Blood is Thicker

The Wizengamot

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Chapter 8 – The Wizengamot

"I, Harry James Potter – Black, hereby make Luna Mia Lovegood, Neville Franklin Longbottom and his family, Minerva Margaret McGonagall, Draco Lucius Malfoy, Severus Tobias Snape, and Dolores Jane Umbridge, vassals of House Potter. Let all know that they are hereby under the protection of House Potter. By my magic, I so claim it. Let thy will be done."

Once more, strands of magic left Harry and Hermione and made their way to the recipients. Those that were named stood and accepted the magic with pledges of their own. Harry and Hermione stood there and watched as the return magic entered them. When it was all said and done, Harry's eyes rolled up into his head and he passed out.

After a thrilling day, the inhabitants of Hogwarts were in awe of the power that Harry and Hermione possessed. That Harry and Hermione would make the Weasleys, Severus, Dolores, Minerva, Luna, Draco, and the Longbottoms vassals of the Potter family was talked about for hours.

"Why did he pass out?" asked Hermione in the infirmary with the three professors and the three students that were part of the situation. "He hasn't done something like that since his last injury."

"Harry has given us some of the highest honors that magic has to offer," explained Severus. "By bringing us into your family, not only has he given us more prestige, but he gave us more magical power. He has just depleted some of his own magic for a little while. He will be alright in a day or so."

"Will he be weaker now?" she asked uncertainly. "I hope that he hasn't hurt his chance to stop both Dumbledore and Voldemort by being so noble. While I am glad that he has done what he did, I am worried that he weakened himself to much to be able to finish the fight."

"His magic will be where it was before," assured Poppy. "He has just tired himself out, is all. He will be back to normal in no time. All he did was use more magic at one time than he should have. The type of gifts that he gave to those named was something powerful. The fact that he did it for fifteen people was just a little hard on his body as he is still slightly under weight and not familiar with the amount of power his body can use at one time. That was seriously old magic that he used."

"Why would it being old magic cause more strain on him than newer magic?" asked a confused Hermione. "For once this is something that I don't understand."

"In the older days, the spells were designed to do more things," said Severus going into lecture mode. "They were longer and harder to cast back then. Today we have shortened the spells and made them easier to use. The type of magic Harry used is tied to the blood line of the person. The proof is that there are very few witches or wizards in history that has such a high level of concentrated magic as you or Harry does."

"Take for instance what the goblins said that day at Gringotts," said Minerva. "Harry and you have the equivalent of Merlin and Morgan. As you know, they are the most powerful in history."

"Then there were the four founders," said Hermione nodding her head. "It would make sense that due to the difficulty of some of the spells cast that there would be fewer and fewer extremely powerful wizards and witches."

"Thus we come back to Harry," said Severus waving his hand. "He is the most powerful wizard alive since the time of Merlin. He has more power than the founders had in their prime and he is only fifteen. Now go back to what he did. He used magic that was as old as time to protect fifteen innocent people from certain dangers. By doing so, he used up most of his magic to not only give us a power boost, but he added the protections that will make us a whole lot safer from attack by the Dark Lord or Dumbledore."

"He has also delved into magic that will sustain the bond for generations to come," said Dolores. "Do not forget that he has been powering the wards on the castle once a week. Add in all of that and the emotional strain with losing his godfather, the attacks by Dumbledore and the Weasley children, the power it takes to do nonverbal and wandless magic, as well as his classes, and it just finally caught up with him."

"The price you pay for using the magic too much and all at once," said Hermione nodding in understanding. "He is a foolish man. He is a noble one, but foolish all the same."

"Would you have him any other way?" asked Severus shrewdly.

"No," said Hermione. "I suppose he wouldn't be Harry Potter if he didn't do things like this."

"I am so glad that I have your vote of confidence," said a tired voice from the side of them. "Who hit me? I feel like I have been rampaged by Hagrid."

The others just laughed at him. They told him what happened and such and Harry smiled as he drifted back to sleep. Hermione stayed with him for a little while to ensure that he stayed in bed and slept.

Two days later, Harry was up and about and ready to take care of business. He knew that today was the day that the Wizengamot was being called together for a session. He hoped and prayed to everything that was holy that Dumbledore would show up. However, he was not foolish enough to think that would happen. The old fool was not stupid enough to face an enraged young man now that everyone knew that Dumbledore killed Sirius. Then again, Dumbledore was known for doing foolish things.

The day before, Harry was reading the newspaper when the headline stated the case.


In recent events, it has been proven that the supposedly notorious killer, Sirius Black, was actually found to be innocent recently. It was shown through records that Sirius Black was not the Secret Keeper of the Potter family. It came out that Albus Dumbledore was the one to cast the Fidelius Charm and knew that Peter Pettigrew was the Secret Keeper.

Further testimony shows that Peter Pettigrew is still very much alive and is in the services of the Dark Lord. Pensieve memories show that the man that was supposedly killed by Black is very much still alive and still causing mayhem.

The Wizengamot has declared that Sirius Black's name be cleared of all charges. Further prodding by senior members Augusta Longbottom, Dolores Umbridge, and Madam Bones, reimburses the Black Head of House fifty thousand galleons for each of the twelve years that Sirius Black served in Azkaban.

Harry was pleased to hear that things had moved so quickly to clear Sirius. He flipped through to read the next headline that was just as impressive as the first.


In recent events, it has come to the attention of the wizarding population that Albus Dumbledore is not as light as he claims to be. He was seen and overheard making threats to the Heir of the Founders of Hogwarts. Further investigation shows that the Goblins of Gringotts are not happy with Dumbledore either as it was proven that Dumbledore has made attempts to steal from the Potter family. False documents and marriage contracts were set up for Lord and Lady Potter that he had no right to make.

Lady Regent Augusta Longbottom is being seen by healers to have her memories restored. It is known by many that when Lord Potter and his Lady Hermione formed their soul bond, that heritage tests were done on both teens. Representatives from Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic were present for the results of these tests.

Hermione Potter, formerly known as Hermione Granger, found out to her shock and dismay that she was not a muggleborn nor was she a Granger. Her legal birth name is Hermione Lynn Longbottom. It would appear that Dumbledore placed Lady Potter with muggles when she was a baby to get her out of the way. As Lord and Lady Longbottom are in comas at St Mungo's, it was hard for them to remember who they are much less that they have a daughter. Healers are looking into the Grangers, Longbottoms, and other families to see if others were wiped of their memories.

Healers that are seeing Regent Longbottom, has no doubt that it was Albus Dumbledore that has tampered with her memories. Madam Longbottom was not available for comment.

Coming back to the present, Harry was startled to see Hermione standing in front of him. She was holding his dress robes for him. Harry took the robes and quickly got dressed in them. Both were wearing red and black robes that were adorned with green and yellow piping. The Founder's crests were prominent on both sleeves in the corresponding colors of gold, silver, onyx, and bronze. The Potter, Black, and Evans family crests were arranged in a triangle on the lapel in white with Potter being on the top. When they were both ready, they met with Severus and Dolores in the entry way.

Together with the two professors, Lord and Lady Potter left the castle to attend their first ever Wizengamot session where Harry was on the panel rather than the accused.

When they entered, they were met by a smiling Amelia Bones.

"As Lord and Lady Potter are here to represent four of the seven houses, they will sit with Professor Snape, Madam Longbottom, Madam Umbridge, and Lady Malfoy," said Amelia leading them to their seats in the front. "As you have more power and prestige than anyone else, you have the right to sit in the front. As you are also the party that called for the Vote of No Confidence, it is suggested that you keep your wits about you and make sure that you do not lose your patience. It will only hurt your case if you do."

"Who is presiding over the session today?" asked Narcissa softly.

"I am," assured Amelia. "As we are also voting against Cornelius Fudge, we felt that it was best as I have the most power and influence other than Lord Potter."

Hermione was off to the side talking with Augusta.

"So you are my granddaughter," said Augusta with a smile. "I am quite aware of what you and your husband have done for me and our family. I am very proud of you and I appreciate what Lord Potter has done for us. We were happy to become vassals of the Potters."

"I have asked Professor McGonagall to send you all of the transcripts of things that have happened to and for me during my time so far in school," said Hermione shyly. "I felt that you might want to see what has been happening to me since I started Hogwarts. I have no doubt that we can get records from my muggle school as well."

"We will work on that later," assured Augusta taking her grandchild into her arms. "I am so proud of you. You and your husband must come to Longbottom Manor for Christmas. It is your home after all. We can even invite your muggle parents to come as well so that between us we can figure out what to do about this situation."

"I would like that," said Hermione smiling into the embrace. "They may not be blood related, but they took very good care of me. For that alone I will always love them. I will send the invite as soon as we are done here. Grandmother, you might also want to get Neville a wand of his own. He loves carrying Father's wand, but his magic isn't working well with it as it is not a wand suited for him."

"It is time to put that old bastard in his place once and for all," said Augusta. "Let's show them that you don't mess with a Longbottom or a Potter. We will get Neville a new wand during the holidays. Thank you for calling it to my attention. He is a good boy and he loves your parents deeply. I wish one of the professors had mentioned this."

Hermione gave her a feral grin before she sat next to her husband. Amelia meanwhile, took her place upon the stand and began the session. Augusta sat behind Harry and Hermione while Severus and Dolores took a spot on either side of them.

"We are here today to discuss and come to a conclusion on the Vote of No Confidence that was issued by the Head of House of seven prominent names within the magical community," she began. "Therefore, we will ask the one who cast the vote to state his reasons. From there, we as a group will decide what we are going to do about this. I call forth Lord Harry James Potter- Evans- Black- Slytherin- Hufflepuff- Ravenclaw- Gryffindor. Proof of his heritage is before each and every one of you. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt his claims to any of those seats. Lord Potter, please present your case against the accused."

"I object," said Albus from the doorway. "You have no authority to do what you are doing. Harry Potter is a liar and a dark wizard in the making. Add in the fact that he has been harboring a known fugitive of the law for the last two years and you have a discredited young man that is just screaming for more fame."

"Sit down and shut up," snapped Amelia. "I was present for his heritage test. There is nothing wrong with what we are doing and he is within his rights to do what he is doing. I am very familiar with the law and I know that you are in the wrong. So once more I say sit down and shut up. Lord Potter, please proceed."

"It was I that called for a vote of No Confidence for both Cornelius Fudge and Albus Dumbledore," said Harry to the assembled witches and wizards. "As is protocol, I will tell you who is sitting for what houses. I am sitting for both the Potter and Hufflepuff seats. Lady Narcissa Malfoy nee Black is sitting for the Black family seat per my request. Madam Umbridge is sitting in her family spot as well as for the Gryffindor seat per my request. Hermione Potter nee Longbottom is sitting in for the Evans and Ravenclaw seats as my wife and Lady of the aforementioned names. Professor Severus Snape is sitting for his own family as well as the Slytherin seat. These were done at my request so that it would be fairer for the accused. None of the aforementioned people are acting on what I want them to say but rather what the laws dictate we should do. Each will speak from their own hearts and minds."

"How say each of you?" asked Amelia formally.

"We understand and agree with what Lord Potter has proclaimed," stated each of the four.

"So it is noted," said Amelia. "Please continue with your reasoning behind calling for the votes of No Confidence on two of the wizarding world's prominent members.

"I called on a vote of No Confidence on Cornelius Fudge for not doing his job properly," called Harry. "He has been seen taking bribes from known Death Eaters."

"You mean like the blond woman sitting next to you?" asked Dumbledore interrupting him once more. "This is all well and good, but you are nothing but a dark wizard yourself."

"I am not now, nor have I ever been a Death Eater," snapped Narcissa raising her sleeve and showing all present that she was unmarked. "My husband supports the Dark Lord, but I support the Black family. Therefore, I call for a rebuttal of that slanderous remark. I will also insist on compensation for the implied remark."

"So noted and so approved," said Amelia. "One more outburst like that and you will be fined severely for disrupting the proceedings of this session. As the former Chief Warlock, you know better. Now remain silent or I will do it for you. Five hundred galleons will be awarded to Lady Narcissa for the attack on her character without proof. Lord Potter, please continue."

"As I was saying," said an aggravated Harry. "Minister Fudge was seen taking bribes from known Death Eaters. He also was told that the Dark Lord is back and he started to slander my name in effort to keep that information from the public. He has also known for some time that Sirius Black was innocent of all charges as my wife and I told him so. He had the Dementor come into the castle when former Headmaster Dumbledore forbade it and kissed the only witness we had at the time that would be allowed to testify. People in his position should not slander children or allow them to be slandered by others without proof that the information was inaccurate. Also he held a full court trial for a case of underage magic."

"What evidence do you have to support your claims?" asked Augusta. "This is important. Some of what you claim is known to us already. The trial that you went through at the beginning of the year is known to us as is the fact that Barty Crouch Jr was kissed before we could get evidence from him."

"This is where Dumbledore and I agree on things," said Harry grudgingly glaring at the old wizard. "We have both been proclaiming the fact that the Dark Lord is alive and functioning. We even tried to tell him that Sirius was innocent, but he refused to listen. Rather than looking into the situation, he felt it was easier to just accuse us of lying."

"Those are compelling arguments," said a member from the back row. "What about the situation regarding the said bribes that he was taking."

"I have memories of my day at trial where he was taking a bribe from the Death Eater known as Lucius Malfoy," said Harry.

"Lucius Malfoy is an outstanding member of the community," raged Cornelius. "He was discussing a charity that he was funding that I was the head of."

"That is false and inaccurate," said Harry pulling out all of the financial records of all charities and such. "We have a list of all charities. There is no charity with you as the head that was given donations by Lucius Malfoy. While Mr. Malfoy did donate to charities, he never gave one to yours. We also have records that show you have been receiving unusual amounts of money at different times which correspond with withdrawals made from the Malfoy family Vaults."

Harry waved his hand and multiple copies appeared. With another wave of his hand, he sent the copies to the members of the panel. The panel raised eyebrows at the lists. While the numbers didn't always match up, there was hardly any that felt the Minister hadn't been taking bribes. That none of the transactions were less than what the Minister obtained told the panel what they should have known all along.

"That is just a coincidence," snapped Fudge. "This boy is out to destroy the reputation of prominent members of our society just to make his self look better. I demand that this farce be done with and I will want charges pressed against him for false accusations."

"Like you haven't been doing the same thing yourself?" asked Hermione snidely. "You have been doing the exact same thing to Harry and Dumbledore and a few others all year. The only thing that Harry is doing differently is that he has proof of what he is claiming as you don't."

"In this vial," said Harry holding one up. "I have the event that happened in the graveyard that happened last year. It will show you Peter Pettigrew doing the ritual that brings the Dark Lord back to a body of his own. This will prove that I have not been lying nor has Dumbledore on this matter. This second vial will show what I witnessed for him and the bribe situation."

Harry passed the vials over to Amelia who poured them into the pensieve. From there, she tapped the runes and the visions played. When it was done, the senior members of the panel talked quietly for a few moments.

"As the acting Chief of the Wizengamot," called Amelia. "I ask for each member to vote. If the answer is yes that Cornelius Fudge has acted in poor taste, please light your wand in Green. If however you believe him to be innocent, light your wand in red. In the case of those of you with more than one seat, if he is guilty light it with White. If you find him innocent, do it with blue. Please cast your votes now."

Dolores, Harry, Hermione, and Severus all lit with white lights as did a few others on the panel. Many of the others lit with green lights. Only a couple lit with red and they held their wands down as a sign that they were not really sure, but felt not enough evidence was shown.

"The majority has spoken," said Amelia. "Even those that find you innocent are not doing so with a full conviction of your innocence. Therefore, we rule that as of this moment, we will have a new Minister for Magic. Cornelius Fudge, you will clean out your desk and leave the Ministry within twenty four hours. You will not receive the compensation packet that is normally given to retired Ministers as you are classified as guilty of crimes against the wizarding world."

"In the case against Cornelius Fudge, this matter is concluded," said Tiberius Ogden who was acting as second in command.

Cornelius hung his head in shame as he shuffled out of the session. Harry looked at the man with a mixture of sadness and relief. He knew that it was the right thing to do, but he also knew he just ended the career of a man. No one would ever allow him in a spot of office ever again.

"This session will now hear why Lord Potter has filed for a vote of No Confidence against Albus Dumbledore for the post of Chief Warlock," called Amelia. "As the charges are of a serious nature, representatives from the ICW are being brought in to make the decision as to whether Dumbledore will be dismissed from his spot as Supreme Mugwump permanently or not."

"It has come to my attention that Albus Dumbledore has broken the law to further his own aims," said Harry with conviction. "I have evidence and records that show that he Obliviated Madam Longbottom. From there, he stole baby Longbottom from her family and placed her with muggles. Further evidence on this is that he tampered with the memories of the Grangers to make them believe that they had a daughter."

"What evidence would that be?" snapped Albus. "You have no proof that I have done any of what you just said."

Harry waved his hand and silenced Dumbledore. From there, he produced documents from the Healers of St Mungo's, testimony from Lady Regent Longbottom, testimony from the Grangers, and records from Gringotts.

"I also have proof from the Goblins that Dumbledore has been stealing from my vaults," said Harry to the surprise of the assembled panel. "I have proof that he was the one to cast the Fidelius Charm on my parent's home that night. As for his claims that I was harboring a fugitive of the law, I find that though I knew where Sirius was since the summer, I didn't know where he was before then. Dumbledore is the one to orchestrate his escape from Hogwarts on the night that he was finally caught."

Dumbledore was trying to get around the Silencing Spell that Harry placed on him to refute these allegations, but Harry was a far stronger wizard than he was and he knew it. This didn't stop him from trying to break the spell. If Harry went on to much longer, all of his dark secrets would come out and there would be a manhunt on for him as well as the Dark Lord.

"Dumbledore also placed me with the Dursleys when the wills of my parents stated that I was to go nowhere near them," said Harry. "He went against the wishes of a very prominent pureblood family in their wills as to what to do with their infant son. Dumbledore was also the one to set the Blood Wards around Privet Drive. We all know that in Britain, Blood Magic is illegal. He paid the Dursleys five thousand pounds a month for my care out of my vaults. He is partially responsible if not totally for the fourteen years of child abuse, child endangerment, recklessness in the case of minor children, and attempted murder. We have the Dursleys in custody thanks to the timely actions of Madam Bones and we have statements from them that claim Dumbledore told them to do it. We also have my memories thanks to Potions Master Snape of the times I was hurt the most. Poppy Pomfrey of Hogwarts has provided me with a scan of all medical findings for your review as well."

Harry passed up the vials for the panel to view. They didn't watch very many as the sights were gruesome to say the least. Add in that they watched the testimony given by the Dursleys, and you had a panel of furious people staring daggers at the older wizard.

"Dumbledore made himself my Magical guardian when there were already guardians in place," stated Harry passing out copies of his parents wills. "He set up illegal marriage contracts between Lady Potter and me with the youngest of the Weasley brood. The parents of said children are in the visitor's panel to give testimony should you request it."

Those that were interested looked to where Molly and Arthur along with Bill and Charlie were sitting. The Weasleys waved to the panel and waited.

"Last but not least," said Harry to the panel. "I have my house elf named Kreacher that is willing to give testimony that Dumbledore knowing that I didn't want him on any of the Black family properties or any property that I owned tricked Sirius into letting him into a Black family property where he murdered Sirius as a way to get him out of the picture. The Goblins of Gringotts have provided me with, a copy of the fake will that Dumbledore drew up that made him the beneficiary of the Black family estate in the event of Sirius' death. As you all know, the goblins know when a will is willingly done or done under duress or threat. Also as you all know, Sirius made me the Head of the Black family when he was arrested and never came back to claim his title of Head of House. His legal will is here as well, that leaves ME everything in the event of his death minus a few things to certain people and family members."

"These are some very serious allegations," said Madam Marchbanks. "These will not only get him kicked from his spot as Chief Warlock permanently, but I have no doubt the ICW will also suspend him permanently from his post. After all of that, if even half of this is true, which I have no reason to doubt, he will be arrested for crimes that even the Dark Lord never did."

"It's too late to arrest him now," said Hermione pointing. "He just used a portkey and left."

"DAMN IT," yelled Amelia. "I wanted him in custody today. As we can't do anything about it at this time, I call for a vote. If you think that Dumbledore is guilty, light your wands in the same fashion that we did for Fudge."

There was no doubt about it. Every wand lit for a guilty charge. Even the ICW members were casting a guilty vote.

"It is official," said Tiberius Ogden. "Albus Dumbledore is herby dismissed from his spot as Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot as was decided unanimously by this panel."

"As spokesperson for the ICW," called a gentleman with sharp eyes and a pleasant face. "He is also dismissed from his spot as Supreme Mugwump permanently as well. From this day forward, he will be on the mandate of known dangerous criminals and a price will be placed for his capture. Our question is who is to replace him on the panel of both the Wizengamot and the ICW."

All eyes turned to Harry. He sat there with a startled look on his face for a few moments. Those around him started to laugh.

"Oh Har Harr," said Harry to the delight of the group. "Let's leave it to me to decide. How am I supposed to appoint members to the panel of the Wizengamot and ICW?"

"Not only that," said Amelia apologetically. "You also have to nominate a new Minister for Magic as you have the most prestige and rank to do so."

"You are leaving all of this up to me?" asked Harry in shock and disbelief. "I am too young to make these decisions."

"We apologize," assured Augusta. "However she is right. You have the most power and backing to make the decisions."

"Give me ten minutes and I will get back with you on this if that is ok," said Harry as everyone started to nod in approval. "I will want to talk with Hermione, Augusta, Dolores, Severus, Narcissa, and Amelia."

Named people all rose and followed Harry to a secluded section of the room. Harry paced for a few moments.

"It is obvious that I am not going to be left alone until I make a decision," he said. "Here is what I think should happen. I am going to take over as Headmaster when I graduate. Professor McGonagall will work with me each summer to learn the ropes of running the school. I think that Madam Bones should replace Dumbledore on the panel of the ICW. I feel that Madam Longbottom should take over as Chief Witch of the Wizengamot."

"That sounds logical and very intellectually sound," said Augusta with pride. "What about the Minister spot?"

"I think that spot should be held in proxy by Madam Bones and Madam Longbottom for the next two years," said Harry smirking. "I feel that during the summer, Lady Potter should start working as an intern in the Ministry until she learns what she has to learn to be the Minister for Magic when she graduates."

"You can't do that," said Hermione surprised. "They are not going to allow me to be Minister. I don't have the backing or the lineage for it. Not to mention, the training."

"I think it is brilliant," said Amelia laughing with mirth to the astonishment of the entire panel. "Between your grandmother and me, we can train you during the summer. We can also ensure that you know what you need to learn before you are sworn in."

"I am so going to get your for this Potter," snapped Hermione. "I still don't have the backing or prestige to move into that coveted spot."

"Excuse me?" said Harry smirking at his wife. "You are a Longbottom by birth, in the top two for GPA at Hogwarts of the whole school, are married to me, and you are worried about prestige, or knowledge? Give me a break Hermione. You are the best candidate for the job."

"I don't want to step on anyone's toes," whispered Hermione slightly mollified. "There are people here that already have years of training to be Minister."

"It just so happens that I agree with your husband," said Dolores. "You have the right mind and fairness to make a great Minister for Magic."

Harry laughed at her as he approached the panel of waiting members of both organizations of government.

"I, Harry James Potter – Evans – Black, hereby give backing to Amelia Bones to be on the panel of the ICW for Britain," said Harry. "Using all of my titles is long and tedious. Furthermore, I promote Lady Regent, Augusta Longbottom, to the post of Chief Witch of the Wizengamot."

"What about the post of Minister for Magic and the Headmaster of Hogwarts?" Madam Marchbanks asked.

"When I graduate, I am taking over as Headmaster of the school," said Harry. "I call for the following to happen for the Minister spot. Until graduation, Hermione Potter nee Longbottom will be an intern here in the Ministry of Magic. Upon completing her training, I move that she be sworn in as Minister for Magic. By being a Longbottom by birth and a Potter by marriage, she has the prestige and backing, not to mention the brains and the heart to make and be an effective Minister."

"All those in favor light with red please," stated Amelia.

She had the satisfaction of seeing each and every wand light.

"The motions are carried," said Tiberius. "This now concludes this session of the Wizengamot."

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Whew! I got my groove on. How did you like all of that? I am going to work hard to keep this story full and entertaining. You all seem to like this one better than the other three I have going right now.

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