Hidden Island

The Castles

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Chapter 6 – The Castles

"Lord Potter," he said formerly. "Where are the chimeras? The sooner we begin harvesting them the better they will be. If it is alright with you, I would like some for my private stores as it is expensive and hard to find and get."

Harry nodded his head and the group all made their way to the carcasses. Harry and Minerva stood watch while the others all got out equipment to harvest what they could. Around lunch, the group finished their work. Severus and the rest banished the remains and sat back while Harry had the elves get lunch from Hogwarts for them.

"Lord Potter," said Severus as they sat and ate. "I think that it is in your best interest to inform the Dark Lord as to what the prophecy states. He is interested in hearing it. Other than that, he has no desire to hunt you down or hurt you anymore. He is even forbidding us from doing anything that would cause you any type of discomfort."

"Give me a few days to think about it," said Harry carefully. "I am not saying no, but I would like to think about all of this. When I decide that I am going to do it, I can send him a letter via Fawkes. To be honest, I am not even sure that the prophecy is real or even fulfilled already."

"What makes you say that?" Severus asked with curiosity. "Why would you think that it is fulfilled already?"

"Only two people know what the full prophecy states," said Harry picking his words carefully. "Dumbledore and I are the only ones that know it, as he showed it to me the night Sirius died. I need you to promise me that you won't tell the Dark Lord anything until I give you permission."

"I swear upon my magic that I will not repeat a word of this until you are ready for the information to be known," said Severus with his wand in his hand. "I refuse to betray your trust. I know what both Dumbledore and the Dark Lord have stated with regards to you and I have no intention of going against the wishes of any of you."

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches," said Harry reciting from memory. "He is born to parents who have thrice defied him. He is born as the seventh month dies. And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power that the Dark Lord knows not. Either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives."

No one said anything. Even Draco and Narcissa were staring at Harry in horror as to what they had just heard. Hermione and Emma both had tears in their eyes as they knew what the content of the prophecy meant.

"My thought is that I have already fulfilled the prophecy," stated Harry. "I beat him as an infant and no one knows how or why. That stuff that is written in all of those books about me is all hearsay. Only two people would know what happened that night. I don't see the Dark Lord sitting down and giving an interview about the night that he lost his powers to an infant. Add in the fact, that I have never sat and told anyone about that night as I was only an infant, and you have nothing but hearsay and speculations about the events of that night at best and outright lies and fabrications after."

"Well that is very true," said Severus thoughtfully. "May I have the rest of your thoughts on this? You seem to have given this subject a lot of consideration. It would be interesting to see if we can come to some kind of conclusion regarding the prophecy period. Now that I am no longer bound by the Dark Lord to be cruel to you, I can relax and be myself around you. I never meant to hurt you. I was acting on orders and I needed to do what I did so that I would not blow my cover for either of the two wizards that I work for. I hope that you can forgive me."

"Well the prophecy doesn't state a few key things," said Harry nodding to the man. "First off, it doesn't say what year. This could mean that thirty years from now a child born at the end of July will fight with a Dark Lord. Let's also keep in mind that the prophecy was told by Sybil Trelawney and she is nothing but a huge fraud."

"That is true," said Hermione thoughtfully. "It doesn't state that it is you, however, you were marked by him Harry. So the prophecy does point right back to you. I am sorry to thwart your logic, but that part of it alone makes it all the more reason to believe that it is you and the current Dark Lord. I do agree that Trelawney is a fraud, but the words to prophecy point back to you and the events that DID happen that night."

"Ah yes," replied Harry with a nod. "That is very true. However, I killed Tom Riddle in the Chamber of Secrets. I also defeated him that night in the graveyard. Also if you want to get technical I killed his physical form in first year also. Professor Quirrell died and he was the host for Voldemort."

"Well we can bat this around forever," said Minerva. "It still doesn't give us a way of ending this once and for all. We will not know if the prophecy is fake or not and I for one am not putting much stock in it. I say tell the Dark Lord and let him decide what to do about it. You have made your decision to be here and not be a part of that world any longer. I say tell him and be done with it. Consider it a gift of good faith that the two of you will leave each other alone."

"Yes it does," said Harry picking at the first part of her debate. "As you all know, my biggest fault is that I tend to hear and see things that I am not supposed to hear and see. If you care to remember it got me into the situations in first and second year to start with. I do think that something or someone played a part in that and I was sent, but that is just my opinion. The fact remains that I am famous in school for knowing what I shouldn't."

"That is true," remarked Pomona playfully while the rest all nodded. "You are a veritable well of information that you shouldn't know. I also agree that some of it could have been a well laid set up, to test you or to make sure that you were in the right place at the right time."

"Well," said Harry with a smirk. "Dumbledore made a big mistake the night he used a portkey to get me out of the Ministry, and into his locked office with no way of leaving. He forgot all his paperwork on Voldemort sitting on his desk. Apparently Voldemort made horcruxes."

"That is extremely dark magic," said Filius. "He should not have done that. You need to do the most horrendous act of violence to create a Horcrux to begin with. Wait! You said horcruxes. Does that mean that the Dark Lord made more than one?"

"Yes," said Harry. "Apparently he made seven of them total. Ragnok and Griphook were able to get the healers of Gringotts to take the one out of my scar. The diary in second year was also a horcrux. Lucius gave it to Ginny Weasley not only to discredit the Weasley family, but to also kill all non pureblooded students in the castle. There are some notes as to a ring that a family named Gaunt owned, that was a horcrux. Dumbledore destroyed it. He told me that before we left from Gringotts. It is somewhere in my trunk as he gave it to me before we left. As I am part of the Peverell family, he let me have it as it is a Peverell heirloom."

"We may never find out what the other four are," said Ragnok angrily. "We will never be able to defeat him unless we know where they and what they are."

"You all forget," said Harry tapping his scar. "I had a link with the Dark Lord before his Horcrux was removed from my scar. He could never possess me without hurting himself, but I could enter his thoughts safely. I know what they are and where they are. One of them is in Number Twelve Grimmauld Place. It is the locket of Salazar Slytherin. One of them is the cup of Helga Hufflepuff and it is in the Lestrange vault that I now own. The lost Diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw is inside the Hogwarts castle. The last one is his snake Nagini."

"That is very impressive," said Severus thoughtfully. "I can get to and destroy the one in the castle with ease."

"Why would you want to do that?" asked Harry confused. "I thought you worked for Voldemort."

"I am still my own person," said Severus sharply. "I may have the Dark Mark, but I am still able to think and breathe like a normal person. I may even be able to get the one that is in Grimmauld Place with your permission. I just don't know how to destroy them."

"Send them to us at the bank," said Ragnok. "We can do it for you. It is not that hard for us. We will also be dealing with the one in the Lestrange vaults. In fact, if you will excuse me, I can go and deal with that right now. With Lord Potter's permission I can safely remove it and deal with it."

"Before you go," said Harry. "Has the bank made any headway on getting everything taken out of my houses and sent to my vaults?"

"Number Twelve and Malfoy Manor are the last ones," said Griphook. "Every other home has been packed up and moved to your vaults until such a time as we can bring them here. Any house that is not worth anything to you has been put on the market for sale. Potter Castle is awaiting your decision. Something is telling me, that we should just accept that you will stay here, and just find a buyer for the place."

"Thank you all," said Harry to the group at large. "Professor Snape, why don't you go with Ragnok? That way you two can work together on this project. For payment, you can take half of what we harvested from the chimeras. We are going to get other stuff before long."

"That is most generous of you, Lord Potter," said Severus waving his wand and sending half of the collected ingredients to his personal lab. "We will send word to you as soon as we know more about the Diadem and the Locket."

"Just call for Fawkes," said Harry. "He will hear you and come to you. Please be careful around Dumbledore. He wants on this island pretty badly. I can't let him come here. His intentions regarding me and this island are not honest. There is something here that he wants and he is willing to do anything that he can to get it."

"There may be something else I can do for you," said Severus. "I will send word when I have all of the kinks worked out of the plan. It will take some careful organization and thought to pull it off."

With that Severus and Ragnok shook Harry's hand and then left via the portkey. When they were gone, the others began the cleaning and clearing of the rooms on the floor they were on. They stayed together in case another attack happened like the first time. They heard strange noises, but as of yet they didn't see anything. When they finished each room, they closed off and warded the doors to prevent anything else from getting in that wasn't part of their party. It was not long before they had a good dozen rooms cleared of their former occupants and made somewhat habitable for living conditions.

Later that evening, they headed back towards the front doors of the castle. They set up watches on both ends of the hall to ensure that they were not snuck up on while they waited for Hagrid and his party. Within a couple of hours, they could hear the crashing of the brushes as Hagrid and his group entered into their line of sight. Harry and Minerva took down the charm to let them enter the castle. Hagrid and Grawp closed the doors to prevent anyone or anything else from entering them again.

"There is a gate on the outer wall that needs to be repaired," said a goblin to Harry. "It will need a little work, but it is nothing that is too serious."

"This will help us out a lot," said Harry nodding and motioning to the interior. "With Fluffy and Grawp at the end of the hall, nothing will be able to come from downstairs or upstairs without us knowing about it. We can all take turns again tonight like we did last night to prevent anyone or anything from surprising us."

"We can always leave a few members with Fluffy and Grawp while the rest of us checks out the basement and kitchen," suggested Minerva. "Most castles are designed in the same format. We can always make sure that we ward off the areas that we have cleared out. With nothing extra being able to get in, we can see to it that we have this entire place cleared by the end of the week."

"No time like the present," said Hermione standing. "How about I stay with Grawp along with Luna and Draco while the rest of you go down and start clearing out the occupants? This way if something goes wrong, Draco or I can send you a patronus and you guys can come and help us."

"Sounds reasonable," said Harry shrugging. "Dobby, Winky, and Tina can set up our sleeping areas and such in the rooms that we already cleared. That way by the time we are ready to settle for the night we can have a comfortable place to sleep."

"Give us about two hours and we shall head back up here for dinner," suggested Oliver. "I would feel better if one or more professor stayed up here to make sure we don't have any surprises. Or even some of the goblins if they would do so."

"I will stay with twenty goblins," said Griphook nodding his head. "We should be able to assist the three that are staying behind should anything be so foolish enough to come down those stairs. We may even do a small exploration party up there to look around. This castle, while big, is no where near as large as Hogwarts."

"It does only look to be about four floors not counting the basement and such," agreed Harry. "Ok, if you feel you can do this safely, be my guest. Hopefully we can find the library so that I can start sending for my belongings. I would like for us to set up house as soon as we can and get to living."

"Why not bring a few house elves from Hogwarts to help clean and prepare this castle?" suggested Poppy. "There are hundreds at Hogwarts and it is summer vacation after all. They would love the work."

"That is a brilliant idea," said Minerva. "That way once we clean out a room of its inhabitants, they can come in and clean it and get it set up for human occupation."

"Tina," said Harry kindly to her. "Would you please go to Hogwarts and bring back as many house elves that can come without the Headmaster causing problems? Also could you make sure that we get enough dinner to feed everyone here? Tomorrow after we are sure the kitchens and dining hall are cleaned and set up I can send some of you to the market to get us food of our own. I highly doubt that you will have any trouble getting the goblins to let you get money out of my account for things like that."

"I is taking care of it Harry Potter," she said before she popped away.

"Shall we?" asked Harry with a grin. "The sooner we get some of these rooms cleared, the sooner we can have a functioning home again."

The two groups then split up and headed in their different directions. They worked for a couple of hours before Harry called a halt for the night. They made it back up to the main level to find Griphook sitting there drinking some water.

"We managed to clear out all unpleasant inhabitants from the dungeons," said Harry. "The rooms were immense, but they had very few occupants. So the elves are busy cleaning down there. Have you guys had any luck up here?"

"We ran into a few dinosaur type creatures," said Hermione. "Grawp and Fluffy made short work of them. It was not that bad. Draco got into a fight with a boggart, but between us, we were able to banish it from the castle. Other than that the entire next level is clear. We even found the library. The elves that stayed with us have already started to clean the rooms and fix the furniture and such."

"Perfect," said Harry with a grin. "That means we just have the top two floors to deal with and the greenhouses. We can tackle those tomorrow. I think we should get some rest. The sooner we get the castle done, the sooner we can get everything that we need done to make this place more livable. We can even take a shopping trip to Diagon Alley so we can start decorating our personal rooms."

That night, they slept more comfortably than they had the previous night as they were in a more secured area. Harry and Oliver slept in one room. Neville, Draco, and Seamus all shared a room. Hermione and Luna shared a room. Dan and Emma had their room. The professors and Narcissa all picked their rooms and settled down for the night. Each warded but left their doors open so that they could help patrol the corridors. After all, they still had two floors to search. Around midnight, a group of dinosaur looking creatures made their way down the stairs. The alarms that the group set up went off immediately. Everyone came from their rooms with wands in their hands. The goblins that were sleeping on the ground floor swarmed up the stairs and assisted them in dealing with the predators.

"It is like Velociraptors," said Hermione in awe. "I remember seeing them in a book. They always hunt and attack in packs. It is like the dinosaur age is coming to life here on this island."

"Didn't I say I thought I saw a dinosaur the other night?" remarked Harry. "I swear it looked like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. At least that is what it looked like from my memory of what I learned about them in school."

"We may be dealing with an alternate life," suggested Seamus. "It is like the past has never left and this spot has made it so that these life forms have come back to take over this island."

"Not if I have anything to say about it," said Harry. "Now that we are up shall we tackle the next floor? I won't be able to sleep for awhile and we should just put our awareness to use."

With that the group all made their way to the third floor and all of the life forms that were not part of Harry's group were summarily destroyed, or sent outside. It was fairly simple to get large sections covered as there were fifty goblins, two muggles, two with giant blood, and thirteen witches and wizards with skill. Also the assistance of the elves and Fluffy made it easier to get the thirty some odd rooms on the third floor cleaned out of anything living. The group all decided to spend the rest of the night there on the third floor. Sleeping bags were brought up by the elves and they made their party comfortable in the hall near the stairs where they could keep an eye on anything that might come down from the top floor.

"Harry I have been meaning to ask you a personal question," began Minerva. "How is it that even though Oliver is four years older than you, that the two of you managed to continue to be a couple and stay together?"

"Well we knew that towards the end of the year that the magic was blessing our relationship," said Harry leaning against Oliver who in turn wrapped his arms around the younger man. "We knew that no matter what, that we would still be together even after Oliver left school. Dobby played a big role in that endeavor. Sirius also helped out where he could. Whenever there was a Hogsmeade weekend, Oliver would meet me in the village and we would spend the day together. During the summers, he and I would spend as much time together as we could. Hiding him from my Aunt and Uncle was extremely easy. My invisibility cloak did wonders to get him in and out of the house without detection or alarm. He spent every night with me during the summers. Dobby, Hedwig, and Sirius passed letters back and forth for us."

"That is sweet," said a delighted Hermione. "We helped out also. Those times when Harry would go off by himself, was because we knew that Oliver had come to the edge of the forest and Harry was able to meet him there."

"How did you manage that?" asked Filius. "How would you even know he was there?"

"The Marauders Map," said Harry smiling. "It would let me know when he was there and I would have Hermione and Neville come up with excuses to get me out of the castle when I wasn't in class. That is how I was able to see him three and four times a week."

"What is the Marauders Map?" asked Minerva. "Is this a secret that you will finally tell us about?"

"The map was made by Remus, Sirius, dad, and the rat," said Harry pointing at Remus. "They used spells and such to create a map of the school. When they were done, they knew where everyone was at all times. Fred and George got it in their first year. That is the way they were able to cause so much mayhem in the school. It never lies and always shows who is on the grounds of Hogwarts. They gave it to me in my third year. I used it all fourth year and last year to be able to get an hour or so every so many days with Oliver. I have loyal friends."

"It would appear so," agreed Minerva smiling. "Shall we call it a night then? It is getting late and tomorrow we still have one floor and any towers left to clean out. We want this castle to be solely ours within the next few days."

"The sooner we get the castle firmly under our control the sooner that the goblins can help us make any repairs," said Harry. "So far it seems that the castle is repairing itself in most areas."

"I noticed that as well," observed Remus. "It is like it knows when we have taken over a certain area and is able to repair some if not all of the damages that the years of neglect and disuse have seen. The rest of the repairs are something that is easily fixed by any of us."

"Once we finish the inside of the castle, I would like to start working in the greenhouses, and outer wall," stated Harry lying next to Oliver. "I noticed that if we can get the grounds between the castle and the outer wall cleared out, then we can have a safer spot for apparition as well as places to house our guests and family that feel more comfortable outside."

"This way we can take our time cleaning out the island of other inhabitants that we don't want to remain," said Oliver wrapping a protective arm around an already asleep Harry. "I would love to know how he falls asleep in mid thought or sentence like that."

The others laughed as they got comfortable. Even the goblins were grinning at the young man they came to admire and respect. The night passed on in quiet. Nothing moved that would disturb the rest of the sleeping occupants. The guards switched with their normal efficiency. No one wanted to wake Harry. It was a mark of respect that they knew he was the first to take up the challenge and lead the fight against their opponents. They let him sleep the rest of the night in peace.

The next morning, the elves directed everyone to the dining hall. There was a miniature feast on the table for all of the assembled people, goblins, and other occupants. They all chatted about the upcoming events.

"It will be nice to be able to have the castle free of all occupants that don't belong here," remarked Harry. "Once we get the interior done, we can begin the extermination of the unwanted from the courtyard area between the castle walls and the outer defensive wall. I am sure that between Professor Flitwick, me, and Hermione, we can fix the outer gates to prevent anything from coming back into our area."

"It will take me all of two minutes," assured Filius. "I thought I told you to call me by my given name."

Everyone laughed at this. When the meal was done, Hagrid and Minerva escorted Filius to the gates outside of the castle and watched as he repaired them within moments just like he proclaimed. When they were done, they met up with the rest of the group and they all headed up to the fourth floor. In a matter of hours, they had all of the rooms cleaned out of occupants. The elves swarmed over from Hogwarts and gave the entire castle a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. When it was all said and done, those that were ready chose their new quarters and started to set up their rooms with the aid of the elves. After lunch, they all sat around and discussed options from there.

"Some of us should go to Diagon Alley and buy what we need," said Harry. "The rest of us can assist Pomona and Neville in working in the greenhouses. Plus we don't want to keep the goblins here. I'm sure that they have more important things to do that to help us beat on some dinosaurs."

"First and foremost," remarked Griphook pointing at Harry in a reprimanding manner. "We are here because you are part of our family. Our next job is to assist Hagrid and his group in starting to secure the outside of the castle. Only when we know that the area between the outer wall and the castle is clear then we will go home. We do not feel that you are using us. I can see that is what you are thinking. So get that thought right out of your head. We are doing this because we want to. You are a treasure for us. You are kind, respectful, and intelligent. You treat us as equals and not some disgusting creature that most purebloods and some half bloods treat us like. Therefore, we adopted you into the goblin nation."

"I am going to take one of the rooms on the first floor and turn it into a hospital wing," said Poppy. "Narcissa, would you be kind enough to assist me in that?"

The blonde smiled and nodded her head in agreement. Together the two women along with a small contingent of house elves headed off to create the ward.

"Luna and I can take a room somewhere and make a potions lab," suggested Draco. "Hermione is better than I am in Herbology so she would be better at assisting Pomona in that area. Seamus can assist us with our project if he wants to."

It was not long before everyone got into their teams and began. Minerva, Filius, and Remus all went to Diagon Alley when the list was made to buy what they needed. Griphook went with them to ensure that all tickets that were to be drawn from the Potter vaults were approved.

Harry and his group spent most of the day working in the first two greenhouses getting everything that should be there cleaned up and stuff that shouldn't be there taken out. Pomona had one of the house elves make a list of the plants she wanted to take clippings of from the grounds of Hogwarts.

Later that evening Harry sat with Minerva and Oliver.

"I think it is time to make a visit to Hogwarts," said Harry to the astonishment of the others. "I do own that castle as well and I do have to clear the air with the Headmaster. I know his feelings are hurt and I want to make sure he understands that while I respect his knowledge, he can no longer control my life. Also, I want to take Professor Snape to the Chamber of Secrets so that he can begin to harvest the basilisk. We want some of that here also for potions ingredients."

"I am going to make a list of certain things we can do in the area between the castle and the outer wall," stated Hermione thoughtfully. "We can clear out a lot of the underbrush and such and make things a whole lot prettier to work with when we are outside. We can also set up a cave of sorts for Grawp as I know he feels more comfortable outside than inside. Hagrid will want a cabin outside as well to be near him."

"Just make up a list and clear it with those that are staying," instructed Harry. "To be safe, I think that Oliver and Minerva should come with me to Hogwarts as I know that they will help keep Dumbledore from pulling anything funny. We don't want an enemy if we can help it."

"So we can go tomorrow then," said Minerva nodding her head. "This will give us time to get a good nights rest so that we can make sure that we are fully able to deal with the meddlesome old fool."

From there, the new inhabitants of Godric's Island called it a night and headed off to their quarters to get some much needed rest. Each knew that the next day was going to be a very busy day.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Well here is another chapter. I am aiming to show more of the family aspect of things. I will be working to ensure that there are more fight scenes with Dumbledore and such, but the whole aspect of this story is to get the family started and working together. Thanks for the support.

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