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Meeting With the Dark Lord

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Chapter 13 – Meeting with the Dark Lord

The next few days went by with relative ease. The five new servants of Hogwarts would gripe and throw insults at Harry when they saw him, but a spatula behind the head by Winky, or the wand pointed at their face by former classmates soon ended most of it. The castle was slowly but steadily coming to an understanding that the times were changing and that they had to change with them.

It was on the weekend that Harry and the group were all sitting together and talking. They still had things that they needed to discuss and now was as good a time as any to get things done and out of the way.

"How were your classes this week pup?" asked Remus in a fond manner. "Did you have any trouble? I have not seen or heard of anyone needing a good kick in the pants in awhile."

"I had a few minor problems which resulted in some point loss and one detention, but nothing too serious," said Harry. "It was more of a prank that went wrong and a student got hurt. So other than that, it is nothing to speak ill about. Now that the five of our worst trouble makers are out of the way, I can breathe a little easier. Knowing that the danger to not only me, but to Marie is out of the way, I can breathe easier and relax with my job."

"I have sent a letter to the Dark Lord for you," said Severus calmly. "He has agreed to coming to the castle next week and speaking to the students of Slytherin house. I have also convinced him that speaking to the other houses would also be beneficial. This will tell each student just what life is like on the outside of these walls and what they should expect."

"Does he understand that he will be watched and such the whole time that he is here?" asked Harry cautiously. "I don't want him to get complacent and think that he has free reign here in the castle. He will be watched like a hawk and I will not have him trying anything. I will not hesitate to do to him what I did to Dumbledore."

"He knows that he has permission to be here but will be watched," assured Severus. "As the liaison between the two of you, I took the liberty of explaining to him that he will not be approached to be taken into custody by anyone in the castle. He also knows that Amelia Bones will be here with a contingent of Aurors to keep an eye on the situation. He sent me an amulet to help know when he needs to speak to me and such. In this way you can consider me an ambassador if you wish to classify me as such."

"Harry, I have a question that you might be able to answer," said Hermione watching Fawkes and Fyre playing together in the sky. "Why is Fawkes here if he was bonded with Dumbledore? Also, how is it that he knows when you need him and flashes to you? I didn't think that phoenixes could change their allegiance or bond like that."

"Ah," said Harry nodding at the question. "I've actually asked Fawkes about this. He told me that it was due to the fact that Dumbledore was never supposed to bond with him to begin with. However, at the time, Dumbledore was the most powerful light wizard on the planet."

"That makes some sense," said Draco. "However, I am still curious as to how he is no longer bonded to the old fool."

"Well once Dumbledore started to go dark, it weakened the bond between them," said Harry smiling. "As you all know, phoenixes are creatures of the light. They will only bond with those that are followers of the light. So when Dumbledore started to turn evil, it freed Fawkes, as it were, of the bond that in all actuality was never supposed to happen in the first place. Thus, now that Dumbledore is all dark, he no longer has access to the phoenix. Fawkes was able to free himself of the bond and now he is here with us."

"That doesn't explain how it is that Fawkes knows when you need him," stated Neville. "He comes to you without any hesitation. It is like he is now bonded to you in a small way."

"In some aspects he is," said Harry. "Fawkes had an original bond with Merlin himself. Now that the heir of Merlin is out and about with open claims, he is able to come to me if I need him. He is also the father of Fyre. Thus they are both here with me. Take in the fact that I am the most powerful wizard for the side of the light in the world at this moment, and you have one that has the ability to have more than one phoenix."

"That's right," said Hermione with excitement. "You are only supposed to have one phoenix. However, due to the fact that Fawkes and Fyre are father and daughter, they are both able to be with you. While you are the most powerful force of light in history, you can have more than one. Fawkes is not completely bonded to you as Fyre was given to you. So he is near and can assist when needed due to the bond of friendship rather than master and familiar."

"Very good Hermione," said Harry. "Ten points to Gryffindor for that very logical and very accurate description. Fawkes, while free, will always answer me if I need him. He is more or less binding himself to the castle rather than to one person in particular. So if anyone who is firmly within the light needs him, he will answer their summons and help if he can."

The group of people sat talking with each other for a bit longer. As the post arrived, Harry happily saw his beloved Hedwig winging her way towards him. She had the newspaper as well as a letter. Harry took both and then spent a few moments rubbing her chest feathers much to her contentment. He gave her some of the food in his plate and as she ate, he opened the letter. It was from Griphook.

Dear Lord Emrys

This letter is to inform you that one of the five claims from the vault in question was claimed today by one Charles Weasley. It is apparent that the man, known as Peter Pettigrew, was in Romania looking for something or someone when Charles recognized him in both his human and rat form. He was turned in immediately and the reward for one Peter Pettigrew was claimed. The funds in question have been removed from the unnamed vault and added to the vault of Mr. Weasley. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this matter, please send us a letter with your owl or phoenix.

With sincere regards

Griphook Stonehammer

Harry smiled at the letter as he passed it to Scott who read it. Once he was done, Harry motioned for the letter to be passed to the other professors of the school.

"I think that I am going to double his reward," said Harry with a smile. "This way, he can know that not only am I happy for him, but that he is still a part of my extended family."

"You better write to Griphook soon and make the arrangements," said Scott with a smile. "I am sure that Charlie will like the thought. I thought you weren't going to tell people who it was that posted the reward."

"I wasn't," said Harry with a grin. "The Weasleys, minus a few, are like family. I will tell Charlie who it was that placed the bounty out on Pettigrew so that he knows how appreciative I am that the rat was finally caught."

From there, Harry opened the paper and read the blaring headline.


The Wizarding World got a shock today as it was finally proven that Peter Pettigrew is alive and well. The former recipient of the Order of Merlin has been captured and brought in by Charles Weasley. It was formerly thought that Sirius Black had murdered Pettigrew. It is discovered that not only was Black innocent, but Pettigrew was the Secret Keeper of the Potters.

This reporter was in the courtroom when the aforementioned was questioned. It is proven without a shadow of a doubt that Pettigrew lied about everything. He is an unregistered Animagus and has been hiding for years with the Weasley family. As we know, the Weasleys, minus a few are firmly entrenched in the light and had been unknowingly harboring the traitor in their home none the wiser that he was not a real rat. It has also come out that Pettigrew was the one that did the ritual that brought back the Dark Lord to his body.

The Wizarding World owes a huge apology to the Lord of the House of Emrys for all of the false accusations as well as the blatant disrespect that was given to him when he was telling people all along that this was the truth. So I will inform you all that while Lord Emrys is already cleared and Sirius Black was cleared, it would be a nice gesture to our world to apologize to him for slandering his name.

This reporter is one of the guilty parties, and she will be making sure that the account that was opened for Lord Emrys to receive these letters will be monitored and paid for by me. I am sincerely apologetic for my views and out takes on Lord Emrys in the past and I am making it my duty to the Wizarding World for others to know that he is innocent of all of the slanders that were sent his way. All letters can be sent to the Daily Prophet so that I can collect them and forward them to Lord Emrys.

Rita Skeeter


"Well," said Harry. "I was not expecting that. I am glad that she finally realizes that she can't just write anything that she wants about me and get away with it, but I also don't want a fan mail box of letters that apologize to me."

"I can write a letter for you and send it to the Daily Prophet telling the Wizarding World that an apology is not necessary," offered Minerva. "However, I think that you should just bite the bullet and let them. It will make them all feel better if they think that you are going to forgive them again."

"Whatever you think is best," said Harry shrugging his shoulders. "I am just glad that they are not going to bombard me here at the school. I won't have time to cater to every owl that brings me fan mail. I do have classes that I have to teach and so forth. I am relatively surprised that my name has not appeared in the paper proclaiming that I am the new Transfiguration Master of the school."

"They tried," said Severus. "However, we put a stop to it before they could. I simply reminded them that you owned the paper and that your private life was not open for discussion. The news that you are the professor here is still out there, but it is not in the paper. We didn't want you to get bombarded with letters about that and such."

"That would make sense," said Harry with a grin. "Thank you for taking care of that for me. It is a relief that I am finally going to have some kind of life even during the war with Dumbledore and Voldemort. I still think that it is time that me and Voldemort sit down and discuss the prophecy. As soon as he understands that the prophecy is a fake, he can go on his merry way and leave me alone."

"Well, time will tell what he decides to do," said Severus wisely. "He may leave you alone, he may leave the country, or he may decide to attack anyway. We will just have to wait and see. He is not the most stable of people anymore. He has split his soul too many times for that. However, he is highly intelligent and he may be open to leaving and starting again somewhere else and leaving Britain alone."

"Yes," said Harry. "However, that is not fair to the new area that he moves to. He does need to be dealt with, but he also needs to know that we have a bigger problem with Dumbledore than with each other. I will not allow him to take over somewhere else and cause the same riot and bigotry to some unsuspecting country."

"The last that we heard, both Dumbledore and Voldemort were on the ICW radar for capture and punishment," said Minerva. "The whole world knows that both are dangerous and are willing to have their Auror Departments stay on alert to capture and deal with one or both of them."

"Now that all of the Horcruxes are gone, we can deal with him just like any other wizard or witch," said Pomona. "He can be killed now. Tonks has already told us that Nagini was killed. So the last anchor he had is now gone. So if it comes right down to it, we can beat him once and for all."

Harry sat there smiling as he listened to his friends and extended family talk. He pulled out parchment and quill and wrote a letter to Charlie and then another to the bank. He sent one missive with Hedwig and had Fyre take the other one to Romania.

"Harry," said Minerva suddenly. "Do you remember last week when you sat for your NEWTS in both Herbology and COMC?"

"Yes," said Harry smiling. "The tests were easier than I thought they were going to be. I guess that Pomona and Hagrid wanted to grill me on a higher level than what the test was all about."

"What are you talking about Harry," said Pomona looking at him in astonishment. "That test was not an ordinary NEWT. We were instructed to work with you at University level."

"Oh," said Harry looking confused. "Why didn't anyone tell me about this? It would have been nice to be informed that I was being tested above the station that I was studying for. I could have put more effort and energy into it."

"Well," said Minerva holding out the open envelope. "I don't think that it matters anymore. They Board of Education is making you a Master in both subjects. You passed both with an Outstanding. This letter is telling you that in about a day or so that your certificates will arrive via Owl Post."

"That means that you got an outstanding and Masters in every subject that you took," said Hermione with a smile. "I have been working with you on Runes and Arithmancy, and I can happily say that you are studying at a fifth year level. If you wanted to, you could probably sit your OWLS in both subjects and pass them. You seem to be a natural at both."

"Is that a fact?" asked Remus shocked. "Harry, we have only been in school for a month now. You are already at an OWL level in two subjects you never took in class. That is amazing in of itself."

"Well thanks to Severus and Charles Xavier, I can concentrate better," said Harry. "Now that I am able to control my emotions as well as organize my thoughts, learning comes easily for me. I am not trying to toot my own horn, but I am not having the trouble grasping the meaning of things now that my full magical potential is there and not being blocked."

"You do have a point," remarked Severus. "You do seem to soak everything up like a sponge. It is impressive that you can do so much with so little time. You definantly are a magical prodigy. I think that once this war is over, that you would make a great addition to whatever type of work that you are planning on going into."

"I like being a teacher," said Harry. "However, I would also like to do something for the mutant world at the same time. Maybe we can talk with certain people and see about opening Hogwarts to the mutants as well as the magical children. In this way, they can have the same protection that wizarding children have while getting their education and not opening themselves up to the harshness of the world until they are able to control and deal with it in a mature manner."

"That is a great idea," said Minerva with pride. "It is not like this castle doesn't have the room for it. It is also possible for some of the unused classrooms to finally get some use. Of course Mr. Summers and Professor Xavier will have to get in touch with their English counterparts and we can work out something. You are the owner of the castle after all. It isn't like you don't have the final say on what we do and don't teach here in the castle."

"If we do it this way, we can continue to combine what we do with what you all do," said Marie thoughtfully. "I like being able to work with you guys in the magical world. Our two types of gifts blend very well together and if we can continue to practice it and work with it, we can make sure that all three worlds are protected."

"What do you mean all three worlds?" asked Pomona. "what third world are you talking about?"

"The muggle, mutant, and wizarding worlds," said Marie. "Professor Xavier and Harry and you all want the same thing. You all want to protect muggles, mutants, and wizards. This way, we can kill all of those birds with one stone. With Xavier School in New York and Hogwarts here in Scotland, we can work together on two different parts of the map to stop Magneto, Dumbledore, and Voldemort."

"We can always have a second set of hour glasses for the mutants as well," said Harry. "It would not be that difficult to do that, or we can just combine them with the magical world. It is not like the castle won't expand to create more rooms should we need it."

"The East and West Towers of the castle are not being used," said Hermione. "We can put some of the students there as well. We can still have the four houses, with more rooms here in the castle to use."

"There are lots of spaces down in the dungeons to have dorms as well," said Severus. "We only use two parts for Hufflepuff and Slytherin. I know better than most that there is loads of space down there for two more dorms of students."

"We will just have to see what can be done then," said Minerva. "I will write a letter to the Board of Governors for you Harry. I will tell them the idea that was passed on. From there, they can talk with Headmaster Xavier and we can start accepting mutants into Hogwarts as well."

"Just don't pressure them," said Harry. "If they don't feel comfortable with that, then we can go back to the original plan and use Potter Castle for the same purposes. We can just use portkeys for Marie, Bobby, and Scott."

"Let's just see what they have to say about it first," said Filius. "They may agree to it without deliberation. Time will tell. For now, let's just concentrate on what we are going to do about the Dark Lord and Dumbledore."

"Shouldn't that be the two Dark Lords?" asked Bobby to the amusement of the group. "After all, neither of them follows the light. One is just is a little darker and more manipulative than the other."

"Yes, but it will get confusing after awhile," said Harry with a grin. "I still want to have the last four brought in due to the large bounties that are out on their heads. Three of those are some of the last powerful supporters of Voldemort. Of course I am looking forward to Dumbledore being brought down for his crimes against humanity."

"I am just glad that my father will finally be brought to justice," said Draco. "I can't believe that he put a hit out on me and mother. Three times since we have been back I have had to stop from being attacked. I am so glad that you have prevented those five from being allowed to use magic ever again. They were trying to get me. Not that father could pay them anyway. I still have control over the Malfoy vaults."

"That is one relief that I am glad of," said Harry warmly. "I am glad that I was able to do what I did for you. It makes things so much easier with you in control of the vaults. It takes money back out of the Dark Lord's pockets and into your family where it belongs."

"Father may be a genius when it came to making money, but he was stupid when it came to who he supported and how he got out of trouble," said Draco. "I am still wondering how he got out of Azkaban again. I don't think the Dark Lord would have had him rescued again. He has nothing to offer the Dark Lord anymore. He has no home and no finances. He is a liability to Voldemort."

"It may not have been Voldemort that broke him out of prison," said Severus. "At that time, Dumbledore still had some of the populace on his side. Also he is very skilled in Mind Magic. He could have done lots of workings before it was known and let Lucius out. Don't forget that he was still able to get around without getting caught or people remembering that he was a criminal."

"Something still doesn't sit right with all of that," said Harry thoughtfully. "Dumbledore had to have known that Lucius would go back to Voldemort. It is like Dumbledore is pushing for Voldemort to beat me. At the same time, I get the feeling that Voldemort is just as surprised and anxious as we are."

"You may be on to something," said Hermione. "We all know that Dumbledore wants you dead. So if either you or Voldemort were to fall, he can step in and pretend to be the white knight again. Now that it is known that he is one of the worst criminals to walk the face of the earth, he can't do that. So he will do what he can to make those that have thwarted him pay with their lives. With you and Voldemort out of the way, he will have the most power on the planet."

"Has anyone checked on Grindelwald?" asked Harry. "If he was part of Dumbledore's earlier victories, we don't want him getting back out and appearing in this war again. Two dark wizards running around causing havoc is about all that we can take at this time. Plus we are still trying to get Magneto and his Brotherhood to stop causing so many problems for the world."

"One step at a time Harry," said Scott kissing him on the cheek. "We can only take this one step at a time."

The group talked until late in the evening. Plans were discussed, and decisions were made. In the end, all bases would be looked over and covered.

Too soon for Harry's liking, the day that Voldemort was due to arrive came. Amelia and her Aurors were present and stationed around the Great Hall. Others were stationed around the castle and on the grounds. No one was taking any chances as this was the Dark Lord that they were talking about.

"He is here," said Harry as he felt Voldemort enter the grounds due to the wards. "He is on his way up to the castle as we speak. I have a closer relation with the wards as I am the owner of the castle."

With that, Minerva called the students to assembly. She even had the five troublemakers standing there in attendance so that they could hear what the Dark Lord had to say. Their collars were no longer suppressing their magic, but were branded with the Hogwarts logo to show ownership. Voldemort entered the castle and was escorted to the Great Hall. Cautiously, the Dark Lord entered and took in his surroundings. Harry stood to greet him.

"Lord Voldemort," said Harry politely and formally. "I am delighted that you have taken the opportunity to come and do this one favor for me. You have my word that you are safe here within the walls of Hogwarts so long as no trouble gets started."

"I must admit that the invitation to come and speak to your students was a temptation that I could not pass up," replied the Dark Lord. "Lord Emrys, I thank you for your hospitality as well as the safe passage without worrying about attack. However, I am curious as to what it is you expect of me exactly. The two of us have not been the closest of allies."

"We have called the student body of Hogwarts to the Great Hall to witness this meeting," said Harry waving his hand and creating a throne like chair for Voldemort to sit in. "In this capacity, they can understand what it is you are after as well as why it is never a good idea to use your name as a reason to do something that will cause another student to come to harm in this castle."

Voldemort nodded his head in understanding and then waved his hand to acknowledge that he was ready for Harry to continue. As Harry went to continue his dialog, Voldemort approached the throne like chair and sat. From there, he showed Harry the attention that was warranted of someone of higher station and power.

"We are also in the "need" of discussing what both you and I are going to do about Albus Dumbledore," said Harry quoting the word need with his fingers. "He is still a large threat to both you and me. While I am not concerned for my safety per say as I am stronger than him in magic, I am still concerned that he will use some of your older tactics of taking those that are close to me as a way of getting his hands on me."

"I can understand that situation all to well," said Voldemort. "I also understand what it is that you need me to do today. So, let me take it one part at a time. First I will address the student body. From what I can see, you have made many changes in this castle, and it seems to be for the better."

"It is easy when you own the place," said Harry with a grin. "The education and safety of the students is our number one priority around here."

Voldemort then turned his eyes on the five that were indicated in the letter sent by Severus. Everyone could feel his anger as it flowed out of him and was directed at the quintet.

"What gives the five of you the right to act in my name?" he demanded of the five scared employees. "What would make you think that I would want you to do something that I have not cleared or made known? While I am not scared of Lord Emrys, I am not in a position to nor have the inclination to challenge him at this time either. I want an explanation as to why you think that I would want you to attack the Head of my family's name. You five are, or were, pureblood children. You know that in the Wizarding World, we value family more than anything. Our bloodlines are what make us the people we are destined to be. Though Harry Potter doesn't have Slytherin blood, the laws of magic have made him the Head of my family. Speak now!"

"We just figured that if we could get Potter out of the way that you would reign supreme again," said Pansy in a voice that shook in fear. "We wanted to help you knock him out of power so that he would be easier for your Lordship to kill."

"Just how were you planning on doing that?" asked Voldemort curious in spite of himself. "How were you going to knock the most powerful wizard alive today off of the top and such? Furthermore, you will speak of him with the respect that his name and station deserves while you are in my presence. I have only agreed to not kill anyone. I didn't agree to not hex you for your impudence."

"The mutant girl," said Theo pointing at Marie. "She can steal powers. We were going to kidnap her and have her steal Lord Potter's power. Once he was a muggle with no magical power, it would have been easy for you to kill him. The prophecy states that you or he will die at the hands of the other. We just wanted to ensure that you would be the winner of this war."

"The prophecy is a fake," said Voldemort to the astonishment of the student body. "It was made by the fraud sitting at the staff table, which has no more Seer blood in her than you do. She is nothing but a fraud. There is no way you could possibly steal Lord Emrys' power from him. He is immune to most magical attacks. Why would you think this girl would be any different?"

"She has the ability to steal mutant powers," said Pansy not giving up on her argument. "We just figured that since Lord Potter has mutant abilities, that she could drain all of his power making him weak enough to capture. Once he was down, we could have used the magical collars that we have on our necks to wipe out his magic."

"You have made one error in that information," said Harry speaking up. "Her power doesn't affect me like it does most people. The bloodline of Merlin Ambrosias flowing in my veins makes me immune to ALL harmful attacks such as what you were thinking. Not only were you going to hurt me, but you were going to hurt an innocent young woman that has done nothing to any of you. Now I can be killed just as easy as the next person, but this attack was not thought out very well and you failed before you could even begin. You knew that I could hear thoughts and yet you went ahead and were going to attempt it anyway."

"Like we care," snapped Daphne. "You are nothing Potter. You are nothing and will always be nothing. I am a pureblood and I am better than you are."

Daphne started to scream in pain as Winky starting beating her with her spatula. Harry let this go on for a couple of moments to the amusement of Voldemort and the staff of Hogwarts. Harry finally called the elf off.


"This is highly amusing Lord Emrys," said Voldemort trying hard to keep a straight face before turning to the five. "So much for the pureblood supremacy you are so fond of spouting off. You are no longer able to use magic and you have been beaten down by a house elf with a spatula and you think that I would want someone like you in my service. This is highly amusing. Let us not forget that you are still disrespecting someone who has the highest station in power, fame, prestige, and wealth that most kings and queens would die to possess."

With that, Voldemort flicked his wand and hit Daphne with a powerful stinging hex causing her to jump in pain for a few moments. Harry waved Amelia and the Aurors back and let this go for a moment.

"I am not going to tell you again about disrespecting him in my presence," said Voldemort disdainfully. "It will be most unpleasant for you should you forget again."

Voldemort eyed Amelia and the Aurors before he got comfortable again in his chair and turned back to Harry to await his next sentence. The two opposing forces were actually working like a hand and glove to the astonishment of everyone present. Both were being cordial to the other and defending the character and actions of each other. Amelia relaxed even more when Harry shot her a brief smile.

"They will never be able to use magic again," said Harry. "The collars around their necks are now just to show that they are the property of Hogwarts. Their magic was stripped of their bodies and their cores blocked. I have used the Ancient magic of my station to punish them more than they will ever realize. Even now, they think that if they can get those collars off, they have a good chance of beating me. Winky and a couple of other house elves are the ones that are making them clean this castle from top to bottom manually."

"Let me make one thing perfectly clear to each and every student in this hall," said Voldemort addressing the students. "Yes I have my concerns with Lord Emrys. HOWEVER, I do not seek to destroy him any longer. I also do not seek to fight with him. Therefore, I am NOT interested in any of the students of this school acting in my name trying to bring glory to me. I am quite capable of bringing my own glory. I have no use for students who are stupid enough to go against the descendant and heir of the father of magic. We have a bigger concern than the differences that Lord Emrys and I have."

"Albus Dumbledore is the real Dark Lord," said Harry speaking up again. "He has been corrupting and causing trouble for the Wizarding World for many decades. He has been stealing, killing, kidnapping, and many other things for a very long time. Yes, Lord Voldemort has done evil things, but he is not always to blame for them."

"This is something that the adults will deal with," said Minerva through gritted teeth. "The Dark Lord, Lord Emrys, the Ministry and we will deal with this. You as the student body are only responsible for getting good grades. Leave the war to those that are actually able to do something about it."

"Even I do not want the students of Hogwarts to get involved," said Voldemort. "In this, more than anything, I am in total agreement with both the owner and Headmistress of this school. Leave the fighting to those that are able to do so. For those of Slytherin House, I can only tell you that the time to band together with the other houses is now. We can no longer be apart from the rest of the world. To be in Slytherin you have to be sly and cunning. Being arrogant and not being able to back it will be your downfall. If you feel you need an example, just look at the five who decided to act on their own and the punishment they have received. They should be lucky that I was not the one to punish them. I do not tolerate betrayal, nor do I tolerate failure."

"With that being said," exclaimed Harry. "It is time for all students to return to their common rooms. We have other things that we need to discuss. Prefects and Head boy and girl will make sure that rounds are done in a timely manner. All students are to stay within the castle and away from this room."

"You are all dismissed," said Minerva waving her hand in the air. "Anyone caught not following the rules will be summarily placed in detention. Miss Granger, Mr. Malfoy, Miss Jackson, and Mr. Drake will remain behind mainly due to their involvement in this matter."

Within a few moments, the students took one last look around and left the Great Hall. Voldemort leaned over and spoke softly to Harry.

"You five," said Harry pointing at the terrible quintet. "You will remain behind. We are not finished with you yet. Winky, you are free to go about other duties around the school. We will call you when we need you."

The elf bowed to Harry and popped away.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Yes another leave off. I am sorry, but I had to stop somewhere. I was going and going and not getting to a leave off spot. I think this is the best place for it. I can continue with a more private meeting between Harry and certain individuals. See you next chapter. Thanks for all of the support and reviews.

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