Hidden Island


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Chapter 21 – Epilog

In the month leading to the deadline, the Lestrange brothers had been very busy. They had managed to wipe out the lines for both the Davis and Parkinson families. They reported that as far as they knew, those that were in a position to create more of the bloodline were dead. Like with all families, it was possible that they missed some, but those would be few and far in between. Pansy and Tracy would never know that their family names would die out with them. Bellatrix had also been busy. She would leave for hours at a time and visit the Lestrange family members. From there, every time she left, there would be dead bodies for the Auror Department to clean up.

Of course, all of this was kept under cover. Nothing good would come of the knowledge that certain families were being targeted for death. This would just cause hype and hysteria that was not needed. Of course, the full story couldn't be kept out of the media, but the situation surrounding it could. No one needed to know WHY these families were being targeted. It was enough that their deaths had to be reported. Those that lived on Avalon were informed of the progress being made via Lucius and Voldemort personally.

Back in camp, Voldemort was working hard to get his minions out of the country. He would be the last to leave with Bellatrix and Lucius by his side. Paperwork for Pansy and Tracy was done swiftly and with practiced ease with the aide of Lucius. Once members of the Death Eaters were done, they were given a portkey to a certain area. If they owned a home somewhere in Bulgaria, they were told to report there and get set up. They were also instructed to await their summons once the Dark Lord was established in his new home.

Finally the last of the Death Eaters had their affairs in order and it was time for the final three to leave. They asked for Harry to meet then on the outer bank of Avalon. Oliver, Filius, and Harry met with them immediately. Harry respected the Dark Lord for his endeavor and wouldn't keep him waiting any longer than necessary.

"We are now finished in this country," stated Voldemort with a small smile. "We will continue to search for dark heirs and see about preventing them from troubling you and yours. We ask that you continue to search for light heirs and do the same. Should something happen to me, I will make sure that you inherit everything that I own Harry. This way, the items that belong to Salazar Slytherin stay in the family. We will keep in touch with you as often as we can. From time to time, we may even come for a visit so that I can see the children and see how you are all doing. Would it be possible for Lucius to say goodbye to his family?"

"Of course it is," said Harry turning and sending a patronus to the castle. "They should be here in a second. You three are more than welcome to come and visit us at any time. Should Lucius and Bella want to visit, we will need advanced notice as they are not founder related and can't access the island. There is still much that we can learn from Bella regarding the ways of dueling. Also I think that Lucius is highly intelligent when it comes to running an estate as well as magical decorum and such."

"I would be honored to come and train you some more Lord Gryffindor," assured Bella as Draco and Narcissa appeared. "You were my favorite student as you caught on so quickly to everything that I had to show you and teach you. Tell Miss Granger that she is to take it easy. Life doesn't always need to be with your nose pressed to a book."

Nodding, Harry backed away to let the Malfoy family say their goodbyes. Draco hugged his Aunt and watched as his mother and father kissed one last time. From there, he watched his mother and Aunt as they hugged and whispered a few words of encouragement to one another. With one final handshake all around, Harry watched as the three left the area. With a sigh, the five occupants turned and headed home.

Time flew for the occupants of Avalon. The triplets grew at an astonishing rate. Harry and his classmates were always pressing their noses to the books to keep up with the students of Hogwarts. They knew that needed outstanding grades to make something of their lives in the world away from the island. Harry knew he wanted to be a curse breaker or a spell designer. The other students also picked their careers and made sure they knew what they were going to do once it was all said and done.

When the triplets were a year old, Harry went ahead and had another surrogate mother inseminated. He knew he needed more than three children if he was going to pass on the legacy of defending the island in the future. He wanted to make sure that the Potter line flourished and prospered once more. He knew that somewhere out there, that a light or dark heir could have passed their radar for elimination or prevention from procreating.

"Well," said Poppy. "I have to say that you know how to reproduce Harry. You will be having a set of twins. This time we are sure that it is only two. You will need to pick some boy names as that are what you are going to have."

"Benjamin Harrison and Andrew Oliver will be their names," said Harry suddenly. "I'm rather fond of those names and I want my boys to have strong names. Now I have to decide who to choose for godparents. I'm thinking that we can have Griphook and Susan this time and Seamus and Hannah for the other one. Can a goblin be godparent to a human baby?"

"It has never been done before," said goblin commented. "There is no law saying we can't. It just was never done before. I proudly accept the title of godparent of your son. Thank you for asking me. History does have a way of changing with you at the helm of the ship doesn't it Lord Potter?"

Susan, Hannah, and Seamus were also delighted to be picked. They knew that in time, they would leave the island and make their way in the world. All the students knew that the end of the school year was almost upon them. They wanted to do well, so they spent as many hours as they could studying and working to make sure that their grades were up to par.

Finally the day arrived when the seven teens were to head to Hogwarts to sit for their NEWTS. They brought the triplets with them as the Weasley threat was dealt with. Voldemort had eventually killed both of the youngest of the Weasley clan. The rest were sterile and couldn't reproduce. Add in that all of them had graduated and moved on, and things were relatively safe for Harry and his children. Their safety in the castle was guaranteed. Many of the students that weren't sitting for an OWL or NEWT were placed in charge of caring for the three babies. Severus took as much time as he could to spend with his godson and his siblings. Minerva, Filius, and Poppy were all around also to assist. The three toddlers were active and able to get around quite well. Hope had the men of the castle eating out of her little hand while the two boys were rather shy and loveable. All three children were well behaved.

The days turned into the two weeks as the students tested both theory and practical. Each evening they would head back to Avalon to rest and review only to have to come back the next day and do it all over again in another subject. Finally they were done with their tests and they knew they could all rest until they found out their scores.

Augusta and Albus made sure that their tests were graded with top priority and with a rush put on them. A few days later, they were summoned to the castle to get their results. Albus sat there with all the papers in his hand. As he had done this for so many years, the others felt he should have this honor as well. His eyes were going haywire as Harry felt Voldemort approach the grounds. With a bit of concentration, Harry opened the gates to allow him entry.

"I wanted to hear how they did on their NEWTS," he explained as he took a seat and picked up Colton. "I want to see how much the hard work paid off for you. I have no doubt that you all did well, but I am curious as to how well. Albus sent me a message to let me know your results were in."

"I shall break it down by subject for you all then," said Albus as he arranged the papers in front of him and Augusta. "This way, you all hear how you did and you won't have a panic attack trying to read. Augusta, would you like to go first?"

"In DADA, Harry scored an O+," said Augusta looking at the sheets over his shoulder. "Hermione, Draco, and Susan got an EE. Neville and Seamus and Hannah all got an A+ on their tests. Congratulations to you all. You all got a NEWT in the subject as all of you got a passing grade. Even though all of you didn't get a O, your practical portions were perfect. It was just your written parts that you had some trouble with."

"In potions, Hermione, Draco, and Harry all scored an O in the subject," informed Severus speaking next. "This means that you all achieved a NEWT in potions as well. I'm delighted to see that all three of you passed with so much ease. I won't lie and tell Harry that he is sitting on the border between an O and an EE. He is, but something happened in the last section that gave him the Outstanding."

"In Transfiguration, Harry, Hermione, and Susan got an O in the subject," stated Augusta speaking next. "Hannah, Draco, and Neville all got an EE in the subject. Congratulations to all six of you for getting your NEWT in the subject."

"In Charms, I am happy to say that all seven of you got an O in the subject," said Albus speaking again. "Filius worked his magic with you all once again and you have all surpassed the qualifications on that test. Congratulations to you all."

"In COMC, Harry, Hermione, and Neville all got an O in the subject," said Severus speaking again. "Susan, Hannah, and Seamus all received an EE. The whole lot of you did an excellent job on that."

"In Herbology, we have an interesting scenario," said Augusta. "Neville got an O+ on his NEWT with Harry right behind him with an O. Hermione and Draco both got an EE+ on their NEWT. Seamus, Susan, and Hannah all received an EE- on their NEWTS. However, you all got a NEWT in the subject. We are proud of all of you for that."

"In Runes, all three of you that took your NEWT in the subject passed with flying colors," said Albus. "The same goes for Runes. All three of you got an O in both subjects. Draco made one small error in Runes and only got an EE. However, you all received your NEWT."

"With scores like these, the seven of you have a promising life ahead of you in your chosen careers," said Augusta. "We are proud of all of you. I know that some of you want to head into future classes so that you can take a spot in the magical world. We just need to know who wants to do what."

"I want to be a healer," stated Hermione promptly. "I want to further my education. In all of the classes that Poppy has given us, I am learning everything quickly and easily. My goal is to take over the job here and be the healer for Hogwarts or be able to help Avalon and Lord Voldemort if he needs me."

"I want to be a Professor here," said Draco next. "I want to work under Severus for a few years to earn my Mastery in Potions. However, if he wants to take over DADA, I can always be the Potions Professor here while he continues my education."

"I'm alright with that," assured Severus. "We can work that out as we get closer to the new school year. What about the rest of you? What do you want to do?"

"I'm going to stay on the island and study the books from the founders and Merlin," answered Harry speaking next. "I want to look at some of the old spells and see if I can improve them or make new ones. Mostly, I want to raise my children and do well with what I'm already doing. I also want to travel for a little bit. My main objective is to keep my children from going through what I went through. If they are out of sight, then they are not exposed to the press and others that want to make them icons and so forth."

"I want to open a chain of Nurseries," said Neville. "I love working with the plants. Now that the threat is gone, I can return to Longbottom Manor and visit the island from time to time while I get started on my dream. It was never supposed to be for us to remain permanently on the island. We were there to assist Harry in defending the island and to hide from the exposure of the threats. Now that the threats are gone, we can go home. PLUS, we can assist in keeping our ears out for light heirs if we are in the community again."

Susan and Hannah both told the group that they wanted to go into politics and would work with Amelia on learning what they needed to do to improve their social standing in the world. When everyone was done, they decided that the adults living on the island would stay there.

"There is no reason for any of us to leave," said Minerva. "We are older and really do want the retirement. I think that Albus should consider retiring himself soon and letting the next generation step up and pick up the slack. Many of us have been in this school for many years and we need some down time in our golden years."

"I have to say that I think Narcissa would also stay," said Harry. "She is quite comfortable on the island and she is always free to come and go as she wants. Draco can always take back Malfoy Manor. It isn't like its being used at this time. He and Hermione can use it while they do what they need to. Draco can take back over the Malfoy accounts and make sure the name comes back to light prestige instead of the dark insinuations that linger from Lucius and his involvements. Hermione is great with research and she can always take over the search for more light heirs. That way, we have someone working on it that knows how to search. I have my hands full with three children and two more on the way."

"These are all admirable goals and desires," said Dumbledore. "There is no reason why I can't retire now. I can always use my time to assist Tom and Harry with both the light and dark heirs. This will be a project that I can undertake while I let myself enjoy my life. It was great teaching and so forth, but like everyone says, it's time for me to get some rest and relaxation. I am over one hundred fifty years old.

Plans were made and people moved around. Neville got his dream within a few years of graduating. He opened up five branches of Longbottom Nursery across Britain and her sounding neighbors. He eventually married Luna and the two of them had a baby boy named Frank in honor of his father. Luna graduated from Hogwarts with high scores and lots of love from those that lived on the island. As the last of the students, she was able to get the full effect of the teachers that were there to assist her. She worked side by side with Neville in the business that was one of the most successful around.

Draco and Hermione ended up getting married. They had two children. Their daughter was named Selina Narcissa and their son was named Darrius Anthony. Both had the trademark Malfoy blond hair. Selina had the trademark bushy hair that Hermione had on her head. Draco got his Mastery in Potions within three years of graduating and took over for Severus as promised until then. He took over the family name and with Hermione's aid; he was able to bring the name to good graces. HE sent money to his father and mother until the day Lucius was killed fighting a Manticore. Hermione went into healing just like she wanted. She worked with Avalon, Hogwarts, and Durmstrang as a healer for all three locations while opening her own private practice. She was not competing with St. Mungo's, but many people wanted her to fix up their medical problems. Among them was Lord Voldemort who paid her top dollar for her services as did Harry.

Hannah and Susan both went into politics and with the assistance of Amelia and other members of the Ministry, they made their name and quickly rose through the ranks. Both became outstanding citizens of the Wizarding World and their voices were heard with regards to helping all intelligent life forms. It wasn't long before centaurs, goblins, house elves, and werewolves were working side by side with them to make sure that all manner of magic user was represented and assisted if they needed it.

Harry and Oliver paced nervously as the twin boys were born. They had a simple wedding ceremony to join them in holy matrimony. When the two wanted to go and research something in another country, they normally would take the five children with them along with one or more of their former professors. If where they were going was more dangerous, the adults would ban together and care for the children during that trip. Harry did indeed study the books of the four founders as well as Merlin and Morgana. He learned how and why the books could never be destroyed. He also learned how to defend them better and began to add his own protections to the Island of Avalon.

Years passed before they lost one of their more favored family members. Albus passed away at the ripe old age of one hundred and seventy five. His portrait was placed in the Headmaster's office among his peers as tradition stated. Harry had him buried on the grounds of Hogwarts.

Dark and light heirs came and went in the years. Many were dealt with quietly and efficiently depending on whom they were and what they were attempting. Some tried to find the fabled island, but Harry knew what he was doing when it came to defending it. His children all grew quickly. All five of them were loved by many. They attended Hogwarts when their time came. What didn't surprise anyone was that they were all scattered among the four houses. Hope went into Ravenclaw while Colton went to Gryffindor. Alexander surprised everyone by going to Hufflepuff. He stayed shy most of his life and was a loyal individual. Benjamin and Andrew drew no surprises when the hat placed them into Slytherin. Draco and Severus had their hands full with those two. All five were EXTREMELY intelligent and each one had a different personality to go with that.

Once more, the island passed into myth. Members of the defending parties passed on and were buried in their respective spots. The Potter family kept up the defense of the island as the purest light family in existence. Alexander became the next one to inherit the island. All of Harry's children and grandchildren worked hard to keep up the legacy. Those that were an heir away from the Potter line were dealt with just as efficiently as when they did when Voldemort, Albus, and Harry were in charge.

When Harry was nearing his two hundredth birthday, he was groggy and not feeling very well. He knew that his time was near as he had been feeling under the weather for some time. Oliver had preceded him in death by about ten years. He knew that it was time to rejoin his former family and loved ones. His children's children were now in position to take over and pick up where everyone left off. The Potter books were added to the list of those that needed to be protected. Harry led a productive life creating new spells and reworking some of the old ones. He made a vast fortune in his life despite the fact that he was wealthy already.

He was sitting by the docks looking out over the water when he sensed someone looking over at him. When he shifted his gaze, he saw Oliver, Severus, Minerva, Sirius, James, Remus, Lily, Albus, Tom, and many other waiting on him.

Harry looked over to his great-great grandson and got his attention.

"James," he said softly to the new heir of the castle. "It's time for me to join my loved ones that passed on before me. Please make sure that everyone is alright until I see you all again. I will miss all of you. I was hoping to see your first child born, but my old body is tired. Do you mind if I stay here until its time?"

"It's ok to let go grandfather," soothed James. "Your work is finished. The family will survive and we will make sure that our legacy is always remembered. I love you and will miss you. I hope that you wait for me when it's my turn to take the next great adventure."

James looked back and Harry and noticed that his ancestor had passed away. Apparently Harry heard him as there was a happy smile on his face. Those that were able came when James called. Together they placed Harry near his beloved Oliver. Both were the only ones to have been buried on Avalon. James and his parents and siblings knew that Harry and Oliver would assist in keeping the island safe even in death.


AUTHOR'S NOTE – Thank you all for reading. I hope that I didn't leave any unanswered questions for anyone. I have enjoyed writing this story. I hope to see some of you reading my other works as well. Once more, I thank you for your support.

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