Hidden Island

To Battle the Darkness

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Chapter 20 – To Battle the Darkness

Severus worked hard to make the potions. He watched over them carefully to ensure that nothing upset the delicacy of the brews. Once they were done, he bottled them carefully and made his way to Albus.

"Albus," he called. "The potions are done. I will be out of the castle for a few hours so that I can bring them to the Dark Lord. He will want to test all of his followers so that we can ascertain that there are no hidden heirs within his ranks. We want to eliminate as many of the threats as possible from getting onto Avalon."

"I'll make sure that there is no way for anyone to get through the portal on this side," assured Albus. "Please pass my well wishes to Tom for me. While he and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum, we both want the same thing when it comes to the safety of the people and items on Avalon. Once you return, we can go and visit Harry and his children."

With a small smile on his face, Severus left the castle and made his way to Malfoy Manor where he knew the Dark Lord had taken temporary residence. Upon arriving, he went to inform Tom that he had three dozen vials of the potion ready for consumption. This was met with good grace and review.

"I need your arm so that I can summon them," stated Voldemort while he held out his hand for Severus' arm. "Once we find all the dark heirs, I will alter your mark so that it will only work when I need YOU specifically. That way, you won't have to leave Britain every time I send out a summons. You will still be in my employ for potions. As there is no law stating that you can't make them for me, you will be well off in your own way. From there, we need you to make sure that the rate of healers, potion masters, and Aurors increase in the British Isles."

"I can start allowing students with an EE into my NEWT classes," remarked Severus as Tom touched his wand to the mark on his forearm. "This will give more students a chance to become a healer or Auror in their career choices. We want people able to assist in the upcoming wars if there are any."

Voldemort nodded his head and he and Severus watched as the minions entered the room in groups ranging from one to four at a time. When they were all assembled, Tom waited patiently as Severus brought forth the vials of potions and had them float to each and every member in the room. From there, charmed parchment was also sent to each person.

"You are to drink the potion," instructed Tom. "Once you are done, you will prick your finger and let seven drops of blood fall on the parchment. We are doing a heritage test with a new type of potion that Severus created. We want to see if it worked. If it has, then we will get to see some of your ancestry that we may not know existed. You may begin."

Bellatrix, Lucius, and those that were in on the plan immediately took the potion and followed the instructions. They knew that the potion was not a new one, but they didn't want to raise questions in those that were the heirs. Severus also did the test to prove to the others that the right hand men and women of the Dark Lord were showing support.

When each person had done the task, Voldemort lazily flicked his wand and summoned all of the parchments. He summoned Severus, Lucius, and Bellatrix over and they all began to read. There was a moment of surprise when both Rabastan and Rodolphus showed that they were in fact heirs. Bellatrix wasn't an heir as she was a Black by birth. True to their predictions, both Parkinson and Davis were heirs meaning that Pansy and Tracy and their siblings were also heirs.

"So it seems we have a few issues that we need to address," stated Voldemort. "When I call your name, you will step forward. If I don't call your name, your heritage test will be given back to you and you are free to leave. However, you will start getting your financial affairs into order as we will be leaving the British Isles and moving to Bulgaria. You have one month to get all of your affairs in order. We leave before September first."

The group all stood there and waited. Voldemort had Severus, Lucius and Bellatrix all stand near him. The others in the room knew that something was going on, but they weren't sure what. Slowly, Severus and Lucius began handing the tests to certain minions and Voldemort watched them go quietly. He knew they would do what he told them to. Some of these people were extremely loyal to the cause.

"Parkinson," called Voldemort. "You along with the Lestranges, Davis, and Greengrass will step forward immediately. The rest of you will get to work with the job that I have given you."

Those not called bowed and left with their heritage parchments in hand. Voldemort looked at the rest of the assembled group in front of him. They watched him in fear as they didn't know what he wanted with them.

"Greengrass, you have remained neutral during the war between me and Dumbledore," he stated simply. "For that reason, I am releasing you and your family from my service. I'm aware that you support both sides, and you have my word that you and your family will remain safe. Leave in good health knowing that you have my gratitude for the help that you did give to my faction of the war. Once we leave England, you will not have to worry about me coming back for you or your family."

Adrian Greengrass bowed low and then with a smile he left the room. Once he was gone, Voldemort looked at the remaining people in front of him. The four men were all fidgeting nervously. Each knew they had good reason. Voldemort never did things without a perfectly good reason for doing so.

"We have a situation that requires some information," stated Voldemort. "There are certain issues that I have with each of you that will NOT be tolerated. The four of you have a certain job that needs to be done and you will do so immediately. Once you have completed the tasks that I assign you, you will return here. If you do not, then you will be hunted down and killed. Make no mistake in the thought that you will be able to get away from me and my demands."

"What is it that you wish of us My Lord?" asked Rabastan slowly but steadily. "We live only to serve you and your goal in eradicating the world of the pollution to our pure blood. What you need of us to do, we will gladly undertake it."

"Parkinson and Davis, I want all of your children present immediately," said Voldemort. "You will present them to me within the next twenty four hours or feel my wrath. From there, I will have more instructions for you. For now, go and get some of your affairs in order. I have further need of you, but I need other things first."

With a stiff bow, both men left the room. Both were wondering why their children were singled out like that. Both had a healthy respect for their Master, but both worried about their children. The legacy that was there was a long one to pass on to the next generation. When both men were gone, Lucius made sure they were alone before Voldemort turned to the two Lestrange brothers.

"I have a special task for the two of you," he hissed. "It would seem that those two families are not as loyal as they appear to be. I want you to eliminate their families. I want fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, and anyone else related to them eliminated. Do this for me and you will be handsomely rewarded. Bellatrix will go with you to ensure that you don't miss anyone. Leave Parkinson and Davis with their offspring alone. However, I want the rest of their families wiped out of existence."

The brothers both nodded at this statement. Both were secretly thinking that this was going to be best for them in the long run. Neither had any idea as to what would happen to them should they disobey nor did they want to find out. Both had a healthy appetite when it came to torture and murder of those who opposed their master. They would do what he asked because both knew it would mean their lives if they didn't.

"We will leave immediately with your permission," said Rodolphus bowing low. "We will send you reports every four to six hours on our progress. This will let you know who we have eliminated in that time frame. Some of them are going to be easy to find while others won't be. We will not stop until we get them all."

Voldemort shared a look with Bella as he waved the brothers away. She knew immediately what he wanted and went to join her former husband and brother in law. She would work with them in eliminating the threat to Avalon. She was not stupid enough to think that this was over for her former husband and his brother. The will of the Lestranges was still in place to the effect that if something happened to either of them, then she would inherit the wealth of the family. It didn't matter that she was no longer married to him, she would still inherit. They were still acting like a married couple even if technically they weren't.

When the three were gone, Voldemort turned to Severus and Lucius.

"We are going to move out as soon as most of this is done," he said. "Make sure you are ready to leave on my word. Severus, get word to both Dumbledore and Harry that we are on the move against the Dark Heirs. We want Harry to relax a little and enjoy his life a bit more. He is working hard to defend what we need him to defend. He deserves what we are doing for him and he will get it if I have anything to say on the matter. While he and Dumbledore are working on the light heirs, we will eliminate the dark heirs."

Severus bowed to Voldemort before he left. Before he was able to get far, Voldemort called him back and altered his Dark Mark. Severus smiled at him and then left to do his job.

"You will be my personal bodyguard," explained Voldemort to Lucius. "You still have some access to the Malfoy vaults and the Malfoy homes, but for the most part, Narcissa and Draco have it. Let that well enough alone. I will send word to Harry to allow you a portion of the vaults and we can get established again in Bulgaria. I believe that if they let you have some of the money and any homes in Bulgaria, that we can work with that and let the rest of YOUR family live their lives in peace. You have been a faithful servant, and Narcissa will make sure that you son and my nephew are safe."

"It will be as you wish," assured Lucius. "I'll send word to Narcissa, Draco, and Harry as to what we would like, and we can fill out all of the paperwork. Once that is done, we can get the goblins to move what I'm being given to Bulgaria. If all goes according to plan, I can have everything done in a matter of days, and we can send one of the more trustworthy minions to get our stuff set up in one of the Manors in Bulgaria. The more of our troops we move out, the better it will be. As they will need some place to go, it is best if we let them stay in a central location for a short period of time until they begin to get established. I would be more than willing to work on this project while you work on other elements that you have in mind."

"Make it so," commanded Voldemort with a nod. "You will take your place as my first in command with Bellatrix as my second in command. For now, I must rest. We have much to do and I need to be prepared. Have your house elves begin to pack up as much of our belongings as you can. Once you have a home for us in Bulgaria, send them with our belongings there. I have no doubt that the books of Slytherin will be safe with Harry and I may have access to them at any time I wish."

Lucius bowed as he left to get things done. His first stop was to Hogwarts to get Albus to send for Harry and Draco. When the boys were able to come through, they sat together and discussed what was desired. Harry and Draco looked to one another and both agreed immediately with Lucius' desires. Harry sent word to Ragnok to get the paperwork started.

"Once he is done, we will sign all documents giving you one half of the Malfoy fortune, and all homes in Bulgaria that are owned by either me or Draco," assured Harry. "From there, we can all relax as we are all handling things as they are supposed to be handled. Now that we have most of the Weasley and Prewett clan unable to have children, we can make sure that we keep the light heirs at bay. Albus is looking into family trees for us to see if we missed some other families that might be related. We don't want any unexpected surprises. I would ask what Voldemort is doing to the dark heirs, but something tells me that I'm better off NOT knowing."

"It was proven that Parkinson, Davis, and oddly enough, the Lestrange brothers are all dark heirs," reported Lucius. "We have things well under control for now. It is as you say in that you don't want to know what he is doing. The less you know, the better you will feel. Just know that we have the best of the best on that particular situation and things will be easier for you. You just concentrate on the light heirs and leave the dark ones to us. If all goes according to plan, we will be out of the country by the end of the month."

"I know that we have more time to work with things," stated Harry with a small smile. "Now that Morvolo is assisting us with this, I can concentrate on getting the rest of my schooling done. Thanks to Narcissa, I'm learning how to work with being the head of the Ancient families and how to manage a household. People like Hermione and Draco want to teach when they graduate. Therefore, they will be leaving the island after they graduate so that they can continue their education to enter into that world."

"What are you going to do after you graduate from school?" asked Lucius with interest and ease. "Do you have any idea as to what you would like to do with your life after your time at Hogwarts is done?"

"I'm going to study on my own," said Harry with a grin. "I have the books of Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Merlin to study. I can maybe make new potions, spells, and other things that will assist the magical world in becoming better. I want to study laws, and dealings with the wizarding world. I will take my spot as Head of House for Potter, Black, and Gryffindor with the Wizengamot. Maybe I can head that organization so that I have something to do in the middle of all the studying that I want to do."

"Those are very aspiring goals to work on," said Lucius with a smile. "I can also see Draco working as a Professor. He is skilled in different types of magic. I know you rarely hear me say it, but I AM proud of you and your accomplishments Draco. You have surpassed all of my expectations and I wish you the best for you and your mother."

"Thank you father," said Draco with a blush to his cheeks. "I know that we have our differences, but I also wanted to be the best that I can be. I will make myself a name in this world in one fashion or another. With me taking over the British half of our family, I can make sure that our name cleans up. With me becoming a professor, I can ensure that others learn what it means to be a human instead of propagating what type of blood one has. We get so involved in who is pure blood and who isn't that we lose sight of what it means to be a witch or wizard. Hermione is a muggle born and she has just as much power as many of the pure bloods. She has even more power in some instances than others."

"She will be a fine wife for you," said Lucius to the surprise of everyone listening. "She is intelligent, brave, and powerful. She will match you in every aspect of the word. I did love your mother. However we would not have married had it not been a pre-arranged wedding. We did eventually come to love one another. Having you made it possible. Stay strong in your beliefs and don't make the same mistakes that I have."

Draco nodded his head in understanding. He knew that Lucius loved him. He also knew that things had changed. Time was a factor in this. The man that was his father had gone from pride, to hate, to love during the workings with those that lived on Avalon. He knew that from this moment on that Lucius would never harm him or his mother ever again in this life.

Harry was in thought for what he wanted in life as well. After bidding Lucius goodbye, he worked with Albus for while going over books that had the family tree of many families in it. Some of the families no longer lived in Europe or were so weak that they would never cause a problem, but they recorded them anyway to ensure that they could be watched in the future.

Twenty four hours later, Parkinson and Davis were standing in front of the Dark Lord with their children as requested. Bella had been given a special job and while she did work with the brothers on eliminating the family lines of the two men, she has a second job on top of it. She was to leave for a bit here and there and take care of the Lestrange family tree as well.

Voldemort sat in his chair and studied the people before him. He knew that they were a danger to the world of magic even if they were ignorant of the reason why. He spent the evening working on what he wanted to do with them.

"I have decided that you and your families are to be under my constant supervision," declared Voldemort. "You have done things that I don't approve of and we are going to correct that. First and foremost, you and your children will all take a special potion. It will make me trust you just a bit more once you do."

"My children have done nothing wrong," stated Parkinson boldly interrupting him. "If I have done something to displease you, I beg that you don't take it out on my children. They are innocent in all of this. If the punishment must be meted out, I plead with you to punish just me. Pansy is my only child. She has lived by your doctrine in Hogwarts and has made life miserable for some of the mudbloods in the school."

"CRUCIO," hissed Voldemort holding the spell for a minute. "I didn't ask you to speak nor do I require it. If I ever hear you talk over me again, it will cost you your life. As it is, it will cost you something more precious than that. Lucius, I believe you know the spells to check if someone is pregnant or not?"

"I do my Lord," stated Lucius. "Do you wish me to check the Parkinson and Davis wives for possible offspring?"

"That is precisely what I want you to do," answered Voldemort looking at both of the men quivering before him. "Ensure they can never reproduce again. If either is pregnant, I wish to know of it. You will ensure that the pregnancy fails."

"As you wish," said Lucius before bowing and leaving. "I will have it done before the hour is up. If they are pregnant, shall I bring the wives before you?"

"Yes," replied the Dark Lord. "If they are bring them to me so that I can talk with them."

Lucius nodded before leaving to finish the task. Voldemort sat there while he was gone and studied the two men and their daughters before him. All four nervously stared anywhere but at their master. About twenty minutes later, Lucius returned with both women.

"Both were pregnant," he stated plainly. "Neither is pregnant any longer, nor will they be able to have children in the future. Both have been brought to you as you requested."

Voldemort raised his wand at both women and both dropped to the floor dead moments later. The Killing Curse is quick and painless.

"You were told to bring me your families," hissed Voldemort. "You attempted to hide the fact that these two girls are not your only children. This is just the problem that I have with the two of you. I can't trust you to follow order. Your daughters will step forward immediately."

Pansy and Tracy stepped forward cautiously. Neither wanted to upset the Dark Lord any further than he already was. When they reached the spot he indicated, both dropped to their knees.

"I will spare both your lives," Voldemort told them. In exchange for your lives, I want two things. You will take this potion, and you will take my mark. As you know, to take my mark, you have to kill someone to prove you are worthy. Miss Parkinson, you enjoy tormenting those not of pureblood. You will be moved to a place where the blood is purer. While Miss Davis is a half-blood, she will be joining you. So tell me what you wish. Do you wish to join your mothers or do you wish to join me?"

"I wish to join you," said Pansy immediately. "I wish to further the glory that you bring to those that are not pure of blood for the wizarding world. I have always worked in your name to bring satisfaction and power to the Slytherin name and standard."

At Voldemort's nod, Lucius handed the potion to the girl. She took it and immediately drank it. Within moments, she started to cramp up. Shock passed across her face as she struggled to keep from crying out at the discomfort. Within moments, she was handed a second potion to clear up all problems that may arise by Severus. Everyone looked to Tracy. She was white as a ghost, but she stated she wanted to live rather than die. She too, took the potion and within moments, she was in the same state Pansy had been moments before. It wasn't long before both girls were told to stand.

"You have been given a potion that will prevent you from ever being able to reproduce," informed Voldemort. "We don't want your bloodline to continue. Therefore, we are stopping it with you. You claim that you want to join me to help continue my work. Both of you seem like intelligent young women. Therefore, you have to kill someone to take my mark. Should you kill the person that I want you too, I can have you trained by some of the best. There are a few stipulations that go with this training."

"May I ask what they are?" a nervous Tracy voiced. "What would you have us do, and how is it to be done?"

"Very wise of you to ask," hissed Voldemort with an evil laugh. "You will be trained by Bellatrix in the art of magic. You will also have training in defense. The other stipulations are as follows. You will become the heads of your families. You will move with us to Bulgaria. You will leave Hogwarts and never return to it. Both of you will never mention ANYTHING negative about Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Susan Bones, or Hanna Abbot ever again. Is that acceptable to you girls?"

"Yes," answered Pansy promptly while Tracy could only nod. "Who is it that we have to kill? That still makes me nervous as I have never killed anyone before."

"I'm so glad that you asked," Voldemort sneered looking at the two men. "As your fathers feel its ok to lie to me and keep secrets from me, you will both kill your fathers. From there, you will take my mark and work within my ranks. You will replace your fathers as my minions. You both know the words, and you know the wand movements. It's time to prove that you are worthy to be in my service."

Both girls looked scared at the thought of murdering their own fathers. Both men were equally nervous. Neither was sure what it was that they had done wrong. Both knew that something had happened that they were unaware of for the wrath of the Dark Lord to be brought down upon their families. Their wives were already dead, and their daughters were both unable to reproduce. Why would the Dark Lord want the extinction of their lines? They were both pure blood men. While Tracy wasn't pureblood, her ancestry was impeccable.

Both girls turned to look at their fathers. They begged for guidance with their eyes. Their actions were slow and sluggish due to the shock of who they had to kill. Lucius, Severus, and Voldemort watched the scene before them with interest. They knew that the girls would have trouble with this particular task. However, it was either live and do the bidding, or die along with the rest of their family.

"Just do it," whispered Pansy's father. "There is a perfectly good reason for this even if we don't know what it is. Please just do what he says. I would rather you live and work with him than all of us die due to a mistake that we made somewhere along the way. Just say the words and be done with it. We love you enough to die for you."

With tears in their eyes, both girls raised their wand. While pointing them at their fathers, said the words Avada Kedavra. Both men fell to the floor immediately. When that was done, both girls turned back to the Dark Lord.

"I could have made that so much worse for you and your families," he said. "I could have drawn it out and made them suffer. I can see you want to know what it is that has made us end the lines of both families today. For once, I will tell you to not think on it. I think the muggle cliché is that if I tell you, then I will have to kill you. I have use for you in the future. Lucius will assist you in getting your affairs in order. You will NOT be returning to Hogwarts for your final year. Arrangements will be made for you to attend Durmstrang. Your lessons will be to the best of your abilities, or you will feel my wrath. Once we move to Bulgaria, you will never return to Britain. Your lives will begin anew when we get where we are going. You will be taught what I want you to learn to make yourselves useful to me. Step forward and receive your Dark Marks."

With that, both girls stepped forward and took their places as minions of the Dark Lord. When they stood up, both were escorted to their quarters by Lucius. Time was now of the essence in getting their affairs in order so that they could leave England and let Harry and his company live in peace. Voldemort waved Severus away to attend his duties at Hogwarts.

Later that evening, Severus met with those that needed to know to let them know that the Parkinson and Davis parents were dead and that the daughters would take over the family from here on out.

"The Dark Lord and his minions will be leaving the country by September first," said Severus. "I know that you already know this, but I felt it prudent to reiterate the information. Pansy and Tracy will not attend Hogwarts for their final year. They will be transferred to Durmstrang. I have been given leave from the Dark Lord. He altered my Dark Mark to only burn when he needs me to make potions for him. Other than that, I am no longer in his service. Therefore, I am useless as a spy for any of you any longer."

"You don't have to worry about that any longer," assured Amelia. "You have more than earned your fair place in this world. Now that we know they are leaving for good, we can relax and concentrate on the light heirs. Have they found any more dark heirs?"

"Other than the Lestrange family, no," assured Severus. "That doesn't mean that there aren't some out there, but the Dark Lord is working to stop his minions from causing problems for Harry and Avalon. The Dark Lord is most insistent that Harry and his children have a somewhat easy life. This does mean that Harry has to have a couple more children to ensure there are enough Potters to step up to the plate. Once the Dark Lord has passed from this world, I have no doubt that it will fall back on Harry and his descendants to keep Avalon safe from any heirs we miss."

The others knew that this was a necessary thing. No one refuted the fact that Harry was a necessary component in keeping the world of magic from becoming a dark cesspool of evil. Everyone that was thinking along those lines shuddered at the thought.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – There will be one more chapter to this fic. Thank you for your patience in waiting for the chapters. You are all much appreciated for your support, dedication, and interest. I appreciate each and every one of you.

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