Hidden Island

Searches and Discoveries

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Chapter 11 – Searches and Discoveries

The group that made it back to Godric's Island sat with the rest of the assembled residents and told them word for word what they discovered when they had entered Hogwarts. Harry wanted to make sure that everyone knew what was stated. Being as he didn't like secrets, he made sure to keep everyone in the know about what was going on in the other castle.

"It was like the man knew that he went too far and decided that honesty was the best policy," said Harry with a faraway look on his face. "He seemed to come out of a sort of trance and just flat out told me what I wanted to know. I wonder if we should have Hogwarts searched for charms and such that makes people act and behave in certain fashions. It wouldn't surprise me to know that people were able to do so without the knowledge of the Headmaster or Headmistress of the school. It is a place of learning after all."

"That might not be a bad idea to get the castle checked," stated Minerva pensively. "There may be all sorts of charms on the school that makes people behave in funny ways. I think that you should get a hold of Chief Ragnok and have him send a small army of goblins to check it out. They are the best after all at wards and curse breaking. They only hire the best. Albus may be a powerful wizard, but he is just as prone as anyone else to charms and hexes if he isn't aware of them."

"Griphook," said Harry looking at his goblin friend and brother in arms. "Will you see to it that this gets taken care of? Also have Bill Weasley lead that particular expedition. He is good at what he does and has always treated me with respect and dignity. I think due to what happened with his mother and youngest siblings that he could use a morale booster not to mention the income. I checked up on him and the goblins have quite the respect for his talent and attitude when it comes to working with your race."

"I'll get right on that for you," assured Griphook. "There may be much we can do for the castle of Hogwarts. If you sign the right papers, I can get Ragnok to better the wards and take out all those that should not be there due to age and deficiency. We can replace those that need to be there with improved and updated versions. As the castle is over one thousand years old, and Headmasters and Mistresses come and go, it might be best to just strip them down and start from scratch with Madam Longbottom and Professor Snape. It can be done before the students return for their fall term in September."

Harry nodded his head in agreement. Griphook quickly drew up the contracts and Harry signed them. When he was done, he handed them to Augusta for her signature as well as Amelia's. Harry wanted all of his bases covered in case something somewhere went wrong. Both ladies were in a position to help him obtain the peace that he was looking for.

"I may own the castle, but you ladies and such are just as important for the safety and success of the students within her walls as I am," said Harry. "Madam Longbottom have you had any success in replacing the professors that all retired? I know that with so many of the original professors leaving that we left Hogwarts sort of shorthanded."

"Sort of," admitted Augusta. "Please, all of you should just call me Gran like Neville does. You are all family after all. I was wondering if Filius, Remus, Pomona, and Poppy would be willing to give up two hours a day of their time and come to Hogwarts to train the NEWT students. Sixth and seventh year students would benefit the most from your training and tutelage. Add in that we don't have anyone as qualified as you lot to teach that high of a level. It would be a special favor to me. Poppy can always just work with the new healer and let him know where everything is and what generally needs to be watched out for. He is fresh from the academy for healer training."

"Take it one step further," said Harry thoughtfully looking at his assembled mentors. "Have Narcissa teach Potions to the younger students and let Severus teach sixth and seventh year Potions and DADA. That way we have someone skilled for NEWT level in BOTH subjects. Minerva could work with just us as Albus is very skilled in Transfiguration and such. This way if you work the schedules around what we are doing here, all of the older students will benefit from what we are learning as well at Hogwarts. We don't want to deprive the students any more than we have to. Their education IS important for their futures."

"It will also bring more income to the island if we are willing to go and teach a few hours a day around the schedule we have here," remarked Filius. "If it is ok with everyone else, then I will do it. I don't mind adding my income to the income of the island. We are all working together as a huge family after all. By us going back and forth, we can train our replacements with the efficiency that is needed that way we CAN safely let that castle run itself knowing we have knowledgeable professor taking our places."

Everyone quickly went with the idea. Harry was smiling from cheek to cheek at the way everyone worked together. Amelia promised to get an Auror to teach first through fifth year DADA. Remus was going to cover COMC for the NEWT students. Narcissa was delighted to work for a few hours a day at Hogwarts to assist the younger students with their classes until someone better suited came along.

The next day, Severus arrived promptly via portkey for their first potions lesson. He placed some cauldrons on the table in front of the students and handed each a sheet of parchment. Each of them looked at the cauldrons with interest before Severus began the lesson.

"I want you to try and identify each of the potions that are in these cauldrons," he instructed. "They are all part of your NEWT training sans one and we will be making them between now and the end of the year. You have twenty minutes to work on this and try to figure them out. At the end of the lesson, your homework will be to research each of these potions and to give me details on what each does and its properties. You will include banned instances and so forth in said homework."

Harry and company went around and looked into the different cauldrons. Harry had no trouble identifying Polyjuice Potion, Amortentia, Veritaserum, the Draught of Peace, the Draught of Death, and Felix Felicis. When he was done, he sat quietly at his allotted spot and waited for the rest. Narcissa smiled warmly at Harry. Severus quickly graded his paper and handed it back to him. He had earned an Outstanding on it. Harry quickly grinned while waiting for the results for the rest.

"The results you got will be recorded at Hogwarts for your records," said Severus. "Harry, Hermione, and Draco knew all of them and earned an Outstanding. Susan has received EE while Luna received an Outstanding as well. The potions that I will be teaching you are going to be harder than most. I happen to know that two of you have already brewed one of these potions with success. Mr. Potter and Miss Granger, will you please inform the rest of the class the results of your potion and what may have gone wrong?"

"We brewed Polyjuice Potion together in our second year," admitted Harry. "Ronald and I were able to transform into Crabbe and Goyle successfully for one hour. Hermione made the mistake with the type of hair used in the potion thus making her transformation fail."

"It isn't meant for human to animal transformations," picked up Hermione. "I ended up with whiskers and a tail for a while as the hair I used was cat fur. Care must be taken to ensure that you are using the parts of an actual person rather than an animal for this potion."

"Exactly," stated Severus. "In what book did you learn about and make this potion from?"

"Most Potente Potions," answered Harry pointing to the book on the shelf. "It's in the restricted section of the Hogwarts Library and with good reason. Some of the potions that are in it are dangerous and can kill you if you make them wrong. We tricked Lockhart into signing a permission slip for Hermione so that we could have access to that part of the library. We wanted to spy on Draco and the Slytherins during the whole Heir of Slytherin fiasco. Suffice to say, we did get the information that we wanted and it didn't help us in the slightest."

"Were you still in normal school, I would award you points for being so totally Slytherin in your actions," admitted Severus. "I would also have awarded you points for the usage and ability to make the potion. I would have deducted points for doing so to begin with. So while we are working on this potion, we will be working on healing, calming, and other potions for the hospital wing of Hogwarts in the middle of all of it. I expect each of you present to make at least twenty of the named potions within the next month. Make it a group effort. This will give Miss Lovegood a chance to learn how to make her curriculum potions as well as those of your year as well. The instructions are on the board, you may begin. Take turns working on the Polyjuice Potion and swap now and then to work on the stuff needed for the medical ward. I see no reason why some of you can't even begin your homework as well. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me or Narcissa. Good luck and happy brewing. Miss Lovegood, please see Narcissa for your list of potions that you have to make and I will work with you as I can."

For the next two hours, the students worked on the potions that were listed for their class. Severus went around as did Narcissa and assisted when they were needed. With the class only being five students, it made for a relatively easy time for Severus. He was pleased with the output of potions from the students. There were no exploding cauldrons in this class as all of the students in it were excellent brewers. When their time was done for the day, he gave them their instructions.

"Some of these potions will not be finished until later," he said. "Narcissa will keep an eye on your hospital wing potions for you. You have ALL received full marks for today's portion of the work. This will help Hogwarts more than you know. Congratulations to all of you. Next Monday, we will see what stages your potions are and of course, you will have more time to work on your homework."

"Severus," said Harry walking towards him. "We talked last night about some things and I have to get to lunch and then class, but Narcissa can tell you everything. Just leave me a note with a yes or no on it and we can pass it to Gran Longbottom. I think you will enjoy what we have in mind. Your dream will come true for the most part and I like seeing you relaxed and enjoying yourself. Thanks for a great lesson. I enjoyed it."

Harry left for a light lunch and then for his next class knowing Narcissa would handle everything. Narcissa smiled at him and told him what they had discussed. Severus thought for a moment about what was being offered and had no trouble accepting on the spot. He passed the information on to Harry via Narcissa that he would come on Saturday to start harvesting ingredients that he wanted from the island as well as his willingness to take the offer spots. Harry smiled in happiness. Things would be great for him from now on.

The next class of DADA went by without any troubles. Harry had taught everyone but Draco in the DA the previous year. Even Luna was training at a sixth year level much to the delight of Remus. They worked with efficiency and no troubles. Even Draco blended well with the others after a few moments. All received high praise and marks for their hard work. All of the teens were delighted that even after years of animosity that they could work together as a cohesive unit. Remus made sure to think outside the box and let them work as a group to see if they could function as a group. He was pleased that each could work solo or in a group setting.

"Now comes the tough part," remarked Harry as he led his seven classmates to Griphook and a couple of goblin warriors. "Some of you are not that used to manual labor so the exercises will be harder for you for a little while. I promise that if you stick with it that it will pay off for you in the long run. Your muscles will define, and your bodies will become accustomed to the rigors. It will improve your stamina as well as your bodies. Besides, working with Griphook and his family will ensure that if we ever lose our wands in battle, that we will be able to take care of ourselves anyway should we need to."

The other teens all nodded their heads and Oliver joined them for their training. Much to the amusement of the others, Oliver wore some tighter fitting clothing that made Harry drool over him. Griphook and his family were also amused as Harry turned red in the face at looking at his mate. After making sure that Oliver knew the he couldn't distract Harry like that anymore, they began the training.

Over the next hour, Griphook and his assistants made them work up a furious sweat with calisthenics and a jog back and forth to the docks a few times. From there, they were put into line and taught the basics for holding on to a sword and certain forms such as thrust and parry.

"We will do this for two weeks," said Griphook. "After that time, we will switch to something else. Give us one year, and you will be proficient in the use of a sword, mace, and staff. I will keep a note going as to what type of these weapons will be best for whom. Human females are generally smaller and lighter. Therefore their weapons need to be the same. That doesn't mean that we won't push you just as hard as we will your male counterparts. You will ALL be fit for hand to hand combat when we are done. This will include the females as much as the males. Now I suggest that you all head up and shower. Dinner will be in about an hour and we want you all presentable. Coming to the table in sweaty clothing will not be particularly pleasant for the other diners."

With a laugh, the teens went to the castle to shower and get cleaned up. It was a VERY productive day for the eight students. To get praise from the goblins was very pleasing to them. To get it from Severus Snape was like a gift from the gods. Each student talked about what they learned and so forth during dinner with the other adults. Each adult in turn remarked at how pleased they were with the students.

The week went by smoothly. The teens were delighted with how easy it was to do their homework, get their classes all accomplished, and still have time to have a very remarkable social life in the evenings. The first week of lessons flew by before anyone knew it. All worked together with efficiency and accuracy. Before they knew it, the teachers were starting to get homework turned into them well before it was due.

Augusta and Amelia worked side by side with Albus and Severus at Hogwarts. They made sure that the goblins and their workers that came to the castle had everything that they needed. Each of the four was also hard at work looking for the charms and curses along with the goblins and their workers.

"It never donned on me to have the castle checked for charms and compulsions," admitted Albus. "I just figured that the Heads before me knew what they were doing and that there was no way that it could be done. I should have realized that there was the possibility that it COULD be done. We have had some of the brightest minds come and go from this castle. Minerva, do you still have Harry's map of the castle? We may need to do something about the secret passages into and out of the castle as well. This may be how some of the darker people have been entering to do the bidding of their lords. We all know that Voldemort wasn't the first and will not be the last Dark Lord or Lady to grace us with their presence."

"We are already working on some of the passageways," stated Minerva. "Some of them are already destroyed and Ragnok has some of his workers making sure that they stay that way. I must say that I'm surprised that James, Sirius, the Twins, and Harry were able to keep this map a secret from us as well as they did. Then again, the Marauders were highly intelligent and the Weasley twins managed to surpass them in some areas. Harry is no slouch in either department. Add in Miss Granger and you have a duo that could top the charts with their scores. Thank Merlin Harry didn't use this map to cause pranks and problems. He was never prone to follow in his father's footsteps. He was more like Lily in that aspect of life."

"Even I have to admit that you are right about that," said Severus graciously. "He didn't use the map to cause trouble. In fact he used it mostly to avoid me so that he could wander the halls and protect the school. Had I known that he was prone to insomnia, I would have given him potions to help him sleep better. I'm glad that he is doing well where he is now."

"He did an admirable job in that scenario," said Albus thinking about what Severus said. "That boy is a blessing in disguise with his determination and ingenuity when it comes to defending people and places. I just wish he would do that for himself every now and again. It gets depressing knowing that he does so much for so many and doesn't do a thing for himself. Then again, his relatives probably had a lot to do with that. I should have never sent him there."

"That is something that you may just get your wish on," said Augusta. "We have noticed a change in him already. He is more self-assured and willing to work hard. From what Minerva said, he is giving Draco and Hermione a run for their money in class and in some cases has passed both of them in grades. Add in Mr. Wood and Harry smiles more and is more relaxed."

"He is progressing nicely now that there isn't anyone holding him back and letting him be who he truly wants to be," said Minerva. "Thank you Albus, for finally realizing that the young man has more than earned his place and peace in this world. He is happier knowing that there are those out there that will step up and do the job in his place. I know that it was hard for him to be an opposing force to you. He looked at you as a surrogate grandfather and it hurt him to have to fight and oppose you. Now that we know what's going on and such, he is breathing easier knowing that some of what you did was not your fault."

"We have made some headway in the war effort with Voldemort," said Amelia. "We are bringing in some of his minions. Ragnok has confirmed that all of the horcruxes but the snake is destroyed. We are trying to figure out how to get to the snake without alerting the Dark Lord that his anchors are all gone."

"Excellent," said Albus while Minerva smiled. "Once we get our hands on that snake, those will all be done. Good work to you William on your work here in the castle. Have you found any more compulsion charms and whatnot on the grounds? The sooner we get those knocked out, the sooner we can rest knowing that our professors are doing what they are supposed to be doing rather than some of the things I have done. I'll admit some were voluntary, but others were not."

"We have been able to break the curse on the DADA position," stated Bill. "It was something that was mild which after a while, made the current professor paranoid. We were able to get rid of it easily enough. We also found quite a few in the Headmaster's office. Most were compulsion charms that were triggered to you and Harry. I know whose magical signature it was. I'm just not sure how she managed to get into your office to do them. The Transfiguration department didn't have any, but the Potion's lab was full of them. They were all designed to make the Head of Slytherin House favor their students in a biased fashion. Also the Charms department was clean, but I figure that was due to Professor Flitwick more than anything."

"Who did it?" asked Minerva looking alarmed at the beginning of Bills explanation. "Who would do something so outrageous to Albus and Harry? I know that the Dark Lord would do something like that, but I didn't think anyone else would. Who else is that sick to cause a fight between two good people?"

"You would be partially correct," said Bill. "We did find some charms that had the Dark Lord's magical signature on them. However, we found quite a few that were done by my mother. Most were to assure that Albus would do his best to make sure that Harry married Ginny and give our family lots of money from the Potter accounts. Being so powerful, Albus was able to get around most of the charms, but some of them were so powerful that it took a few of us to break them. I'm sorry Albus, but you never stood a chance. Half of what you did to Harry couldn't be helped. We have managed to break all of the charms and make sure that the office is clean again. Maybe Harry will let you be Headmaster again now that we know you didn't mean to do so many of the things that you did."

"I don't believe that I want the job back," admitted Albus to the rest of the staff. "My portrait will hang in the office as is my right, but I think Harry knew what he was doing when he took some of my jobs from me. I WAS to spread out and it is best that I have just the two jobs rather than all of the others. So I will happily stay on as Transfiguration Professor and let Augusta be the Headmistress. Add in that I'm also Head of Gryffindor House, and I have a full plate."

"That's very generous of you Albus," said Minerva smiling. "I'm sure that Harry will be happy to hear everything that you just said. Amelia, I'm sure that you will do something about Molly Weasley. I don't want her to continue to try and hurt a young man that is finally getting his life into some kind of order. We don't want any more surprises from that woman or anyone else. I want Harry left alone. He will NEVER marry Ginny Weasley. He is VERY happy with Oliver."

"I will have the order for her arrest filed as soon as I get back to the Ministry of Magic," assured Amelia. "She has broken quite a few laws here over something as stupid as money. How are Ronald and Ginevra managing in their new roles? Arthur was asking about them and I would like to report something to their father."

"Ronald is trying to play the martyr, but with my guidance, he is starting to settle down," reported Severus. "Miss Weasley is falling into a set routine that she is not fighting. I have had both checked for potions in their systems and found mild things, but nothing that would cause them to do what they did. They both did what they did on their own without the assistance from an outside source. I did purge both their systems of the potions that were triggered to Harry and Hermione. Neither will feel the need to lust after the other two again. Neither one had charms or anything on their person either. I made sure of that. "

"Excellent," said Minerva. "You can bet that Harry will want to reward you for coming to that conclusion and taking care of business. Thanks to you and Narcissa, the teens actually work in the potions lab for about an hour in the evening. They have been working with Neville to improve his potion making skills. He is actually not that bad at it. It seems that most of his trouble was location to the instructions as well as his mortal fear of you that made him do so poorly."

"I will make sure to apologize to him at the next class," assured Severus. "It was not my intention to scare the boy to death. I'm glad that he is improving his technique with the subject. The world needs more potion masters and mistresses."

"Uh I hate to interrupt," said a goblin walking over to the group and bowing. "I think you all might want to come and look at this. We found what appears to be a portal in what you call Gryffindor Tower. None of us can access it to find out where it goes. We thought that maybe Lord Potter could come here and see if he can access it as he is the owner of the castle."

"Set a guard on it," said Augusta immediately. "We don't want anyone or anything to come out of that portal. How it wasn't discovered before now is amazing in of itself."

"It was very well hidden," stated the goblin. "It was behind the portrait of Godric Gryffindor that hangs in the common room. We found it, but we can't really do anything with it. I think, mind you I think, that you have to be blood related to Godric Gryffindor to access it."

"I wonder," said Minerva. "There is a portrait of Godric at the other castle as well. I wonder if that is where the portal leads. If that's the case, then we will have to figure out how to make sure that no one else figures out how to work them. We don't want anyone to access Godric's Island. While I'm sure that the magic will prevent most, we don't know if members of the other bloodlines will be able to use it. As you all know, just because you have the blood of a founder doesn't mean you will end up in their house."

"Not to worry," assured Albus. "We will make sure we keep this side hidden and out of sight. We have been informed by Chief Ragnok that it will take two days to strip down the wards, and two more to put them back up. Harry will have to come to this castle to settle them down and give them a boost as owner of the castle. Those of us that live here at the castle have other accommodations while we wait for them to be set. Harry will have to come and give us permission as it were to handle the wards and so forth from then on."

"Harry," called Hermione in excitement. "You just have to come here and see what I found. We have all been looking for hidden passages and so forth in the castle. I think I found one. We need to check it out and see where it goes."

"I have found something amazing too," said Harry coming out of the dining hall. "Do you know that picture of Godric in the dining room?"

"Of course," she said while the others started to trickle in at their outbursts. "It's a life-size portrait. It looks just like the one that's in the common room back at Hogwarts. What about it?"

"It's a portal," said Harry with a grin. "It goes somewhere off the island. I'm sure of it. I'm absolutely curious as to where it goes and things like that. You know I can't resist situations like this. Maybe I should check out the portal first and then we can check out your find after. My medallion will alert you all too where I went, and Fawkes or Dobby can come and get me if I run into any trouble."

"You better damn well be careful or I will hex you to pieces," said Remus. "Powerful you may be, but I will still worry about you. Oliver would do you harm as well if you got yourself hurt."

"I would," said the named individual. "I just got you permanently in my life. The last thing I want is for you to get hurt or killed. This island is trying enough without strange portals and stupid hidden doors."

Harry grinned and then kissed his mate to sooth him. He led them to the portrait and touched it with his hand. It automatically activated and glowed gold and then red for a moment. Harry looked over at everyone and then stepped into the portal. When he got to his destination, he was just as surprised as everyone else standing there.

"Well this makes things a little bit easier," said Harry with a cheeky grin. "The portal from my dining room comes to the Gryffindor common room. I can go back and forth without having to apparate or use a portkey."

"Where did you come from?" asked Albus getting over his shock first. "We were just discussing you and out of nowhere, you appear."

"I believe he just stated he came from his dining room," said Severus with a smirk. "That would mean that he just came from Godric's Island."

"He will need to appoint guardians on both sides of the portal," said the portrait of Godric. "This will assist him in keeping both castles safe as the portal can be warped if the wrong person got their hands on it. It CAN be used by those that Harry gives permission to use it, but others from the other founders can use this portal as well were it found. We don't want anyone uninvited on the premises of the island. There is too much to lose and too much at stake here."

Harry called for Dobby and had him tell everyone where he was. He stressed to the elf to tell everyone that he was safe inside of Hogwarts and that he would return soon. From there, he watched the elf pop away in excitement. Harry just grinned at the thought of the hyper elf and sat comfortably in a chair. Severus stood behind him to rub out some of the kinks in his shoulders and neck.

"This will take some serious thought and maneuvering," said Harry. "We have found the portal and a secret door so far on the island. What have you all found out here? With so many of you standing around, I'm sure you found more than just this portal. You are all acting jumpy."

The rest of the group all explained to him what they found and what was going on in Hogwarts. Harry nodded his head as they told him of all the charms and compulsions that were around the castle that were set. He grew furious when he was told that Molly and Voldemort were behind most of the fight between him and Albus. He was more upset about Molly and expressed his thoughts loudly.

"Why does that woman have to be such a bitch?" he asked furiously. "I'm sorry Bill, but your mother has pushed my buttons just a little bit too far for my liking. She has done some seriously illegal shit in my home and against my person. She tries to make me do things all the time like I am supposed to answer to her. She isn't my mother and she never will be. She is just as bad as the Dursleys."

"I'm just as angry about this as you are," assured Bill soothingly. "Amelia will have her arrested and she will be tried for her crimes. There isn't much we can do about the Dark Lord at this time as between us we have only destroyed six of the Horcruxes. Once we get them all, we can put him in his place as well. Things will all work out in the end. We have a good team here that will ensure that nothing happens to you again."

"Let me get back home and talk with the group over there," said Harry sighing. "Now that I know that some things aren't the fault of Albus, I may be able to make some leeway where he is concerned. It still isn't up to me if he is allowed onto the island. I have to obey the laws of the magic. If the magic doesn't want you on the island, I can't do anything about that."

"That doesn't bother me in the least," stated Albus brushing his concerns aside. "Why don't you gather your group from the island and meet us back here in this common room. We can plan from there. When that is all done, you can go home and let our mate help relax some of the anxiety out of your system."

Harry nodded and stepped back through the portal. It was time to make things happen. He knew that it was time to push back those that were only interested in hurting or pushing others. To think that Albus Dumbledore was used and abused by someone as petty as Molly Weasley made Harry's blood boil. That some of what was happening was her fault would NOT go unpunished. Harry was a man on a mission now. It was time to slap a few people down.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I'm going to end this chapter right here. I want to be able to pick up and let the teams work to come to some kind of plan to defend the island and Britain from the tyranny that is the Dark Lord and his minions. As I stated before, Albus is NOT evil. He was just misguided and slightly greedy. Thanks for reading.

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