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Training In Magic

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Chapter 18 – Training in Magic

Days turned into weeks as Harry and his fellow companions trained. Albus and Tom made periodical ventures to Avalon to train Harry and his friends in the art of magic. The students sat there and listened with an open interest and open mind as the two most powerful wizards on the planet taught them what they knew.

Harry had the goblins build a secondary building on the far bank for people like Lucius to come and train the students using his methods. All in all, the classes were fair, just, and explained in a way that no one felt left out or troubled by what they were being taught. Lucius taught them all etiquette, history, and some defense. Tom had overlooked the fact that there were muggles and muggleborns on the island of Avalon. He patiently taught them all equally. Each student on the island received an overview of how the dark arts were used and how they could be used to assist as well as harm.

"Morvolo," Harry called to him one day after class. "I was wondering if you would train me how to use Parselmagic in a more powerful manner. As I am the only other one that we know that can speak the language, it may be of use to us if I learn how to use it to its fullest extent. This way, we have an advantage over the heirs of Le Fay. From what I'm to understand, the art itself is neither light nor dark. It's just like speaking another language. From what little I read, the spells are just a little bit stronger than most."

"Have you not looked into the books by Salazar Slytherin?" asked Tom raising an eyebrow. "Those books will tell you everything that you need to know. There isn't much that I CAN teach you with regards to the art of using Parselmagic as I use it for darker means. However, Slytherin wasn't the monster that history made him out to be. Much of what he did was to benefit all who could use magic in general. My dislike for muggles stems from my childhood. He didn't have the same upbringing that you and I had."

"I haven't touched your books," said Harry softly and honestly. "They are yours and I didn't want to touch something that didn't belong to me. I have them warded so that no one else can touch them either except you and me. I'm only in the wards as it's my island."

Tom led Harry to the books and looked at the titles for a moment. When he was through, he pulled out a couple and handed them to the younger wizard.

"I recommend that you read these three first," stated Tom. "It will give you a general outline on what you can and can't do with the art. These will teach you the basics and from there, I can help you fine tune some of what you want to do with the magic. The books are in no danger if anyone else picks them up. They are written in Parseltongue and only you or I CAN read them. Thank you for being kind enough to wait before reading them. You are an heir and could have, but I like that you waited to ask me before you took it upon yourself to do so. It gives you the character that I once had when I was younger. Yes I did dark and murderous things in my youth, and to this day, I still do. However, I was just like you when I was younger. I just had a more troubled beginning as unlike you; my parents abandoned me instead of dying for me. That gave me the anger that you have never had."

"I have anger," stated Harry defensively. "I get angry all the time."

"You misunderstand me," soothed Tom. "Yes you anger, but you don't anger to the point of actually murdering someone. I used my anger to fuel my dark side. You use your anger to defend those you love and care about. THAT is what makes all the difference between the two of us. You are so much like me that had things been a touch different, you would have turned out exactly like me. As the old coot says, you have never once considered joining me and using the Dark Arts on people."

"I did though," said Harry interrupting the older wizard. "I used the Cruciatus Curse on Bellatrix. I have it in me to use the Dark Arts just as much as the next person."

"Think back to that night," advised Tom. "Yes you attempted to use it, but you failed. Righteous anger and intent are two very different things. You didn't have the power to back it up. You failed to use the dark curse. That in of itself is what saved you. All you did was caused her mild discomfort; nothing more, and nothing less. You are still a pure and gentle soul despite everything that is going on. Yes you beat on both male Weasley and female Weasley, but you didn't kill, maim, or cause irreversible damage to either of them."

"I just wish it wasn't so hard all the time," admitted Harry. "I just wish for once, that something would just give way and let me be the person I was meant to be instead of having to deal with the wizarding world's problems all the time. First they wanted me to deal with you. Now I have to deal with the Le Fay heirs. What's next? Do I ever get a break from having to be the one to deal with all of it? Why does it always have to be me? I just want some peace and quiet."

"I see no reason why you have to keep on defending people that will not defend themselves," stated Tom pointedly. "If they are too weak to do it themselves, then let them fall. The worst that can happen is they will be killed for not defending themselves. Why should you keep on defending them? You don't HAVE to defend anyone except your three children and yourself. Everyone else can very much stand up and do what they need to do to survive. There is no law stating you have to do anything. Right now, you have to defend this island. It's not because of the populace, but because you are the only one that can right now. It IS your legacy. There isn't anything you can do to get out of that one. There is no law stating that you have to fight me any longer. Now that I know you and something about you, I can step back and know that there is NO reason to go after you any longer. I will continue to do what I must do."

"So many innocent people are being hurt," whispered Harry. "How did you manage to not go completely over the edge with all of your soul splits? Had that been me, I think I would have gone insane."

"I pushed the boundaries of magic," stated Voldemort. "Think about this if you will. Everything that I have done has made the rest of the wizarding world improve itself. For every curse and hex I invented, there is a counter for it. For every ritual that I have done, there is something that can be used to assist the world, or counter what I have done. Therefore, I will continue to do what I do so that the wizarding world has a chance to come out of the stone ages and into the modern era."

"If there were a way to mix muggle technology with magic, we would have it made," admitted Harry. "I think that Hermione, Draco, and I can work together with the group to see if we can counter the magic for electricity and so forth. Having things like computers and other things will make it so much easier to be able to do things. I need to go shopping soon in the muggle world. I think I have an idea as to how we can get things started. I will need to sit with the board of directors and see what we can do to bring some of the era to the present time."

"Gran will help you with that," said Neville coming up and hearing Harry's last sentence. "She will be by later this evening. Good afternoon Lord Slytherin. I hope that you day was profitable."

"Good afternoon Heir Longbottom," returned Tom. "Harry and I were just discussing the possibilities of the magical and muggle communities. How is the rest of your group doing today?"

"We were working on the assignment that you gave to us," stated Neville with a smile. "We are actually finished. I was just coming to tell Harry that Hermione will be going into his desk drawer to get his portion of the work so that we can present it to you next week. We figured that we can make the different parchments into a type of book for you to read. We are starting to do this with all of our homework."

"I definitely need to go shopping in the muggle world now," stated Harry with a smile. "Morvolo I will talk with you next week. I have to grab Hermione and Emma and head out to the muggle world. Neville I need you to tell Albus and Gran that I will be back later and wish to talk with both of them when I return."

Neville nodded before he ran off to take care of what Harry requested of him. It wasn't long before Hermione appeared with Draco and the trio nodded to Tom and with a flash of phoenix fire, disappeared.

"Ok here is what we are going to do," stated Harry. "We are going to buy pens, notebooks, binders, report covers, folders and many other muggle school supplies. It's time that we move out of the classical era and into the modern one. For uniforms for school, I have an idea. I'm thinking that we can have slacks and shirts only. No more robes."

"I see your wheels turning," said Draco. "What are we looking for exactly with regards to uniforms?"

"Black or khaki slacks and skirts and the correct color of the house for tops," said Harry. "For instance, we can have Slytherin wear black slacks with green shirts. Hufflepuff can wear khaki slacks and a black shirt. Gryffindor can wear black slacks and a maroon or red shirt while Ravenclaw wears khaki and blue. So I am going to buy a mock pair of each so that we can present it to the Board of Governors. By showing them how pens, pencils, and notebooks and such work, we can have it easier than quills and parchment which is difficult to write with and neater if you think about it. So we need to find skirts, slacks, shirts, and muggle school supplies to present to the Board for perusal. Madam Malkin can always do the magic on the clothing that is on our robes. Having the House Crest on the pocket will help and the family crest on the sleeve will also be a nice touch."

"I know just where to go to get all of that," said Emma. "Come with me and we will get it all in the same spot. I know of a cheap place that will sell the stuff to us. We can always buy it in bulk later."

"Certain shops will be obsolete if they don't move up with the times," admitted Harry. "However, it will be better for our world if they match what's going on outside of it. We are going to have to work on some kind of runic system to see if we can get electronic gadgets to work in a magical world. The better it will be, the easier it will be for the students."

"Harry, you come with me," said Emma. "Draco, you go with Hermione. She can get us started on the school supplies while Harry and I get the mock uniforms. We will meet back here in one hour."

With that, the two teams headed out to get what they needed. Draco was impressed with some of the muggle implements that would make his school work so much easier. They filled the shopping cart with multiple items in the colors of red, green, blue, and yellow if possible. They bought all sorts of things for the school and for themselves.

Meanwhile, Harry and Emma were working together to get the uniforms together. They shopped in a different part of the store looking for the shirts that were in the house colors.

"I think that polo style shirts in short sleeve and long sleeve would be best," commented Emma. "They are universal in that both sexes can use them without looking odd. It's easier to find the colors we are looking for as well. With fewer pockets, the outfits won't look so baggy and undesirable. We can always have that seamstress in Diagon Alley work with the clothes."

"If push comes to shove, we can always do a color change on them," commented Harry. "By getting some in the colors that we are looking for, we can show the governors what we are talking about when we present it to them. This will make everyone universal in their houses as well as in the school. Some of the richer kids do like to lord over that they have more money by buying the more expensive things. Those children that are not as rich will have a better chance of blending in than others. I'm sure for our demonstration we can get Filius to put the house emblems on the shirts for us. It's a simple enough spell, but I would feel better if he does it instead of me. As we don't have any Ravenclaws on the island, I can always wear their uniform so that the Board can see what it looks like."

"That's a good idea," admitted Emma as they placed the clothes into the cart. "We need to go and pay for this stuff now. We can always have one of the professors use an enlarging charm on them to fit better. That way we don't have to worry about size at the moment. Once we get the approval, we can have Madam Malkin work on sizes and so forth. Also don't forget that Luna is a Ravenclaw. So you DO have all four houses represented."

Harry nodded at that statement as they met up with Hermione and Draco. Once they paid for their items, they headed out. Fawkes flashed them back home when they were out of sight of the public. From there, they sought out Minerva, Filius, Pomona, and Gran. They were in luck as Albus, Tom, and Amelia was on the island talking with the members.

"Ah Harry," said Augusta as she held Colton. "Neville says that you wanted to speak to the Board of Governors. What is it that you need to talk with them about specifically?"

"Morvolo and I were discussing maybe bringing the magical world up to date so to speak," began Harry. "We have some items here that will make it easier for the students to blend in, do better with their writing, and have an easier time keeping all of their notes together so that they don't get lost or separated."

"We also worked to get a more comfortable uniform that will not be so bulky or uncomfortable," said Emma. "We feel that if the students were all wearing similar clothing, they would not have to worry about who has money and who doesn't."

"My goal for Hogwarts is to have everyone equal while they are training and studying," stated Harry. "We can have them all wearing the same type of clothing in the same material. Quills and parchment are hard to use. If we start using pens and notebooks or even binders and loose leaf paper, we will have an easier time with the grades and such if the professors can actually read what we are writing. If we are successful, we can always have a little shop inside of Hogwarts that sells pens, paper, and binders and so forth."

Harry and Hermione pulled out the writing implements and got to work showing the assembled adults what they were talking about. When they were done, they presented them to the professors and waited.

"This will definitely make things easier," stated Albus as he examined an ink pen. "Quills are easy to break and messier to write with than this thing. This notebook keeps everything together and makes it easier for the students to keep their work together. By having multiple binders, you can turn in your work while still taking notes inside of your notebooks. Do I have all of my terminology correct?"

"Yes," laughed Harry. "That's what I was thinking. By writing our names on the binders and so forth with markers or even a spell, the students can all personalize their belongings how they want so long as the original house color stays the same."

"That would be a good thing," said Tom as he examined some of the items they brought. "This report cover will also be great as the professor can see before they even begin who is writing it and so forth. I like this and think I can start using them myself to help with my own studies and so forth."

"Very well," said Augusta. "I expect you all to have everything ready within two days to present to the Board. While Harry may own Hogwarts, it is still polite to ask. Have one person represent each house. That way, they can see the complete works. This will make things a LOT easier on the students. Were you still in school, I would award you all fifty points each."

Laughing, the teens got to work on getting everything ready. Harry and Hermione taught the others how to use the implements and they began to transfer their notes, reports, and other schoolwork into the binders and notebooks. Each student was having a grand time getting their work to look neater and present it with a smile on their faces.

"Nicely done Harry," said Albus as he help Hope. "This is exactly what Tom and I were talking about. You are using your mind to make things happen. Just because your earlier years were hard doesn't mean that you older ones have to be. You are a bright and creative young man. You have the ability to see things done in a way that many would scoff at and belittle you for."

Harry was smiling. He knew that Albus was proud of him. At that time, Hope lost her breakfast all over his robes. The teens were busy snickering in their hands as Albus sat there with baby vomit in his beard and clothes.

"She doesn't like to be rocked so fast," explained Poppy as she took the crying infant from him. "Her stomach is more sensitive than that of the boys. I don't know how many times I have to tell you that. Come on little one. I'll make you feel better."

Harry waved his wand and cleaned the old wizard while Poppy headed out with Hope to soothe her stomach. He was still chuckling at the remembered sight. Albus shot him a look that promised retribution if he continued.

"We did warn you," said Harry unfazed by the look. "Not all babies like to feel they are on a roller coaster. Never having children of your own, you wouldn't know that. It's not our fault you didn't listen."

"Maybe," admitted Albus. "Do you have to keep laughing at me? That formula made it stink. Plus it will take forever to get the smell out of my beard."

"Of course we have to laugh at you," said Tom who was highly amused sitting there with Alexander in his arms. "It's not every day we see the great Albus Dumbledore drenched in baby puke."

Minerva and Narcissa were quietly laughing behind Albus. He turned and saw them and threw them all a scowl. Even Augusta was chuckling at the remembered sight. When Tom made his proclamation, it became all the funnier.

"Now that I have given you all something to laugh at, I think I shall return to Hogwarts," huffed Albus. "I can tell when I'm the brunt of a joke. For the record, I'm not amused."

"Oh come on Albus," said Harry with a grin. "If you didn't love us, you wouldn't still be here bearing it all with grace and dignity. Hope didn't mean it. It WAS your fault. We do love you even if you are senile."

"Senile am I?" asked Albus pulling out his wand and chasing him out of the room. "I'll show you senile you cheeky little brat. Stand still so that I can properly hex you. I think I'm going to give you a taste of what Hope did to me."

"What's going on?" asked Severus entering and walking over to Tom to take Alex from him. "Why is Albus chasing Harry? Please tell me that he isn't going to hurt him."

"Albus rocked Hope a little too much and her stomach protested," explained Draco fighting to not laugh. "We have been teasing Albus about it and he is getting even with Harry for calling him senile."

"That would do it," said Severus smiling down at his newest godchild. "Even if it is the truth, Harry shouldn't have said that to his face."

"I HEARD THAT SEVERUS SNAPE," said Albus coming into the room. "You have no idea how lucky you are that you are holding my great grandson. I would teach you a lesson about calling me names."

"Pfft," said Severus waving him off. "You are just upset that someone is actually telling it to your face. I'm not scared of you. Now be gone before I drop a house on you. You don't scare me. I'll prove it to you when we get back to Hogwarts."

"Ah a challenge," retorted Albus happily. "I will teach you, you young upstart. I'll turn all of your clothes bright neon pink. I am gifted in Transfiguration you know. I'll make you sorry for that."

"Bring it on old man," said Severus unconcerned. "I think I am a match for you any day. I may have to figure out how to turn some of your clothes off. The brightness of some of them gives me headaches just looking at them."

By now, no one was masking their mirth. All were laughing at the banter. Even Tom was chuckling at the verbiage going back and forth. Everyone knew that everyone was playing, and that made it all the more special.

"I think we have the most dysfunctional family in existence," said Harry leaning up against Oliver and catching his breath. "This has turned out to be a great day and I will treasure this memory for a long time. There is lots of love and compassion in this room. To see the Dark Lord laughing at the banter is a bonus. I love my family. I love each and every part of it. All of the good and the bad combined is what makes this so special."

"You are a good man Harry," whispered Oliver kissing him on the neck. "It's your heart and compassion that makes so many different factions work well together. I have no doubt that the Board will agree with the proposed changes once they see the benefit in it all. I'll go to Diagon Alley once they approve and get the shop owner to start supplying the stuff. If we show them that the students will start buying it, they won't lose out on what they are doing. We also have to teach the students how to use this stuff. All will work out how it's supposed to in the end."

A few days later, Harry and company received word that the Board was ready to meet with them to see the changes being proposed. By this time, Harry had all of the uniforms finished with the help of Minerva and Filius. Luna would represent Ravenclaw, Draco would represent Slytherin, Hermione would represent Gryffindor, and Susan would represent Hufflepuff. Each outfit was done in the correct colors. All of the ladies were wearing skirts and Draco was wearing slacks. Each had their binders, notebooks, pens, and reports ready to go in a backpack. When they were ready, Harry had Albus clear the Gryffindor common room so they could head to Hogwarts.

They were quickly escorted to the room where the Board of Governors was sitting. Lucius was sitting with Augusta as both were on the board. When the four students walked in wearing the new uniform, the members all looked at them in appreciation and interest.

"What we are wearing for you today is an idea," began Harry. "Hogwarts and the wizarding world are behind the times. People no longer wear robes, cloaks, and other things. What I have here is an idea. Each house is represented by colors. Therefore, the uniform of each house is such. The skirts that all of the girls are wearing can be substituted for slacks. In winter, the castle gets cold and wearing a skirt isn't going to be comfortable for them. Each set of slacks or skirts can be either khaki or black. The tops are in the house color."

"I actually like the look," said Lucius looking carefully at what his son was wearing. "It is tasteful without being overdone. The house crest is still on the top while we know who is where by what color they are wearing. What are you suggesting we do about the first years that aren't sorted yet?"

"They wear white until they get sorted," answered Hermione pointing to Harry's outfit. "We have also had the idea of the Prefects and Head Boy and Girl wear a different color entirely. We were thinking that they could wear purple so that they stand out a bit for those that are in need of them. For the first years, once they are sorted, the house elves can use their magic to change the color of their shirts just as easily as putting their house symbol on them. I know from experience that wearing a tie was hard at times. This way, the atmosphere in the classroom is more comfortable for the students."

"I like it," said Madam Marchbanks. "It's efficient, as well as, practical and an overall good design. I think we should implement this into the curriculum. This will be much easier to wear than robes."

"What about the protective coverings for potions?" Amelia asked curiously. "What are the students going to use for that particular class?"

"Regular cooking aprons," said Harry. "Sleeves from the robes tend to get singed. Some students just aren't careful with what they are doing. By eliminating the danger, we are eliminating the number of students heading to the infirmary. Regular cooking aprons will cover their torso and as far down as their knees."

Draco handed Harry an apron and watched as he put it on to show the members of the panel. Severus nodded in acceptance of the apron.

"This would work just as well if not better," he told them. "Lord Potter is right when he says that there are many accidents involving careless students setting their clothing on fire. Also getting their clothing in the potions makes them volatile or useless. By having LESS clothing in danger of being in the way, the potion averages should rise in success."

"Very well," said Lucius. "I see no reason why we can't allow the new uniforms. We shall send letters out to the parents immediately so that they can get their children what is needed. I commend you on the presentation. It was well thought out and well executed."

"We aren't done yet," said a happy Harry as he opened his book bag and pulled out some items. "I have here a notebook, binder, a report I did for Transfiguration, an ink pen, a pencil, and some loose leaf paper."

Draco, Hermione, and Susan pulled theirs out as well. Each student handed their items to the Board and showed them what they were and how to use them. The Board members were excited to see a neat report set up for their perusal. Looking into the binders, they found notes ready and set in an organized fashion. Harry showed them how to use an ink pen. This was the success that he was waiting for. It was immediately decided that this was easier and neater.

Severus looked over at Harry and gave him a sly wink. Harry grinned in return and waited for the excitement to die out. When it was done, he explained that each student would need to make sure they brought money with them to supply them with the correct colors.

"I was thinking that a small store could be set up with each of the Heads of House," stated Harry. "This way, the students could buy what they needed from their Head of House when they ran out of paper, pens, or what have you. This way, we don't have to worry about them having to scrounge around and worry about what color to buy when they first come to Hogwarts."

"We can even go as far as to just add it to the tuition and supply them with the needed supplies," suggested Severus. "I think adding a little more to the tuition for each year will see to it that they don't need to worry about running out. They can just go to their Head of House and get more when they run out. We will only charge them, if they are wasting the supplies. For those that want extras, they can purchase them. This way, their school needed items are for that purpose, and their non-school related items are separated."

"This will make things so much easier all the way around," admitted Amelia. "This should improve the grades as well as help the students learn to file their work correctly. It will also help with them NOT losing their notes, work, or reports that are being turned in. I like this idea. It will help the school better."

After a general consent, the Board of Governors all approved Harry's idea. The teens were happy that they were able to help make a change for the better for their fellow year mates and all new students to come into the school.

"We are also going to work on trying to figure out how to combine magic and electricity," said Harry. "This way, we can have better heating systems here in the castle as well as better lights and so forth. Even with the candles and such, sometimes it's hard to see what you are doing. With seeing the boards and such, in magical lights, the reflection is hard."

"Overhead lighting and runic used magical heating devices will go a long way in helping the students settle in more," explained Hermione. "Draco told me that the dungeons are VERY cold and they could use some better lighting and heating down there. This will assist the castle in using less magic to power the heating spells and on the wards to keep the students safe and such. Later things like computers and instructional videos can be used in the classrooms to help the professors teach what they are trying to teach."

For the next hour or so, Harry and his friends talked with the Board of Governors about their ideas on what they were going to try. They explained what each item did and how it could be useful for the education of the students. They talked about some of the classes taught at Hogwarts and how they could improve them. When it was all said and done, the Governors all had their binders full of notes. Harry and Hermione handed each person a report set up in the report covers stating their proposals. Each Governor went away thoughtfully and some were even reading the proposals while they walked.

Overall, the meeting was a success and Harry smiled at how simple it was to make them see how it would benefit the students if they just caused them to work together using the same items rather than everyone trying to outdo each other.

With a happy smile on his face, he returned back to Avalon.

What he didn't know was that there were still problems in the land that needed his attention. Another heir of Le Fay awakened and they knew what they were doing.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – This is as good a place as any to stop. What did you think about me combining magical and muggle technology. Next chapter will introduce the dark heirs.

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