Hidden Island

A Sad Parting

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Chapter 4 – A Sad Parting

Harry turned around at the sound of her voice and walked back to where she was standing. He didn't speak at first. He just stood there surveying the scene before him. Oliver quickly came to his side and placed a calming hand on his shoulder.

"What is it Harry?" he asked with concern. "What's going on that has you so unsettled? I thought that once we got to this area that you would settle down some. Right now you are more agitated than ever. Something happened at the edge of the lake. Is it dangerous here for us?"

"I am going to ask first, if everyone will accept my leadership in this venture?" asked Harry wrapping his arm around Oliver's waist. "If you agree to follow my leadership, please remain seated. If you have a problem following my orders, then please speak now and I can have Fawkes take you back to England."

Everyone looked at Harry with confusion, but no one moved. They all just stared at him and waited for him to continue. Oliver was just as confused as everyone else, but he stood behind Harry and wrapped his arms around his waist to show his support. He also noticed that Harry had not yet answered any of his questions. However, Oliver knew Harry for a few years and knew that he would get to them when he was ready. That is what Oliver loved the most about the way Harry used his mind. He didn't answer questions unless he had all of the information that went with said answer.

"Why don't you tell us what is going on Harry," said Neville gently. "Something happened in the few moments that you were down by the lake. What happened? What did you see? You can tell us and we can deal with this as a group."

"The image of Godric Gryffindor appeared to me," replied Harry slowly. "I was given some information as to how to get onto the island. The first thing that we need to accomplish is setting up a safe perimeter around this particular area. We don't want anything sneaking up on us that could cause harm to any of us present. With that being said, we need Fluffy, Fang, Fawkes, and Hedwig to watch the perimeter and give us warning of anything coming that looks dangerous or suspicious. At this particular moment we are not allowed on the island. Once our safety is set up I will give more explanation to what is going on and what I learned."

Hagrid went up to his dogs and spoke with both of them in a placating manner while he led them to opposite ends of the temporary camp. Hedwig and Fawkes both trilled and hooted and flew into the trees to help keep watch.

"We have a certain dilemma here that I don't know how to handle," admitted Harry solemnly. "The only way to get onto the island is for the one that is not totally here for my benefit to leave. You are able to get this far, but you will be able to go any further than this. The magic will not allow it. The problem with this is that I don't know who it is that doesn't have all good intentions regarding me. So we need to discuss as a group who it is that is being deceitful and that person needs to leave and not bother us. We don't want anymore trouble with war or people out for their own agenda that will harm the rest of us. I don't wish to be rude, but I want to start my life without any hassles or those trying to still get something from me. I have had enough of that to last me ten lifetimes."

"Harry," said Hermione soothingly. "What did Godric say? There must be a clue in all of this. If we break it down piece by piece, we can get this situation solved with as little hurt feelings as possible. It would seem that logic and instinct are the main leaders here. We can figure this out if we know what was said."

"He said that HE had multiple intentions with regards to me," said Harry. "That means that all of the women present are allowed to be here. It is one of the gentlemen that is destined to leave this area and to not return to us. Until he is figured out and has left, we will be stuck on this side of the lake. It is not necessarily safe for us to be on this side out in the open like this. Thus I have asked for Fang, Fluffy, Fawkes and Hedwig to help stand guard. If one of them notices something, then we can defend ourselves. I would like for a solution to this problem to present it self as quickly as we can come up with one so that we can get to the safety of the island. Though once there, we do not know what dangers or trials face us there as well."

The others all looked at each other suspiciously. However, none of them said anything. Harry watched closely at all of the emotions flickering across the faces of the men of the group. He heard Oliver growl in aggravation with regards to who was after more than friendship with his beloved.

"I can tell you all right here and now," he snapped when the tension became too much. "The person that is here to cause trouble had better leave this instant. If you do anything that will hurt my mate in any way, I will tear you limb from limb with my bare hands if I have to. This is ridiculous to continue to cause trouble for a good man that just wants to live his life and be happy. So whoever it is just needs to leave us alone and let us have the happiness that we deserve. Whatever it is that you want you will be sorely disappointed when we do not allow you to have it."

"Oh I like this one," said Godric to Harry causing him and Oliver to jump. "This one is definantly on your side my son. He loves you with everything that matches that temper. Never let him go. He is destined to stand by your side. For that I am happy."

"Well," proclaimed Harry feeling the land starting to open to him a little. "That means that all of the women and Oliver get to stay with me. So, shall we take the rest of you one at a time? If we discuss one person at a time, we can figure out through process of elimination which of you has no business here after tonight. I will say that even though you are not allowed on the island, I will still consider whoever it is a friend. I just will be more cautious around you."

"I think that is wise," said Godric. "You are acting as the true heir of the land so far. Let us see how you deal with the dishonest one. Reason this out. You will know in the end when you have made the right choice. If you need help, there are those that will be able to reason things out with you. These are some intelligent people we are dealing with."

"Dan Granger," called Harry suddenly pointing at the man. "You have never really met me before today other than a quick glance here and there. I do not think you have any reason to be dishonest to me. You wanted to be here for the safety of your daughter. In my opinion, you have made your intentions clear as to why you want to be here. There is nothing dishonest in that. Therefore, I do not think that it is you that is to be dismissed from the land. You have no reason to have ill intentions towards me. What I would like for you to do is to come forth and let my ancestor scan you as it were. I am allowed to figure this out, but I want to make sure that I am doing this reasonably and intellectually."

Dan didn't hesitate. He walked over and dropped to one knee in front of Harry and looked him squarely in the eyes.

"I was in the military when I was younger," he told Harry. "I have only heard how great and kind you are. You helped save my daughter three years in a row. Therefore, I have nothing but gratitude for you for helping us when not many others would have. I will not now, nor will I ever, betray you. You have so much riding on your shoulders. I will do what I have to do to make sure that you are safe and sound while protecting you as a son."

"I have no doubt that you mean every word that you say," said Harry with tears in his eyes. "Thank you for your honesty. I don't want you to ever kneel in front of me again. I am not your Lord or Master. I am just a teenage man that wants a happy life. I believe that you are not the one that is betraying me. Please join your wife and daughter."

"Your instincts are not leading you wrong yet," Godric gleefully told Harry. "I am impressed with your logic and deductions. Please choose the next one. You were one hundred percent correct with the non magical Dan Granger. His love and devotion to his wife and daughter will see him fighting by your side. The fact that he stated he will be a father figure to you makes him all the more endearing and worthy of a spot on the island."

"Remus," called Harry beckoning him forward. "Werewolves always treat those that they care about as either, a pack mate if they are in the same age group or a cub if they are the offspring of a pack mate. My dad, you, and Sirius were a pack during school and afterwards. Therefore, I am like a cub to you. I have no reason to doubt that your loyalties to me will be life long and there, until the day you draw your last breath. I have no reason to believe that you will now or ever betray me or have ill intentions toward me. While you do have loyalties to others, your first loyalty is to me. You will always take to heart what my parents and Sirius asked of you."

"I consider you my cub," said Remus. "I may have my furry problem once a month, but you know that I will never hurt you. Something tells me that even if I were to transform right now, that I would never hurt a single hair on your head or of the one that is holding you now. I will love you until the very end of time. Your father, mother, and Sirius had faith in me to do what is right for you, and I will work until there is no life left in me to assure that I am able to be there for you for their sakes if not for your own."

Harry smiled at Remus and then waited for Godric to speak.

"Once again, you are correct in what you think and feel," said Godric. "A werewolf, once they have claimed you, will never betray you. They would rather die than to turn on one they call pack mate or cub. Therefore, your logic behind Remus Lupin being in your corner is accurate. His love for you and your parents and godfather is unmatched by anyone except your mate."

"Harry," called Hermione. "Your logic is leading you well. We are all in agreement with what you are saying and how you are eliminating each and every person that is the danger to you. We are very proud of you for your decisions and intellect."

While Oliver hugged him a little tighter, Harry smiled at the women and men that were already eliminated and were busy patrolling the area.

"I think it is safe to say that Grawp will never do anything to betray me," said Harry pointing at the young giant. "He helped save my life in the forest that day when the centaurs were set on killing me and Hermione. Nothing can ever repay the friendship of a giant when they give it to you. Therefore, it is my wish that Grawp join Fang and keep watch for anything dangerous."

Grawp smiled at Harry and went to sit with the large hound. Dumbledore was looking around warily. Something was going on in the area. It was as if Harry was listening to someone that they could not see until the person was cleared to be given the opportunity to travel to the fabled island with him. He decided to stop the charade before it got too far.

"Harry," he said calmly and quietly. "Who are you talking to? I see that you are listening to something that some of us can not hear. Is there something here that is projecting doubt into your mind that we are all not here to help you?"

"Professor Dumbledore," said Harry softly yet firmly. "As I stated earlier, Godric is here with me. I am doing what I feel is right. It is part of my test to see to it that I am able to trust not only myself, but those that are with me. If they are to go any further than this little area, then I need to know that each person that I want to step onto the sacred soil of Godric's Island can be trusted. If this bothers you, then I apologize. I will do what I have to do so that I can go home."

"What do you mean by go home Harry?" asked Oliver slightly confused. "I thought you wanted to go to the island."

"I do beloved," said Harry lovingly. "However, the home I am talking about is across the lake. The land feels like it is communing with me. There is some type of magic here that is calling for me. It is telling me that I must finish this so that I can get us safely on the other side of the lake. Please trust me on this. I hate having to do this to any of you, but we are in danger here until the one that has intentions other than one hundred percent truthful is exposed and made to leave. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but this is MY life we are talking about and if I am to protect you all, I need to know that you will protect me in return. You all know that I hate situations like this."

"I trust you with my life," assured Oliver kissing him on the lips. "We know you too well to even think that you are trying to cause trouble for someone. Just let us know who it is. We need them to just leave so that we can get to some kind of safety this night."

"The giant is on your side," said Godric when the couple finished their dialog to one another. "You are using rash logic and intelligence in eliminating each and every person. Keep going my son. I am pleased to see that you are not only acting like the leader, but you are starting to feel more comfortable in that role. You are also acting like the ruler of this land."

"Neville," said Harry calling him over. "I would like to talk with you next. You have stood by me from the moment I entered Hogwarts. You have never turned your back on me nor have you ever betrayed my trust. You have stood by me, trained by me, and fought by my side against some of the meanest Death Eaters in the ranks of the Dark Lord. I have no reason to EVER doubt that you have a dishonest bone in your body. Madam Longbottom said that the Potters and the Longbottoms have been friends for generations. Something tells me that it will continue until the end of time."

"I have been your friend since first year," answered Neville proudly. "You have helped me when most others have ridiculed me. You have taught me what I needed to know to get by in life without having to worry about people bullying me all the time. You taught me how to stand up for myself and make myself be heard. You have helped to shield me from people like Professor Snape and others who don't think that I am worth anything. You never cease to amaze me with your warmth and friendship. I will follow you anywhere, anytime, and in any fashion. I am your friend until this world doesn't need us anymore. From there I will be your friend on the next stage of life."

"I have faith in you," returned Harry. "Please never stop believing in yourself. It is what makes you so special to so many of us. Thank you for the honor you have just bestowed upon me. I think of you as a brother and I always will. Your place is within my family and you will ALWAYS be my friend."

"He will stand by your side through it all," assured Godric. "That was very well reasoned, young one. He is definantly worthy to step onto Gryffindor soil. He lacks faith in himself, but from I see you have been working to build up that confidence that he needs to ascertain that he will go forward in life with his head held high and his wand in his hand."

Harry smiled at Neville and gestured for him to stand guard with the others. Albus was starting to get nervous. It was very apparent that some magic was guiding Harry. He couldn't let Harry figure out that he wanted on the fabled island. He had to figure out a way to place the finger of suspicion on someone other than him. He didn't want any harm to come to Harry, but he wanted the power that the land had to offer. He knew the rumors about the island. There were things about the island that was a carrot in front of a cart horse in aspect of desire and need. If he couldn't push the blame to someone else, then he had to figure out how to beat Harry to the island to claim the magic for his self.

"Hagrid," called Harry. "Your love of nature is endearing to me even if it is a bit deranged and dangerous at times. You have spoken out for me. You have also been there for me through each and every trial that I have faced so far. You have put yourself in a predicament to go against those that you owe everything to, to make sure that I am safe, unharmed, and happy. I know this will sound bad, but you are to loose in the tongue to hide a secret from me or anyone else. I have no doubt that if you had ill intention towards me, that we would have figured it out long before now. Please join us on this end of the camp as a sign that I trust that you are not the one that is playing dual roles here. As we start getting settled on the island, we will send for other pets of yours. This will include Buckbeak and a thestral or two."

"Ye are right Harry," said Hagrid with conviction. "I have loved ye since James first let me see ye. I love ye more with each day. I may not be able ter keep secrets tha well an I may enjoy dealing with dangerous animals, but I will never let ye down."

"He is telling you the truth," said Godric. "That man doesn't have a dishonest bone in his body when it comes to you. He may break the rules when it comes to things like wrestling with trolls and hiding baby dragons in his house, but he loves you with everything that large body of his has to offer. He doesn't have the capacity to turn his back on you and leave you without his love and tenderness. For a being so large, he would handle you like you were made of crystal. He is one that will always be loyal to the light and to you as well."

Harry smiled at what Godric said. He stepped away from Oliver for a moment before he turned to the last three standing before him. The others all watched with curiosity and fascination as one by one, Harry permitted those that he reasoned out would never betray him or use him in any fashion to take up a spot in defense around him and the area they were standing in.

It was apparent to all that Harry was getting assistance from somewhere. He said it was from Godric. If that were the case, then they were not going to call him down on it. It was helping him through something that they were not prepared to deal with on their own if they were in his position. They just waited and watched. Most of them were in awe as Harry systematically eliminated each one from those that were presented with the possibility of being a traitor or one who had multiple intentions.

Seamus, Draco, and Albus were the last three. Each knew that they had reason for Harry to distrust them. They all waited while Harry surveyed them with eyes that seemed to glow. Albus was really wondering how to convince Harry that he was not the one to be ousted. He didn't want to leave and miss the chance to get his hold upon the island.

"Seamus and Draco," said Harry to the astonishment of both teens. "Each of you has done things in my past that have hurt me. Professor Dumbledore, you have done things in the past that I don't agree with either. So we have to break it down here. One of the three of you has dual reasons for wanting to be here. I am not saying that you are trying to hurt me, but your intent is something more than my well being. So let me see if I can pin point which of you it is, that has the most to lose should I send you away. I have no doubt that each one of you cares about me in your own way. However, something about my island is also calling out to you. I am sorry to inform you that you can't have your desire."

All three of them were standing there with looks of shock on their faces. To hear Harry speak like this in a manner that brooked no argument was astonishing to say the least. To even hear a hint of coldness in his voice made all three shiver a bit. Harry was definantly playing the part of owner of the land and the heritage. Whoever Harry chose as the traitor had better do his best to leave quickly and quietly. Something about the behavior that Harry was emitting now brooked no argument and positive retribution for the one that would try and defy his wishes.

"Seamus," said Harry looking sharply at the young man making him jump. "You had the audacity to stand up to me at the beginning of the school year and tell me that you thought I was a liar. However, once you heard from my mate and friends, you realized that I was telling the truth. You didn't think that I knew that behind everything, you were helping Hermione protect me from those that would have seen me dead or harmed in the castle this past year. I know that sometimes we make mistakes and we have to eat our words from time to time. I know that you have made it your duty to make up for the mistake that you made at the beginning of our fifth year. I have no doubt that you will never make that particular mistake again. I am not foolish enough to think that life is all hunky dory and we will always agree on everything. Therefore, it is in this that I shall relieve you of your nervousness by telling you that I don't think it is you that I have to worry about. Your intentions have always been out in the open about what you are thinking and feeling. Therefore, I trust you for the future."

"I made a mistake," said Seamus shrugging. "I am man enough to admit that I make mistakes just like the next person. No one is perfect. However, I will never betray your trust or feelings. I still think you are a nutcase, but most of your friends do. At least I tell you what I am thinking and feeling upfront and always will. I love you even if you are crazy. If we were all normal, then life would be extremely dull."

"I am going to get your for that nutcase crack later," retorted Harry with a grin while the others laughed. "Get your ass over there and help keep a look out. Fawkes I need you down here please."

"Well said Harry," stated Godric as Fawkes flashed to Harry's shoulder. "He will always let you know what he thinks and feels. It is in his nature to do so. He has your person in highest regards. He will never lie to you and that is a good quality. The fact that you both know that life is not always fun and games makes it even more a firm foundation that you will be able to get through any problems that arise by talking to one another."

Harry nodded as he surveyed both Albus and Draco. He knew immediately who it was that was not to be trusted. He knew that even though one of the two always made things difficult for him that he was open enough about his feelings to not be ashamed of his actions.

"Fawkes," whispered Harry. "I need you to take Professor Dumbledore back to Hogwarts. From there, I need you to go and get Griphook or Ragnok for me."

Albus started to protest, but Harry held up his hand to stall the old wizard.

"Professor, you and I need to talk, but now is not the time," Harry told the old wizard. "I promise that we will meet again and we will discuss this and much more. You are the best hope for Britain. I have to deny you what it is you want from my island. I am sorry for this. I love you, but not enough to allow you entrance to MY domain. I promise that we will meet again and we can discuss your reasoning. However, I must ask you to not fight me on this. You can't win and I would prefer to not have you as an enemy."

Albus went to pull his wand. Before he got it halfway out of his sleeve, Fawkes landed on his arm and flashed away with him. When the old wizard was gone, Harry turned to the last remaining person.

"You are a right ass when you want to be," said Harry. "You are selfish, egotistical, and downright childish when you don't get your way. HOWEVER, you have done the one thing that tells me that you are here with clear intentions. You are scared. When someone is scared and they ask for help, they mean what they say. I am the Head of House for both of your families. I have controlling interest in all of your property as well as your livelihood. You never once complained about that. You did the one thing that Professor Dumbledore will never do. You asked for help. You took it one step further and asked for help for your mother as well. That impressed me the most. You had actually put someone before yourself in your concern. I trust that we will work together to build a new and better relationship for all around."

"I would like that," said Draco with a smile on his face. "The thought of being able to live free and be myself and not hide behind a mask anymore is what is so endearing to me about this whole situation. Thank you for accepting me into your life when I have spent so many years making yours miserable. You are worthy of the noble names that you now are head of. I will take delight in being able to finally call you friend and know that you know I am sincere in my words. My mother and I will ALWAYS be grateful for what you are doing for us right now and what you will do for us in the future."

Fawkes came back with both Ragnok and Griphook. Harry smiled to the group as he waved them all closer.

"I have no doubt that Professor Dumbledore is after something from the island," said Harry pointing to it. "I also know that we have to move now before he figures out how to come back here. He only tells us what he feels we should know and none of it is the absolute truth. I learned long ago that there are three types of people in this world. One is the type that everyone depends on because they know the person is honorable and lives up to his or her word through their actions and ways. Type two is the type of person that even though they behave a certain way, it is mainly due to the way they were raised or what they were taught to believe. They are the type of person that can go either light, dark, or in the middle. It is not their fault. It is just how they were taught to act and react. Type three is the type of person who only ever looks out for their best interest. They will hurt anyone they have to, to get the means to an end."

The group all stood there thinking about Harry's words. Each one knew that he was absolutely correct in that line of thought and logic. Hermione was actually smiling at the logic and passion that Harry was putting forth in his words.

"I am the one in group one along with Neville, the Grangers, Luna, and Oliver," he told them. "The rest of you present are in category two. Yes even Hagrid has his own agenda in that department due to the faith he had in Dumbledore. Category three has Dumbledore, Snape, and Voldemort in it. They will hurt who they have to, to get what they want in life. That is never the best route to go. If you want something done by others, it is best to have their loyalty rather than their fear. Professor Snape has his good moments I am sure, but he goes about his life in a manner that is not healthy for those that have to work with him. He is no where near the level that Voldemort or Dumbledore is, but he does fall into that category none the less. I swear that I will keep nothing from anyone and I hope that you all will return the favor."

"Lord Potter," broke in Griphook. "Is there something that we can help you with? I am confused as to why you asked us here."

"Yes my goblin friend," said Harry crossing his hand over his heart and bowing to the two goblins. "We need you to make sure that none of Dumbledore or Voldemort's minions are able to access our accounts. I am fixing to open the gate to the island and I will only trust the two of you to make the portkeys that we need. They will need to go from the island to Gringotts, the Ministry, and gates of Hogwarts. While we won't be attending Hogwarts any longer, I am still the one with the most backing to claim that castle in case something goes wrong with it. We also need you to place the Malfoy family fortune into the Potter vaults and we need keys made for the family."

"That is true," interjected Narcissa thinking about Hogwarts. "Being the heir of two founders and a third by Right of Conquest, you have the most power and influence when it comes to that castle. As far as the Malfoy vaults, they are yours to do with as you see fit. Draco and I are thankful that you are giving us access to the Potter vaults."

"Well then," said Harry smiling at everyone. "Shall we go home? The sooner we are away from this area, the sooner we don't have to worry about any surprises or unwanted guests."

Everyone began to gather their belongings. Once everything was gathered and shrunk, Harry led the group to the water. Once more, he placed the tip of the Sword of Gryffindor into the water and had the satisfaction of seeing a boat appear in the water. With a gesture, he had everyone board. It was not long before everyone was safely on board and settled. Fawkes gave a cry of elation, and the boat began to drift towards the bank of the island. When they were about halfway across, Albus popped back to the spot they had just left. Apparently, he had made the portkey, but could get no further than the bank where they first landed. He ground his teeth in frustration before he surveyed the boat fading in the distance. He tried multiple times to get to the island with no success on any of his attempts. With an angry scowl on his face, he turned on the spot and apparated back to Hogwarts.

Meanwhile, the boat was drawing closer to the island. Harry was watching closely as the mists were very thick. Fawkes landed on his shoulder and started to sing. Harry lifted the Sword and watched in satisfaction as the mists parted and let them glide into the small bay that was on the side of the island.

"As the heir of Gryffindor, I have to be the first one to step foot onto the soil," explained Harry. "Please stay on the boat until I give word that the enchantments that are on the island are willing to let you all enter."

Everyone agreed and waited until the boat rested against the dock. Harry stepped carefully out of the boat with the assistance of Hagrid and Grawp. He walked a few feet and took a look around. He could feel the land welcoming him home. He took out his pocket knife and made a small cut across his palm. He let the blood hit the soil and watched as all of the buildings came into view. He felt all of the wards of the island snap to him. He reeled for a moment while he adjusted to the power that was on the island.

"Everyone will need to step up to me and let me make a cut on their palm and let their blood mix with the soil," called Harry. "From there, the magic will allow you to view the land around here. The animals that are with us are in no danger. They are safe here."

It was not long before Harry could here them all getting off the boat. Fang and Fluffy were standing with Harry looking at the woods and the surrounding the area. Hedwig and Fawkes were flying around above Harry's head keeping watch. One by one, the occupants of the boat stepped up to Harry and allowed him to cut their hands. They let their blood drip onto the soil and then looked around in interest as the land that the island consisted of came into view. Narcissa went around and healed everyone's hands when they were all keyed into the wards of the island.

"Griphook and Ragnok," said Harry. "Now would be a great time to create the portkeys. We will also need medallions that will alert the rest of us when one or more of us are in danger here on the island or even away from it. If you can key the portkeys and medallions to work in sync with one another, that would be great. The sooner that we have those made, the sooner you guys can go home if you choose. Just make sure that you create a portkey for yourself in case you ever want to come for a visit. Something tells me that we will have need of you in the future."

"What makes you say that?" asked Griphook creating some of the requested portkeys and handing them out to everyone.

"Because the buildings are all in ruins," answered Hermione pointing. "The castle looks to be in better condition, but not by much. We have some work to do here and we can't do it without your expertise. As we don't know anything about the island, we will defer to your judgment as to what we should do. It is well known that goblins are Masters when it comes to buildings and land. We are merely humans and therefore will count on your knowledge and skills."

Griphook and Ragnok both looked around in awe and wonder. They knew that they were looking at some extremely old buildings that were in serious need of repair.

"I think we should set up camp here and begin to explore in the morning," suggested Harry still looking around. "There are a couple of buildings over there, but we want to make sure that nothing is living in them that we don't want to deal with tonight. We don't know what has taken over this island in the absence of blood."

"That is most wise," said Godric. "As I am dead, I could only do so much, but for the magic to take effect, we needed one who is of my blood line, to hold them back indefinitely. The walls that lead from the castle proper to the dock have fallen from decades of disuse and creatures that have been chipping away at them. Once they are fixed, you will have a good line of defense from here to the castle itself. The rest of the island is for the creatures that roam the area. The magic of the bloodline will keep the walls in good repair."

"Well," said Harry after he relayed the information to the group. "I think it best that we get to those two buildings there and set up for the night. We are going to have to watch out for each other for a few days while we get to work on what needs to be done here. It will not be easy as we have to get rid of the inhabitants that moved in while there was no one of the Gryffindor line that was able to be here. Do not separate from the group. We all stick together. While I am certain that there are no other wizards on the island, we don't know what manner of intelligent life form arrived to make their home here."

The others all agreed and they headed in the direction of the buildings. When they got there, wands were all lit with light to look around. For the most part, the buildings were stable if in need of repair. Harry and the others all began to work on the smaller repairs while Narcissa and the elves began to set up the supplies. Remus and Seamus began to patrol the area while Hagrid and Grawp got the Cerberus settled for the night in a safe spot. When that was accomplished, Grawp sat with Fluffy while Hagrid helped with the patrol. Griphook and Ragnok were busy looking at the surroundings.

"I feel it best to let us come here for about an hour each day and we start looking at all of the buildings on this island," said Griphook. "When we get enough information, we can see about helping you get some of them fixed while you work on clearing the island of its current inhabitants. However, if what you are telling us is true, then just fixing the walls will keep all humanoid life safe."

"Would you be willing to let me hire some goblins to come and repair the buildings?" asked Harry smiling. "I would be more than willing to pay for the services of the Goblin Nation should they wish to assist me in this."

"I think we can arrange something," assured Ragnok. "It would also not hurt for you to get a couple more house elves while you are at it. They can help with things as elves have a certain type of magic they can use. I would suggest that you make sure the third elf is bonded to a particular person so that Dumbledore can't use that elf to get to this island."

"Good thinking," agreed Harry searching for the little elf. "Tina, I need you to bond with someone here. We don't want the Headmaster trying to get to us by using you. If you are bonded to one of us, then you can be safe while with us."

"I is already bonded to you," stated the elf in confusion. "When you is finding out your heritage and stating that you is the one with the most power to claim the castle, the bond of all the elves is switching to you Master Harry."

"We can use this to our advantage," said Neville wisely. "Harry, send her back to Hogwarts and have her warn the other house elves that they are to remain in the castle unless they are called by you. She can get a full list of each and every elf's name while she is there. That way, we have the help, when we need it just for the calling. This way we can prevent Dumbledore from getting here to this island."

"Master Longbottom is correct," said Tina. "Is you wanting me to go and do this for you? I is being more than happy to do it."

"Yes please," said Harry kindly smiling at the elf. "Thank you for this. Can you bring back something to eat for everyone? This way we don't have to worry about food for tonight."

"I is being right back," said Tina snapping her fingers and disappearing.

"I just love elves," exclaimed Harry. "They are the nicest creatures to have ever walked on the planet. I just wish that we could teach wizards to not depend on them so much and to treat them better."

"That is something that we can all work on," said Hermione smiling at him. "We have these two buildings set up. We can all take turns standing watch for tonight. This way, we can eat and get everything set up here and take our time exploring this place."

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement, and their first night on the island started.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will end this chapter right here. Thank you all for being so patient with me. This is one of those stories that will take serious thought and the updates will be longer in coming. I have lots to work with and my days in real life are split with many projects. Thanks for understanding.

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