Hidden Island

Words From Voldemort

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Chapter 14 – Words from Voldemort

When you are not expecting it, time flies with rapid speed. This was true for the occupants of Avalon and Hogwarts alike. Both castles were just getting things started with the fall semester when the next thing they knew, the Christmas holidays were upon them. Harry and Albus had sat down and hashed out a plan. When Harry and Oliver wanted to come to the castle, he would send Fawkes with a message and time. Albus would clear out the Gryffindor common room and they would step through the portal.

In the three months that passed, the occupants of Avalon had gotten much accomplished that they were aiming for. Not only were classes going smoother for the group, but they were progressing at a faster rate than they would if they were still in Hogwarts. They decided to open the hidden door and enter the chamber that had the relics of the two most powerful magic users in history inside.

"What are we going to do with some of these?" asked Hermione as she picked up a headdress and examined it while Draco wrote out a description on a sheet of parchment. "It would seem to me that there is just as much of her normal clothes and such in here as there are magical items. They would be great if we could just place them in a museum to show others that these people were just like the rest of us at one point."

"We just have to make sure that we don't call attention to the fact that we have an unlimited supply of their possessions," remarked Harry. "We don't want too many people to know that heirs of Morgana are running around. We also don't want the heirs to know that her relics are somewhere and can be gotten to."

"What if we just place some of the smaller things in the trophy room of Hogwarts and a couple in the museum of magic?" suggested Oliver while he recorded a chalice of Merlin. "This way, we can show some minor unimportant things while still keeping it secret that we have their entire collection of works. We won't place anything magical out there. Just a few items of clothing or something like that."

"One of you head out and ask Aunt Minerva to talk with Albus and Augusta first," said Harry conceding while recording a magical ring. "Also, someone needs to talk with Aunt Amelia about it as well. Even just their clothing is worth a fortune and will need top of the line charms and such on them to keep them safe from harm and theft."

"I'll go," said Neville. "I can even see if she will allow me to go to Hogwarts so that I can see Gran for a little while. I haven't seen her in a few months and I miss her. Would that be ok with you Harry?"

"I'm ok with it," said Harry with a smile. "I'm sure that Aunt Minerva will be ok with it as well. Pass a message to Gwen that we will come and visit her in a couple of days. Once we are done with all of this stuff, we will have more leisure time."

"We have been working for almost a week now," said Hermione as she cataloged another item. "I'm glad that we are almost done. There was more stuff in here than we could have imagined. I love some of the jewelry. Do you want me to move it to the jewelry room of the castle?"

"Only the non-magical stuff," said Harry in agreement as Neville headed out. "The rest needs to stay here in this room. Draco and you have been a great help in organizing this stuff. We are down to the last few items here."

"Harry," said Draco pausing and gripping his shoulder lightly. "You should know by now, that we would do anything to help you. You have helped us so much, that things like this are small in comparison. You are so generous to us and have been so kind that it is impossible to NOT want to help you. You are keeping us safe, providing us the best of education, and you are letting us use your money to buy stuff when we go shopping. I really wish you would face it and learn that we are all family now and that we will be by your side until the very end."

"I know that Draco," said Harry softly. "I forgot to mention that we are invited to the Yule Ball at Hogwarts this year. We are also going to the Ministry Ball. Tomorrow we are all going to head to Diagon Alley and go shopping for gifts for everyone. So if you want to make a mental note that we will need new dress robes and such. I am a little taller and a little more filled out thanks to Severus."

"I have taken the liberty of ordering you some robes," said Narcissa. "It's quite easy to get your measurements. Fawkes should be back later today with the package. This is one less thing that each of you has to worry about. All I would like for the lot of you teens is to enjoy your holiday."

"You had the gold taken from the Black family vaults right?" enquired Harry. "I don't want anyone to need for anything. Each of you has your own money."

"I used my money," countered Narcissa. "We are not poor you know. I am allowed to buy things for people. Oh, I wanted to mention that between us adults, we have the nursery set up. The color can be changed once we know what sex the twins are going to be. From there, we can arrange that the house elves add some color. We just did everything in white for now. Filius is quite capable of color changing charms. Before you get into a fit, let me remind you that we are all using each other's money and the goblins know this. So relax and let us do something for you for a change. I would hate to have to hex you for being stubborn."

"Yes mum," said Harry with a small laugh. "I get the point and I thank you for your generosity. I'm sure the nursery looks wonderful."

"Have you thought of names yet for the children?" asked Poppy as she recorded the last item. "I know what the genders are, but I want to make sure that you have names."

"Well, we have thought of four names," said Harry. "The boy names are Alexander James and Colton Michael. The names we chose for the girls are Elizabeth Lillian and Hope Michelle. If it is a boy and girl born, we will go with Colton and Hope."

"Those are some of the prettiest names I have ever heard," remarked Hermione. "They are strong sounding names for the boys and dainty names for the girls. Those are some remarkable choices."

"Well," continued Harry recording the last of his items. "I think we should get out of this room before we turn into dust bunnies. I'll have Dobby come in here and clean or something. I can barely breathe from all the dust."

With that, the group all left the room to attend other things around the castle. People like Hermione and Harry went to the library to study while others went about various tasks that they were doing in the castle. The group had all decided that they would work on various potions that could be sold to the general public for a price.

Neville and Minerva made their way to Hogwarts while Pomona went to the Ministry to talk with those in charge about the displays that were being suggested. Both teams had success with their request.

"I will personally see to the charms myself," stated Albus. "This is a generous thing that you are doing for the wizarding world in general. With the thought that we can have relics of the most important figures in magic on display, we can make sure that history is taught."

"Speaking of which," said Augusta. "We have managed to replace Binns. Now that he is gone, the students are showing more interest in the history rather than napping through it all. We have a live person that makes things easier for the students to actually do well. Things other than the goblin wars are being taught and there has been a significant improvement over the GPA in the subject."

"Aunt Narcissa said that she bought us all dress robes for the Yule Ball," Neville told her. "We just need to know what time to be here and so forth. We will use our portkeys and arrive at the gates."

"Dinner is due to start at seven and the dance is due to start at eight," Augusta told her grandson. "The party will last until about midnight. The Ministry party is on the twenty third of December. The times will be the same as they are now. So make sure that you all arrive on time."

"Harry told me to inform you all that if you need to pass word to him that all you have to do is call for Fawkes," said Neville. "This way, we can get gifts back and forth. We are going out to the alley tomorrow to do some shopping. We were wondering if you would care to join us Gran."

"I think I would enjoy that," said Augusta smiling. "We can meet at the Leakey Cauldron at ten in the morning and make it a day. That way, we can eat lunch together as well as get everything that we need. Severus and Albus will see to the safety of the castle while we are gone."

"I need you to ask Harry if I can come Thursday and gather some more potions ingredients," remarked Severus. "I need them for a few things that I'm working on for your classes."

"I can already tell you that he won't care," said Neville. "Just make sure you get a goblin guard to go with you as we had trouble with the flying dinosaurs recently."

At that moment, Ron came into the hall and froze at the sight on Neville. He glared at the Longbottom heir. The others were watching the events in front of them with trepidation.

"What are you doing here squib?" asked Ron mockingly. "Are you here to kiss up to people again and do Potter's dirty work for him?"

Neville didn't reply. He just approached Ron, drew back his fist, and punched him in the mouth effectively shutting the red head up. Ron ended up on the ground bleeding from busted teeth. When he was done smirking at the prone figure on the floor, he lifted his leg and stomped hard on Ron's chest and left his foot there. Peering down at the idiot teen on the floor, he spoke in a harsh and cold tone.

"You are beneath me in more ways than one," hissed Neville. "You have no right to speak to me at all about my magical prowess or my friendships. You have even less right to speak to me about Harry. He is more and will always be more than you will ever be. The next time that you open your mouth to badger me, it will be the last thing that you ever do. I am able to carry a wand and use magic. YOU aren't. I would keep that in mind the next time that you decide to open that thing you call a mouth. I won't be so merciful next time."

"You will be docked your pay for the week," said Augusta. "If you open your mouth to badger anyone ever again, I will see to it that you spend some time in Azkaban. Lord Potter and Lord Longbottom will be the last people that you ever say anything in a degrading manner to. Now get out of my sight and go scrub the dungeons. I don't want to lay eyes on you for at least three days. Your meals will be sent down to you in the dungeons."

"Meet me in my lab in one hour," said Severus with an evil leer. "There is a special job for you which requires your personal attention. I can promise you that you will not enjoy it. I also have a word of caution to you. Should I catch you anywhere near your sister, you will be punished. You are to not speak to her at all. Are we clear?"

Ronald didn't answer. He shot an angered look at everyone and headed down to the dungeons. Ginny was coming up from the classes she has when she saw the group all standing there. Like a deer in the headlights, she stiffened and started to panic.

"Have you done something that warrants us to be angry with you Miss Weasley?" asked Albus scanning her mind while Severus did the same thing.

"No Sir," she said. "I have been doing everything that Professor Snape tells me to. I have been studying hard and working hard. I was just on my way to lunch."

"Let's not hold up your progress then," said Albus genially waving her inside. "We are more lenient on you than before because you have been behaving. Don't cause us to revert back to your original punishment. You are doing very well and your father has been notified. Lord Potter will be notified of your progress when Lord Longbottom returns home."

Ginny nodded her head and quickly made her way into the Great Hall. Gwen came around the corner and smiled at the group. Severus smiled back.

"How are you feeling?" asked Neville. "Harry and Oliver said to tell you that they will come and visit you in the next couple of days. We had a few issues that we needed to deal with on the island. Now that things are slowing down again, they promised to come and visit you."

"The children are active," said Gwen rubbing her growing stomach. "I hardly got any sleep last night. However, for the most part, I'm fine. Tell Harry that I thank him for his generosity. Lord Ragnok sent me an owl this morning telling me that Harry and Oliver had the funds moved into my vault. I would have settled for the twenty instead of one hundred."

"Harry was adamant that you get one hundred," said Neville smiling at her. "He said as you were carrying two instead of one that you should be compensated for it. He refused to budge on it."

"That definitely sounds like Lily," said Severus with a small chuckle. "When she set her mind to something, not even James Potter could move her, and we know how stubborn he was."

The group all chatted for a few more moments before Albus escorted Neville and Minerva back to the portal. With a fleeting look around to make sure that no one was there, he stepped through and headed back to Avalon. He quickly related what occurred with Ron and Ginny before telling Harry and Oliver that Gwen was excited about the money.

"She deserves it," said Harry. "I know that if she needs something that Severus or Gran will send me a message."

The portal flared and Augusta stepped through. She took a look around and smiled.

"Did you think that we wouldn't take care of her?" she asked with a grin. "We make sure that she has everything that she needs. We pamper her as she needs to be. We are part of her family after all."

"What brings you here Gran?" asked Harry smiling at her. "Neville just left Hogwarts."

"Voldemort sent word that he is ready to talk to you about the situation regarding Avalon," said Augusta. "Albus asked me to tell you to come to Hogwarts immediately. Bring Hermione and Draco with you for assistance. Your safety is being guaranteed by Albus, Amelia, and the Dark Lord."

"We will be there in a few moments," assured Harry. "We will take the long way rather than the portal if you want to join us. This way, they don't get a hint that there is access to this island between the castles."

With that, the quartet headed out for Hogwarts using the special portkeys that were made by Ragnok and Griphook personally. They arrived at the gates to the surprise of Voldemort and Bellatrix.

"So my wayward nephew has made an appearance has he?" sneered Bella. "You are just in time for me to bring you back to your father and turned over to the Dark Lord for punishment. How dare you side with Potter like this?"

Before anyone could say a word, Harry had the Sword of Gryffindor under her chin. Her eyes widened it shock for a moment before turning to anger. Before she could utter a word, Harry spoke in a clear and cold voice.

"How dare YOU speak to him like that?" he asked. "We were assured our safety by YOUR master. How dare you insinuate that the temporary truce we have will be subject to YOUR whims? All I have to do is scratch you and you would be dead in moments. If you even think you are going to harm a member of MY family, you had better think twice Bellatrix No Name. I don't take kindly to threats and you would do well to remember that."

Voldemort took out his wand and gently lowered the sword from her neck. From there, he hit her with a Cruciatus Curse. Amelia went to intervene, but Albus held her back with a wise shake of his head.

"She is his subordinate," he said. "She tried to break the truce and it is within his right to punish her as he sees fit. The less we get involved, the more inclined he will be to assist us with the other problem we are here to address."

Voldemort lifted the curse before he looked to Albus and nodded his head. Albus nodded back in understanding before he conjured a table and chairs for everyone to sit at. From there, the three powerful wizards created the spells for privacy and defense from the elements before taking their seats.

"There is a reason we are here is there not?" asked Voldemort as he settled himself in his chair. "What could you possibly tell me that I need to hear?"

"The heirs of Morgan Le Fey are out and about and we are trying to prevent them from finding Avalon," said Harry bluntly. "As the heir of Godric, I have inherited the island. As Lord of Slytherin, I find myself in a predicament that I can't get out of. As you are a blood descendant of Slytherin, I find that I must inform you that we are trying to keep Avalon out of the hands of the heirs of Le Fey."

"What does that have to do with us?" asked Bellatrix. "Why should we help you?"

"Silence Bella," snapped Voldemort. "Should you open your mouth once more, I will be forced to teach you another lesson. Potter is NOT the enemy here or have you forgotten this bit of information. We are here to listen to, and come to a conclusion. If you can't be quiet, I can always make you."

"As we were stating, we know of some of the heirs of Le Fey, but not all of them," said Albus next. "They are a threat to all of us. We know there are more of them out there, but we don't know who they are. If you and Lord Potter can come to an agreement as set by your ancestors, we might be able to keep them off the sacred island."

"I have books written by Salazar that will help you understand better what we are dealing with," explained Harry while setting the books on the table. "In these books, it will tell you what the four founders were charged with. You and I are related to one another through the Peverell line. Family helps family."

"How am I to get word to you?" asked Voldemort waving his wand and causing the books to disappear. "I have to think on this and decide what we are going to do from MY end of things."

"Just call for Fawkes," said Harry watching as the phoenix flamed into view. "He will know how to find me. Please take your time and research this. I know that you will understand what those books state as they are written in Parseltongue. You and I are the only two that can read them. When I made the copies, I left them in their native language due to the delicacy of what is written in their texts. You and I may not have gotten on in the past, but we are all that is left to stand between those that are willing to rule over all of us. Knowing you as I do, I know you don't bow to anyone. Knowing me as YOU do, I don't either. Together, we can find all of the heirs and make sure that they can't learn of the hidden items and library."

"I will read them and make a decision from there," stated Voldemort nodding. "Your muggle relatives are still alive for the moment. They are learning what it means to be human. Though you didn't ask for our assistance in that, I feel it prudent that you know that they won't be alive much longer. Punishment has been served for you. As you so rightly state, we are distantly related. Consider it my gift to you."

With that, Voldemort and Bella turned on the spot and apparated away. Harry sat there for a couple of moment and let his mind wander. He got a sense of something from Voldemort that was not what it usually was. The others all sat with him as they waited to see if he would require anything.

"Something isn't right," said Harry. "That wasn't Voldemort. He may trust ME, but he didn't trust the others. I don't know how I know, but I know that wasn't Voldemort."

"How have you come to that conclusion?" asked Albus as the group all headed into the castle. "He looked and acted like Voldemort to me."

"No he didn't," stated Harry firmly. "Had that been Voldemort, she would have been dead for going against his wishes. We know he would have killed her for that infraction. I don't necessarily think that was Bellatrix either. I think we had two people that were either under a glamor or Polyjuice Potion."

"Would you care to enlighten us of your revelations?" asked an amused but concerned Albus.

"The feeling wasn't there," said Harry. "Severus stated that HE was with the Dark Lord when they went to my house on Privet Drive. THEY as a group decided to handle the Dursleys. Yet here she was threatening Draco when it was known that we would all be safe due to the truce. Something doesn't seem right here. I think that you had better contact the Dark Lord again and ask him if he sent someone in his place and if he needs some assistance."

Before he had the chance to go further, a sheet of parchment was floating down from the sky heading straight for Harry. He reached out and grabbed the note.


I sent Lucius and Bellatrix in my stead. I know what Bella has done and she has been punished a second time for it. Lucius has given me the books. I think that it is best that I work with you behind the scenes as to not make my presence known to the heirs of Le Fay that I am working with you. If you want to talk with ME personally, you may come with Dumbledore, Severus, and Amelia Bones to Malfoy Manor with young Draconis. I am granting you safe passage and you will be with Dumbledore.


"I knew it," said Harry. "The whole scene was off. Something had to have happened to Bellatrix. She is one of the Dark Lord's top minions isn't she?"

"She is," confirmed Severus. "Do you think she was spell bound somehow?"

"I can't explain it," reiterated Harry rubbing his head. "All I know is that my head hurts and things are going nuts for me."

"I think one of his gifts might be opening up," said Hermione thoughtfully. "As he is getting older and taking the role of Lord for both Hogwarts AND Avalon, he may be getting more gifts that can tell him when something isn't right."

"Harry," said Severus going to eye level with the younger man. "If you give me permission, I can go into your mind and help you center. From there, we can teach you how to control whatever it is that's happening to you. I will be able to help you better if I know what you are dealing with."

"You might want to," whispered Harry looking slightly green. "My head is really starting to hurt."

Severus looked at Albus and then quickly slid into Harry's mind. He looked around and saw what he was looking for immediately.

"Here we go," said Severus to Harry while in his mind. "We can work with this. Basically you have the empathic power. It's much like Legilimency, but on a different level. Instead of being able to "read" the thoughts, you are able to read the emotions. Occlumency will help you in dealing with the over flow of emotions. What's happening is that you are experiencing too many emotions from others all at once. How long has this been going on?"

"A couple of days," said Harry. "It was never this bad before, so I didn't think much on it. Can you do something while we are here to make sure I don't have a break down? My head is REALLY pounding right now."

"See the white lining underneath everything?" asked Severus pointing to the faded white around Harry's mind. "This is your shields. They are not that strong. We need you to focus on the shields and make them stronger. Clear your head of everything and work on that. While you are doing that, I will attempt to lessen the problems by shielding you with my mind."

Harry nodded as he and Severus got to work on the situation. Harry started to pour a little power into his shields as Severus went out of his way to keep most of the emotions from hitting him. Harry shouted I glee as his white shields suddenly turned golden.

"Very good Harry," said Severus a little winded. "To use the gift, all you have to do is pull back on the power. Once you get the hang of what you are doing, you will not have to concentrate so hard on getting your shields to work all the time. It will become second nature to you."

"Thank you for your assistance Professor Snape," said Harry kindly. "For what it's worth to you, I am sorry that my dad and Sirius put you through so much hell when you were younger. I don't like bullies and they were bullies."

"Water under the bridge," said Severus waving his hand. "However, I thank you for that. It wasn't necessary, but I thank you all the same. Had things worked out differently, I would have been your father and not James, but everything happens for a reason. Had I been your father, you would not be the talented and good natured leader you are today. If you EVER tell anyone that I said that, I will cut you up and use you as potion's ingredients."

Laughing, the two men came out of Harry's mind. They took a look around before both were handed something cool to drink. Once they were inside, they sat with Gwen and talked about how she was feeling and anything that could be done to help her be more comfortable.

"I'm getting bigger by the day," she admitted. "Though I have to admit, things are going nicely for me. I like that the babies are already so powerful. Poppy and the healer here stated that the babies are VERY healthy and that the more active they are the stronger they will be when they are born. We only have six months to go before you have two bundles of joy. What are you going to name them?"

"Colton and Alexander for boys," said Harry with a smile. "Elizabeth and Hope for girls. If it's one of each, it will be Colton and Hope. Poppy wants me to inseminate again soon so that we can have more children. So hopefully, we will be able to use your services again when this lot is born."

"I have no problem with that," said Gwen. "I am the last and only child from an all squib family. I am the first to have magic. I just hope that the children will be magical."

"They will," said Albus. "We have proof that they will be VERY magically powerful. We don't want you worry about things like that. All you need to worry about is making sure you eat the right foods and get plenty of rest and exercise."

"Speaking of which," said Gwen with a laugh. "The children are hungry and I am a bit starved myself. I think I will head into the Great Hall and have a bite to eat. It was good seeing you again Harry. I hope that all your plans come to fruition."

"At the first sign of danger, I want her on my island," said Harry as she walked away. "I don't like the looks that Weasley one and two are giving her. I will NOT have them harming my unborn children. If I even hear that they are attempting it, I will be in Azkaban prison for killing them with my bare hands."

"I doubt you will have to worry about going to prison for something like that," said Amelia. "In cases like this, you can always declare blood feud and go after them. The law would be on your side as would the magic. However, you might want to bring her to your island anyway soon as I also don't like the looks being given."

"We will make sure to scan their minds more often to ensure that they don't decide to plan something that could hurt Gwen or the babies," promised Severus. "So far, I am successful in keeping the two of them apart."

"Thank you Professor Snape," said Harry with a sigh. "I really hate having to do this to members of the Weasley family, but they left me no choice. Have we found out yet if Molly was behind any of this?"

"She's in prison Harry," said Augusta with a confused look on her face. "We had her arrested for what she did here in the castle. As for the youngest of her bunch, she was behind some of it, but mostly with Ginevra. Ronald acted mostly on his own accord. We tried to work with him, but he isn't that easy to like. Neville had to teach him a lesson in manners earlier for his mouth."

"Well," said Harry. "He can always be sent somewhere else. I don't want him doing something stupid. For now, I have to go. We are supposed to be going to Malfoy Manor so that we can meet with the Dark Lord. The sooner we get that done the better I will feel."

"I agree," said Draco. "The sooner we get there, the sooner we can go home."

With that, the group all left to head to Malfoy Manor.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Will start the next chapter with Malfoy Manor.

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