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Malfoy Manor

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Chapter 15 – Malfoy Manor

Harry and his party left Hogwarts and headed to Malfoy Manor. It was easy to get there as all Harry had to do was call for Dobby and have the elf pop them over. When they arrived, they went on the defensive as things around the Manor were relatively quiet. They were prepared to meet just about anything. At the door, they were met by Lucius.

"Lord Potter," he said giving Harry a welcoming bow between equals. "I do apologize for the trickery, but it was necessary to ensure that what was going on wasn't a trap set forth by others. The Dark Lord received your gift and has been perusing the books since they arrived. He is interested in hearing what you and the former Headmaster have to say on the subject."

"Have you had Bellatrix checked for hexes or curses?" asked Harry as he returned the bow in kind. "Something has felt severely off with her while she was in my presence. Professor Snape had to literally go into my mind and help me settle as I was getting a massive headache."

"Is there something that we need to know about?" asked Voldemort coming into view. "Is there something going on that needs my attention?"

"I don't think it's anything that you need to worry about," said Severus smoothly and cautiously. "Harry has come into some of his new gifts. This one being the fact that his empathy starting running amuck with him. He knew that something wasn't right. When Lucius and Bellatrix left, he knew that something was wrong."

"That's a very powerful gift," said Lucius escorting the group to the meeting room. "I take it that you were able to come to some kind of ability to shut it down?"

"Professor Snape has entered my mind using Legilimency and has worked with me on a different level to build shields," responded Harry with a smile at said man. "I have been able to overcome all the emotions thanks to him shielding me while I worked. My shields are strong enough to keep out the emotions that I don't want. It's a trying procedure, but I'm sure that I can use it well from now on."

"What color are your shields?" asked Voldemort politely. "The difference in color means that the person can work with more than just empathy. Colors, such as blue and black, means the person has little to no control over the mental protections. Oranges and reds give the ability to protect from moderate to strong attacks on the mind. White, gold, and silver says that the person can protect the mind from even the most skilled in the mind arts. Gold is the best color to have. I would say that I am border between silver and gold. I believe that Dumbledore is a light gold. Severus is between white and silver."

"My shields are solid gold," said Harry blushing. "Once I knew what I was doing, I was able to strengthen them to a solid gold color."

Voldemort looked to Severus who nodded in answer. The Dark Lord and Albus both looked at Harry with surprise on their faces. One with the ability to have shields that color wasn't heard of since the time of the founders and probably beyond.

"I suggest that you use a meditation technique daily to make sure that cracks and so forth do not appear in your shields then," offered Voldemort. "The ability to protect the mind is something than many would give their lives for. Shall we get down to the reason for your visit here?"

"Yes," agreed Harry sitting comfortably on Voldemort's right. "We know that my family was charged with keeping Avalon safe. The families of Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw were asked to assist in the project. From what I have been able to gather, Gryffindor was the second apprentice of Merlin. Morgana Le Fay was, of course, the first. When she turned dark, Merlin appointed Godric as his successor. Salazar, Rowena, Helga, and Godric were best of friends. Despite what some history tells us, they didn't fight and didn't hate each other. They were as close as siblings."

"I did see mention of some of that in the books that you sent to me," said Voldemort nodding thoughtfully. "What I want to know is what is it that you need me to do? While I am no longer going to attack you, I still have reservations about working WITH you. I don't say this to be cruel, but some things are not that easy to overcome. We have done better recently, but I didn't become so powerful by throwing caution to the wind."

"In a nut shell," answered Harry bluntly. "We need you to cease all attacks on Hogwarts and help us defend it. There is a portal in Hogwarts that leads directly to the enchanted island. We don't want any of Morgana's heirs having access to her books. We thought about destroying them, but we can't. The ancient magic on them is more than any wizard alive today can deal with. It's my job as the last of the Gryffindors to protect the secrets and the books from falling into the hands of the enemies."

"That is a difficult position to be in," admitted Lucius. "I positively do NOT envy you that task. I take it that the books of Merlin are on the island as well? If they are, then there is no reason why you can't access them and use the knowledge to assist you in this endeavor."

"That and many magical items from both of them," admitted Harry letting it all come out. "We have cataloged the items and have doubled the charms and wards surrounding the rooms, but we know that should one of the heirs get their hands on it, then even all of the darkness surrounding the dealings of Lord Voldemort and Grindelwald combined will seem like child's play in comparison. We do know of two family names that are descendants, but some of them are really good people and we don't want them to be harmed due to what their ancestors did. We have yet to address the situation as the family in question is in the dark about most of this. We are not really sure how to proceed from here."

"Thus you have come to us to assist you in the endeavor as it is in all of our best interests to keep the island not only safe, but a myth," summarized Voldemort. "While there is little love between Dumbledore and myself, there is a kinship between you and me, Lord Potter. Now that I know you are more than we have ever imagined, we might be able to do something to assist you in the endeavor that is a problem for both of our groups."

"We know that there has to be a balance," said Harry carefully while Petunia brought them all some tea. "We know that neither the light nor the dark can survive without the other. What we need, is to find the key balance between the two and work together so that we can save our world from being totally destroyed. My group, which is on the island, is working nonstop to ensure that we study, train, and work with the magic of the island so that we can better defend it."

"It seems that time has no meaning on the island," explained Albus. "There are dinosaurs on the island. Some of them have been giving Harry and his group no small amounts of trouble. Thus, the problem is in his hands that many would not want should the island come onto this plane of existence."

"Some of the dinosaurs would put a giant in its place within moments," stated Draco cautiously looking at Voldemort. "Hagrid's brother is hard pressed to keep some of the larger ones at bay so that we can ward the walls of the courtyard of the castle. Now we have flying dinosaurs that took two of the goblins from on top of the walls while they were working on them. We are already working hard enough to defend sections of the walls while we ward them. Add in that there are many different manners of creatures, both light and dark, that are magical, and we have our hands full."

"Who are the two families that we know of that are heirs of Le Fay?" asked Lucius with interest. "We can help you keep an eye on those families while you work on defending the city from your side. This way, we can assist with many things while we stay under cover as it were. We can even go so far as to work with the families to ensure they never find out about what's being hidden inside of Hogwarts."

"There is something in this tea," said Harry passing the cup to Severus. "Aunt Petunia knew I was here and she placed something in the tea. Does she have access to potion ingredients? This has a funny smell and judging from the look of some of what's floating in here, it isn't tea leaves."

Severus quickly ran a scan on the cup and found that there was belladonna leaves in the mix. He was furious that she would do something like that to her nephew. He looked to the Dark Lord and nodded. Voldemort sat there for a moment trying to reign in his temper. Albus, Amelia, and Draco were also furious with this turn of events. When he had his temper in check, Voldemort waved his hand to his minion who brought the woman in question before them.

"Even muggles know that belladonna is poisonous," hissed Severus at her. "Had Harry drank that tea, he would have been poisoned. As it is, we should kill you where you stand for your attempt to harm him. You being Lily's sister had access to her potions books. Even muggles can brew potions."

"Patience Severus," said Voldemort raising a hand. "She will be punished for her crime. She has attempted to kill the Lord of many families. She has also attempted to kill a guest of mine. For the moment, I want her to tell us why she would do something like this. While he is not a Slytherin per say, he is a relative of mine through the Peverell name. He is also the Lord of my House. I will give you two minutes to come up with a plausible explanation before I punish you for your crime."

"It's his entire fault that we are in this predicament in the first place," she all but yelled, pointing at Harry. "Had he never entered our lives, we would not be here and we wouldn't have to deal with your kind. We are being punished for something that isn't our fault. We never wanted him and never will."

"Let me make one thing very clear," said Voldemort before anyone could say anything in reply. "He was punished by you for being alive. He was starved, beaten, used as a slave, stolen from, and many other things while he was in your care. He didn't deserve any of that. He was locked in a cupboard under the stairs like a criminal and had bars on his windows of the smallest bedroom that your lot had. He didn't deserve ANY of that. That is why you are here and being punished. I suggest that the lot of you look away. She will be punished now and it won't be pretty."

Everyone turned their heads away and ignored what was about to happen. Harry and Draco even put fingers in their ears and closed their eyes. Voldemort looked at the woman before he raised his wand and hit her with the Cruciatus Curse. She fell to the floor screaming in agony. Amelia, Severus, and Albus all looked away as she was punished. Severus and Lucius even went so far as to cover the ears of both teens so that they didn't have to hear her any more than necessary. Voldemort lifted the curse and watched as Petunia was dragged to her feet.

"Bring me her son," said Voldemort in a cold voice. "Lucius, you might want to bring both Harry and Draco to another room. This will be very unpleasant for them as Harry is such a light hearted leader, and Draco seems to be following in his footsteps."

Lucius nodded as he led both Harry and Draco to another room. When he was there, he proceeded to place a Silencing Charm around them so that none of the three could hear what was going to happen next. Draco was trying to calm Harry down, as even though she tried to kill him, he was still upset that she was being tortured. Harry's nature would let him do nothing else.

"Draco, make sure that he doesn't leave this room," instructed Lucius. "We are going to make sure that he doesn't have to witness any more than necessary. You may end up having to take him back to Avalon so that his mate can console him. I'm sure that Dumbledore and Madam Bones can give us the information that we need."

Draco nodded and wrapped Harry in his arms before he used his portkey to take them to Avalon. Once they were gone, Lucius returned to his seat.

"I had Draco take Harry home," he informed the others. "He was very distraught by the entire situation. I felt it might be prudent for him to go to those that can care for him and get him to calm down."

Rookwood returned a moment later with Dudley. He stood the boy next to his mother and returned to his spot at the table. Voldemort was standing there with an evil expression on his face. Amelia, Albus, and Severus all sat there with hatred on their faces at the Dursley female.

"Your son has been cooperating and doing what we have asked of him," hissed Voldemort. "It was my intention of letting him continue to work here as a servant. Your husband will be dead before long as he is losing his importance to us. However, I was going to be lenient and let your son live. I think that before I am through with you, that you need one more lesson on what it means to treat others as you think you ought to be treated. This lesson will haunt you for quite some time as I plan on punishing you further. Even your death will see you in my service."

Petunia looked at Voldemort with fear in her eyes. She was an intelligent woman. She knew that they had done wrong, yet she still felt that it was all Harry's fault. She watched as Voldemort made the circuit of the table and stood before the duo. He raised his wand at Dudley and hit him with the Cruciatus Curse. He held it for two minutes.

"That curse can kill a person if it is held on for too long," explained the Dark Lord. "Now muggle, I want you to go and retrieve the cup of tea that you served to Lord Potter. If you don't do it fast enough, I will place your son under the pain curse again for a minute longer than I did before."

He watched as Petunia rushed to Severus and took the cup from him. She raced back to Voldemort's side and held out the cup. He ignored it and turned to Dudley.

"Do you love and are loved by your parents?" he hissed at Dudley. "Answer quickly, or I will torture you again."

"Yes Sir," answered Dudley. "I love my parents very much. They mean everything to me. I know that they love me just as much."

"Do you think that Harry would have loved his parents?" asked Voldemort. "Do you think that had they lived, they would love him as well?"

"I believe so Sir," said Dudley. "Harry is the type of person that just about anyone could love. They would also know that he would love them in return. That's just the way that Harry acts and reacts. I don't think he could ever hate anyone."

"Do you think that you deserve the punishment that you have received for your part in his abuse?" asked Voldemort. "Do you think that you have learned your lesson?"

"I would like to think that I have Sir," answered Dudley. "We were wrong to do what we did to him. He didn't deserve that. We are the ones that are to blame for what happened. Harry is a good person, and has never once done anything to harm us."

"Drink the tea that your mother is holding and do it quickly," said Voldemort. "This is the tea that your mother served to Harry. If you don't drink it, I will torture her some more."

Dudley took the cup from his weeping mother and quickly drank the entire contents in one go. From there, he handed the cup back to his mother. She started sobbing even harder. It was within moments that the poison started to course through Dudley's body. He had lost so much weight that the poison didn't take as long as it would have had he been healthier. The Dark Lord grabbed Petunia by the hair and forced her to watch as her son died. It didn't take long as the poison made up the largest portion of the tea. When Dudley stopped twitching, he threw Petunia to the floor.

"Take him outside and bury him in the backyard," he told her. "From there, get back to your spot in the kitchen and await my summons. I'm not done with you yet."

With that he turned away from Petunia and walked back to his seat. Everyone watched with different expressions on their faces as she dragged her son's body out of the room to go and bury him.

Voldemort looked around to the remaining guests and spoke again.

"Who are the La Fey heirs?" he asked bluntly. "And who do we need to assist you with keeping an eye on?"

"The Weasleys and Prewetts are the ones that we know of at the moment," answered Severus recovering first. "We have the younger two of the two families in Hogwarts. The girl is under my care. The boy is acting as the caretaker at the moment. The girl is cooperating on a higher level than the boy. The rest of the Weasley family and Prewett family is where we are not sure what to do. Arthur, William, Charles, Fred, and George Weasley are all towing the line as it were, and all five are outstanding members of the wizarding community. Molly and Percival are somehow associated with what is going on with Lord Potter. We just haven't figured out yet how. We have Molly in prison for setting up charms to cause others to harm Lord Potter. Percival is still working for the Ministry."

"At best, Percy is a pompous ass," stated Amelia. "He sucks up and is in the ministry personnel mainly because once you get past his arrogance, he follows orders. We aren't sure what to do with him as he isn't doing anything that is considered wrong. He just has a bad attitude."

"We will assist you with keeping an eye on him as well as the rest," stated Lucius. "Charles and William are in spots where they will be watched over by others. It isn't like they have a reason to go to Hogwarts."

"I am rather surprised that William didn't find the portal when he was in Hogwarts," mused Albus thoughtfully. "He was the main one to help us find all the charms, hexes, and other things that was wrong in the castle. Filius must have been the one to find the one in the Gryffindor Tower or else William would have surely found the portal."

"Not if he wasn't looking for one," said Voldemort. "If he was only looking for hexes and curses, he would not have found the portal."

The group all spoke for about another hour hashing out a plan. When they were done, the Hogwarts group returned to the castle. They were all worried about Harry.

"I'll go check on Harry," stated Severus. "Amelia, would you like to join me? I'm sure you can visit with Susan while you are there."

"Albus come quickly!" called Augusta before they could move. "Mr. Weasley has attacked Gwen. She isn't doing so well. I have a healer working on her as we speak. One of you may want to go and alert Harry and Oliver."

Severus didn't wait for anymore news. He used his special portkey and disappeared out of the castle. Albus and Amelia rushed to the infirmary.

"HARRY!" called Severus. "You and Poppy are needed at Hogwarts this instant. Ronald has attacked Gwen and Augusta said it doesn't look good. I shall be making potions once we know what I need. However, you and Poppy should return to Hogwarts and make sure that you can be with her in her time of need."

Harry and Poppy looked at one another and both looked for Fawkes. He landed on Harry's shoulder and flashed the two of them away. Phoenix fire was a sure way of getting around the wards of Hogwarts. Harry as owner of the place could apparated should he choose to do so, but time was of the essence. Together he and Poppy entered the ward and rushed over to Gwen's side. She was black and blue and didn't look well at all.

"We are doing everything possible to save her," said the healer. "We may not be able to keep her alive, but we are working on saving the babies. As she is four months along, we can keep her body functioning with magic to ensure the babies make it to term. There is one more solution, but I am hesitant to use it."

"What is it?" asked Harry. "I want the babies and Gwen to live. What is the alternative?"

"We can use potions to speed up the pregnancy," said the healer. "It will save the children, but the potion takes two weeks to make and it has to be by someone with a high caliber of skill to make it."

"I'll make the potion, but I will need someone to watch over my classes in the middle of it all so that I can brew it properly," stated Severus. "I think that Narcissa can do this for us. What about Gwen? What can we do to save her?"

"She is dying faster than we can do anything," stated the healer looking at Harry with sadness in his eyes. "She is valiantly trying to stay alive for the children, but she isn't going to make it. She is bleeding from too many wounds and we haven't found them all yet. As it is, it's a miracle that she is still breathing."

"What happened to her that caused her to be in this state?" asked Harry in a deadly voice. "It was said that Ron is responsible for this. Fawkes, I need you to go and get Hermione, Narcissa, and Draco. I would like for you to have them come to the infirmary. Professor Snape, I need you to please make the potion to keep my children alive. Professor Dumbledore, I want Ronald in chains within moments. Gran, I need you to head to Avalon and tell the others what's going on. Poppy and I will remain with Gwen until the babies are born. Amelia, I need you to contact Lucius and Voldemort and bring them to the castle."

No one said a word. Harry's power levels were all over the place. He magic was flowing wild and fast. Poppy was sitting with him trying to get him to calm down. It wasn't an easy thing to do as he was extremely furious. The others left quickly to do what he asked. It wasn't but a few moments later when those that were asked for returned and were awaiting instructions.

"Narcissa, I need you to get the students of Avalon and bring them to Hogwarts," instructed Harry. "We will be taking our classes here for now. Draco, your job will be harder as I need you to make sure that Remus and Oliver stay on the island. Hermione, you will join me in dealing with Ronald."

"What do you want me to do?" asked Voldemort with curiosity. "What assistance can I give you? This looks very serious."

"I'm fighting to save the lives of my children," hissed Harry in tears. "You know more about magic than most people. Any assistance that you CAN give to ensure they survive will place me in your debt. I can't lose the twins. They are needed if the blood of Godric is to continue."

"What do you mean twins?" asked the healer. "You are having three children. There are three lives in there. We discovered the third child yesterday during her checkup. The triplet is behind the other two and therefore, we didn't see him at first. She was in front of him while your other son was on the other side."

"Two boys and a girl," said Harry with a small smile. "Colton James, Hope Lillian, and Alexander Severus Potter will be there names. I will need godparents for the third child. I wasn't expecting three. Do you think that Severus would want to be godparent to one of my children?"

"I shall go ask him for you," said Lucius. "I think that Narcissa would be a good choice for godmother. I'm sure she would be delighted."

"Albus, I need a small wing for the students," said Harry snapping out of his reverie. "We will need privacy for the next two weeks. I will be mostly in the infirmary with Gwen and the babies, but I need privacy for the others."

"Let everyone else stay on the island," said Hermione. "They don't need to come here. Most of our teachers are on the island anyway. They can come for the two hours on Mondays for potions, but there is no need to uproot everyone and bring them here. I know you are upset and worried, but let us help. At the moment, you aren't thinking rationally."

"She is right," stated Voldemort. "There is no reason to bring everyone off the island. You and Madam Pomfrey can stay here and the rest can go back and forth. Look at me Harry Potter."

Harry turned his head and focused on the Dark Lord. He was starting to crash and burn, and everyone could see it. With kindness that no one knew he possessed, Voldemort reached over and took Harry by the shoulders.

"I am going to help you lay in the bed next to this young lady," he stated. "You are going to take a calming drought and relax. Make sure you keep your shields up to full strength or you will get hit with all of the juvenile emotions that are floating in the castle. Trust that between us, we will get everything taken care of. Miss Granger, I suggest that you head off Narcissa and tell the group that it isn't necessary to leave Avalon. I also suggest that you have Narcissa come here and work with Severus for the next two weeks. Make sure you bring Harry's schoolwork so that he will have something to occupy his mind."

"Yes Sir," said Hermione before she walked over to Fawkes. "Thank you for helping me."

With that, she flashed away back home. Twenty minutes later, she reappeared with Harry's book bag. She had a list of essays and such that Minerva and the other professors wanted him to work on and chapters he needed to read.

"You will be able to use the library to do your schoolwork," said Voldemort using a soft tone. "There is no reason for you to stay by her side every minute of the day. Poppy will make sure that you eat, sleep, and care for yourself. Now, why don't you and I deal with Weasley?"

Harry nodded his head and let Voldemort lead him out of the medical ward. It was like he was walking through a mist. His mind was in turmoil as he felt the fear of Gwen. The fear was not for her, but for the babies.

"Can we keep my children alive long enough for Severus to brew the potion to cause them to come to full term?" he asked the Dark Lord. "Please don't sugarcoat anything. I need to know that there is a way and you are one of the few that will not beat around the bush."

"Your children will be born in about three weeks," said Voldemort. "Two weeks will see them stay with the mother whether she makes it or not and one week for them to grow. You will be a father to three healthy babies. Narcissa, Poppy, Severus, and I will all do what we need to do to make sure they stay alive. They are relatives of mine after all. They are also the next generation of protectors of Avalon. Even I won't want them to not make it for that reason alone, if nothing else. You have now done something that I very much envy. You have been able to reproduce and give life to further the bloodline of not only Godric, by Salazar as well. I will never be able to have children as I have done too much to my body to allow me to procreate. I will be like a grandfather of sorts to them."

"Thank you," whispered Harry as the two made it to the room where Ronald was being kept. "You have no idea as to how much I needed to hear that from you. I look forward to being able to help you in the future should you ever need it. I may not want to harm or kill, but I will repay this debt to you. You have my word as Harry Potter on that."

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I am going to stop this chapter right here. I have plans for Ron, Gwen, and the babies. What did you think of the names I chose for the children?

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