Blood is Thicker

Situations and Fixes

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Chapter 7 – Situations and Fixes

The next two weeks were a busy time for Harry. He was working hard in all of his classes. He was also still getting assistance from Draco regarding the ways of wizarding politics. Though it was no longer needed, he still met with Dolores and Severus twice a week each for on the side studying.

The weekend came and Harry and Hermione made their way to Hogsmeade to do some shopping. Harry had promised Hermione, that he would allow her to help him choose a whole new wardrobe so that he could actually have some good clothes for a change instead of the hand me downs he always wore from his cousin.

Thanks to the potion regimen that Severus had him on Harry had picked up some weight and was filling out more. He was no longer so gaunt looking. His muscles were more defined and he wasn't so starved looking. Most of the effects of the malnutrition were completely gone. The confidence that Harry walked around with now was noticed by everyone that looked at him. All of his school work was always given the highest grade, as the professors could find nothing wrong with any of it. The practical portions of his classes were just as smooth as his written work.

Halloween was approaching and Hermione knew that was a day that Harry always hated the most. So she approached Neville, Luna, Draco, Millicent, and Daphne.

"I would like to keep Harry occupied today," she informed them. "I know that Glad Rags sells both muggle and wizarding clothes. As I am not all that familiar with men's fashions, I figured that Draco and Neville could help us get him a wardrobe that is new and actually fits him properly. I figured from there, we could get him to go to other places and do some shopping for him as well as us. He still refuses to use his inheritances on himself."

"I would love to help," said Neville with excitement. "Harry is my friend and I would do anything to see him keep that smile on his face. It is so good to see him so happy all of the time. He is too kind to be hurt so much all of the time."

"I actually agree with Neville," said Daphne while Millicent nodded. "Harry has more self confidence about him and he is happier. Even when he talks to us Snakes, he gives us his fullest attention and helps us when we ask for it."

"I like the new Harry Potter," said Draco. "Now that the Weasley gits are not allowed to interact with him anymore, he is more focused on his life instead of making them happy. He is very studious and very meticulous about his work. Severus told me that Harry is in a tie with me for second place in grades in Potions. That is very impressive as Harry was always scared to do well when he first came to class in first year."

"I am just thankful that Harry and Professor Snape are getting along finally," said Hermione with a smile. "The difference is also helping Professor Snape. All of us talking about what we wanted to change in the school have helped all of the professors as well as us students. Professor McGonagall told me that the GPA in the school is at an all time high now that we are offering tutoring to those that need it. She also told me that the house rivalries are at an all time low."

"I agree with that," said Millicent. "I am glad that we are all starting to trust one another. I like the changes and I hope that they continue. Who would have thought that we three Slytherins would be friends with Harry Potter or Hermione Granger? Now that we know all of what has happened, we are happy to be friends with Lord and Lady Potter."

"Harry is heading this way," said Draco pointing. "We better grab him now before we lose his interest in getting himself some new and better clothes. From the month that all of this has been taking place, I know he despises using his own money on himself. I am impressed at the selflessness that one person can possess. I was seriously wrong about him and I am glad that he has forgiven me."

"Hey guys and ladies," said Harry approaching the group. "I just got some news from Professor Umbridge. She wants me to sit both OWLS and NEWTS in DADA this year."

"Won't that be hard?" asked Daphne as they led Harry forcefully out of the castle and passed a smiling Arabella Figg. "It will be hard enough just sitting your OWLS. NEWTS are even harder than that."

"I asked the same question," said Harry as Hermione had one hand and Luna had the other. "She said that I am so far advanced that it is getting to the point that there is little she can teach me. Right now she is working with me on doing wandless and nonverbal spell casting. So she started from the beginning again and we are slowly working my way up through the years again while I master the spells first nonverbally and then wandless. We are taking it slow and easy. Plus when we are not working on that, we are still working in the Auror handbooks. So I have surpassed the entire Hogwarts curriculum for DADA."

"That is very impressive Harry," said Draco on the other side of Luna. "I knew you were powerful, but most wizards can't use wandless magic and those that can are limited by what they can do. To do it both nonverbal and wandless is an even greater feat. Let's not mention that you are studying at an Auror level."

"I would be happy to work with you all on this if you want," said Harry smiling. "I am already tutoring three times a week, so it won't be that bad if you five want to learn what I am learning. Professor Umbridge is still pretending to be upset that I would rather be the Headmaster than an Unspeakable. It is a standing joke between us that she asks me all the time if I want to change my mind."

"I am still amazed that the two of you are such good friends," said Neville. "She really acted liked she hated your guts when she first got here. Now the two of you act like best friends. Then again, you act like that with most of the professors around here. Now that I think on it, you act like that with everyone except Ron and Ginny."

"I am just a likable guy," said Harry to the laughter of the group. "May I inquire as to where you are forcing me to go?"

"YOU are getting all new clothes today," said Hermione in a tone that brooked no argument. "WE, as your wife and friends, are tired of seeing you wear those old clothes. So while we are out today, I asked Dobby and Winky to burn all of your old stuff minus your robes. Draco and Neville agreed to assist us in making sure that you have all of the latest fashions. If anyone has the taste of a super model it would be Draco Malfoy."

"Thank you for that," said Draco strutting like a peacock to the amusement of the others. "I like to think that I have impeccable taste. We also need to visit the magical hairstylist to see if we can do anything with that stuff on Harry's head. I swear I saw him the other day trying for twenty minutes to get it to lay flat and if I didn't know any better I swear I saw it rebel."

"It probably did," said Harry to the gales of laughter that was coming from the others. "This hair is a nightmare. The more I try to get it to behave the more it looks like I was rolling in the mud or something."

"Now we know your secret," said Millicent with an impish smile on her face. "The real reason that Harry Potter's hair doesn't lay flat is because he likes to roll in the mud. I think I am going to send a letter to the Daily Prophet."

"I can see the headline now," said Daphne with tears in her eyes. "Potter-Black heir rolls in the mud to get that freshly shagged look."

By now all of the teens were holding onto each other with their laughter. Even Harry was laughing at the jokes. Dolores and Minerva fought hard not to burst out laughing right along side of the teens. When they noticed them enter the clothing store, both let loose with a volley of laughs.

"That was seriously needed," said Minerva when she was able to get a hold of herself. "Harry is so much happier now. I am still impressed that there was a mix of three of the four houses there."

"Oh yes," said Dolores wiping tears of mirth from her face. "There were others from the different houses all calling out to the group as well. Even through their banter and laughter, they took the time to wave and acknowledge others. I really think that Harry will be alright now. He is able to let loose and not be so stern and serious all the time."

"I got a letter from Griphook," said Minerva. "They informed me that Harry has full controlling interest in that muggle company, Grunnings. Vernon has been fired. They found that Harry's suspicions were correct and that his Uncle was pilfering money from the company. They have seized the house, vehicle and other possessions to repay the company for all of the money that he stole."

"What about his acquisition of the Daily Prophet?" Dolores asked as they entered the Three Broomsticks. "Was he able to buy that as well?"

"Well he already had thirty five percent from the Potter inheritance," said Minerva. "He also had another forty percent from the stocks that the Blacks own. So it wasn't that hard to get the rest of them and own it outright. He is about a five hundred thousand galleons lighter, but it was well worth the buy as he will make that and then some within the next few months."

"A half million is not that big of a loss to someone as wealthy as Harry," said Dolores. "Lord Ragnok and Griphook are making sure that Harry's money is making money. From what I am to understand, it is significant too."

"Harry will make sure that his descendants are wealthy indeed," said Minerva. "We talked the other day and he mentioned that he was interested in buying stocks for other businesses. I told him to make sure that he didn't already own stocks in certain companies before he went and bought more. We spent the better part of two hours reviewing what he has stock in and so forth."

While the professors were talking, the teens were having a field day in the clothing store. The proprietor was delighted by all the business. Draco and Neville took over Harry for styles while the girls all gave their input on color combinations and such. A few hours later, Harry had more clothes than he would ever need. They got him jeans, slacks, shorts, tee shirts, long and short sleeve shirts of different styles and colors. He got different types of shoes, socks, under garments, pajamas, as well as hats, coats, jackets, and other items. He knew that he would not grow that much more in height. The owner of the store informed them that even though the clothes were muggle clothing that all that was purchased, was able to be lengthened with the right incantation should they need it. The wizarding clothes that were bought would also be able to be lengthened.

"Can you send these to the school for us?" asked Hermione. "We have other stores we want to go shopping in and we don't want to be bogged down with all of these bags."

"Of course Lady Potter," said the owner with a grin. "They will be there within the next ten minutes. I am sure that Lord Potter's elf will over see the cleaning and storing of his clothing."

"Dobby takes pride in his work for Harry," said Hermione to the man as they headed out. "I am sure that by the time we get back to the castle that he will have all of Harry's socks and such ironed and put away. Winky isn't that much better with all of the love and attention she gives him."

From there, the teens all made their way out of the clothing store and headed to the book store. They entered the store and started browsing the books. Harry made it clear that they could buy whatever they wanted and he would pay for it. He had already bought them each a nice outfit while they were shopping.

The day was drawing to a close for the teens. They had hit many stores and other places that day. Fun was had by all in the group which grew from time to time and then shrank as members of other houses and such joined and then left the party, depending on the location. They were heading back to the castle when Dumbledore appeared before them.

"Harry Potter," he exclaimed. "I am enforcing my right as the Head of the Wizengamot to place you under arrest for the false accusations and dark magic that you performed on me to throw me out of the castle. You are hereby also under arrest, for using dark magic on the teens that are in your company. If you come quietly, I won't be forced to hurt you."

"You hurt me?" asked Harry with every ounce of contempt he could muster. "I am not now, nor will I ever resort to using Dark Magic on people. That is YOUR specialty and not mine. As you are here using your position to have me arrested on a trumped up charge, I am going to use my own position to do the same. As you are probably aware, there are people out and about that are watching this conversation other than the students of Hogwarts. This includes Ministry Officials as well as the professors of Hogwarts. So this is what I declare. I, Harry James Potter – Evans – Black – Gryffindor – Slytherin – Ravenclaw - Hufflepuff, hereby proclaim a vote of No Confidence upon Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. I am utilizing my right as the holder of these seven prominent seats to remove him temporarily from the post of Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot on the charge of breaking the laws that he is supposed to be enforcing until the time that the council can gather to vote to make it permanent. I am further expressing that he be temporarily removed from the post of Supreme Mugwump of the ICW for the same reasons."

"I, Dolores Jane Umbridge, second the vote of No Confidence that Harry Potter - Black has proclaimed," said Dolores from the side. "With the seconding of the proclamation, you are hereby ordered to turn yourself in to the Ministry of Magic. You are to hereby desist in your attempts to gain access to Lord Potter. As you are now temporarily dismissed from your roles, you are to have limited access to places within the Ministry of Magic as is the law. You are also to appear in three days before the Wizengamot to discuss these issues and more. As it stands, the Ministry of Magic is on their way to this location to remove your wand and to take you into custody. Should you attempt this again, charges will be pressed on you for harassment on the Lord of quiet a few prominent families. It could also result in the issue of a Blood Feud status."

"I will not be spoken to like this," snarled Albus. "I am the Chief Warlock as well as the Supreme Mugwump. You have no power to do what you are doing. Now stand out of the way Madam Umbridge before you get hurt due to interfering with the law."

"Actually she is not interfering with anything," said Amelia Bones arriving with a contingent of Aurors. "Albus Dumbledore, you are under arrest. You will drop Harry's wand and come quietly or we will have no choice but to take you by force. We are familiar with the fact that the wand in your possession belongs to Lord Potter. You will surrender it to its rightful owner immediately, or further charges will be pressed."

"You will do nothing of the sort," said Albus. "I will get you Harry Potter. One day, you will make a mistake and when you do, I will punish you for what you are doing to me. I am the Leader of the Light and I will not be treated like a common criminal because Harry Potter states that I am. He has no proof of his accusations and when this is all said and done, I will own him. He will be like a house elf to me when it is all said and done. As for the Elder Wand, I won it from Grindelwald when I beat him in 1945."

"I am the rightful heir to that wand," said Harry waving his hand and causing the wand to come to him. "It is my birthright not to mention that I beat you last month in the Great Hall of Hogwarts. The Elder Wand is mine. Now be gone before I drop a house on you."

"Did you just make a Wizard of Oz joke Harry?" asked Hermione in shock. "This is a serious situation and you are making a joke?"

"Oh lighten up wife or I will take away your books," said Harry to the laughter of the group.

While no one was paying attention, Albus activated his portkey and left the area. Harry was quickly going through things in his mind.

"Someone needs to go and get the Dursleys," he said seriously turning to Amelia. "Dumbledore will get to them and while I have no love for them, he can use them to harm me. If he wipes their memories and such of my abuse, then it will be my word against theirs. Also, someone needs to keep an eye on Ron and Ginny. If they get away for even a moment, they could very well get to Dumbledore. Their mail needs to be screened in case he finds a way for getting them out of the castle."

Amelia listened to Harry intently for a few moments before she and others went into action. She sent out a few Aurors to bring in the Dursleys. Minerva sent a patronus to Severus with the information about the Weasley children.

"To be on the safe side, someone might want to check on the Weasley parents as well." said Hermione. "There is no telling what Dumbledore will do to them. They turned their backs on him and now he will be out to get them. Harry also needs to find out if Sirius is alright. We have not heard from him in some time."

"DOBBY!" called Harry quickly while he headed for the castle with his group. "I need you!"

The elf popped into view. Harry took a steadying breath and tried to sound as polite and even as possible to the overly excited elf. He had a bad feeling about this. Something was wrong and he was probably correct that it involved Sirius.

"I need you to go to Number Twelve Grimmauld Place," he told Dobby. "I need you to check up on Sirius, Kreacher, and Buckbeak. If they are hurt, I need you to come back for Madam Bones and Madam Pomfrey. Can you do that for me?"

"I is doing it Harry," said Dobby before popping away.

Harry took a look around at the adults that were watching him. He took a deep breath and led them all back to the castle. When they got there, he started pacing in the entry way.

"Harry," said Hermione soothingly. "We need you to sit still. Let's go up to the Head's office and wait. Dobby will be back as soon as he can. He has to get there and look around first."

Harry looked at the nodding adults and friends before he nodded his own head and let them lead him to the office. He sat and waited. It was not long before two cracks could be heard and Dobby and Kreacher were standing there.

Kreacher looked over to Harry and bowed low to him. Dobby was openly crying.

"Master Harry," said Kreacher. "Kreacher was unable to stop the old wizard. He came into the home and attacked Master Sirius. Kreacher was unable to stop him."

"Is Sirius still alive?" asked Harry kneeling in front of the older elf. "Did Dumbledore kill him?"

"Master Sirius put up a good fight," said Kreacher. "In the end the old wizard hit him with a Severing Charm and Master Sirius fell. Kreacher could not heal him. Kreacher tried."

"Its ok," said Harry while crying. "I am sure that you did the best that you could for him. I need you to take Madam Pomfrey and Madam Bones to the body and let them take care of his remains for us. Would you do that for me?"

"Master Harry is the Head of the Black family," stated Kreacher plainly. "I is bound to the Black family. Kreacher will obey."

"Thank you Kreacher," said Harry before tuning to Amelia. "There is a hippogriff in that house somewhere. Can you get it back here to Hogwarts for Hagrid to care for? I also need to know how Dumbledore got around the wards of Grimmauld Place. I thought that I was able to prevent him from doing that. I must have done something wrong."

"Maybe not," said Draco. "If he contacted my cousin and asked to be let in, then he would have been able to get onto the premises. Even though you are Head of House, any Black family member can allow someone onto the property of a Black provided they are on the property at that time. So if Sirius was in Grimmauld Place, then Dumbledore would have been able to gain access if Sirius let him in. If you didn't tell Sirius to not let him in, then Sirius would not have had any reason to distrust Dumbledore if he didn't know what was going on."

"Kreacher," said Harry turning back towards the elf. "Do not let anyone else other than me or Lady Potter onto the property unless you get specific permission from me. We don't want anyone stealing anything from the property. Dumbledore is at the top of the list of people not allowed on the property. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes Master Harry," said Kreacher. "Kreacher can do that for you."

With that, the elf turned to Amelia and Dobby entered with Poppy. Together the two elves popped away to Grimmauld Place with the two witches.

Harry sat in his chair with his friends surrounding him giving him the emotional support that he needed. Yes he was the Head of the Black family, but Sirius was the one that was the heir to everything.

"I have no doubt that Sirius made a will that stated if anything happened to him that I would inherit everything," said Harry. "He already made me Head of House, so I guess now it would be official as the Head of House ring is still on my finger."

"Unfortunately, you are correct," said Dolores softly to him. "While you already had the status as Head of House, Sirius could have taken it back at any time he wished. I think he left you in charge because he knew he was on borrowed time."

"While we are in the Wizengamot in two days, I can give pensieve memories that Pettigrew is still alive and that Sirius was innocent of the convictions," assured Severus. "In this way, he can be cleared of all charges and then the Black family name will be marked down once again as a family of high status."

"You were already doing a great job of cleaning up the name," assured Dolores interpreting Harry's look. "What Severus is saying is that the name will be cleared of any illegal charges such as murder and such."

Harry nodded his head in resignation of the words that he heard. That night when they went to bed, Hermione held him while he cried for the last father figure that he had. That Harry would rather have the man over the title and money was not lost on anyone who knew him.

The next morning, Harry was more focused and determined than before. He approached Dolores with fire in his eyes.

"I am determined to shred any and every bit of respect that anyone has for that old murdering bastard," snapped Harry. "I am going to make sure that he is sent through the ringer. I am going to push for magic removal as well as punishment of the worst kind that we can think of. I want it drawn out and painful in every way imaginable."

"I am sure that we can come up with something ingenious to make sure that he hurts for all of his crimes for a very long time," said Dolores with a wicked smile. "Do not forget that I am an Unspeakable. We have many things in the Department of Mysteries that will do everything that you request and then some."

Harry returned her wicked smile and sat down with the Gryffindors for breakfast.

"What is wrong with you now Potter?" asked Ron rudely. "Someone steal your teddy bear or something and you have to boo hoo over it for a few days to get more sympathy from everyone? You are such a loser Potter. I will gloat in your face when you are stripped of everything that you own."

Harry didn't bother to reply. He stood up and walked over to Ron. He reached back with his hand and punched Ron as hard as he could in the mouth. The professors stood there in shock for a few moments, but none of them did anything to stop him. Harry raised his fist and punched Ron a second time.

"The next time you open your mouth to me will be the biggest mistake that you ever make," said Harry with fury on his face and laced in his words. "I will declare Blood Feud on you if you ever accost me mentally, verbally, emotionally, or physically ever again. I am tired of you and your sister always causing problems in this castle for me and my wife."

"We are going to sue you for assault Harry Potter," said Ginny in a gloating manner. "This is one time where you will not be able to get out of it. We will own you for your attack on my brother."

"Shut up Ginevra," snapped Hermione coming to Harry's side. "Did you forget that I took points from you last night for being naked in the closet with Zacharias Smith? I have not had a chance to tell the Professors yet why I need you to serve more detention. I figured that you were already in so much trouble that it wouldn't matter."

"You found them doing what?" asked Minerva in a deadly voice. "Am I to understand that Miss Weasley and Mr. Smith were having sex in a broom closet?"

"Yes ma'am," said Hermione. "We have been so busy with the death of Sirius and Dumbledore's attack that I haven't had the chance to do anything more about it. Taking points doesn't seem to phase these two anymore. They are always biting at Harry or me in the halls with derogative remarks. Harry has been able to ignore them until now."

"I think that it is time to expel these two students," said Dolores. "If either of you even thinks about bringing this situation to court, you can bet that not only will it be thrown out, but the charges of you two attempting to steal from Lady Potter will be brought into account. All of the threats that you two have made will be brought out into the open and all displays of personal attack on the Lord and Lady of this castle will be told for all to hear."

"Harry," said Minerva. "You are the owner of the castle. While we may be the ones in charge, it is still your decision as to what to do about these two. While I am shocked that you have hit him, I am surprised that you have maintained your composure and not done so before now. All we ask is that in the future that you do not hit anyone else."

"Let them be for now," said Harry. "As I did physically hit him, I will not push for expulsion. From here on out, if either of these two ever do anything to either me or Hermione, I will want them out of my home. I will send a small compensation package to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley for my outburst this morning, but I will NEVER pay anything to these two idiots."

"As you wish," said Minerva. "I will send a letter to Griphook and have him transfer one thousand galleons from your account to that of the Weasley parents. I think that is more than fair for the two punches you gave him. As the acting Headmistress, I am declaring that if one more derogative word issues from the lips of Mr. or Miss Weasley, they will be expelled from Hogwarts."

"As representative of the Ministry of Magic, I back the decision," said Dolores. "Should you be expelled, your magic will be bound and your wands snapped. We will not tell you again about slandering the Potters or coming up with schemes to get what doesn't belong to you. A letter will be sent to your parents concerning this issue and others. If I were you, I would expect your parents to make an appearance here to give you an earful in person."

True to her words, a few hours later during lunch, Molly and Arthur Weasley entered the Great Hall. When Molly saw her youngest two children sitting there, she made a beeline for them. She was also preparing to give them one of her famous lectures. Those that were sitting in the general vicinity saw the look of fury on her face and quickly moved to a safer area. Thankfully most of the student body refused to have anything to do with the two of them, so there were only those that were unfortunate enough to HAVE to sit next to them that quickly ran for cover.


The students were laughing loudly at the discomfort of Ron and Ginny. Many had never known just how powerful Molly's lungs were. Arthur was standing behind his wife with a mean look on his face. This surprised Harry and Hermione both, as they had never seen anything but polite happiness on the man's face no matter what the situation was.

"Harry dear," she said calmly turning to him. "We gave the money back. While it was a nice gesture for hitting him, that is mild compared to what I am going to do to him. I don't want you to worry about this ever again. Arthur and I are going to fix this problem right now."

"What are you going to do to them?" asked Harry cautiously. "I was asked if I wanted them expelled and I said not to do it. They are a bunch of gits, but they are harmless for the most part. I lost Sirius yesterday and I lost my temper today. I am at fault as much as they are."

"We are sorry for your loss," said Arthur kindly. "That doesn't excuse my children from being rude, obnoxious, greedy, or anything else that they are. We are going to handle the situation for you. You will never again have to worry about these two. We are going to withdraw them from this school and home school them. While we are at it, I am going to pull rank as Head of House to ensure they never do anything again to harm you or your Lady."

"I hope that the twins are behaving themselves this year," said Molly glaring at them. "I have received fewer letters than normal about them."

"Oddly enough they are better behaved this year," admitted Minerva. "They have gotten into very little trouble with me or the rest of the staff. What trouble they have gotten into was mild and nothing to be overly concerned about."

"Who have their targets for pranks been this year?" asked Molly giving her twins a small smile. "I am sure they are after someone here in the castle. They usually are."

"That would be your youngest two," said Dolores with a laugh. "They are very creative when they are taking revenge out on someone. We have even suggested that they start writing a book about some of the pranks they have pulled over the years."

"Well at least they are behaving better than normal this year," sighed Molly knowing that they were going to be jokers for the rest of their lives. "I hope they are doing well in their classes."

"Very much so," assured Minerva. "They may not have gotten very many OWLS, but they are holding their own in the classes they are still taking. Thanks to the suggestion made by Harry and Hermione, the GPA of the school as a whole has improved. The exceptions are few and unfortunately, Ronald is in the bottom three for grades out of the whole school."


Harry waved his hands and Ronald found himself disarmed and spinning in a circle in the air by his ankle. The fury that was on Harry's face was evident for all to see. Even Molly and Arthur took a step back at the fury seen by all.


He walked over to Ron's wand and snapped it clean in half with a well placed nonverbal and wandless spell.


"Will there be any fines that we will have to pay?" asked Arthur of Harry and Minerva. "If there are, just send us the bill and we will figure out where to come up with the money for it."

"I am not going to do anything more than what I already have," said Harry. "Just get them out of my home and I will not say anything further on the matter."

"I follow Harry in this," said Minerva from her shock at the Head table. "They are no longer welcome on the grounds of Hogwarts."

"A representative from the Ministry will be sent to your home to bound Ronald's magic," said Dolores. "Miss Weasley, my advice to you is to make sure that you think long and hard about your actions. You are following in his footsteps. Should you continue on this path, then you will join him in his punishment. This is our final warning to you."

"They haven't seen punishment yet," snarled Molly at her youngest two as Harry dismissed his spell and let Ron crash to the floor. "They will wish that the Dark Lord had gotten to them by the time that I am finished with them."

"Word of caution Mr. Weasley," called Hermione to Arthur. "Beware of Dumbledore. He is actively seeking to hurt any and all allies of Harry. Sirius was killed due to his status with Harry. We don't want the same thing to happen to you. I would get Bill to change the wards on your home as quickly as possible if I were you. Dumbledore has made it pointedly clear that Harry is in his sight for punishment for preconceived misdeeds and he will not hesitate to use anyone to get to him. As you are Harry's adoptive family, he will target you. I am sure of that."

"Thank you for the warning," said Arthur. "I will use my status as Head of House and adjust the wards to prevent him from entering my property."

"I am going to take it one step further," said Harry suddenly. "I, Harry James Potter – Black, hereby make the Weasley family bar, Ronald, Ginny, and Percy, vassals of House Potter. They are hereby under the protection of House Potter and all that it entails. By my magic, I so claim it. Let thy will be done."

Harry watched as six beams of light left Harry and flew out. Four of them hit the Weasley parents and twins while the other two flew out of the castle to go to the remaining two members of the family that Harry loved.

Molly sank into a low curtsey while Arthur and the twins bowed low to Harry.

"I, Arthur William Weasley, Head of the Weasley family, accept the position for his family members as vassals of the Potter family and accept the protection of House Potter," said Arthur. "By my magic I so claim it. Let thy will be done."

A responding light left Arthur and flew towards Harry who let the beam split and hit both him and Hermione. Everyone who was familiar with this type of magic was floored by the depth of compassion that Harry had for the Weasley family. That the family's status was raised to the point of slight royalty had many standing and bowing or curtseying to Harry, Hermione, and the Weasleys.

However, Harry was not done. He turned and raised his and Hermione's hands and spoke again.

AUTHOR'S NOTES – I will stop right here, I have my creative juices for this story flowing fast and furious again. I hope that you are all enjoying where I am going with this. I have not forgotten about Augusta and such. I will get to her and the Grangers soon.

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