Hidden Island

The Dark Heirs Uncovered

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Chapter 19 – The Dark Heirs Uncovered

The days passed and Harry watched with joy as his three children started to show signs of magic. That each child was also showing signs of intelligence was a plus in Harry's books. He was keeping up with what was going on in Hogwarts while at the same time he was keeping up with his studies. Each student in Avalon was excelling in their work much to the delight of the professors. Harry was even learning healing rather quickly as his Parselmagic was able to give him the magical boost to heal things.

The Ministry of Magic was also aware of how advanced the students were on Avalon. Amelia made sure that all grades were recorded within the Ministry so that when it was time for a graduation ceremony, they would be listed as those that have graduated with honors and what have you. Her niece was on Avalon and she wanted Susan to be recognized as a prominent figure.

Months passed and it was time for the end of the school year. Harry and his friends were astonished to know that it was the end of the school year already. Each person paced as Luna sat her OWLS. As she was the youngest, she was the only one to have to sit her OWLS. The rest had their end of the year exams and were pleased to hear that they passed every course they took with high if not perfect marks. Harry was delighted to hear that he even passed Potions with an O.

The plan for the summer was to concentrate on miscellaneous lesson plans, get their homework done for the summer, and continue to search for the dark heirs. Harry knew they were out there, and something about the situation made him uneasy, it was never a good thing for him to feel uneasy. He worked with Hermione and Albus on a number of different ideas as to how to get the dark heirs to come to the surface and make their presence known.

"I think that I have a solution to your problem," stated Severus one afternoon. "One of the potions that I can train my students with is the heritage potion. It is similar to what the goblins use to discern who is related to whom for inheritances and so forth. We can always have the students doing it as a lesson for the start of the new school year."

"That's an excellent idea," stated Harry grinning at him. "This way, we don't alert them that we want to know who is doing what. If push comes to shove, we can always ask King Ragnok to have the goblins start testing those that have graduated more and more when they come into the bank to claim their status renewal vaults. It would be legal to know about this. They just don't have to tell the one being tested that the information is coming to me as well as the bank should that person be an heir of Le Fey."

"I can help you in a small way as well," interjected Tom. "I can have my followers take the same test. If Severus wants to brew the potion, I can have my minions take the test and find out who is what and where. This will alleviate as many of the dark heirs as possible. Like you, I want these people found so that our lives can be lived in some sort of peace. I may not agree with Dumbledore, but this is a threat that even I can't deal with should it get past this island and its inhabitants. I have plans of my own that don't include the dark heirs causing problems for me. Before anyone asks, it doesn't include a takeover of the magical world. I never wanted that. All I wanted was to show what I could do with the magic. In fact, once this issue has been resolved, I will be leaving Britain. I have made arrangements elsewhere."

This was a surprise for all of those present. Each knew that Tom was more ambitious than many. He was skilled in many forms of magic. That he just wanted to express his knowledge wasn't lost on anyone. His way of going about it was what was wrong. That he was leaving Britain once the threat of Avalon was gone, was what surprised many the most.

"We can ensure that we do something to make it so that they don't know what's going on with the island," stated Hermione thoughtfully, bringing them back to the matter at hand. "I'm sure that by now, more people are starting to wonder why so many of us are no longer at Hogwarts. I'm sure that rumors are floating as to why we never returned once the danger in the castle was eliminated. We have to be able to pinpoint which of the students are intelligent enough to come across information about the final resting place of Merlin Ambrosias."

"Madam Pince and I have gone through the library and we have removed the books that pertain to his resting place," assured Albus. "We felt it was better to take that particular information out of the hands of the students. The only place they would have access to that information would be places like their home libraries and such. The older the family name, the more information they may be able to acquire regarding this topic."

"We also have to wonder if any of the current Hogwarts students were observant in our maneuverings," stated Hermione. "If one of the darker heirs is intelligent enough, they will know that something is going on other than what we have already been doing. It was rather odd that we kept popping up so often and with such ease. I'm sure that someone noticed something somewhere about how Harry was getting to the castle. We can't leave that castle unattended for long in case someone gets the bright idea to come for a visit during the holidays and starts to snoop around."

"We can also get Madam Pince to give you a list of names of the students who had the books that list anything about Merlin's final resting place and what might be with his remains," suggested Draco. "This will give us an edge on who knows more information than the rest about what might possibly be on this island. It's no secret that the island exists. In the magical world, all legends are a reality. It's only when the muggles get ahold of the information that it becomes a legend."

"Most pureblood families are very familiar with the story of Merlin and the Island of Avalon," admitted Narcissa, while Lucius nodded in agreement. "The only advantage that we have at the moment is that it's called Godric's Island. No one really knows that this particular island and Avalon are one and the same. It leaked out that Harry has inherited Godric's Island. We still aren't sure how. We have been looking into it in our spare time and as of yet, we haven't figured out how Rita Skeeter knows this information."

"That's because the bitch is an unregistered animagus," hissed Hermione angrily. "It's possible that she hitched a ride on someone during the reading of Sirius' will. If she did, then she would have heard everything as that part of the bank isn't protected from an animagus."

"What is her form?" asked Amelia with interest. "We can finally get her out of the picture if we know what her form is and how to prevent her from escaping using it."

"She is a beetle," said Harry frowning in anger as well. "She used it during our fourth year to get the scoop on me. She is so small that it's easy for her to hide in plain sight. No one would ever know she is there. I'm starting to think that she needs to be punished for her travesty. I will also be talking to a solicitor about suing the Daily Prophet. I'm sick and tired of that newspaper thinking that my private life is public for everyone to read. I thought we put a stop to it, but apparently I was wrong. It's time to slap them down for thinking that I need all of my personal life splattered across the pages just because I'm Harry freaking Potter."

"Not to worry Harry," assured Albus with a fierce look in his eyes. "We have her this time and I will talk to a solicitor for you and begin the lawsuit. It just so happens that I agree with you that we need to put a stop to Rita and the Prophet. Your personal life is just that. YOURS! For too long now, people have been hounding you for information. Now that you have the three children, your private life needs to be even more private for the safety of my great grandchildren."

"For once, me and this old fool agree on something without a doubt," said Tom as he held Alexander. "We need to put a stop to the public from spreading half-truths and even lies about you. Even I don't believe half the rubbish that they print about you. I even felt a bit of anger on your behalf for some of the things that they say."

"My mate deserves the same respect that everyone else gets," hissed Oliver angrily. "My children deserve to live in a family that is free from gossip mongers like Rita Skeeter. I want that bitch in Azkaban for what she has done to Harry. She is a bane to the society of wizards and witches. I have had enough of her slander of people to last me ten lifetimes. I want her to no longer be able to ruin anyone's life ever again. Someone needs to take that quill of hers and shove it up her ass so that she knows what it feels like to be violated."

"Not to worry," assured Augusta suppressing a grin at the last suggestion. "We will make sure that she goes down for her troubles of the world. When we are done with her, she will wish to stay in her beetle form and not have to worry about what witch or wizard will come after her. Like the rest of you, I'm tired of her slander. Harry is not an object that can be worshipped one day and ridiculed the next. His life is his own and I, for one, intend to make sure that he receives the rest and relaxation that he needs and deserves."

"Thanks Grams," said Harry with a smile. "I appreciate all that you are going to do for me to put a stop to this madness. Getting back on track, we need to talk to Madam Pince. She will know who has taken the most interest in the final resting place of Merlin and Morgana. The sooner we can start eliminating the threats, the better it will be for us. It will be slightly hard as many Ravenclaws will have read the books just for fun. So we need to watch for any students of the families that work for Morvolo. If we can find a pattern, it would be beneficial to us all."

"We will work on that as well," assured Albus. "We will make some headway now that its summer and we have more time to work on it. With Tom and Severus helping us, we can go through the people and find out who is an actual heir while we work on the student aspect of things."

"We can always let me scan the minds of the Death Eaters," suggested Severus. "Lord Voldemort is a skilled Legilimens after all. He can see whose children are passing them information on the subject of Merlin and Morgana. Once that is found, we can question them in a more serious aspect of things. With Bellatrix and Lucius working with us, we can have some answers before too long. As it stands, the Malfoy and Black lines are NOT heirs. They are safe to work with even if Bella is a bit unstable from time to time."

"I will start working on it," assured Tom. "I agree with Severus that it is the best option that we have. Dumbledore can help as well as he is just as skilled in mind magic as I am. Severus has skill as well, so he can assist me in this. The future of magic depends on our success. The sooner we have answers, the sooner we can eliminate the threats. While the light heirs may be allowed to live, I can't guarantee that the dark heirs will survive this."

"I'll pretend that I didn't hear that," said Amelia simply, pretending to cover her ears. "What you do with your minions is something that I don't want to know about. So you didn't just hear me tell you to do what you have to do. The protection of this island and its inhabitants are my number one priority. The Weasleys are a predominant light family. We can ensure that they don't multiply. That would be the worst that would need to be done. If someone with darkness to them should get to this island, we will have a life worse than anything that Grindelwald and Lord Voldemort could do combined with help. So, for once in my career, I'm turning a blind eye on what Morvolo is doing."

Tom nodded his head in acknowledgement to this statement. He knew that when the Head of the DMLE turned a blind eye that he had free reign to do what was necessary to protect those in his care. He had no love for his minions, or for that matter, anyone in general, but he did have a protective streak for his relatives. Harry Potter and the three infants that were being held by the protectors of Avalon were family and even to the Dark Lord, family meant something.

The upcoming days saw a flurry of activity. Those that lived on the island began, and in some cases finished their summer work. They still had their daily exercises and weapons training in the afternoons with Griphook and his family. When the group wasn't playing with and loving the children, they were hard at work with Severus and Narcissa brewing the Heritage Potions that would be given to the Death Eaters. Albus and Tom were busy alternating between the classes for a couple hours each day to teach the teens the more advanced magic that they had learned in their many years and experiences.

To say that the teens were busy was a mild statement. They worked hard and learned what they could. It didn't matter if the person was Albus or Tom. They listened with open eyes, ears, and hearts. From time to time, they sat with Bellatrix and learned combat magic. While Tom and Albus were skilled, Bella was ruthless in a fight and they wanted to know how to be able to defend and duel better.

They had a small issue at first as Bellatrix refused to teach Hermione, but after a few lessons with the Cruciatus Curse from Tom, she bit her lip and did what she was told to do. In Harry's opinion, once she quit with the attitude, she was an able teacher that knew her skills. She taught them how to use some of the simplest of spells to cause the maximum of damage in a short period of time.

"What you need to remember is that not everyone has a powerful magical core," she explained. "Some youngsters, such as yourself, have more power than older wizards due to your lineage. Potter has a very powerful magical core and can fight for longer periods of time without having to worry about draining his core. However people like Granger will tire faster as she has no magical family lineage. I'm not saying she isn't powerful, but she will tire faster than Harry will as he has a stronger core due to his ancestry. So if you use easier spells in more abundance, you can cause just as much damage as the larger and more powerful spells."

"Do we even know why some people have stronger cores than others?" asked Harry with genuine curiosity. "Hermione is a powerful witch, and she is better than me in some things. Why is it that I have a stronger core? Neville has a weaker core than Hermione does as she can cast some spells and he can't. It doesn't make sense."

"I don't think we will ever know why some people have stronger cores than others," stated Tom. "You are a vastly powerful individual. You are putting yourself down for no reason. Miss Granger is stronger than Mr. Longbottom in aggressive magic, but weaker than him in passive magic. It all depends on the person and what they are good at. YOU are good at all forms of magic. Add in that, you can do things which many others can't, and you have a powerful individual. Answer me this, what is each person's strong point in your group?"

"I'm the best in DADA," answered Harry. "Hermione is top in transfiguration, Neville is top in herbology. Draco is top in potions, Susan is top in charms, and Hannah is proving to be a good person with COMC."

"I think you are mistaken in your observation Harry," stated Dumbledore. "We have a list of who is best in what. You are the top in everything except Herbology, and Mr. Longbottom's scores are not but a couple points higher than yours. This is not saying that the rest are not top in their fields, but YOU have surpassed each person in grade. After comparing the test results and scores, you have the TOP grades for your year and are in the top three in grades for all of Hogwarts combined. Luna, Draco, and Hermione are in the top five. Susan and Hannah are in the top ten with Neville sitting at number eleven. This is for the ENTIRE school."

Harry and the others sat there for a few moments processing that information. Each member of their group was high up in standing within the grading system of Hogwarts. From all that Harry had learned, now that the curses and such were lifted, Hogwarts was once again beginning to become the top premier school in Europe.

"Let's get on with finding the dark heirs," stated Harry after he finally digested the information. "The sooner we deal with them, the sooner we can have a somewhat normal life. I want this over with so that Oliver and I can relax knowing that our children will be safe and that the artifacts on this island will eventually be nothing more than a myth that my family guards with a ferocity that would make most dark lords jealous."

"We are already working on the potions," reminded Severus. "They should be done in a matter of days. When we have them complete, we will go through the ranks of the Dark Lord and see who is what and why. Once we have those names, we can cross reference them to the people that are asking about Morgana and Merlin and their final resting places."

"Once we have that information, it will be relatively easy to determine who will be a problem for you and who won't," explained Tom patiently. "I have already begun to scan the minds of my minions as they appear before me for whatever reason I need them for. As you know, no one from the Black family is an heir or has shown any interest in the legends of Morgan Le Fey and Merlin. The Lestranges are also free from that interest. So we know that my top minions are not the heirs or have no interest."

"We will still administer the potion to see if they have her blood in them none the less," assured Severus. "The sooner we know who we have to watch the better. I rather enjoy spending quiet time with my godchildren. It's nice not having to worry about who, what, or where when I'm here. The fact that we are able to keep the light heirs under lock and key is a perk. When we are able to stop the dark heirs, it will be even better."

"I agree with Severus," stated Tom. "I may be the Dark Lord, but blood is everything to me. You, and these three babes are family, and I won't let anyone hurt you in any way. It all boils down to how many of us are left. The wizarding world has made an error in what I really want. I don't want to dominate muggles. I want to protect wizard kind. We are severely outnumbered and in some areas, outclassed. What I do makes it so that we have more to work with to defend ourselves from them. While we don't get burned at the stake anymore, we are still a threat to their ways of life. They will still want to eliminate that which they don't understand. I strive to insure that we don't need to worry as much."

"I actually agree with him on this," said Severus to the shock of all sitting in the room. "They do prejudices against that which they don't understand. Harry's relatives are a prime example. They hated what they didn't know and were afraid of. Thus, the muggles try and destroy something that is as natural to us as breathing air. We will get them out of the picture somehow. We just have to know who they are and what their intentions are. It will all work out as it's supposed to."

"My main concern is the safety of my children," stated Harry with a fond glance at each of his babies. "I wonder if it's possible to get the heirs to start fighting amongst themselves. If they do, we can let them kill each other and not have to do the job ourselves. I know we would be ultimately responsible, but at least we won't be involved in some of the fighting. We can keep to ourselves quietly here on the island while they kill each other."

"That's a brilliant idea," exclaimed Minerva. "This way, we can defend the island, protect the children, and keep our family safe while the heirs wipe each other out in their greed. We would need to plan how we are going to pit them against one another though. I don't want to have to resort to unethical means to get the job done. Arthur and his remaining family are still innocent in this matter."

"What makes you think that there aren't more than one set of dark heirs?" asked Oliver with a raised eyebrow. "We don't want the remaining Weasleys hurt any more than you do. However, their descendants COULD be a threat to this island in the future. Not all light families stay light and not all dark families stay dark."

"The sad part about most of this is that some of the pureblood family lines will more than likely be wiped out of existence due to this war," said Neville wisely. "Both light and dark heirs ARE a threat to this island. Ginny is from a light family and look what happened with her and Ronald. Both turned darker than Morvolo in their quest for riches, fame, and glory. In school, Draco was a prat, but he turned out to be a very good friend and an able tutor to those of us that needed it. He is a nice guy under his tough exterior. It's all about interpretation and where people's minds are."

Everyone in the room stood and applauded Neville. That was the most he had said in any gathering. When he stated his thoughts, people tended to listen to him as they were well said and thought out. Even Tom was impressed with his logic.

"We will begin in a few days," stated Tom. "Once Albus checks with Pince to see if there are any students that were interested in the Le Fey lineage, we can start with those first and work our way through the ranks of my minions. I suggest that we get started on what we can do while waiting for the potions to brew. I know that Harry and his group are helping Severus brew the potions as part of their summer work. I also know that they have other homework to do as they are going to be entering their final year of school. Your education is just as important as finding the heirs. Let those of us that HAVE already graduated, work on some of this while you get your training done. We are more than capable of doing things on our own."

Everyone laughed at the sheepish grin on Harry's face. They knew he wanted to be in the thick of it all, but with so much going on, he didn't have as much time as he wanted. With the final words from Tom, the group all split up to get their projects done. Each person headed to a different part of the castle to get their portion of the work finished.

Severus and Tom made their way to Malfoy Manor with Lucius. Both men wanted to get to work on dealing with the dark heirs. The sooner it was found out who they were the better it would be for Harry and the group on Avalon.

"May I speak honestly with you Sir?" Severus asked Tom. "I have questions going through my head and I am curious about certain things. I don't want to overstep my bounds, but my curiosity is eating me alive."

"Questions are the foundation of knowledge Severus," answered Tom. "I have an idea of what your questions are about. By all means ask. I will not punish you for wanting to know. I am more relaxed now than I was before and I know you are loyal despite your work for Dumbledore. We have bigger enemies to deal with than who will rule Britain."

"Thank you My Lord," stated Severus. "I was just wondering why you decided to start working with Lord Potter. I know that family means everything, but you wanted him dead for the longest time. He is more or less the head of the Slytherin Family. What changed to let you work with him rather than against him, especially when the prophesy states that one or the other is to kill the opposite?"

"This is actually a good question," said Tom after a moment of thought. "We know that Dumbledore wanted us to fight, but there were other players in the game that started some of the fights. I was blamed for much that I didn't do or was involved in. Therefore, I have no qualms about siding with Harry. If one looks at the prophecy closely, they will see that it has already been fulfilled. Harry destroyed my diary in his second year. Therefore, the two of us do not need to fight anymore. I am content to assist him in defending what was charged to us before we were even born. He is not actively seeking me out to fight and I will do the same with him. We are going to stop the heirs from destroying our world all the way around. He is just a perk to the whole thing being an heir to two founders rather than one. That he is the heir to Merlin is even better. Let's not forget that though I am powerful, as is Albus, Harry is more powerful still. While I am not afraid of Harry, I will not actively seek a fight with him due to the damage that the two of us can cause. The outcome would be devastating. It is just simpler to let bygones be bygones and everyone move on with their lives. This way, we all get something that we want."

"He is a very intelligent young man," admitted Severus. "I wanted to hate him because he looks like James Potter. I find myself wanting to assist him in being the best that he can be. He is a delight to teach despite looking like my nemesis. He does have his mother's flare after all. She was highly intelligent and I miss her."

"I do regret having to kill her," admitted Tom. "I respect powerful people. She was powerful. Things happened for a reason and it was just her time. Had she lived then Harry wouldn't be alive and one more heir of Slytherin would have perished. Had that happened, then Harry wouldn't be the owner of Avalon and the world may have already descended into darkness by now with the heirs."

"Well, the potion shall be done in a few days," said Severus. "From there, we can start finding out who is who and who we need to deal with. You have my full support in all of this My Lord. I want the heirs finished as soon as possible. While we may not catch them all, we CAN get as many of them as possible. The more of them that are out of the picture, the easier the lives of those who defend Avalon will be."

"Have the Weasleys been taken care of yet?" asked Tom. "I know you don't want them dead, but we need to make sure that they can no longer procreate. It wouldn't be in our best interest to have an offspring in the future that can cause problems."

"So far we have eliminated most of their abilities to reproduce," assured Severus. "For all intents and purposes, we hit the Prewett family as well. We don't want any of them to be able to have any more children. That's not to say that we haven't missed some, but we got the majority of them. There is no way to get all of them as we don't know how many there are exactly. Those that we DO know of have been hit with the charms to prevent them from having offspring."

"I think I know who the dark heirs are, but I want to be sure," remarked Tom with a sigh. "I suspect the Parkinsons and the Davis'. Both have children in Hogwarts that are highly intelligent. Both have family issues. Both have been dark families for generations. We know that they could pose a threat to us if they get their hands on the island. There is also a chance that there is an unknown heir out there somewhere that none of us know of. If that happens, then the Potter line will HAVE to continue to produce heirs so that there will always be a Potter to defend the final resting place of both Merlin and Morgana."

"I do have to say that Parkinson and Davis are both intelligent enough to find out information and send it to their parents," sighed Severus. "Once we finish the potions, we can make sure that they are the first to be tested for the bloodline. Where will you go when you leave Britain if you don't mind me asking?"

"I'll be heading to Bulgaria," answered Tom. "You will remain here. You are one of the few that I don't want to follow me. You are needed here to help keep an eye out on the safety of my niece and nephews. When I leave, it will be permanent. Durmstrang will welcome some of my ideals. While Dumbledore is working with me at the moment, it doesn't mean he and I won't continue to butt heads from time to time. I want as few problems for my relatives as possible. This is the easiest way to prevent that from happening again. Now that things are going well for all parties involved, it's time to make sure that we keep them going in the right direction."

"Thank you for thinking of me," said Severus in a soft voice. "I like knowing that I will be able to stay near my godchildren. I will do everything in my power to keep them safe once you leave. They are the future and the future is coming faster than we want it to. Time will tell just what that future holds. I have to get back to my lab now. I'll keep you posted as to when the potions are done and are able to be used. The sooner we get this mess taken care of the sooner we can all relax. As Harry says, it's time to finish all of this."

Voldemort waved him away as he had other things he wanted to get done that day as well. He knew that if Severus stated it was going to be done, that it would get done. There was little to worry about.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I thank you for your patience with this story. There will only be another 2 chapters at most in this story. Now that we know who the dark heirs are, I can make sure to get them taken care of. This story has always been about family and home. The action that we do give isn't supposed to make the story. Thanks for everything.

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