I will make sure he understands what you are doing and what is going on. Don't forget that he asked that you be made the Head of his House. Also, let me hold onto your paperwork for you. This way, we can ensure that it doesn't get lost or stolen again."

"We may end up having to watch out over Hedwig," Hermione said thoughtfully. "Everyone knows that she is Harry's owl and she will be targeted to have the mail stolen. She is the only Snowy owl here at Hogwarts."

Before she could get an answer a very angry Albus Dumbledore stopped them in the hall.

"Just where have the four of you been?" he asked. "You will report to my office at once and explain yourselves."

"No, we will not," said Minerva standing tall and glaring at the old wizard. "We were on official Gringotts business and what occurred is not now nor will it ever be any of your business. Now, if you are through making demands that you have no place to make then I suggest that you get out of the way so that the four of us may enter the Great Hall and have some lunch. It has been a very long morning and I, for one, would like something to eat."

"Do not speak to me that way Minerva," snapped Dumbledore. "I am still the Headmaster here, and I demand to know why you took two students out of the castle. You had no right to do that. I also know that Mr. Potter has not received any mail from Gringotts. I am his magical guardian and his Gringotts mail all comes to me for review and safe keeping."

"So in other words," said Harry furiously. "You have been intercepting my mail and taking it upon yourself to act like you are the one that is making life so much easier and better for me."

"What are you talking about Harry?" asked Dumbledore trying to fall back into his grandfather role. "I have always had your best interest at heart and I will continue to do my part to protect you from the Dark Lord and his minions."

"You do not have my best interest at heart," said Harry as the Great Hall quieted down to listen to the fight growing in the entrance. "You only have YOUR best interest at heart. You have never cared about me. You have done things to me that you will regret for the rest of your life. When I am done with you, I will own the hair on your head and the blue of your eyes."

"Why are you disrespecting me in this manner, Harry," snapped Dumbledore. "Twenty points will be deducted from Gryffindor for your threats and attitude."

"I am countermanding the point loss," said Harry waving his hand in Dumbledore's face, allowing he rings of the four founders to flash to the old man. "You can't deduct points from me for speaking the truth. I am going to press charges on you old man. Trust me when I say that I have every intention of, and all the proof I need to do so."

"On what grounds?" an astonished Dumbledore asked. "I have broken no laws in regards to you. What makes you think you can press charges against me?"

By now every head in the Great Hall was listening to the argument between the Golden Boy and the Headmaster. The other professors all stood and made their way to the scene. Severus and Minerva didn't feel the need to reign in Harry. He was doing an outstanding job of putting the old man in his place for them. They did, however, step closer to him just in case he needed their assistance.

"For the record Mr. Dumbledore," snapped Harry going into battle mode. "My name to you is Lord Potter –Evans – Black. You have been taking liberties for years calling me by my given name. That is disrespectful to me. You do not call anyone else by their given name and I would appreciate it if you would show me the same common courtesy."

"You are going too far, Harry," snapped Dumbledore. "I am fixing to lose my patience with you and you will be expelled if you continue with this idiocy. I am the Headmaster here and you will desist in these false accusations as well as your unjustified attack on my person."

Hermione, Severus, and Minerva all took a step back at the word idiocy. This was one thing that you NEVER said to Harry. The fury that was on the boys face, even made Dumbledore, pause in his words and blanch. Harry puffed up in his fury. Finally the years of being called freak and stupid had caught up to Harry. Those that knew him also knew that he was fixing to let loose with everything he had.

"Once more I shall insist that you refer to me as Lord Potter," hissed Harry in his fury stalking towards Dumbledore and making him fall back to get out of the way. "I will not make you use ALL of my honorifics as it would take longer to give half of them than it does to say your full name. As far as expelling me that WILL NEVER HAPPEN. You do not have the power to expel me. When this day is done, I will make sure you never have the power to expel or cause trouble for anyone else ever again."

"Lord Potter is correct," said Hermione quickly, coming to his defense. "As the heir of three founders by blood and the fourth by conquest, he can not be expelled. He may be disciplined if he is acting out in a dangerous manner, but he can not be expelled unless he IS a danger to himself or others. As it stands, you have every professor and student here that is witness, that Harry is not only NOT attacking anyone with physical harm, he is also not doing anything illegal."

"Desist in opening your mouth Miss Granger," said Dumbledore turning his fury upon her. "You do not know what you are talking about. Fifty points will be deducted from Gryffindor for you sticking your nose into a situation that has nothing to do with you. A weeks worth of detention will also be administered for speaking out of turn and disrespectfully to the Headmaster of this school."

"Once more, I am countermanding the point loss and detention," snapped Harry with fury. "She is speaking the truth of the matter. What has you so pissed off, is the fact that, she is one hundred percent correct and you don't like to be proven wrong. For the record, Mr. Dumbledore, you are NOT my magical guardian. You have exactly five minutes to turn over all records of my vaults to Professor McGonagall. From there, you will cease your efforts of getting back into them. We, the Ministry, and Gringotts, all know that you have been stealing money out of my vaults since the night my parents died. You will no longer have the opportunity to do so. You are also being given one hour to return any and all items that rightfully belong to me. This will include the pensieve in your office as well as the wand in your pocket."

Harry took a deep breath and looked around. Severus, Minerva, and Hermione all nodded their heads to him to continue with his thoughts and let it all out in the open. Harry took another deep breath and turned back to Dumbledore.

"I will also be pressing charges on you for going against my parent's wills by placing me with magic hating muggles that was specifically in the will to not send me to," he stated furiously to the astonishment of the hall. "Added to that, you will be charged with child abuse, child endangerment, child neglect, child abandonment, and attempted murder. There are other charges against you, but they are not mine to press. I would expect others to stand up against you soon enough."

Harry went to enter the Great Hall again and gave pause as a new idea hit him with full force. He turned back to the Headmaster and spat his next lines at him.

"One last thought, then I would appreciate it if you would move so that we may enjoy the rest of our day, is the following," he spat. "Hermione is now under the protection of House Potter. So are Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Fred and George Weasley, Professors McGonagall, Sprout, Flitwick, and Snape. Should you attempt to retaliate on any of the aforementioned people, I will not hesitate to have you arrested for trying to start a blood feud."

Harry and Hermione shoved passed Dumbledore and entered the Great Hall. Harry took one look around and then headed over to the Ravenclaw table and sat next to Luna. Hermione sat next to him. The rest of the professors made to head back to the staff table when the next line floored them all to a dead stand still. Sometimes the magic of areas had a mind of its own. This was one such case.

"Is that the Potter betrothal ring on your finger?" asked Padma Patil pointing, to the astonishment of the hall. "When did the two of you become betrothed?"

"So much for keeping it secret," muttered Severus without malice. "At least we will get to see a furious Lord and Lady, deal with the other trash today as well. I could swear I saw the ring pop into view on its own. It seems that it is destined for everything to come out into the open and be dealt with all at once."

Minerva only nodded as she waited for the explosions to start. She was not disappointed as two from the Gryffindor table stood and began.

"WHAT?" Ron and Ginny screamed simultaneously.

"That is impossible," said Ginny furiously. "We both have betrothal contracts to Harry and Hermione. They can not be betrothed to each other. Those contracts are binding and Hermione will give me the Potter betrothal ring immediately. The law states that she can't be betrothed to Harry as I already am."

"Who in the hell do you think you are?" snarled Harry at her. "I am not now, nor will I ever be, married to you. There is only one way that ring is coming off of Hermione's finger, and that is if SHE, takes it off. You have no right to tell me who I am allowed or not allowed to be engaged or married to. My advice to you would be to back the fuck off of me and not make me do something that you will regret. I am so sick of people demanding things from me that I am about to explode. From now on, I am the one that is in control of my life and if anyone else doesn't like it, they can rot in hell. This will include Dumbledore, Voldemort, the Death Eaters, and the Dursleys. No more am I a pawn. I am my own person and I will take down anyone who stands in my way."

Minerva and Severus were both impressed with the colorful jewels coming from Harry. Neither were about to admonish him for this. Both looked over at the other professors and with slight shakes of their heads, they conveyed the message to not get involved. The others understood immediately what was meant and began to sit amongst the students so that they could step in if help was needed. Each held their wands loosely in their hands in case they had to intervene to protect the students should a fight break out.

"Harry," said Hermione placing her hand on his shoulder. "Please calm down. There is no way that they can break us apart. They can't hurt us anymore. What they want is nothing to us. They are just speaking trash and they have no right to demand anything from anyone. Just look at them. They are what muggles call poor white trash. Their mouths are larger than their brain and their IQ is nearly non existent. Like I said, they can't do anything to us."

"That is what you think, you mudblood whore," snapped Ronald stepping forward. "There are two marriage contracts in place that assures that Harry will marry Ginny and you will marry me. When we are married, I will ensure that you are put in your place so that you know how to speak to your betters. Your attitude towards your future husband needs some adjusting and I am just the person to finally put you in your place."

"Like you are anyone's better," Harry sneered at Ron. "You are stupid, gluttonous, misguided, and arrogant enough to make Malfoy look like a fluffy kitten. You have no manners what so ever when it comes to treating others like they should be treated. You have no respect for anyone that is in this castle except your sister. Even the twins can see that you are just a pompous ass that needs to be taken down and thrown out with the rest of the garbage. You are not now, nor have you ever, been legally betrothed to Hermione."

"How would you know Potter?" snapped Ron before the professors could say anything. "You are stupid when it comes to the wizarding world and its customs. You are nothing more than a pathetic half blood that has too much money. I am a pureblood and if you two don't cooperate, you will lose your magic and your money to me and my sister. As it is, you will lose most of your fortune to those of us that are worthy of it. A pureblood is supreme to the others. You are no exception to that rule even if you are the boy who won't die."

A pin drop could be heard at this exclamation. Everyone was staring at Ron and Ginny with open disgust and hostility. Even the Slytherins were shocked by the garbage that was coming out of Ron's mouth. Ginny stood there with a smirk on her face. Neither Weasley seemed to understand the potency of the danger that they were in at that very moment. Even the pureblood Slytherins were now openly displaying hostile attitudes for the youngest of the Weasley brood.

"You had better listen to what Ron says," Ginny informed them. "Hand over that ring immediately mudblood. It doesn't belong to you. It belongs to me. I will be looking forward to my brother teaching you your place and status in this world. So much for your books as it will get you no where in this life except as a chained house wife."

"How disgusting can two people get?" asked Draco from the Slytherin table to the surprise of the room. "Did the two of you go deaf for a few minutes or is it that you are really dead between your ears? I mean really, do you think before you speak or is your brain just used for quidditch and nothing else? There are many things within your statements that are wrong on all concepts and theory."

"What do you mean Malfoy?" asked Neville speaking for the first time. "Did we all miss something somewhere?"

"Yes Longbottom, you did," said Draco disdainfully, standing and walking towards Harry. "Did none of you hear Lord Potter when he said that he was Lord Harry Potter – EVANS – Black? If Lord Potter is the head of the Evans family that means that his mother was NOT a muggleborn. Even if he were not a pureblood that doesn't mean that people like the Weasleys deserve his money just because he is not. The Potters died as heroes and even we Slytherins respect their sacrifice. The garbage these two are pouring out is sickening even to us. Once more, I will say that if Potter is claiming the title of Head of House of the Evans name, it means his mother is not a muggleborn."

"Thus making him a pureblood and not a half blood as was proclaimed by an ignorant fool of a student, that goes by the name of Ronald Weasley," said Severus finally able to speak for once. "Lily Evans Potter was not a muggleborn. She is in fact a pureblood witch with impeccable heritage. These two are talking about things that they have no right to talk about much less the accuracy of their words. One hundred points each will be deducted for their crass words. Another one hundred will be deducted for their disrespect of the dead parents of another student. Fifty points will be deducted for each use of the term mudblood. Fifty more will be deducted for each use of the term whore."

"Then that is even better for me," smirked Ginny with glee ignoring Severus. "This way I won't lose any prestige in the wizarding community as my husband to be will also be a pureblood."

"You really are a stupid whore," said Neville surprising the hall again. "I was so sure that I heard Harry say that they only way for that ring to come off of Hermione's hand was if she removed it. For those of you that are too stupid to know what that means, I will explain. It means that their betrothal is a binding thing. No one can break it except them. You have no legal leg to stand on, nor does Ron. If there was already a legal contract in place, the ring would not be sitting on Hermione's finger. The magic would prevent it. Both of you are spitting garbage from those things you call mouths. You have no standing in the wizarding world as your parents are titled as blood traitors. While I have no disregard for them, I do despise what the two of you are doing here and now. For once in your lives, SHUT UP, and leave people alone. You are so stupid that even your brothers have not spoken this entire time out of embarrassment due to you. Even Malfoy has better manners than the two of you and that is saying something as he walks around here like he owns the place. He at least knows when to stop before it goes too far. We can't say the same about the two of you."

"Thanks a lot Longbottom," said Draco with a glare. "However, you are correct. That ring on Granger's hand is a legal binding contract that can only be broken by Lord Potter or Granger."

"Oh," said Hermione speaking. "I'm not a Granger. We found out at the bank that I am not even a muggle born. I took the blood inheritance test. I am actually a pure blood witch."

"What a crock of shit," said Ron. "You are a mudblood know it all, that needs to be knocked down from her pedestal. I will happily beat some manners into you when we are married. It will be fun punishing you after all the hell I have had to endure from you over the years."

Harry waved his hand and Ron found himself upside down in the middle of the hall. None of the professors stepped in to assist the red head as they knew that Harry was within his rights to do what ever he wanted to do. Even if they wanted to, Harry had more power than they did. It would be doubtful that they could undo Harry's magic even if they tried. The Weasley twins had their heads together and were planning their next move against their siblings.

"What is your sir name then?" asked Pomona speaking for the first time to Hermione. "If you are a pureblood, then somewhere the name is wrong."

"Oh," said Hermione blushing. "It's Longbottom- Potter. I am Neville's older sister and Harry's wife."

A resounding thud could be heard as Neville fainted. Pomona and Poppy headed for the teen as pandemonium broke out in the Great Hall. People were floored with the news that was just given to the whole school.

"What nonsense are you spewing now Miss Granger?" asked Dumbledore speaking now that he was over his shock. The Great Hall quieted down to hear what would happen next. "You are not a Longbottom. You are a muggle born witch that has too many fascinations going through her head. Now, I am going to insist, that you take off the Potter betrothal ring and hand it over to Miss Weasley. It is rightfully hers as I am Harry Potter's magical guardian, and I was the one to oversee that betrothal contract. If you don't, then the consequences will be dire."

"For who?" Harry asked with a snide look on his face. "Will the consequences be dire for you or the youngest two Weasley children? I can assure you that they will not be dire for me or Hermione. Let me let you in on a little secret Mr. Dumbledore, as you seem to have forgotten my earlier words. You are not now, nor have you ever been, my magical guardian. My parents hadset it up in their will as to who that title goes to. Your name, oddly enough, isn't on that list. I would like to know how in the hell you became my magical guardian when it is written in my parent's wills that, that, was NEVER to happen. You must have thought that you were something special. After all, you have broken so many laws that the Dark Lord looks like an angel and yet no one has arrested you or come after you yet. I wonder who you cast spells on to be able to step on so many toes. I am even starting to wonder if you REALLY were the one to beat Grindelwald all those years ago. Seems you and Lockhart have something in common. Both of you are complete frauds."

"What do you know?" asked Dumbledore completely losing his patience now. "The wills of your parents are lost. No one knows what they say. I was appointed your magical guardian and I made sure that you were taken care of. You are alive today because of what I have set up for you."

"You mean that you are responsible for Harry being beaten, starved, neglected, and many other things his whole life," stated Minerva angrily. "I have a copy of the wills of James and Lily Potter. It specifically stated that Harry was to go nowhere near Petunia and Vernon Dursley. You took it upon yourself to take responsibility for Harry when you had no legal right to do so. You appointed yourself his Guardian when others were already in place. Therefore, the betrothal contracts are null and void as they were illegally made. Even someone as thick as you, ought to be able to realize that you will not win this fight. You have been outclassed, out maneuvered, and out smarted. I suggest that you stand down. You are already in enough trouble."

"SILENCE," thundered Dumbledore. "None of you know what you are talking about. I can assure each and every one of you that you are ALL in deep trouble over this. Now, I am going to ask once more for Miss Granger to hand over the rings on her fingers to Miss Weasley or I am going to have to force her to do so."

No less than fifty wands were aimed at Dumbledore. Every professor in the school and many of the Gryffindors as well as Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs had pulled their wands and were aiming them at the Head Master. There were even a few Slytherins that had their wands out and were showing support for the Lord of three Ancient and Noble families. To say that Dumbledore was shocked was putting it mildly.

"Draco Malfoy," called Harry. "I have a question that I would like for you to answer for me."

"What information would I have that you want?" asked a floored Draco. "I don't think you want any advice from me. We have been enemies since we started school."

"That may be," said Harry with cunning in his voice, allowing his Slytherin side to show. "However, you were raised by the pureblood code. As I am the Head of your House on your mother's side, I want you to answer me honestly. As the heir of three of the four founders by blood and Head by conquest of the fourth, do I have the right to throw people out of the castle?"

"Yes," said Draco simply. "It is common knowledge amongst the pureblood houses that the heir of any of the founders may step in and remove troublesome people from the castle if it is in the best interest of the students and faculty. As you are the heir of three and by right of conquest the fourth, you have more authority in this castle than the Ministry of Magic or the Headmaster of the school, not to mention any of the other heirs if there are any. Being that you are also the Head of House of three other prominent names, I would say that you have the most power and prestige of anyone in the magical community. I am sure that if you look closely into your genealogy that you will find that you are the head of other houses that have died out due to marriage or other means."

Harry looked over to Minerva and Severus who both nodded their heads in agreement. Pomona, Filius, and Dolores were also nodding their heads.

"Do what you have to do Lord Potter-Black," said Dolores simply. "You are within your rights to do so. The Ministry has no say so over what happens here. The very laws that we abide by are on your side in this. Not even the Chief Warlock can undo the law."

Harry stood there in shock as the wards all transferred to him. The Heads of House all knew it had happened as Harry started to glow. Everyone in the Great Hall with the exception of Dumbledore and the youngest Weasleys all bowed to Harry.

"If that is the case, then I proclaim the following," stated Harry loudly and clearly. "For not being able to do your job due to the fact that you have had your nose so far up my arse that I feel like I am being violated, I am banishing you from the castle. As head of the Black family, I am also hereby banishing you from all Black family homes. Also as head of the Evans and Potter families and as I have come into my inheritance and taken my places, I am herby banishing you from any home that is owned by the Potters or Evans. As a part of the goblin nation, I am hereby seizing your vaults until every last knut that you have stolen from me is returned with fifty percent interest. By my magic, I so will it. Let thy will be done."

The magic flared out of Harry and hit Dumbledore. It lifted the old wizard up into the air and with a quick wave of his hand, Harry directed the old man to be evicted from the castle.

"In his place, I hereby proclaim Minerva McGonagall the Headmistress of the school," continued Harry. "Until such a time where her replacement can be found, she will share the duty with the other three Heads of House. When I turn seventeen, and have taken my NEWTS, I will take on the post of Headmaster of this school should I so choose to do so."

The magic flared and all four heads felt the wards work with them. Harry sat down winded. Hermione was patting him gently on the back as he was handed something to drink.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will cut this chapter right here. I tend to get going and never stop. I will pick up where I left of in the following chapter. Thanks for the support and encouragement.

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