Hidden Island

Explanations and Plans

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Chapter 3 – Explanations and Plans

"How is it that I am Head of House of these three names?" asked Harry pointing to the bottom three names. "I can maybe understand Slytherin as I have beaten Voldemort five times so far. I just don't understand Lestrange and Malfoy."

"This must have happened in the Department of Mysteries," said Hermione going into book mode. "When you beat Bellatrix and her former husband and brother in law, you automatically became the Head of the Lestrange family. I am unsure about the son part of the Malfoy name, but I think the same thing happened when you and Dobby beat him in second year and again last month."

"The duel in first year," said Draco quickly. "I challenged you to a duel and didn't show up. The magic must have automatically made it so that I couldn't inherit the Malfoy title. With you being responsible for beating me again in second year, it sort of sealed the deal as it were. Let's not forget what happened when I left you alone in the Forbidden Forest in our first year to deal with the Dark Lord by yourself. The fact that you beat me in third year when I was impersonating a Dementor probably didn't help my cause either."

"I didn't ask for all of this," said Harry in a voice barely above a whisper. "What do I do? I don't want to fight anymore. I don't want to have to look over my shoulder anymore. I don't want to have to keep on bearing the weight of the world on my shoulders."

"I have something here that might help," said Griphook. "This piece of property is owned by the Gryffindor family. Tell me, do you know anything about the Alps?"

"They are the largest mountain range in the world," said Harry off handedly. "Much of it is uncharted as it is so vast. Many explorers have stated that they have seen strange things in the Alps. The rumor is that the Yeti lives there."

"Very good Harry," said Albus smiling. "That is very correct. There is more to it than that, but essentially you have given a very accurate description of the Alps."

"Well," said Griphook pulling their attention back to him. "There is an island in the center of them. On the island, there are many things that you can use and will house you safely. You are able to get there by the use of a phoenix. Due to the magic that was laid down by Godric Gryffindor, the island is unplottable as well as inaccessible to those that are not invited onto it."

"Fawkes," stated Dumbledore quickly causing Harry to jump. "He was first bonded to Gryffindor. As I am the longest living Headmaster of the school since he graced the halls, the phoenix bonded to me. However, after what happened in your second year, I have no doubt that Fawkes will switch his allegiance over to you. With the Sword of Gryffindor yours by birth right, you can have access to Godric's Island."

"I don't want to go there by myself," said Harry agitatedly. "Plus we still don't know what to do about this situation where I am now the Head of the Malfoy name. Lucius will not be happy with that information when he gets out of jail."

"Who cares," said Hermione. "No offense to Draco or Lady Narcissa, but Lucius has been in jail too many times. Look at Draco. He doesn't seem that surprised or even upset by this bit of news. Who says that you have to go there by yourself? I am sure that some of these people will gladly go with you."

"Lord Potter-Black," said Draco using his honorifics. "If you accept this, you can grant me the request that I sent in the letter. I can go with you. Maybe we can just extend it to include my mother. Now that you are the Head of my family on both sides, it will help out both of us."

"What request was that Mr. Malfoy?" asked Albus curiously. "What was in the letter that you sent Harry?"

"He asked me to help him," answered Harry noticing that Dumbledore was a little too curious. "He is supposed to take the Dark Mark soon and doesn't want to. This way, I can save him while also saving myself. We can get certain people that are going to be targeted just because they are associated with me. We have plans to make. I say let's do this."

"First and foremost," stated Albus. "You need to make a list of who you want with you. We will also need to get you supplies as you will need things to live on and use while you are there. We don't know what type of buildings and such are there, nor do we know what the wildlife is like there."

"Let me think for a moment," said Harry rubbing his temples in agitation. "Do I have all of your help should I need it? Can I count on help from you all?"

"Yes," said Oliver. "I think I speak for all of us when I say that all you have to do is ask. If it is within our power to help you, then we will. IF we can't I am sure that we can locate someone who can. You will not be doing this alone. I will be by your side forever."

"Ok," said Harry noticing all of the nodding heads. "Obviously Oliver is at the top of my list. I am not going anywhere without my mate. Draco and Lady Narcissa should be ready to go with me as well. They can be protected by me on this island. Of course Dobby and Winky will go with us as they are my elves. Something will have to be done about Kreacher. I don't want the miserable toe rag near me anymore. He lied and set Sirius up. Due to him, Sirius was unable to answer my call, thus I fell further into the trap."

"Call him," said Albus suddenly. "We can make him bind himself to either the Weasleys, or even myself. He is yours to do with as you will."

"Kreacher," called Harry.

With a pop the elf appeared. He looked around and started mumbling obscenities under his breath.

"Shut up," snapped Harry. "I am going to ask you a question. You have one minute to make up your mind or I am going to make it for you. You will no longer be allowed to serve the Black family or have access to the Black family home. So here is your choices. You can either bond with Headmaster Dumbledore, or you can bond with Mr. Weasley. You have one minute to decide. You can bet that after today you will no longer be welcome in Grimmauld Place."

Harry glared at the elf. Kreacher was so shocked that he couldn't really decide. After a moment, Kreacher pointed to Arthur Weasley and the bond switched to the Wesley family. Arthur gave quick instructions to the elf, who from there, popped away from the assembled group.

"Griphook and Ragnok, I want each and every house that I own sold," stated Harry with conviction. "This will include Privet Drive. I will sign over Grimmauld Place to Professor Dumbledore after all belongings are taken out of the house. This way, Kreacher can't sneak back there and steal anything. It can be used anyway you see fit Professor."

Griphook was busy getting the contracts in order.

"As far as whom else I want to come with me," said Harry looking around. "I would like Hermione to come if her parents agree to it. I would also like for Luna and Neville to come with me. They are targets of the Dark Lord for their association to not only me, but to Dumbledore as well. I would like for someone to talk with Mrs. Finnegan about Seamus coming as well. If it is ok with Professor Dumbledore, I would like for Remus and Hagrid to come with me. Remus can help with our magical training and Hagrid has always loved and looked out for me. Just make sure that he brings Fluffy and Fang with him."

Albus nodded his head while his eyes were twinkling like Christmas lights.

"That is very acceptable to me, provided that those named agree," said Albus kindly. "I think that those are some very good choices. I know that Hagrid and Remus both love you with everything they have within them."

"I want us to be checked out by the best doctors there are," said Harry. "Please make sure that we are all ok before we leave. Once we are there are we allowed to come and go like we want?"

"Slow down Lord Potter," said Ragnok. "First, we will have our healers look at you all. Secondly, the answer to your question is yes. You will be able to come and go by use of a portkey, phoenix, or elf. We can make some for you that will be reusable. They can be made to go to different places. You just have to decide where you want them to be able to go and such."

"Here to the bank," said Harry suddenly. "Also one to Hogwarts would be good. We can always make a rendezvous point with parents and such. That way those students that are coming with me can meet with parents and such to talk and let them know that they are ok."

"OK this is what we are going to do," said Albus beginning to assist with the flow of events. "How about we let Draco and Narcissa head back to Malfoy Manor and let their elves pack everything they want to take with them and then meet ME here at Gringotts. I can keep them safe until it is time to head to the island. I will speak with Hagrid when I get to Hogwarts and ask him if he wants to go with you or not. If he says yes, I can assist him in getting prepared. Miss Granger, Miss Lovegood, and Mr. Longbottom all have guardians present that can give their answer. Remus is a grown man, but I have no doubt that he will go with you."

"From there we can get everyone back together and meet back here," stated Harry. "We can get all of the things we need in Diagon Alley while we are here and I can pay for the goblin healers to check those of us going for any illnesses and such. I don't understand how we are originally going to get to the island though."

"That part is easy Lord Potter," said Griphook. "You will get the phoenix to take you there. After that it is a simple thing to call for your elves and have them transport everyone else there. The other option is to let me or Professor Dumbledore go with you on the first trip and then make the portkeys for everyone. He is just as proficient in their making as any goblin."

"Would you do that Sir?" asked Harry hesitantly. "I know I blamed you for so much, but if you would be willing to help me, I would appreciate it. You are the most powerful wizard alive after all."

"Don't sell yourself short Lord Potter," said Ragnok. "Your power level easily matches his and in some ways it is stronger due to your blood lineage. However, he does have experience over you."

"Harry," said Albus looking down at him. "I will ALWAYS do what I need to do to help and protect you. So yes, I will join you on your journey to Godric's Island so that I can make the portkeys for everyone else."

"Harry," said Hermione. "My mother and father want to go too. They will worry about me and they want to go as well. Can they come with us?"

"Are you sure?" Harry asked the Granger parents. "I am not sure what is there and what accommodations are awaiting us. For all we know, we are going to an island that has nothing but caves for us to sleep in."

"If Hermione goes, we go," said Dan Granger with determination. "We will just need one of these people to act as our representative to sell our practice and house and such."

"I will do it for you," said Andromeda. "If Lord Ragnok gets the contracts set up, I will act as your proxy until all properties are sold. I will also do the same for Lord Potter's muggle holdings and accounts until I get them liquidated and transferred to the wizarding world. I can act as proxy for you and place someone reliable in charge of your muggle businesses for you."

Harry nodded his head and then glanced back at the Grangers.

"I am ok with this," he said. "Hermione is like a sister to me and I would be honored to have you there with me as well. We can get some elves from somewhere to go to your house and pack up your personals and such."

Hermione beamed at Harry as she was enveloped by her parents in a hug. Griphook filled in the contracts and had all of them sign them. With that, the Grangers left to head back home to pack. Albus called a few house elves from Hogwarts and sent them with the Grangers to assist them.

Augusta approached Harry with a smile.

"The Longbottoms and the Potters have been friends for generations," she said. "It is obvious that Neville wants to go with you. Therefore, you have my permission for him to accompany you. I will head back home now and have our house elves pack all of his belongings and bring them to Gringotts. Thank you for instilling the pride and courage that he has in him. You are the best thing that has ever happened to him."

With that, she kissed him on the forehead and left the bank. Harry grinned at Neville. Luna skipped over to Harry and informed him that she was allowed to go as well. Remus and Oliver were both smiling at the loyalty that was being given to Harry. Both had already assured him that they were going with him.

"Well," said Albus. "How about you take those that are here and go shopping for supplies? Make sure you get good brooms for everyone as you don't know if you will need to fly somewhere. I think, to be safe, you should also get quite a few tents and stuff to stay in just in case there aren't any hospitable buildings to reside in. You may want to hit the apothecary as well as the book store. Some robes and such wouldn't hurt either. Make sure you get some winter coats and other things that might be needed. We don't know what type of magic this island has and if it is bearable in the winter and what not."

Harry, Remus, and Oliver were all nodding at this. Albus was correct in the statement that they should expect anything and everything and be prepared for it. From there, everyone left to do certain things around the Alley.

Harry and company stopped first at the luggage store and Harry bought five trunks that were self expanding and self shrinking for their supplies. From there, they hit the Quality Quidditch Store and Harry bought five brooms. After they were shrunk and placed in the trunks, they went to the apothecary store where Harry explained that he needed the set up for ten people to last for at least a year. He made sure to buy enough ingredients to last them for awhile as well as getting cauldrons and all of the tools to go with it. From there, they hit the clothing store where Harry, Oliver, and Remus all bought themselves a new and larger wardrobe. Once more the items were placed in the trunks. After they were done there, they went in search of a bunch of tents that could be used in case there were no suitable lodgings on the island itself. From there, they went to the book store where Harry had a field day buying books on each subject taught at Hogwarts. He even bought many books on other things that were interesting to him. He didn't buy for the others, but he left a notice as to who would be stopping buy. He had the clerk set it up so that the bill was sent to his account for Hermione, and Luna.

When Harry had all of his stuff bought, the trio headed back to Gringotts. Griphook handed Harry a packet of papers to sign. When he was done, he was handed all of the Head of House rings as well as the heir apparent rings. Once the final pages were cataloged for Harry, the goblins took the trio down to their healers. They were met by Neville and Hermione who were both already tended to. They were told that they could go and buy their supplies with regards to books and clothes only. Draco and Narcissa came out of another room and were told the same thing. Luna was already in the alley. The goblins had said she was healthier than they had ever seen a young girl be. Harry sent Dobby and Winky to help pack all of his and Oliver's belongings and bring them to the bank.

It was not long before Oliver and Remus were released from the healers. Remus had a few issues due to his furry little problem, but nothing was seriously wrong with him. All too soon, it was Harry's turn. He lay on the bed while the goblin healers checked over him.

"We have a problem with your scar," said the healer. "It is a Horcrux and it needs to come out. You will be here for the afternoon at the very least. It is blocking part of your magic and is feeding off of your life force. Add in the years of obvious physical abuse and malnutrition and you are in for one hell of a day."

"Do what you have to," said Harry quickly. "Just make sure that Professor Dumbledore knows about this Horcrux thing. He may already suspect and know if there are others."

"Others?" asked the goblin scandalized. "To make one is the darkest magic imaginable. To make more than one is unheard of."

"Not necessarily," said Albus entering. "Harry has already destroyed one and I suspect there are more of them out and about. I just have to find them. In fact I know where there is one and I suspect I know where another lies. I just have to get to them first. Harry, Hagrid and his pets, along with Grawp, are ready to go as soon as you send your elves for them."

"Where are the Horcruxes?" asked Harry. "Will we be able to get to them and destroy them?"

"One is in the house that used to belong to the Gaunt family," stated Albus. "When I have it, I will be sending it here with you along with a book that explains what a Horcrux is. I don't want you to get involved in this. I will deal with Lord Voldemort. For now, let the healers begin their work so that we can make sure you are healthy once again. I promise that I will not keep anything from you. Griphook has already told me that he has a team of goblins going through all of your properties, and is already packing up all the items for you. Those that are dangerous will be destroyed. We do not want any of you getting a repeat of what happened to Ginevra in your second year if you get my meaning. While you are doing this, I will see about that Horcrux and then get your stuff from Hogwarts that I feel you will need."

Harry nodded his head and lay back on the bed. The goblins began their work. It took a couple of hours before they were satisfied that Harry's health and status was up to their expectations. They were even able to fix his eyesight. Harry grinned at this as he was tired of wearing the glasses that so frequently were broken.

When he came out of the room, he was greeted by the others. He took a deep breath before he was able to get his bearings to make the choice.

"For now," he began. "I think it would be better if all of you stick together and we meet at Hogwarts. From there, we can get the rest of the items and people we need and head out from there. As long as you are at the castle, you will be safe under the watchful eyes of Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape."

"I have a portkey here," stated Albus pulling out a rope from his pocket. "It will take us right to my office. We will all stay there while we get you to the island and get everyone set up as it were. We need to decide who will get to go first so that we can make sure that you are protected on the other side while everyone makes the trip."

"I think that if anyone can keep me safe during the transport it would be Hagrid," said Harry thoughtfully. "He has a way with animals and such and a half giant's body is immune to certain spells and such. So he is my first choice while we get everyone safely there and into group formation. Remus and Oliver should follow along shortly after. Dobby and Winky can bring in the Granger parents. From there, it will be up to Professor Dumbledore as to who goes when and so forth."

"Then lets get to the castle," said Albus with a smile. "I am sure that we can get all of this done quickly. I will be sending an elf by the name of Tina with you so that she can help Dobby and Winky in the care of you all. I have already switched her bond to you while I was there."

With that, everyone grabbed the rope and Albus activated the portkey. They spun for a few moments and then landed in the Headmaster's office. Fawkes immediately flew to Harry's shoulder. The bond was felt by Harry as the allegiance of the phoenix transferred to Harry.

"What we need is for all of you to stay here while I bring Harry down to Hagrid's hut," said Dumbledore. "Fawkes will take the three of us to Harry's island along with Fang and Fluffy. Hagrid wants his brother Grawp to go as well. I happen to agree with that."

"That is fine with me," said Harry remembering that Albus mentioned this at the bank but was more focused on the Horcruxes. "As long as Hagrid can control him is all that matters to me. It would be nice to have another giant there to help us defend ourselves."

"Do you have your money pouch on you?" asked Albus. "I think Griphook put it in the bag he prepared for you so that you have all of your paperwork and other items in it. He told me that he will be placing a book of all of your owned items in it as well so that you can write to him via Fawkes and get any items that you need or want. They are making sure that everything you own will be placed into your vaults until you get a residence set up on your island and can start sending for your belongings."

"Yes," said Harry looking into the said bag. "It is all here. Shall we head out now? The sooner I am away from all of this the better I will feel."

Albus nodded as Oliver kissed Harry on the lips. When Oliver finally let him go, Albus led him out of the castle to Hagrid's hut. Hagrid was already there with both Fluffy and Fang. Both dogs ran up to Harry to sniff and slobber on him. Harry took a few moments to pet all of the heads and waited while Fawkes flashed down to Harry.

"All you need to do is hold on to me and one of the animals," instructed Albus as he helped buckle Gryffindor's sword around Harry's waist. "Fawkes will take us all there. When we get there, it would be in the best interest of everyone if you don't go far from where we arrive. As soon as you land, call for all three house elves. They will come with other people. I will send portkeys with the rest as soon as I figure out where we are and such."

Harry and Hagrid nodded their heads. From there, Harry grabbed Fang's collar while Hagrid did the same with Fluffy. Albus nodded to Fawkes, who let out a musical cry and disappeared with the group in a flash of fire.

"I hope that Harry and Hagrid will be ok while they are waiting for the rest of us," said Oliver in a worried voice. "I don't like him being somewhere strange without me."

"He will be fine," assured Hermione patting Oliver on the arm. "He is the best of our year in DADA and Hagrid has Fluffy and Fang. Not much will want to go up against a Cerberus or a half giant."

Oliver nodded his head sadly as he waited for them to call for him. Dobby, Winky, and Tina were standing there waiting when they felt Harry call.

"It is time Master Harry's Wood," said Dobby holding out his hand for the older man. "He is calling for us and we is to bring you, Missy Grangy, and Master Draco. We is also to bring Hedwig."

Harry and company arrived in a well wooded area. They looked around with interest for a few moments. All they could see was trees and a few boulders.

"Not much of an island," stated Harry going to the edge of the lake. "We didn't even arrive on it. We are on the bank away from it. I can sense it but not get on it."

"I think you have to have the key to get on it," Dumbledore mused while he looked on with suspicion and interest. "You may have to offer it something to get onto the island itself. I think that you should start calling for the others. That way, we can get the group here and begin to find our way onto the island itself. I will begin with the portkeys while you do that."

Harry sent out the summons for Dobby, Winky, and Tina. During his summons, he mentioned who he wanted brought. Within moments, they popped into view. When they arrived, Harry sent the elves back to Hogwarts for Narcissa, Grawp, and Luna. It was not long before the three were sitting around a comfortable campfire that Albus started. From there, Harry sent them back for Dan, Emma, and Neville. Again the elves popped away and came back within moments with the trio of requested people. Finally, Harry sent Tina and Winky to get Remus and Seamus. With their usual efficiency, they arrived back within moments with the duo.

"We are not on the island yet," explained Harry. "We have not figured out yet how to get on the island from here. For some reason, Fawkes was able to bring us here and not any further."

"This may sound stupid," said Emma thoughtfully looking over at the island. "But this kind of reminds me of a movie I once saw."

"What movie?" Harry asked curiously. "Have you seen something similar to this in a movie?"

"The Mists of Avalon," said Emma. "In the end, Arthur and Morgan had to use a key to see Avalon. She threw the sword in the air and right before Arthur died, he was able to see the fabled lands of Avalon."

"I don't think that I am going to feel comfortable throwing the Sword of Gryffindor into the air," said Harry carefully. "It is imbibed with basilisk venom. It could be dangerous to anyone that it even nicks."

"Try walking down to the edge of the water and place the sword's tip into the water," suggested Hermione surveying the scene thoughtfully. "It may be that the sword is the key after all and you just have to figure out how to unlock the door."

Harry shrugged his shoulders and went to the edge of the water. As he was about to place the sword in, a figure emerged from the water and walked towards Harry.

"You have one among you that is NOT worthy to follow you," said the image. "He is only after more power. You will NOT find the path until he leaves. He will never be allowed on the island. It is up to you to decide how to proceed from here."

"Who is it?" asked Harry in agitation. "Everyone here except Professor Dumbledore is supposed to follow me to the island permanently and get away from the war. I don't want anyone here to get hurt by Voldemort."

"Your group is safe from my nephew at this time," said the image. "He can not access this place. However, there are other dangers on this side of the lake. You must send the one that has multiple intentions away. We can only allow those that are with you for honest reasons to proceed forward."

"So basically you are telling me that the gate or what have you will not open until we figure out who has ill intentions about being here," said Harry sadly. "You said he. Will I be able to get the women to safety?"

"I am afraid that it is ill advisable to allow anyone onto the island without you," said the shade. "As you are my heir, you must be the first to walk upon the soil of the island. Beware the dangers that could be on this side of the lake. The waters of the lake are the only thing keeping them on this side. As you are on this side, you are in danger for now."

"So you can't tell me who is it that is the one not totally pure?" asked Harry getting upset. "I don't know who to trust anymore and who not to trust."

"Let your instincts guide you," said Godric. "You have the answers sitting in front of you. You just have to know who it is to trust and who not to."

"Harry," called Hermione. "Who are you talking to?"

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Ah one of my famous cliffhangers.

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