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Harry Get's Even

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Chapter 16 – Harry Gets Even

The Light Lord and the Dark Lord stormed through the corridors of Hogwarts. Both were on a mission that would make one red headed trouble maker wish he were dead. Those that saw Harry and Voldemort passing, quickly bowed, and stepped back out of the way. They could see that there was fury written on both of their faces. That they were together and weren't fighting meant that the fury was directed at someone else entirely.

They reached the room where Ronald was being kept. Entering, they saw Albus and Augusta standing there with fury in their eyes. Neither of them was speaking, but this was mostly due to the anger that would erupt should they open their mouths and attempt to berate the foolish redheaded dumbass.

"First and foremost, I want to know what you did to that poor girl," hissed Voldemort letting his power levels be felt. "When you have given me a satisfactory answer, I will want to know WHY you did it to begin with. From there, you will explain to us why we should allow you to live beyond the rest of the hour."

"If he doesn't kill you, I may just do it myself," hissed Harry is righteous fury. "You have put my family in jeopardy and I will demand satisfaction out of you one way or another. Even if I have to wrap my hands around your neck and squeeze until you stop breathing, I will get my pound of flesh from you one way or another."

"You may wish to start talking," stated Albus with fury written on his face. "What did you use on that poor girl that is killing her? We are aware that you have done something. We want to know if there is a way to save her life."

"It was a knife I was sent from Borgan and Burkes," answered Ron as his fear caused his bladder to let loose. "I had Percy get it for me as he is one of the few members of my family that I trust. I used it to stab her. The wounds will not close and they will spread to other parts of her body until he is dead. I couldn't hit her in the stomach with the blade as she got the best of me at one point. The blade has a dark curse on it that has no cure. She will die within twenty four hours if not sooner. I stabbed her multiple times to make the curse move through her system quicker."

"WHY!" thundered Harry before Voldemort and Albus each took him by a shoulder and moved him back. "Why would you do that to her when she has never done you anything? She is one of the nicest people I know, and now she is going to die because of you. Do you hate me that much that you would kill someone that is close to me? Is being that poor financially worth being sent through the veil for murder?"

"She is carrying your children," hissed Ron in sudden fury, forgetting who he was talking too. "That should have been Ginny. Had she been carrying your children, we could have gotten money out of you and not been so poor. You ruined everything by being a bloody faggot. How could you sleep with another man and be comfortable in your own skin. It's a disgrace to the world and abominations like you don't deserve to have children."

His words caused Harry, Albus, and Augusta to hit him with heavy stinging hexes while Voldemort used the Cruciatus Curse on him. When they were done, Harry walked over to Ron and punched him in the mouth. The ending result saw Ron spitting teeth and blood onto the floor.

"There is NOTHING wrong with loving someone of the same gender," snapped Albus in fury. "Just because you wished he would have loved your sister, doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with loving someone who shares the same passion and compassion that you do just because they are the same sex. Equality is the key to everything in life. You claim that because you are a Weasley that you are such a light figure. You are even darker than Lord Voldemort and he MURDERS people on purpose. You will pay for what you have done today. You better well pray that those unborn babies survive until Severus is finished making that potion. If they don't I won't be held responsible for my action and everyone knows that I give everyone a chance."

"Should my children die, you can bet that I won't rest until there is no more Weasleys or Prewetts left alive," hissed Harry raising his fist to hit Ron again. "If my children die, so does your entire line. You have my word on that as an Heir of Godric Gryffindor and Helga Hufflepuff. You can bet that should any one of those three babies not come into this world that I will declare blood feud on your family faster than YOU can say food. We will save you until last so that you can see what carnage YOU brought onto your family. I HATE YOU!"

"What would you like us to do with him?" asked Augusta looking at Ron in disgust. She secretly wanted to do damage to the idiot herself, but held back as there were enough people taking their pound of flesh off his hide. "Is there something that you wish done with him while we wait?"

"I want him chained in this room at all times," said Harry. "He will be limited to how much food and drink he gets for the next three weeks. In that time, I want him punished daily for his atrocity. I would like for it to be as painful as possible without actually killing him. From there, when it is all said and done, I want him to die in the most painful of ways. I want his sister punished as well. Percy needs to be eliminated. Their harpy of a mother is already dementor food, so I am not worried about her. This one will be mine for the killing should my children not live."

With that, Harry stormed out of the room and headed back to the infirmary. He sat there and held Gwen's hand. He looked at her with concern on his face as he tried to hide the fury he was feeling.

"Harry," she whispered weakly. "I'm so sorry that I couldn't fight back harder. I did my best to protect the children. I'm so sorry that I won't be there to see them grow and become the powerful children they are destined to be."

"There is NOTHING for you to be sorry for," whispered Harry openly crying. "Poppy and the healer will make sure that the children will survive. Professor Snape is brewing a potion that will bring the children to full development and full term. The Dark Lord will help with his magic to keep the babies alive. I was going to bring you to Avalon so that you would be safe, but he got to you first. He will be punished for what he has done. I promise that the babies will be loved and well cared for."

"Will you stay with me Harry?" she asked weakly. "Will you stay with me until the end? I don't want to be alone when I walk into the arms of father Merlin."

"I promise that I will be with you until the very end," he answered. "It's ok to let go now. We will make sure the children survive. I will give them as much of my magic as I can to keep them going until Severus is done with the potion. I promise that everything will work out as it's supposed to."

"You are a good person Harry," she whispered as she winced in pain. "Thank you for gifting me with the privilege of carrying your children. Had I lived, I would have been honored to carry more for you."

"Hush now," whispered Harry while she started to slightly convulse with the pain. "I will start feeding the babies some of my magic. Try and stay calm. I'm going to go into your mind and try and block the pain. Please sleep. It won't be long now. I know that Merlin will guide you to your next adventure in life."

She nodded as he looked her square in the eye and entered her thoughts. Harry went through the process of making sure that she didn't feel any pain. He closed off all of the channels that would have the brain telling the body that it hurt. From there, he pulled out of her mind and sat with her. She held his gaze while he started the trickle of magic that would keep the babies alive. He didn't know how he knew what to do, but he was able to do it. He knew that Hermione would be able to explain it all to him soon enough.

"Keep going Harry," whispered Poppy. "This is just what the babies need to ensure their survival. What I would like you to do is to give just a little bit. Try not to overdo it as we don't want you to collapse your core. The barest hint of magic will do its work. When you need a break, let me know and we can get someone to take over for you while you get your reserves back. We will all do what we have to do to make sure these children survive."

"What about Gwen?" Harry asked in desperation. "Is there ANYTHING that we can do to help her? I have already closed her pain functions. I don't know how to explain it any better. She is not feeling the pain. Can you help her?"

"I'm so sorry Harry," Poppy replied while wrapping an arm around his shoulders. "She is already gone. There is nothing more that we can do for her. Our concern now is not with the dead, but with those three lives that we are determined to save. Professor Snape needs a couple of ingredients that are expensive and he was wondering if you would be willing to buy them."

Harry took his key out of his pocket and handed it to her. She knew without asking that she should hurry and get what he needed. With that, she rushed from the room to go and purchase the supplies that Severus requested. Tom and Albus entered the room a few moments later.

"Amelia is on her way to arrest Percy," stated Albus with sorrow on his face at observing the scene. "He will be tried with conspiracy to commit murder. That he bought the murder weapon when he knew his brother had a vendetta against your family stated that he knew what it was going to be used for. That the item in question is a dark object also looks bad for him. More than likely, he will be sent through the veil or given the Dementor's Kiss."

"I want the entire Weasley line sterile," hissed Harry in anger. "I don't want ANY of them able to have children from this moment forward. Ronald attempted the lives of my children and I want some kind of pay back for this. He is an heir of Le Fay and I want him punished. I want him to know that I will not rest until I see the end of the Le Fey line."

"Amelia will throw the book at him," assured Albus. "This is a serious offense that Ronald has committed. He will be punished with the Dementor's Kiss at best and torture at the hands of Lord Voldemort at worst."

"I see you have already begun to feed the children magic," said Tom looking at Harry with an experienced eye. "This is good. I'm sure you were told to not give too much too fast and so forth. Poppy Pomfrey is good about covering all bases. Where is she anyway?"

"She is going buy potion ingredients that Professor Snape needs to brew the potion to bring the babies to full term," answered Harry with a weary sigh. "She will return shortly. Is there anyone helping him with the potion?"

"Lucius and Draco are both with him," said Albus with a soft look on his face. "Word got back to me that he would be honored to be the godfather of Alexander and is flattered that you gave him Severus' name for his middle name."

"Harry," called Narcissa from the doorway with Hermione. "Hermione told me that there are triplets and you want me to be godmother of the third child. Is this true?"

"It is mum," said Harry with a small smile for her. "I asked Severus to be godfather. Rather Lucius asked him for me. I decided to name the child Alexander Severus."

"So we have Colton Michael, Hope Michelle, and Alexander Severus," summarized Narcissa ticking the names off of her fingers. "Those are three very strong and beautiful names. So what happened and what are we doing?"

Between Harry, Albus, and Voldemort, they told Hermione and Narcissa everything that they found out. When they were done, Hermione went back to Avalon to tell the remaining people what was going on. She was in for a fight as Oliver wanted to come to Hogwarts to teach Ron a lesson for what he did.

"Harry," called Voldemort softly a few hours later. "The events of the day are starting to catch up to you. Why don't you let me take over with feeding the children magic and you get some much needed rest. The magic itself won't affect the children in a manner that will make them dark. You need powerful people to share the magic and very few have the ability to do so. I promise that no harm will come to your children. When I'm done, I will get Dumbledore or Lucius to take over."

"I trust you," said Harry flatly as he felt Tom's magic begin to take over. "Wake me in a few hours so I can relieve you. I feel the need and desire to want to be near my children."

"No Harry," said Albus softly, but firmly. "There are quite a few of us that can take turns. You may stay with your children, but you will let others give a little magic to ensure their survival. You have to keep up with your lessons as well as make plans on what you are going to do with the children once they are born. We will not let you neglect yourself in all of this worry. We care about you just as much as we care about the children."

Harry looked to each face and knew that they were right. With a heavy sigh, he nodded his head and let Albus lead him to his bed. From there, he was given a Calming Potion and a Sleeping Draught before Poppy tucked him in for the night. When she was sure that he was sleeping, she made it back to the others.

"I am so mad at Weasley that I want to tear him apart with my bare hands," she hissed. "Where is he being kept? I want to make sure that he is being punished for his crime."

"He will be punished for what he has done," assured Voldemort. "The Potter children will stay alive if I have anything to say about it. Were you able to get Severus everything he needed to be able to brew the potion?"

"I did," she whispered. "He is hard at work with Lucius, Draco, and Narcissa. Hermione is going back and forth to work on a few things for Severus while he concentrates solely on that potion. We thank you for coming here to help save the lives of his children. It's a shame that the most feared Dark Lord in the world and history cares more for these children than a child from a light family."

"The Potter line needs to continue to battle the Le Fay line," stated Voldemort shrugging. "As Harry is a relative of sorts, there is no reason why I can't help out. These children are of my blood as well. Trust me when I say that I am just as furious as you are that the attack happened at all."

"What do you mean?" asked Poppy in confusion. "How are you and Harry related? I thought you were the last of the Slytherin line."

"Through the Peverell line," answered Dumbledore. "They both have one of the Peverell brothers in their lineage. Therefore, while the relation is distant, it is there none the less. I believe it is what gave Harry his ability to speak parseltongue."

"Will these three children be able to speak it as well?" she asked. "Is it a gift that is passed through blood?"

"It is," answered Voldemort. "All three should be able to speak the language of the serpent. We aren't sure why many of the Potters didn't speak it already. There is a hint of Slytherin blood in them. My guess is that they were scared to use the gift and hid it from others as it is rumored to be a dark trait. We know that the Potter and Gryffindor line is as light as they come. It is in no way a bad thing. My guess is that because they feared it so much that it just faded out until young Harry started using it. He doesn't seem to be afraid of much of anything except the loss of these three children."

The trio spoke well into the night. Albus relieved Tom when it came time to feed the children magic. From there, Poppy took over. Hermione even came in and gave a few hours of her energy. Through it all, Harry slept. His emotions were so strung out, that the potions kept him sleeping clean through the night.

The days went by. Harry never left the side of the bed where his children were battling for their lives. He slept, ate, and studied his lessons sitting in the chair right next to where his children were. Others came and went to give their support, magic, and emotional output to them. Harry took it all in stride while he waited for Severus to enter the infirmary with the completed potion.

Finally the day came when Severus entered the infirmary with three vials of potions in his hands. Lucius and Narcissa were right behind him with a few other vials of different potions. It was a fact that Poppy was feeding the children through normal means while the body of Gwen was forced to act using magic.

"The potion is ready," stated Severus handing the vials to Poppy and the healer. "We have other potions to give them nutrients and so forth that will make their immune systems strengthen as they grow. We also have potions that will prevent and illness from occurring during all of this. We will keep my sixth and seventh years brewing these potions for the remainder of the week so that we have it as fresh as possible for the babies."

"It isn't going to be a difficult procedure," stated the healer correctly guessing where Harry was about to head in question. "It will be done in about an hour. We have to be able to work with one child at a time and get them going. From there, we will be able to give them the nutrients and other potions they will need by magically putting it in their systems. So to keep us from getting frantic while we do this, I need you to step outside with Severus and Lucius. This way, your pacing won't distract us from our goal."

Severus and Voldemort got Harry up and walked him outside.

"Amelia is here," said Severus. "Why don't we go and see what we can do about Weasley while we wait for the healers to do their work. Poppy won't let anything happen to your children. It will all be over within a week. Again, I have more potions being brewed so that we can administer them to the children every four hours. When they are ready, they will come into the world kicking and screaming as they are supposed to."

"Thank you Severus," said Harry with a sigh. "You have no idea of how relieved that I am that this is almost over. I can't wait to be able to hold my babies in my arms and give them all of the love I never got growing up."

"We will make sure that these three children are loved," promised Severus. "I already had my house elf go and buy clothes and blankets for the children. Even though I am only godfather for one, I will still buy for all three. I have no doubts that Lucius, Narcissa, and the godparents of the other two will do the same."

The trio approached the door of Ron's temporary prison at the same time that Amelia entered. She looked at the people present and nodded her head. Together they entered the room and looked at Ron. He was black and blue from the daily punishments that he received. He was missing more of his teeth and some of his hair.

"Arthur, William, Charles, Fred, and George will be here shortly," stated Amelia. "I have the honor of telling Harry that Percy was sent through the veil for his part in the planned murder of the mother of Harry's children as well as the attempted murder of the babies. It was a unanimous decision by the Wizengamot that this was to happen. Not one person found him to be remotely innocent. In fact, a few members hexed him before he was pushed through."

"GOOD," hissed Harry. "I want as much damage done to those responsible for this as possible. I want heads to roll for the folly that almost cost my children their lives. As gruesome as this sounds, I won't care if the heads are attached or not."

Before Amelia could respond, the door opened and Augusta entered followed by Arthur, and his sons. They all took in the state of Ronald, and Arthur began to protest.


"As it is, they are not out of complete danger yet," snapped Severus glaring at the red heads. "While we are doing everything that we can to ensure they come to full term, there is nothing saying that an accident won't occur somewhere that will undo everything we have done. Because of your greedy ambition we are working around the clock to save three innocent lives from members of the Weasley Family. Even the Dark Lord is taking time out of his schedule to ensure their survival."

"Dad," called Ron. "Make them let me go. They have only been feeding me twice a day, and it isn't that much. I don't get to sleep in a bed. They let the Dark Lord torture me daily. Sometimes he does it more than once a day. I'm a pureblood. I don't have to be subjected to this. Do something and get me out of all of this."

"NO," Arthur proclaimed, shocking everyone. "We are only here to ensure that justice is served. I may not like what they have done to you, but you have brought this on yourself. You and your brother collaborated to kill four innocent people. You succeeded in killing one. I will do nothing but watch as they give you your sentence for your travesty. Do NOT beg me to save you. I will do NOTHING of the sort. I don't consort with murderers."

"How could you have done that to Harry?" asked George bewildered. "He is a good person who has high standards of love, compassion, and generosity. Because of you, he is standing there glaring at the whole lot of us. You are a despicable person. I for one, no longer claim you as a brother."

"We are all going to be punished for your folly," said Fred. "It's quite obvious that we are going to lose our second little brother as well. As much as it is saddening, we can't really blame him for hating the whole family now. Four members of our family have stolen from him, have lied to him and now, murder and attempted murder on top of it all."

"After hearing about half of the things that you have done to him, it's no wonder he wants you dead," surmised Bill. "He is within his right to declare Blood Feud on the entire family. I would imagine that he will want some kind of revenge on the family."

"We are actually working hard to prevent him from declaring Blood Feud," stated Augusta with a small sigh. "We still have one more week to go before we let him make the final decision as to what he wants to do about this situation."

"We are mainly here to tell Ronald that he is guilty of all charges and one way or another, he will be receiving the death penalty," reported Amelia. "He was found guilty by the entire Wizengamot for his crime of murder and for the crimes of attempted murder. As it is, I think Harry wants to wait until the children are born, or not, to come to a complete conclusion of this event."

"I want Ginny sterile," proclaimed Harry suddenly startling everyone standing there. "She is not to be allowed to have children. I don't care if anyone likes it or not. As it is, I am holding further judgment on the rest of the family until my children are born. You can bet that if any one of the three has any medical issues, that I will be gunning for the whole family. As it stands for Ronald, I'm going to turn him over to the Dark Lord for his punishment. I happen to know that Lord Voldemort can make him wish he was dead ten times over before he is done with him. I am not a violent person, but I really would love to choke you until you can't breathe anymore."

"You have my word as heir of Salazar Slytherin that Ronald will NEVER trouble you again," promised Tom. "He will be punished until his body eventually gives out on him and he dies. I have no problem doing this for you. While you are too good hearted to not hurt others, I have no regrets in doing it for you."

"I will see to Ginevra's procedure soon enough," assured Severus. "I will make a vow on my magic that she will never be able to procreate. This is your right as Lord of prominent names and families, to give out the punishment. I shall act in your stead to enforce it. For now, I think that it would be prudent for the five Weasley men to leave and let Harry deal with what's going on before he takes it one step further. The law is on his side with regards to what he wants done with you all. As it is, he is holding back judgment. Should one more thing happen that is caused by a Weasley, and we will make sure that everyone in the family is punished for it."

Nodding, the Weasley men left the castle. They also left Ron to his fate. Amelia handed Voldemort a document stating that he could have Ron and do what he wished with him without worry of retaliation from the law. From there, she gave one last glare at Ron before, she too, left the castle. It was hard for her to not reach back and punch him in his face.

Harry sat next to the bed that contained the host for his children and waited. He knew he had about a week to go before any of them would be born. For once, he was being patient as he knew the babies needed to grow. He had stopped feeding the children magic as he was told they didn't need it any longer. He watched as Poppy and Rick gave the triplets their next dose of potions.

"Everything looks good," assured Poppy. "They are already growing at a fast pace. Their internal organs are forming and they are developing nicely. All three heart beats sound very strong. For now, there is nothing we can do but wait. Oliver sent a message that he misses you and that he can't wait for all of you to come home. Hermione has been going back and forth to relay messages to him."

"I'm just thankful that my little ones have a fighting chance through all of this," whispered Harry as he looked upon the dead body of Gwen. "With Gwen in stasis to keep her warm and so forth, my children have a fighting chance. I can't ask for more than that."

"It will be over before you know it," said Poppy while hugging him lightly. "I have sent word to Oliver and Filius to make sure that they increase the size of the nursery and that they get ready for three bundles instead of two. Filius was giddy with excitement at that. Everyone is looking forward to the babies coming home."

"I'm looking forward to going home too," stated Harry with a soft smile. "The castle of Avalon has made its mark on me. I long to be within her walls, and away from the stupidity, that seems to center around Britain sometimes. I absolutely despise stupidity. There is far too much of it in the world."

"Well sometimes we need stupid people in order to prove to others that it exists," said Dumbledore walking in and sitting next to him. "In this fashion, we have people that are able to guide and work with others. Some people are just prone to be retarded. I'm not one for calling people names, but in this instance, I can't believe the stupidity of Ronald Weasley. I have never hated anyone as much as I hate that idiot, and that's saying a lot as me and Tom fight all the time. While I respect Tom's abilities, I don't have to like it. Ronald Weasley is a whole different matter now."

"I have to tell you something," said Harry sighing and looking at the old wizard. "I found a book on genealogy a few weeks ago in Avalon. Somewhere in your family tree, there is a founder. I never got the chance to tell you of my discovery as things started to happen so fast. You and Aberforth are related to Helga. So it is within your power to help defend Avalon better. Now that we know most of what you did was due to magical influence, I have no problem allowing you and Tom to come to Avalon to view the fabled island. We can arrange it when we return home with the triplets. I just want a promise that no problems will occur once you have been there. I don't want you and Tom fighting on the island."

"You have my word that I will not pose problems for you or Avalon," stated Albus pulling out his wand. "I love you Harry, like a grandfather would any grandson. Somewhere along the way, I think that even Tom has come to appreciate the power that you have within you and respects you even if he doesn't fully trust you. While we are on opposing ends of the spectrum, we both respect each other. You just seem to be in the middle of that spectrum. Therefore, we both admire your gifts and abilities even if we don't verbally make it known."

"I would not do what I have done for you if I didn't," said Tom from the doorway. "As much as it pains me to do so, I agree with the old coot. You have a power that is all your own. You are gifted and you have the ability to go far with your magic. I would say that the three of us are equal in each and every way. The only reason that we are stronger than you is due to the years of experience we have on you. In pure magic, you are our equal. As you get more experience, you will be able to master your abilities more and more."

The trio talked long into the night. They came to an agreement that Harry would listen to, and learn what he could about magic from both and draw his own conclusions. When the time was right, they would work to educate the members of Avalon on the ways of the world and how it SHOULD be done.

The time was starting to get on Harry's nerves. It would be anytime now before the babies would be born and he was starting to get impatient. Albus stood in front of the portrait of Godric while Oliver raced to be with Harry during his self-imposed vigil. Time was of the essence as they knew the babies would start to come.

Poppy was waiting with Rick as finally the charm they set alerted them that it was time to take the babies from their host. Harry was pushed out of the way for the moment. Voldemort, Severus, Narcissa, and Augusta all stood with Harry and Oliver as they waited.

It wasn't long before they heard the first screams of a new born infant. Harry raced over to Poppy to see her smiling as she was cleaning Colton. Oliver was hot on his heels. Once she had him wrapped up in a warm blanket, she turned to the expectant parents and handed Harry his firstborn son. Harry took the bundle and held him reverently. Oliver was busy counting finger and toes while Harry was busy crying with happiness. Once Oliver was done counting toes, he took the baby from Harry and went over to the expectant group. Neville, Luna, Draco, and Hermione joined the group as they all cooed over the baby. Oliver handed Colton to Hermione as he went back to Harry.

Ten minutes later, the group all heard a second baby scream as she was brought into the world. Harry was once more handed the baby as Oliver began the same routine of counting finger and toes and checking her to make sure all body parts were accounted for.

"I don't know why you are doing that," laughed Poppy. "I am perfectly capable of making sure that the children have all of their appendages. If something were wrong, I would make sure that you knew about it as quickly as possible. From what I can tell, all three will be totally healthy and fully formed. Now take your daughter to the group over there and let them all have their chance to coo over her as well. Alexander is stuck and we have to work a bit to get to him."

"Is his life in danger?" asked Harry nervously, letting Oliver take his daughter. "Will he live?"

"Yes he will live, but due to him being where he was located, he is just in a spot that is harder for us to get to him," assured Poppy. "From our scans, he is going to be just as healthy as the other two. Now let me concentrate for a moment please so that we can bring him into the world."

Harry nodded his head and stepped back as he waited impatiently for his third child to come into the world. He was near tears the whole time with worry. Tom and Albus stood on each side of him as they waited. Soon the cries of another child could be heard and Harry let out the breath he had been holding. Poppy quickly cleaned the baby and handed him to a very relieved father. Tom and Albus were both looking over Harry's shoulders at the small bundle of joy.

"Thank you everyone," said Harry as Poppy and Rick started to take care of the remains of Gwen. "I couldn't have done this without each and every one of you. Now that the children are here, I would like to get them home and start working on making sure they get spoiled rotten."

"I'll make sure that Gryffindor Tower is empty so that you can all use the portal," assured Albus. "This way, you can have an easier time getting home. Severus will be going with you so that he can hold his godson some more. Poppy will return home the normal way. I shall remain here and cover all bases as it were."

"Tom?" asked Harry. "Would you like to join us? You are more than welcome to come to Avalon and look around."

"What's Avalon?" asked the voice behind them.

As they turned around, Ginny Weasley was standing there with fury written on her face and a wand in her hand.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will stop here with this chapter. Now a Weasley knows about Avalon and the children are born.

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