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Arguments and Oppositions

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Chapter 8 – Arguments and Oppositions

The group made their way out of the gates into the moon lit night. Oliver and Harry walked hand in hand.

"My birthday is coming up right around the corner," said Harry. "I think we should all take a day off soon and go to Diagon Alley and go shopping. We don't have to worry about being attacked by anyone. So we should be safe enough to go out and have a bit of fun."

"I agree," said Minerva. "Ever since we got here all we have been doing is work and taking care of business with Dumbledore and the Dark Lord. I think we should plan a party for Harry and Neville. That way we can all enjoy ourselves and have some fun."

"You know what I'm really looking forward to?" asked Harry with a huge smile on his face. "I am looking forward to the Christmas holidays. Can you imagine the beauty of this place at Christmas? I bet it's beautiful around here with the snow and everything."

"That will be nice," said Narcissa. "It will be nice to enjoy the holiday without all of the parties and stations that we have to fill every year. It will be nice to just sit as a family and do nothing but enjoy each other's company."

"So it's settled then," said Harry. "Tomorrow we are going to take the day off and we are going to go shopping. We need to restock things here in the castle as well. We need to shop for new sheets, curtains, and other things for the castle. Now that the elves are starting to bring more of my things from the vaults here, we have more options and such, but I want us to have other newer things."

The others were in agreement at this proclamation. They returned to the castle and had a pleasant evening getting to know one another in a setting that was not related to work or teacher to student. All in all, everyone had a wonderful time.

The next day, they all took their portkeys to Diagon Alley. They all went together to the same stores at the same time.

"I feel that even though we are not in danger, that it would be better for us to stick together," said Harry. "I think that we should visit each store in groups of three. This way we can shop for one another in case we want to buy a present for someone in the group. However, I know that I need to hit most of these stores anyway. We have classes coming up and I want to have all supplies and such that I'm going to need to ensure that I will be able to enjoy them."

Everyone agreed with that. They all broke off into groups and started with their shopping. It was quite a few hours later when a tired, but a content group headed back to the island. Harry greeted some of the goblins that were there working on certain things. Griphook approached Harry.

"Harry," called the goblin. "We have spoken with Ragnok and a few families of goblins are going to come to the island and set up living arrangements. Everyone that comes here knows that what happens on this island is to stay on this island. Therefore, we have already begun the repairs on the buildings from here down to the shore. Some of us will house in the barracks in the walls while others will take over the free standing houses and get things set up."

"That's great Griphook," exclaimed Harry as the image of Godric nodded his approval as well. "We have no problem with the goblins being here. I enjoy talking with them. Their insight is very refreshing and their view of things is very educational."

"Ah," said Griphook. "While we are on the subject of education, we have been talking. We were wondering if you younger people would be interested in learning weapon handling from us. We would be willing to teach you combat using weapons of different types and styles."

"That sounds very interesting and something that I'll definitely bring to the table when we are talking later," said Harry. "Personally, I would be honored to learn how to use a blade or something of that nature, and to learn how to defend myself in hand to hand combat."

"Just let us know when you have a tally of who would be interested and such," said Griphook smiling at Harry. "We look forward to working with you all."

With that, Harry and Oliver entered the castle and went about their work. All knew that even though it was hard work setting up the place, that when it was all said and done, the castle would be wonderful to live in. The elves were going back and forth between the two castles relaying information back and forth between Harry and Severus as well as helping the team get the island castle set up for comfortable living.

That evening Harry broached the subject with the rest of them about Griphook's offer. It was met with lots of interest. They also discussed what they were going to do about their classes.

"Here is what we decided as the instructors," said Minerva. "Monday from ten to noon will be Potions. From one until three will be Defense. From three until four thirty will be class with the goblins."

"On Tuesday we will do something similar with different subjects," said Narcissa. "You will have Transfiguration at ten and Charms at one. From there, you will have your training with the goblins."

"On Wednesday, you will have History and Herbology in the same time slots," said Pomona. "We feel that it would be best that you have the same time slot with Griphook and his family daily for your physical exercise and training."

"On Thursday you will have Runes and Arithmancy," said Remus. "Of course it will be at the same times as the other classes."

"Last but not least," said Filius. "On Fridays, you will have Care of Magical Creatures and Healing. We figured with so few of you that we could just break the classes down for you and only limit you to two classes a day. Any independent studies you want to take can be done in your free time such as Astrology, Muggle Studies, Divination, or Foreign Languages."

"We feel that it is best to leave your weekends alone as there will be plenty of time during the week to do your homework," said Poppy. "As you are such a small group of students, we felt that you could all work together. We will have your work sent to Amelia Bones so that it can get filed with the Ministry of Magic and the Board of Governors and such."

"While we won't be attending Hogwarts anymore, I would still like for my education status to be known in case I decide that I want to be a teacher or something like that in the future," said Hermione while the others all nodded in agreement. "While this place will be lovely once we are done with it, we still may want to do things like associate with the outside world and what not. We don't want to alienate ourselves from the outside world by being hermits on this island."

"I don't think that I could handle something like that," acknowledged Harry. "I will want to do something with my life. This is my home, not a prison and I don't want any of the rest of you to feel like that either. I'm sure that Griphook and Ragnok along with Severus can keep us up to date on what events are taking place outside of this island."

"Even though we are training so much with our education, there is no reason why from time to time, we couldn't go and see a Quidditch match that is being played here in Britain or something," said Neville. "Also, we will want to go and visit our families from time to time as well. So there is no reason why we have to overburden ourselves with learning and forget to live in the process."

"Well said Neville," exclaimed Pomona happily. "You are absolutely correct. We, as your teachers, will not forget that you are still young people that need to have lives away from the books. We will take all of that into consideration. There are only six of you. I am sure that we can be lenient on days that the group of us wants to take a break and go and do something different and fun. We can call it a Field Trip of sorts to do something outside of this castle and away from the island."

"So let's begin classes on Monday," said Harry. "Even though it is still summer, there is no reason why we can't get started and get ahead of those that would normally be our year mates."

"Also don't forget that not all of us took the same classes," reminded Hermione. "The five core subjects will be there, but some of you didn't take Runes or Arithmancy. So therefore, you can do independent study in those subjects if you want."

"I know that people like me and Hermione have taken and passed most of the courses taught at Hogwarts," said Harry. "So I am going to be full with my schedule. I'm hoping that I can make something of my career when I get older. Therefore, I have taken the two courses away from normal study and have passed with ease. I am just praying that we all do well enough with so few of us."

"I see no reason that you all wouldn't," said Narcissa. "We don't have a problem with working one on one with you all. Even Neville can improve his technique and such with some extra practice. Now that you are not in the school where you are scoffed at and ridiculed, you can excel at your own pace and at your own level."

"Not to worry," said Harry. "I'm sure we will fall into our own rhythm soon enough. I am eager to see what we will be learning as a sixth year. I'm sure that Luna will have an easier time for her OWL year without the hustle and bustle of the students at the castle. We will have to make arrangements with Hogwarts so that she can take the exams at the same time as her classmates."

"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it," said Minerva. "For now, why don't you all go and enjoy yourselves today. This is Friday and Monday is right around the corner. I will send Dobby to Diagon Alley for the appropriate books and stuff that you will all need as soon as you all tell me what classes you are going to take."

"I am going to go for a NEWT in Potions, Transfiguration, Charms, Herbology, DADA, Arithmancy, and Runes," said Harry. "I will work with Poppy with healing and of course COMC as my independent study. I'm not going to go for a NEWT, but I would still like to learn about the creatures and such."

"That would be going for a NEWT baby," said Oliver laughing at the look on Harry's face. "If you are going to study the course until the end of your schooling, you should just take the NEWT and get it over with."

Everyone laughed at the look on Harry's face. He sat their looking like a fish out of water. Eventually he started laughing with everyone else when he realized how silly he sounded when he said what he said.

"I'm going to go for a NEWT in the same subjects as Harry is," said Hermione laughing at Harry and Oliver. "There is little that can be done with other things. As we are both muggleborn and muggle raised, it would be boring for us to take Muggle Studies. I would say that I would go for a NEWT in history, but that would be pointless. I can always read a book."

"I was barely able to stay awake for History," said Harry. "So I am not even going to try."

"I am going for a NEWT in Herbology, Charms, DADA, and Transfiguration," said Neville. "I am abysmal at Potions, so I am not even going to bother. I only got an acceptable in my OWL anyway."

"I'm taking the same classes as Harry and Hermione," said Draco. "I feel confident that I can get a good grade in my NEWTS in those same subjects. I will talk with Dan and Emma as an independent study for Muggle Studies and such. I will not be taking COMC. I just don't like dealing with the animals any more than I have to."

"I'm going to go for a NEWT in DADA, Charms, Herbology, and COMC," said Seamus. "I am sorry Minerva, but I just don't like Transfiguration. I just can't get it as well as I can the rest."

"You already have my list," said Luna. "I will have to study Divination on the side. I know I am going to pass my OWL in that subject as I'm a true Seer. So it won't be that hard for me to pass."

"We will help you if you need it," assured Harry. "We know how hard it was for us. We will do our best to make sure that you get the top grades that you can in your core subjects as well as your electives. Now that you don't have to deal with a bullying dorm anymore, you should have an easier time of study and what not."

"Thanks Harry," said Luna. "Does this mean that Oliver will be like a tutor for us if we need it?"

"I sure can," said Oliver smiling at the blonde. "I am more than able to help you if you need it. Harry and I see each one of you as a sister or brother. You didn't even need to ask. We are more than willing to help each other. Let's not forget that Hermione knows just as much as the professors, so she can help as well."

"Don't make me hex you Oliver Wood," said Hermione while laughing. "I would hate to do you harm. Harry does love you after all."

"You would have to catch me first," he said in a teasing manner. "Why don't you just accept the fact that you know more than one person has a right to know and move on?"

"Humph," she replied. "You are so going to get it when I catch you later. I will never forget this."

"This is part of the reason that I love him so much," said Harry kissing Oliver on the lips quickly. "He is such a wonderful person. He is never ashamed to help someone when they need it and he knows how to love with his entire heart. Plus he seems to be an expert and getting Hermione riled up. It's very funny and amusing to me."

"I'm happy to see that you are walking around with a smile on your face and that you are so happy all of the time," said Minerva pointing at Harry. "I'm delighted that through all of this, that the two of you were able to connect with one another and fall in love. To do so when one is older than the other is a remarkable feat."

"I like this Harry as well," said Draco. "He is more decisive, less moody, and surer of himself. He has the confidence that was lacking when he was younger. Now that he is away from those horrid muggles that hurt him so bad and is out from under the thumb of Dumbledore, he can really be the carefree and intelligent person that he was meant to be."

"We like the new Draco as well," said Hermione kissing him on the cheek. "He is less of a prick and more of a gentleman. He doesn't badger us or call us names. He helps when asked and doesn't care who it is."

Draco was softly touching the cheek where her lips had been moments before. The others were watching the interaction with interest. Seamus went to tease them, but at a slap behind the head from Pomona, he kindly kept his mouth shut. Draco smiled at Hermione and then blushed.

"Young love," said Narcissa softly smiling at the duo. "Draco, she is a delightful young lady and I'm proud of you. Do not be afraid to reciprocate if the desire is there. She is a perfect choice for you and you will never have a dull moment with her around."

"I am not sure whether I should be flattered or insulted," remarked Hermione to the laughter of the room. "Here I was being nice to Draco and this is what I get."

"Do relax Hermione," said Draco with a grin. "If mother didn't like you she wouldn't tease you. I do have to say that I enjoy your company. One of these nights, you are going to have to let me take you to dinner. I know this nice restaurant that would be perfect."

"It not like we don't have the jewelry for the occasions," said Harry with a grin. "I am sure that between Narcissa and the rest of these match makers that they will have you looking like a goddess before you are seen in public."

Hermione pulled out her wand and proceeded to chase Harry out of the door.

"I am going to get you Harry James Potter," she yelled chasing him. "How dare you insinuate that I am not already a raving beauty?"

"Do you think she will hurt him?" asked Oliver to the amusement of the room.

"I doubt it," said Minerva laughing. "They have done this since they became friends. It is not out of character for him to tease her and her to chase him firing hexes all the while."

"Well at least while she is chasing him, she has forgotten about taking revenge on me," said Oliver. "I don't think anyone, including the Dark Lord, will want to get in the way of her when she is extracting her revenge on people."


"Oh, Oh," said Oliver as he got up and took off. Hermione had just entered the foyer and she was aiming at him with her wand.

"Where is Harry, and what have you done with him?" asked Remus. "Is he harmed?"

"Hardly," stated Hermione. "The fool took off running through the gate and into the woods. He better not go to far though. We know that this island has dangerous animals on it. I don't want him to get hurt because he was running from me."

"He will be fine," said Griphook coming into the room. "Last I saw of him, he was on the trail that we cleared for those that want to go sit down by the water of the lake. We have it warded to keep the dinosaurs and such away from us. It makes for an easier time of getting our work done on the walls if we are not fighting with carnivorous dinosaurs all the time."

"How goes the work on closing the holes in the walls down to the dock?" asked Minerva. "Have you gotten most of the holes patched up and set up with living quarters for those that want to make a home out of the walls?"

"Yes," he reported. "We should be finished by no later than next week. Some of the damage was so extensive that we have to tear whole sections down and rebuild them from scratch. That is also after we clear the area of man eating inhabitants. We were able to get some more potions ingredients for the potions lab. We spotted a few unicorns in the woods yesterday as well. So we know that there are magical creatures living on the island."

"Hagrid has been going back and forth to Hogwarts and gathering a few of each of his friends," said Filius. "We will have a wider selection of creatures to work with soon enough. Ollivander has been coming here to get wood for wands and such. It will be more money for the coffers to give him access to the trees. He mentioned that he was able to make some interesting combinations due to the types of trees that we have here.

"Well as long as we are going to be alright is all that matters to me," stated Poppy. "I don't fancy having to patch too many people up for the constant foolishness that went on at Hogwarts. At least with Harry here, there will be fewer accidents for him to get into."

"I wouldn't bet on that," snorted Minerva. "We are talking about the son of James Potter after all. Even his own track record is nothing to speak lightly of as he has been in the infirmary more than any two students combined."

"You all do realize that I can hear you right?" asked an amused Harry. "After all, I am still sitting here in the room and I can hear you talking to one another."

"So you hear anything?" asked Poppy. "I know I didn't hear someone trying to make fun of us. If I did hear someone like that talking, I would hate to have to give him a medical exam and not be nice about it."

"Didn't we just get told he was at the water?" asked a confused Pomona. "I thought that's what Griphook told us."

"Humph," mumbled Harry leaving the room in a huff to the amusement of the older members of the group. "I decided to come back sooner. I don't particularly like to spend time in the medical ward you know."

"That was kind of mean in a funny sort of way," stated Hermione with a grin. "He doesn't mean to get into all of these situations that puts his life in danger all of the time. It isn't his fault he can't help but be nosey and get himself killed every year."


"I would run were I you," stated Minerva. "He does have a point and you stepped into this bit of trouble to the crown of your head. I would hide for a little while."

"You don't have to tell me twice," said Hermione running out of the room.

The others all laughed at this. This was definantly the normal with one or the other chasing the opposite for some crack or another that was made for the former. It was a mark of their love that they could play and joke like this all the time.

The weekend came and the group all got ready to head into London to go eat at a restaurant that Draco and Narcissa recommended. They got dressed in fine clothing and together, they all took their portkeys to Diagon Alley.

The restaurant was a delight to both the party and the owners of the establishment. To have a group that size appear and want to dine in their business was something that most would give their eye teeth to have. That Harry Potter was the one that was the leader of this group made it all the more special for them. They rushed the party into a private room where they could dine in peace.

Good food and fun went around the table for the longest time. When they were done, they went back into the alley to do some more shopping. It was nice being able to do things that would be considered normal. While they were buying some things, Amelia approached the group.

"Harry," she called. "I need a huge favor of you if you would be so kind."

"What can I do for you Madam Bones?" asked Harry politely. "If I'm able to help, I will. You know this to be true."

"I was wondering if Susan would be allowed to come to your island for protection and maybe attend your classes," stated Amelia quickly. "I don't know what to think about what's going on. With the Dark Lord and Albus fighting and you leaving the school, I don't like that all of the good professors have left. I don't want a substandard education for my niece."

"I have no problem with it," said Harry. "We will be doing all of the subjects taught at Hogwarts, but with so few of us in class, it will be easier for us. I suggest that you speak with Minerva as she is the one that is in charge of the classes and making sure that we have everything that we need and such. We don't want too many people knowing what we are doing as we don't want an influx of people invading my island. There is still something vastly important on that island that has the interest of Dumbledore. We are working around the clock to keep him from getting on the island."

"We are also going to have the students go into the forest that surrounds the castle for outside field work," stated Pomona. "We are going to push them a little harder as they will all have our undivided attention. There are dinosaurs and things like that on the island. Griphook and the goblins are the ones that are in charge of their physical training where they will learn weapon handling as well as hand to hand combat."

"However we do have plenty of room for her and she is more than welcome," stated Minerva. "If you clear it with the Ministry, I can have Harry come and get her or have Lord Ragnok bring her to the island where Harry can key both of you into the wards of the island. All we ask is that you make sure to check yourself each time you come into contact with Dumbledore so that you can get rid of any tracers and such. Also you have to tell him why he is losing another student to us."

"I will deal with all of that unpleasantness," promised Amelia. "How do I get word to you to let you know that we are heading to the island?"

"Ragnok will call for Fawkes and we will meet you at the docks," stated Harry simply. "That way, I can key you both into the wards and there won't be that much fuss for either of you. You are going to love what we have done with the place. Maybe you can help us locate what is on the island that Dumbledore wants so badly."

"I can also be the liaison between you and the Ministry," stated Amelia happily. "It would be an honor to assist you in any way that I can. All you have to do is let me know what I can help you with, and it's yours for the asking."

"Thank you," said Harry smiling. "We look forward to seeing both you and Susan soon. I hate to cut this short, but we have other business that we need to attend and we need to get back home. Classes start tomorrow, but take your time getting Susan and yourself to the island. With so few of us, it will be easier to get her caught up than at Hogwarts. Also buy her a set of books for all of the classes she wants to get a NEWT in. Minerva can let you know what books by letter in the next day or so."

"Thank you so much for all of this," gushed Amelia. "You have no idea what this means to Susan."

""What about her friend Hannah Abbot?" asked Hermione. "Do you think that her parents would want her to come and learn also? I know you said that you wanted to keep things to a bare minimum, but the two of them are like sisters. I think by helping one, the other would benefit as well. Plus with Susan being on the island, Hannah would be a target for Dumbledore to try and get information out of."

"I think that's a good idea," said Pomona. "This will even out the boy/girl ratio. Also it will give everyone a chance to be more comfortable with what's going on."

"I don't want anyone else though," said Harry. "This is supposed to be a hidden sanctuary for me and a select few. I can imagine that other parents will start trying to bombard me with letters and demands to let their children onto my island. I won't have it. Susan and Hannah are acceptable due to their personalities. No one else is allowed."

The finality in Harry's words left no room for argument from anyone else. He was a giving person, but even he had his limits as to how far you could push him.

"I'll meet you in your office in three days," said Minerva. "Make sure that Miss Abbot knows what's going on as well as her family. We don't want any surprises. The sooner you can get everyone ready, the sooner we can have both young ladies safely away. Expect Fawkes to deliver the letter regarding course books this evening. Classes start Monday."

With that, Harry's group all made their way to the section where they could finish their shopping in peace. When they were done, they all used their portkeys and swiftly returned home.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – This is as good a place as any to stop the chapter. I will start working more on this story now that I am done with some of the others. Thanks for your patience with me.

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