Hidden Island

The Fight Begins

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Chapter 17 – The Fight Begins

"What's Avalon?" asked the voice behind them.

As they turned around, Ginny Weasley was standing there with fury written on her face and a wand in her hand. Everyone was wondering what she was doing and what she would accomplish by going after the three most powerful wizards in the world.

"Just how long have you been standing there?" Harry asked, with fury evident on his face. "You of all people should know that I can't stand it when someone butts their nose into my business. Do we have to make an example out of you just as much as we did the garbage disposal that you call a brother?"

"Don't you threaten me Harry Potter," snapped Ginny. "I've been wondering for some time why I wasn't allowed back into Gryffindor Tower. Now I find out that the island you live on is Avalon. I know what it is and who is supposed to be buried there. The legends are there for all of us to read in the library. Now that I know that's where you are, my family and I can make sure you do what you were supposed to in the beginning. You will marry me and take me there so that I can live like a powerful queen."

"You don't know shit," snapped Harry as he tried unsuccessfully to make sure his children were hidden from her view. "You are not supposed to be here and you will be punished for your actions. How dare you pull a wand on me? I will have your head for this. If you make it out of this room alive, you will be doing well. I have had enough of your family and their demands on what belongs to me. If you do manage to survive, you can bet that you won't remember this day. If you don't survive this day, then the world will be less one sleazy tramp."

Ginny fired a hex at Harry before anyone could do anything. He was hit with a Cutting Curse and was standing there in surprise at the attack when Hermione screamed in anger and raced at Ginny as he hit the floor. Luna was equally furious as the two girls raced to Ginny and started to beat on her with their fists for her insolence. Poppy stopped working with Gwen and raced to be with Harry and stop the blood flow. Severus also knelt to help with the damage that was done.

"Oliver," called Harry while Albus was handing Harry's first born to Tom who looked uncomfortable at first. "Get our children out of here and away from this red headed whore. I'll meet you back home as soon as Poppy says it's ok to do so. Draco, take my belongings and make sure our family is safe. I want my children away from here and those that are aiming to harm them."

Getting nods from everyone, Harry submitted to the ministration of the healer and Potions Master. Voldemort was holding Colton protectively while Albus and Amelia were trying to pull Hermione and Luna off of Ginny. Neither was having an easy time of it as spells began flying as well as fists. Oliver grabbed the arm of the Dark Lord and steered him to the Gryffindor common room. He was holding Hope while Narcissa followed quickly behind with Alexander. Augusta met them at the portrait of the Fat Lady and gave a nod for her to open up. When that was done, they raced to the portrait of Godric where Oliver added Tom to the wards. With one last look around, they entered the portal and were safely home.

On the Avalon side, they were met by Filius and Minerva. They were told what happened in detail. Both were furious and wanted to head back to Hogwarts, but Tom stopped them telling them that Harry, Albus, and Severus were dealing with the situation as best they could.

Thirty minutes later, Poppy came through the portal and immediately started to scan the babies for problems. She was having a difficult time as the three children were being passed around for all to hold and coo over. She eventually had to get them to all place the babies in one spot so she could complete her exams.

"Where is Harry?" asked Oliver as she worked. "Is he alright? Does he need me to head back to Hogwarts and assist with what's going on over there? I would be more than willing to hurt that bitch myself for what she almost did to Colton."

"The last I saw of Harry, he was beating on Ginny Weasley," she said waving away his concerns. "The Cutting Curse missed Colton by mere inches. When I was leaving, they were putting a very battered and bruised Weasley female on the table to give her the procedure to make her sterile and then Obliviated. Hermione and Luna will be here shortly. Severus, Albus, and Harry won't be much longer than that. They are staying long enough to give the punishment to her for attacking Harry and almost hitting his child."

"How did one family fall so far from grace?" asked Susan as she held Alexander. "They have done nothing but hurt Harry and yet they demand that he gives them more. I could never do that to someone. Now we have the Dark Lord on the island and we aren't sure what is going to happen with all of that."

"He isn't here to cause trouble," assured Draco. "Harry and he are related and they are going to work on defending the island better so that they don't have to worry about others trying to get here to cause more problems for Avalon. Dumbledore will be here soon and we can all work on something together."

The family on Avalon spent the better part of two hours passing the babies back and forth to one another to hold and at times feed. Harry and Albus finally made it to the island with Severus who held out his hands for his godson. Grinning, Oliver placed Alexander in his arms.

"Mr. Potter," said Voldemort. "I was wondering if you could do me a favor."

"After everything that you have done for me and will do for me, I think I can at least hear what it is you need me to do," assured Harry as he gently held his son. "What's on your mind?"

"I have some of the original books of Salazar Slytherin in my possession," answered Tom after debating for a moment. "I was wondering if I would be allowed to bring them here to Avalon and place them under your protection. I don't want others getting their hands on these valuable tomes. I'm sure you understand that some of what he has written is not fit for some of today's members of society."

"You are more than welcome to store the books here," said Harry with a smile. "They will be protected just as much as the tomes and possessions of Merlin and Morgana. As long as it isn't something dangerous, you can place anything that you want here. I'm sure you understand what I mean when I say something dangerous."

"I understand what you mean, and you have my assurances that I will NEVER store anything here that is able to harm your family," stated Tom. "I am unable to make more due to the strain on what's left. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about with that situation. I will do my part to defend the island as was charged to my ancestor. You have MY word on that as an Heir of Salazar Slytherin."

Harry took Tom and Albus outside and keyed them to the grounds. He gave a weary sigh as he looked around.

"The Weasleys are a light family," remarked Harry looking at the two older wizards. "I hate to think of what dark families are the heirs of La Fey. I shudder to think of the damage that some of Lord Voldemort's minions could do if they get their minds or hands on this island and what it holds."

"In my times of studying books from all factions of magic I have discovered one important thing," stated Tom before Albus could reply. "Even in the books of those that are so dark that they may never find their way to the light, there is always answers to a problem that is yet to be solved. I suggest that you not narrow your search for light means of getting the job done."

Harry and Albus went to protest, but Tom held up his hands in a placating gesture.

"I'm not telling you to do something like kill or such," lectured Tom. "I'm merely stating that sometimes in the dark works, there is a solution to undo what was originally done. Just because it's in a dark book doesn't mean that it is dark. Solutions to problems come from all areas. I suggest that you don't place all your eggs in the same basket as the saying goes."

"Basically he is telling you to read the books of Morgana and see if there is a way of undoing or preventing further problems," summarized Albus. "While we may not agree on the way, the end is still the same. We know that you are too pure and good to do something dark and sinister to end this threat. We also know that it is entirely possible to get around the wards and false leads to come to a complete conclusion of a problem such as this one. We will all work with you to assist you in this endeavor. You will NEVER have to do this alone."

"For so long I have hurt due to what you two have done to me," said Harry with tears in his eyes. "Voldemort killed my family on a prophecy that you let be heard. I lived with people that would rather see me dead than happy due to me being different. I am sixteen and I have three children already. I'm a father before I ever got to be a child myself. The weight is just too much to bear sometimes and I am angry that I have to bear it at all. I just want to be normal. I blame you two, but at the same time I don't blame anyone. What happened was what was supposed to happen. I can't fight fate. I just think too much is going on to fast for me."

"Do you regret having those three children inside?" asked Albus quietly. "Do you hate them for being here? Would you give t hem up?"

"I most certainly don't," snapped Harry. "They are my flesh and blood and even my magic. While I'm not happy about the reason they are here, I am VERY happy with my three babies. I will give them all of the love that I NEVER got growing up. I will make sure that they never need anything ever in this life. They will be taught morals, values, and how to laugh, love, and live."

"We need to decide what we are going to do about the Weasleys," said Tom. "What happened after I left Hogwarts? What happened will depend on what happens next. We have to stop the heirs."

"Ginny tried to use a few dark spells on me," answered Harry. "When she realized that the children were born and nothing was wrong with them, she sort of lost her sanity. She went over the edge. Her goal was to kill them all. She still has it in her mind that she will be my wife and the mother of my children. Albus and Gran are talking about sending her to St. Mungo's for treatment. She may need multiple Obliviates so that she can forget all about my children and Avalon. I don't want a bull's eye on my children before they are even able to talk and walk. From there, we are talking about sending her to Azkaban for attempted murder. She is not going to be able to be saved as we hoped."

"I can always deal with her mind," said Tom. "Dumbledore and I are both very skilled in mind magic. We can deal with this situation for you so that you don't have to get involved. Your job is to finish your schooling and get the best grades that you can. Your other job is to be a good mate to Mr. Wood and a good father to your children. Mr. Wood loves you. Anyone with a mind can see that he would do anything and everything for you. My advice is to not look for trouble if it isn't there. We can work behind the scenes and work on finding out where the other heirs are just as easily as you can. This way, we have more eyes on the lookout rather than you being pulled into too many different directions."

"I also suggest that you stay away from Hogwarts for now," added Albus. "Your presence will put you in the public eye. We can keep the trouble from spreading too much further if you stay here and let us deal with things on that end. We know that you have issues on this island that needs your constant attention. We can and will do what we have to on that end to help you. All we are asking is that for once, you let someone else do something that will help get the situation under some kind of control. I know you are used to doing things on your own, but we are quite capable of doing things that will benefit us all. I also know you have no reason to fully trust us, but however you feel, we are all in this together as heirs of the founders."

"Look," said Harry pointing suddenly drawing their attention to a large animal. "That's a Brontosaurus. They are plant eaters and very gentle. We have a herd of them living near the river. The only problem is that sometimes the Tyrannosaurus Rex species comes near them to feed on them. We are still battling the flying dinosaurs as well. The species like that one there will even let you pet them sometimes."

"What are you doing about some of these?" asked Tom. "Isn't there some smaller meat eaters as well that causes problems? I was under the impression that there were all sorts of dinosaurs on this island. I know of some from my days in the orphanage."

"There is," said Harry. "Having a giant three headed dog does give you the advantage on some of these guys. This is just a small part of our problem. There are all manner of light and dark magical creatures here as well. We haven't encountered many yet, but they are there none the less. We study them as best as we can without pissing them off. They make for a great study. It's how I'm doing so well in COMC. We study those that we find in a secure manner and we make reports on our observations."

"There are many potions ingredients around here just waiting to be picked as well," observed Tom. "A collector could make a small fortune with some of these ingredients. I trust that you have someone that picks them for you and sells them at a reasonable price?"

"Professor Snape comes once or twice a week to gather what he can," answered Harry honestly. "As part of our herbology and potions grade, we gather some for him and let him decide what is correct and what is usable. From there, he takes what we gather and sells them in London. We get fifty percent of the profit and he takes what he wants for the school. It works out very well for all involved. There is an unlimited supply here and we like that we can make some extra money on the side doing things we enjoy while we learn."

"I have been receiving reports on your grades from Minerva," stated Albus smiling. "It would seem that just about all of you has an O in all of your classes. I think the lowest grade that I witnessed was an A for Mr. Longbottom in potions and it was partly because he wasn't feeling one hundred percent. With everything that's going on, I'm surprised to see that you still have a perfect grade on all your tests and reports and such. It's a great accomplishment to you to have good grades while dealing with so much."

"We all work together," commented Harry. "Where one of us is strong, we tutor the others. Where one of us is weak, we all get together to help push that person along. We all want to be masters in certain fields. I would love nothing better than to be a Charms Master and Hermione wants to be a Transfiguration Mistress. We are working on other projects in our spare time. Now we won't have as much spare time, but we will manage."

"I have no doubt that you will succeed at everything you put your mind to," remarked Tom. "I've been trying to kill you for fifteen years and haven't succeeded yet. I am certain that you will enjoy the classes that Dumbledore and I have to offer you for the safety of your extended family and so forth. I can see that having the goblins train you in hand to hand combat is doing wonders for your group as well. Time will tell how much of that training you will need in the near future."

"I think that Tom and I should head back to Hogwarts and our personal businesses," suggested Albus. "While you are in no hurry for us to leave, we do have things we need to do. We will send you regular reports on our progress of discovering who other heirs are and what we can do to stop them. I will be here every Wednesday to teach you what I know about magic."

"I'll come on Thursdays and do the same," offered Tom. "Now that I can come to the island and work with you all, I will be here once a week as well. While I'm here on Thursday, I'll bring Slytherin's books for storage and safe keeping. In time, if things work out as they are supposed to I may ask you to allow Lucius here to assist with defense and classes. He is knowledgeable in many fields of magic as well."

"I do seem to remember him getting all O's on his NEWTS," remarked Albus leading them back to the castle. "He is a good man to learn from even if his tendencies are a bit harsh. We shall have to monitor the situation to ensure that he doesn't do something that isn't beneficial. The safety of Narcissa and Draco are top priority among what we want to do. We don't want him punishing them for any preconceive notions."

"Let's take things one step at a time," said Harry. "I'd like to get more comfortable with the two of you before we start bringing in others to the island. I have so much to do and now I have the protection of my children to think about as well. I am not insinuating anything, but first and foremost, those that DO live here are to be protected. While we are being hidden, I can only do so much. The less who know where we are the better it will be all the way around. If push comes to shove, we can always build a small building on the opposite bank and travel there once a week for lessons."

"You do have a point," acknowledged Tom. "Very well. I shall see you on Thursday. Expect me around seven in the evening. This way, dinner will be done as well as your normal lessons for the day. Expect me to stay for about two hours."

Harry nodded as he watched both men step into the portal and make their way back to Hogwarts. Severus followed shortly after with a promise to return more frequently so that he could visit Alexander. Laughing, Harry told him that he could come as often as he wished so that he could spend time with his second godchild.

Later that evening, Harry was standing with Oliver as they watched the children sleeping. It was agreed that the elves would help out during the night with the children so that Harry and Oliver could stay strong by getting enough sleep. Harry looked over and saw that it was time for them to eat. He sat down and Oliver handed him his daughter. Harry smiled as Winky handed him a bottle for her. Oliver was sitting next to him a few moments later holding Alex feeding him. Hermione came in and started feeding Colton. All three sat in companionable silence while they fed and then burped all three children.

"It's funny isn't it," remarked Draco the next day while he held one of the babies. "We are all taking turns feeding these three and they don't cry that much. It's like they already know that each of us here will do what we can to help them and make sure that they have everything that they need. You can even feel the magic in them is you concentrate enough."

"It helps that I can sooth them while they are asleep using my empathic gifts," said Harry. "As their father, I'm in tune with their magical signatures. I figured that if I could receive the emotions of others, that I could send them emotions as well. So when they get fussy, I just project to them calming emotions like waves at a beach and they tend to settle down."

"You can do that to all three at the same time?" asked a shocked Filius while Harry nodded his head that he could. "Harry, that is amazing that you are able to do that with three children at once. We know that when one child cries, they all do. You are able to sooth more than one person at once and use it effortlessly. That's very impressive."

"I haven't tried it on anyone other than the children," assured Harry as others were looking at him. "I'm not even sure I could do it with someone that isn't of my blood. Plus I would never mess with your emotions that way. You all know I wouldn't do something like that."

"Relax Harry or I will ask Mother or Poppy for a calming draught for you," said Draco with a laugh. "We know you wouldn't do something like that. You are far too noble to even try it."

"It could come in handy though," stated a thoughtful Hermione. "If Harry CAN do it to those that are not of his blood, he may be in a position to help with a crisis and so forth."

"What do you mean?" asked Harry looking at her with interest. "How would I be able to help in a crisis?"

By this time, everyone was listening to her. She had their full attention and she was a bit startled by it. Draco gave her hand a gentle squeeze to assure her. She took a deep breath and continued.

"Picture a suicide jumper on a building," she explained. "They want to kill themselves and no one can talk them down from the ledge. Harry could just use his empathic abilities to make the person feel better about them self temporarily so that they can be brought down from the ledge. From there, that person gets the mental help they need from the professionals."

"YOU could also use it during a battle," interjected Remus. "When you are trying to calm a huge crowd, you can always emit strong emotions of love and compassion to assist those in a position of power to deal with the situation. I think this has extreme merit. We should talk to both Albus and the Dark Lord to see if they can help you expand this gift. Even someone like Severus should be able to help you with it as he is skilled in Mind Magic."

"I will consider it," sighed Harry. "However, I won't do anything until we know I can actually do it. I don't want to try it unless we have someone with my power level working with me to ensure that I don't do something to harm rather than help. It's one thing to do it to three sleepy infants. It's something entirely different when you are working with alert teens or adults."

"Let's just concentrate on normal studies for now," suggested Minerva. "We can always tell Albus and the Dark Lord of our ideas and see what they think. Being as powerful as they are, they will know if it is even possible or not. Let's just take our time and deal with the few things we have here first and then take that step. We don't want to pressure Harry into doing something that might make him feel uncomfortable."

Everyone agreed with her statement. It was decided that they would talk to both older wizards and see what they both had to say on the situation. Ultimately, they all knew that it depended on what Harry wanted to do. If he said no, then they would pressure him into anything.

Harry settled into his chair and held onto his son. Later, he was exchanged for his second born. Finally an hour later, he was given his third born to hold.

"You were a pleasant surprise," he told the smallest of the three. "You were a prank worthy of the Marauders. I'm very happy that you are in my life little one. I will make sure that you have everything that you ever need. You will grow up with all the love that was denied me when I was younger. I have it now, but you will have it your entire life. You have my word on that."

Smiling, Harry stood up and placed his son in his crib. After kissing each child, he left them to their sleep so that he could get caught up on his homework. All who lived on the island knew that Harry was a determined individual when it came to doing things for a reason.

Back in Hogwarts, Ginny sat up slowly. Her head hurt and she didn't understand what she was doing in the infirmary.

"Why am I here?" she asked the medi wizard. "Did something happen to me that made me end up here?"

"I'm afraid so Miss Weasley," said Augusta answering instead. "You had an accident in the Potions Lab. The potion you were working on exploded and you were knocked through a wall. We had to fight to save your life. As it is, there are repercussions due to the explosion. Thankfully, you were the only one that was hurt and Healer Rick has been able to save your life. That's about it."

"What aren't you telling me?" asked Ginny with fear in her eyes. "What happened to me that you aren't telling me? I have to know."

"You will be unable to ever have children," said Healer Rick. "The damage done to your body was too extensive for us to fix that particular aspect of things. You will never have children. We went and removed the parts that were damaged."

"This can't be," moaned Ginny. "Harry will be so disappointed that I can't give him any children. He will never want me now that I am unable to give him an heir. What am I going to do?"

"Harry never wanted you to bare his children anyway," snapped Albus coming into the room. "He is soul bonded to another and NOTHING that you say or do will change that. You will NEVER get your hands on Harry. Even after everything, you will not bother him ever again. If you do, you will meet the same fate as your brother. We are tired of playing games with you and your family. You will stay in this room until the healer says it's ok for you to go. From there, you will go to your room and stay there until further arrangements can be made. You have done enough damage as it is for one day, and I won't tolerate any more of your delusions."

"You are in no position to tell me anything," snapped Ginny. "You are just a used up old man that has nothing left. Get away from me and stop telling me what to do or I will see to it that what you do have left is taken from you. I WILL have Harry and nothing will get in my way."

Severus stood up and slapped her across the face. The fury that was written on his face was clear for all to see. Even Albus and Augusta stood back while Severus hit her a second time.

"Your mouth has gotten you into more trouble than you can ever imagine," said Severus. "Due to you and your family, a very generous young man has left the country just so that he can have some peace and quiet. Now you are disrespecting the people that have made sure you stay alive. Your brother is already marked to be killed. Either it will happen by Dementor, Veil, or Dark Lord. If you want to join him in death, then keep on running that filthy mouth of yours. It matters none to us if there is one less bitchy Weasley in the world."

"When I tell my father what you have done, he will make sure that none of you have a life," said Ginny furiously. "It's against the law to do what you just done to me, and when the Board of Governors hears that a Death Eater just slapped me, you can take the cell with a Dementor. You can't threaten me and get away with it. You also can't put your hands on me."

To prove a point, Severus lifted his hand and slapped her a second time. He lifted his other hand and another slap echoed around the room.

"You have just signed your own warrant little girl," said Voldemort coming into the room. "You will be joining your brother in the prison room. I shall have fun with you just as much as we are having fun with him. Today will be the last day you see the inside of this castle."

"You are all consorting with the Dark Lord," screamed Ginny. "You are all evil. My Harry will save me from you all."

"CRUCIO MAXIMA," hissed Voldemort and watched as Ginny screamed in agony for five seconds. "This is just a taste of what I'm going to do to you. Every time you say Lord Potter's name, I will make sure you get another second added to your punishment. I suggest that you shut up. IMPERIO!"

With that, Voldemort ruthlessly gave her the command to follow him from the room. Even in her pain, Ginny was unable to counter the spell and followed his command. Voldemort took one look around at the others and made his way out of the room. Moments later, Augusta and Severus both nodded as the wards alerted them that Voldemort, Ronald, and Ginny had vacated the premises.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – This is as good a place as any to stop. There is more to come. I apologize for the length of time between updates. Things in real life have taken precedence over fantasy world.

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