Ruby Tinted Glasses

By Stormy Lee

Action / Romance

The Holidays

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Chapter 15 – The Holidays

Harry paced around the castle for a few days. He knew that the contractors to build his manor were out on the grounds and begun the excavation to build his future home. Unlike with Hogwarts, Harry and Griphook had developed a way for the Manor to have electricity. This meant to Harry and those that knew him that he would have the comfort of both worlds in his new home.

Harry was pacing due to waiting on a reply from Marvolo. He had informed the older wizard about his plans to build a Manor on the grounds of Hogwarts that would incorporate both worlds. Harry had also discussed with him about going in as partners to buy Nurmengard. He even went so far as to suggest that they change the name to Slytherin Bastille.

Harry was pacing in front of the window when a rustle of wings announced that his beloved Hedwig had arrived. He hurried over to her and relieved her of her letter. From there, he soothed her feathers and wings while she munched on a treat that he gave to her. When he was sure that she was comfortable, he sat down to read the response from the other wizard.


I am delighted by your suggestion as to what to do about Nurmengard. I will gladly take you up on the offer to help pay for and use the fortress as the new Slytherin Bastille. I also appreciate the fact that you have offered to send me some of the supplies that will be needed in renovating the old fortress.

I guess when they say that you are a generous person, they meant it. I am happy to inform you that I have no problems being co owner with you in this project. With the assistance that you are giving me, I am already making headway on new magic and spells and so forth. With the potion ingredients that I am getting from those members that are not in Azkaban, I am able to allow my minor members work on new potions.

Please inform Severus that his supplies of Healing Potions and others are much appreciated and much needed. I have lost one of my members due to them being foolish. Rumor has it that Parkinson is no longer able to use magic as he was sent through the veil for attacking and killing an Auror. I so despise stupidity.

Rumor has it that Dumbledore is starting to get bolder. I have noticed that he has been sighted in Diagon Alley as well as Hogsmeade. Just let me know if there is anything that I can do to assist you with that problem.

I got the care package that you sent with Fyre. The basilisk parts are appreciated and I am thankful that you considered me in the harvesting. I am sure that I can come up with many uses for the ingredients.

Gringotts has sent me a letter telling me that you lived up to your word and placed a portion of the Slytherin vaults into mine. Again, I am glad that you are a man of your word. It is a relief off of my shoulders knowing that I can trust you as I don't very many.

I shall meet you in Godric's Hollow on Halloween at nine pm as you requested. I am sure that between the four of us, we can keep Dumbledore away from us.

Last but not least, I am going to take you up on your offer of the two of us spending a weekend totally exploring the Chamber of Secrets to see if there are any hidden rooms and other artifacts down there. It is the Chamber of Salazar Slytherin, most of the books and stuff, if there are any, will be written in Parseltongue. No one but the two of us will be able to understand what they say. We can always copy them for one or the other of us so that we both have a copy should we find anything useful down there.

I shall see you on Halloween night,


Harry sighed in relief. He didn't want to offend the other wizard with his suggestion, but he wanted to let the man know that he would be there to help him should he need it. He was not certain how much the other wizard would trust him. For once, he was glad that he was Harry Potter, and he was glad that he was the heir of the Emrys name. With Voldemort willing to trust him, when he doesn't even trust his minions, Harry was certain that the two of them could work for the better in bringing the level of magic up in the world.

Classes for Harry were going smoothly. Normal pranks and other misdemeanors were a common occurrence, but Harry was not foolish enough to think that he would be able to have a class that was problem free. If he did, then people would look at him like he needed mental help. Harry often smiled at flashes of his own time as a student in these walls and well remembered the trouble that he got into during his tenure as a student.

Harry came back to the present and gave thought to the letter that he received from Fred and George. Both twins wanted in on the action that would see the end of Dumbledore for good. They were both delighted when told that Voldemort would be interested in some of their devices and creations. Both young men were delighted for the work. Harry was concerned about their ability to prank. He didn't want them to offend Voldemort and then find them dead for their actions. However, both boys swore on their magic that they would not do anything so foolish as to try and play with the Dark Lord. Both valued their lives to much for that.

Days later, Harry was sitting in the Entrance Hall of the school staring out over the grounds. He smiled when he saw the walls of his Manor being built. The goblins and their workers were fast and efficient when they were putting something together. Ragnok had promised Harry that his Manor would be done by no later than the end of the school year. This was saying something as Draco told Harry that the Manor would be the same size as Malfoy Manor which was huge in its own right.

Harry was waiting for the sun to go down. Scott was not far off. Harry could hear him talking to Marie and Bobby about some of the marks they got on their tests and such. Marie was told she needed to brush up on her History a little better and Bobby had to work a little harder in Chemistry. That both teens were being taught by Hermione and Draco things such as Herbology, COMC, and Potions, the two mutant teens were enjoying school more than they had in the past.

At nine, Harry sighed and turned to Scott and Remus. He grabbed each by their hands, and teleported to Godric's Hollow by using the memory in Remus' mind. They landed near the trees where they could appear without bringing notice to themselves. A few moments later, a pop could be heard as Voldemort apparated into view. Harry walked over to the older wizard and held out his hand.

"How are you Harry?" asked Marvolo shaking the offered hand. "You are looking well still. Love of the man with you certainly is relieving the stress from your body and eyes. Your mind shields are the strongest that I have ever felt them."

"Thanks Marvolo," replied Harry. "I am doing much better. Every now and then, I have issues that call for Severus to have to go into my head with me and help me center. When you have such a powerful gift of telepathy, and telekinesis like I have, you have to bite the bullet from time to time and ask for help."

"Are you the first mutant and wizard hybrid?" asked Voldemort curiously. "Is there others like you that have similar gifts and such?"

"I am sure that there are," admitted Harry. "However, I doubt that any of them will be as powerful as I am. The Emrys heritage gives me an advantage over most wizards. As I told Severus at one point, I think that those with the X gene are somewhat related to witches and wizards. Their mutant powers are something similar to what we do in magic. I have not had much time to research the issue further as it is hard when you are the owner of a magic school."

"I would imagine so," agreed Voldemort as Remus led them to the graveyard. "I think you may be on to something with the thought that what they can do is something akin to magic."

"The way we look at it, is that the magic is weaker in their blood than it is in ours," said Remus. "Thus they can only do one or two things that we can do with a wand, but theyare able to use it with greater ease than we can. Thus, people like Harry and Jean that are such powerful mutants have a higher grasp on the magic than say Scott or even Charles Xavier."

"The reports that we are getting from Charles states that Magneto and his band have been attempting to cause problems, but as of yet, they have not made much headway," said Scott. "We are hoping that we can deal with Dumbledore and get you set up before we figure out a way to draw the Brotherhood to England and deal with them on our terms. Add in that both the Brotherhood and we are starting to be harassed by Mr. Sinister. He is a powerful opponent and we will have to stop him in time as well."

"Why would you want to do that?" asked Voldemort. "Why not let Charles deal with Magneto and Sinister on his end?"

"Because we have a greater chance of stopping them here," said Harry. "There are more allies in Europe than there are in the United States. This way, we can get Potter Castle set up for English mutants while getting the bigger of the threats out of the United States. With me being here to watch out over Hogwarts and the English Wizarding Community, it would be easier than me going back and forth. To give Dumbledore his due, it must have been hard on him being the Headmaster, Chief Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, and his other duties that he was performing. He may be crooked, but that is a juggle even for someone like him."

Voldemort didn't reply. He knew that Harry wasn't really expecting one. Through the month or so, they had been conversing on a regular basis. Harry had even sent for some of the books and such from the Slytherin vaults and made copies when he was able for him. The quartet made it to the graveyard. Remus unerringly led them to the graves of James and Lily Potter.

Harry looked down at the graves of his family while Remus and Scott stood near him for support. Voldemort was watching Harry while at the same time making sure that no one disturbed them. Those Death Eaters that were still with him were patrolling the area for him so that the four of them could do what was needed in this spot this night.

"Mum and Dad," whispered Harry to the gravestones. "I am so sorry that my life is what has caused the end of yours. I will always be thankful for what you have done for me, but I wish you were here. This would have been so much easier if I had you here for the support and love that most other wizarding children get."

Remus nodded his head sadly. He knew that Harry felt this way, but he could not convince the younger man that if the event were to happen again, that his parents would sacrifice themselves for him time and time again. Remus bowed his head and let the tears flow down his cheeks as he listened to Harry tell his parents about Scott and about the magical and mutant world as they were today.

Scott was listening to Harry with his heart in his eyes. He knew that Harry loved him, but he also knew that Harry really missed his parents and godfather. He made his vow months before that no matter what he would stand by Harry's side. He would be there for him until the very end. It was his choice as to how his destiny would play out.

Voldemort was listening to Harry from a short distance away. He knew that other than his Death Eaters, that there were a few Aurors also surrounding the place. He was not worried for himself or his followers. Each was in truce mode. He was more on the lookout for Dumbledore than anything else. He knew that the old fool would use every trick and deceit manageable to get Harry or him back into some sort of control. He sighed and walked over to Harry and his companions. He looked over at the grave and decided that he would say a few words as well.

"Lord and Lady Potter," he said. "You should be very proud of your son. He has stood up to me with much success in his short life. He has accomplished more than any wizard or mutant alive today. He is also working hard to stop the shenanigans of Albus Dumbledore. I am sorry that I ended your lives by acting on a partially heard prophecy. Had I known that it was a fake, or even heard it in its entirety; I would never have attacked your home. You should find comfort in knowing that your betrayer is now in prison."

Gold shimmers of light appeared and out of the light, the images of James and Lily Potter appeared. Both looked at the assembled four men. Both had a smile on their faces. Lily first looked to Voldemort.

"We forgive you Lord Riddle," she said. "We know that while you ended our lives, you were just as much a victim as we were. We should never have trusted Dumbledore. While it was wrong of you to kill us, we understand why you did what you did."

"We have watched since the night we died," said James while the four just stood there in astonishment. "We know what you have done and what you have failed to do. We come offering you some information as proof that you are forgiven."

Voldemort just stood there for a moment not knowing what to say. This was magic at a level that even he didn't understand. He stared at the images of his once enemies and just nodded his head in agreement.

"Your desire to push the boundaries of magic will be successful," said Lily. "Your ancestor, Salazar Slytherin, said to tell you that your work with our son is the right idea and you will gain the recognition that you are seeking. You will also earn your place as a Lord in the Wizarding World for doing something right and just to help the world as you know it improve and prosper."

"Also know that there is information buried in the walls of Nurmengard that will guide and assist you in this endeavor," said James. "All we ask is that you continue to work with Harry and treat him like the equal he is."

"I swear upon my magic that I will continue to work with and assist your son," said Voldemort. "From this day forward, I will work hard to show the world that I am not evil. I am ambitious, and cunning, but I am NOT evil. I will work hard to atone for my mistakes of the past and I will help rid the world of the evil that I have inadvertently helped to create. Thank you for your forgiveness."

Lily and James held out their hands to him and he took both. This sealed the deal between Tom Riddle and the Potters. Lily and James smiled at the man and then turned to Remus.

"Moony old chap," said James with a laugh. "We have a message for you from our flea bitten mongrel. He said to tell you to stop being so naïve and to go for his cousin. Tonks is a delightful woman that loves you."

"Stop making your furry little problem as an excuse to not be happy," admonished Lily with a grin. "You are making yourself old long before your time. Lord Riddle will be able to assist you with your furry little problem. We know that he will be happy to assist you."

"We also want to thank you for the love and support that you are showing our son," said James in a more serious tone. "We have never loved you more or less than we do right now. We know that deep within your heart, you are the best friend that one could ever hope for. Your loving and kind ways will see you far in this world. Our son will help you get the rights that belong to you."

"It is time to put your anger behind you and move on," said Lily. "Let your good heart rule your emotions and you might find that your inner wolf will work with you rather than fight you all the time."

"Thank you Padfoot and Lilyflower," said Remus. "You have no idea how much your words mean to me. Severus and Harry have already been working on a new and improved Wolfsbane Potion. The transformations are easier and less painful. I will forever watch out over your son. He is the best treasure that I have ever received. Tell Padfoot that I will consider his words and act as I see fit. It is appreciated, that you guys still care for me even in the afterlife. I miss and love you both."

"Scott Summers," said James calling attention to the young man with the red eyes. "You are the highlight of our afterlife. The happiness and confidence you have placed in our son will endear you to me for the rest of your life."

"What my husband is trying to say is that we are glad that you are a part of Harry's life," said Lily pushing the image of her husband. "We have watched the horrors of his life and even though we are dead, we hurt for him. We are glad that he has someone like you in his life that will always be there for him rather than his fame and his money."

"You are truly a unique individual," said James holding out his hands to the man. "Please never leave his side. We have seen into your heart and we know that you truly love him. We are counting on you to always make him happy in his life."

Scott held out his hands and felt Lily and James each take on of his. He had tears in his eyes as he spoke to the beautiful red haired woman who had Harry's eyes and the man that was the spitting image of the person he loved most in the world.

"You didn't even need to ask," said Scott. "His love encompasses all that it touches and one can't help to love him in return. I will never leave his side willingly. I will always treat him like a person rather than an object and I will NEVER let anyone betray or hurt him again."

James and Lily became solid enough to wrap the man in their arms before they turned to their son.

"You are the greatest treasure that we ever acquired," said James looking at his son in pride. "You have proven to be the best of the Potter bunch. We didn't know about most of our lineage. We are happy that you not only have the backing, but the power to stop those that are trying to ruin the world."

"We are sorry that we could not be with you now," said Lily. "We know you have hurt, and we have hurt with you. You HAVE TO stop blaming yourself for our deaths. We will never be unhappy about giving up our lives for yours. You were a special child, and now you are a special young man."

"Some of our ancestors are getting annoyed with us for the constant bragging that we are always doing when it comes to your accomplishments," said James with a grin. "We are more proud of you than you can possible know. We have watched with everything that we have left just to see you overcome each and every obstacle that has been placed in your path. Never forget that we love you and always will. Our love is never ending."

"I promise to improve my thoughts concerning your deaths," said Harry with his hand out to his parents. "I will not blame myself anymore. You will be proud of me until the day that I die. I will not stop until I have cleaned up this mess and made things right for our world and for the muggle world. I have been making sure that the love and compassion that I know you two had is something that I pass to everyone."

"Never leave Scott," said Lily grabbing Harry. "He will be your anchor to reality and life. You have a full plate and loads to deal with, but you are making significant headway. Let the love that is in your heart in abundance ensure that your life will forever be full of life and happiness."

"I promise," said Harry while tears streamed down his face. "I won't fail."

"We know you won't son," said James. "Our time here is at an end. We have to go now. This was our gift for being who we are. We were able to come and talk to you when you visited us here. Sirius went through the veil or he would be here also. He loves you as much as we do."

"Never forget our words," Lily told the four of them. "We are always watching and always praying that each of you succeeds in your life. This is our gift to you."

James and Lily lifted their hands and four amulets appeared. Harry picked them up and handed on each to the four occupants.

"It isn't much, but it will give you some protection against the machinations of Dumbledore," said a fading James. "It will glow red if he is near. Never take them off your person."

"You will all live long and prosperous lives," said Lily. "We love you Harry, Remus, and Scott. Scott, welcome to the family."

With a swirl of lights, James and Lily Potter disappeared from view. Harry let the last few of his tears fall from his eyes as he stood tall and proud. He knew now, that his parents were proud of him and he would show them that he would do his best that they could brag for as long as he had breath in his body.

"Well," he said as he turned to the other three. "I guess that means Mum and Dad likes Scott and approved."

The other three men laughed. It was good to hear Harry joke about this.

"This in indeed a rare gift that your parents have been able to give us," said Tom. "To be able to come to and speak to us all is something that even I had never thought could happen."

"Master," said Bellatrix looking fearfully at the four of them. "I heard the last part. Your amulets are red. Dumbledore is near."

"Go," said Harry waving to her. "Your time with me is not now. I will see to his safety. Take your companions and leave. We will deal with this from here."

Bellatrix looked to Voldemort for confirmation and when he nodded his head, she and the other Death Eaters left with pops. Harry looked to the other three and they grabbed hands. With a small thought, Harry transported the four of them back to Hogwarts and into his special quarters that he shared with Scott.

"That man is going to die one of these days," snarled Voldemort. "How dare he interrupt something so special and personal? I will make sure that when he is dying, that it is the most painful thing that I can come up with."

"Oh we have some ideas as to what to do with him," said Harry with a grin that would make Salazar Slytherin proud. "He will not know what hit him when we are done with him, and it will not require us to kill him and tarnish our reputations. He will pay for what he did to you, and he will pay for what he has done too many others in this world. We WILL get our revenge. I promise you that."

Harry called for Dobby and Winky. When they arrived, he instructed them to get the package of basilisk ingredients and books that Harry had for the older wizard. They bowed to him and left. In a matter of moments, they were back.

"I need the two of you to escort Marvolo home," said Harry. "Let him tell you where you are going. All we ask is that you are careful with the basilisk parts as they are temperamental in nature and could cause an accident."

"Of course Harry," said Dobby walking over and holding out his hand for Voldemort.

Voldemort smiled at Harry and then accepted the hand of the elf. In a matter of seconds, all three were gone. Harry turned to Scott and Remus and held out his arms for both. It was seconds later that the two elves came back and found the three men in a hug helping each other through the events that transpired at the graveyard.

Time started to fly around the castle as people like Harry and Minerva were busy overseeing the preparations for the approaching Christmas season. Minerva and Severus approved Harry's idea for another Yule Ball with good grace. Notices were placed on the house bulletin boards for those that wanted to stay and attend the ball. Permission slips were handed out to all students to send to their parents.

Harry wrote to Griphook and got some of the items that were in his vaults that he wanted to give to certain people that were closest to him. On one afternoon, Minerva was asked to take over his afternoon classes for him.

"I need to go to the Ministry of Magic for a little while," explained Harry. "I am going right to Cornelius' office and coming straight back when I am done with my business. However, I need it done soon or time will run out."

"Are you going to give me a hint as to what is going on?" asked Minerva. "At least give me something to chew on so that my curiosity doesn't drive me batty."

"I have something special planned for Arthur Weasley for Christmas," said Harry with a mysterious grin. "I am sure that if I am successful, then you will read about it in the paper."

"Very well," said Minerva as she smiled at Harry. "Just don't take to long. I don't like you going off by yourself, but I know that you are very able to handle any situation."

"I have already alerted Madam Bones and she will meet me in his office," said Harry to Minerva while Severus and Scott nodded in relief. "Therefore, I am not necessarily going to be alone."

"Good," said Scott while the others smiled. "Just hurry back. This afternoon, I have Draco and Hermione taking us to Hogsmeade to get some shopping done. Minerva and Severus are joining us for a short time. So we can do that while you get your business done."

Harry grinned at the others before he concentrated for a moment and popped away. He landed in front of the door of the Minister of Magic and knocked. Cornelius personally answered the door.

"Lord Emrys," he said with a jovial smile. "What can I do for you today? Amelia said that you were coming and that you wanted to talk with me."

"Thank you for taking the time to talk with me," said Harry as Cornelius led him into the room. "I wanted to do something very nice for Arthur Weasley for Christmas and I can't do it without the help of you both."

"What did you have in mind for him?" asked Amelia. "We will help you if we can."

"I would like for Molly Weasley to be released to her home on permanent probation," said Harry cutting right to the chase. "Between what happened to Ron and Ginny as well as the injuries to Arthur, the family needs something bright in their immediate future. Take into account that Percy is now paying a fine for his actions, and you have a family that has been through hell. My thought is that we can put a locator or something on Molly and let her stay home with her family. She will be allowed to use magic and such, but she will have to answer to a representative every week about her whereabouts. She will only be allowed to go to certain places and she is to be accompanied by an Auror who can keep an eye on her at all times."

"You know," mused Amelia. "That is not a bad idea. In this way, she gets out of Azkaban knowing that it is due to your generosity that she is free. Having her serve her time at home rather than in prison will see to it that the rest of the family can be taken care of while she still serves her time. We can even arrange for her to do community service so that she can pay off some of her time that she would have spent in jail."

"That is a great idea," said Cornelius. "We will have it set up so that she can be sent home the night before Christmas. This will give her time to get her family ready for the holiday. Do you have any ideas as to what she could do to work off some of her time that she would have spent in prison?"

"Molly, for all of her faults, loves to plan, and see to fruition, events such as weddings, banquets, and things of that nature," said Harry. "For every day she works on an event that will benefit someone, she can work off some of the time that she would have spent in prison just sitting there doing nothing while doing something that she actually enjoys. Of course those that need it done will still have to pay for supplies, but Molly will do the labor for free as part of her sentence."

"That is a WONDERFUL idea," exclaimed Amelia. "I am sure that we can do the same thing with some of the other witches and wizards that are in prison on minor crimes. This way, they help the Wizarding World while still being under observation for their crimes. This way, both worlds win."

"We will see to it at once," said Cornelius. "We will tell Molly what is going on and whose idea it was so that she understands the full implication of the generosity that is being bestowed upon her."

"Excellent," said Harry. "As it is one week until Christmas, I have to send letters to all four of the Weasley boys that are in my good graces. If one of you wants to tell Percy, then be my guest. I will never willingly associate with him again. By the way Amelia, have you approved Hannah's permission slip to stay at Hogwarts for an extra two days so that she can attend the ball?"

"I did," said Amelia pulling said slip out of her pocket and handing it to him. "Would you be so kind as to give this to Minerva for me? I would really appreciate it."

"Of course I will," said Harry with a grin. "If you would excuse me, I did promise that I would head right back to Hogwarts so that my husband, and worry wart guardians can see that I am alright and not harmed."

Everyone laughed as Harry kissed Amelia on the cheek and shook the hand of Cornelius before he teleported back to Hogwarts. He went to his quarters and with the help of Dobby and Winky, he had all the presents he got for everyone wrapped and placed under the trees in the Great Hall. This year, people were placing the gifts there as Harry explained to everyone that he had placed a special charm to ensure their safety. He also told them that on Christmas morning, the presents would be brought to the recipients for their opening pleasure.

The night of the ball was upon them. Harry was resplendid in his robes of emerald green while Scott was wearing robes of gray. Hermione went for periwinkle blue while Bobby wore a suit in black. Draco wore his black dress robes with a silver lining while Marie opted to wear a dusty rose colored gown. Lavendar had helped both girls with their hair and makeup.

The doors of the Great Hall opened and the couples all met and joined each other on the dance floor. The elves had prepared a special feast for the students as a special treat for being so nice and working together. The music was playing just loud enough for people to hear it. Couples would meet up and dance while others sat together in groups to chat and get to know others from the other houses. Harry and Scott made a beautiful couple on the dance floor when they got up to dance together. Narcissa and Severus stood to dance a couple of dances. Marie and then Hermione managed to convince both Harry and Scott to dance a dance or two with them. Draco put his foot down when Harry asked him if he wanted to dance. Everyone around them just burst into peals of laughter at this. Eventually Draco decided to teach Harry a lesson and made him dance with him to the enjoyment of the other professors and students.

That night, the professors all let the students stay up until late. Around two in the morning, they were all starting to head to bed. Harry stayed with Scott and enjoyed another slow dance before they shut the ball down.

The next morning, the students were grabbing bites to eat before those that were leaving for the holidays were rushing to get their things packed so they could return to their relatives.

"Minerva," called Harry. "Scott and I, along with Draco, are going to ride the train with the students to ensure their safety. Would any of the rest of you like to join us?"

"I will go with you," said Severus. "This will give us four good solid people to defend with in case the old fool does try to attack the train."

Harry nodded his head and he and Scott left the castle to head to the train. An hour later, the train was leaving the station. There were a few instances on the train where Harry was sure they were being watched or followed, but as of yet, no one had attacked the train. Than evening when the train finally made it to the end of its journey, Harry and company saw to it that all of the students were able to get safely with their parents before Harry teleported them back to the school.

"Dumbledore is being to quiet," said Harry. "I know he is plotting something, but he is being way to quiet for my liking."

"It could be that at the moment he doesn't have a plan of how to get around you," said Filius. "We have seen you on more than one evening working with the wards of the castle to improve them in ways that none of your predecessors have ever done before. Minerva has told me that many a night you are sitting in the Head office reviewing how to run the school. You NEED to take a break and enjoy the holidays. You can't do all of it. You will eventually wear yourself out."

"OK," said Harry grinning at the tiny professor. "I promise to not do any work over the holiday. I have all of my grading to do, but that will not take that long for me to get finished. Hermione being here in the castle will help me with that. I swear she will be the next professor in this school in a subject. She is already at seventh year learning in Transfiguration. I don't know if Minerva told you that we had to move her in that class. She is just learning everything so fast."

"We did the same thing with her in Potions and Charms," said Severus coming into the room. "She is not learning as fast as you did, but she is learning at an amazing rate. She will be sitting at least three of her NEWTS with the seventh years."

"That will leave her with Herbology, COMC, DADA, Arithmancy, and Runes," said Harry ticking them off his fingers. "That is an easier schedule for her to work with for her final year."

"Please," said Severus snorting. "It isn't like you have room to talk. "We know you sat your OWLS in Runes and Arithmancy and got an O in each subject. We also know that you plan on sitting your NEWTS in the subject with the rest of the seventh years. So don't you sit there and tell us about a schedule. You are making plans with Marvolo on how to get rid of Dumbledore, working with the goblins to make sure that Nurmengard gets bought and transferred smoothly, working with Amelia Bones and Cornelius to ensure that the Wizengamot is doing ok, and you are teaching here in the school."

"Add in the fact, that you tutor people just about every night," said Minerva. "You also make sure that none of the students need anything. You keep vigil until late in the evenings to ensure that the students are where they are supposed to be."

"I have also been with him while he was working with injured beings in the forest," said Scott. "He doesn't sit still any longer than he has too. Plus he spends as much time as he can learning about being a Headmaster."

"I have seen you working in the evenings sometimes powering up and reworking the wards on the castle as well," said Filius picking up where Scott left off. "You tend to all of the elves so that they can get medical treatment when they need it."

"You also make sure that the owls of the school and such are in good health and things of that nature," said Pomona. "You make sure that the quality of education as well as nutrition of the food is at the all time highest it could be."

"Alright," said Harry with a good natured grin. "I enjoy staying busy. It will get easier when certain things are finished. I will be able to relax and not have as much going on. Some of those things you have mentioned are already done and I don't have to do them anymore."

The group talked late into the evening. They were delighted by the many improvements that had happened in the school. No one had any real complaints except that Harry was working to hard as usual.

Christmas morning came with a sunny day. There was snow falling, but it was still light enough to enjoy the day. Harry and Scott entered the Great Hall to the applause of the students and staff. He was confused for a moment until he realized that Molly and Arthur Weasley were standing there with the rest of the Weasley family. Molly and Arthur walked up to Harry.

"Thank you for what you have done for me Harry," said Molly looking down. "I deeply appreciate you getting me out of that horrible place and back with my family. The terms that you had set up for my release are very much something that I will be delighted to do. I will serve my time with my head high and my dignity in tact."

"Don't be surprised if I ask you to do my wedding," said Harry smiling at her. "I hope that I was able to bring some joy to the Weasley family."

"The other gifts you gave us were magnificent as well," said George holding his Firebolt. "We didn't have one of these and we thank you for them."

Harry had gotten both twins a Firebolt. For Molly and Arthur, he got them new furniture for their home. For Bill, he made sure that the oldest of the Weasley boys had a nice bonus in his pay packet. For Charlie, he got the man a suit of armor made of dragon scale.

For Hermione, Luna, Marie, Minerva, Jean, Emma, Pomona, Rolanda, and Poppy, he got them all a set of jewelry with their birthstones in it. The sets included rings, ear rings, bracelet, and necklace.

For Bobby, Draco, Filius, Dan, Charles, Logan, Neville, and Severus, he got them all different forms of books depending on their branch and interest. Severus also got many of the rarer potion ingredients that he wanted.

People like Narcissa, Septima, Charity, Amelia, Cornelius, and others that were special to him in their own way, he got them gift cards to a variety of places.

Voldemort got more books for his collection as well as the notice saying that he and Harry owned Nurmengard. The older wizard was delighted about this.

Scott was something that Harry waited with a baited breath for him to open. He got the man a platinum bracelet with a diamond in it that was inscribed with their names and the date they met. He also got Scott a motorcycle with his name and eyes painted on the side of it. Last but not least, Harry was able to procure a phoenix egg. When the baby phoenix hatched, it bonded immediately with Scott.

Everyone was in awe at their gifts. Harry was sent many things as well. He got books, clothes, jewelry, and other assorted things. From Scott, he got a journal in silver leather with his name in gold. Harry was delighted by this, as he could start putting his made spells into it.

All in all, the holiday was great for everyone. As usual, when things were going so good, things were bound to go wrong.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will stop right here as this is a good a place as any to move to the next chapter. I am working hard to keep this story as entertaining as possible with a few twists and turns in it. I hope you like the graveyard scene.

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