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Classes and Favors

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Chapter 10 – Classes and Favors

When they returned to the island, Harry immediately allowed Amelia, Susan, Hannah, and Augusta to enter the wards of the land. Harry wanted to make sure that the guardians and representatives knew that their children would be safe. Keying them in was simple enough and took no time for which all were grateful.

"We are working hard to control the wildlife," said Harry pointing at the walls as he led them from the docks. "When we moved onto the island, it had overtaken the castle and the section that you see walled off. Thanks to the effort of everyone that lives here, we have managed to ward off a section of land that is for humanoid habitation only. Griphook and his family will be teaching us a class on hand to hand combat as well as help us defend against the non-human inhabitants of the island. They will also be teaching us how to use different weapons such as a sword, mace, and staff."

"What types of creatures are on this island?" asked Amelia as she looked around at the smiling faces of those that stayed behind and worked. "Are they dangerous to be around? Will they pose a problem for anyone living here?"

"The walls have been built with wards to repel the animals that live on the island," assured Harry. "Griphook and his family, as well as Chief Ragnok, made it a point to ensure our safety. We have all of the animals that live in the Forbidden Forest present on the island. There are also dinosaurs here. Some are pretty fierce. We have made sure that the castle and the stretch of land from the boat to the gates of the castle are protected by all means possible. We don't want you to have any doubts about the safety of your children."

"This place is beautiful," said Augusta pointing to the castle and then the forest. "Who lives here with you all?"

"Minerva, Filius, Pomona, Hagrid, and Remus are with us as is Narcissa and Poppy," said Harry smiling. "Neville, Susan, Hannah, Hermione, Luna, Draco, Seamus, and Oliver live with us. Hermione's parents Dan and Emma are with us as well. Hagrid has his brother Grawp here as well as Fluffy. Not much is willing to stand up to a giant three headed Cerberus, not even a dinosaur. Add in that we have Griphook and his family, and we have a universal family."

"Have you any idea as to why Dumbledore wants on this island so badly?" asked Amelia. "He wants it more than he has wanted anything else in the years that I have known him. There must be something about this place other than it's inaccessibility that he wants."

"We can only speculate at the moment," admitted Harry. "We have been concentrating so hard on getting the castle ready for human habitation that we have hardly looked around. Once classes begin, we can concentrate more on that and maybe we can discover what it is about this island that makes Dumbledore act like a petulant child. To be honest we haven't really had a whole lot of free time to actually just look around and explore. I'm sure that this castle like all others has hidden rooms and passageways. We just haven't had the time to look for them. Now that we have a class schedule and so forth, we can use our spare time to actually explore and discover the secrets that this place holds."

"I'm sure that you will keep us posted on what you find," remarked Augusta as Harry escorted her into the foyer of the castle. "This place is beautiful. You have done a marvelous job of cleaning it and setting it up. I'm glad that you asked Neville to join you here. I feel better knowing that he has the best of everything here to further his education and his courage and so forth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you need ANYTHING, all you have to do is ask. The Longbottom family will always watch out over the back of the Potter family."

"The same goes for me," stated Amelia. "You are a very generous person and we are grateful that you are passing that on to our charges. You will forever have our gratitude for what you are doing for our families."

"I wouldn't be me if I did anything less," said Harry with a grin. "Would you ladies like to spend the night and get familiar with your surroundings? I'm sure the elves wouldn't mind setting up rooms for you."

"We would be honored," stated Augusta. "Thank you."

It was a full castle that night that spent the evening in familial camaraderie. Everyone was pleasantly enjoying their evening. Augusta and Amelia were delighted by the sheer size of the castle and the splendor that went with it. It was obvious that Harry cared for his property if the decorations and setup was anything to go by. Harry blushed when he showed the two matrons the jewelry room.

"Hermione and Narcissa thought it would be special for me to have a room set up with all the jewelry that I inherited from my family," explained Harry as he let the two women examine some of the ancient pieces. "They are looking forward to the holidays when they can borrow some of this stuff for the parties and such that we are going to be attending. I didn't think it was all that special, but they told me that some of this stuff is priceless."

"That's putting it mildly," said Augusta examining a tiara that was platinum with emeralds and sapphires in it. "This piece alone is at least a couple hundred years old. Your children, should you decide to have any, will be delighted by some of these pieces. This tiara alone is worth about a million galleons."

"That's what Griphook said," explained Harry, showing them the book that went with the room. "They have each piece cataloged with a number and worth. As you notice, each spot has a number and so forth. That's to tell everyone where the piece goes when they are done using it."

"I'm impressed with your home Harry," said Amelia smiling. "The way that you and your group have it set up is magnificent. We look forward to being able to visit and check up on our wards and so forth in the future."

"You ladies are welcome here at any time," assured Harry. "Just make sure that when you come that there are no tracking devices on either of you for Dumbledore to follow. That brings me to my next bit of conversation. Please make sure that you make him take a Vow on his magic that he has given you ALL of the devices that track me. The magic of this island stops him from going any further than the bank on the other side of the lake, but I don't want him harassing me in Diagon Alley or places like that. I want all devices destroyed. He has no right to do that to me."

"We will take care of it as soon as we get home," assured Amelia. "You have the full power of the Ministry and Wizengamot behind you on this bit of common interest. We agree that there is no reason for him to be monitoring you the way that he is. You are now an adult in our world and no one has the right to track or trace another individual no matter who they are. We WILL put a stop to that."

"Thanks Ladies," said Harry with a grin. "Shall we head down to dinner? I'm sure that the elves made something special for tonight's dinner. They love to spoil us for some reason."

"Probably because you treat them as equals," said Oliver entering the conversation. "If any one of them needs anything at all, you make sure that they get it quickly and efficiently. So of course they are going to spoil you. You treat them like family and that's what they need."

Everyone laughed at the banter. Harry went red in the face as he knew that Oliver was correct. He loved each and every person or being that was on his island from the house elves, to the goblins to Grawp and Fluffy. Each person was treated with respect and dignity. This made the inhabitants of the island a force to be reckoned with.

"We will be starting classes tomorrow," said Harry. "We have each subject that is taught at Hogwarts represented here. We are also adding etiquette and healing to the list of classes. Instead of having so many classes in one day, we are doing certain ones on each day of the week. Physical training is going to be done every day and we get the benefit of having some of the best teachers in the world tutoring us. We will have enough time each day to have leisure as well as study. With so few of us, we will progress faster than the students of Hogwarts."

"We may have to let you lot go to Hogwarts and learn the more advanced potions from Severus once a week," admitted Narcissa. "I can teach you the most common potions and work with you on the potions in your books, but I'm not in the same category as Severus is. So maybe you can take two hours a week and head out to Hogwarts and let Severus work with you on some of the harder potions."

"Augusta, can you take care of that for us?" asked Minerva. "We don't want Albus to have access to these students, but they need their education. We will do our best to make sure that they have what they need, but what Narcissa says makes perfect sense in that to pass their NEWTS, they may need what Severus can teach them. We can always provide Severus with a portkey."

"Why not just have Severus come here to this castle once a week and work with both Narcissa and the youngsters?" suggested Filius. "I'm sure that Harry won't mind if he comes here once a week and works with you all on potions."

"How about we take a trip to Hogwarts and ask him?" remarked Harry thoughtfully. "We can make sure that he gets some of the potions ingredients that are on this island for his payment. After we gave him half of the stuff from the manticores, I'm sure he would work with us if there was a possibility of getting other unique ingredients."

"We better head out now while there is still light out in that part of the world," remarked Minerva. "The sooner we get that done, the better that I will feel. I don't like knowing that Albus can get to you if you get my meaning. He is a pest and needs to be taught a lesson. What you did to him today will not go without some sort of retaliation. He won't like that you have taken so much from him. I have known him a long time and he will feel like he deserves whatever he wants and will do anything to get it."

Harry sighed, but nodded at her wisdom. He knew that there was no way that Albus would allow the punishments to stand without giving it a heavy fight.

"At the rate that things are going, we may have to do one of two things," he stated. "We may either have to make a deal with the Dark Lord or figure out a way to punish Albus for the deeds we know he is going to do without harming Hogwarts. I really meant what I said when I said that I didn't want the Dark Lord having access to Hogwarts. Just because I don't want to fight him doesn't mean I want him taking over and ruling the country in darkness. None of you deserves that. The students deserve a chance to make a choice for themselves, instead of having their free will stolen from them by two power hungry old wizards."

"We will cross that bridge when we get to it," assured Amelia patting him gently on the arm. "Now that we know more about what's going on, we can assist better in stopping both of them. With the right people running the show, we can better handle the situation. Cornelius was like an ostrich and refused to take his head out of the sand. Now that some of the supporters of the Dark Lord are out of the picture, we can have a better chance of stopping him before he kills us all."

"Just promise me that if it gets to bad and you can't win that you get as many people as you can and get out," said Harry. "This island is plenty big enough to house many witches and wizards on it. I will NEVER let it fall into the hands of Albus or Tom. You have MY word as a wizard on that."

"I promise," said Amelia warmly with Augusta giving her promise shortly after. "We will do what is right and make sure that everyone has a fighting chance. Do you own land on both sides of the lake?"

"From what I gather, yes," answered Harry pulling out a map and showing her. "I own about fifty square miles all around the lake. This part of the mountains is rarely traversed. Therefore, Godric was able to buy most of it for his family. That Salazar, Rowena, and Helga were allowed to house their family on here is not lost on me. However, the blood of Godric is the ones that are in charge of the land. So far, that's me. When I have children of my own, they will take over in my place when I pass. Oliver and I decided that we will have surrogate mothers when the time for us to have children comes."

Both Amelia and Augusta were delighted to hear that Harry and Oliver wanted children of their own. Dinner went smoothly with all parties eating a delicious meal. When they were done, Minerva, Harry, Augusta, and Amelia all left with Fawkes to head to Hogwarts. The entered the building and was met by Albus and Severus.

"Lord Potter," greeted Severus warmly. "To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit this evening? I didn't think you would need anything from the castle any time soon. We are, of course, delighted to see you."

"I actually need a favor from you," said Harry with a greeting of his own. "Narcissa is teaching us potions on the island. However, she can only teach us certain types as she never showed an interest in it like you did to become a Mistress in the field. So I come with a business proposition for you Professor Snape."

"I'm intrigued," said Severus looking at a nodding Augusta and Amelia. "What type of proposition do you propose? I'm sure that with Madams Longbottom and Bones here, not to mention Minerva, you have need of my skills."

"I'll cut right to the point," stated Harry knowing that Severus was acting like he was due to the presence of Albus. "I am willing to allow you onto the island one night a week to gather some of the more rare potions ingredients that you want. As you know, the island houses some rather exotic plants and animals. In exchange for that privilege, we would like for you to come to the island on Mondays between ten in the morning and noon and teach the eight of us there potions along with Narcissa. This way, we have the option of going into full Healer or Master mode later should we chose that as a career."

"If that is acceptable to the new Headmistress, then I accept with pleasure," said Severus. "We can hash out my time on the island when I come on Monday. I would love to be able to gather stuff to make new potions and so forth."

"I will say this upfront so that there are no surprises and false accusations later," said Harry sternly. "Be careful when you come that there are no tracking charms on your person. Should the privilege get abused, then we will make alternate arrangements. I will not have unwelcomed people in my home. Also when you come on Monday, you can bring back the books that I translated for you. In the evenings, when I am done with the work on the castle, I have been translating some of the books from the Chamber. I have a copy for you. If you decide to share them, then it is on you. Otherwise, you will enjoy some of what is written in them."

"I thought you would be sharing those books with me as well," remarked Albus. "Are you going to take that from me as well? Have I REALLY done so much to hurt you that you would continue to punish me thus?"

"I am NOT taking them from you," said Harry with an aggravated sigh. "Didn't you just hear me say that it was at the discretion of Professor Snape if others should get a copy? It's not that I am punishing you, but he is more familiar with what's in those books than I am. He has more knowledge and skill than I do in certain fields. Therefore, it is up to him as to who has the knowledge and who doesn't. Just because I'm not giving you information that can be used against me later doesn't mean I'm punishing you. So stop playing the martyr and act your age for once. It's unbecoming of someone who is well over a hundred to act like a puppy that has been kicked."

"You only have yourself to blame Albus," stated Augusta sternly. "Your motives at one point were VERY noble when it came to Harry. Somewhere along the way they got twisted and perverted. Not everyone is willing to be a pawn in your game. You will make a vow on your magic right here and now that within the next hour that each item that you have that traces where Harry is will be on the desk in the Head office for their destruction. If you don't, I will see you before the Wizengamot faster than you can say lemon drop."

"I vow on my magic to have all tracking charms and other magical items related to Harry Potter placed on your desk within one hour of this time," intoned Albus raising his wand. "I know when I have been beaten. I will leave things well enough alone. I did promise that Harry could stay out of the war."

"What's on the island that you want so badly?" asked Harry. "Just try being honest with me for once and maybe we can come to an impasse on what it is and its use. Just tell me what it is so that I know what to look for. You are older and far wiser than many of us. I just need to know if it is dangerous or not for me and my comrades in arms. Please tell me. I'm begging you for the information."

"Let's sit in the Great Hall and I shall tell you what I know," said Albus sighing heavily. "This is something that we can use to stop the threat of Voldemort. I want it due to the importance of stopping the war. It was never really about you or the island in general."

The group made their way into the Great Hall and sat down together. Each was interested in hearing the tale that was fixing to be told. Harry had a higher stake than anyone else and he wanted to know what was going on.

"In my years of study and teachings, I have come across many wonderful and dangerous things," stated Albus. "About fifty years ago, I came across a passage that talked about the lands of Avalon. It stated that when Merlin decided to pass from this world that he sent his library to the fabled island of Avalon. He entrusted the safety of his work and magic to a specific family that he personally tutored and taught magic to."

"Gryffindor," stated Harry looking up in astonishment. "Then Emma was right when she said the scene looked like the movie. Apparently a muggle or squib got ahold of that information and made money off of it. Due to it being in the muggle world, no one paid that much attention to it."

"Precisely," said Albus emphatically. "It is also rumored that the books of Morgan Le Fey are on that island as well. When Merlin defeated her, he took her books to ensure that no one else could use her dark works. Thus you have the reason that so many people want that island for either light or dark. Now history tells us that Godric was given the assistance of the other three founders of Hogwarts."

"We came across similar information from a book in my vaults," said Harry. "What your information has wrong is that they weren't allowed on the actual island. They were allowed to help defend the area on the other side of the lake. I would imagine that the magic of Merlin prevented the other three from access as the four founders were completely different people. While they were friends and comrades, they all had different views and such."

"That sounds more than accurate," observed Minerva. "Godric would have kept the bigger part of the secret to himself as the other three while trustworthy, had a different way of viewing things. Thus, they were not allowed on the actual island to keep the books or library safe from the hands of those that would abuse it."

"Exactly," said Albus. "Harry would NEVER abuse the power. This is one of the reasons that he is in more control of the wards of the island than many of his ancestors were. We know that he would never do anything to harm another living soul or to upset the balance of the way things have to be. I, for all my workings of preventing Voldemort from taking over would tip the scales too far and upset the balance. We also know that should Voldemort ever get his hands on this information, then the whole world would be his playground. As it is, we are keeping him centered in the British Isles."

"It would be just better if he were to move to another part of the world," said Harry. "It is HIGHLY possible that he knows of the legend and thinks that Hogwarts and its surrounding area are the fabled lands of Avalon. This is his mistake. He thinks that being a blood descendant of Slytherin that he can gain access to the material that he needs to not only take over Britain, but the entire world."

"I would say that you are probably closer to the truth than anyone can guess," remarked Albus thoughtfully. "I would probably say that you are correct in your assumption. It does seem like he would do something like that and be bold enough to try and attempt the theft for lack of a better word. Alas, I am no better than he is in the aspect that I too wanted the information. I'm just on the opposite spectrum from him."

"So basically, we need Harry to maintain the balance between both parties," said Severus. "With his passion for life rather than who has the bigger wand, we can safely assume that he will have to step back in and put a stop to not only Albus, but the Dark Lord as well."

"I don't want to fight either one," remarked Harry. "I may not be happy with Professor Dumbledore, but that doesn't mean that I take pleasure in bringing him down. I just want to live my life rather than have the dictates of a war decide things for me. I want to be able to make my own decisions and live my life as I chose rather than what others feel they want for me. Is that so hard to give to me?"

"Not in the slightest," said Amelia. "We just don't have the information as to why you have to be the one to kill Voldemort to put an end to his reign of terror. Something has to be done by you because the prophecy states you are the one."

"Harry has already fulfilled his portion of the prophecy," said Albus quietly. "This was the main reason why I let him leave the war. He gave me the information that I need to put a stop to Voldemort. It can be done by someone other than Harry. In a way, with the information that Harry has presented to me, I can safely say that Harry is the one that will kill him for good."

"What do you mean?" asked Harry in confusion. "I haven't done anything special."

"When are you going to learn?" asked Severus sternly. "EVERYTHING that you do is special due to who and what you are. You have the makings to a Sorcerer that will rival that of Merlin himself. You are an extremely powerful and gifted individual when people let you do what you need to do. How many times have you stood up to the Dark Lord and Albus and won? I mean no disrespect to anyone when I say this, but no one has done as much damage to these two as you have. This includes the opposite. You have managed to bring the Dark Lord down five times and you are only sixteen."

"Add in that you have managed to get around every ploy, game, and secret that I have, and you have beaten me at my own game," added in Albus. "Severus is telling the truth. While we know that others are helping you, you are not afraid to ask for that help. You stand up for your scruples and principles and you never let what others think or say affect your decision when you make it. Miss Granger, Minerva, and the others offer advice, but it's you that makes the final decision on the plan and how to make it come to fruition."

"So what can I do to help keep the balance?" asked Harry. "I want to help, but not at the cost of my freedom or my home. I'll do what I can, but I want to complete my education and have a loving life with my mate and new family."

"It's simple really," said Albus with a smile at the one person he loved more than anyone else. "Find the library and find out how to save the world. You don't have to let me on the island to do that. You have all the help and skill you need in the people that are currently living with you. It may take you a year to figure it out. It may take five or ten years, but I know that in the end, you WILL figure it out. I'm just a meddlesome old fool that sticks his nose into things that he shouldn't. I have faith in you and I have no doubt that those that live with you do as well."

"Alright," said Harry rubbing his eyes in weariness. "We will get to work on it. Give me some time to figure out some things and set up a game plan. Lessons start for us tomorrow and even though we will be advanced, we will still need to do our best. Professor Snape, we shall see you tomorrow. Professor Dumbledore, please keep this castle safe. If you need to send word to me pertaining to anything, any of the Hogwarts house elves would be more than willing to send the message. All I'm asking is that you please stop with the games. It's time that we put our world right again. If I'm the one that has to do it, then let me do it and stop getting in the way."

"You have my word that I will not interfere with your island anymore," promised Albus. "Just keep us posted on what you learn and I will get together with Madam Bones and work on things on our end to stop the Dark Lord once and for all."

"Excellent," said Harry. "With that final benediction, I would love to go home and wrap myself into the arms of my mate and get some needed rest. Professor Snape, I will have Dobby pack the books for you in a trunk for easier transport. I would love it if someone could send us some copies of the works of Rowena. As she isn't in my family tree, I would love some of her works as well. I will gladly share Godric's, Salazar's and Helga's if it isn't something that needs to stay within the blood. If so, I will ask that you indulge me to keep the secret that my family has been trusted with."

Everyone nodded at Harry. They all knew that things would begin to work out now. Secrets were coming out of the woodwork and all were working on the same page. Now that they knew that Albus would back off and give Harry breathing room, many weren't as worried as they were before.

AUTHOR'S NOTE - I will end this chapter right here. Keep in mind that Albus is NOT evil. He is just greedy and misguided. I don't want him to be a villain so much as a pain in the butt. Harry will keep him in line and make sure that he does what he is supposed to do. Now you all know what is on the island. There is another aspect that I haven't given yet. Thanks for the continued support and encouragement. It is much appreciated.

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