Hidden Island


We all know that the Potters are descendants of GOdric Gryffindor, but what happens when it is revealed that Godric's Island has a more historic name?

Fantasy / Mystery
Stormy Lee
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DISCLAIMER – Harry Potter and its affiliates are the sole property of JK Rowling. The only thing that is mine is the plot and names that you may be unfamiliar with.

DISCLAIMER – This story will mention slash, but I am not one that likes to go into detail with my subjects. Therefore you may not see anything more than a kiss on the cheek, lips, or things like that. I will NOT go into detail about sexual exploits. This is a fan fiction story NOT porno.

DISCLAIMER – I am not foolish enough to think that I will please everyone with this story. Human nature dictates that not everyone agrees with everyone else. Therefore, if this story is not for you, I thank you anyway for at least giving it a chance. I do ask that if this story is NOT for you that you do not badger me to change it and just move on to a story that is more your style and tastes.

Chapter 1 – Decisions

Harry was sitting in his room at Number Four Privet Drive. Things were pretty bad, as he was not only having nightmares every night about the death of his best friend and his godfather, he was also battling the demons that went with knowing that his friend and best mate, Ronald Weasley and his sister, had been using and lying to him for years. He was sitting there with Hedwig when the flashback pensive memory hit.

"Harry," called Ginny. "Would you like for me to get you something to drink? I know the battle at the Department of Mysteries was difficult for you. I am really sorry about the loss of Sirius. I know you loved him and he loved you."

"He was my best friend outside of this retched castle," said Harry with distaste. "He wanted me to be happier, but I was having trouble with that due to so many things being thrown at me all at once."

Ginny patted him on the arm and left to get his drink. When she got to the table, she grabbed a bottle of butter beer. From there she was pouring the vial into the bottle when Ron approached her.

"Is everything ready?" he asked. "As soon as the potion takes affect, we can get him to fall for you and all that money he is bound to inherit from Black will make you and I rich. He is already wealthy enough from being a Potter. Add in the Black family fortune, and he will be the wealthiest wizard in Britain. Or should I say that we will be the wealthiest in Britain?"

"I have a Lust, Compulsion, and Obedience Potion already mixed into this drink," said Ginny with a smirk showing him the bottle. "By the time that we are done with him, he won't know what hit him or even be able to tell you his name. He is to busy being miserable about the loss of that arse Black to be more aware of his surroundings. It will be easy to get him to drink this and fall to our plan. I need you to keep Granger busy. I don't want her sticking her nose into all of this. It could seriously be detrimental to our plans."

"Don't worry," said Ron. "I will keep the mudblood busy. We can't let her get to close to Potter. I don't want to lose out on this fortune any more than you do. It will teach her to stick her nose where it doesn't belong when we are ruling over her."

What neither of the red heads knew, was that Hermione, Seamus, Neville, Dobby, and Winky were all listening to their conversation. Hermione had a charm surrounding Harry that would alert her if her best friend was in danger. Seamus was always surrounding Harry as a favor to one that was a former student. Neville was Harry's friend and would do whatever it took to protect Harry. Of course, Dobby and Winky were Harry's elves and they would lay their lives down to protect him.

Ron and Ginny went their separate ways. Ron went to look for Hermione while Ginny went upstairs to deliver the drink to Harry that was laced with all of those potions.

"Seamus," whispered Hermione. "You have to stall Harry from drinking that drink. Dobby you and Winky have to go and get both Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape. They are the only ones that can help with this situation. I will keep Ron stalled long enough to keep him away from Ginny and Harry."

"I is doing it Missy Grangy," assured Dobby and popped away with the snap of his fingers. Winky followed right behind him.

"What we need is to actually have Harry drink that potion within moments of the Professors getting here," said Hermione. "The better that things play out the better they will be for Harry. I would hate to think what his life partner will think when he finds out what is going on here. Oliver will not be happy that Harry is being given illegal potions."

"I have failed in my duty," said Seamus. "Not only didn't I go with you all to the Department of Mysteries, but Oliver will kill me when he finds out that Harry is being given illegal potions by the Weasley whore."

"I am sure that Oliver will forgive you," said Hermione patting him gently on the arm. "Go up to the dorm now. We need you and Neville to make sure that Harry doesn't drink that potion too soon."

Neville and Seamus raced up the stairs and entered their dorm. Ginny had just arrived and was talking to Harry when they entered.

"Here you go Harry," she said calmly. "Drink it up as quickly as you can. I had Madam Pomfrey add a slight dose of Calming Potion in it to ease your nerves and muscles and such. I hope that you don't mind."

Seamus interjected himself before Harry could raise the bottle to his lips.

"Harry mate," he exclaimed loudly watching with satisfaction as the bottle was lowered before Harry took a drink. "How are you feeling? I know things have been hard for you the last few days. Neville told me a little about what happened at the Ministry. You must be proud of yourself that you got you, and the other five to safety while proving that Voldemort really is alive."

"It still lost me my godfather," said Harry sadly. "I miss him so much. He was innocent the whole time and now that he is dead, I am hopeful that he will get a full pardon. Madam Bones has assured me that she will work on his case and she has my memories of Peter Pettigrew and such."

Harry went to take a sip of the bottle and Seamus put a comforting hand on his arm stalling for time. Ginny was furiously watching the scene, but she didn't want to give up her plan.

"Things work out as they are supposed to," said Seamus. "You could not save everyone and Sirius would be proud of you for what you have accomplished by saving the others. He knew what he was doing when he started fighting Bellatrix. She is a skilled person and only the best have a chance of standing up to her. The fact that he was distracted and took a hit proves that he was more than a match for her. He was a gifted dueler and if I were you, I would remember that he loved you enough to fight the best of the best to save your life."

"He knew that your life meant more," assured Neville nodding to Seamus in a silent signal. "He would do it all over again if the past was repeated. We don't want to hear of you blaming yourself for this. Many more people who are smarter and more powerful than you have been fooled by the Dark Lord and his minions."

Harry took a drink of the potion laced butterbeer. He grimaced slightly at the taste, but didn't comment. Ginny was glowing with happiness at seeing Harry drinking the potion. She was about to make a comment when the door opened behind her and a furious Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape entered the room.

"Mr. Potter," said Severus quickly. "You will desist in drinking that drink and hand it to me immediately. It was laced with some potions that are illegal. I am going to test the this drink myself to ascertain if the potions that are being said that is in this are in fact there or not."

"Ginny told me that is was laced with a Calming Draught," said Harry while his head started swimming and his eyes got dilated. "What is going on here? This is not the effects of a Calming Draught."

Minerva pinned Ginny with a glare daring her to move as Severus headed to Harry and administered the antidote to the potions that were flowing through his blood stream. Seamus, Neville, and Hermione were sitting with him while the antidote took effect. When Harry came back to his normal self, Severus handed him a glass of water.

"Drink this," said Severus more kindly than he normally was with Harry. "This will help with the after taste as well as the upset stomach. If what has been said is indeed true, you are fortunate to not be poisoned."

He turned to Ginny and his dark eyes pinned her to the wall. Ron entered the room and before he could retreat, Minerva grabbed him and stood him next to his sister.

"We were told that there is a Lust, Compulsion, and Obedience Potion in this bottle," said Severus briskly with anger tinting his voice. "Those three potions combined create a poison you idiot children. Should I find, a trace, of ANY of these three potions in this bottle, Hogwarts will be a Weasley free zone, and Azkaban will have two more residents before this night is out. Now empty out your pockets and show us what is on your person. If I have to do it for you, it will not be pleasant. I already have Miss Granger's memory of the conversation. Do not make this harder on yourselves than you have to."

Harry came back to the present when he heard an indignant squawk from Hedwig. When he looked around, there was an odd owl sitting on his desk trying to get his attention. It was not long before a second owl joined the first one. Vernon and Petunia came barreling up the stairs at the sound of Hedwig.

"I will not have my house acting as host for a hoard of ruddy owls," snapped Vernon. "You are not supposed to be doing all of that freakish stuff in our home."

"SHUT UP," snapped Harry standing up. "The grey owl is from the bank and the black one is from the Ministry of Magic. NOTHING you can do or say will prevent these owls from coming. I am so sick and tired of hearing you down talk me just for the fact that I can do magic. I AM NOT A FREAK. If I ever hear you use those words to me again, I will personally send a letter to the Dark Lord and tell him where you live so that he can deal with you and put me out of my misery. I am so tired of people telling me what I can or can't do with MY life. I am NOT your slave. I am NOT your whipping boy. Professor Moody and Remus, both, told you that you were to leave me alone. NOW GET OUT OF MY ROOM before I do something that YOU will regret."

Vernon was starting to turn purple with rage. Harry looked at him with a sarcastic look and opened the window wider.

"I need an Order member in here RIGHT NOW!" he called down loudly. "The Walrus is enraged again for no reason and the horse is sticking her nose into my business again."

A pop sounded and Remus and Arthur Weasley stood there. Harry was shocked to see the Weasley Patriarch there. Both took one look at Harry and then at Vernon and Petunia and lifted their wands.

"GET OUT," said Arthur simply, but forcefully. "You were told to leave Harry alone. If I have to, I will see to it that you are both in trouble with the Wizarding World for breaking their laws."

"NOW SEE HERE!" bellowed Vernon. "This is my house and I will not have you or this freak doing any of your funny business in it. I want all of those ruddy owls out of my house. If you lot don't like it, you can take the boy and get out. We don't want him here anyway."

Remus flicked his wand at Vernon and hit him with a Silencing Spell. Arthur was already sending word to Dumbledore as to what was going on. Within moments, the old wizard entered the room. He took one look at the furious wizards, three upset owls, and one disgusted and nearly crying Harry Potter. He raised his wand and within moments, the Dursleys were downstairs in full body binds.

"Harry," said the old wizard gently. "Please open your mail. I will personally deal with the Dursleys soon. Apparently they can not do what they are told. We specifically told them to leave you alone. Can you tell me what happened here?"

"All I was doing was sitting here," said Harry looking down quickly. "I was in a flashback as to what happened at Hogwarts with Ron and Ginny. Then Hedwig broke through my thoughts to let me know that the owl from Gringotts was here. Moments later one from the Ministry of Magic arrived."

"There is another one on its way," said Remus pointing out of the window. "I wonder who that one is from."

"That looks like the Malfoy owl," said Harry curiously. "Why would Malfoy be writing me?"

"If you would allow us to check the letter for curses and hexes, I would be most appreciative," said Albus kindly patting Harry on the back. "For now, why don't you read the first two letters?"

Harry sighed and nodded his head. He took the letter from the Gringotts owl and opened it.

Dear Mr. Potter,

We at Gringotts are left with the job of informing you that the formal hearing of the will of Sirius Orion Black will be read in two days. The Black family has been our biggest clients for many centuries. We apologize for your loss. The meeting is being scheduled at ten in the morning. Please respond with an affirmative of your appearance on this letter and it will be delivered back to us automatically.

Once more, we are sorry for your loss.

Ragnok Stonehammer

Branch Manager

Harry handed the letter over to Remus and Dumbledore. When they were done reading it, they both gave him a sad look. Arthur patted him gently on the arm in comfort.

"I will take you to Gringotts," said Remus. "I am also to be present so we can go together. I will take you there and ensure your safety."

"I would imagine that they want to also go over the wills of your parents," said Albus thoughtfully. "As you are almost sixteen, you should be coming into your full inheritance. I would be happy to escort you as well so that I can assist you with everything."

"That is fine with me," said Harry taking a deep breath and turning to Arthur. "Mr. Weasley, I am so sorry about what is going on with Ron and Ginny."

"Stop right there Harry," said Arthur kindly holding up his hand. "I am ashamed of my two children for what they planned to do to you. YOU have NOTHING, to apologize for. I have my suspicions, that they were not alone in this plan. When I get to the bottom of this, some heads will roll for what was attempted. I don't EVER want you to blame yourself for what they did. It was wrong and you are NOT to blame. You are still a big part of our lives and family, and we will never let you blame yourself for their actions. We still love you and we always will."

"Why don't you read your Ministry letter," suggest Remus as he scanned the letter from the Malfoy's for any curses. "This letter appears to be free of any danger, but if you would not mind, let me or Arthur open it so that we can be sure it is not a time delayed or one that is triggered to your flesh."

Harry nodded as he opened his letter from the Ministry.

Dear Mr. Potter,

This letter is to serve two purposes. The first is to inform you that the trial of Ronald and Ginevra Weasley is scheduled for July 30th. We know that things have been very hard for you since the end of the school year, but we figured that you might enjoy having some time away from all of it before you are confronted with the latent lack of safety that was given to you by the two aforementioned people.

The other portion of this was to send you your OWL results. I should think that you have a promising career in the future with scores like these.

Ordinary Wizarding Level Scores for Harry James Potter:

Potions – O

Defense Against the Dark Arts – O+

Transfiguration – E+

History of Magic – A

Divination – A

Care of Magical Creatures – O+

Herbology – O

Ancient Runes – E+

Arithmancy – O

Astrology – E+

Charms – O

Congratulations on your eleven OWLS.

Griselda Marchbanks


"WOW," whispered Harry with a grin on his face. "Hermione is going to be upset that I used some of my time to study two more subjects and passed them both."

"What kind of grades did you get Harry?" asked Remus curiously. "Did you fail anything?"

"No," said Harry happily handing around his scores. "I passed every single subject. I am delighted that I did so well. Hermione is going to have kittens when I show up in Advanced Runes, Arithmancy, and Potions. She didn't know about the first two and she didn't think I could pass the third with the way Professor Snape treats me."

"I have had words with Severus," said Albus. "He will NOT be taking any more frustrations about James out on you. His attitude where you are concerned has been abysmal to say the least. Who did you get to teach you Arithmancy and Runes?"

"Professor Flitwick worked with me on Runes and Professor Umbridge taught me Arithmancy," admitted Harry. "Well, she was ok until the whole fiasco with the DA and the confrontation in your office. I studied a lot on my own and Arithmancy was easy for me. So when it was time for me to take my OWLS, it was not that bad. Her detentions were mainly to teach me the subject and to coach me on other subjects. So most of what occurred in her classes was just a reason for us to meet without lots of suspicion. She has also been having me study the Auror Training books as well."

"You are an amazing young man Harry," said Arthur proudly. "I am proud of you. These are great marks and I agree that you have a lot to look forward to. The fact that you have been studying these subjects on your own and have passed all of them is amazing. Do you know what you are going to take for your NEWTS?"

"Potions, Herbology, Transfiguration, Charms, DADA, Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy," replied Harry ticking them off his fingers. "I am glad that I can drop some of the other subjects as it was very full with Quidditch included in all of that. I will still study other things on the side in my spare time, but I want to concentrate on those subjects as I would like to maybe become a Curse Breaker like Bill."

"Speaking of Quidditch," said Remus looking in the envelope. "Did you see what else was in here?"

"No," said Harry looking at an amused Dumbledore. "What did I miss?"

"You are not only the new prefect for Gryffindor, but you are also the quidditch captain as well," said Remus showing Harry the two badges. "Congratulations on that. Also your booklist for the new school year has arrived."

"I can't be prefect," said Harry looking worriedly at Arthur. "Ron is the sixth year prefect for Gryffindor. There can't be two of them."

"Essentially you would be correct," soothed Albus as Harry started to get agitated. "However, Mr. Weasley didn't make it to sixth year. He didn't pass enough of the core subjects to get the honor of moving on with his classmates. In fact the only core subject he passed was DADA and that was mostly thanks to you. Therefore, you are now the new prefect for sixth year Gryffindor. Add in the fact that he faces possible expulsion and you have the reasons all sitting before you. I should have let Professor McGonagall make you prefect from the beginning. She wanted you as prefect and I stopped her as I felt you had enough on your plate already. However, you have happily proved me wrong. I am proud of you."

"We can get all of your supplies while we are out and about during the day after the reading of Sirius' will," said Remus. "Between me and you, and a few of the Order members, we can keep you safe in Diagon Alley while you go shopping for your subjects and anything else you might want while we are out. You need to read what is in this letter also. I am curious as to what Mr. Malfoy wants with you."

"While you are doing that, I will go and speak with your relatives," said Albus leaving the room. "Trust me when I say that they will not be bothering you any more this summer or ever."

With that, Dumbledore headed out of the room and went down to talk to Harry's relatives. Meanwhile, Harry opened the letter from Draco and began to read.


I know that I am the last person that you expected to hear from, but you are one of the few people that I can talk to about this. My father wants me to take the Dark Mark this year coming and I don't want to do that. I don't know who else to turn to. Sirius is the Head of my family on my mother's side, but now that he is dead I don't know who to talk to. What should I do and who should I talk to? Please help me. You are the only one that can do this. I am going to be present on the date of the reading of Sirius' will. Please take a few moments when we get there and let me know if you are willing to help me and what we can do to solve my problems.

Thank you in advance.


Meanwhile, Albus was busy laying into Harry's relatives.

"I want to know right now if any of you three have ever hit Harry," snarled Dumbledore to the three of them. "If you do not tell me, I will be forced to use magic on you to tell me. Trust me when I say that it wont be pleasant."

"Yeah we all did," said Dudley without fear of the old man. "He is a freak and he deserved everything that we gave to him. You should just take him away and rid us of him. We didn't want him."

Albus turned to the parents with fury in his eyes.

"Tell me now," he demanded. "What happened to all of the money that I have been sending you for his care and needs? It is pretty obvious to me that it has never been used for the well being of Harry. It would also appear that you have been using the funds for yourselves. Harry has been coming to school each year with clothes that barely stay on his small frame. Explain yourselves immediately."

"We have been giving him Dudley's old clothes," snapped Petunia. "That freak was given a roof over his head and food. Why should we spend extra money on him when he already gets the basic essentials? Freaks like him don't deserve the nicer things in life that we NORMAL people get."

"So let me see if I have this right," snapped Dumbledore with flashing eyes. "I give you five thousand pounds a month to take care of Harry. He gets hand me down clothes from a child that is three times his size. He gets to do all of the chores around the house while you and your family do nothing. He sometimes gets to eat and most of the time doesn't. Until the time his school letter arrived, he slept in a cupboard under the stairs. Does that about sum it all up?"

"Chores never hurt anyone," snapped Vernon. "A few slaps here and there never killed anyone either. It's not like we wanted the boy here. You made us take him in. We were perfectly happy knowing that he was not going to be a part of our lives. We don't want your abnormality here. We never have. So just take him and get him out of our lives for good."

Harry had stepped into view followed by Arthur and Remus. All three of them were upset by the words. Albus was livid with fury.

"You do realize that there are problems with some of the things that you have done?" he asked sarcastically. "Let me let you in on a few secrets. First, this house belongs to Harry. We have found the wills of James and Lily. This residence is his legally. Secondly, the company that you work for Vernon is also Harry's. You are getting paid a pretty steep price for working in the family business. You have probably been dipping your hands into funds that you are not supposed to be touching. ON TOP OF ALL THAT, you have been getting five thousand pounds a month out of Harry's vault for his upkeep and you have been using that on your own son and not at all on the person that it was intended for. You starve him, use him as a slave, and beat him, and you think that it is all, HIS fault? What kind of animals are you?"

"They have been getting my money?" asked Harry in a quiet voice. "They have been getting paid to abuse me? How is this fair to me? What have I ever done to deserve this? Now I am to understand that Vernon is taking money from a company that also belongs to me. Again, how is this fair to me? This isn't right. It is NOT fair. I have had enough of everything. I want him fired. I want them out of my house. I am not staying here a moment longer than I have to."

"Harry, please calm down," said Albus while Remus and Arthur looked at him in shock. "We will get to the bottom of all of this."


"Harry," said Albus trying once more to calm the young man. "I SWEAR that I will do everything, in my power, to correct all of this. However, we do need you to calm down. Getting angry will not solve anything."

"Oh really," snapped Harry with a sneer worthy of Severus. "How is it that I am abused here, and no one does anything about it? I am abused at Hogwarts, and no one ever does anything about it. We WILL get to the bottom of all of this and I promise you that when it is all said and done, someone will be in a whole lot of trouble."

With that, Harry stormed out of the room and headed back up to his bedroom. When he got there, he called for Dobby. With a small pop, not only did Dobby appear, but Winky appeared as well.

"I need all of my stuff from this house packed and ready to go in a few minutes," he said. "I am going to Grimmauld Place. I need one of you to tell Remus and Mr. Weasley where I am going while the other one takes me there."

"I is can do that," said Dobby grabbing Harry's hand and popping away with him.

Meanwhile, Winky started to pack all of Harry's belongings. Hedwig, upon hearing where Harry was going, flew out of the window. Dobby came back a few minutes later and went about helping the female elf. Remus came into the room with Arthur and looked around.

"Where is Harry?" he asked. "He should not be alone while he is this angry. Someone needs to be with him."

"He is at his dogfather's house," said Winky to the werewolf. "We is going there with him in a moment. Is you wanting to come with us?"

"YES," stated both men in unison.

It was within moments that, two elves, Harry's belongings, and the two men, left Number Four Privet Drive. When Harry had left, Albus felt the wards collapse. He turned back to the Dursleys with a look of glee in his eyes. He could see in their eyes that they felt it as well. He sat back for a few moments trying to figure out what to do next.

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