Blood is Thicker

Getting Started

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Chapter 4 – Getting Started

"Well," said Minerva smirking. "Now that we are in charge of the castle until Lord Potter graduates, I can make a few changes here. First and foremost, Ronald Weasley will no longer be a prefect in this school. He is also banned from Quidditch for the rest of the year. Neither he, nor Ginevra will be allowed into Hogsmeade. Miss Weasley will also loose her place on the quidditch team. As there are not enough players for the team, Gryffindor is out of the running for the quidditch cup this year."

"My mother and father will not allow you to do that," said Ginny flaring up. "Either the mudblood gives me my rings or Harry loses his magic and his fortune to the Weasley family. That is the law. The longer it takes for the mudblood whore to give up the rings the less chance that she will be allowed to do magic before long."

Harry hit Ginny with a Silencing Spell. For good measure, he hit Ron with one as well. Hermione lifted her wand and without muttering a word, lit the end of her wand while hitting Ron and Ginny with a Bat Bogey Hex. Harry waved his hand and Ron crashed to the ground as his spell released him.

"Very good Mrs. Longbottom-Potter," said Filius kindly. "That is twenty points to you for that. Twenty points will also be awarded to Mr. Potter for his reaction that caused these two idiots to, FINALLY, shut up."

"I think detention with me every night for the rest of the year is in order," said Severus with a grin. "I can promise you that it will not be pleasant. As Gryffindor doesn't have any more points, there is no point in trying to deduct any."

"Now Severus," said Dolores with a giggle. "Let the rest of us have some fun as well. At least allow each of us to have them at least one night a week."

"Very well," said Severus smirking at the new game being played. "Minerva can have them on Monday. Filius can have them on Tuesday. Pomona can have them on Wednesday. You can have them on Thursday. Filch can have them on Friday. I will take all day Saturday. We can leave them have half a day on Sunday so that they can do their school work. I also think that these two should be confined to their rooms unless they are either in class or detention. It has already been stated that they will have no extra curricular activities."

All of the other professors agreed. Harry and Hermione were giggling at the mischief that the professors were causing. Ron and Ginny were furious.

"Oh, and Mr. Fred and Mr. George Weasley," stated Filius with a grin on his face. "You had better let us in on what pranks you plan on playing on your siblings. We will be most displeased if we can't participate."

"You two are to see me in the Gryffindor common room in one hour for your detention schedule," snapped Minerva at Ron and Ginny. "As it stands, you are hereby confined to your dorms until further notice. If we have one more bit of trouble out of you, we will not hesitate to expel you and snap your wands. Now march to your rooms now. The rest of you assembled are to go about your business. Filius, would you escort Mr. and Mrs. Potter to the married quarters. It would be in their best interest to have some privacy as well as safety from retaliation."

"Draco," called Harry. "I would like to solicit your services as well as those of Neville and Luna."

"What do you need me to do?" asked a shocked Draco. "You seem to be doing pretty good on your own. I doubt that I can teach you anything that you aren't already accomplishing. Even I am not stupid enough to get in your way. You have just tossed the most powerful wizard alive out of the castle like he was a rag doll."

"Hermione and I need training on the customs of the wizarding world," answered Harry simply. "You may be an ass sometimes, but you are very proficient on how to work within the magical community. Hermione and I have both been raised by muggles and therefore, we don't have the training that the three of you possess. We would be more than willing to pay you for your services."

"That won't be necessary," said Draco quickly working in his head how he could work this to his advantage. "I am sure that we can get you caught up before long with how we do things in the wizarding world. After all, you are the Head of my House on my mother's side. It would be helping family after all. Let's not forget that your betrothed is the book worm of the castle. If I don't know the answer to it, I have no doubt she can find it."

"Make sure you give them all of the etiquette they will need," said Severus shrewdly tapping his head with a long finger. "Oh and Draco, if I find out you are using this as a way to further your own aims, I will be most displeased with you. You are to do what is being asked of you or you will suffer MY wrath. Don't think that I have forgotten about this morning's escapade either. I will eventually get around to that. For the moment, you had better keep your nose clean and your actions favorable. The consequences could be devastating if you don't."

Draco gulped and paled, but he nodded his head in understanding. He knew that he could not push Severus any further than he already had.

Neville meanwhile was looking at Hermione with an odd look on his face. He had just been informed that the person that was his friend and mentor all these years was now his sister, and the one male friend that stood up for him all the time, was his new brother in law. Harry and Hermione quickly went to him.

"Nothing will change," said Hermione. "The only difference is now you have a sister and a brother by marriage. We have to get Grandmother checked out by a healer for the Imperius Curse. She may have even been Obliviated."

"We will take care of it Mrs. Potter," said Minerva kindly. "I have to head to the Head office as I have a letter to write to Molly Weasley, Augusta Longbottom, and Amelia Bones. When we have all of the information, we will contact all of you and let you know what is going on."

"Someone will also have to check with my muggle parents," said Hermione after a moment of thought. "They may not be much better than my birth parents or grandmother. They may have had their minds altered also."

"We will get to the bottom of this," said Dolores. "You two go up to your rooms with Professor Flitwick and let us deal with all of this. I think we can let the two of you out of classes tomorrow so that you can get used to everything that is going on."

Harry and Hermione both nodded to her and then followed Filius out of the Great Hall. Once they were gone, the gossip broke out in earnest. Harry Potter was the heir of all four founders as well as, the Lord of three very influential houses. In addition to that, Hermione Granger wasn't a Granger at all, but a Longbottom. Another thing that had their attention the most was that the professors were calling her Mrs. Potter. No one forgot that Harry Potter had banished Albus Dumbledore from the castle. This would need more than a few days to blow over and for life around the castle to go back to normal.

"Hey Harry," said Hermione once they were ensconced into the married quarters of the castle. "What do you think about asking Dobby and Winky to bond with us? I was reading in the library the other day about house elves and I have discovered that their magic is better for them if they are bonded to a certain wizard. The house elves of Hogwarts are tied into the magic of the school. However, Dobby and Winky aren't. They are both free elves and their magic has diminished some."

"I think that is a wonderful idea," said Harry calling the two elves to him. "I think we can get them healthier and better if they were specifically our elves. Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape will go over the paperwork that Griphook gave us and see if there is a place we may want to go in the future. I don't think I am going to want to be Headmaster here after we graduate for awhile. I would like to go and see the world for a bit before we move back here and take up our respected places here in the wizarding world."

"Dobby and Winky is here, Harry Potter Sir," said the male elf excitedly. "We is happy that you is calling for us and we is happy that you is wanting us to bond with you."

"Dobby can be your personal elf and Winky can be mine," said Hermione with a soft smile. "That way they are both bonded with a powerful witch and wizard."

Harry looked to the two elves who were both happy at the prospect.

"What do we have to do to bond you to us?" asked Harry. "We don't want slaves, but I would like a helper and another family member as it were. You will both wear robes with the Potter family crests upon them. I don't want to see either of you wearing a towel or pillowcase again. That is the rule. Neither of you is to punish yourself. If you feel that you have done something wrong, then you will come and talk with us about it and as a family we will decide how to handle it."

"We is can accept that," said Dobby happily while Winky nodded her head. "To bond with us all you is having to do is say it and the magic will take care of the rest."

"I want Dobby as my personal house elf," said Harry looking at the happy little elf.

He had the satisfaction of seeing the glow surround both of them and felt the bond take place. When he was done, Hermione did the same with Winky. When the bond was done, Harry sent both on a small mission.

"These rooms have not been used in awhile," observed Harry. "I would like for you guys to go and gather our things and then make sure that everything is set up."

Both elves bowed and left with a small pop. Within moments, they were back and while Winky cleaned, Dobby put their things away.

"We really need to get you some new clothes to wear when we are not in class," said Hermione softly to him. "We can make it a project when we go to Hogsmeade. They have a clothing boutique that will be good for what we want."

"I hate shopping, but you are correct," he admitted. "I do need clothes that fit. Plus I would like some new ones for a change instead of hand me down clothing. We can go on the next Hogsmeade trip."

"Actually," said Minerva entering the room with Severus. "As you are both legal adults, and Harry is the heir of the castle, as well as the surrounding land. You are allowed to go every weekend if you desire. Seventh year students are allowed to visit the village every weekend. As you are both legal adults, you have the same rights. All we ask is that you use caution and you stay safe."

"Now that Dumbledore is mad at you, it will make things more difficult for you," said Severus. "Don't forget that the Dark Lord is still out there somewhere and is after you as well. Amelia Bones, as well as all of the professors here in the castle, will do our best, but remember that you two are not our only concerns. We have the other students to deal with as well."

"What happened when you spoke to Molly Weasley?" asked Harry. "How did she take the news that, not only are Ron and Ginny not betrothed to us, but the contracts were illegally done."

"We have not heard back from her yet," said Minerva. "I only sent the letter to her a bit ago. Mr. and Miss Weasley are confined to their rooms for now. When I got to Gryffindor Tower, Mr. Weasley was attempting to gain access to your belongings. However, before I could do anything about it, Dobby popped in and took them all away. Mr. Weasley has been given point reductions. So I am just waiting to hear back form their mother as to how we are to deal with them in the future."

"I hardly think that the Weasley parents will say anything negative to the two of you as it is not your fault that Dumbledore did things illegally," assured Severus. "Both parents have solid minds. They will deal with their children for their attitudes. For now I would put it out of your minds and get comfortable with your new station. I will have a schedule set up so that Draco, Mr. Longbottom, and Miss Lovegood can work with you on Wizarding Etiquette. Expect some of the same lessons from us as well."

"While we don't want you to go around looking for fights," said Minerva smiling. "We also do not want you to hesitate to defend yourselves. Curfew for the two of you will be dismissed provided you stay in the castle after dark for safety reasons."

"That will help with Harry's insomnia," remarked Severus. "I am tired of trying to catch him at night. So, we just decided that it is easier to let him wander the halls. A notice has been sent to all professors with regards to this matter."

"Thank you," said Harry as he pinned on the prefect badge that Minerva handed him. "I appreciate the support and faith that you have in us. We will not let you down."

"We know," said Filius smiling. "You have never let us down before and we know you will not start now."

With on last smile, the professors all left. Harry and Hermione sat at the table and made a list of things that they needed to do.

"Dobby," said Harry calling the small elf over. "Can you go to Madam Malkin's and have her, make, me some more robes for school as well as some for Hermione? We will want them to have the crests of all of the houses I am Lord of and she is now Lady of."

Dobby studded Harry and then Hermione for a moment before nodding his head.

"I is can do that," said Dobby. "I is telling her that she can send the bill to Gringotts. I is getting me and Winky's robes at the same time."

Harry smiled in appreciation of the elf as he snapped his fingers and disappeared. Harry and Hermione took out their books and the two of them started going over all of the courses that they were taking. Hermione was proud of the fact that Harry had caught up on all of his studies and had made it a point to write small essays on each chapter that he read. Hermione went over all of them with a smile.

"These are very good Harry," she said. "Some of the things that you found, I didn't even know. I think that, come Christmas you will have caught up with me in Arithmancy. You really do seem to be a natural in the subject. Now that your magic isn't blocked anymore, you shouldn't have that much trouble in any of your subjects."

"I was hoping you would say that," replied Harry with a grin. "I am finally able to be myself and learn what I wanted to learn. Now that I don't have to return to the Dursleys ever again, I can even take more time to work on my studies."

"You could always stay here for the summer," said Draco coming into their common room. "Sorry for just walking in, but your door was open and you were expecting me. As owner of the castle, it is within your right to stay here year round."

With that sentence, they trio sat down and Draco began his lecture on the pureblood society, wizarding etiquette, and the different philosophies regarding blood status. To give him his due, he was fair and gave detail within each faction. Three hours later, he left to head back to the Potion's lab as he still had his detention with Severus.

The next day, Harry and Hermione, in their new robes entered the Great Hall to the stares of the other students.

"I am going to ask that you all stop staring at us," said Harry with a sigh. "I don't think that any of you would like to be under so much scrutiny. Please show the same consideration to us that you would like for yourselves. We are just two people who want to do well in our studies."

"Mr. and Mrs. Potter," called Minerva. "You are welcome to sit at any house table that you desire. In the future, it would be hard to award or deduct points from either of you considering your status in the school. Therefore, we have decided that if you are out of line, we will work on it in private. There is no reward that we can give either of you for getting good marks and such anymore. We hope that you don't let that stop you from doing the best that you can do."

"We have a new goal," said Harry in a teasing voice while looking at Hermione. "We are now going to race to see who can get the better grades. Now that we are taking the same courses, we can see who the best is when it comes to learning."

"You are so on Potter," said Hermione with a glint in her eyes. "I am going to roast you with my grades. You will be choking on my dust."

The professors were busy snickering into their hands and such. The others around the hall were busy laughing in delight at the two. Things were going to be different now and all wanted to be a part of it.

"We are going to start sitting at a different table for every meal," said Harry leading Hermione to the Slytherin table. "We feel in this, that we can actually get to know others of different houses and see how each house acts and reacts with their own house mates."

"We were talking last night and we feel that much of the animosity between the houses is brought on by the staff as much as by the parents of the different students," said Hermione waving her hand to the assembled people. "There are too many prejudices within the houses. We need to understand that we are all here for the same purpose. Blood status doesn't ensure that you have the thinking capacity to do great things. While on the same token, having intelligence doesn't automatically mean you will be able to get what you want in life either. As we know, it doesn't have to be a Slytherin to turn evil and support the Dark Lord. We have proof that the other houses also produced Death Eaters and such. Being cunning and ambitious doesn't automatically make you evil. Also being brave doesn't automatically make you a light wizard. There are many Slytherins who are brave and there are many Gryffindors that are cunning and ambitious. We feel that the houses are sticking mostly to themselves because they feel that they have to because of what they think the founders are looking for. One needs to stop looking at the big picture and realize that just because you are in Ravenclaw doesn't make you the most intelligent. Hufflepuff is NOT a house for duffers or unwanted individuals by the others. Bravery is shown in all of the houses and not just Gryffindor."

"We feel that it is time for everyone to start working with others who are having trouble," said Harry picking up where she left off. "We propose that one student from each house that is proficient in a certain subject take on the mantle of tutor for those that are struggling."

"Would you give us an example?" asked an interested Minerva. "What do you mean? If it is what I think it is, that sounds like a wonderful idea."

"Take for instance Neville and Daphne," said Hermione pointing to each. "One is in Slytherin and the other is in Gryffindor. Both are very skilled in Herbology. They could be tutors for those that aren't doing as well and wish to improve their grade. So we feel that a person or two from each house per year can act as a tutor for those in the lower levels."

"Draco and Hermione are very good at Potions," said Harry with a smile. "For those like Neville that are lousy at it, they can get tutored by them."

"Thanks a lot Harry," said Neville to the laughter of the hall. "I know I am dismal in Potions. You don't need to spread that around."

Harry winked at him as he continued.

"I am the best on our year at DADA," said Harry with a shrug. "I have the highest marks in the school. I could tutor those that are in need."

"We also feel that we can take it one step further," said Hermione when everyone started whispering about the idea. "Draco spent three hours with us yesterday coaching us in wizarding etiquette. Why not hold a class where pureblood wizards can teach muggle born students about wizarding culture and what we can expect after we graduate, and muggle born students can teach purebloods how things work outside the wizarding world."

"I actually like the sound of that," said Millicent as Harry and Hermione sat near Draco. "It would be foolish of us to think that both worlds don't play a part in our lives in one way or another. Yes, some of us are pureblood witches and wizards, but muggles help us with other things as well. I would say that what Lord and Lady Potter have said makes perfect sense."

"Then I guess we can start with reviewing the curriculum of Hogwarts," said Minerva. "We can all take an afternoon off and discuss as a school how we would like to improve the learning status of you all. From there we can make our choices and decide what we are going to add and what not."

"I do have one suggestion," said Harry grinning. "If we are going to learn History of Magic, it might not be a bad idea to actually get someone in the classroom that actually keeps us awake. I am only passing with an O thanks to Professors Umbridge and Snape."

"I didn't know you were getting an Outstanding in History of Magic," stated Neville. "That is seriously impressive. No one except my sister can stay awake in that class and she barely does it herself."

Hermione smiled at the sibling term. Neville smiled back shyly. With that all of the students began to eat. Harry and Hermione began chatting with the Slytherins. It was not long before an invitation to the common room was given. The Potters accepted with a smile.

"It looks like change is coming sooner than we expected," said Dolores to the others. "I for one am glad that this is happening. The sooner that some of these changes take place, the sooner the grade point average will increase in this school."

"All it takes is for one person like Harry Potter to point out where things could be better and everyone jumps on the wagon," remarked Minerva with a smile. "He is going to bring this school to a new age."

Later in the day during lunch, three people were not very happy. Draco had received a letter from his parents that caused him to pale dramatically. Ron and Ginny were not so lucky, as both, received a howler from Molly.



With that, the letter caught fire and Harry quickly put out the flames. Ron and Ginny glared mutinously at Harry and Hermione. When the couple smirked back, the two red heads turned away and finished their meals in silence. Draco was reading the letter his parents had sent him.

Draco Malfoy

How dare you embarrass us in this manner? We have brought you up better than that. Where have your manners gone? Lord and Lady Potter are NOT to be messed with. If I get one more word from Severus that states you are threatening him with retribution when he punishes you for wrong doings, I will personally come to the school and make you sorry. YOUR duty to the new Heads of the Black family is to protect them now. As they are your Head of House, and family means more than anything to a Malfoy, you will remember that at any time, you can be dismissed from the family and be cast out. Keep your nose clean and your thoughts where they belong.

SignedMother and Father

Draco blushed in embarrassment. While his parents didn't yell at him like the Weasley matriarch did, he could read the underlying tone to the letter. He had a duty to fulfill and it was time that he made his place in this world. With a sigh he ate his meal and let his thoughts wander as to how he was going to be a part of the right team for once.

Later that day, the teachers all had a meeting.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will end this chapter right here. I have much more to come and I want to make sure I find my chapter breaks. This seemed like a good spot. As always thank you for the encouragement and support.

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