Hidden Island

Trials and Slapdowns

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Chapter 9 – Trials and Slap Downs

The next day saw Fawkes very busy. Minerva sent a list of books to Amelia. It wasn't long before she got word back that the Abbots wanted Hannah on the island studying with Susan and the rest of those that had taken refuge. Harry went down to Diagon Alley personally to meet up with everyone. He had Minerva instruct them to meet him at Gringotts.

Harry sat on the steps enjoying the sunshine talking mildly with Oliver while waiting when a flash of color stood in front of him in the form of one Albus Dumbledore. The older wizard was accompanied by none other than Severus Snape who gave Harry an exasperated look behind the older wizard's back accompanied by the roll of the eyes. Harry understood the meaning clearly and smirked at Albus.

"Is there something that you needed to speak with me about Headmaster Dumbledore?" Harry asked shrewdly. "If I'm in the way of you proceeding into Gringotts, then I humbly apologize and offer to move. I didn't think that I was taking that much space sitting on the steps."

Minerva and Narcissa who weren't that far away in case of trouble started to snicker behind their hands at Harry. They knew that he could and would take care of his self should the situation call for it. Amelia and Susan appeared along with the Abbots and stood next to Minerva to watch the events unfold before them. Severus had to turn his head to hide a smile that was threatening to form on his face. Albus looked livid.

"Mr. Potter," exclaimed the older wizard angrily. "It isn't bad enough that you stole my employees. Now you are stealing my students as well. If you do not desist in the advances, I will be forced to take this to the Wizengamot and force you to rescind the ideas and ideals you are putting forth. I have been more than gracious in allowing you to have a few of my minor professors, but I insist that you stop stealing people from my school. To continue to do so would be considered an act of war and I would be forced to vanquish you. I'm sure that the laws will slap you down for your interference of a magical establishment."

Harry sat there and thought about his response for a moment. Amelia went to intervene, but Minerva held her back with a shake of the head. She wanted to see how Harry would deal with the situation.

"I was under the impression that you understood that the school in question belonged to me and I was allowed to do what I wanted with it," said Harry calmly but with steel in his voice. "Apparently I'm not making myself clear enough. Maybe it is the garishness of your robes or something that would be affecting your hearing or understanding. However, the bright colors would affect your eyesight and not your hearing. Hogwarts belongs to me. When it comes to the students, staff, and grounds, I have the final say on whatever happens there. I'm allowing you to remain Headmaster of the establishment mostly due to the fact that you have been there so long. The other fact would be that you are the best one to defend the school other than myself, from attacks made by the Dark Lord."

Albus went to interrupt, but Harry held up a hand and forestalled any rebuttal.

"The fact that some of the staff chose to leave and retire to a quieter way of life is not something that I have control over," he said slowly and carefully as if speaking to a mentally challenged four year old. "The fact that the guardians and parents of the children are interested in having their said charges taught at a different establishment from the one you insist they be taught at is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. As they are the children in question's guardians, it is for them to decide and NOT YOU."

"But," started Dumbledore, only to have Harry stop him again.

"You have threatened me far too many times for my liking," stated Harry with a coldness that made some of the citizens of Diagon Alley shiver in fear. "The fact that you knew I was sitting here and approached me tells me that you still have some form of artifact that tells you where I'm at all times. If I have to press charges against you to have all of those artifacts removed from your possession I will. You do NOT have the right to keep tabs on me. I'm my own person that no longer even lives in this country. What I don't understand is what has caused you to switch from being the most supportive of individuals that slapped the Dursleys down for me to the manipulative old goat that is standing in front of me today."

"I have ALWAYS done what was best for you," snapped Albus right back at him. "I have watched out over you closer than any other student that has ever graced the halls of Hogwarts before or after you. To insult me in the way that you are right now is only showing me that you are letting your fame and fortune go to your head. Severus was right about you all along. I should have let him punish you the way he wanted. If I had, then maybe you wouldn't be the arrogant little shit that's standing before me now."

When Albus saw the look on Harry's face, he knew he went too far. None of what he had just said had an ounce of truth to it, but he wanted to slap Harry down a peg or two. Suffice to say, he knew that he was mistaken. All he did was enrage a powerful young man.

"Are you even listening to yourself old man?" asked Harry in a tone that brooked no argument. "The man you are discussing is standing right behind you with a look on his face of utter shock and disgust. Are you so determined to control me that you refuse to listen to what I have to say or to just let me live my own life? The war between you and the Dark Lord is just that. It's between the two of you. We all agreed that I would be allowed to live my own life. Once you found out that I am the owner of the fabled Godric's Island, you have become a greedy self-centered old fool who has delusions of grandeur. You have NO RIGHT to tell ANY student where they can or cannot live. That is NOT your decision to make."

Amelia, Minerva, and Narcissa stepped into view to keep Harry from strangling the old fool.

"Harry," called Amelia. "Don't forget that the trial of the Weasleys is today. They start in one hour. As for this old fool, you are absolutely correct in what you have said. He DOESN'T have the right to tell ANY student where they are to live and what they are to do with their lives away from Hogwarts. His hold on the Headmaster position is only there because of your generosity. So I am going to add my own words to yours. BACK THE HELL OFF ALBUS DUMBLEDORE AND DO YOUR JOB. Should I ever witness another scene like this, I will have you in front of the Wizengamot so fast that your robes will turn black with disuse. Now I suggest that you leave at once. You have exactly twenty four hours to release all items that have some form of tracker on Mr. Potter. Should this ever occur again, I will have you in a cell in Azkaban for stalking a prominent figure in the Wizarding World."

Albus looked between Amelia and Harry before he stalked off in a furious huff. He looked back over his shoulder and gave one more parting shot.

"You will allow me onto that island," he said gruffly. "As the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot and the Supreme Mugwump of the ICW, I have more than enough power to force the issue. It won't be long before I have what I want and you will be sorry that you decided to refute my requests."

"Then I guess we are going to be in front of the Wizengamot for a bit longer," said Harry as he gathered his party to head to the Ministry. "I plan on taking away some of those titles to ensure that you leave me and mine alone. Enough is enough. You are threatening me on a constant basis just because you can't have your way. I know four year old children that have less of a temper tantrum than you are right this moment."

"Ah yes," said Albus smiling smugly. "There are the threats that I was looking for. You have gone too far now. I will be victorious. We shall see you in the courtroom soon. Say goodbye to your island Potter. You will not have it beyond today."

Harry didn't even bother to answer the old wizard. He let the old man walk off thinking he won.

"Lord Potter," said Severus. "I had no idea that he was going to try something like this. You have my word that I'm not part of these plans."

"I may have a big surprise for you coming up real soon Professor Snape," stated Harry with a mischievous smirk. "When you see the sparks, I would suggest that you take cover. From what I'm being told, I have inherited my mother's angst. He is going down."

Harry made a slit motion across his throat that had Severus snickering. There was no doubt that this was Lily Evan's son. Harry was powerful and influential with a temper that matched his mother's in every way. It was time to sit back and enjoy the show.

Everyone in Harry's group was delighted that this was going to happen to get things rolling. Amelia was looking forward to the session so that the infamous Albus Dumbledore would finally meet his match. That being the thought, the group headed to the building. It was time to deal with the trash.

Amelia went and took her spot on the panel. Neville, Hermione, Luna, and Minerva were standing together waiting for the right moment to present their selves. Seamus was standing with them, but a little further to the back. Narcissa was sitting off to the side with Hannah, Susan, and Oliver. Severus was standing off by his self as he was a witness against the Weasleys in this case.

"We are called here today to hear the testimony of Harry James Potter against Ronald and Ginevra Weasley," called Amelia. "Due to the nature of this case, I am presiding over the trial as acting Chief Witch. Before we begin, I think that it is prudent to allow one of our members finally take his rightful place amongst us. Due to the severity of this case, he will not be sitting in his seat, but will appoint a proxy for his seats instead."

"Who is the member?" called Augusta from her spot as Longbottom representative. "Let him come forward and call for his seats."

Amelia waved her hand to Harry who approached the bench and looked at the assembled witches and wizards. He had a couple of rolls of parchment in his hand to present to the group. Albus made to interrupt, but Amelia cut him off before he even got started.

"Before you disrupt this with your words of nonsensical wisdom, know that he IS within his right to do this," she hissed at the older wizard. "Therefore, you will sit right there in that chair and let me handle this portion of the session. You are here as defense for the Weasleys only. What you have to say regarding his right to take his seats on the panel is irrelevant."

"I second that motion," said Augusta with a smug look on her face. "The defense will rest and let us handle the importance of a member claiming what is rightfully theirs. Lord Potter, please step forward and inform of us what seat or seats you are claiming for today. Should they meet with the criteria of the law and the agreement of the panel and you have presented proof of your claims, you will then present us with your proxy for today's session or sessions."

"My name is Lord Harry James Potter," he said loudly and crisply to the assembly. "I am here today to claim my rights as Head of House for nine different seats. I have proof from the goblins of Gringotts that said spots are mine to claim. Should you approve them all, I will work hard to ensure that my judgment for future sessions is both fair and honest."

"We are delighted to hear that," stated Amelia. "Please give us the complete list and then explain why and how you have them."

"I am the last Potter," stated Harry carefully. "As the last Potter, I can claim my seat at the age of sixteen due to being the Scion and only remaining Potter alive. Due to the fact that Sirius Black was the last Black, he named me his heir and the magic took effect upon his death. Therefore, I am claiming my right of the Black family seat as well. As Sirius was sent to prison without a trial and it was proven that he was innocent, I AM able to claim the seat as it was not lost due to imprisonment."

"As this information regarding these two houses is correct, we are hereby allowing you to claim the seats for those two houses," assured Augusta waving a sheet of parchment in the air. "Please give us the names of the next two houses and your proof that you have a right to them."

"After looking into my heritage, I have inherited the fabled Gryffindor Island," proclaimed Harry to the astonishment of the assembly. "Had I not been an heir of Gryffindor, I would not have been able to take over the wards of the island nor step foot on it. The Chief Warlock can testify that I am in fact a direct descendant of Godric Gryffindor as he was at my heritage test at Gringotts. History also tells us that the Gryffindor line is direct descendants of the Peverells. We know this to be fact. The Potters are also descendants of the second brother making me the Head of House of the Peverell name."

"We also have the documentation that proves that your claims on those two seats are just and the eligibility is allowed," stated Amelia looking at the list that was presented to her by Augusta. "So far you have managed to prove that you are eligible for four out of nine seats. Please give us the next two."

"The next two are a bit unusual in that the bloodline of my mother was never looked into," said Harry. "As this esteemed panel knows, the goblins of Gringotts are experts at finding the blood lineage of its clients. Therefore, in the presence of some of the people assembled, including the Chief Warlock, it was proven that my mother was an heir of Helga Hufflepuff. Therefore, I would like to, at the very least, claim the seat of Hufflepuff as I'm uncertain if my mother's line had a seat at all."

"We definitely approve you for the Hufflepuff seat," said Amelia looking over the documents. "We shall have to vote to see if we are going to allow the Evans seat to even exist. As she was considered a muggle born until now, we don't actually know if the Evans even had a seat. For now, why don't you skip this one and move on to the next two seats you are claiming? For that matter, why don't you just give us the last three?"

"I am claiming by Right on Conquest, the seats of Malfoy, Lestrange, and Slytherin," said Harry to the astonishment of most of the panel. "As you all know, I have defeated the last heir of Slytherin five times so far. I have been assured that I can have that seat as it is distantly related to me through the Peverell line as well. The Malfoy seat automatically goes to me as I have defeated the Head of House, Lucius Malfoy, more than once as well. In my second year he attempted to use an Unforgivable Curse on me. This automatically made him an outlaw and his seat was forfeited to his son. However, we discovered that when Draco issued a Wizard's Duel Challenge and never showed up, that it prevented him from inheriting the Malfoy seat or Head of House title. Last but not least, I am claiming the Lestrange seat by Right of Conquest as it was me that stopped her from killing anyone more than Sirius on that fateful night last year. As the Lestranges ARE convicted criminals, if you chose to not allow me to claim that seat, I will graciously allow it to fade away."

"Young Mr. Malfoy," called Augusta. "Is what Lord Potter telling us accurate? Did you challenge him to a Wizard's Duel and not show up for it?"

"Yes Madam Longbottom," called Draco. "That information is accurate. Also in our second year, I cheated in the duel we were having and this also caused me to lose my spot as future Head of House of the Malfoy name."

"Very well," said Amelia. "There will be a ten minute recess while we deliberate on this matter. When we reconvene, we will have an answer for you Lord Potter."

Harry nodded in acquiesce and went to stand with his Island companions. Hermione was smiling at him as Oliver hugged and planted a proud kiss on his lips. Dumbledore shot Harry a malevolent glare before he joined his fellow members in the deliberation. Ginny and Ron were sending threatening looks in Harry's direction. Harry smirked back at them in retaliation making both of them fume with anger. Arthur was chuckling quietly at the way that Harry was riling them up without even saying or doing anything. Molly was also fuming at Harry. Harry just shrugged his shoulders and looked away. He didn't care in the slightest. Today was his day to shine.

"We have reached our decision," called Amelia when all of the members of the panel were in their seats. "We have decided that we will allow Lord Harry James Potter to accept his seat for the following houses. They are Potter, Black, Peverell, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Malfoy. We have decided to deny your request for the Lestrange and Evans seats. The Lestranges WERE convicted and sentenced. It was discovered that the Evans line never had a seat. Is this acceptable to you Lord Potter?"

"Yes ma'am," called Harry. "Thank you for your timely actions in coming to an agreement. For today, I would like the following two people to sit as proxy for my seats. For Houses Potter, Peverell, Gryffindor, and Slytherin, I would like for my mate Oliver Wood to sit as proxy for the duration of this trial. For Houses Hufflepuff, Black, and Malfoy, I would like for Narcissa Black to sit as proxy. If this is agreeable to the panel, I will say no more. If this is not agreeable, I will be open to suggestions."

"You are more than allowed to name your proxy," said Augusta warmly. "Therefore, we will not say no to your suggestions. It would be best if Mr. Wood and Ms. Black sit in the panel for one specific house and vote for the others in their care for the day."

"Then, I would suggest that Mr. Wood sit in the House Potter seat and Narcissa sit in the House Black seat," suggested Harry turning towards both and winking. "That way, we have the more influential houses represented."

Amelia was fighting hard to not laugh at Harry's antics. It was very obvious that Harry knew what he was doing. He was also pushing every button that Albus had causing the old wizard to turn purple in rage. That Harry was using the very laws of the Wizarding World to cover his ass was even more enlightening. Other members of the panel were not that controlled and chuckled at Harry's maneuvering. They also knew what he was doing and they were delighted that he was succeeding beyond the extremes. Dumbledore tried to get seven of the nine seats taken from him, but was unable to convince too many that it was in the best interest that it be done. He could give no reason as to why it needed to be stopped and therefore was out voted.

"Now that we are done with this portion, we may move on to the actual reason as to why we are here today," said Amelia. "We have testimony and evidence that Ronald and Ginevra Weasley were attempting to use illegal potions on Lord Potter. We shall begin by speaking with Potions Master, Severus Snape."

"Miss Granger sent one of Lord Potter's house elves to me stating that he was in danger," said Severus. "I was told that Mr. and Miss Weasley were attempting to use a Compulsion, Lust, and Obedience Potion in the same bottle of butterbeer. I have in evidence the bottle in question. Anyone with skill in potion making will know that combined, those three potions actually create a toxic poison that would have killed Lord Potter had I not come in with a proper counter potion. As I teach in a school with angry teens, I always have antidotes in stasis for different scenarios."

"Do you stake your title as Potion's Master on this evidence?" asked Amelia wisely getting to the point. "If so, would you please make a magical vow on it so that we know that you are, in fact, telling us the truth of this matter on what is in that bottle."

"I, Severus Snape, hereby swear on my magic that the testimony that I have just given is the truth as I know it to be," he said. "I also swear on my magic that the evidence given is the exact bottle that Mr. and Miss Weasley gave to Lord Potter to drink from."

When he was done giving his vow, he used his wand to light a Lumos Spell showing the court that he still had his magic. To everyone on the panel, this proved that he was telling the truth as he knew it to be.

"Thank you Professor Snape," said Amelia courteously. "You may step down. Headmaster Dumbledore, do you have a defense against this testimony given?"

"Given the fact that Professor Snape swore on his magic that he was telling the truth as he knew it, I have very little to refute," said Albus smoothly. "The only thing that I can say in their defense is that Lord Potter came to no harm from drinking the liquid that is in that bottle. We also have no proof that Mr. or Miss Weasley actually was the one that placed the potions in the bottle. We only have testimony that they gave it to him."

"Very well," stated Amelia in aggravation. "We call to the stand, Hermione Granger. She will give evidence to the conversation that was overheard leading to the calling upon of the Deputy Headmistress and Potion's Master of Hogwarts. There is also the fact that Mr. Neville Longbottom and Mr. Seamus Finnegan were present when the bottle was in Lord Potter's possession. Therefore, if push comes to shove, we can hear their testimonies as well."

"If I may," said Hermione. "I would like to pull out and present the memory of that conversation for the court. By doing so here in front of you all, it can't be said that I somehow tampered with the memory. In it, you will hear what the three of us, along with Harry's two elves heard."

"By all means," said Amelia with a smile on her face. "Please remove the memory and place it in this pensieve. Once you have done that, we will watch it and hear what was said."

Hermione raised her wand to her head and pulled out the memory. From there, she placed it on the pensieve. Amelia swirled the basin around a couple of times before she tapped a few runes on it so project it to the court.

"Is everything ready?" he asked quietly. "As soon as those potions take effect, we can get him to fall for you and all that money he is bound to inherit from Black will make you and I filthy rich. He is already wealthy enough from being a Potter. Add in the Black family fortune, and he will be the wealthiest wizard in Britain. Or should I say that, we will be the wealthiest in Britain?"

"I have a Lust, Compulsion, and Obedience Potion already mixed into this drink," said Ginny with a smirk showing him the bottles. "By the time that we are done with him, he won't know what hit him or even be able to tell you his name. He is too busy being miserable about the loss of that arse Black to be more aware of his surroundings. It will be easy to get him to drink this and fall to our plan. I need you to keep Granger busy. I don't want her sticking her nose into all of this. It could seriously be detrimental to our plans."

"Don't worry," said Ron. "I will keep the mudblood busy. We can't let her get too close to Potter. I don't want to lose out on this fortune any more than you do. It will teach her to stick her nose where it doesn't belong when we are ruling over her."

When it was finished playing, Amelia smiled at Hermione as the young woman gathered her memory and replaced it in her head.

"We now have the why," said Amelia. "Dumbledore, do you have anything that you would like to say regarding what we have just seen and heard. There is NO evidence that this memory was fixed in any way. We have two other students that have heard the same conversation and we can always have them pull out their memories as well."

"That will not be necessary," called Arthur Weasley to the irritation of Molly and her two children. "I have no doubt in my mind that my children are guilty of attempting to harm Lord Potter. Our only defense in the actual attempt is that in their ignorance, they didn't know that their potion combination would actually kill Lord Potter. I have no reason to doubt that they did what they are being accused of. While they have pled not guilty, there is no doubt to most of us that for every argument that Albus will give the prosecution will have ten in its place to refute the claims of a not guilty verdict."

"Are you sure about this Lord Weasley?" asked Amelia. "If they are found to be guilty, your son goes to Azkaban and your daughter will have her magic removed. If there is a hope of evidence somewhere that will save either of your children, then we are willing to look for it."

"What are you doing Arthur?" hissed Molly angrily. "You are siding with Potter over your own children. How could you something like that to them? I'm appalled that you would do such a thing."

"SHUT UP," snapped Arthur angrily at his wife. "I suspect that they were not alone in this matter. If I ever find any proof that you were behind this, I will have you arrested after I boot you from the family. There is nothing that can be said that would prevent these two obnoxious children from being found guilty. They used their greed to attempt to gain something that could be far worse in consequence than their intended goal."

"Actually it IS worse," said Amelia apologetically. "These two are in just as much trouble for the attempted Line theft. Had the potions actually worked the way they wanted them to, Lord Potter would have been under the influence to be with your daughter causing it to sire offspring with her when it is obvious that he loves another. The penalty for that is not light."

"Do what you have to do," said Arthur sadly. "I will not stand in the way of the law. I'm just sorry that it happened at all. This could have been prevented had my children remembered how we raised them and not fallen into the money trap."

"May I speak?" asked Harry standing up quickly.

"Of course you may," said Amelia a little shocked at him. "What did you have on your mind?"

"I don't want either Ron or Ginny to go to prison or lose their magic," he stated passionately. "While they are greedy, it was a mistake that was made through lack of knowledge. I have a suggestion for a better punishment rather than sending them where they won't survive for very long."

"As you are the one that was targeted, we will at least listen to your idea before we carry out any form of punishment," said Amelia graciously nodding at him. "I happen to agree that it is terrible that two youngsters could lose their lives for something so foolish."

"Give both of them community service for the next twenty years," said Harry. "Have Ginny work in the dungeons with Professor Snape to ensure that she learns what she needs to so that she doesn't almost accidentally kill anyone else from lack of knowledge due to not studying. Let Ron take over for Mr. Filch. In this way, both are able to retain some sort of freedom. We can always make sure that someone can keep an eye on them to prevent them from ever doing something like this again to someone else. That person is NOT to be Albus Dumbledore though."

"Who would you suggest to watch over them to ensure that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing?" asked Amelia with keen interest on her face.

"I recommend Professor Severus Snape," said Harry with finality that made Ron and Ginny shudder with horror. "He is the best one to keep people such as them in line. If it comes to it, we can put magical dampening bracelets on them that will keep their magic to a bare minimal to work in and around Hogwarts while keeping enough of it away so that they can't harm another person. If this goes as I think it might, Ginny can actually become a Potion's Mistress under the tutelage of Professor Snape and actually earn her own fortune instead of trying to steal it from someone else. She can always work around Hogwarts to pay for her tuition and supplies needed."


"I think that it's a brilliant idea," said Arthur interrupting her. "This way, they stay out of prison and they are doing something useful for a change. As Lord Potter is the owner of Hogwarts, they can pay him back for their attempt to kill him and steal from him while still living and working within the magical world."

Amelia looked to Dumbledore who just merely shrugged his shoulders. Harry was at least ten steps ahead of him at every turn. There was nothing that the old wizard could do to circumvent this situation.

"Very well," said Amelia. "All those in favor, please light your wands. Mr. Wood and Ms. Black, your votes will count for however many seats you are representing today.

Every wand but five lit on the panel. Amelia quickly called for order and sentenced the two teens. The cuffs were brought in and placed around their wrists. Ron and Ginny were still looking mutinous, but they knew that there was nothing that could be done about it. They lost and Harry was the one to reap the reward.

"Is there any other business that we need to address here today?" called Amelia smugly knowing what was coming up. "If so, now would be the time as we are all here and ready."

"Actually there is," called Harry. "As the Head of seven seats, I call for a vote of no confidence on Albus Dumbledore and ask that he be removed from all of his posts of power. This will include, but is not limited to, his post as Headmaster of Hogwarts."

"On what grounds are you calling for a vote of no confidence?" asked Tiberius Ogden. "Dumbledore has been in his posts for many years and is a very honorable man. The reasons you present had better be some good ones."

"I think that in his advanced years, he is starting to slip," stated Harry quickly. "He has taken an unhealthy interest in my personal life. He is the one that placed me with abusive relatives when many of you sitting on the panel at this moment would have gladly taken me in and raised me as your own. He is the one that placed Sirius Black in prison without a trial when he knew that Sirius was innocent."

"How do you know that I knew he was innocent?" asked Albus angrily. "YOU were just a newborn at the time."

"You were the one that cast the Fidelius Charm," answered Harry pulling out a new scroll of parchment. "Therefore, you knew who the Secret Keeper for the Potter residence was. As my godfather, the magic would prevent Sirius from physically harming me. He spent all that time in Azkaban for something that he didn't do."

"Where did you get that scroll?" asked Albus angrily demanding to have it. "You will turn it over to me this instant. I'm sure it contains nothing but trash and falsehoods."

"It pays to be nice to people," smirked Harry in rebuttal. "When you treat others as equals and with respect, they tend to return it. You have been overheard by just about everyone sitting in the visitors or prosecutor seats threatening me more than once. You have paid my relatives all these years with the money from my vaults only for it to NOT go to me. You even allowed them to be taken from their home by the Dark Lord."

"You are going too far," said Albus standing smoothly and pointing his finger at Harry. "You have no proof that I have done that. I have always done what I thought best for you. This is the thanks that I get for that. You want to have me fired from all of my jobs just because you are the bloody Boy Who Lived. I will NOT allow it. You are going too far and you will be punished for this atrocity."

"Let's break it down then shall we," snapped Harry right back. "As Headmaster, it was YOUR job to know that Quirrell was possessed by the Dark Lord. You set up a trap by placing the Sorcerer's Stone in a school with children. Three first year students got past all of your defenses of the stone nearly losing their lives in the process. I nearly DIED by confronting the Dark Lord for possession of the stone."

"That's what you get for being a nosy child," snapped Albus. "You were told to NOT go down that corridor for your protection. It isn't our fault that you chose to ignore that rule. Then again, you always do go out and about and do things you aren't supposed to. That's my fault for turning a blind eye in your direction. You REALLY are a big headed boy who thinks he is above the rules."

"Oh yes," said Harry snidely. "Let's not forget that a simple Alohamora Charm opened the door where there was standing a bloody giant Cerberus. Also let's not forget that you awarded all three of us with lots of house points for breaking the rules. You are the one that set me up. Did you really expect me to NOT go along with your master plan?"


"Do you really want me to go into the rest of my years in Hogwarts one at a time for you?" asked Harry in an aggravated tone. "Each year has seen ME in some kind of mortal danger. From a giant basilisk to dementors and a dragon, I faced trials and tribulations while you sat on your old wrinkled ass and ate lemon drops and dressed in ridiculous robes that make the rest of us want to gouge out our eyes from their awful sight and fashion sense."

"Oh wow," said Severus to Minerva and the rest. "Harry is on a roll now. He will eventually make the old fool have a heart attack with his words. I can see that Albus is fixing to burst in anger."

Up on the panel, similar conversations were going on. The patches of people were NOT pleased with Albus in the slightest.

"The ONLY reason I DON'T want you out of the castle, is due to the fact that I DON'T want the Dark Lord to attack the school," said Harry. "With both of us out of the castle, it would be easier pickings for him. While I have no desire to fight the man, I also have no desire to punish the rest of the children for it."

"As it IS your school, what would you suggest?" asked Amelia. "You have the final say on what goes on in the school. After knowing much of your history during your five years at Hogwarts, I'm inclined to agree with you that Dumbledore should be removed from the post of Headmaster."

"Let him take over Transfiguration and Head of House for Gryffindor," said Harry. "He was a gifted and able teacher. He just has an unhealthy fascination with my life for whatever reason. In this capacity, he can still defend Hogwarts from the Dark Lord while still be able to help out in the education of the next generation. I will NEVER dispute that he is intelligent. I just feel that he is all over the place and losing sight of what is important."

"There is little we can do to counter your wishes for the school," said Amelia. "What of his other posts? What are your thoughts?"

"He wants on my island for whatever reason," said Harry. "He stated earlier that he was going to use his positions as Supreme Mugwump and Chief Warlock to get me off my own property. He was going to use his positions of power to harm me for no reason. He won't even tell me why he wants on the island so badly. He has tried to sneak, steal, and borrow onto the island. I also want all of the instruments that are tied to me rescinded and destroyed as he has no right to monitor my destinations. I'm not a prisoner of the Wizarding World and there is no reason that I should be treated as such. My thought is that if he were removed from his positions of power or limited, that he can't use those means to harm me anymore. He is right when he said he has done what he THOUGHT was best for me. Now I feel a little edgy that he is STILL doing it when I am powerful enough to take care of myself."

"After hearing the testimony given, we will deliberate and come to a consensus on what we will do regarding Albus Dumbledore," said Amelia. "From what we are hearing and the evidence given, it seems that he HAS been abusing his power if he can give the Lestranges a trial but NOT Sirius Black. As you are the one calling the Vote of No Confidence and he is the recipient of said Vote, neither of you can have a say. We shall return."

"Why are you doing this to me?" asked Albus trying to strike up a conversation with Harry. "You are ruining my good name just because someone older and far wiser than you is insisting that you listen to what is best for you."

"Do shut up Albus," said Minerva. "You are only making a fool of yourself. "You should have listened to me long ago when I said to NOT place him with those horrible people. You are the one that is wrong here. You are just upset that you have finally been called out on it."

After a while, the panel of members came back in and sat down. Many were looking at the old wizard with fury in their eyes. Albus knew that it wasn't going to be pretty for him and he would be lucky to not land in prison for half of what was being thrown at him.

"This is what we have decided," called Amelia banging the gavel. "We are removing Albus Dumbledore from the post of Supreme Mugwump. We are going to leave him as Chief Warlock due to his age and experience, but all trials will be seen to by a secondary Chief. All cases where he was in charge will be reviewed to see if there are any discrepancies. We are taking it one step further and stating that he is to STOP initiating any and all contact with Lord Harry James Potter. The only time he is allowed to speak with Lord Potter is if it is something that pertains to Hogwarts. Even then, he will be supervised by someone of a higher position."

"As the Head of the Board of Governors, we must ask who you want to replace him as Headmaster?" asked Augusta. "If I understand right, Severus Snape is the new Deputy."

"Would you care for the post Madam Longbottom?" asked Harry shrewdly. "If anyone can keep him in line, it would be you. This way, we have someone that can represent the school, Board of Governors, and Wizengamot without being so spread out that you make mistakes. My first and foremost concern is the safety of the remaining students of Hogwarts."

"I shall gladly take the post of Headmistress of the school," said Augusta smiling. "Thank you for allowing me to have such and honor. Dumbledore, we shall be discussing the plans and details of the school over the next month before it opens for the fall term."

"If there is no other business to attend, I suggest that we call it a day," said Amelia. "Professor Snape, I'm sure that you will deal with the Weasley children?"

"You can count on me," assured Severus. "I shall have the castle make living quarters for them. With the assistance of Madam Longbottom, we can keep these two in line. They will not harm anyone else so long as I'm keeping an eye on them"

"Thank you Professor Snape," said Harry smiling at the man. "I'm sure you will do the job admirably. Have fun with your post as Deputy Headmaster. You have more than earned it. Now if you all excuse us, we must be off."

Amelia and the group all left to head back to Gryffindor Island. Harry was smiling all the way home. Today had been a major victory against someone who was supposedly far wiser then he was.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Whew! I got this chapter going good. I hope that you like what I did. Thanks in advance for the support.

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