Ruby Tinted Glasses

Term Begins

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Chapter 10 – Term Begins

The group all hurried into the safety of the wards of Hogwarts. They were met by a very anxious Minerva, Severus, Remus, and Narcissa. Harry led his party into the castle and Minerva led them all to the Head's office.

"What happened to you all?" asked Minerva quickly. "Was anyone hurt?"

"Not in the least," assured Harry quickly. "We were attacked by Dumbledore. I was able to hold him back while we tried to figure out where he was standing exactly. He was under an invisibility spell of some sort. With me being such a powerful telepath and such, I was able to send word to Madam Bones that we were under attack. When I knew that they were coming, I was able to concentrate on finding the old fool. I had his location found, but could not find out specifically where he was standing. Bobby was able to send his ice power to the area where I knew he was standing and when his breath gave him away, I was able to come out of my shields and challenge him head on by going on the offensive."

"I am impressed with your level of power," said Minerva breathing easier. "At least you were able to stop him before he got too carried away. What did he do after you went after him for a change instead of the other way around?"

"Oh he did the usual pointing finger routine," said Harry with a laugh. "He was going on loudly about how I was evil and he would bring me to justice and such. No on in the immediate area believed a word he said. Telepathy on the level that I have is a good thing to have."

"I must say that I am very impressed with that gift," admitted Amelia. "I was sitting at my desk working on some papers when I felt a brush against my mind. The next thing I know, Lord Emrys is telling me that he is under attack in Diagon Alley from Dumbledore and that my assistance was needed as he was also protecting Mr. Summers and the four teens with them."

"Professor Xavier taught me how to do that," said Harry blushing. "I felt that you would have been the best one to contact since you were closer to me emotionally. I knew that the Professors would have been busy getting ready for tomorrow. I also knew that you would be the least offended by the mental intrusion. I will only do that with permission or in an emergency."

"It was no problem at all," assured Amelia smiling. "I am glad that you did what you did. It makes me feel better knowing that you can contact help should you need it while still maintaining your defenses and wits about you. You handled yourself better than most of the Aurors on the force."

"By the way, Bellatrix was there as well, though she wasn't there to cause problems," said Harry blushing under all the praise. "She was there as an observer. She has been ordered to leave me alone at all costs as it is beneficial to the Dark Lord to not lose that many more followers as he doesn't have that many left in the first place."

"That is very true," said Amelia. "We have caught most of them. I would love to have gotten her though. I heard you tell her that you want to meet with him. Why would you want to do that?"

"I want him to know that all of his Horcruxes are gone," said Harry pointedly. "I also want it known that if he bothers me, this castle, or those in my care ever again, that I will hunt him down and end him once and for all. I may not want to end his life, but I can sure make it an unpleasant one for him. I am through playing games with these immature people. You would think that at their age, they would know better than to cause trouble the way they are doing. Riddle is in his seventies and Dumbledore is over one hundred and fifty. They both need to get a grip."

"Very well reasoned," said Filius listening intently to Harry. "I think that you should have someone to act as your backup just in case he does try something or has backup of his own hidden."

"Oh I will," said Harry smugly. "Scott and Marie will join me. He will not want one of his minions to lose their power if she holds on for too long. Plus one little blast from Scott's eyes and he won't know what hit them. Let's not forget that he hasn't seen me in action since I came into my full inheritance and mutant powers. He will think that the world has turned upside down and inside out when I am through with him."

"How very Slytherin of you Harry," said Severus laughing at Harry's descriptions. "I didn't know that the Gryffindor Golden Boy had it in him."

"Had things not happened the way they did and certain people had not brainwashed me or upset me, I would have let the Sorting Hat place me in Slytherin like it wanted," said Harry shrugging. "However, by the time I got here, Draco has already made sure I despised him and Ron and Hagrid had already filled me in with every misconceived notion about Slytherin house imaginable."

"Are you telling me that you were originally supposed to be in Slytherin?" asked Severus in a shocked voice. "That would have been interesting to say the least."

"Lord Potter – Emrys had the traits to fit in any of the houses," said the Sorting Hat from his shelf. "He was most difficult to place. He had very strong qualities that would have seen him thrive in any of the houses. I placed him in Gryffindor mostly due to the fact that most people would have expected him to go there due to who his parents were. I also knew that Minerva could protect him better in most aspects."

"Well we have what we came here for," said Amelia as Harry pulled the memory out of his head and placed it in a vial for her. "We will file all of this with the Ministry so that if the question comes up as to who started the fight and such, we have the proof. Good luck on your first day of teaching tomorrow Harry."

Everyone grinned at Amelia as one by one the Aurors used the floo and went back to the Ministry. From there, everyone went down to lunch and enjoyed each other's company.

The next day, Harry nervously got dressed and waited patiently in the area with the other professors. He had been reviewing with Pomona in Herbology since yesterday. She was amazed that he was so skilled in the subject. She firmly told him that he should sit his NEWT and be done with it. The reviewing was mostly to get his mind off of the fact that he was going to be teaching classes soon.

Scott and the two American teens were sitting in the Great Hall with Harry. Hermione and Marie sat at the Gryffindor table while Bobby and Draco sat at the Slytherin table. It was decided that even though Bobby would house in Gryffindor that he would sit with Slytherin. Scott and Harry were sitting at the Head table as members of the staff.

The older students came in and sat at their prospective tables. Many gave curious glances at Harry, Bobby, and Marie. They were also looking with curiosity at Scott with his Ruby glasses. Severus came in with the first years, and the sorting began. When it was all said and done, Minerva stood to make the start of term speech.

"We have a few changes in staff this year," said Minerva. "As many of you know, Professor Dumbledore is no longer allowed to work here. He has broken the law to many times to be allowed to be near the students. So I have been asked to be Headmistress."

The students all clapped politely at this sentiment. Most knew from their parents what was going on for the most part. They didn't know however, what was going on with the rest of the changes.

"As many of you know, there have been rumors that Harry Potter is the heir of Merlin," she continued. "This rumor is indeed true. We have decided last night that we will no longer hide the truth."

"That is totally amazing," said Colin Creevey. "I have read up on Merlin. He is the greatest wizard in history and now Harry Potter is his heir and descendant. That is so awesome."

"Thank you Mr. Creevey," said Minerva. "Five points to Gryffindor for the correct summarization. Now I am going to point out the staff changes. Professor Snape will be your new DADA instructor. He will no longer be head of Slytherin House."

There were cheers from the other three houses for this. Harry, Hermione, and Draco were hiding smiles behind their hands as they knew what was going on along with the three Americans.

"He is the new Head of Gryffindor House instead," stated Minerva claiming control again. "I can't be Headmistress and Head of Gryffindor. He has consented to take my spot. He is also the Deputy Headmaster here as well."

"So who is taking over Slytherin House?" asked Pansy Parkinson. "We of Slytherin are definitely saddened by the loss of Professor Snape as our Head of House."

"I shall miss you all as well," said Severus. "It would be prudent if you all were to keep quiet so that we can get through this so that we can all eat."

"Professor Narcissa Black will be taking over as Potions Mistress as well as Head of House of Slytherin," said Minerva when she had their attention again. "I do not need to remind you that you will respect her as you do any other professor or Head of House in this castle."

"Who is the man in red glasses?" asked a third year Hufflepuff student impatiently. "He is not someone I recognize. Will he be teaching Transfiguration?"

"If one more person interrupts me, I will take points from you," snapped Minerva clearly out of patience. "I can only talk about one person at a time."

"As far as me being the Head of Slytherin," said Narcissa before Minerva started again. "Just because Draco is in Slytherin and I am a former Slytherin doesn't mean that I am going to favor you all over any other house. I don't play favorites even with my own son. So each Snake can get that notion right out of their heads. I am a professor, not a fairy godmother."

"Thank you Professor Black," said Minerva smiling at her. "The man with the red glasses is NOT a professor of this school though he is a teacher. Anna Marie Jackson and Bobby Drake are transfer students from the United States. He is here to teach them. That doesn't mean that he is any less of a Professor here. He will be able to dock points and give detention as easily as any other professor for rule breaking. He has been taught what the rules are. Therefore, he will know if you are breaking them or not."

"I think we should give them a demonstration of what you can do and why you wear glasses," said Harry softly for Scott and Minerva to hear. "Give a quick blast between the two inner tables and I will make sure that no one gets hurt and the damage is fixed."

Minerva nodded her head as Scott tilted his glasses slightly and let the laser beams from his eyes hit the floor. Harry quickly waved his hand and cleared up the damage.

"This will mean," said Scott to the assembled students. "If I am not wearing my glasses or visor, then you could be in danger. Those laser beams will hurt or kill you. So anyone thinking that they can fool around or play with me in that aspect had better learn here and now, that it could cost you more than point loss or detention for my glasses or visor to come off my face. Lord Emrys is working to spell them on so that another spell can't take them off as well as devising a spell that will eliminate them all together."

"Thank you Mr. Summers," said Minerva. "You all have been warned. Now the last staff appointment will come as a shock to you all. Harry Potter has sat his NEWTS in Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, and DADA and has Mastery level scores in all four. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I announce that Lord Emrys is your new Transfiguration Professor."

"Any foolishness in my classes will result in your being thrown out and not being let back in," said Harry before the Great Hall could erupt in cheers. "I will not tolerate cheek, rudeness, or slander of another student due to house insignia or blood status. Let it be known that the use of the word mudblood will automatically get you a one week detention and a fifty point reduction. I am not playing games here. I am here to teach you. I will not play favorites."

The students were in awe of Harry's words. They had automatically figured that Harry would favor Gryffindor. To hear that he was not going to favor anyone made many shrug.

"This year we are going to offer counseling to anyone who needs to talk to someone," said Minerva. "We know that sometimes you have things happen and you need someone to talk to. Therefore, it is with great honor that we announce that Mr. Summers and Lord Emrys will be the school councilors. If you have a problem, you can talk to either gentleman and if they can they will assist. If it is something that either feels that we as the senior staff should handle, they will call it to our attention. They will not do this to break your trust or confidentiality. They would only do this for the safety of the students of this school and for the safety of the school itself."

Some of the students look delightedly at this bit of information. Many knew that Harry Potter would never betray the confidence of someone if it could be helped and would help them to the best of his ability.

"Last but not least," said Minerva. "Remus Lupin has come back to Hogwarts to be the new History of Magic Professor. Many of you could not stay awake in Professor Binns' class. Therefore, we have fixed that problem. As many of you are fond of Professor Lupin, we have brought him back to teach again. Before anyone asks, yes he will take the Wolfsbane Potion every month to keep the werewolf gene at bay and him safe to be around."

"Each professor that graces the halls of Hogwarts is more than just a teacher," said Pomona passionately. "We are also your protectors. Do not hesitate to talk to someone if you are having a problem. We can't help you if you don't speak."

"All other notices and rules are posted on your common room bulletin boards," said Severus. "It is in your best interest to read them or you may miss out on some important information such as tryouts for Quidditch, Hogsmeade visits, and things like that."

"Let it be known that I have a gryphon cub roaming the grounds of Hogwarts that may be seen in the castle from time to time," said Harry. "He is a fun animal to play with, but he will NOT hesitate to defend himself should you do something stupid. You have been warned. Cruelty to any animal is a serious offense to both the animal and the professors of this school. Injury due to being stupid will result in your treatment being as uncomfortable as Madam Pomfrey can make it."

"With that being said," remarked Minerva smiling. "Let us enjoy the welcoming feast."

With that, she lifted her hands and food appeared on the tables. The students automatically started to reach for the food to load their plates. They were once again stopped before they got very far.

"Excuse me ma'am," called Marie politely. "I have something that I need to say if I may."

"Of course Miss Jackson," said Minerva showing her complete interest while the students quieted down to hear the newcomer speak. "What is on your mind?"

"Well, I needed to tell people that it is not a good idea to touch my bare flesh," said Marie shyly. "My gift is that when people touch my bare skin that if they touch it for too long then they will lose their power for a little while or permanently if they are not careful. I will end up with your gift for a few hours to a few days depending on how long you touch me for. It is for safety reasons that I wear gloves and such all the time."

"I would advise all students to use caution," said Harry from his spot. "She is not kidding when she says that she can drain your magical core if you touch her flesh for too long. So avoid touching her bare flesh at all costs. That is no reason to treat her like a leper however. She is still a person with feelings. Should I find anyone being cruel or backbiting, I will not be happy."

"Will it kill us if they hold on for too long?" asked a Slytherin in a calculating manner. "Wouldn't that be dangerous to the rest of us?"

Harry quickly scanned the mind of the person and knew they had ulterior motives for asking. He grew angry at the thoughts projecting from the mind of the said student.

"Let me make one thing clear to you Mr. Nott," said Harry standing up and heading to the young man in general. "If you even think again about attempting that, I will see to it that you are expelled. I will have your wand snapped, and your magic bound. Marie is not a tool for you or the Dark Lord. I will say this to you once. I know what you were thinking. I am very displeased with you. I am going to take ten points from Slytherin for that. Also I am going to state that if I even hear of you going near her, I will personally sell you out to the Dark Lord for breaking the bond of temporary truce that he and I have. Do I make myself clear?"

"Who are you to talk to me like that?" asked Nott angrily. "You don't have the right to talk to me that way. My father will put you in your place when I tell him about what you are attempting to do to me."

"Go ahead and tell him," said Harry with a sneer that would make Severus proud. "I am sure that the Dementors will be gentle on you for a bit while you visit him is Azkaban. I will take another ten points for disrespecting me. You will serve one week of detention with Professor Snape for your disparaging remark to a Professor and the owner of this school."

"You will see me after dinner for your detention schedule," snapped Severus. "I am not going to tell you but once to shut up and mind your manners. Lord Emrys has every right to do what he has done. He also has the power to know if you are going to do something dangerous. I would not push your luck if I were you."

"So because Harry Potter states he wants things done a certain way, you will just jump hoops and do it?" he asked with shock. "How is that fair to the rest of us? Why does he get special privileges that the rest of us don't get? Just because he can accuse people of breaking the law, he can do whatever he wants and no one can tell him anything about it. The Board of Governors will not allow this. I am going to be pressing formal charges against him. He will not be allowed to be a teacher here. He is too young and he is underage and under qualified."

By now, the professors were all converging on the scene. Scott was gently pulling Harry back as the anger that was on the face of the younger man was evident to everyone present. The other Slytherins were edging away from the area as they didn't want to get caught in the crossfire.

"Never in my fifty something years of being a professor in this castle, have I seen a student behave like this on the first night of school," said Filius angrily. "I am taking fifty points from Slytherin for your rude behavior to the staff of Hogwarts. You will serve a week's worth of detention with me when you are done with Professor Snape."

"House arrest for you will be enforced," said Narcissa. "When you are done with their detentions, you will serve a week with me as well. I am ashamed of you Theodore. Your mother raised you better than this."

"I will also take a week," said Pomona. "You are way out of line young man and I won't tolerate it. That was a very rude and inexcusable sentence and accusation."

"I was at his heritage test," said Severus through gritted teeth loud enough for all to hear. "Harry Potter is the heir of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and by Right of Conquest for defeating the Dark Lord five times, the Head and Heir of Slytherin. He is also the head of the Emrys line and Peverell line. You will write a formal apology to Professor Potter. You will also write a formal apology to each and every professor in this establishment."

"For the record Mr. Nott," said Minerva angrily. "The Board of Governors only still exists because of Harry Potter. With his heritage and prestige, he could have dismissed them. He didn't. Oh, and you will be serving a week's worth of detention with me as well. Congratulations on making your house in the negative for points on the first night of the school year."

"Remember one thing when you are all getting even with him," said Harry to the rest of Slytherin house. "Make sure that it is nothing dark. Do not use the Unforgivables on him, and make sure we can figure out how to fix him when you are done. I am going to want my week's worth of detention as well and he can't serve any of it if he is broken."

With that, the Professors glared one last time at Nott before they returned to their seats. The rest of the Slytherin dorm was already shooting murderous looks at the sixth year with the mouth problem. It was very apparent to him that he screwed up big time and no one was willing to back him. He was also aware that Pansy, Blaise, Draco, Millicent, Daphne, and a few others were going to cut him down to size, chew him up, and spit him back out.

"What is he thinking right now?" asked Severus leaning over and whispering to Harry. "Is he still plotting?"

"No," said Harry fighting not to laugh. "He knows he is in deep shit right now and he is trying to figure out how to hide from his dorm mates. Do we as professors have access to all of the dorms and such?"

"Of course you do," said Minerva. "All professors have their own passwords to get into the dorms. If you come to my office with Mr. Summers after dinner, I will give them to you both."

"Do you remember that old piece of parchment that insulted you?" asked Harry confiding in Severus.

"Yes," said Severus. "Am I going to learn what it actually is now?"

"It's a map of Hogwarts," said Harry to the assembled professors. "It tells you where everyone is at all times. It will show who someone is even if they are in their Animagus form or Polyjuiced as someone else. It never lies. I think that if we study the enchantments on the map and with the help of Remus, we can duplicate it for the staff. It will help us keep up with those out after curfew as well as trespassers on the school grounds."

"Do you have it with you?" asked Remus. "I am sure that with your help, we can make copies for everyone."

"I have it in my pocket," said Harry. "If you want to join us in the Headmistress' office, we can work on it after dinner. I had better eat. Poppy, Dobby, Winky, and Kreacher are all glaring at me as I have not touched my food yet."

The others looked around and sure enough, three elves and the medi witch were pointedly glaring at the thin young man. Harry sheepishly picked up his fork and began to eat. The others all chuckled at this, but decided to not push their own luck and began eating as well.

Later that evening saw all of the professors examining the Marauder's Map. After a few moments of explanation, they were able to duplicate it for each of the professors to have a copy for their office. They noticed that a couple of prefects were out and about doing their rounds and so forth.

"With this, we have a better chance of defending the students if we know that they are where they are supposed to be," said Harry. "I know that I plan on using it to make sure that all students are not in any danger and so forth. It would be prudent for us to enlarge it and make a copy for Professor McGonagall here in the Head office so that she can watch with ease."

Everyone chatted for awhile before they headed to their rooms for the night. Harry knew that the first of the tests would begin in the morning when he taught his first class. Hopefully he wouldn't have too much trouble. He knew that when he was a student, that he didn't cause that many problems during class and he was hoping that others would give him the same common courtesy.

The next day dawned bright and early for the occupants of the castle. Harry was rather excited to learn that the classroom right next to his was set up for Scott. This way, the two teachers could help keep an eye out on each other and not have to wonder if the other one was in some sort of danger. Currently the door between the two classrooms were open so that Scott could hear what was happening in Harry's class while teaching Bobby and Marie.

The students entered the class and sat down. Harry immediately noticed that the houses clustered together and they refused to associate with the people outside of their house. Harry quickly had them all stand up and organized them so that both houses mingled with one another in a way that they had no choice but to sit together.

"The time for house rivalries are over," said Harry. "I am tired of seeing the different houses not work together. The petty squabbles are a thing of the past. It is time to look towards a brighter future and we are not going to be able to succeed unless we all work together. With that being said, the seat you are in will be yours until the end of the year. The person you are sitting with will be the person you do your projects and such with for the rest of the year. If one person fails, so does the other."

"What if the person we are working with doesn't help out at all?" asked the second year Ravenclaw. "I will not want to do all the work by myself just to ensure that we do not get a failing grade. How is that fair to the rest of us?"

"That is a good question," conceded Harry. "Please understand that I will be keeping a close eye out on each pair. If I feel that people are not working well together, then I will arrange the students in a fashion that they will have a partner equal to the work load. I will NOT tolerate slackers in the work. If you and your partner are not working together, then I will have to work with the pair until you are. You, constantly badgering me, because you don't like your partner will not get me to swap you. I will only swap you around if I notice that one is not working as hard as he or she should. Even then, I will not pair you with someone of your own house. It will still be with someone of another house."

"We don't like that," said one Slytherin immediately. "We won't work with someone that is not in our own house. You are not a real professor so why should I listen to you?"

The rest of the class knew immediately that this was the wrong thing to say. Harry pointed to the four certificates on the wall.

"Come here Mr. Rodgers," said Harry with frost in his voice as Scott stood in the doorway to listen. "I want you to read what these four certificates on this wall say."

The boy went to read silently to himself but Harry stopped him.

"I want you to read them out loud please," said Harry in the same deadly voice. "This will benefit the rest of your class as well as yourself."

The young boy read each of the certificates out loud. Harry also had him read the special notices that were beneath each of them. When the young man finished, Harry wrote a quick note to Narcissa.

"You are going to take this to your Head of House," said Harry. "I shall know if you don't. Should you go against my wishes, you will be in double the trouble. Before you go I have one thing I am going to say and you all better listen well to my words carefully."

When Harry had all of their attention he spoke loud and clear.

"I have worked long and hard to get where I am today," he said. "I have been dealt a rather shitty hand in life and I have had to make do with it. I have been down trodden my whole life. My job is to make sure that each and every one of you has the opportunities that were denied me. If you do not like the way I run my classes, then you are more than welcome to not come back after today."

Seeing that he had their attention, he continued.

"While I was growing up, I was not allowed to do well in my classes for fear that I would get accused of cheating," he said. "I was not allowed to do better than my own cousin because that would have been bad in the eyes of my Aunt and Uncle. There were many times that I wished someone from Slytherin or Ravenclaw or even Hufflepuff would have come to me when I was struggling and asked me if I needed help. It never happened. I don't want the same thing to happen to you."

The students looked at their partners with a small smile and sat a little straighter.

"You, Mr. Rodgers, will serve a night in detention with me," said Harry pointing at the offender. "I want two feet on the uses of Transfiguration. I want a further two feet on why you should behave in class and not disrespect a teacher. On top of that, I am taking twenty points from you for being rude and disrespectful to me. You are hereby dismissed from class for today. My suggestion would be to talk to your partner about the work being done today. If not, I will fail you outright while giving your partner the grade that she would deserve. Now please leave."

Harry waited for the young man to leave before he began his class. He did the same thing to his students as Minerva did when she was in charge of the class. When the class was over with, he assigned the homework and dismissed the students.

He sat back down with a guilty expression on his face until Severus came out of the shadows. Harry jumped for a moment as he didn't know Severus would be in the class.

"You were a lot more lenient on him that I or Minerva would have been on him," said Severus. "I think what you said and how you carried yourself was very appropriate and well within reason. I think that you were very good at teaching the class. You gave out the correct information in a way that would make an idiot without a brain understand what you were trying to teach them. Now if you will excuse me, I have my own class to teach."

With that, Severus gave Harry one of his rare smiles and left the room. Harry sat back and smiled as his next class entered the room.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I am going to stop right here. I am happy that this chapter flowed so nicely for me. I was concerned that I would not get it to format like I wanted it to.

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