Hidden Island

Getting Started

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Chapter 5 – Getting Started

Harry nodded his head while he turned and finished talking with the two goblins. Each one promised to return on the morrow and bring with them the proper portkeys as well as a few more goblins to help them start repairing the surrounding buildings and walls. Tina popped back in as the two goblins left with enough food to last them for a week. She handed Harry a list of names of all the elves in Hogwarts.

"Headmaster is very angry," she told Harry and the others. "He is yelling and screaming about you. He is saying how you will allow him on this place or else he is making you sorry you were ever born."

"That must mean that something is buried here that he wants," mused Harry unconcerned. "He must have known about this place and knows that there is either a powerful artifact or something of extreme value on this island. I better deal with him as soon as possible so that I can make sure he understands that he can't have whatever it is that is here."

"What do you think is here that he wants so badly?" asked Oliver as they got ready for their turn on watch. "What is it about this particular place that he is so interested in?"

"If I had to wager a guess," responded Harry thoughtfully. "I would have to say that there is a magical artifact that is buried somewhere on this island. Also, I would have to say that this island is unapproachable by anyone that is not specifically invited."

"Thus making it a better bastion of power than even the Ministry or Hogwarts," chimed in Draco. "Those that want certain areas are after certain things. If the area in question is unapproachable by the enemy, it is more desirable for one that has something to hide."

"Draco speaks the truth," said Narcissa. "Those such as the Dark Lord, has his sights set on places like this that no one can get to. Add in that there may be dangers about that many can't deflect already set in place, and you have a bastion of strength that would make any one person who craves power want it badly. They will hurt anyone and do anything to get it."

"I agree with you," said Harry with a sigh. "I was hoping that it wasn't something along those lines, but I am not stupid enough to think otherwise. So tomorrow, we need to expand our search of the area and eliminate all of the dangers that are on this island for us in our living area. Godric said that certain parts were for us and the rest was for the wildlife. I think we should head to the castle and see if it is inhabitable before anything else. We can make other arrangements from there. That way, we can get it cleared out of anything that has taken it and make it our stronghold and work our way out."

"That might be for the best," agreed Dan. "This way we can have a fortified area in which to live while we work on getting rid of the unwelcomed creatures. I certainly hope that these two big fellows and that giant three headed dog can easily match anything that is on this island."

"I think we may need a group of warriors," said Harry thoughtfully. "We might also want more help on this island. I wonder if people like Professors McGonagall, Sprout, Flitwick and Poppy would want to come here and out of the machinations of Dumbledore and Tom Riddle."

"Who is Tom Riddle?" asked Seamus. "That name sounds familiar, but I can't place where I know it from. I do know that I have seen it before. I just can't remember where."

"That is the Dark Lord's birth name," answered Harry beginning his tale. "He was born from a witch and a muggle. He was raised in an orphanage until he became of age. His father wanted nothing to do with his mother and his mother died in childbirth. The reason that his name is familiar is that it was his diary that possessed Ginny Weasley in our second year. He is also the reason that Hagrid got expelled. His award is in the trophy room."

"Are you telling me that the Dark Lord is a half blood?" asked Draco in shock. "How is it that we have been in fear of a half blood?"

"First things first," said Harry sternly pointing at Draco. "While we are on this island, I don't want the status of one's blood to come up ever again. I don't care if you are half blood, pureblood, muggle born, muggle, elf, giant, or half giant. Here, we are all people, and we have to get along with one another. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"

Everyone quickly nodded their heads. Draco looked down embarrassed, but agreed none the less. Harry didn't press the issue as he knew that Draco wasn't speaking with ill regards to any one person in particular.

"The next rule is that no one makes the elves feel like they have to worship us or be a slave to us," said Harry. "We are to treat them like they are a part of the family. It is what we are after here. I don't wish to be an ass, but the only person that is even remotely in charge here would be me as this is my island and we are making OUR home here. The elves are part of our family."

Once more the others all shook their heads in agreement. Dobby, Winky, and Tina all smiled with happiness at hearing that bit of information.

"Last but not least, we need to make sure that we communicate," exclaimed Harry. "We won't know if we have done something to hurt your feelings if you don't tell us what is bothering you. None of us are really children anymore. We can sit down like adults and discuss things as a group. If we keep an open line of communication, then there are no people getting their toes stepped on or made to feel unimportant. We are all important here or we wouldn't be here. One's blood status doesn't make us better or less than anyone else. Power is within us for a reason. We will all act like we have a brain when it comes to associating with one another."

The others all smiled at this. They were enjoying the new and improved Harry Potter. From there, they discussed small issues and other matters of no importance before they started to turn in for the night.

Patrols were made and exchanged by everyone. Fluffy and Grawp managed to scare off a couple of curious hybrid animals that came up to the group, but for the most part, they were left alone for the night.

Back in England, Voldemort was holding court.

"How are the experiments going on the muggles?" he asked Severus. "Are they still alive?"

"They are very much alive," reported Severus. "The husband has already lost a few pounds due to the lack of food he has been receiving. We make sure that they eat what we feel they deserve. We have given them a potion that I created that always ensures that they are hungry. The female has been used a few times already by your supporters. She is also working non stop in the kitchen. When we allow them rest at all, they are shut in the smallest room we have."

"We have managed to find some collars that we use to control them with," reported Bellatrix. "They are not able to go far so long as the collars are around their necks. We pretty much limit the female to the kitchen, but we do make sure that she is available for your male supporters should they wish to have a little fun. The boy is made to do all of the grounds work under the supervision of Fenrir Greyback. He is also used by some of the members under your organization for personal pleasure. The older one is made to scrub the floors by hand. We figured that if it was ok for them to use a child as a slave that we could return the favor to them and keep our home clean at the same time."

"We make sure to whip them twice a day or more," said Rabastan. "They are starting to understand that what they have done to Potter was a mistake on their parts. Between us, we are making sure that they are reliving the hell that they put him through. They will be totally broken before too much longer. They are only simple muggles after all."

"Do we know where Potter has disappeared to?" asked Voldemort. "Even though I'm not going after the boy any longer, I still want to keep tabs on him."

"He has left Britain," replied Dolores answering him swiftly. "My contacts in the Ministry have informed me that he has left the country and will only come here when and if he needs to for things like shopping and such. The loss of his godfather in May devastated him to the point of desperation. Now that he is the Head of the Potter, Black, Malfoy, and a few other families, he is now considered an adult. Rumor has it that Albus Dumbledore knows where he is and isn't happy that he no longer has control of the boy. He is still protective of him where you are concerned, but there is something that the boy has that he wants."

"You had him for a year Dolores," said Voldemort pinning her with a gaze. "What is your opinion of the boy? I would like some insight on Harry Potter as a person away from the war effort."

"As you know," responded Dolores with thought and care. "I am neutral in this war. I have listened to and agreed with things being said and proclaimed on both sides of this war. I have not, nor will I, take a side."

"Yes we know all of this," said Voldemort slightly impatient. "Your ability to see what is light and dark is probably what has kept you alive all of this time. Now answer my question."

"He is a very intelligent and passionate young man," she said quickly. "He and I have sat and talked many a time about his upbringing. He hurts most because he values human life no matter who it is for. His love for the young man named Oliver Wood is beyond anything that we can imagine. It would not surprise me that they have a soul bond."

"I thought you hated him," remarked Severus. "He was always in detention with you. Are you telling me that you and he actually got along like civilized people?"

"That was my way of helping him as best as I could," she said shrugging with indifference. "I don't hate him any more than I hate you or the Dark Lord. My feelings for him are one of a parental type. I knew that something was wrong with him. So I began to work with him on it. During his Occlumency lessons with you, he mentioned something about the door to the Department of Mysteries. While you were helping him organize his mind, I was giving him the information that he needed to be able to worry less about that door and more about his studies."

"No wonder his grades improved during the year," remarked Severus. "I trust that you were tutoring him?"

"Yes," she said simply. "I was. No one told me not to, nor did they request anything of me. I simply did what I thought was best for the boy."

"You shall be rewarded for that," said Voldemort to the astonishment of the others. "That was keen insight on your part. He needed someone in his corner and you were the right person to do the job. As you are neither my servant nor that of Dumbledore, you were the right one to handle the situation."

"Thank you," said Dolores bowing. "I appreciate the support and praise. I have placed my report of Ministry known attempts on your desk. I have to return before I am missed."

Voldemort waved her away and she left with a small bow. It was not long before she was in the Ministry of Magic and in front of Amelia Bones.

"Well?" asked Madam Bones. "How did it go? Is there anything that we should be concerned about at the moment?"

"It was a surprisingly good venture," admitted Dolores. "They have Lord Potter's muggle relatives and they are torturing them to the point of making you want to pity them. The Dark Lord only wants to hear what the prophecy has to say. He is not interested in harming Harry Potter. He received the news that I was helping Lord Potter with actual good grace. I think that the Dark Lord will leave the poor child alone. I am even being rewarded by him for my services."

"Thank you Dolores for the roles that you are playing," said Amelia soothingly. "You have no idea how much we appreciate what you are doing for us, Lord Potter, and for Wizarding Britain in general. You shall receive a bonus and it will show up in your vaults for your hard work and dedication."

"What are you going to do about the Weasley children?" asked Dolores outright. "Are they going to be punished for their actions? They are despicable for their greed, crimes, and any other disgusting habits that they have. I have taught them for a year. One is very sly and devious, while the other is lazy and moronic."

"Oh yes, they will be punished," said Amelia emphatically. "However, as they are both minors, we can not have them arrested. They have been expelled from Hogwarts and they have to do community service to the Wizarding populace. It was the only way they are allowed to keep their wands. Have you figured out yet where Lord Potter went?"

"Apparently there is an area in the Alps," answered Dolores honestly. "The goblins of Gringotts would only tell me so much. It appears that the land of Gryffindor is in the Alps and Harry Potter has taken a group of people with him. Among them are Lady and young Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Longbottom, Miss Lovegood, the Grangers, Hagrid and his giant brother and pets, Remus Lupin, Seamus Finnegan, and of course his mate, Oliver Wood."

"Can Dumbledore get to Lord Potter?" asked the Head of the DMLE with concern. "We don't want one manipulative old wizard to leave him alone just for the other one to get to him."

"Here is where it gets odd," said Dolores answering with care and interest. "Lord Ragnok stated that Dumbledore tried to get to the island, but was unable to due to the magic that surrounds the area. From there he stated that Lord Potter parted the mists so that his party could safely land on the island. Not even the house elves of Hogwarts will take Dumbledore to the island because Harry Potter now owns Hogwarts Castle and everything in it."

Amelia burst out laughing at this. She knew that the old wizard was probably chewing stones right about now in anger that he lost his weapon in the war against the Dark Lord. Dolores started laughing right along with her.

Back at Hogwarts, Albus was just finishing taking his frustrations out on the castle. A knock sounded on his door and he opened it with a wave of his hand. The four heads of house entered his office and sat down for their summer briefing.

"Albus?" asked Minerva seeing the frustration in his eyes. "What is wrong? What has happened to you that you are so upset? I haven't seen you this angry since the night that Lily and James died and most recently when you found out that the Dursleys were hurting Harry."

"Harry Potter will not be coming back to Hogwarts this year," said Albus telling her a partial truth. "He along with some of the other students, have left the country. He is disregarding his destiny that says that he has to fight the Dark Lord. He is running from the situation. I am unable to do anything about this."

Severus didn't say anything as he knew the real story behind the anger coming from the old wizard. The others looked at Albus a little curiously.

"You knew he was leaving though," pointed out Pomona. "You sent Hagrid and Remus with him so that they would be able to watch over him. What has changed that you are now upset that he actually left. You are the one that took him there with his group of people. If rumor is to be believed, you even asked the Dark Lord to leave him alone."

"The boy has decided that I am no longer good enough to help him," spat Dumbledore angrily. "He has stated that I am not welcome on his property due to not believing that I have his best interest at heart. I have always done what was best for that boy. I can't believe he is behaving like this towards me after everything that I have done for him. This is a complete outrage."

"Even sending him to abusive relatives?" asked Severus shrewdly. "We know all about the home life of the boy you are so mad at. Tell me, how was that in his best interest? Why don't you tell us what really has you so upset with Harry Potter? It is obvious that him leaving is not the real reason."

"You have no idea what you are talking about Severus," snapped Dumbledore. "I have ALWAYS done my best for Harry Potter."

"Really now," said Severus sitting back in his chair and tapping his fingers together. "You forget that I was summoned shortly after you left the Dursleys. I know what you have done and what was at the house on Privet Drive. I also know that you told the Dark Lord to leave the fight between the two of you. What I want to know is, what has changed that you are now upset with him? Is it that you want something that he has and you are unable to get it? Is it that you are upset that he is now his own person instead of blindly trusting and following you like he has been?"

The other three heads of house were listening to this with rapt attention. Minerva knew that Harry had a bad home life. More than once she had tried to intervene on Harry's behalf only to be told that there was nothing that could be done. She was upset now with the old wizard.

"Where is the sword of Gryffindor?" Minerva asked noticing that it was missing from its case. "Where is that particular relic? It has never left the castle before and now it is not here in its case."

"The boy has it," said Albus tiredly. "I let him take it as it is his birthright. He is pretty much the owner of this castle and at any given time if he wants, he can waltz right in here and kick us all out."

"Mr. Potter wouldn't do that though," chimed in Filius. "He doesn't have a vindictive bone in his body. What was the last thing that he told you before he asked you to leave?"

"He said that I was the best thing right now for Britain," admitted Albus with a sigh. "Where have I gone wrong? Why doesn't he trust me enough to let me on Godric's Island?"

"Probably because he thinks you want something from either him or the island," retorted Severus. "I may have hated James and was hard on Potter, but the young man is highly intelligent and VERY observant. He got those traits from Lily. You must have a plan in the works for attempting something. He will not trust you again if you do something to cause him harm."

"I am quite aware of that," snapped Albus. "I have done nothing to make the boy not trust me."

"Obviously you were wrong," stated Pomona in annoyance. "You had to have done something or he would not have asked you to leave."

"He didn't ask me at all," said Albus in an aggravated way. "He had Fawkes take me back here without even discussing it with me. I have tried to get a house elf to bring me to him and they threatened to cause a riot of I did so again. Now that Harry owns the castle, he also has all of the elves working for him. Apparently he told them that I was not allowed to ask them to take me anywhere near him."

"Well," exclaimed Minerva standing up. "Now we know why you are angry. You have been outsmarted by an almost sixteen year old. You have been out maneuvered and that upsets you most. I have known you for many years, and I know that you are up to something with regards to Lord Potter. So let me make one thing clear to you. LEAVE HIM ALONE OR ELSE!"

"Is that a threat Minerva?" asked Dumbledore snidely. "I am still in control here and you will not talk to me in that manner. As long as I am in this office, you will speak to me with respect."

"No," she snapped back glaring in his face. "It was NOT a threat. That was a promise. You know how much I back all of my promises. I will talk to you anyway that I wish. You are up to no good and Lord Potter will NOT let you do anything to harm me. I, unlike you, have his trust. You would do well to deal with the situation that is going on here in Britain and leave that young man alone. It is what you, he, and the Dark Lord decided. So you should just live up to your end of the bargain and let that young man have a happy life."

With that, she left the office. Pomona and Filius looked at Albus with slight disgust before they followed her out of the office. Severus looked at Dumbledore with a sneer on his face before he too left the office.

Albus did not know what to do with his self or the situation now. He tried calling for Fawkes, only to be ignored by the phoenix. He tried once again to portkey to the island and only got as far as the bank. When he looked for the boat, it was not there and he could not get any further than where they had originally landed. He desperately wanted on that island. If he could get on that island, then his power base would be secure and he could wipe out all of his opposition.

The next day, the occupants of Godric's Island we starting to awake. It was a rough morning and the three elves made breakfast for the group.

"I think we should wait for Griphook and Ragnok to come before we head up to the castle," suggested Harry. "That way, they can give us their professional opinion as to how we want to repair the castle and what is the best way of going about it. They may also bring some goblin guards and such with them."

"Good thinking Harry," said Remus as he drank his coffee. "Are you going to send a letter to the four you suggested last night?"

"Yes I will," he replied. "I wrote it last night and sent it off with Fawkes. I told him to stay until morning and not disturb their rest. I figured they would appreciate that sentiment more than anything else."

"That was very generous and considerate of you," said Emma. "I am sure that she appreciates it."

Minerva woke up that morning and saw Fawkes sitting there. When he realized that she was awake, he sent out a small trill. He then picked up the letter from Harry and flew to her to give it to her. She accepted the letter with a smile and opened it to read.

Dear Professor McGonagall,

I have noticed that some people are not as loyal and trustworthy as they appear. Of course, I am speaking of Headmaster Dumbledore. While I don't have a grudge or anything against him, I do not wish to interact with him anymore than necessary as he knows something about my new living area and he wants it. His intentions to me, while noble in some aspects, tend to be rather sneaky and underhanded in other aspects. He has protected me from Voldemort, but he has used and abused me in his own way while doing so. I have respect for him, but not enough trust to ensure that he won't do something that will eventually cause me to lose what happiness that I have left in life. Therefore, we are not allowing him to come to my new home.

While we were discussing options last night, I began to wonder if people like you, Professor Sprout, Professor Flitwick, and Poppy would like to just get away from all of the games and come here to live as people instead of dealing with all of the drama and games being played by so many. We could always use your wisdom and experience. Please think about it. Fawkes will stay with you while you make your decision. If you four decide you want to come, send word with him and I will send him and my three elves to get you all.

Love Always,

Harry Potter

Minerva had tears in her eyes as she heard the plea in the words of the young man. She got up and quickly got dressed. She headed out of her rooms to Pomona's quarters. She knocked on the door and it was answered by an alert Herbology Mistress.

"Pomona," said Minerva with a smile handing her Harry's letter. "He has asked if we want to go and be with him. I am delighted that he has asked. I want to go. I came to you first to see if you wanted to go with me."

"I think that we may end up enjoying a quieter life," remarked Pomona when she finished reading the well written letter. "I would like to have the time to pursue my passions with my plants and not have to deal with people that are intent on bringing chaos and destruction all around them. Let's go talk to Filius and Poppy and see what they have to say. I am with you. I say let's go with them and be happy in our golden years. We are getting to old for all of this."

Together the two witches left to go find the Charms Master of Hogwarts. When they got there, they gave their opinions and decisions to the diminutive professor and explained their reasoning. Filius was elated to be asked to join the Potter team and immediately jumped on board.

"You two go and talk with Poppy," he said. "I will get some elves together and get our belongings packed while you do that. This way by the time that you are done, I can have most of our stuff packed and shrunk and ready to go. From there we can turn in our resignations and give Albus time to find suitable replacements for us."

The two women agreed and left to head to the infirmary. While they were doing that, Filius got a team of elves together to start packing their belongings. The elves were all delighted to be able to help Harry as well as those that wanted to be by his side.

In the infirmary, Poppy was reading Harry's letter for the third time.

"Do you have any idea as to how much I would enjoy something like this?" she asked her colleagues. "I am so sick of having to hide some of my findings because Albus doesn't want me to tell anyone. I have known for a long time that Harry Potter was an abused child. I had to fudge my records because of Albus. I say that I am in, and we can get my stuff packed and ready to go."

"Filius has a team of house elves packing our stuff," said Minerva pulling out parchment and quill and replying to Harry. "As soon as you are ready, we can head out to Harry and get moving."

When she was done writing her letter, she summoned Fawkes and sent him off with their reply. From there, she wrote out the resignations to Albus for the four of them and sent it off with a house elf.

On the island it was not long before both Goblins and phoenix arrived.

"Lord Potter," said Ragnok walking up and shaking his hand. "I have all of the portkeys made and a few extras in case you want others to come to be with you. They are keyed to the lobby of Gringotts, the front gates of Hogwarts, and of course the Atrium in the Ministry of Magic. We felt those three areas were best due to their location in case you needed to go to places like Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley. We also have them set up so that any of you can automatically portkey to one that is in danger or in need of assistance. As all of these are made of the same magic, all you have to do is place a drop of blood onto each of your medallions, and the magic will do the rest."

Harry looked around at the fifty goblin warriors and graced them all with a brilliant smile. He quickly scanned the letter written by Minerva.

Dear Harry

The four of us would love nothing better than to join you. We have all of our stuff packed and we are just awaiting you to come and get us. We will help out in any fashion that we can. We love you all and miss you.


Minerva, Pomona, Filius, and Poppy

"Great," Harry said looking around once more blinking back tears. "First let me thank each and every goblin that has blessed us with their presence today. We are thrilled to have you. Next we need Fawkes to take four portkeys to Hogwarts for the professors that are going to join us. When they arrive, we are going to go to the castle and see about securing it so that we can have a safer place to stay."

"Harry," said Hermione. "Between me, Lady Malfoy, and Draco, we can set wards up around these two houses that will not allow anyone but those of us present to come up to them."

"Ten of these goblins can start fixing them up and repairing the damages," said Griphook. "When it is all said and done, we can have them warded by us so that they only allow the members of your party and those you allow into them. This way, once we have them fixed, they can not be overrun again by anything dark or dangerous that is on the island."

"I don't think we should split up like this yet," said Harry nervously. "I think first and foremost we should get to the castle and clear it out of any inhabitants. From there, we can work our way down. Safety is the first issue. I know that the goblins are more than capable of taking care of themselves, but we have no idea what is on this island besides us. It could be something that not even the goblins can deal with. I say this with compassion and without ill thought to the prowess of the nation."

Everyone nodded at his statement. Even the goblins looked at him with respect. Harry went and gave the portkeys to Fawkes and watched in excitement as he flashed away. Meanwhile, the group all started to gather their possessions and was soon ready to go. It didn't take long for the four professors to join the group.

"First things first," explained Harry to them. "I have to key you into the wards of the island specifically or you will not be able to get back on until we come and get you. To do that, I just need you to cut your palms and let your blood hit the soil."

Harry watched as all four shrugged and made a shallow cut in their palms. From there, he watched as all four let their blood fall to the ground. Once that was done, Harry let the magic flow from him and keyed them in.

"OK before we go too much further, we need to talk about what we are going to do," said Harry. "First we know that there are a lot of hybrid animals on this island. To be honest I swear I saw a dinosaur last night in the distance. We may be dealing with things from a totally different time and age. Second, we are going to go to the castle and get it set up for humanoid habitation. Never go anywhere alone. Always go in groups of three or more. This will include Hagrid, Grawp, and most importantly our goblin, elf, and human allies. We don't want ANYONE getting hurt."

"So how are we going to do this?" Hermione asked with interest. "What is the best way to get from here to there?"

"Nice and easy does the trick," said Harry. "We are going to go in a straight line. With a little effort, we can be half way to the castle by lunch time."

"Why not just fly there?" asked Minerva. "Those of you that have brooms can fly and between Fawkes and the elves, we can get the rest of us there in no time."

"That is a great idea," said Harry happily. "We can all team up. That way, there are at least ten of us going to the castle right now, and we will be together in a big enough group to fight anything that comes our way. Fawkes can come up with us so that we can send him back to you when we arrive."

"Me and Grawp can always head out with Fang and Fluffy," said Hagrid. "That way we have a head start. We should be able to stand up to anything in this forest."

"Twenty five of the goblin warriors can go with them," said Griphook. "The rest will wait here for those that are going to the castle via phoenix or house elf."

Everyone in the area could see the look of utter delight on Harry's face. He was enjoying himself. Everyone was coming up with ideas and they were all sound ones. With that, the groups all split and started on their different paths. Narcissa, Minerva, Pomona, Filius, and Poppy were staying with Dobby, Winky, and Tina. Hagrid and Grawp gathered Fang and Fluffy and then made their way into the bushes with Griphook and twenty five goblin warriors. Ragnok stayed behind with those that were waiting for the others to send for them.

Harry and his group made it to the entry way of the castle. They took one look around and found them a safe place to get set up. There were eerie sounds going around. This meant that there was something in the castle that was not going to like them there. He quickly sent Fawkes back to get the rest of the adults and as many goblins as they could. It was not long before pops could be heard as Professor, elf, and goblin all entered the castle.

"What is that sound?" asked Minerva quietly. "It sounds like an animal."

"We are not sure yet," whispered Harry quietly. "We are staying right in this area for now until the other goblins and Hagrid and the rest get here. We don't want to go into battle without knowing that all of our troops are present to help us. Not much will stand up to Grawp, Hagrid, and Fluffy. Also, let's not forget that the goblins are the fiercest warriors around."

"Shall we at least peak around some of the rooms in this section?" asked Remus. "I don't smell anything immediately near. We can always clear out and clean some of these rooms to act as a base while we clear out other rooms and such in the castle."

Before he got much further, two chimeras came into the entryway of the castle. Those that were standing guard immediately went on the defensive. Wands, swords, and spells were soon used as the group fought with the deadly beasts. With so many battle hardened warriors and skilled witches and wizards, it was not long before the animals were destroyed.

"Some of their body parts can be used as potions ingredients," said Draco. "We need someone to go to the castle and ask Uncle Severus what parts."

"Write a letter to him," exclaimed Harry instantly. "We can send it with Dobby and he can either bring Severus here OR he can send us word as to what we can use. For now, we need to put these dead things in stasis and move them to a room and close the door so that they don't attract other things. Professor Flitwick, we need some kind of charm on the door. We need to leave it open so that Hagrid and the others can enter, but we don't want anything sneaking up on us."

"Let's get something cleared first," said the small professor. "My name is Filius and I would like for you all to call me such. I am sure that I speak for the rest of us when I say that we can all get along just fine on a first named basis."

Harry blushed at this. The others gave a soft laugh and he nodded his head in agreement. Filius then turned to the door and got to work. Draco sent his letter off with Dobby while Narcissa and Hermione were able to get the bodies moved into a nearby room and into stasis. Poppy was busy healing a few minor cuts and scrapes on everyone. Even the goblins were quailing under her medical supervision as she left no room for arguments.

"Get used to it guys," said Harry with a grin. "You are lucky we don't have beds yet or you would be bed ridden for three days. It is her specialty."

"Why you little," said Poppy firing off a stinging hex at him. "Don't make me hurt you Potter. I may be a medi witch, but I can still use other spells."

Everyone laughed softly at this. Dobby popped back in a few moments later with Severus.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will stop right here. I have much more to work with and more material to use.

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