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To Tame A Bad Dog

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Chapter 16 – To Tame a Bad Dog

It was during the evening when they felt the wards start to go crazy. They knew that someone was attempting to breech the wards of the school that wasn't supposed to be near the castle. Harry and Scott were standing there waiting as they knew that there was little that could be done at the moment.

Harry sent a mental brush to Amelia and notified her that someone was trying to gain access to Hogwarts that wasn't supposed to be there. She responded with an affirmative that she would be there shortly. Harry sent a new brush to the defenders of the school to get ready for just about anything.

Meanwhile in another part of the country in a well hidden house, Dumbledore was talking with the last person who was willing to help him.

"Potter has changed all of the wards on the castle so that no one can enter unless he gives specific permission," said Lucius. "The last time I tried, I was blown almost twenty feet across the grounds."

"Are there any dark creatures that would be willing to help us out in getting in to take down Potter or Riddle?" asked Albus. "We need to be careful. If we succeed, you can go back to doing what you do best and I can make sure that you are well rewarded for your effort in all of this. The possibilities are endless if we can just get that single foot in the door."

"I am doing all that I can to keep the Dark Lord off my case," said Lucius. "He is more aware of what is going on than we give him credit for. Now I have learned that there is no chance in hell that I can get to my wayward son or my back stabbing wife."

"We will get to the bottom of this," assured Dumbledore smoothly. "We will make sure that those that have wronged us are brought to their knees when you and I rule the Wizarding World. People like Potter and your son will be our whipping boys. Why do you think I sent him to magic hating muggles in the first place? I wanted that boy downtrodden so that I could mold him into the perfect scapegoat. Then something happened and I was booted to the side and he went off to that mutant school in America."

"I have been using the last of my contacts to see about getting any information on that school," said Lucius. "However, the last time I tried to get information, the American Wizarding Government placed a bounty on my head and my contacts have been arrested. I am afraid on that front I can get no information for you. The school is protected by the American wizards."

"Is there anything at all that you can tell me?" pressed Dumbledore mildly annoyed. "You must have found out something that we can use about the school to our advantage."

"I am afraid that what I did find out you will NOT like," answered Lucius. "The school Headmaster and Potter are related. Potter not only got the magical inheritance, but he got a mutant one as well."

"What do you mean?" asked Albus a little confused. "I know that Potter is powerful, but we should be able to get him under some kind of power suppression bracelets or something."

"I doubt that would work," admitted Lucius. "Potter has the bloodline of Merlin Ambrosias running in his veins. That makes him the most powerful light wizard on the planet at the moment. He inherited all of the gifts that Merlin had and then some. Now add in the fact that mutants have five levels of power and Harry is one of two that is over level five, and you have a very powerful person that we are dealing with."

"What kind of powers did he get from this mutant affair?" asked Albus curiously. "If we study them, we may be able to get around them in some way. We are both very powerful wizards in our own way. There must be something that we can do to get around his power."

"First and foremost, he is a telepath that would make what you and the Dark Lord do with Legilimency look like first year amateurs," said Lucius. "From what I can gather before my contacts were caught and arrested, Potter has the ability to talk to anyone on the planet with a mere thought. He is able to talk to Amelia Bones at the Ministry while he is safely in the castle. Also, he has to use Occlumency to keep the thoughts of others out of his head. That is how my spies in the castle were caught. Now they are nothing more than human house elves."

"That is impressive," admitted Albus grudgingly. "I am sure that I can create a charm or something that will stop him from gaining access to our minds in such a fashion. What other types of gifts does he have?"

"He is a telekinetic," said Lucius. "His power is so strong that he could move houses if he put his mind to it. From what I am to understand, he had to get help stopping the furniture from knocking him down the stairs and such while learning to get it under control."

"That is something we will have to be cautious around, but I am sure there is a way to avoid it," said Albus shrugging. "I am not all that concerned with that aspect of his power."

"He has the ability to teleport," said Lucius. "Even the wards of Hogwarts can't stop him. He is the first that I have ever heard of that can move around in that fashion in the castle while the wards are activated. Even you are not able to apparate and you were the Headmaster there."

"Can he get to anyone anywhere?" asked Dumbledore with a frown on his face at this bit of information. "We don't want any surprises with him popping in a grabbing one of us?"

"I honestly don't know," said Lucius shrugging. "That is your problem and not mine. My job is to get the information on Potter and the Dark Lord for you. How to deal with Potter is your problem."

"Very well," said Dumbledore brushing his hand in the air in a dismissive gesture. "Is there anything else that we should know about Potter?"

"He controls the elements," said Lucius. "I don't know much about this power as he has not really used it yet. However, he is trained in the use of the elements."

"Hmm," said Dumbledore. "What is going on with Tom? What is he up to these days?"

"Here is where it gets a little interesting," said Lucius. "We know that he is in constant contact with Potter. He has even been seen leaving the castle on more than one occasion. He refuses to tell me anything anymore. I am not in his panel of advisors no matter how much I try to prove to him that I am loyal. He has not forgiven me for losing the Diary. Potter told him that I gave it to the Weasley chit and he was not pleased to hear it. I was punished most severely for this. To this day, he has not trusted me with any of his secrets or plans. So in that aspect I have NO information to give to you."

"Does he know that Potter is a Horcrux as well?" asked Dumbledore filing this information away.

"Potter is NOT a horcrux," said Lucius simply. "Apparently when he came into his familial inheritance, the bloodline of Merlin destroyed it. I found that information out right before I lost my spy in Gringotts. As much as I hate to say it, the only way to get to Potter is to use one of his friends. To outright challenge him, would be suicide for us."

"Does Voldemort know that you are a spy for me?" asked Dumbledore shrewdly. "I would not want to lose you. I have invested too much into you, Lucius, to have to do something that I will regret."

"I do not know if he suspects I have loyalties away from him or not," admitted Lucius. "I am not allowed to be in the room when he holds his conversations with the other Death Eaters. All I am told is that I have to spy on certain people for him or suffer the wrath he so easily inflicts. The last information I got on him was that he went to Nurmengard to check on Gellert. From there, I have not heard anything else."

"He will not find anything there," said Dumbledore with a smirk. "I took care of that problem a couple of years ago. Gellert will not be able to help anyone anymore."

"That would explain the transfer of owner ship of Nurmengard to Harry Potter and the Dark Lord," said Lucius thoughtfully missing the look of outrage on Dumbledore's face. "The Dark Lord is moving the last of his forces there. He and Potter have bought the place and the Dark Lord is using it as his residence. He has been changing the wards on it so that only certain people are allowed to enter. Even I am not allowed to enter certain areas of the place. All I know is that when the Dark Lord dies, the place will be turned over to Harry Potter. All I can tell you is that it is now called the Slytherin Bastille."

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier?" snarled Albus. "I could have put a stop to that long before this. Now the Ministry of both countries is going to side with Potter. I had every right to claim that place as Gellert was my soul bonded. We could have made our own bastion of power there and done the same thing."

"I don't see how you killing your lover and losing out on Nurmengard is my fault," remarked Lucius unabashed and slightly angry. "It is not my fault you didn't think to secure the place when your lover died. How is it that you didn't inherit his possessions when he died?"

"He didn't have any left," snarled Dumbledore. "His assets were seized when I defeated him in 1945 and from there, he had his will changed. However, he forgot about this house. It is the only reason you and I are able to be here in comfort and not be on the streets. I had stashed money here for awhile and we are living on that."

"Well at the moment, I have Fenrir Greyback testing the wards of the school," said Lucius trying to calm the older wizard down. "He and a force of werewolves are currently attacking the school. I better go if you want me to tell you the outcome of that particular battle. With any luck, he and his pack will be able to bite a few people and the plague will spread to the innocents."

"Just keep a close eye on Tom," said Dumbledore waving him away. "I want a full report on the battle as soon as you have one for me."

Lucius nodded his head and then apparated out. He appeared in a spot and then he moved to where he could view what was happening from a vantage point where he would be safe while at the same time see everything that was going on.

Harry sent word to Marvolo that werewolves were attacking the grounds of Hogwarts. Since the holidays, Harry and Voldemort had been meeting more and more and Voldemort had access to the Chamber of Secrets through an outside entrance. So long as Tom stayed out of sight, he could work on his projects safely in the school while Nurmengard was being made ready for him to live in. Harry was lucky in that Voldemort was actually on the grounds and in the Chamber when Harry sought him out using his telepathy for the first time.

When Voldemort felt the brush on his mind, he wondered what it was. He felt the brush a second time and it felt more demanding and nervous. He shrugged his shoulders and dropped his shields for a moment. He knew that while on the grounds, only one person had the power to attack him mentally, and he knew that Harry would never do something like that.

"I am glad you let me in," said Harry hurriedly. "We are under attack by a large pack of werewolves. We need you to come to Hogwarts and help us defend the students. So far, they are not making great headway, but something doesn't seem right about all of this. This has Lucius Malfoy's signature all over it. Also I get the impression that Dumbledore is behind this as well."

"I am in the Chamber," replied Tom in his mind feeling a bit foolish. "I will be able to apparate if you lower the shields here and then allow me to apparate onto the grounds to where you are."

"Give me two seconds," said Harry pulling away from Voldemort's mind for a moment. "There! Apparate now, while you can. I am having a hard time keeping the wards down, castle safe, and talk to you."

Voldemort spun on the spot and apparated to the grounds. Harry let the wards snap back into place, before he entered Tom's thoughts again.

"I am near Hagrid's hut," he told the older wizard before he shut off the connection.

Voldemort rushed to Hagrid's hut in time to see Scott blasting the werewolves back with his lasers. Hermione was busy protecting Bobby while the ice worker created a barrier between both the wolves and the castle. Harry was already searching for ways to stopping the wolves.

Minerva, Severus, Filius, and Pomona went into action upon receiving Harry's commands. They sent all students down to the dungeons. Narcissa was to over see all students with the help of Septima, Charity, and Aurora. The rest of the professors all took off for the grounds.

Draco was standing with Marie while she was doing her best to make sure that no one needed her help. Harry always had Marie near him in case he needed her to borrow some of his powers. In this case, he had an idea.

"Marie, grab hold of me and borrow my telekinesis," called Harry. "You can help us by throwing them away from the school. Draco I need you to cover her. I know you father is out here somewhere and I need to search for him."

"I am going after Fenrir," said Remus. "I am going to tear him to pieces. He will never hurt another living soul again. I swear that he will be brought to justice this night."

"What do you need me to do Harry?" asked Voldemort coming up. "This is your party and I need to know what refreshment to bring."

"Nice!" called Harry laughing while Marie tapped into his power. "Protect Minerva and Pomona please. Filius and Severus should be ok on their own for now. We just need a little more fire power. There are more wolves than I first anticipated. There are close to five hundred of them around here. I am trying to knock some of them out with my telepathy, but as of yet I am not able to do too many things at once. Just help the women keep the wolves away from the castle."

After giving his affirmation, Voldemort returned to the side of Minerva and Pomona who both smiled at the wizard. They knew with his help, that the wolves would not be getting near the castle.

Harry was busy searching for Lucius. He knew the blond wizard was out there somewhere. He could tell, but there was a haze over the thoughts of the man and he couldn't get a firm lock on him. It was as if something were blocking his telepathy.

Meanwhile, the DMLE had arrived and joined the fray. They split into two separate groups and made a beeline for either the wolves, or the entrances to the castle.

"Amelia," called Harry. "I need some Aurors near the Whomping Willow. There is a secret tunnel under there that leads back to Hogsmeade."

Kingsley and Rufus heard Harry's call and headed around the side of the castle to sit near the tree. Both sent a mental image to Harry that they would blast anything that came out of the tunnel.

Marie was in her element now that she was able to use some of Harry's power. She was picking up the wolves as they got to close and throwing them into the lake. The giant squid and the merpeople were busy rounding them up and making sure that they stayed out of the fight. Harry gave up trying to find Lucius and started to help her in that endeavor.


Lucius sat there in shock. Potter's magically enhanced voice just told everyone that he was working for Dumbledore and not the Dark Lord. He turned on the spot and apparated away leaving the wolves to their fates.

Harry smiled when he heard the sound of the apparition. He knew that Lucius was now away from the castle and there was one less person he had to worry about. He was now giving his full concentration on making sure that the wolves were kept away from the castle.

Voldemort heard Harry's proclamation and snarled under his breath. He was furious and he would make sure that Lucius paid for his treachery once and for all. After all, the man still bore the Dark Mark and only he and Harry could remove it.

Remus was prowling the field blasting the wolves out of his path while looking for one werewolf in particular. He heard Harry call out to Lucius. He heard the ideas that were being thrown by the different people on how to handle the situation. He witnessed the red beams of lights coming from Scott's eyes as well as many of the defenders. He saw people like Harry, Hagrid, and Marie picking the wolves up and throwing them in the lake with a mere grunt or thought. Finally he found who he was looking for. With a bellow of rage, he charged forward and let the inner wolf connect with his human mind. In mid leap, Remus transformed into a wolf and knocked Fenrir clean off the ground.

From there, the two went into an epic battle. Snarls were heard by everyone as the two powerful wolves battled it out for dominance right there in front of everyone. Remus was using every trick imaginable to try and defeat his alpha. The older wolf was making him work for every little inch he took. Remus faltered at one point and felt that his life would be forfeit. He then felt the gentle brush on his mind that had his cub's signature all over it. His wolf let the young man in and Harry was able to send power to him through the link. Remus knew from there what he needed to do. With a mighty heave, he threw Fenrir off of him and stood. He transformed back into his human body, and was shocked to discover that there were magical suppression bracelets in his hand. With a flick of his wand, he had them encircled around the wrists of his arch nemesis.

When Fenrir realized what Remus was about to do, he lunged for the now human standing before him. That was his final mistake. Before he got half way there, Remus had flicked his wand and the bracelets were on his wrists. He fell to the ground in mid lunge as a human while the magic started to leave his body. Remus stood over the now human werewolf and watched in glee until Marie screamed. Turning around he saw something that turned his blood cold.

Harry sent the power to Remus through his mind. What he wasn't expecting was the backlash that went with it. He felt it come back at him and knocked him out cold. The last thing he heard before he hit the ground was Marie's scream.

"Mr. Drake, get that ice wall surrounding you all now," yelled Voldemort. "Harry needs to be protected. Miss Jackson you may have to borrow some more of Harry's power to keep the wolves back. I am on my way to assist you."

Voldemort raced to Harry's side. Severus and Filius followed along as they could, only to stop long enough to banish another wolf into the lake. Hermione and Draco were already twirling their wands and causing the magic to flow that would protect Bobby and Marie. Scott backed up a few steps until he was practically standing over Harry. He let loose with a volley of beams from his eyes. He was glad that Harry and company had figure out a way to make his eyes normal until he needed them. He knew that without Harry, he would always have to wear protective gear over his eyes and in a battle that could be a mistake.

Voldemort rushed up and started to cast spell after spell on the wolves. In some instances, he would transfigure them back to human and throw them into the lake. When he got to the group of combatants, he saw that Bobby had done as he asked and caused a low wall to surround them. Marie was already at work keeping the wolves flying through the air. Tom knelt next to Harry and placed a hand on his neck feeling for a pulse. When he got one, he ran his wand over him and saw that Harry was ok, but knocked out cold with magical backlash.

"He is alright," said Tom. "He is just suffering from backlash. Poppy will be able to fix him up in no time. Let's end this once and for all."

With that proclamation, he lifted his wand and sent a powerful burst of magic at the advancing wolves. One by one, the wolves hit the ground as if someone had hit them all over the head with a hammer.

Once the wolves were all unconscious, the DMLE started going around seeing to their arrest. Special portkeys were placed on each wolf and they were sent to a special cell in the Ministry where they could all be looked at and examined to make sure that they were not under some kind of spell.

Scott picked Harry up and made his way back to the castle. Marie, Bobby, Hermione, Draco, Remus, and Voldemort surrounded him like a sort of honor guard. Poppy met them in the entrance with a stretcher and Scott laid him gently down on it and followed the medi-witch to the infirmary. Amelia and the others senior members followed the staff in.

A few hours later, Harry woke up with a splitting headache. Poppy handing him a Head Ache Relief Potion and he quickly downed it. From there, he drank a Pepper Up Potion as well as a Pain Relief Potion.

"What in the world happened to me?" he asked. "I have never had a backlash before. Why did I get one now?"

"What is the last thing that you remember doing before you fell?" asked Tom. "If you can tell us that, we can figure out what happened to you."

"I remember using my telepathy with Remus," said Harry struggling with the memory. "He was losing the fight. So I used my telepathy and he opened his mind to me. I, THINK, I sent him some magical power through the link, but I can't be certain if I did or not."

"I am almost certain that is what happened," said Remus. "I felt stronger in magic when you entered my thoughts. I knew what to do magically when you left. When I transformed back into my human self, I had a set of magic binding bracelets. I think that while you were helping me, you somehow made a pair of them and sent them to me through the link with your mind."

"It sounds to me like Harry used his magical and mutant power at the same time," said Hermione thoughtfully. "It seems that as it was his first time trying something like this, he was not prepared for what happened next. He had already let Marie use some of his power and he was working hard with both telepathy and telekinesis to help with the wolves and Malfoy. It sounds to me like he just got tired and it hit back at him."

"Fifty points to Gryffindor," said Harry. "I think that is EXACTLY what happened. I think that it is just a gift that I was not familiar with and it opened at the right time and I just got tired as I was doing so much already."

"Magic has a price you have to pay," said Voldemort. "For every time you use it, you have to have a fully functioning body, mind, and core. I think you just over exerted yourself this once. With a new mutant power opening up when it did, it just over loaded your senses a bit."

"Fifty points to both Hermione and Draco for their parts in the battle," said Minerva. "Also, you will both be receiving an award for services to the school along with Miss Jackson and Mr. Drake."

"I want to thank you, Marvolo, for assisting us," said Harry. "I am glad that you came to help us."

"I am just glad that we know more about what is going on," said Voldemort. "How can you tell that Lucius has Dumbledore's magical signature on him?"

"I spend more time in the Head office than anyone else," said Harry. "Therefore, I found a secret room up there that had some of Dumbledore's personal signatures all over them. So I studied them and committed to memory his magical signature. Lucius is wearing a charm on his person that blocks my telepathy to a certain degree. It is like looking through a really thick iridescent piece of glass. I could tell he was there, but could not pick up on his thoughts as easily as I can most everyone else. It was like walking through deep snow during a blizzard."

"So instead of wasting more energy, you just called him out to get him to either show him self or leave," concluded Severus. "That was a very clever thing to do. I am very impressed with your logic and abilities."

"Just do us a favor and take it a little more easy next time," said Scott smiling at him. "I am not going to marry you if you keep on doing this to yourself."

"I thought you knew already that Harry makes it a point to make your heart stop beating when he is doing something," remarked Poppy to the laughter of the room. "He is in this infirmary more than any other student in this school and he isn't even a student anymore. This bed is his personal one for his usage when he comes here."

Harry pouted as everyone poked fun at him. When the teasing was done, Poppy let Scott take Harry to his own room on the condition that the older man make sure the younger stayed in bed for at least twenty four hours. After assuring her that he would, he picked Harry up and carried him to their quarters.

Severus retired to his rooms to write a letter for Harry to Griphook. In it he stated that Remus Lupin would be collecting the bounty that was placed on Fenrir. As one of Harry's magical protectors, he knew that the goblin would accept his word on this and sent it off with his owl.

Amelia stuck around the castle for a little while longer while the students and faculty that were not part of the fight were filled in on what transpired. When all was safe, she left and went to her office to write a letter to Gringotts to confirm that Fenrir had been taken into custody and that Remus Lupin was the one that was to get the reward for it. She wanted to do an awards ceremony for Harry and the others, but they politely refused by stating they were only doing their duty.

The next day, owls entered the building for Harry, Scott, Bobby, Marie, Draco, Hermione, Remus, Minerva, Filius, Severus, Pomona, and Marvolo. Apparently Amelia was not interested in hearing no and went straight to Cornelius. In each package, an Order of Merlin Third Class was there along with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of Magic. She had sent Voldemort's to Harry as he was still the only one that could send anything to the older wizard.

Harry sighed as he looked at his award. With a wave of his hand, he sent his and Scott's awards to hang on the wall in a decorative frame. Fyre took Tom's in her beak and flashed away to deliver it.

Scott was watching Harry closely all that day. He knew Harry was bored, but he also knew that Harry had done to much the night before.

"There is going to be a trial and such for Fenrir," Harry told him that evening. "I am going to act in my stead for House of Emrys. I may even ask Amelia to let me be the Chief Warlock for this case. I will take delight in giving him his sentence."

"What is so special about this particular werewolf?" asked Scott. "What did he do that has caused so many people hate him so much?"

"He likes to position himself where there are children and innocents around when he transforms," explained Harry. "From there, he attacks the children causing them to suffer from Lycanthropy. He is the one that bit Remus when he was a child. The Ministry has been after him for a very long time. Now, we finally have him."

"Well I am going with you to this court hearing," said Scott. "I want to be there when the law is laid down on this animal. I would like to see how the magical world deals with its criminals."

Harry smiled at his mate. They sat until late in the evening with Harry explaining different things to Scott about what he would witness and so forth during the trial.

Both men knew that when Harry set his mind to something, that it would take an act of God to get him to change his mind. His now focus was on teaching Fenrir, Dumbledore, and Lucius a lesson about attacking his home.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – My muse really is pleased with me these days. I am delighted that she is with me. There are only a few more chapters in this novel. I want to point out that the whole plot will get better with Magneto and such, but they are a smaller faction in all of this. As you will see in the following chapters, capturing them will be done in a smooth and efficient way. This story is not centered on the Brotherhood as much as it is around Dumbledore. Thanks for understanding.

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