Ruby Tinted Glasses

By Stormy Lee

Action / Romance

Private Conversations

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Chapter 14 – Private Conversation

Harry and the rest of the group all watched as the students went about their business. When they were satisfied that they would not be disturbed, they turned towards one another to begin the conversation that was on the brim of each person's tongue.

"How dare you call me a fraud," snapped Sybil to the astonishment of the staff. "I will have you know that my inner eye is the most focused on the planet at this moment."

"Do shut up Sybil," snapped Harry right back, clearly out of patience with her. "You have as much Seer blood in you as Hagrid does and you know how fond of him I am. So sit down, shut your mouth, and for once in your life, listen before someone pokes you in that inner eye and shuts it permanently for you."

"How dare you?" said Sybil astonished. "What gives you the right to discount my seeing? Also, what right do you have to speak to me in this fashion?"

"Oh the fact that you have been predicting my death for the last three years in different ways and it hasn't happened yet," snapped Harry totally out of patience at that moment. "You are the worst teacher here and you are no longer going to be passing on your nonsense to unsuspecting students from this moment forward. I know of ONE true seer in this school and YOU are definantly not she. Now shut up before I shut you up."

"Harry?" asked Hermione tentatively while Scott wrapped him in a loving embrace. "It is ok. Just let her talk. She knows she is a fraud as do the rest of us. You, losing your patience with her, is not going to solve anything. We should finish the details with the Dark Lord so that he can go and do whatever it is that he does."

"Twenty points from Gryffindor for calling me names, Miss Granger," said Sybil angrily. "I am still a Professor here and you will not talk to me in that fashion. You will also be serving a detention with me for one week."

"I am countering the point loss as well as the detention," said Minerva finally losing her patience. "You will listen to what we say or else Sybil."

"You will no longer be teaching here," said Harry angrily. "You were only given the job because Dumbledore says that you gave the prophecy to begin with. Divination is a subject that is based on mostly guess work. True Seers are rare and as I have already stated, you are most definantly NOT a Seer. You may leave the room now and pack your belongings. We no longer have need of your services."

"You can't fire me Harry Potter," she said with a smirk. "That ability is solely with the Board of Governors and the Head of the School."

"What or whom, by chance, do you think he is?" asked Voldemort speaking at last. "From what I can tell, you have at least four members of the Board of Governors here. Potter, Longbottom, Malfoy, and Bones are all present. They are on the Board of Governors. McGonagall is Headmistress, and Lord Emrys owns the school. If you do not leave my presence immediately, I will forget that I claimed that I will not kill anyone on the school grounds."

Sybil looked around at the angry faces and decided that for her own health and life, she would leave quickly and quietly.

"Madam Tonks," called Harry. "Would you and Professor Vector mind seeing her off the grounds for me? I would appreciate the gesture, and we will make sure you get a copy of what you miss at this meeting for your review and consideration. We do not want any surprises here in the castle."

"Of course we will," said Tonks standing. "This shouldn't take to long. We will be back soon. We are not all that worried about missing too much. If it is that important, one of you will fill in the information that we need."

Harry smiled as the two ladies stood and escorted Sybil forcefully from the Great Hall. Once they were gone, Harry pointed at the five traitors to the school and beckoned them forward. At first they refused, but at a glare from both Harry and the Dark Lord, they moved forward tentatively.

"There is a price to pay for your attempt," said Voldemort. "Lord Potter has had your magic removed, and you personally are the property of Hogwarts. However, you have not paid your price to me for your absurd notion that I would want you to try and kill someone. You are not one of my minions and I do NOT take kindly to people interfering with my plans. I have things that I want to do that do not call for children that are not out of school yet acting on my behalf. Therefore, I will take into account your actions and your parents will hear about this."

"My parents are not affiliated with you," said Daphne pleadingly. "They are not a part of this and have no idea about what I have done. Please don't hurt them."

"I have no intention of taking this out on your parents physically," said Voldemort to the surprise of the room. "I shall hit them financially as is my lawful right. I will claim your inheritance is all. I have the right to do such a thing and I think that after Lord Emrys gets his share, that I should also be entitled to a share as it is my name that you were supposedly acting under."

"You can't do that," said Pansy in a desperate voice. "While we may be here for now, you can't keep us here indefinitely. We deserve to be set free at some point and we will need the money from our inheritances to survive with."

"In all actuality," said Amelia overriding her. "Both Lord Emrys, and Lord Voldemort, are within their legal rights to do what has been suggested. Miss Parkinson, you and the three boys all have parents in the service of the Dark Lord. Therefore, he has every right to ask for the inheritance that you were to receive. As property of Hogwarts, you will never need the inheritance anyway. You would have been sent to Azkaban for life anyway. At least here, you have food and shelter. That is a far better cry than what you would have received in Azkaban. Miss Greengrass, you are in the same predicament. However, your family has been neutral during this war and you have siblings. Your inheritance will be given to both of these Lords. As is their rights, they have the option to claim the title of Head of House. As it stands, they don't want that. They only want your inheritances."

"As the three boys and Miss Parkinson have a parent that is in my service, I will take their inheritances only," said Voldemort. "However, Lord Emrys should claim the title of Head of House of the Greengrass name as it is his life that was plotted to be taken. In this instance, I am not going to fight with the law. I will extract my own punishment on the families that are in my service. No, I will not kill them, but they will be punished for the impudence of their children."

"I, Harry James Potter-Black-Emrys, do hereby release the family vaults, properties, and Head of House titles of the Crabbe, Goyle, Parkinson, Greengrass, and Nott families back to those families," said Harry and waited while the magic took effect.

The others looked at him in confusion for a moment.

"I forgot that I claimed the family vaults and titles and such," he explained. "Now that I have released them, we can do things this way. It is fairer and I know the mothers of four of the five idiots are not Death Eaters and are not in Azkaban. So they have to have some money to live off of. The Greengrass family should not be punished for the actions of one. So like Lord Voldemort, I will take MY portion of the dowry and inheritance that you were supposed to get and give the rest to Lord Voldemort as is his right. Just be lucky that I am not giving some of you to him. His punishment would be far harsher than mine."

"We have limited concern about what you do with the parents that are in your service," said Amelia going back to what was said by Voldemort. "I shall have the paperwork drawn up for both of you and sent accordingly. If I may ask that we have some way of sending you the work Lord Voldemort, I would appreciate it."

"Have Lord Emrys' owl deliver the letters," said Voldemort. "She will know where to find me and she is the one owl that can and will be able to get safely into and out of my wards. Also one of the two phoenixes that he works with will be able to do so for a short period of time. I much prefer the beauty of the owl whose name I believe is Hedwig."

"That's right," said Harry with a smile. "I love her so much that I would feel like I am losing a family member if I lost her to someone killing her."

"She will come to no harm in my care," assured Voldemort. "For now, I suggest that these five get back to their work. I can see that your house elves are itchy to have their workers returned to them."

Harry laughed as he beckoned Winky, Dobby, and Kreacher forward.

"We want these five to work in the kitchens for a few days to ensure that they remember that they are property of the school," said Harry. "Dobby, from there, I want them in the Chamber of Secrets to clean up the mess down there. As of yet, I have not found anything down there that will harm them."

"We will need to harvest that basilisk soon," said Severus. "I can send word to some of my acquaintances that will come here and assist with this project for a small fee."

"Whatever you feel is necessary Severus," said Harry. "I am donating all proceeds to the school anyway. Therefore, we don't have to worry about things that we need."

"Now," said Voldemort once the workers were gone. "What are we going to do about Dumbledore?"

"I have already had one run in with him," said Harry. "I am hoping that Bellatrix passed on my message. She was there to witness the entire altercation."

"She showed me her memory of it," said Voldemort. "I must admit that the abilities that the group of you have as a team is VERY impressive. Tell me, how do you see me now that you know that Dumbledore is behind most of the things that I am getting blamed for?"

"I will never forgive you for killing my parents," said Harry outright and upfront. "You took them from me before you knew what was happening and what the prophecy stated in full. Now that you know the prophecy is a fake, I am not sure how I feel about much concerning you. I can see your point of view on things, but at the same time, I am not thrilled that you have killed people in cold blood just for the sake of being able to push the boundaries of magic."

"I acknowledge your viewpoint," conceded Voldemort. "However, that doesn't answer my question."

"I see you more as a Grey Lord rather than a Dark Lord," said Harry truthfully to the pleasure of Voldemort. "Yes, you do things in a dark manner, but your reasoning behind it isn't what I would call dark. You want things that are admirable even to someone such as me. However, your way of going about it, leaves something to be desired."

"So what are we going to do about the situation regarding me and Wizarding Britain?" asked Voldemort. "I am sure that you have some sort of thought or suggestion to place on the table."

"We are unsure of how to deal with this situation," said Amelia speaking first. "We know that you have done terrible tings, but at the same time, we have been able to learn how to counter much of what you have done. The boundaries of Magic do need to be pushed, but murdering people is not the way of doing it. We are not stupid enough to think that we can bring YOU in. We can and have captured some of your minions and dealt with them, but you are one of the three most powerful persons alive today with regards to magic."

"What I suggest is that we learn to live with one another," said Harry thoughtfully. "What was done in the past does need to stay in the past. We can always use the skills, techniques, and knowledge that you possess to learn from. What we don't want is the tyranny, bloodshed, and insanity that go with it. We can't move forward in the field of magic unless we have people like Lord Voldemort to test us and help us improve skills and knowledge."

"You do have a point," said Minerva thoughtfully. "We have developed so many new potions, spells, and many other things to combat what the Dark Lord has done. What we need now, is a way to do the same thing without the Dark Aura that goes with it. Maybe we can come to some kind of truce that states that the Dark Lord can continue his experiments, but will not do so in a manner that will harm, kill, or otherwise cause problems for the Wizarding World."

"I have a suggestion," said Voldemort. "I will cease all attacks on the Wizarding World provided that I get leniency on what I do. I will ensure that I will break the law as little as possible. What I will offer in exchange for all of that is an open line of communication between what I have found and certain people to pass on to those that need it."

"Who would you pass the information to?" asked Hermione curiously. "No offense Lord Voldemort, but you don't exactly like muggle borns. Therefore, we have no reason to believe that you will let us live in peace."

"It's Miss Granger, isn't it?" he asked and saw Hermione nod. "It is not that I dislike muggleborns. I just feel that there should be something done to make sure that those that are found, should be brought into the world of magic on a more permanent basis."

"What do you mean?" asked Harry in confusion. "Why would you want them permanently in the magical world? The muggle world has so much to offer us that it would be beneficial to have muggleborns with us so that the two worlds can somehow combine and be better for all wizards. Having the muggleborns living with their muggle parents also ensures that the two worlds can co-exist with one another to come up with way that both worlds can survive using techniques and ideas shared between the two."

"Make no mistake," said Voldemort. "I happen to agree with you to a point. However, there should be something set up for people such as yourself that was abused and not wanted. You should have automatically gone to a wizarding family that would have taken care of you in a way that you deserved. While I was in fact after your life, I feel that you have suffered so much at the hands of the muggles that you were left with."

"Well we know who orchestrated all of that," said Harry in an angry tone. "I wish that Dumbledore had left me with a wizarding family. Even some of your minions would have treated me better than the Dursleys."

"You should know that your relatives will never hurt anyone again," said Amelia smartly. "They will be in Azkaban for a very long time for all of the abuse that they inflicted upon you. Now that you are your own person, we can make sure that nothing like this happens to you again."

"I dare anyone to try," snarled Scott speaking for the first time. "I may not be a wizard or as powerful as Harry or any of you here, but they will not get away unscathed should they ever attempt to hurt my mate again."

"This is your life bonded, Harry?" asked Voldemort as Harry smiled and nodded. "He is a very good choice. He will be very faithful to you in your life. Getting back on the subject, this is exactly what I am talking about. There are other muggleborns out there that have and are going through the exact same thing as Harry. You don't have a problem with me calling you Harry do you? All of this Lord business is getting tiresome."

"That's fine with me," assured Harry with a grin. "What should we call you? As far as Scott goes, he is the one that I want to be with for the rest of my life and like him, I dare anyone to get in the way of that."

"I daresay that I would have to agree with that," said Voldemort. "I have seen the way that the two of you look at one another as well as the way that you work together. It would not be healthy for anyone to come in between this relationship. As for what you can refer to me as, my suggestion would be to call me Marvolo. That way, you don't have to worry about calling me Lord Voldemort and WE can be comfortable with a name that actually belongs to me."

Everyone around the room got accustomed to the name while Harry sat there with a glazed expression on his face. Voldemort looked at Severus and Minerva curiously for a moment at this.

"The wards are telling him that not only is Sybil leaving, but there is someone else trying to get in," said Minerva. "We have had Dumbledore trying to circumvent the wards for awhile now. Harry, as the owner, has been charging the wards, but they still need some work done to them to keep Dumbledore out permanently."

"Shall we head to the grounds and see if we can get him to come out into the open and see if we can capture him?" asked Voldemort. "If he sees me here, he may come out into the open to fight."

"I don't want any of the students to get hurt," said Harry with a thoughtful look on his face. "If we can do it in a way that the students are out of danger, we may be able to capture him once and for all and put him in magic suppressing bracelets and collar."

"Certain Professors here as well as those four teens that you trust so much can come outside with us and defend the school while the rest of the staff can stay within the walls of the castle and defend its inhabitants," said Voldemort. "The Ministry has representatives here that not only do you trust, but are faithful to the Ministry and doesn't get pushed around. I should know as I have been trying to get around Amelia Bones for years. If we present a united front against a common threat, he may well leave this area alone and try a different tactic that will not endanger the students."

"I think that would cause just as much harm as it would good," said Amelia thoughtfully. "While your reasoning and thought process behind it is very accurate and balanced, you are forgetting that it would make it look to those that still think some good about Dumbledore, that he is right and that Harry is turning to the Dark side and is the next Dark Lord. At this time, my Aurors are patrolling the perimeter and Albus will not get in. We have to think of another way of getting him out in the open where there won't be people that fall back into the beliefs that the old fool wants them to believe."

"Fawkes," called Harry. He waited as the bird flashed in along with Fyre. "Albus Dumbledore is outside of the wards trying to get in. Is there some way that you can get him away from the castle without causing damage to yourself in the process? Now is not the time for me to meet him face to face. I have too much to do and get set up before I can bring him to justice."

The bird trilled in agreement to Harry before he flashed out again. Harry sat back and let the wards tell him what he needed to know. Apparently, Fawkes did as requested and flashed the old wizard away from the castle.

"I am sure that we have something around here that has Dumbledore's magical signature on it," said Harry. "IF we can get our hands on that, we can add it to the wards of the school so that he gets a nasty shock when he approaches the school."

"Harry," said Draco speaking for the first time. "Why not get Fawkes or Fyre flash Dumbledore into a special made prison? If you can get him away from the castle in that manner, why can't you get him into custody in the same fashion?"

"This time we were able to catch him by surprise," admitted Harry. "I honestly had not thought about that before I sent Fawkes out to him. Dumbledore is a master player and he will not fall for the same trick twice. A phoenix can be killed. I do not want either bird to get hurt in all of this. What we need to do is to get the castle set up for protection before we actually try and capture Dumbledore. He is a threat, but the safety of the castle is top priority for now."

"I can get my Death Eaters to continue to harass him and even try to get him captured," said Voldemort graciously. "Word has it that no one from the Order of the Phoenix is willing to assist the old fool any longer. Therefore, we have less people to worry about. With us only having to worry about Dumbledore and not the rest of the Order, we can have an easier time with getting things done."

"There are some things that we will tell you right here and now," said Harry firmly looking at Voldemort. "Bellatrix, Fenrir, and Lucius are still in my radar to capture and bring to justice. This is not open for debate. YOU are getting a get out of jail free card, but those three are not. Fenrir is a bane of existence, which enjoys hurting children. Bellatrix is a loose canon, even for you. I granted her safe passage that day from Diagon Alley for a reason. Lucius has put a hit out on Draco and Narcissa. He sent someone to try and murder me in America. He claims that he was acting on YOUR orders. Other than that, I have no intention of going after any of your other minions."

"Should they get caught breaking the law, they will be dealt with," said Amelia fairly. "While we will not actively seek out the rest, those three in particular will not have the same benefits. Should others of your organization get caught breaking the law or what not, we will have them arrested and they will lose their magic and vaults."

"That is understandable," nodded Voldemort. "I will not get in the way of the law now that I have permission to do certain things. I will work with you Amelia Bones. However, I ask that you not get in my way. I am not going to cause more troubles than are necessary, but I will need to acquire certain things. I will also need someone that is willing to go back and forth between our parties with the understanding that my location is to remain a secret."

"I can continue in my capacity as liaison between all parties involved," offered Severus. "This way, news, information, supplies, and anything else can be relayed safely and quickly."

"I am fine with that," said Voldemort while Harry and Amelia nodded in agreement. "Even though you no longer bear the Dark Mark, you are still wearing the amulet that I have given you and have brought peace between us all. I must return home now. If you would be as gracious as to have one of your birds flash me home, it would be an immense help."

Harry stood and held out his hand for the other man to shake. Voldemort eyed it suspiciously for a few moments and then slowly reached out to shake Harry's hand.

"I am going to make sure that the Goblins release some of the gold from the Slytherin vaults to you," said Harry looking the man square in the eyes. "You are an heir after all. I will see to it that you have some of the inheritance. Just note that Lucius was the one that got your Diary Horcrux destroyed. He is the one that planted it on the Weasley girl and almost got students of the school killed."

Voldemort nodded at Harry's words. He knew that his anchors were gone. He felt that something was wrong with them after Nagini was killed. He knew that all of his fail safes were gone and that he could be killed just like anyone else. He knew that his own skill would have to keep him alive now.

"You might also want to know that when you attacked me that night, you inadvertently created a seventh Horcrux," said Harry placing a small vial in his hand. "I was a host for one of your Horcruxes, but the Emrys magic destroyed it when I staked my claim and the familial magic flared to life. This vial is a copy of the prophecy that you wanted so badly. We all know that it is a fake. Even if it wasn't, I have already fulfilled it. I will keep in touch and I hope that you do the same. We have a common enemy to bring to justice. I am tired of being blamed for things that I am not doing and I am sure you feel the same way."

Voldemort pocketed the vial and nodded to Harry in unspoken agreement. He knew that he was dealing with a being that would not hesitate to slap him down and had the power to make him wish for death.

"One last thought," said Harry as Fawkes flashed into view. "We are concerned that Dumbledore might get to Grindelwald before we do. As of yet, I am keeping him occupied, but he may think that his old lover can help him win this war."

"That is something that I will look into myself," assured Voldemort. "Until I have more information for you, I am ready to leave."

Harry waved his hand at Fawkes and watched as the bird flashed away with the most feared Dark Lord in History. Harry smiled sadly at the spot where Tom Riddle was just standing moments before. He knew that there would never be a close friendship between them, but he couldn't help but notice the similarities between their upbringings. Two orphaned and abused boys making a name for their selves, but going about it in two completely different ways. One turning to the light while the other sank into the darkness. Harry hoped that he could help Voldemort come out of the darkness and walk in the shadowed paths where light could touch him.

Harry sat at one of the tables and wrote a letter to Griphook asking him to release some of the gold to Voldemort from the Slytherin vault. He would live up to his word and give the heir part of the rights. He would never relinquish the artifacts or items, but some of the money could be given to Voldemort.

When he was done with the letter, he gave it to Fyre and had her deliver it to the bank. Harry stayed sitting in his spot in the Great Hall thinking about everything that was discussed. The others that were present didn't interrupt his train of thought as they knew he was making sense of it all. It was a little later that Harry realized that he was alone with Scott, Draco, Hermione, Bobby, and Marie. The others had all left to attend their duties in the community and around the school.

"What are we going to do for the holidays?" asked Draco when he knew that Harry was back with them. "We have to plan something."

"I would like to go to Potter Castle and take a look around," said Harry with conviction. "We can all go and spend a couple of days there and make sure that the castle is still operative. From there, we can ask Minerva about a Yule Ball. That would be a fun thing to do for the students of the school. After all, in the short time that we have been back for the term, the GPA has risen and house rivalries are at an all time low. I think that it would be a great treat for both staff and students."

"Are you going to be ok for the Halloween holiday?" asked Hermione softly. "We know that you have a tough time on that night of the year."

"Yes," said Harry. "I am going to go and visit the graves of my parents and see the memorial for Sirius. I will ask Scott and of course Remus if they would like to join me. I think the three of us would enjoy doing something like that. It would also give me some closure. If push comes to shove, I can ask the Dark Lord to sort of keep watch so that I can grieve in peace. This way, Dumbledore can't attack me and give me grief on a special night of the year."

"I would be honored to go with you," said Remus from the doorway. "I would also like some closure. This way, we can do it together and visit the resting place of your parents. I miss them as much as you do."

"Don't think that you are going without me," said Scott softly. "I am officially your husband and I am going with you. That idea about Voldemort might not be a bad idea. I think I will talk to Severus about it and see what he says. He can always contact the Dark Lord and get confirmation one way or another. However, even if he says no, I still think that you should go. You need the closure."

Harry smiled at the people that were closest in the world to him. Remus was standing there smiling at him. Hermione and Bobby were standing near holding hands as was Draco and Marie. Scott was looking at Harry with his heart in his red eyes. Harry loved Scott more than anything and he wasn't ashamed to show it.

Draco and Marie were only too happy to announce a few days later that they were officially a couple. Hermione and Bobby followed up a couple of days later with their own announcement. The other teens in the castle were delighted that the Ice Prince of Slytherin was dating someone that was not a pureblood witch. Draco would laugh when he heard these sayings.

Narcissa and the rest of the staff knew that love was in the air. They knew of the budding romances between the four single teens. Now that there were two couples of mixed bloodline and heritage, they were delighted that the changes were being made for all to witness.

October started to pass quickly. Harry was reading in his room a few days before Halloween when Hedwig flew through the window to his delight and landed in front of him. She had a letter in her beak. Harry took the letter and gave her a treat. While she flew to her perch to eat, he looked and saw that it was a letter from Marvolo. He opened it and began to read.


As it is my fault that your parents are dead, I will gladly escort you to Godric's Hollow for you to get the closure that you so need. In a small way, it will also give me the closure that I need. Thanks to you, I now know everything that I need to know. With the help of Severus and a few spells designed by you and a couple of other people, I am now able to look like a normal human again.

I have checked on Gellert Grindelwald for you. The man died about two years ago. After casting the proper spells to ensure that he is the man in the grave, I have found that this information is accurate. It is apparent after visiting his cell, that Dumbledore has killed him. I have sent this information to the Ministry of Magic.

This brings me to an interesting thought. Now that he is dead, there are fewer prisoners there. I am thinking about buying the citadel and making it my home. This will take me out of the country and out of your way. We can still coordinate with one another and work together to bring down Dumbledore, but I can live my life knowing that you are not looking over your shoulder and wondering if I am going to attack you or turn against you again. I feel that this is the best option for both of us.

This brings me to asking for a favor of you. I know that you have read most of the tomes and books from the Slytherin family line. I would enjoy it if you were to send me a copy of some of those. I can further my magical research and experiments if I had more information to work with. I am aware that the last hope for immortality has come to an end, but I hope to make a name for myself in the magical world with the style, technique, and new spells and magical breakthroughs that I can contribute to the world. Please think about this.


Harry sat there lost in thought for a few moments considering how he was going to reply. He looked over at the plans for a Manor that was going to be built upon the property for Harry and Scott. With Harry's ability to teleport around Hogwarts even with the wards in place, he and Scott could go back and forth daily to ensure that things would be alright in the castle. The fact that the Manor would be built next to the castle was icing on the cake for Harry. He took out quill, ink, and parchment and wrote a response to Voldemort.


I have sat here for a while thinking about your request. I see nothing wrong in sending you copies of some of his work. I can have some ready for you by the Yule holiday. As I am a teacher here, I will not have all of the time to go back and forth that I would like. I will make a list of books and such that I think you would enjoy and send them to Griphook. Once I get them, I will spend time in making copies for you. I will give them to you as a gift for Christmas.

On the thought that you also want closure with the deaths of my parents, I will gladly take you up on your offer to come with me and help watch my back as I grieve. Remus Lupin and Scott Summers-Potter will be joining us as well. Between the four of us, I am sure that we can keep Dumbledore away from the area. For this, I sincerely thank you for the gesture of kindness.

Your idea about buying Nurmengard has merit. While I am not opposed to you staying, I think you may be on to something to move out of the country and make a life away from here and have the satisfaction of knowing that Dumbledore will fall eventually and you and I can live the lives that we have wanted without the continued interference from that man.

Severus and his friends have completed the harvesting of the basilisk. The parts have made a small fortune for them, the school, me, and you. I am sending you a care package in the next few days that will have venom, scales, skin, and blood of the serpent. Call it a truce gift to you. You and I will have to figure out how to get it to you as we can't use magic on the items as it would diminish the properties and such. You will be allowed to come to the castle to get them if you so desire without fear of attack or retaliation.

I have other things that are going on around here and in time, I will let you know what is going on. For the moment, I want to get through the holidays and enjoy my life while it is still quiet on the war effort. Dumbledore is still in hiding and we have word that Magneto is not interested in teaming up with the old fool as like you and I, he refuses to share the leadership role.

Until later,

Harry Potter-Emrys

Harry read his letter again and then headed to Hedwig. He knew that one of the two phoenixes was constantly circling the owl in her deliveries. Harry was still worried that one day Dumbledore would intercept her and do her damage as a way of hurting Harry.

AUTHOR'S NOTE- I am going to end this chapter right here. The visit to the graves and Christmas are in the next chapter. What do you think about the friendship forming between Harry and Voldemort? How about Draco and Marie and Hermione and Bobby? Let me know what you all think.

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