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What happens when the World of Harry Potter meets the World of the X-Men? Love, fighting. More love. and an Arch Magus/Class five or higher. Crossover story

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Stormy Lee
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Of Will and Enemies

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Chapter 1 - Of Wills and Enemies

Harry was sitting in his bed at Number Four Privet Drive. He was silently staring out the window while tears fell down his face. It had been two weeks since the fiasco at the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Mysteries. It had been two weeks since he found out just how deep the machinations of the Head Master were. He lost his godfather that night. The last of the Ancient and Noble House of Black was dead due to the Head Master withholding important information.

To make matters worse, Dumbledore had brought Harry back to the castle, and locked him in his office until Harry told him in minute detail what was happening and what had went on in the Ministry when Voldemort tried to possess him. The Head Master even went as far to say that Harry was partly to blame for the death of Sirius. This is what hurt Harry the most. Harry already felt that if he had not gone then Sirius would have still been alive. He didn't need the Head Master to tell him all he did and make him feel even worse about the situation.

Harry was also angry. Dumbledore did nothing to ensure that Harry would be ok. He just packed him back up when the term ended and sent him back to his abusive relatives. Vernon and Petunia were harsher than ever on Harry now that they understood that his godfather was dead and gone and would no longer be able to threaten them. Upon arriving back at the house, he was beaten to within an inch of unconsciousness. When they were done, they locked him in his room and had not returned.

Oddly enough, it was Fred and George Weasley that visited him every evening and brought him needed items. They made sure to stay out of sight of the patrol of the Order members. They also made sure that Harry had enough to eat each and every day. Certain members of the Order of the Phoenix looked the other way when they were on duty. Some of them were quite familiar with Harry's home life and they were determined to do their part in helping the boy. If ignoring the twins bringing him supplies helped, then they were all for it. No one should have to suffer the things that their savior was suffering, but none of them wanted to go against the wishes of Dumbledore either. So in the end, many just ignored what was going on with Harry and the Weasley Twins.

It was the middle of the afternoon when Harry was staring out of his window. He was not really paying attention to his surroundings and Hedwig, his beloved owl, pecked him hard on the arm to get his attention. When he came to, he glanced around and looked at where she was staring. In the distance, he saw an owl winging its way towards him. Harry's hopes rose.

"This might be a letter from one of my friends that came with me to the Ministry," Harry told her. "I have not heard from any of them since school ended."

She hooted softly in response. She was intelligent for her species and she knew her human was hurting. The owl arrived and Harry hurriedly took the letter off its leg.

"There is food and water in the bowl by Hedwig," he told the owl. "Help yourself if you are thirsty or hungry."

The owl gave a soft hoot of thanks and joined the Snowy female on her perch to eat and drink. Harry quickly looked at the envelope and for a moment his heart plummeted. It wasn't a letter from one of his friends. The letter was from Gringotts. With a sigh, Harry opened the letter and quickly read the contents. He gasped out loud and re read the letter.

Dear Mr. Potter

We at Gringotts were saddened by the death of one, Sirius Orion Black. We here at Gringotts were friends with the Ancient and Nobel House of Black. We have the last will and testament of the late Lord Black and it is to your benefit to appear in Gringotts immediately. This letter will act as a portkey. You may wish to pack and have your stuff brought to us via your two house elves. We know that Dobby the house elf is loyal to you and so is a female elf by the name of Winky. They will come if you call them. Please get here as quickly as you can. It is imperative that you do so. Plans are in motion and it is our job to protect our clients. To activate this portkey, just say the word Griphook and you will be transported directly to my office.


Griphook Stonehammer

Account Manager of the Black and Potter Estates

Harry thought for a moment and then quickly went into action. He walked over to Hedwig and the owl from the bank and told both that he would meet them at Gringotts. From there he turned and quickly called both Dobby and Winky to him. When they both appeared, he spoke quickly and quietly to them.

"What does this letter mean that you are both loyal to me?" he asked. "I thought you were both free elves."

"This is Dobby's fault," said the male elf wringing his ears. "Dobby is wanting to be Harry Potter's elf. He is also thinking that Winky can be a part of the Potter family. We house elves is needing to be a part of a family or we is dying. We is thinking that Harry Potter is needing house elves so we is wanting to bond with you."

"What do I have to do for this bond to work?" he asked the two trembling elves. "If it will help you and save your lives, I will bond with you, but I don't want slaves. If we do this, you are to be a part of my family. Family works together."

"Yes Harry Potter Sir," said Winky bowing low. "I is understanding."

"Dobby is too," said Dobby happily. "All you is having to do is place your hand upon our heads and says that you want us as your elves."

Harry sighed as he looked at the two elves. With a smile, he reached out and placed a gentle hand on each elf's head.

"I, Harry James Potter," he said. "Scion of the Potter name, hereby bond with Dobby and Winky and make them a part of my family as my elves."

A gold glow surrounded the trio and when it was gone, Dobby and Winky stood there in red dress robes with the Potter family crest embroidered in gold upon the sleeve and on the lapel above their hearts.

"I need to get to Gringotts," said Harry. "Can you pack up all of my belongings and meet me there?"

"That is easy enough Harry Potter Sir," said Dobby snapping his fingers. "You is going to Gringotts now. We is packing your stuff and meeting you there."

With that, Harry grabbed the scroll of parchment and muttered the word "Griphook". Immediately his naval felt hooked and he spun out of his room on Privet Drive. He landed awkwardly in a room that held a single goblin in it, sitting behind a desk. Grabbing on to the back of a chair, he righted himself and looked curiously around.

"Hello Griphook," said Harry. "It is nice to see you again. I came as soon as I could. My elves will meet me here shortly. Hedwig is also on her way."

"It is good to see you again as well Lord Potter," said Griphook bowing low. "Your owl will be watched closely in case someone tries to intercept her again. We have all of your mail here from all of your friends and such."

"What do you mean intercepted again?" asked Harry in shock and anger. "Has someone tried to hurt her?"

"No," said Griphook quickly. "They merely intercepted her trying to leave the area and sent her back to your home. No harm was done to her. She was merely prevented from going to anyone to get your mail. We learned quickly of this and began our own interceptions to make sure that all of your mail was brought here instead of where it has been going for the last almost fifteen years. We have also sent word to your friends that you were unable to get your mail directly and that it will be awhile before you are able to respond to them."

"Who has been taking my mail?" asked Harry angrily. "Wait! I think I know. Albus bloody Dumbledore."

"Right in one," said Griphook nastily. "As a general rule, we goblins stay out of the affairs of wizards. However, the Potter and Black families have been clients of ours since the time of the founders and beyond and we value our more trustworthy clients. We have a couple of people joining us today and it would be to your benefit if you were placed under the protection of the Goblin Nation for a short period of time if not indefinitely. When we have discussed all business that needs to be discussed, we can make further arrangements from there for your future. We have also recovered all of the documents that should have been going to you all these years."

Harry nodded his head in agreement. He was tired of it all. He hated all of the games and the players who were a part of them. All he wanted was a nice happy life and he was forever being put on the spot.

"I accept," said Harry. "Thank you for this. I am grateful that someone is actually looking out for what is best for me for a change and not what they can get out of me. I am tired of being the Boy-Who-Lived. It is time that someone cares for Harry for a change. Just Harry, and nothing else."

"This is precisely why I have suggested what I have," said Griphook patting him gently on the arm. "You are a special young man. Too many bad things have happened and too many so called "important people" keep using you to further their own aims. It is time that you have the life that you deserve. We are going to make sure that you get it. For now, just sit in the red chair and relax and enjoy the show. I promise you it will be severely entertaining for you. If you need to cry, please do so. If you need to get angry, be my guest. We goblins are here for you and not for those others coming here. NEVER, be afraid to show your emotions. It is what makes us alive. We goblins are masters at hiding our emotions to wizards, but we cry, fear, love, and anger like every other being that breathes air on this planet. Ah! You house elves are waiting to come in. Also, the other guests have begun to arrive."

Griphook opened the door and three house elves walked in. Dobby and Winky took their place beside Harry immediately. Harry recognized Kreacher and called out to him.

"Kreacher, are you alright?" Harry asked looking at the old elf. "Are you hurt?"

"Kreacher is not hurt," said the elf in shock. "Kreacher was told by the goblins that he needed to be here. Kreacher is not used to being away from Mistress. Kreacher is wanting to go home."

"Would you like to sit by me?" Harry asked. "I'm not sure what is going on either. You are more than welcome to sit with Dobby and Winky while we wait."

"Harry Potter is very kind," said Kreacher giving him a slight bow of respect before sitting with the other elves.

It was not long before the door opened and in walked Ron, Ginny, Hermione, Fred, George, Remus, Tonks, Andromeda, Narcissa, Draco, Molly, Arthur, Albus, Minerva, and Severus. They all looked at Harry curiously, and Albus frowned.

"What are you doing here Mr. Potter?" asked the aged Head Master. "You are supposed to be at your relative's house where it is safe. I insist that you come here right this instant and let me return you there immediately. We can't have you outside the safety of the wards surrounding Privet Drive."

"Head Master Dumbledore, you will kindly shut up and sit down," said a regal looking goblin walking in and sitting next to Harry. "You are in no position to be making demands of anyone here in this establishment. Mr. Potter is here by the request of the Goblin nation and you are in no position to go against OUR wishes."

"Director Ragnok," began Albus angrily at being spoken down to. "Harry is in danger of being attacked by Death Eaters or quite possibly the Dark Lord. He has to return to his relative's house immediately. He is not safe here."

"Once again I tell you to sit down and shut up," said the manager of the bank fiercely at him. "Harry Potter is safer here than anywhere else at the moment. Those supposed blood wards that you claim are around the home of the Dursleys do not exist now nor have they ever. You have been lying to this young man for years. We are here today to cover the wills of Sirius Black, James Potter, and Lily Evans Potter. You will all remain silent and not say a word or risk being thrown out and not allowed back in. As it stands, Harry Potter is here by our hand and our protection. If you feel that you can't control yourselves, then you are free to leave and what you receive can be taken away from you on grounds of causing problems in this establishment."

Albus decided to play the grandfather card and sat down with a smile on his face and pretended to cooperate. Inside he was seething. Harry Potter was not supposed to be here. This was an elaborate prank by someone and they were going to pay for this. He made sure that the Potter wills were lost and never to be read. He had been dipping into the Potter vaults for years to fund his campaign against Tom Riddle. He did this so that he didn't have to spend the Dumbledore family money. A feeling of cold dread passed down his spinal column and he shuddered. The fact that he planned on doing the same to the Black family vaults were what he was most upset by. Harry being here put a wrench in his plans and he couldn't allow that.

"I will begin with the will of Sirius Orion Black," said Griphook. "He was the last heir of the Ancient and Noble House of Black and his will was written in his blood not more than two days before he passed away."

"That is not possible," said Molly suddenly interrupting the goblin. "I was there when he made out his will. He wrote with regular ink. A mistake has been made somewhere."

"One more outburst from you and we will throw you out," snapped Griphook pointing at her. "We of the goblin nation do not find it necessary to lie. We know which is the most recent and which is a forgery and what not."

Molly took one look at the fury that was written on a number of faces in the room and decided to shut up. Griphook placed the will on top of the desk. From there, he placed a clear globe on top of it and tapped it with his finger. The image of Sirius came out of the globe and started to speak. Harry and Hermione were awed. This was goblin magic at its finest.

I, Sirius Orion Black, being of sound mind and body, bequeath the following:

To Remus Lupin: I leave to you my pack mate, one million galleons. I know that the laws state that you can not have the guardianship of Harry, but I am asking you to keep an eye on him. I will always be watching over you Remus. I love you like a brother and always have.

To Nymphadora Tonks: I leave one hundred thousand galleons. If you decide to change jobs, you will have the money to fall back on.

To Andromeda Tonks: I leave five hundred thousand galleons and I reinstate you to the Black family tree.

To Fred and George Weasley: I leave one hundred thousand galleons each and the trunk in the Black family vaults with your names on it. I pass the mantle of chief jokers to you both. Make the world laugh boys. In these dark times, we need a laugh.

To Narcissa and Draco Malfoy: I hereby dismiss you from the Black family tree. All monies that have come from the Black family vaults are to be returned to my family. The two of you have gone dark and I will not have it. Narcissa, I am sorry that it had to come to this, but you really should not have taken the Dark Mark. Draco, you are nothing but a pompous ass that needs to have his face shoved in the shit that he spews each time he opens his mouth. Black family members do NOT behave like you do. It will be up to the new Head of the Black family if you are to be allowed to associate with the name.

To Arthur Weasley: I leave you with ten thousand galleons. Thank you for being the kind man that you are and for watching out over Harry as a surrogate son. He needs all of the support that he can get right now.

To Molly, Ronald, and Ginevra Weasley: I leave the following advice. Get your heads out of your asses and act like purebloods. Molly, Harry IS NOT your son. You have no right to tell him what he can or can't do. I have over heard a few things while you were all staying at Grimmauld Place. I will get to that in a second. Ronald, you can not have everything handed to you on a silver platter boy. Grow some balls and actually work for what you want. Your jealousy of Harry is stupid. All he ever wanted in his life is EXACTLY what you have. He has always only wanted a loving family. Ginerva, your betrothal contract to Harry is now null and void. You will not now, nor will you ever get your hands on Harry's inheritance. The idea that you and your mother were planning on using potions on Harry is punishable by law and I hope that the goblins make a full investigation into this as well as the Ministry of Magic. I have left memories in vials to be viewed. As you all know, memories can't be tampered with or altered without it being obvious.

To Hermione Granger: I leave you with two things. You will have your choice of twenty books from the Black family library. They have to be approved by Severus Snape. I trust him to make sure that you do not get your hands on any books that are dark or dangerous. Severus is knowledgeable in that aspect and I know that he will make sure that you are safe from anything that might be dangerous in my old house. I also offer you some advice. Not everyone is to be trusted. Let your intuition guide you more. It never lets you down or steers you wrong. You let your blind trust for those you think are in a position to be right without acting on your instincts. Not all leaders of the light are what they seem and not everything that is said is law. Sometimes one has to act out on your emotions instead of what you are told. You are a smart young lady. I know you will figure out what I am trying to tell you. Harry needs as many people like you as he can possibly get in his corner."

To Severus Snape: I leave fifty thousand galleons and all of the potions ingredients that are in the basement of Grimmauld Place. I was an asshole to you and for that I apologize. Please assist Hermione and count what I have given you as a thank you for what you have done for Harry and as an apology from me.

To Minerva McGonagall: I leave you with the trunk in my vaults that has your name on it. You may not realize it, but Harry trusts you the most. All I ask is that, in the future, when a student comes to you with a concern, that you take the time to listen to what they have to say. Just because Dumbledore says it is one way doesn't make it law. Sometimes youth has more intuition and knowledge than the ones that are supposed to be older and wiser. I love you Minnie. Please watch out over my pup."

To Albus Dumbledore: I leave you with the name of the Black family lawyer. I hope Merlin has mercy on your soul, for what you have done to both Tom Riddle and to Harry Potter. I should expect that you are in a load of deep shit right about now. The Black family lawyer will run your ass through the ringer. You are NOT what you claim to be and I hope that others learn of your misdeeds soon.

To Harry James Potter: I leave you with the following: All of the Black family properties. This will include Malfoy Manor. It was never theirs. As they have basically never paid a dime on it, I am recalling their debt to my family. I also leave you with everything not already mentioned in my will to others. That will include all money, property, jewelry, books, and other items. All I ask is that you let the goblins of Gringotts go through it with a fine tooth comb and take out all of the dark items. I would hate to see you get hurt by something that is Dark in my family homes.

To Griphook and Ragnok: I know, my old friends, that you will enforce my will. I would like you both to make sure that the following occurs. Number Twelve Grimmauld Place is to be cleaned of all Order Members. All of my vaults are to be cleared of all dark items and destroyed. I will ask that you search the vaults of any other Black family members for Black family items as well as dark items that should never have been created. I also ask that you give Harry James Potter the Black Family ring as I am naming him my heir. Kreacher is to be given to Harry in hopes, that the love and compassion that Harry has, will aid the old elf into becoming something that is a loving being again. As Harry's guardian, I want you to file the papers to emancipate him. I would also like you to make sure that the wills of James and Lily are read. They were illegally closed and it is time that Harry hears what he has inherited and never received from his parents. Lastly, I would like for formal charges to be pressed on Vernon and Petunia Dursley on grounds of child abuse, child endangerment, child neglect, and attempted murder.

This concludes my last will and testament. If you don't like what you received, that is entirely too bad. There is NOTHING that you can do about it.

With that Griphook looked up and waited for the explosions to start. He glanced at Harry and smiled. The teen was also waiting for the explosions. They were not disappointed.

"I can not believe that Half Blood got his hands on the Black family fortune," shrieked Narcissa. "Lucius will find a way to stop this and contest this will. Draco was next in line for the Black family fortune."

"There is a simple way to find out if this is legitimate," said Albus barely containing his own fury. "Harry has yet to put on the Black family ring. His status as Head of House has not been accepted yet by the magic. After all, Harry is not blood related to Sirius and therefore I highly doubt that it will accept him."

"How dare that mangy mutt say what he said to us," screamed Molly. "If he wasn't already dead, I would kill him myself. That marriage contract is NOT null and void and it will happen. Harry will marry Ginny and there isn't anything that mangy mutt can do to stop it. That is a legal and binding contract. If Harry doesn't go through with it, he will forfeit his magic AND his fortune to us. Either way, we win."

Harry was starting to tremble. Dobby, Winky, Kreacher, and Remus formed a protective ring around him. Fred and George stepped away from their family members. Severus, Minerva, and Hermione sat there with their mouths open in shock at what they were hearing. Andromeda and Tonks were sitting there with a thoughtful look on their faces. Draco did not say a word. He sat there studying Harry with an unusual look on his face. Ragnok let the yelling go on for a moment. When he got tired of hearing it and saw what it was doing to Harry, he silenced the room with a spell that not even Albus could undo.

"Griphook," he said. "Please hand Lord Potter the Black family ring. It is time to prove to some of these people that they do NOT know what they are talking about. Lord Potter, all you have to do is put the ring on. If it glows and adjusts to fit your finger, then the magic will accept you and you will, in fact, be the Head of House of the Black family."

Griphook opened a box and took out the ring. He handed it to Harry who hesitated for a moment. At an encouraging nod from Andromeda, he slipped it on his finger and had the satisfaction of seeing the ring glow silver and then shrink to fit his hand.

"It would seem that Sirius knew what he was doing," said Draco without scorn to the surprise of the room. "Welcome to the ranks of Nobility Lord Potter-Black."

"Draco," hissed Narcissa sharply. "How could you? That was supposed to be your money."

"I don't need the Black family fortune as I am the heir to the Malfoy family fortune," said Draco smugly. "With father currently in jail, I can take control of the family vaults and name."

"You have no idea what you are talking about," snapped Narcissa. "Without the Black family fortune, there is no Malfoy fortune. Most of the Malfoy money came from the Blacks."

"Then I guess I need someone like Draco in my corner to help me understand all of the pureblood and nobility aspects of life," said Harry interrupting her tirade. "That is if he is willing to help me. I need all the help I can get right about now."

Albus was fuming. He was trying to get a word in edgewise, but the spell that Ragnok had on certain members of the room was preventing him from speaking. He pulled his wand and made to aim at Harry and was hit with no less than seven stunners, three of which were sent by the elves. Harry, Remus, Minerva, and Severus all had their wands trained on Dumbledore. Fred and George moved closer to Harry in order to help him.

"I will say this only once," said Ragnok angrily. "So everyone had better listen. The Malfoy family is still very well off. Lucius Malfoy may have been a supporter of the Dark Lord, but he knew how to make money. Young Master Malfoy is in no danger of not being well off. Lord Potter-Black is under the protection of the goblin nation. If one more person pulls a wand on him, it will be the last thing that they ever do. Albus Dumbledore, for your folly in pulling your wand on a Lord of two houses, you are hereby fined one million galleons. Should you try something like that again, you will lose your family vaults and be sentenced to prison time by the goblin nation. The aforementioned fine will be given to Lord Potter-Black and a fee will be taken from your vaults to cover the exchange. I would advise you to not pull another stunt like this again."

"Harry," said Andromeda when Ragnok was finished speaking. "I will happily take the case that Sirius was referring to. He sent me a floo call before he died and told me of things he had heard. He told me that Molly Weasley and Ginevra Weasley were going to use a love potion on you to get you to marry the Weasley girl. From there, they were going to force you to marry her. Once the wedding was over, you were to meet with an accident and she would get all of your money. I am going to act as your proxy to see that those that have wronged you are punished for it. I am a fully trained lawyer for both the magical and non magical world."

"See to it that she is paid for her services from my vaults," said Harry quietly while he digested this bit of information. "I want charges pressed on Molly and Ginny Weasley."

"Oh Ronald will be added," said Andromeda grinning. "They were going to do the same thing to Miss Granger."

"WHAT?" Hermione shrieked standing and pulling her wand. "How dare you? I trusted all of you. How dare you try something like this? Harry and I have been nothing but kind, faithful, and helpful to the Weasley family. For all of that, this is what we get? You three make me sick. Harry has been more than willing to share his money with you all and I have been making sure that Ronald and Ginny have not failed their classes by doing most of their work for them. I am so furious right now."

Harry pulled Hermione back and forced her to sit in a chair. She was breathing heavily.

"Take a deep breath," said Harry. "I am still your friend. We need to get the authorities involved now. We will handle all of this. It will be ok."

"Thanks Harry," she said. "I am still your friend and I will NEVER let you down. I am loyal unlike some people I can point out."

"You can count on us as well mate," said Fred. "We are on your team. We always have been and always will be."

"Griphook we need Amelia Bones here," said Harry. "She can help us deal with some of this riff raff. I am sickened by the thoughts of what they are saying. Is it true that if I don't go through with the marriage contract that I lose my magic?"

"Normally it would be true," said Griphook. "However, your magical guardian was not the one to sign the contract. Thus the contract is a fraud and is void. Now that you are emancipated and the Head of the House of Potter and Black, you are able to choose your own betrothal should you desire to do so."

"I am Harry Potter's magical guardian," snapped Albus realizing that he was free from the silencing spell. "That contract is indeed valid. I shall be reporting Gringotts to the Ministry of Magic and the ICW. This is going to cause problems between our two races."

"Is that a threat Dumbledore?" asked Ragnok grinning nastily. "I can guarantee that you are not now, nor have you ever been, Lord Potter's magical guardian. That title was with Sirius Black and even though he was in prison, nothing else was written in the Potter wills about you gaining guardianship over Lord Potter. You took that title upon yourself and made sure that the Potter's wills were never revealed."

What was not known to the wizards in the room was that Amelia Bones and Kingsley Shacklebolt were summoned to the bank. When they arrived, they found the room in chaos with people screaming at each other. What Amelia found odd was that three house elves had formed a protective ring around Harry Potter. She and Kingsley listened to what was being said for a few moments before both of them headed directly for Harry and stood near him in case that he needed anything. Both had their wands in their hands in case of trouble. Finally, the people settled down once more and Griphook pulled out two more wills.

"These are the wills of the late Lord and Lady Potter," said the goblin to the room. "For the first time in almost fifteen years, we will finally hear what they wished to happen for their son. If anyone decides that they are too good to shut up and listen, we will just put a silencing spell on you and force you to."

Griphook surveyed the room and when he was sure that the occupants were subdued enough, he placed the globe on Lily's will.

I, Lily Marie Evans Potter, being of sound mind and body, bequeath the following in the event of my death.

To Severus Snape: I leave you with one hundred thousand galleons. You were my childhood friend Sev and you deserve to be free of your past. I shall always remember my first friend. Don't let others dictate your life to you anymore.

To Remus Lupin: I originally wanted you as Harry's godfather, but the laws dictated that you couldn't be. If Sirius is no longer with us, then I ask you to watch out over my son. Merlin knows he has enough enemies on both sides of this war that are after his blood. I also leave you with one hundred thousand galleons. Take care of my son and yourself.

To Sirius Black: Please be careful with my son. I would offer you money, but you wouldn't take it anyway. Please keep Harry out of the war. It has nothing to do with him. Albus is a manipulator and will use Harry for his own gains. Keep him away from my sister and her family. I NEVER want Harry to go there. They will hurt him.

To Minerva McGonagall: I leave joint custody of my son and one hundred thousand galleons. His trust fund should help take care of his basic needs as well as his school fees and supplies. Please keep Harry away from Dumbledore and my sister.

To Amelia Bones: I leave you with one hundred thousand galleons. Harry will need allies if he is to oppose both the Dark Lord and Dumbledore. Please take the trunk with your name on it out of my vault. It will have all of the documents you need to press charges against Dumbledore for what he has done to me and others. Inside that trunk are some memories that are of events that took place. I wasn't a Charms prodigy for nothing. I am sure that you will find what is inside a very interesting subject to be reviewed.

To my son Harry: I leave you with all of the rest of my sizeable fortune. Your grandparents may have been muggles, but they were very rich. Grunnings is owned by you, my son. If you haven't been sent to Vernon and Petunia, then let Vernon continue to run the company. IF however, my wishes were not seen to, and you were hurt by them then give them hell. Number Four Privet Drive is also yours sweetie. Do with it what you will.

To the Goblins of Gringotts: I ask that you make sure that Albus Dumbledore has not dipped his hand into my vaults nor has he been in any of my properties. If he has, then I want the full power of the Wizengamot to slap him down for his crimes.

With that, the image of Lily Potter faded into nothingness. Griphook handed Harry a copy of the will along with the one from Sirius and sat back to await his wishes.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will end this chapter right here. I am sure that you are all wondering where I am going with this, but it will be explained as I go along. Thanks for the support.

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Sunrise ocean: I am so happy I came across this book! Really like your books and I've none stop read through everything you write. It's very original and I've never read anything like it! If your a fan of vampire knight you may really enjoy this, but it's not fanfiction as all the characters original

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Belinda Geter: Very hot and steamy. So far it has my attention

TheDragonQueen727: I love the book, the plot is interesting and really well written. It snags your attention and kepps it. I think that the author is a really really good writer! I definently recomend her books. I love it!

Maria Guthmiller Conley: The change up was superb. The supernatural aren't completely immune to devastation or order. The cubs growing & every character being so uniquely defined. I love these books.

Maria Guthmiller Conley: This one felt shorter. But, intense. Painful & magical. Thrilling end with a twist I can't wait to read the next book to unravel.

Jennifer Leigh Anne Ciliska: Great read thank you for sharing your story

Eriabome Eguriase Olotewo: Book 1 to 4 has been an amazing read

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