Champions of the Founders


The Spirits of the Founders awaken and come back to Hogwarts to save their school. They each chose one student to represent them by being a Champion of a Founder.

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Stormy Lee
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Naming of the Heirs

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Author's Note – The characters will be very out of canon. I enjoy writing the characters as I want to portray them. It's what makes some of my stories the success that they are. Canon characters are boring.

Champions of the Founders

Chapter 1 – Naming of the Heirs

Harry was sitting in the Great Hall for dinner. Umbridge was shooting glares at him during the entire meal. He had a detention with her when the meal was done. Once more, he wasn't looking forward to it as she was tearing up his hand with an illegal dark object.

Hermione found out for him that Umbridge was using a Blood Quill on him. The only time those were allowed was when you were signing a document that called for blood. That usually had something to do with inheritances and claiming the right of passage or adoptions.

With a sigh, he ate his meal taking as long as he possible could to postpone the inevitable. It was going to be another long and painful night. Harry just hoped that Hermione had some more Essence of Murtlap waiting for him when he got back to the Gryffindor common room.

As he was about to stand to head out of the Great Hall and to her office, the doors to the Great Hall burst open, and four ghostly apparitions appeared in the entryway. Standing with them were three people who were looking extremely furious at the moment.

As one, the group all made their way into the Great Hall and looked for the two people that their anger was directed at most. Upon spotting them, Amelia Bones let out a furious yell.

"Albus Dumbledore and Dolores Umbridge, you both have some serious explaining to do," she yelled. "I want this hall cleared out of all students and all professors are to report to this room in ten minutes. I won't be as polite about it again if I have to repeat myself. We have some serious discussions to get through and I want everyone that needs to be present in this Hall."

"Madam Bones," simpered Dolores. "Who do you think you are? You can't just come into this school and demand things from us. You have no authority here."

"Professor Dumbledore is still the current Headmaster, and I am the High Inquisitor of the school," she continued in her best sugary voice. "I have the final say on what goes on in these hallowed halls. If you do not leave at once, I will have the Minister issue a warrant for your arrest for disturbing the peace."

"Be silent before I am forced to drop a house on you," hissed Amelia causing the muggleborn students to giggle at the movie reference. "I'm calling the shots around here for now. You would do well to stay silent and do what I say. I have the backing of the Ministry of Magic to be here tonight as well as four who are furious with some of you. So shut up, sit down, and do what I tell you. I am at my end with patience with some of you and we are here to fix some of the problems that are going on in this school once and for all."

"I would imagine that there is much you don't know, Umbitch," hissed Sirius next. "Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Luna Lovegood, and Susan Bones are to come and stand here by my side," he called out before returning his attention and fury back on the woman.

"As the Head of House of the Ancient and Noble House of Black, I command that you listen to what I have to say Madam Umbridge," he stated in a commanding voice. "Right now, there are a few things that I have to say and you won't like it if I have to repeat myself. For the moment, these four students are under the protection of House Black, House Bones, and House Malfoy."

"Professor McGonagall, I would ask that you use your position as Deputy Head to have the students return to their common rooms," said Narcissa speaking next. "I am the Lady and acting Head of House of the Noble House of Malfoy. Sirius is acting in the official capacity as guardian and proxy of the Head of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter. Madam Bones is here in her capacity as Head of the Noble House of Bones. We three are the most influential people in the wizarding world right now with the exception of Lord Potter. Please see to our wishes and have the rest of the professors stay in the hall. We have four guests here that have something to tell you all as much as we do."

Minerva looked to Filius and then to Pomona. Both shrugged their shoulders in confusion, but rose up to comply with the wishes presented. The Head and guardian of a second Head of two Ancient Houses and two heads of two Noble Houses held much sway in the magical world. Not seeing any reason to deny their request, Minerva stood up and made the command.

"Prefects are to gather their houses and return to their common rooms," she called. "Upon arriving, you are to do a head count and ensure that NONE of your students leave. Each house will have one short as the four students standing next to Lord Black was asked to remain in the Great Hall. Head Boy and Girl will send me a note via house elf telling me that all students are in their common rooms before heading to their own."

"This means that the Head Boy will get the report from Gryffindor and Slytherin while the Head Girl will get the report from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw," added Pomona standing with her fellow Heads of House.

"Anyone caught outside of their common room once the Head Boy and Girl give their reports will be put into detention for a month," said Filius. "Head Boy and Girl are to send us a house elf with your reports. Move out please. Make haste. It's time to stop gawking and move. I don't want to have to start removing points from the different houses. Move along Mr. and Miss Weasley and Miss Granger. I'm sure that if he is allowed, Lord Potter will tell you what transpires tonight."

Many interested students stared at Harry and the other three students standing with him. No one paid any attention to the four ghosts that were standing with them. Harry looked to Draco and saw that the blonde was just as confused as he was with what was going on. Both boys just shrugged to one another as they turned to the girls. Luna was standing quietly humming to herself. Susan was just watching everything with curiosity in her eyes. It was apparent that something huge was going on tonight. Harry had never seen Sirius acting so serious. Draco was in the same mindset about his mother. That neither teen was shooting barbs at one another was proof of their curiosity and confusion over their animosity towards one another.

"I must protest this action," stated Dumbledore. "This is highly uncalled for and most distracting to the students. I must ask what we are hoping to accomplish with this insanity. This is a school and doesn't fall under the jurisdiction of the Ancient or Noble Houses. I want you to stop this and remove yourselves and your guests from my school immediately."

"You haven't seen insanity yet," said Sirius with a sneer causing Dumbledore to pale. "Harry, why don't you take the other three and head to the Ravenclaw table nearest the Head table? Professor Flitwick, I must ask you to keep an eye out for their safety as things will get VERY heated here shortly. When we are done, there will be much that will be explained and there will be some VERY pissed off people here tonight. I don't want any of these four teens to get hit in the cross fire. For the record Dumbledore, this isn't YOUR school. I can name three people standing in this room right now who are the actual owners of the school. Oddly and funny enough, you aren't one of them."

Filius nodded his head at Sirius' request and moved to sit with the four students. He waved his wand in a complex manner and had the satisfaction of seeing safety shields surround the four teens. Minerva added her own protections to the students before she took her seat next to Filius to help keep an eye on their safety. The four specters nodded their heads in appreciation at this gesture.

"Shall we get to the heart of the matter then?" asked one of the mysterious apparitions standing with the trio. "We have much to cover and much to disclose to certain people. We don't want to waste any more time than necessary to assist these four teens. However, we have to get things started and set back upon the right track. We don't want any more games being played on the students that put them in danger."

"Who are these four spirits?" asked Severus with interest to the assembled professors at large. "They seem familiar to me, but it is hard to get a good look at them as they are not fully visible to the naked eye. If they would just present themselves, we can understand more about what this joke is all about. There is no way Potter is an heir of the school. He is an arrogant boy who doesn't follow the rules of his superiors."

"Sit down and shut up Snape," hissed Sirius pointing his wand at Severus while Amelia and Narcissa did the same. "We are here today due to some information we received and some visits. These four spirits were disturbed from their rest when things became too out of hand for the school. I think you know each and every one of them. May I present Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff, and Rowena Ravenclaw? They came to the three of us and over the last few days, we have heard of some GRAVE miscarriages of justice that have been happening in this school. Your turn will come Snape. However for now, just sit down and don't speak. If you make one more ugly remark about my godson, it may be the last thing that you do. Open your mouth and you will find out why I was tied for the top spot in school with Harry's father and you weren't."

"We will begin by taking it one professor at a time," said Helga sitting next to Harry and giving him a smile. "We have much to discuss with the staff of Hogwarts. However, before we get into that, I think we need to explain to these four students why they are still present. Salazar, would you do the honor please?"

"I can see that there has been animosity between Lord Potter and Scion Malfoy," said Salazar slowly. "In our day, there was no such thing as house rivalry. In fact, it has gotten worse since Dumbledore took over this school. My statement will be directed to Scion Malfoy. I NEVER fought with the other three founders. We DO NOT preach pureblood doctrines here. Each magic user is special. It doesn't matter if you are a pureblood, half-blood, or muggleborn. Each person with magic is equal. We see how you act and react to other students based on what you were taught. You were taught wrong."

"The four of you have been chosen to be our champions," said Rowena standing behind Luna. "Each of you has some of the bloodline of one of us flowing in you with the exception of Scion Malfoy. Just because you have our blood doesn't mean we will choose you as our champion. The four of you will be HOGWART'S champions and not our personal champion just because of your house insignia. We are just going to sponsor you so to speak. I do hope that I'm not confusing you."

"Basically you are saying that just because I'm in Gryffindor doesn't mean that Lord Godric will be my sponsor," stated Harry knowingly. "Though I am in Gryffindor, it is very possible that Lord Slytherin will be my sponsor. Though when it all boils down to it, I will still be a champion of Hogwarts no matter what my house is or who my sponsor is."

"Correct," said Salazar. "That is the best explanation to what is going on that can be given. You have to excuse Rowena. She does tend to get carried away with her explanations. Also, there is no need to call us Lord or Lady. We are related after all. If you insist on titles, Grandfather, Grandmother, or Aunt and Uncle will suffice; though we would just rather you call us by our given names."

"We have thought long and hard about whom we want to sponsor," spoke up Godric. "Lord Potter has the blood of both me and Salazar in his veins. However, we have watched you all and feel that Helga will be his sponsor for the school due to his loyalty in those he calls family and friend. Lady Lovegood has the blood of Rowena in her veins, but we felt that Salazar will make a great sponsor for her due to her unique outlook on life. Scion Bones has the blood of Helga in her, but we felt that Rowena will be her sponsor as the two of them will be able to work well together."

"This means that Scion Malfoy will work with Godric," said Helga softly. "We have read his aura, soul, and mind. While he may be cunning and ambitious, he has more courage in him than we thought possible due to his upbringing. This doesn't mean he was treated badly by his mother, but he has lots of courage and we would like to see it played out more. You will still belong to the houses you are in now, but you will represent your new sponsor. Each of you has something special that we need to bring out in you to save the Wizarding World from total annihilation."

"I will not allow this," stated Dumbledore getting to his feet. "Harry has a destiny to fulfill and he has to fill it. With my guidance and tutoring, he will be able to defeat Voldemort once and for all. He has no choice in this despite what you all are saying. The prophecy.."

"Is nothing more than a fake," hissed Salazar interrupting Albus before he could really get started. "You are a fraud Dumbledore. We will get to you soon enough. For now, these four teens will wear their normal house emblem. However, the emblem of their sponsor will be on their sleeve. Each of these teens will be housed in the founder's quarters. They will have their own private room. The two girls will share one bathroom while the gentlemen will share a separate one. They will all four share a common room. This will prevent spies from both factions of this war from interrupting their normal lessons as well as their private instructions from us. We already have house elves collecting their belongings and setting up their rooms for them. Filius, you have to do something about your Eagles. They have been stealing Luna's belongings and hiding them all over the castle. THIS MUST STOP! Bullying other students will no longer be tolerated in these walls from anyone."

"I will get on it as soon as we are done with this meeting," assured Filius quickly recovering from his shock. "I honestly didn't know as Luna never said anything. I should have recognized the signs. Therefore, when we are done, I will take care of this problem. I agree that there is too much bullying going on in the school and unfortunately it isn't just students doing it."

"While each of us will be sponsoring one of these teens, all four of us will be teaching them what we know," informed Godric. "We are including Scion Malfoy as we wanted a fourth and he has the potential to be a great and powerful wizard. We are also going to ask four live members of staff to work privately with one of the four teens as well."

"This means that all four of you will have to get along with one another," said Sirius to the four teens. "Harry, I know that you and Draco don't get on well, but you need to stop being antagonistic to one another. It's time for the two of you to work together. Things will be happening that need all four of you. The three of us will be here as often as possible to assist you. All you have to do is ask. Can the two of you do that for us please?"

"Of course Sirius," said Harry nodding at Draco. "I'm willing to do what I need to do to make things easier for us. I'm already friends with Luna and Susan. I can be patient and work things out with Draco also. I never wanted him as an enemy. Things just happened that caused it. You can count on me."

"I too, will work on getting along with and assisting Harry and the ladies," assured Draco. "You have my word as a Malfoy that I will cease my verbal sparring with them. I appreciate the faith that the founders are placing in me. This is an opportunity that many would kill to possess. I look forward to learning what they have to teach. I also look forward to correcting any past misconceptions about my character. I know that I'm a bit stiff, formal, arrogant, and many other things, but I can change. I will get better."

Harry, Luna, and Susan all nodded their heads in agreement with the Malfoy heir. All four were curious as to what the four founders had to teach them. Within moments, the four teens put their heads together to whisper quietly to one another about what was happening. Sirius, Narcissa, Amelia, and the founders all smiled at this before they turned their attention to the staff of Hogwarts.

"Let's start with Sybil Trelawney," stated Helga with fire in her eyes standing and pointing at named Professor. "Your great-great grandmother was a true seer. You are nothing but a fraud. You will go and sit at the Slytherin table and await further instructions. I'm tired of you pretending to predict the deaths and other nonsense of the students. If you wish to dispute that, then it sucks to be you. I'm a true seer. I know my business. Do not even contemplate opening your mouth in a disparaging tone to me or I will make you sorry you were ever born. That goes for anyone in this panel of instructors. For the moment, we are in charge and what we say goes."

"We are going to take back our school," said Salazar simply with a fierce glare on his face. "Some of you are wonderful instructors. Others are lacking in a few points. Then there are those that should have never been hired to begin with. Our goal for tonight is to correct all of those mistakes. We will work with you all on a better hiring plan and teacher placement."

"Minerva McGonagall," said Rowena turning towards her. "From this day forward, you will replace Albus Dumbledore as Head of this school. We may be the Founders, and we may have some pull, but when it all boils down to it, we ARE dead. Our magic doesn't work as well as yours does. We are bonded with the school. Getting back to my point, I wish to say the following about your character. You may be the Head of Gryffindor House, but you do NOT play favorites. You are just in your disciplines as well as how you handle the four houses. Do NOT worry about DumDum. He can't do anything to counter what we are doing. Hogwarts and we won't allow it. Please continue to take your seat with the four teens and be comfortable as we lay all of this out in the open. In the future, we do suggest that you listen when a student is telling you something is wrong. Think back to Lord Potter's first year and you will understand what I mean."

Minerva smiled and nodded as she sat nearer to Draco. He gave her a small smile and was happy to see it returned. Harry and Susan beamed at the young blond male with pride. All four students had deep respect for Minerva. She was an outstanding instructor who knew what she as doing. She was fair to all four houses. She was also a brilliant instructor who was passionate about what she taught.

"Chastity Burbage," called Salazar. "I am sorry to inform you that your services will be changed. You will no longer be teaching Muggle Studies. We have watched and waited, but you have no idea what you are teaching. You have never been to the muggle world. While I commend you for getting the proper grades in the subject, thanks to Dumbledore, the information is severely outdated by at least one hundred years. Your new post will be of Wizarding Etiquette. It would be far better for you to teach certain half-bloods and muggleborns how to fit into our society. Please take a seat at the Gryffindor table to show that YOU still have your job."

Chastity stood and walked over to the aforementioned table. She sat there and waited to see what would happen next. Minerva nodded her head in agreement of Salazar's suggestion. It made perfect sense. Having someone who never entered into the Muggle World would not make an effective professor in that subject.

"Rolanda Hooch and Filius Flitwick," called Godric. "The pair of you will join Minerva with the students. Both of your job performances are beyond satisfactory. We love watching Filius teach charms. The students seem to love him and he is very skilled at what he does. Filius will also take the spot of Deputy Head. Minerva, I recommend that you get a muggleborn or squib to teach muggle studies and I suggest that you make it a mandatory two year course starting when the students begin attending Hogwarts until they are allowed to choose their electives. Also make it mandatory that first and second year muggleborns take Wizarding Etiquette to even things out. Each half needs to learn how to deal with the other half so that we have intelligent students instead of students that are prejudice against what they don't know or understand."

Minerva summoned parchment and something to write with and wrote down the notation. She waited to hear what the four founders had to say next. She also noted that Albus and Dolores were fuming, but neither was able to get a word in edgewise as the founders prevented them from interfering. It was apparent that the four founders had enough and were determined to get the school back on track.

"Septima Vector and Aurora Sinistra, you will join Chastity at her table as your job performances are up to par with the times," said Rowena. "Both of you are great at what you do and your students enjoy your classes. We find no flaws in your work performance. Bathsheba Babbling, you will also join them as your work is up to par as well."

"Pomona Sprout," called Helga. "You are one of the best Heads of House that we have seen in centuries. You rank high in our praise for your fairness right along with Minerva and Filius for your ability to look past a house insignia. Therefore, you will keep your post as Head of House for Hufflepuff. Filius, as you are the new Deputy Head, we are not asking you to continue as Head of House. When this meeting is over, you will work with Minerva to find a replacement head for both houses. We still want you to deal with the situation regarding Luna."

Filius and Minerva both nodded before writing that down. The four professors that were being kept were good candidates for the spots of Head of House. They wanted to wait and see what would happen next before making a choice.

"I can't believe that four ghosts are coming into this castle and uprooting centuries of tradition," hissed Dolores with anger. "When Cornelius hears about this, someone will pay for the miscarriage of justice that is going on around here. You GHOSTS have no right to come in here and disrupt the happenings in this castle. As you state, you ARE dead. Traditions do change and with change comes learning. We have the right to make changes as this ISN'T your castle any longer. You no longer hold sway here."

"Let's make this a bit simple for you," said Rowena speaking slowly as if to a mentally challenged child. "Lord Potter, Lady Lovegood, and Scion Bones, the three of you have the blood of the four of us flowing in your veins. This means that Lord Potter has a very strong claim to the castle. However, with the two other heirs here, we are asking all three of you. Do you see a problem with letting us deal with this trash? If we aren't allowed to speak for you all, then there is the option of us closing the school down. Your guardians can send you somewhere that these pompous fools can never find you. There is NO law saying that you have to attend Hogwarts. Even as heirs the choice is yours to go to another school should you so desire it. We happen to know of a couple of schools that would be great for you."

"Please don't stop on our account," said Harry grinning at Rowena. "I think it's time to bring this school up to scratch and make sure that the students are getting the best education that it can provide. I think that I speak for all four of us when I say that we are totally enjoying the show. By all means, please continue to amuse us. Hogwarts is my home. I don't want to see it closed and I can't picture going to another school. I just wish this one wasn't so dangerous all the time."

Draco, Susan, and Luna were all laughing at Harry's words. All three agreed with him to the fullest. Sirius and Amelia were laughing at the different colors that Dolores was turning while a chuckling Narcissa was keeping her eyes on Dumbledore who was also fuming at Harry's little speech. Many of the professors of the school were trying hard to hide smirks from their faces. It would be unprofessional to laugh at the short comings of their comrades.

"We will cover the dangers that have been done to this school before we are done," assured Helga. "There are some people here that are in serious trouble for the problems that were brought here for no reason."

"Rubeus Hagrid," called Godric. "You have good points, bad points, and great points. The bad points are that you are not qualified to be a teacher. You also place too much faith in Dumbledore. He is using you as a tool to keep up with what is going on with Harry. We are asking that you finish taking a course in COMC. This will assist you in getting the proper training when it comes to dealing with the animals that you are teaching the students about. Some of your animal friends are not suitable to teach the children about. Some of the beasts that you love so much are an actual danger to them. They do need to learn about those creatures, but not in the setting you are providing. Your good points are that you are an excellent Groundskeeper. You are great with the beasts even if they are not always suitable for students. Your greatest point is that you love Harry and will do anything to protect him. So when we are done with all of this, you will head to Diagon Alley and get a new wand. From there, you will take a few courses to improve your magic and then when you have gotten your mastery in COMC, you may return as the Professor."

"Thank you," whispered Hagrid as he stood to join the staff at the Gryffindor table. "I love Harry and always have. Lily and James were good people and I loved them as well. I will always protect Harry to the best of my ability."

"Minerva, you will need a new COMC teacher," advised Godric. "Hagrid can continue until you find one. As for the Ministry of Magic, they have no say in what goes on in Hogwarts. More will come out later and you may be surprised at what you hear. All I ask is that you not damage anyone too badly with the information coming out."

"Cuthbert Binns is to be replaced by a live teacher," hissed Salazar in annoyance. "He would bore me to death as he does the students and I'm already dead. I can't believe that he is still teaching when he is dead. All he teaches about is the Goblin wars and every now and then about the giants. Does he not know anything else? Even as a ghost, he can still learn updated history and such. Magical History is more than goblins and giants. Minerva, PLEASE replace him. Dumbledore has been pocketing the money that would have gone to a History Professor. He is skimming the budget and the money you can recover will go a long way in helping the school. This school needs things like more teachers and new school brooms and such. What is the point in asking the students to buy their potions ingredients if the school provides Severus with everything already? That means that Severus is getting things that aren't needed to be bought."

Minerva was furious at this proclamation. She couldn't believe that Dumbledore would do something like this to the school. The fury in her eyes promised retribution to the older wizard. Albus seeing this shrank back in slight worry. It was one thing to hide things from her for the greater good. It was entirely different to piss her off. The only reason he wasn't already hexed until Sunday was the fact that the founders asked her not to.

"Argus Filch," called Rowena. "We will make this quick and to the point. YOU! ARE! FIRED! Get your belongings and that mangy cat of yours and get out. You have one hour before the castle dumps you outside of the wards. I will not tolerate someone of your nature working around the children. You hate them and I'm tired of the threats you are always passing. We are tired of hearing about how you want to use corporal punishment of the students. We haven't hung someone by their thumbs in nearly one thousand years. We have NEVER done so to a student. So make haste and get out."

Argus sat there with a shocked look on his face. He had been in the castle for many years. Now he was being kicked out of the only home he had as well as the only source of income he had. He looked beseechingly at Dumbledore only to find out that the former Headmaster had no say in the matter. Dumbledore wanted to defend him, but the glare from Minerva kept him silent.

"Poppy Pomfrey," called Helga. "You will retain your spot as matron of the hospital ward. I have a small gift for you that I will give to you at a later time. Your care for the students is impeccable. We are also now giving you the right to dock points or give detentions. Your honor will see you being just and fair."

Poppy smiled as she joined the teachers that were staying in the castle with their jobs intact. She didn't care about house emblem. She cured, healed, and repaired any and all students. Of course now she could help those that came to her due to someone being a bully and what not.

"Severus Snape," began Salazar in anger. "You have been abusing your position as Head of House of Slytherin for as long as you have been employed. This ends tonight. You have targeted Lord Potter since the day he stepped forward into this school. HOWEVER, you are an accomplished Potions Master and this school needs you. Therefore, you have the following options. We are going to demote you to caretaker of the castle and you will provide the hospital wing with needed potions. Your other choice is to pack your bags and leave the castle. The choice is totally up to you. Keep in mind that you will not be allowed to discipline the children in any way. You will send a message to their Head of House about their trouble making should you spot it. From there, you will leave it to that said Head of House. Now choose!"

"Potter doesn't listen to anything that I tell him," hissed Severus in anger. "He is egotistical, arrogant, and lazy, just like his father. He doesn't do the work and he gets treated as the person that he is. His grades reflect his ability in my class. I will NOT pamper him like everyone else does."

"NO!" interrupted Harry with his face full of fury. "You treat me like a bit of mud on your shoe. You are NEVER fair to me. My potions are way better than most in the class and you fail me all the time while passing ALL of your Slytherins. Many a time, my potions have been sabotaged or banished because of something that was NOT my fault. You NEVER explain to us in a polite way where we went wrong, nor do you help us correct our mistakes. You place the instructions on the board and then you fawn over certain members of the class. You just verbally abuse the rest of us and then fail us. You even pass Crabbe and Goyle and more often than not, they don't even have anything that resembles a potion in their cauldron. So don't you DARE blame anything on me! I know all about the life debt that you owe to my family. Don't make me call it in. It won't be pleasant for you if I do. Despite what everyone thinks, I HAVE been studying and I know what I'm talking about. You would be surprised at what I know and so forth. So shut up about me, my father, and anyone else you may have a grudge against. Not only is it undignified, but it is immature and uncalled for considering your age. My father is DEAD. Get over yourself and move on."

Sirius and Amelia were looking at Harry in awe. The young Lord finally had enough and unleashed his pent up frustration and fury on the cruel Professor. Minerva, Filius, and Pomona were glaring at the man in disgust hearing all of this. Wands were in their hands just itching to hex him. The only thing stopping them was that they didn't want the teens to get hit in the cross fire.

"This is exactly what I'm talking about," sneered Severus. "HE talks like that to anyone who he wishes to and everyone lets him get away with it. He is spoiled rotten and I won't have it."

Severus was hit with no less than seven hexes. Sirius, Narcissa, Amelia, and Harry were four of the ones that sent Stinging Hexes or Bludgeoning Hexes at the man. Oddly enough, Luna, Susan, and Minerva were the other three with wands pointed at the fallen man.

"I will be taking over the potions classes," stated Narcissa plainly ignoring the moaning Severus. "I am not a Mistress of the art, but I know enough to help the students get through their NEWTS. If someone more qualified wants the job, then I will step down. For the record, I will not favor ANY student. I won't even favor my own son. This is the way Hogwarts is supposed to be run. For too long Dumbledore has been going against the wishes of the founders all for his greater good nonsense. This is a school. It ISN'T a breeding ground for warriors for either faction of this stupid war between two idiotic old fools."

"Lord Voldemort will kill you for that," hissed Dumbledore in anger. "He doesn't tolerate betrayers. You being here will prove to him that you are unworthy. It will mean your life. You have just placed a bull's eye on your own son. You know all of this as well as I do. He doesn't show mercy to his minions any more than he does to his enemies. This is why Harry has to kill him."

"I'm not one of his minions and neither is my son," she snapped right back. "He is nothing but a freak of nature. We know ALL about how to defeat him and it has NOTHING to do with Harry Potter. This war is to see which of you two can hold a wand better. So don't tell me what I can or can't do. We will not allow Harry to kill anyone. That will be left to those that are in a position to do so. His job is to be a student and a teen."

"The so called Dark Lord isn't even a Slytherin," remarked Salazar to the astonishment of the room. "At least, he isn't one of the members of my blood. He is from a family that comes from somewhere in Eastern Europe. While the name is uncommon, there are other families that have the name that aren't related to me. He is of NO relation to me what so ever. He is a failure as a wizard. His made up name means Flight from Death in French. We already know about his horcruxes and so forth. We can and we WILL destroy all of them. Harry only has a small part to play, but we will get to that later. It DOESN'T mean that he has to kill anyone. For the record Harry, you DIDN'T kill Quirrell in your first year. He was already dying when you touched him. His body was rejecting the wraith. It just burned him more due to your innocence. He would NOT have died from you touching him. His greed and evil was the cause of his death. One with Voldemort in him can't bear to touch someone of pure innocence. All you did was give him burns. Tom Riddle killed him and not you."

"Severus Snape," called Rowena bringing the conversation back to where it was. "Choose now, or we will choose for you. If we have to choose for you, then you will be severely punished for wasting our time. You have limited time, but we don't. We can and will make you sorry for a very long time."

"I choose to remain in the castle and work with potions for the infirmary," whispered Severus in shock. "I will need a list of rules and duties sent to me. I will work to make sure that the proper potions are done as per my usual standard. While I have no love for Potter, I do take my potions seriously. I assume that you want me to move into Filch's old quarters?"

"Yes," stated Helga simply. "A list will be sent to your quarters within the next twenty four hours. I suggest that you get down to your old quarters and start packing. You have until this time tomorrow to be out of those quarters as they are needed for Lady Narcissa."

Severus nodded his head and left the Great Hall. He knew not to push Harry or Sirius any further. Add in that they had the backing of the Malfoy, Bones, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw names, and you had a force that wasn't to be messed with. He bit his tongue to keep his thoughts in his head as he headed out to move his stuff into his new suite of rooms.

"That leaves the last two troublemakers in this school," said Rowena looking at Dolores and Albus. "Both of you have committed travesties that will see you before the Wizengamot on charges of child abuse and endangerment to a child. Dolores Umbridge, your records show that you barely passed your Defense OWL and yet you are claiming to be an expert in the subject. You are hereby released from the post of DADA professor of this school."

"The Minister of Magic will not allow you to do this," she said with a smug grin on her face. "He will put a stop to this as soon as I tell him what's going on. So many of you will be in trouble for what you are doing here. I hope that you enjoy your old cell in Azkaban, Black. You can rest assured that you will be arrested again and sent back. As for you four spirits, you will be exorcised from the castle as soon as I can sign the papers to make it happen. There are ways of getting rid of all of you. As for Madam Bones, she will be fired for interfering in something that is none of her business."

"For the record," said Amelia before Sirius could say or do anything. "We have a new Minister for Magic as the old one is currently in Azkaban for treason to our society, for taking bribes, and for passing laws that he had NO authority to make. The Ministry of Magic has NO influence on what goes on inside of Hogwarts as was the treaty signed by the four Founders and the Minister of Magic when the school was built. YOU, however, are being arrested on the grounds of using an illegal dark object on students of this school. This IS where the Ministry CAN step in. My niece sent me word that Lord Potter and a few other students are being tortured by you for the slightest of infractions. I was also informed that you are not even teaching the students DADA. Reading from a book and showing them defensive spells and dueling are not the same thing."

"We also found out that it was YOU who sent the Dementors after my godson and his cousin this summer," hissed Sirius. "This will mean that you are more than likely going to be dancing with the Dementors if not worse. Do you get my meaning? A bill has already been signed to reimburse Lord Potter and his cousin for their meeting with death caused by you. You will be paying both teens a fee for their troubles."

"I'm the Senior Undersecretary for the Minister," responded Dolores. "You can't prove that I have done any of that. I am innocent until proven guilty and you have no evidence that I have done any of these filthy accusations that you are spitting out. How dare you try and embarrass me?"

"Oh but we can," said Harry showing the room his hand. "I can even tell the Aurors what drawer you keep those quills in. If they were to go to your ghastly office, they will find them in the third drawer on the right hand side of your desk. You didn't think that I was as observant as I am. I think there are spells that can be used to show who the items were used on. We are in a magic school after all. I hate your office. It looks like someone sprayed Pepto Bismal all over the room. It hurts my eyes to even look at all that pink."

"There are spells that can be used," remarked Draco in a soft voice fighting to not laugh at Harry's description of the office that he hated as well. "There are also spells that can be used on you to prove your words. It won't hurt you and you can prove that she did what she is being accused of. All you have to do is let my mother or one of the Professors pull the memory from your mind and you can show them what she did. All we would need is a pensieve. You can also show them that it WAS Dobby that dropped the pudding."

"We've already talked to him," said Amelia nodding at the teen. "Harry's record is cleared of that offense. He has nothing to worry about. He can rest easy knowing that he has NO record at all now. We also know that he is clear for the use of a Patronus Charm as it WAS to save both him and his cousin from being kissed. This doesn't look good for Madam Umbridge."

Salazar was already whispering something into Harry's ear. Rowena and Helga were standing near them as a sort of guard while Godric scanned the room. When his scan was done, he motioned for the teens to move and then did the same to Minerva and Filius. Harry stood and turned towards Dumbledore.

"Accio, Elder wand," he yelled suddenly pulling out his wand and firing the spell suddenly at the old wizard. "From what I was told, you have had this in your possession for quite some time. It is now mine and I suggest that you don't try and get it back. This is MINE by birthright. You should never have had it in the first place."

As Harry held the wand, a golden glow surrounded him telling everyone that the wand was his and would never change owners again.

"Before we get to you Dumbledore, we still have to deal with the one teacher sitting at the Slytherin table," remarked Rowena as the shock of the current event passed. "Sybil Trelawney, we have decided that Divination will no longer be taught at Hogwarts. Either you have the gift, or you don't. There is no second guessing and making false predictions every time someone turns around. Please head up to your rooms and clear out of the castle. We will NOT be replacing you. Seers are VERY rare and when there is one, Helga can work with them until they are able to go off on their own."

"So you come into the school, throw our weight around, dismiss my staff, and have a student attack me and you think that this is acceptable behavior?" questioned Dumbledore. "I have been in this school for the better part of a hundred years and this is how I'm to be treated? How is this fair to me? I have always done what was best for the students of this school and especially Harry. I don't understand how you can waltz in here and turn everything that I have worked so hard for upside down."

"Shall we tell everyone how much you have watched out over my godson?" asked Sirius in a dangerous voice. "Let's start out with YOU were the one to cast the Fidelius Charm for the Potters. You KNEW who the Secret Keeper was, and yet you allowed me to be arrested and sent to prison for twelve years for a crime that I didn't commit. You also knew that Peter cast the Bombarda Spell that blasted the street. How is it that the Aurors could find all of the other victims and not Pettigrew?"

"That alone will cost you your spots as Chief Warlock and Supreme Mugwump," mentioned Amelia with unhidden glee on her face. "As you had already lost them when Cornelius took them from you, we decided that it was a good idea to just leave you dismissed from the posts as it is safer for our world that you don't hold any posts of power."

"Then if you will," mentioned Sirius picking up his tale again. "You placed my godson with people who he was never supposed to go to. You had the wills of the Potters closed illegally and then you sent Harry away from the Wizarding World. You left him on a doorstep in the middle of the night and left him there. What kind of animal are you? That by itself is grounds for your arrest for reckless abandonment of a child and child abuse. Anything could have happened to him. The goblins aren't very happy with you at the moment."

"Let's not forget that you placed Blood Wards around the house," added Amelia. "That is illegal here in Britain. That right there is enough to have you arrested. You tied magic to Lord Potter that would have eventually drained his magical core. We have already sent out some ward breakers to stop the problem. Lord Potter will NEVER return to those horrible people. In fact, he won't be able to any way as they are in prison for the next thirty years for fourteen years of abuse."

"We can now move on to his school days," hissed Sirius. "You placed the Philosopher's Stone in the school knowing that Voldemort wanted it. Three eleven year olds got past all of the defenses you set up. Harry met Voldemort and believed for years he killed Quirrell. Let's not forget that one of the obstacles was a giant Cerberus. Thanks to you, all three of the students were almost killed. We have other things that we are going to get to, but for now, that is enough to see you arrested and in front of the Wizengamot. The Aurors are already entering the castle and the two of you will be arrested. I suggest that you make this as easy as possible for yourselves. You will NOT be getting away with any of this."

AUTHOR'S NOTE – First chapter. I will move on to Dumbledore and Umbridge's trials in the next chapter as well as getting other things started. An explanation of the meeting between the Trio and Founders will be explained. I will also be explaining Narcissa in the next chapter as well. Thank you in advance for the support many of you will give. I hope that you like it.

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