Harry has had enough of both Dumbledore and Voldemort. So what does he do? He builds himself a city on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. THe Phoenix will always be around

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Stormy Lee
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Finding the Phoenix

DISCLAIMER – Harry Potter and its affiliates are the sole property of JK Rowling. I don't own the characters. I only own the plot.

DEDICATION – This story is dedicated to my friends and family that have supported me through my entire writing experience. This is especially dedicated to my Dad that reads my work from beginning to end.

NOTE – Please do NOT flame me if you don't like the story. You are within your rights to dislike the story, but not within your rights to rag at me for what it is about.

CAUTION – This story contains mention of slash. While I won't go into explicit details, there will be same sex pairings and so forth. Many of the characters are OOC. This is intentional.

Chapter 1 – Finding the Phoenix

"What are we going to do Gob?" asked the raven haired, green eyed teen standing next to him. "We have so much to do and so little time to do it with. The rules have all changed now that the dark has taken over the world. The light is still fighting the good fight, but there are so few places left that we can seek shelter in. The Neutrals are not cooperating with either side. The Old Coot is determined to see both sides lose so that he can step in and say he did the winning blow. I must stop both of them. It is my duty to make sure that the Dark stop and the Neutrals desist."

"It's time to change the way you play the game, Phoenix," said Griphook firmly. "You can't keep on hiding the way you do. There are others that would benefit from what you are able to do. Do you not remember that you have the power to start somewhere fresh and remove key players and make your own army? You can hide in plain sight and never have to worry about what one faction or the other will do. Time is of the essence Phoenix. You have to work with what you have. Ragnok and I will be by your side through it all. There will be others who will do the same. All you have to do is assign the roles and watch as the story unfolds. You would be surprised as to who will assist you in becoming the victor in a game where the opponents are cheating."

Harry had dropped his name and fame. He was now known around the area as Phoenix. He well remembered the night when Voldemort finally made his stand and took over wizarding Britain. He also remembered that there were those that flocked to his side when they had followed a different faction at one point.

"I wasn't overly surprised to know that Dead Man Walking and the Slut went over to Voldemort," stated Harry. "Ronald Weasley was never known for doing things for his self. He always wanted others to do it for him. Hurting those that were once friend is right up his alley. Ginny accusing me of raping her wasn't a surprise either. Both were determined to make sure that I lost my family fortune. Too bad for them, that they were both found out and dismissed from their family for their lies and deceits. I'm glad that I have contacts out in the world. Some of the information that I have gathered will help me along the way. Those that were once an enemy is now someone I look too as an ally."

"It's better to start using the codes when you have your group together and are passing on information," suggested Griphook. "You call me Gob and you call Ragnok, King. We know that you are attempting to keep us out of the public eye while you are working behind the scenes. Old Coot will make his presence known again soon, and your cause will be hurt. You had better make a decision soon so that we can all know what we are going to do. We will need a list of people that you will attempt to hide from both factions and get them out of the public view."

Harry sat there in the office of Griphook Stonehammer and Ragnok Silverlance. Both goblins were working with Harry behind the façade of being able to clean his vaults. When Voldemort took over, he ordered that most vaults of the light families be taken. He even ordered the vaults of some of the dark families. Suffice to say that some of those said families had things in the works before they lost what they had worked so hard for.

Harry smiled as he remembered finding out that Narcissa was his godmother. The Malfoy family was working for the light under a dark visage. None of them were loyal to Voldemort. Harry smiled as he remembered the list of names and codes he made for people. Voldemort was now known to him and his few allies as Hades.

"Where can we hide that will take us out of the public eye and still be where we can get to where we need to be?" asked Harry. "We know that I have the magic to do what I need to do. Having the gift of the phoenix is something that is a perk in what I need to do. However, I still need to be in the shadows and out from sight to get my work done. It will be easier when we get a larger group working together to come up with ideas on how to evict certain fools from power."

"Why not build beneath the waters," suggested Ragnok. "You can build a whole city on the ocean floor and no one will ever know the difference. You have the powers of your ancestry to pull the magic needed from the very air to move things. If you can pull magic from the air, there is no reason you can't do the same with the water and earth. We can and will assist you as you are a clan brother to the goblins."

"I think pissing off both Hades and Old Coot would be just the thing to get them to realize that I'm not out of the game yet," said Harry grinning at both goblins. "Before I can really make my mark in this fight, I need to get things set up and my alliances formed. My three elves will help me as much as I need them too. We can all pool our magical resources together and take what we need and go to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. I love that idea."

The trio called Dobby, Winky, and Kreacher to them and the six of them worked on the plans well into the night. They knew that they had to move and move fast so that they could start getting people out of the picture. Making certain people just disappear would make the two factions go after one or the other to get revenge.

"I think that we can build what we need by replica and memory," said Harry. "Hogwarts isn't inaccessible to me, but I have to be careful so that Old Coot doesn't realize that I'm there and doing what I want and need to do. Thankfully the portraits don't alert him when I'm in the halls and so forth. When the time comes, I can start pulling resources and people out of Britain all together and let the others fight amongst themselves with me making small forays from time to time. Dobby, Winky, and Kreacher, you will all have code names from now on. Dobby, you shall be known as D. Winky, you shall be known as W, and Kreacher, you shall be known as K. I'm Phoenix. Griphook is Gob, and Ragnok is King. We are going to build us a new and better world. I would like for your assistance with building that world."

"We is helping you Phoenix," said Dobby bowing low. "We is agreeing that it's time for us to leave and let the land dwellers live in a war. We is knowing how to build things like Hogwarts."

"K is bringing you the book from Mistress that tells how to permanently conjure things," said Kreacher popping away. Within moments, he was back and handing Harry a heavy tome. Harry, the two goblins, and the three elves all poured over the book and learned what they needed to do to be able to cast the spell.

"It's a good thing that Sirius made you his heir or you wouldn't have been able to touch this book," said Ragnok. "K must have known that you were the current Head of House of the Black Family. I suggest that we get started and head to a secure spot on the ocean floor and start building our new home."

With that being said, each of the elves grabbed hold of someone in the room and after making sure they had all the proper breathing techniques arranged for underwater travel, they popped them to the ocean floor. The six magical beings, linked hands and started to chant the language of magic. It wasn't long before those on land felt the shift in the balance. Dumbledore and Voldemort both felt the ancient magic being used, but neither could pinpoint where it was coming from or who was using it. Both were partially assuming that the other was the one doing it.

"It must be Harry Potter," said Albus during the meeting they were holding. "He is the only one other than Voldemort that would stoop into that sort of magic. It could be Voldemort, but I think Harry has something to do with this as well."

"You are always so quick to blame him for all of your problems," stated Minerva looking at him in disgust. "He now hides from the magical population because between you and the Dark Lord, you are determined to kill him. He hides from the muggle world, because both of you have operatives in that world looking for him. He has lost everything, and yet you still want to blame him for this. You have no proof that Harry is doing anything. Why can't people just leave him alone for once and let him live his life. It's not like he is harming anyone or anything."

"For once, I agree with Minerva," said Severus in his smooth voice. "The boy has fled from both the magical and muggle worlds to escape the wrath that you and the Dark Lord are inflicting upon him. The Dark Lord has a bounty on his head and many are wishing they could be the one to cash in on it. He has left us well enough alone and it's time that someone looks out for him."

"Rumor has it that he is still working behind the scene to cause havoc for the Dark Lord," stated Arthur. "Now that we know that three of my children are working against him and for Voldemort, I would like for him to have some peace and quiet for a change."

"My husband and I are in agreement with that statement," said Molly. "Harry deserves to find what happiness he can in all of this madness that is going on."

Another shake sounded in Hogwarts as the ancient magic passed once more through her walls. Severus and Minerva gave each other a quick glance before sharing it with Pomona and Filius. Both were very familiar with the magical signature. Harry was definitely behind the magic flowing. All four Heads of House hoped that whatever the young man was doing that he was being careful and out of radar. Albus was busy contemplating what his group was saying to focus on the magic. If they could keep the old fool occupied, they could ensure that Harry could complete what he was doing.

A weary Harry Potter sat down on the floor of his new home. Each part of the building was made out of magical glass. Certain areas were made out of stone and other materials, but the majority of the buildings were made of glass that was so powerful that the pressure of the water couldn't break it.

"Thank Merlin for those ward stones and runic symbols," stated Harry as Winky handed him something to drink. "I think in about a week we can start sending for people to assist us in building up a community down here. Magical lighting should work well to start our own gardens and so forth. Getting together with some of the other elves and families will see us with enough farm animals to feed us comfortably as we grow."

"The seer stated that the world above would be in ruins," Ragnok told them. "Goblin mystics are better than human ones as we are closer related to the earth. Humankind will begin to wipe itself out. We have managed to get one hundred rooms created here in less than a day. We can move objects and other things down here while we build more of them. It won't be that difficult."

"We are going to need greenhouses, stock pens, vaults, a library, sleeping quarter, kitchen, bathrooms, and many other types of rooms," said Harry standing up and stretching. "We will need the appropriate furniture for each of the rooms. We will also need a potions lab. I'm sure we will need some of the potions that can be brewed for both health and other things."

"Gob and I will head back to the bank and start sending you things for the city," stated Ragnok. "When we have a couple dozen trunks filled, we will call for D, W, or K to come and get them for you. I'm sure that the phoenix that was with Dumbledore would come if you answered him and deliver messages for you."

"His code name is Firebird," stated Harry with a grin. "He is how I have been getting most of my information as to what's going on in Hogwarts. He is pretending to be Old Coot's familiar. The bond was broken when Dumbledore tried to force me to marry Slut. Firebird knew that it was against the law to do what he was doing and made it so that I get all information that I need. I also have a person on the inside that gives me other bits of information."

"Tell your informant that we need to get some people out of Britain, Phoenix," advised Ragnok. "The sooner you get some of them out of the area, the sooner they can live as well. You can use your ability as a phoenix to come and go from this area. We have other things we will need to work on as well. For now, I will send you some supplies. Have D and K head out to Hogwarts to start getting some samples of all the plants that the greenhouses have and we can always get you seeds of edible plants as well to start growing your own food. Getting suitable soil will be easy enough."

"Thanks," said Harry as he looked around and was wondering where to begin. "I will get to work here and create certain things. Winky, I need you to head to Diagon Alley and buy at least fifty beds, two hundred book cases, blankets, pillows, chairs, etc. I know that there is some furniture in Grimmauld Place. We can start to slowly take the furniture from that place as well. We don't want Old Coot to know we are the ones that are causing the furniture and dishes and stuff to disappear."

"Is K being allowed to bring the portrait of Mistress here?" asked Kreacher.

"Absolutely," assured Harry. "Just make sure you tell her what we are doing and why. She may have some ideas on how to ensure that Old Coot doesn't know we are stripping the place bare. Let her know that is was Hades that killed Regulas and that Old Coot is trying to rob her manor down to the floor. Hades is the code name for Voldemort. He can't get to us here as we have it warded against him and anyone that works for him. Take W with you and bring back as much as you can without it going noticeable missing."

Kreacher and Winky nodded as they left. Dobby popped away and came back with five trunks of things for Harry to store away. He and Dobby worked for a few hours making plaques for the different rooms so that people knew what items went in which rooms and so forth. From there, the two emptied the trunks in the correct rooms and waited until Winky and Kreacher brought back some furniture.

Harry conjured himself a chair and sat down. While he was sitting there, he flashbacked to the night he dropped the Potter name.

"I will kill you in the end Harry Potter," said Voldemort. "My little red headed whelp has made progress in telling me all of your secrets. She and her brother have been filling me in on all sorts of information about you and Dumbledore. We will have loads of fun at your expense. You shall be funding my campaign against the old fool and I will rule Britain unopposed before long. So in a way, I have you to thank. My minions are already at Gringotts and are making sure the goblins strip your vaults bare."

"That's where you are wrong," snapped Harry with a grin on his face. "The vaults you are after no longer exist. I had them shut down months ago and my money has been moved to a secure location. You can try with your Legilimency all you want, but you won't get the location out of my head I am stronger in protective mind magic than you are. I knew that someone in my inner circle was betraying me to both you and the Old Coot. Now that I know it was Ronald and Ginny, I can deliver that news back to the proper people. You will never have the satisfaction of having me bow to you or helping you. From this day forth, I am no longer Harry Potter. By my magic, I will it to be and by my power, I make it so. From this day forward, I shall refer to you as Hades."

Voldemort went to interrupt, but Harry beat him to it with his next phrase. The ancient magic was crackling in the area as Harry spoke. Even someone like Voldemort couldn't counter act the magic that was flowing like water from Harry.

"Ginny Weasley," he proclaimed. "You are dead to me. I thought that I loved you and would have spent every galleon I had to make sure that you were treated like a lady. From this day forward, your new name shall be Slut. You have slept with most of Gryffindor House and at least one quarter or more of both Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Ronald Weasley, for your betrayal of my trust, I shall no longer call you friend. Your name shall be Dead Man Walking. When next we meet, it will be when I am killing you. You don't deserve anything in this life and I will make it my mission to take from you what little you have."

As Harry's magic reacted and he came into his full power, he screamed his rage and frustration of the world out at those that were unable to stop him. Even Voldemort was at a loss as to how to stop the massive amount of power that was emanating from the young wizard in front of him.

"The old fool just thinks that I'm a puppet," hissed Harry. "He thinks that if he pulls the stings hard enough that I will jump and do his bidding. NO LONGER will I allow that to happen. From this day forward, Harry Potter is dead to the world. I have a new name and people will learn to run from me as they do from your dark ways and Old Coot's manipulative ones. FEAR THE PHOENIX!"

With that, Harry flashed out in phoenix fire causing the Dark Lord to scream in rage at the loss of his greatest foe once more. Others that were in the room were in shock and fear that the power that Phoenix possessed was greater than Voldemort and Dumbledore combined. Voldemort himself was thinking rapidly as to how to stop Harry from carrying out his plans.

Harry came out of his thoughts as Dobby yanked on his sleeve. He smiled at the elf and waited for him to speak.

"Phoenix," he said. "W and K is returning and they have stuff for us to start using. I is going make dinner and we is going to work while you is getting some sleep. D is suggesting that you write a letter to your source inside Hogwarts and let them know what is going on. We is going to help you as much as we can, but we is elves and much of this needs to be done by you."

"Not to worry D," said Harry smiling at his friend. "I will work hard to make sure that all of those that need to get out of Britain and to safety will have the means to get here. Oceana will be a great city once we are working for what we need to get done. I have a few letters to write. Make sure that one of you brings Hedwig here and sees to her comfort."

Dobby nodded as Harry looked on one of the trunks and found a writing desk that had supplies and such to go with it. He sat down and wrote his first letter.

Professor Snape,

Times are changing and I am the one to make them change. I am in need of someone that is on the inside to let me know what Old Coot and Hades is doing. I will be felt, but not seen. I need you to find me a safe spot inside of Hogwarts that I can come and go from so that I can get the stuff that I need from the castle. I am one of the owners and I would like for some of my things to be returned. We did a heritage test, and I am a descendant of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. If you can get me the sword of Gryffindor, I would be most appreciative. I need to make sure that all objects that belonged to Ravenclaw and Gryffindor are replaced with fakes. Beware Ronald and Ginny Weasley. Their new names are Dead Man Walking and Slut respectively. They are actively working for Hades and it's time that their names were dragged through the mud.

The Flower and the Stag have asked in their wills for you to assist me in any endeavor that will keep me safe from Old Coot and Hades. Let me know if you are willing to work with me or not. If you agree, just drop a drop of blood on this parchment and it will return to me with your response.

As time goes on, should you agree, I will give you the code names of others that I'm interested in recruiting. We will need to burn these letters beyond this one. Call for Fawkes. He will deliver mail back and forth between us. Should you agree to the terms, sign all letters as Raven. My name from now on will no longer be Harry Potter. He is dead. Instead, you can call me Phoenix. I eagerly await a reply. I hope it is one that will be beneficial to both of us in the long run.


Harry called for the bird and watched as he flamed into the room in front of him. Harry placed his forehead against the birds and basked in the rapture of the bond between them.

"I need you to discretely take this letter to Professor Snape," said Harry. "There is no need to wait as the charm on the parchment will bring his response to me. From there, I need you to come back tomorrow as I need to write to my relatives. Safe flight my friend."

With that, Harry waited as Fawkes flashed away before he sat and wrote a letter to his only living family. From there, Harry went to bed and rested to get his magical reserves back. For the first time in a long time, he slept peacefully knowing that he could not be reached by any of his enemies. The next morning, he ate breakfast before writing his next letter.

Aunt Petunia,

The old fool and the Dark Lord are on the move. It isn't safe for you and the family where you are. I would like to bring you all to safety so that you will be able to live the life that you need. You will not need to bring anything other than the necessities at this time. Once we get more settled in, we can make sure that things like electricity for televisions and such are possible. Right now, survival is more important. If you agree to accept my offer, call for Winky and Dobby. They will help you pack up as much of your belongings as they can and bring you, Uncle Vernon, Dudley, and Aunt Marge here. Please inform Aunt Marge that she will only be allowed one dog as there is too much to do and not enough of us to do it with.

Love always

Harry aka Phoenix

He set the letter to the side knowing that Firebird would find it and bring it to his aunt. All he could do now was wait until they gave a response. He went down to the dining room and watched as Winky and Kreacher went about setting things up.

W and D are being called by Phoenix's relatives," stated Winky suddenly. "K is needing to work on getting three rooms set up for them to be able to sleep. We is being back soon."

"We will have their rooms set up by the time you get back," stated Harry. "Stay safe and be swift. They will be on the third floor in the blue wing."

Winky nodded in understanding before she popped out. Harry smiled as he went to the next floor. He had separated the areas by color. The blue wing was for blood relatives. The red wing was for those who had a profession that could teach them to others. The green wing was for resources. The amber wing was for magical beings other than humans. The white wing was Harry's alone. The brown wing was for the library and rooms that required people to sit and work in them or meet. Each room was magically enhanced so that one could see out, but not see in. Harry smiled as it was like living inside of the world's largest aquarium. Other colors were set up for the different rooms and sections depending on what they were needed for. Each room was magically heated so that the need for fireplaces and such were obsolete. It would take time for all rooms to be set up the way that was needed to make each person comfortable.

It wasn't long before Winky and Dobby were back with four very nervous people and one scared dog. Harry breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that Dobby and Winky made sure that doppelgangers were placed in both locations as his now deceased relatives.

"Welcome to Oceana," greeted Harry as he kissed both his Aunts on the cheek. "In the world above, we have died. In this world we have new names and codes to talk to one another. Aunt Petunia, you will be known as Aunt. Uncle Vernon will be known as Uncle. Dudley will be coded as Cuz, and Aunt Marge will be known as Ripper. I am sorry about the loss of your homes, but I felt that your lives were more important than a house."

"Don't worry about it Phoenix," assured Petunia. "We know you will take care of us. Are these our rooms? They are beautiful and so spacious. I like being able to watch the fish."

"This is the room you and Uncle will share," remarked Harry leading them around. "Cuz and Ripper will have their own rooms which are the same size. There is a dining hall, library, and many other types of rooms. These rooms here will be keyed into your signatures only. Only someone that is related to me can get into this wing of Oceana. There is a list on your desks as to what areas you are not allowed in due to the delicacy of the room. It's more for your protection than anything else. The greenhouses will house magical plants and some of them are dangerous to be around."

"Thank you," said Dudley quietly. "I will make sure to read the list and learn where I should and shouldn't go. I do hope that I can learn SOME of what you can do. I want to be able to help out when I can."

"Just because you don't have magic doesn't mean that I can't teach you what you need to know," assured Harry. "Potions can be made by anyone and Herbology is just a fancy way of saying gardening. Gob and King are working on getting me the soil and other things for us to work on. We will have magical plants, flowers, and fruits and vegetables down here. The more self-sufficient we become, the better it will be while we hide and teach Old Coot and Hades what it means to mess with an Evans."

Petunia winked at Harry while Dudley and Vernon grinned. Marge looked around in curiosity, but didn't say much. She and Ripper were still learning what it meant to be part of a magical family. She looked a little uncertainly at Harry.

"It's ok Ripper," assured Harry. "Things happen for a reason. Spells were made to be undone from time to time. The reason for your past actions was due to an influencing spell. Gob and King have made sure that no more spells have been used on your free wills. Everything that you do and say is of your own choices from here on out. Now, should any of you desire to visit the surface, it will have to be done in a way that no one will recognize you. We have ways of getting you there, but it is best for now if you just stay here below the surface. We don't want any of you taken due to them trying to get to me."

"Not a problem son," said Vernon nodding. "We will work with what we have and make the most of it. You are going to have to sit with us and make sure we understand everything that is going on. This Dark Lord has killed your parents and now he is after the rest of the country and possibly the world. Are we going to stand up to him?"

"In time we will make him sorry that he was ever born," promised Harry. "We are also going to make sure that Old Coot gets his just deserts as well. As we work on getting more people here to help us, we will concoct plans to make sure that those areas we are invading suffer a little accident. We will combine what I know about magic with what you know about the other world and make those that have wronged us suffer for their stupidity."

"Phoenix," called Dobby. "You is getting a letter from someone named Raven. D is placing it on your desk in your room. K and D is finished getting your quarters set up with everything that you need. You is letting us take care of your family now. You is having things that you is needing to do. We is taking care of Aunt, Uncle, Cuz, and Ripper. Dinner is being ready in one hour in the silver room."

Harry smiled at his family once more before he left the room to tend to his letter from Severus. He knew that it took forever for his family to realize that he was the good guy and that too many bad things had happened by those that were supposed to be good and just. He also knew that his family wanted revenge for the deaths of Flower and Stag. Smiling to himself, Harry knew his mother and father would be proud of him for his accomplishments. Harry arrived in his rooms and looked around in amazement. The rooms were done in rich colors of red and silver with a bathroom of blue and gold. Harry picked up the letter from Severus and sat to read.


Thank you for taking the time to send me a letter. You wanted to know if I would follow you. The answer is yes. I will play my part on this side of things for now to get those to safety that you wish to get too. Know that Old Coot and Hades are working hard to ensure that you are punished just for being alive. The other Heads of House will work with me if you want them too. Keep me informed of all code names so that I can pass them on when the time is right.

On a different but like note, the magical wave that you sent was felt as far as Hogwarts. I'm sure that the Hades felt it as well. I will have to talk to some others and see if we can negate the situation before to much more blame is passed to you. If you are coming onto British soil, please use all of the skills that I know you possess to stay safe. Send me instructions from time to time as to what you want done. Just because you are sixteen and powerful, doesn't mean we don't worry about you. Let me know what you want me to do.


Harry sat there for a few moments with a big grin on his face. He knew he would win. He had the intelligence of Ravenclaw, the bravery of Gryffindor, the loyalty of Hufflepuff and the cunning of Slytherin. He would make sure that all those that were supposed to fall, fell. With one more smile, he picked up his pen and wrote back.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – This is a good place to stop for this story. As the chapters go on, you will notice that I will not refer to their real names that much as I want the codes to set in.

Harry – Phoenix, Dobby – D, Winky – W, Kreacher – K, Griphook – Gob, Ragnok – King, Petunia – Aunt, Vernon – Uncle, Dudley – Cuz, Marge – Ripper, Severus – Raven, Fawkes - FireBird

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