Blood is Thicker

Plans and Motions

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Chapter 9 - Plans and Motions

It wasn't long before a routine was in progress for the occupants of the castle. Harry and Hermione along with the other tutors were delighted to help others raise the GPA of the castle. The students that went to them for tutoring were very happy with the assistance that was being given to them.

Harry and Hermione were still racing to see who would be in the top spot in grades for the school. The professors would snicker at the pair when they would debate information on a certain subject. It is that which led to the debate club that started in the school. Once a week professors and students would get together and debate certain spells, types of magic, laws, treatment of other magical beings and so forth. Harry and Hermione were in their elements on this as many of their debates were for the betterment of the wizarding population as a whole. Some of their debates even made it to the Ministry for Magic so that others in a position to make certain changes were aware of what was going on.

Dolores, Severus, and Harry still met no less than twice a week each to study and work. Harry took to spending the evenings either working with Hermione, or working with Minerva, Pomona, or Filius in his other subjects as well. While he was doing that, Hermione was off on her own working in the library. Madam Pince was far more patient with Harry and Hermione than any other student. They were allowed in whenever they wanted, but even she had her limits with how late at night Hermione was allowed to stay. Usually about eleven at night, Madam Pince would run her out to send her to bed with a good natured motherly concern about not getting enough rest and so forth.

November came and went in the castle and Christmas was fast approaching. The teachers went about their usual decorating of the castle and so forth that always left Harry breathless with the beauty that could be created with a mere wave of the wand and so forth. Harry and Hermione were still working ahead of schedule and thanks to the new ways of doing things in the castle they were tied for the top spot with Draco, Daphne, and Luna right behind them in overall GPA.

Neville was doing loads better now that he had his own wand. Augusta requested an afternoon, one weekend, so that she could bring him to Diagon Alley to get one. When he came back, Harry and Hermione worked with him and were pleased to note that there was a significant improvement in his spell work. He was still nervous around Severus, but it was no where near what it was before. Severus actually stopped more than once and helped Neville with some of his work to improve his grade for the day in class. Thanks to Draco and Hermione, Neville was actually passing potions with a high A in the course.

Finally, Christmas was upon them. Harry and Hermione did loads of shopping in Hogsmeade as well as through the catalogs that Draco and some of the others had. Harry and Hermione went to Longbottom Manor for Christmas. Augusta welcomed Hermione back home and showed her were they would be sleeping personally. She was feeling loads better now that the healers were able to restore most of her memories regarding the fact that she had a granddaughter. She was more determined than ever to find Dumbledore and teach him a lesson for breathing. It was one thing to upset a teenager. Most people found it healthier to not have an upset Augusta Longbottom that was mad at them much less furious and out for blood one.

Harry made sure that the presents he bought for the professors as well as certain students were to be given by Dobby and Winky to their recipients on Christmas morning. He made sure that each gift was carefully thought about before buying them. He wanted to make sure that he didn't insult anyone with the gifts that he gave. For Minerva, he gave her a necklace that had a cat on it that was the spitting image of herself in her Animagus form. For Severus, he got some of the rarer potions ingredients that were hard to find. He even opened the Chamber of Secrets so that the man could begin to harvest the basilisk. For Pomona, he got her some seeds from some plants that Neville said she was interested in acquiring.

For Draco, Harry got him the newest in the line of hair care products as well as a nice ring that had the constellation of his name floating in the emerald. For Neville, he bought him a new wand holster as well as gave him some books on Herbology that were rare tomes from his family vaults which he made copies of. For Luna, Harry got her a matching earring and necklace set with her birthstone set in it. He bought gift certificates for Daphne, Tracy, and Millicent. For the twins, he gave them a building he owned in Diagon Alley for their store. For Arthur and Molly, he bought them a new bedroom and living room set for their home.

There were a few parties that the Longbottoms were going to attend during the holiday. One was at the Ministry of Magic where Harry and Hermione were practically treated like royalty. Both bought violet colored robes with all their house crests embroidered in silver upon the sleeves and lapel. Oddly enough the couple was not harassed as they figured that they would be due to Harry's fame and prestige. Many just talked to them like the highly intelligent individuals that they were.

What pleased Augusta the most was when, the Malfoy family invited them to Malfoy Manor to celebrate the holiday. She knew that Harry, Hermione, and Neville were best friends with Draco. They accepted graciously and were delighted that they were spoken to cordially and with high regard. It was during the party that Lucius walked over and spoke quietly to Harry.

"The Dark Lord is here in residence if you decide you would like to speak with him," assured the Malfoy Head of House. "You have our word that you are not in any danger and he will speak with you as an equal."

"I better let my wife know or she will strangle me for not letting her know what is going on," said Harry as he and Lucius laughed at the implication. "Being a married man yourself, I am sure you can understand the sentiment behind that. Hermione has a temper on her that I am glad she rarely ever points at me. It is down right scary at times. Add in the fact that she is extremely intelligent and skilled with her wand and most people run."

"You have picked a very intelligent and powerful woman to soul bond with," stated Lucius politely. "Just let me know when you are ready and I will escort you personally. For the record, I hold no ill regard for the testimony that you have given to both the Ministry as well as the Dark Lord. You have only spoken the truth. For that alone, I hold no ill will regarding the punishment that I got from the Dark Lord. The Ministry has not called on me yet, but I believe that I have you to thank for that."

"Give me five minutes to inform my family as to what is going on and I shall return to you right here," said Harry bowing politely to him. "The sooner we get this over with, the sooner I can enjoy this wonderful party. Also, you are correct. I have asked the Ministry to let you and your family alone regarding the situation with Fudge. As I am a prominent member of the panel, we felt that you have other concerns to worry about. So I asked them to leave you alone. Other crimes you have committed have nothing to do with me. Therefore, if they do come here, it isn't due to my interference or testimony."

Harry walked over and spoke with Neville, Hermione, Augusta, Draco, and Narcissa.

"Lucius just informed me, that now would be the best time to speak with the Dark Lord," said Harry quickly and quietly after looking around to ensure he wouldn't be overheard. "He has also assured me of my safety and protection. We all know that I am not worried about that as I have more power than he does, but I wanted to let you all know that I will be out of your view for a bit. I am going to talk with him about the Prophecy and about Dumbledore. From there, we will come up with some sort of decision as to what to do from here on out with regards to this stupid war that so many people are putting stock into."

"Just be careful," said Augusta. "Keep your wits about you and make sure that if something goes wrong that you slap him down for good. Give him all of the information that he needs and nothing more."

Harry nodded and proceeded to head back to Lucius. Together they ascended the stairs and made their way to the quarters of the Dark Lord. Lucius knocked on the door and when told to enter, he explained to the Dark Lord who was waiting to speak to him. Lucius came out a moment later and escorted Harry to the chair in front of the fire. From there, he excused himself and went back downstairs after telling Harry to call for Gem when he was ready to return to the party.

Nagini hissed angrily at Harry and made to strike when Harry raised his voice.

"Stand down Nagini," hissed Harry in parseltongue. "I am a speaker and I know what you said. I am here by your master's invitation. Do not cause me to retaliate against you. It will be most unpleasant for you if I do."

"So it is proven that you are a speaker Lord Potter," said Voldemort quietly and respectfully. "I think that we are the only two in existence that can do this. I had heard tale of you being a Parselmouth, but had been unable to confirm this until now. Nagini will not harm you."

"Lord Voldemort," said Harry cordially. "I am pleased that you and I can put our differences aside, at least for now, and speak to one another without resorting to wands."

"I have heard some interesting rumors about you," said Voldemort inclining his head as harry got comfortable. "Rumor states that you have power that rivals that of Merlin and also that your Lady rivals that of Morgan Le Fey."

"Those rumors are indeed true," said Harry respectfully while not boasting. "It was a shock to me as much as to everyone that was present. All I have ever wanted was to be normal and I will never obtain that. From what I'm to understand from the Goblins of Gringotts, I have more power than any wizard alive today and it will only grow with me as I get older. Even Dumbledore doesn't stand a chance against what I can and would do to him once I catch up to him."

"I have heard some things that I wish for you to confirm for me if they are true or not, if you would be so kind," said Voldemort smoothly. "I admit that some of what I'm hearing is sounding pretty far fetched. However, as we are talking about you, nothing really should surprise me anymore."

"I will not lie to you," said Harry just as smoothly while leaning over to stroke Nagini's head. "Of course if I feel that it is an invasion of my privacy, I will ask that you indulge me of my right to not answer."

"Of course," stated Voldemort watching the interaction between his rival and his familiar. "Rumor has it that you are the Head of the Slytherin line now. It is stated that you are the heir of three founders by birth both matriarchal and patriarchal."

"Those rumors are in fact true," stated Harry as Nagini slithered to where Harry could get to her easier. "According to the magic, when you almost died during the attack on my person as a baby that resulted in your losing your body and most of your power, it made me the Head of the Slytherin line by Right of Conquest. Also, when you were expelled from Quirrel's body by the magic of my skin, it seconded that pact if you want to classify it in that manner. The same could be said for second year when I was forced to fight your Horcrux for the life of one who eventually betrayed me. Last but not least, my wand beating yours last year in June in the duel in the graveyard finished it."

"You are absolutely correct in that aspect," said Voldemort nodding in agreement at the logic that was brought forth, knowing that despite everything, he couldn't dispute it. "I was wondering if you could relinquish part of the Slytherin Vaults back to me as I am the last blood relative of Salazar Slytherin alive."

"I can and will," said Harry nodding in agreement. "However, I don't think you are the last. I think that I am also related to Salazar Slytherin with a lesser tie, of course, than you. We are both related to the Peverells after all. So in some far off twist, we are still related to one another. Each of us inherited a Deathly Hallow. You are the heir to the stone and I'm the heir of the wand and cloak."

"You have the Elder wand?" asked Voldemort curiously. "I have never laid eyes on it."

"Of course you have," said Harry waving his hand. "Every time you and Dumbledore battled, you have seen what the Elder Wand looks like. He beat Grindelwald for it. How Gellert got it to begin with is unknown as it is a family heirloom to us. My claim is just stronger than yours is on it, thus making me the true possessor of it."

"Might I examine it?" asked Voldemort eagerly. "I have heard of the power behind the wand as well as its history. Many great deeds both light and dark have been performed with this wand."

"Sure," said Harry flicking his wrist and presenting the wand to Voldemort. "I can use it with success, but it is no more or less powerful for me than my original wand. As you know, our wands are brothers and to me I am just as powerful using wandless magic as I am using a wand."

"This is very interesting," said Voldemort while he examined the wand. "Like you, I can sense and feel the power behind the wand, but it is no more or less that what I can already do. Shall we move on to other topics? What is going on with Dumbledore? The rumors are that the two of you are fighting and that you have actually thrown him out of the castle."

"He has done more damage to me than you have," said Harry bitterly. "He stole Hermione from the Longbottoms. He placed me with abusive muggles when my parent's wills specifically said not to. He has been using Mind Magic on people to get what he wants. He killed Sirius. He has been stealing money from my vaults. Do I need to go on about why I am so furious what that meddlesome oaf of a wizard?"

"Oh how the mighty have fallen," said Voldemort returning Harry's wand to him. "I can understand and relate to your anger. I would be after him for doing that to me as well. I also heard that you have had him stripped of all of his titles and such."

"I am the Head of seven prominent families," said Harry arching an eyebrow. "It was not that hard to do when you have support of the Goblins, the Ministry, and the staff of Hogwarts."

"The connection between us is non existent now," remarked Voldemort. "What has happened with that? I'm merely curious as to why I no longer feel you. I know that you have never purposely entered my thoughts, but I know from my sources that you have been feeling my emotions."

"The goblins removed your Horcrux from my scar," said Harry looking at the Dark Lord. "The Diary was destroyed in my second year when it was planted on the Weasley girl. I am not going to apologize for the destruction of either. It would not surprise me to learn that Dumbledore has found and figured out what to do about your others. I think I can safely say that the only one you have that is in no immediate danger is the one that is hanging around my shoulders. I have told you all of this in a letter if you care to remember."

"The old fool knows of my Horcruxes," remarked Voldemort thoughtfully. "Add in that I was not planning on making you one and I have pressed the boundary of magic further than anyone else including myself."

"Let's be frank with one another here," said Harry. "I don't agree with some of your doctrine of pureblood supremacy, nor of your ways of getting what you want. However, that is not something I'm willing to fight with you over. I am not going to dictate to you how to live your life. The prophecy is a fake. The Goblins of Gringotts have stated that it is so. The only thing that is even remotely accurate is the fact that you marked me and I am wondering if that was not just a piece of flying furniture."

"The only way you can be defeated is if someone kills this lady first," continued Harry shrugging at the pondering Dark Lord. "I know that the cup of Hufflepuff has been dealt with. Bellatrix is, or was, a Black family member. Her vaults were seen to when I dismissed her from the family and withdrew her dowry. I also know that the Locket is gone. Hogwarts gave me the Diadem and it is dealt with. I didn't destroy them. I just gave them to the people that needed to know about them. For all I know, they may be in the Department of Mysteries being examined to see if there are ways of doing the same thing you have done without having to resort to murdering someone to achieve the same goal."

Harry pondered for a moment about how he wanted to explain to the Dark Lord about his actions. Voldemort, sensing this, didn't interrupt him. When Harry had his words picked, he continued.

"I didn't do what I have done to kill you," he continued. "I didn't do it to thwart you. I didn't even do it to stick it to you, as the saying goes these days. I did it for the safety of my wife and extended family. The Diadem was removed from the castle as the Room of Requirement was found and a student could have been hurt by the Diadem as was done when a student had your diary. The Goblins found the one in Grimmauld Place when they were getting rid of all dark objects in the Black family home."

"Are you going to go after my last one as well?" asked Voldemort curious in spite of the situation. "You seem very well informed on what to do or how to deal with my soul shards and the containers that house them."

"I am not interested in harming Nagini," stated Harry. "In fact, when she has babies, I would be honored to receive one. I don't enjoy taking a life. I still have nightmares about Quirrel. I am not even interested in fighting with you. You have your ways of doing things and while I don't agree with all of them, I am not going to tell you that you can't. I am your Head of House. You are in your seventies. You should know that no matter what, I will not attack you, but I will not let you take over Britain either."

"What is going to happen for us in the future?" asked Voldemort. "I don't necessarily wish to take over as much as to extend the magic and use it."

"Be my guest," said Harry. "I suggest that the two of us work together to bring about the downfall of Albus Dumbledork. He has pissed me off for the last time. For the record, I will never forgive you for killing my parents, but I know that you are not entirely all to blame for it either. Equal amount of blame rests on the shoulders of Albus Dumbledore. He will be taught a lesson about that. Peter Pettigrew owes me a life debt. I want him turned over to the Ministry of Magic for permanent arrest."

"Now THAT is something that I am in complete agreement with you," said Voldemort with a laugh. "Alright Harry Potter, here is what I suggest for now. You finish your training at school. My sources tell me that you are well advanced for your year. My sources also tell me that your wife will be the next Minister for Magic when she graduates, and you will be the next Headmaster of Hogwarts. I will have Lucius Malfoy deliver Wormtail to the Ministry of Magic. I will not have a servant that is in debt to another living being."

"That is what we have planned," said Harry nodding. "I think I will enjoy teaching and running the school. I will inform my allies to back off of you and yours. However, if you are caught breaking the law, then you are on your own. My main goal right now is to stop Dumbledore, finish my education, and have a nice ceremony with my wife when the time is right."

Harry leaned over and showed Voldemort the mark on his collar bone. Upon seeing it, the Dark Lord gasped in astonishment.

"You are Goddess touched," he said in astonishment. "Even if I wanted to, I could never hurt you. Should I attempt it, she will invoke her wrath upon me that would make me suffer for all eternity."

"Interesting," stated Harry. "Hermione is also Goddess touched. I'm sitting here with the most feared Dark Lord in history and he is telling me that he can't beat me, but I have Dumbledork attacking and pointing a finger at me left and right. Something seriously is wrong with this picture and the mentality that goes behind it."

"I would say so," said Voldemort laughing. "Shall we keep in contact? I'm sure that your family and friends are worried about you as we have been talking for some time. I am sure that we can figure something out to stop the old fool once and for all, while at the same time, figuring out how we can both achieve our goals in life."

"I look forward to the time when the two of us cast the magic that will strip the old man of his power," said Harry with a malicious smirk on his face. "Until that time, I wish you a happy Yule season. Gem, I am ready to return to the party. Nagini, may your babies be as beautiful as you are."

As Harry was leaving the room, he turned back to Voldemort.

"When you are ready to talk more with me, Hedwig will find you," he said. "She is as loyal to me as Nagini is to you. She will deliver letters back and forth for us. Please care for my familiar as you do your own."

As Voldemort nodded his understanding, Harry left and followed the elf out of the room back to the party. Voldemort turned to Nagini with a calculating look on his face.

"Are you pregnant?" he hissed at her.

"I am," she hissed in return. "He has much power and can easily stop all of this. My advice is to leave him well enough alone. I will not live forever and when I pass so does your soul shard. He will be around for a long time and if I understand right, his wife is just as powerful as he is. From listening to the conversation, he is highly intelligent and knows what he needs to do to stop anyone that gets in his way."

"Which means that future generations of Potters will also be extremely powerful," concluded Voldemort. "Potter is powerful enough to take on Merlin if he were still alive and win while his wife is just as powerful and just as intelligent. That he is not telling me everything is obvious, but I didn't expect him too. He is not one that I am going to be interested in going after now that I know they are Goddess touched."

Harry meanwhile went back down and rejoined his wife and friends at the party.

"Everything went well," said Harry to the group. "Not only does he NOT want to attack me anymore, he is worried that if he does, the Goddess will get even with him for doing so."

"So what is the verdict?" asked Hermione. "What did the two of you decide?"

"I am going to release part of the Slytherin vaults to him," said Harry truthfully. "He is an heir after all. From there, the two of us are going to take down Dumbledore. He knows that if he breaks the law then he and his followers are on their own, but he knows that I will not stand in his way for much. He also knows that he is to desist in his attacks on me and my allies immediately. He is smart enough to know that it would not help him if he doesn't."

"Well at least something good came about all of this," said Augusta with a smile. "What did he say about the destruction of his Horcruxes?"

"Oddly enough, he didn't get angry," said Harry. "He must have known that if I hadn't done it, then Dumbledore would have. The ones that I had destroyed were mainly because they were in my properties and I didn't want them there. I lied a little about the one in Helga's cup, but he didn't remark on it. Dumbledore got to that one first somehow, but the rest of the vault was kept out of the old fool's hands. He also is aware that I know Nagini is his last one. He is willing to send me one of her babies when they hatch."

"You and you pets," said Hermione laughing. "You have half the magical creatures in the forest that comes and visits you when you are on the grounds. You are definitely one of a kind Harry Potter."

They mingled with the other guests at the party for a couple of hours before they were in the mindset that they were exhausted. They thanked Lucius and Narcissa thoroughly for their hospitality. Harry and Hermione knew that gifts for them would appear on the morrow. Draco would be getting one as well.

The next morning, Harry and Hermione woke to the smell of a delicious breakfast. They got dressed in some comfortable, but warm clothing and met up with the rest of the family in the dining hall. Dan and Emma would be arriving soon and they wanted to be refreshed and ready to greet the muggle parents that Hermione was raised by.

Shortly before lunch, they arrived. Hermione sat with them for awhile in the sitting room and just talked with them. She explained that while they all knew that they were not related that she would always love them anyway.

"You are the only parents that I knew I had for sixteen years," said Hermione. "I am never going to forget how well you treated me all of these years. You will always have a place in my heart. I love both of you. Now, I would like to introduce you to my husband. Mum, Dad, this is Lord Harry Potter- Black. He and I have a soul bond which technically makes us married."

Harry shook their hands and greeted them both cordially and politely. When the small talk was over with, Harry and Hermione led the group into the room that housed the Christmas tree. The presents around it were immensely plentiful.

Hermione opened her presents and was delighted by the many books she received from those she tutored as well as from the different professors. From Neville, she got an original copy of Hogwarts a History. From Augusta, she got a family medallion as well as some jewelry. From Harry, she got her own copy of Most Potente Potions. He handed her a couple of other boxes and she held her breath as she opened each one. The first one she opened made her drop it at first. Inside was a diamond necklace that had a diamond pendant that was the size of a wren's egg. Not to be neglectful, Harry made sure she had a matching set in Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Topaz, Sapphire, Onyx, and Amber. Each set included the matching earrings that went with them as well as the matching ring.

"Harry you must have spent a fortune on these," said Hermione. "You really shouldn't have. This is entirely too much."

"Relax Hermione," said Harry smiling. "Some of them were already in my vault. I just had the goblins make matching sets in other stones. I only bought the diamond and sapphire sets. The rest I inherited. I figured they would look a lot better on you than they would on me."

"These are very beautiful," said Emma looking at the jewelry. "These are truly magnificent pieces. This young man obviously loves you to have gotten you all of these wonderful gifts."

"Well I am glad that you have stated that," said Harry with a grin. "I have gifts for you as well."

With that, Harry pulled out and handed Dan and Emma a gift each. Emma's was a matching Sapphire set to Hermione's. For Dan, Harry got him a men's bracelet and ring to match the jewelry he got for Emma. Both Grangers were shocked and pleased by the thoughtful gifts from Harry.

Augusta was pleased with her gifts from Harry and Hermione as was Neville. Harry was finally sitting down to open his own gifts. He got many small gifts from those he was friends with as well as some beautiful pieces from those that were family oriented some how.

All in all, Christmas was a wonderful day for them. They knew that times were changing, but they also knew that when the time was right, they could and would meet it head on.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will stop right here. I got going and it just flowed right out of my fingers and onto the computer. I liked this chapter and I hope that you did too. Thanks for all of the support.

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